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Last Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Network: MBS

The Universal Century, a history marked by space colonization and space warfare, has passed. Humanity's prosperity, which ushered in a new era known as Regild Century (R.C.), was believed to endure alongside the global peace. Beruri Zenamu a pilot in training of the of the Capitol Guard is somehow chosen by the G-Serufu - a highly maneuverable Mobile Suit of unknown origin - to lead to uncover hidden truths that will shake the peace of the Regild Century era.

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Aida's Decision

#1 - Aida's Decision

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired Jan 23, 2015

During Debris cleanup a mysterious malfunction in Rayara's mobile suit almost sets of a unwanted conflict between Amerian, Capital Guard and Towasanga Mobile Forces. Meanwhile Captain Mask is still plotting to retrieve the G-Self which his Amerian "allies" are not going to allow. The Towasanga family feud gets more complex as traitors also seem to be present on the Megafauna. All parties agree to work together to clear the debris, with leaked from the Cyrano 5 space station, to make sure the Capitol Tower can receive the energy the Earth needs to function and maintain a civilization.

star 9.74
31 votes
Ride the Crescent Moon

#2 - Ride the Crescent Moon

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired Jan 30, 2015

An almost perfect performed attack directly in the Megafauna hangar by Captain Mask fails and Bellri maintains his control over the G-Self. In space the Megafauna needs to change position if they want to stay out of a multiple party firing range, the only available option is to head for the departing Crescent Ship. This mysterious ship is build from the same Hermes blueprints as the G-Self. So getting G-Self, Bellri and Aida close to the Crescent Ship seems a good plan. An experimental mobile suit electromagnetic attack by Towasanga pilot Rockpie proves again the superior defensive and offensive capabilities of the G-Self, as Bellri deflects the attack and is able to enter the Crescent ship. Meanwhile Aida and Rayara barely prevent Megafauna crashing into the Crescent ship. Bellri uses his amulet to unlock an energy operation cycle of the Crescent ship. Joined inside by Aida and with the Megafauna docked outside, the Crescent ship is presuming its course to the mysterious Venus Globe.

star 9.53
32 votes
The Venus Globe Gang

#3 - The Venus Globe Gang

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired Feb 6, 2015

While in transit to the Venus Globe the Megafauna crew gets some R&R time. Their final destination is the advanced "Hermes Foundation" Venus Globe solar battery in construction. Designed and build to ensure the energy independence of all mankind. An unexpected welcome party, from the Solaria Ten colony, turns out to be highly advanced mobile suit mercenaries. The so called G-IT Corps capture the Crescent ship and Megafauna. With Bellri disabled by a sudden act of treason from the ships doctor , the crews are now hostages aboard their own space ships.

star 9.52
33 votes
Fly forth! To Towasanga

#4 - Fly forth! To Towasanga

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Jan 9, 2015

Megafauna and the Salamandra join forces to stop the fierce attacks by Dorette Fleet. Raraiya explains that the Lunar colony always had the intention to return to Earth. However the " Reconguista" plan did not work out as expected because of differences between the Rayhunton and Dorette families. Also she explains rhe G-Self is YG-111, a Rayhunton developed, but rejected Towasanga army mobile suit. In space Bellri in G-Self equipped with additional back-pack fire power manages to hold his ground and chase of of the attacking mobile suits. Both Megafauna and Salamandra dock at an older space colony in moon orbit. Both ships send out boarding parties to scout the colony, however they end up receiving a different welcome.

star 9.50
32 votes
Those Who Came from the Moon

#5 - Those Who Came from the Moon

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Dec 19, 2014

A delegation from the lunar forces is heading to the Capital Tower to state their demands. Faced with a common enemy the Space Pirates, the Capitol Guard and Captain Mask join into an uneasy allience. Raraiya seems to calm down when she recognizes a house inside the Capital Tower. The allied forces decide to head to the far side of the moon to investigate the origin of the Lunar colony and the danger it represents.

