The Best Episodes of Knights of Sidonia


#1 - Sacrifices 8.46

Season 1 - Episode 4

After killing the members of the Akai squad, the gauna proceeds en route of collision with Sidonia and Captain Kobayashi orders an emergency evasive maneuver that causes massive casualties at the ship's residential area, despite the citizens' efforts to brace themselves, but succeeds. As the gauna makes a turn back to target the ship again, Kobayashi orders dozens of guardians to defend it, and sends Kunato, Shizuka and Nagate to salvage one of the weapons used by the KIA squad to fight the gauna, the Kabizashi. However, just as Nagate's team retrieves the artifact, the gauna turns their attention to them and fires a blast that incapacitates all their units, except for Nagate's Tsugumori. Shizuka's unit goes out of control forcing her to bail out and instead of following his orders to tow the other two guardians back, Nagate grabs the Kabizashi and fights the gauna head on, destroying it with certain ease. As the others celebrate his feat, Nagate disobeys orders once more and leaves in search for Shizuka, despite being warned that he is distancing himself from Sidonia to a point of no return.


#2 - Resolve 8.13

Season 1 - Episode 7

After discovering Shizuka was one of the casualties during the battle, Nagate recounts the events and what ensued during the fight: Multiple squads of frames are deployed to destroy the Guana with Kunato's squad tasked to destroy the tail of the massive Gauna using explosives. Kunato, Shizuka, En and Nagate plant their explosives around the tail of the Guana and prepare to detonate on Kunato's orders. Kunato however, activates a secure channel with Nagate and deliberately orders him to detonate the explosives too soon. This causes the Guana to become aware of their plans and the other explosives are shaken loose due to the imbalanced explosion. All frames are then ordered to temporarily fall back and re group but Nagate loses confidence and is struck by the tail. As Nagate begins to fall unconscious, the Guana almost kills him but Shizuka saves him at the expense of her own life. In the present, Nagate has recovered from his injuries but is greatly hated by the population as they believe he was the cause for many deaths during the battle (Due to the tail not being severed). Nagate takes some time away with Izana and he slowly regains his confidence in piloting Tsugumori. Meanwhile the captain orders the destruction of a Gas giant as it is believed there are Gauna present on the planet. With Yuhata assisting the captain the planet is destroyed successfully but 3 unidentified Guana appear from the planet. The Captain orders Yuhata to assemble some pilots (Including Nagate) to intercept and destroy the Guana. When more detailed images of the Guana are shown, it is revealed, to the shock of everyone, they are Gauna like replicas of the a guardian frame with tag number 702 which was the same frame Shizuka used in battle.


#3 - Glory 8.00

Season 1 - Episode 3

The veteran pilots and Yuhata Midorikawa, another cadet, inquire Nagate about his fight with the Gauna but decide to let it for another day after realizing that he is still in recuperation. Later at night, Nagate learns the a festival known as the Gravity Festival is being held and leaves to check it out, while a fighting competition between guardian pilots is being held and despite fighting his best, Kunato is defeated by Akai, who remains the reigning champion, and Yuhata, who had hacked into the records of Nagate's battle against the Gauna, concludes that Akai made use of that to improve his skills. Meanwhile at the festival, Nagate meets Shizuka and they hang out together and Izana, who was looking for him, gets flustered upon seeing them together, injuring herself when an angered Kunato bumps into her, Nagate confronts Kunato for not helping Izana and he is injured once more while fighting him. Meanwhile, Captain Kobayashi learns that the Gauna had reappeared and is approaching Sidonia, assigning Akai's squad to deal with it. While recovering, Nagate and Izana are invited by Akai and his friends for a ride inside Sidonia's sea area before they sortie to fight the Gauna and in the next day, the cadets watch Akai and the others departing to confront the enemy, but the operation ends in failure as all pilots are killed by it.


#4 - Salutations 7.96

Season 1 - Episode 6

Nagate and Shizuka return to Sidonia where they are heralded as heroes and for their services in the last battle, Nagate, Shizuka, Kunato and En Honoka are promoted to official Guardian pilots. In the occasion, Kunato apologizes to Nagate for his prevoius behavior towards him and Nagate meets Captain Kobayashi, with questions for her about why his grandfather raised him in the underground and why his wounds heal