star 9.45
33 votes
Space and Mobile Suits Battles

#6 - Space and Mobile Suits Battles

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Dec 26, 2014

At the top of the Capital Tower his Holynes leads the negotiations to establish a treaty between the Earthnoids and Towasanga. Raraiya has regained her full memory and wishes to return to the lunar City. Captain Mask and his mobile suit team perform a decoy attack so the Megafauna can set course to the colony on the far side of the moon. Bellri captures a, surrendered, mobile suit pilot from the Lunar Forces. The Megafauna is closely followed by the Capitol Guard space fleet.

star 9.44
32 votes
The Weight of the Sea

#7 - The Weight of the Sea

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired Feb 20, 2015

With the sea draining out of the Rosario Ten space station, the G-IT Corps captain is slowly coming to his sense about the damage he caused. However G-self is still under relentless G-IT corps attack. Megafauna and the Crescent Ship head to the Rosario Ten space dock. Arcane and the other mobile suits find their way inside the colony to help Bellri. A heroic decision by the G-IT corps captain is succesfull and he is able to "plug" the hole in the sea, however his own live is on forfeit. Meanwhile the crew manages to get their hands on a new mobile suit prototype the G-Lucifer. After reuniting with Megafauna the director of the space station invites Bellri, miss Aida and the crew for dinner. At dinner he explains that the he is over 200 years old.....

star 9.38
34 votes
Bellri's War

#8 - Bellri's War

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired Jan 16, 2015

After learning that Bellri and Aida are brother and sister and from the Royal Rayhunton family, Bellri takes of in G-self a.k.a. YG-111 to blow of some steam. YG-111 is an advanced mobile suit that can be piloted and used to full capacities by Rayhunton family DNA bearers. Meanwhile the Mask Corps also arrives at the space colony and since Mask decided not to engage and defeat the Dorette Fleet, the power balance and alliances seem to be shifting again.

star 9.36
33 votes
Charge In! The Space War

#9 - Charge In! The Space War

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 5, 2014

With both the Capital Army and the Amerian Army greatly boosting their space forces as well as the perceived threat from the moon, a space war is brewing. A squad of mobile suits from the Capital spaceship Garanden, led by Mask, sorties to attack the Megafauna in space, but was fended off by Bellri and the G-Self.

star 9.35
34 votes
Capital Tower Occupied

#10 - Capital Tower Occupied

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 12, 2014

The Amerian army fleet engage the Capital Army in battle. After withdrawal of the Capital Army forces, the Amerians quietly take over control over the top of the Capital Tower. However, unknown forces from the Lunar orbit attack and destroy one of the Amerian Army ships.

star 9.32
34 votes
Dellensen, a Fearsome Foe

#11 - Dellensen, a Fearsome Foe

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 31, 2014

The Megafauna launches into space in order to create a distraction for the passing Amerian Space Fleet. Dellensen Samatar, Bellri's old instructor at the Capital Guards, pits an Elf Bull to leads a squad of mobile suits to once again attack the Megafauna to try to rescue Bellri. Unbeknownst to Dellensen, the G-Self was actually piloted by Bellri, and the two engaged in combat. The two eventually discovered each others' identities, but it was too late as Bellri shoots Dellensen's Elf Bull down, killing his old instructor in the process.

star 9.31
39 votes
Reunions in the Earth Sphere

#12 - Reunions in the Earth Sphere

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired Feb 27, 2015

With all forces heading towards the earth sphere a confrontation between the Earth Forces and the Dorrette fleet seems only a matter of time. A short meeting with Bellri's mother at the Capital Tower does not please Bellri, nor miss Aida, at all. G-Self is now equipped with the perfect backpack, Venus Globe technology, and it might be even more firepower than Bellri is used to. Manny now in control of her own Venus Globe mobile suit finally reunites with captain Mask.

star 9.26
35 votes
The Mask Corps' Fierce Assault

#13 - The Mask Corps' Fierce Assault

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 7, 2014

The Megafauna launches a decoy while waiting for resupplies. Meanwhile Bellri's mother notices the Capitol Guard have taken over command of the space colony, she plans to escape to Earth to join her son. On Earth Klim Nick decides to take out the Montero and G-self piloted by Raraiya to test her abilities. During this flight the Mask Corps launches their next attack. Bellry, who now has to pilot a standard Mobile Suit in combat, manages to save a helpless Raraiya and retake control of the G-Self. The battle ends in a withdraw for a damaged G-Self when when Space Pirate reinforcements arrive.

star 9.24
38 votes
The Megafauna Heads South

#14 - The Megafauna Heads South

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 21, 2014

The Megafauna makes an under the radar approach to Capitol City to start a dialog between the two parties. A short fight between the mobile suit with Mask and Bellri in G-Selff ends in another loss for Mask. After hiding the Megafauna in the Jungle a small unarmed sortie group departs for Capital City.

star 9.21
38 votes
Crossing the Line of Death

#15 - Crossing the Line of Death

Season 1 - Episode 25 - Aired Mar 20, 2015

The G-IT Corps and Captain Mask's forces come under fire by the surviving forces of both the Amerian and the Dorette Fleet. Everyone races trying to intercept the G-IT Corp's Full Moon ship. Captain Mask with his newly acquired Venus Globe Mobile Suit uses his forces in defense of his spaceships. They manage to destroy the last warship of the Dorette fleet and it's remaining mobile suit forces. Bellri trying to recon the situation comes under attack by Captain Mask and Manny in the G-Rach, but they are forced to withdraw when re-entering Earth's Atmosphere.

star 9.19
37 votes
Wild Dance of the Catsith

#16 - Wild Dance of the Catsith

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 17, 2014

Klim and Aida returned to the space pirates' mothership, the Megafauna, with the G-Self along with Bellri, Noredo and Raraiya, who are held hostage. Meanwhile, the Capital Army, the Capital Territory's new military, is officially unveiled to the public, and its first mission would be to rescue the hostages from the Megafauna. Bellri, wanting to protect Noredo and Raraiya, piloted the G-Self to put a stop to the fighting, but ended up being forced to defend himself from the Capital Army mobile suits and repelling their attacks.

star 9.18
40 votes
Mother, Father and Mask

#17 - Mother, Father and Mask

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 14, 2014

Mask's forces pull away from attacking Megafuna's mobile suits due to the sudden attacks of an Amerian mobile armor. Mick Jack's test machine, the Armorzagan, holds off Mask's Forces. Army inspector general Gusion appears with his forces and travels further along the Megafuna. Bellri is surprised to hear that the General is the Aida's father. The generals crew refit the G-Self's with an experimental flight pack called the "Tricky Backpack", which gives G-Self new capacities to interfere with mobile suit electronics. Aida, piloting Arcane, suddenly abandons her current mission when an unidentified object is detected. Mask struggles in battle with the G-Self equiped Tricky Pack and has to abandon the battle. Meanwhile set on an intercept course with the UFO the Arcane exceeds the high altitude flight limit capacity . The pilot of the unidentified glider is Bell's mother. Bellri manages to intercept both the Arcane and his mother in the glider and brings them safely back to the Megafauna. Bellri's mother meets face-to-face with the General and is given an explanation of his nation's motives for posing as pirates and reviving forbidden technologies. Evidence of unknown actives on the Moon convince her something strange is going on. Elsewhere, Manyi, who now serves as volunteer on the Garanden warship, encounters Captain Mask and she becomes aware of his true identity.

star 9.17
41 votes
Space Kaleidoscope

#18 - Space Kaleidoscope

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired Mar 13, 2015

While the Dorrette and Amarian fleet are about to form an uneasy alliance against the Capital Army, captain Mask makes a destructive move. Barbara Peor, fueled by het jealousy of Manny, uses an advanced cloaked Pyramid shaped space ship with a destructive energy weapon called Yggdrasil. Without any effort she takes out all space ships in her vicinity, either Dorette or Amarian. G-Self manages to temporarily stop her relentless attacks. But not before miss Aida's fathers space ship get destroyed.

star 9.08
37 votes
The Enemy is the Capital Army

#19 - The Enemy is the Capital Army

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Oct 24, 2014

The Capital Army unveils a new mobile suit, the Elf Bullock, piloted by the mysterious Mask, who leads a team to once again attack the Megafauna. After having gained the trust of the Megafauna crew, Bellri also promises to Aida that he will protect the ship in order to make up for his killing of Cahill, and once again helps fight off the attacking Capital Army mobile suits. However, Bellri and Noredo reveal that they are secretly spying on the pirates and have a plan to escape with the G-Self.

star 9.05
39 votes
The Sound of a Newtype

#20 - The Sound of a Newtype

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired Mar 6, 2015

With G-Self and crew joining Megafauna they choose to fight this war in their own way. Bellri tries to show the Venus Globe observers not to choose sides and help to stop the upcoming war. The fight between the parties is in full motion with Captain Mask trying to obtain control of the full Moon Ship and use its power to strike a final blow at both the Dorette and Amerian fleet. Bellri suffers a personal tragedy when the Mobile Suit piloted by Rockpie destroys a Venus Globe observer and Bellri reacts by releasing G-Selfs full power, and thus destroying his oponent and killing Rockpie. Also are miss Aida and Bellri siblings or not ?

star 9.03
37 votes
G-Self, Start Up!

#21 - G-Self, Start Up!

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 3, 2014

Capital Territory is attacked by a squadron of space pirate mobile suits led by Cahill Saint, who wanted to rescue the captured Aida. Bellri and his friends managed to rescue Aida as the structure she was being held in was damaged during the attack. Tasked with piloting the G-Self to repel the pirate attack, Bellri kills Cahill in an act of self-defense as Aida watches.

star 8.98
46 votes
The Pressure of Montero

#22 - The Pressure of Montero

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 10, 2014

Piloting the Montero, space pirate ace pilot Klim Nick tries to once again assaults Capital Territory in an attempt to rescue Aida from its crutches. However, Aida had succeeded in taking control of the G-Self from Bellri and his friends, who remained in the cockpit and watched as she escape from captivity with Klim.

star 8.88
41 votes
The Mysterious Mobile Suit

#23 - The Mysterious Mobile Suit

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Oct 3, 2014

R.C. 1014: A mysterious mobile suit, G-Self, is being pursued by a group of space pirates, and the Capital Guard. The suit is captured by the pirates, and the pilot of the suit was captured by the Capital Guard. A week later, a class of Capital Guard Academy cadets are riding a Crown transport module up along the orbital elevator, Capital Tower, to reach space where they can conduct their first live mobile suit training. On the way up their Crown is attacked by space pirates and their mobile suits, one of which was the G-Self. Bellri Zenam, the youngest of the cadets, pilots a maintenance mobile suit to hold off the G-Self, and helped capture the pirate suit as well as its pilot, Aida Rayhunton.

star 8.87
52 votes
Writers: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Space Inside a Frame

#24 - Space Inside a Frame

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired Feb 13, 2015

With Bellri retaking control of G-self, using the Arcane, the fight against the G-IT Corps can truly begin. However beam fights inside the Venus Globe construction are of course extremely dangerous. And while G-self is trying to take out the G-IT leader his reckless beam shots damage the outer hull of a massive space station is damaged, resulting in an unstoppable flow of water turned to ice into space. G-Self follows the waterflow and ends up in a earth like environment. An environment with a sea rapidly draining itself into space........Meanwhile Megafauna tries to outrun the battle and reach the Solaria Ten colony to contact its leader.

star 7.44
61 votes
Rising on Earth

#25 - Rising on Earth

Season 1 - Episode 26 - Aired Mar 27, 2015

The final stand between the nations at war continues inside the earth atmosphere. Miss Aida steps up as the new Amarian leader and Captain Mask and Bellri face each other for the last time in mobile suit battle. A battle which ends with victory for Bellri, but with a real damage done to G-Self. Not all ends well, with the Dorette fleet destroyed and the G-IT Corps on earth the Capital Territory and the Americans need to find their balance and peace together. However with Captain "Luin" Mask and Manny together and Bellri deciding to travel the world there is closure for some.

star 5.63
63 votes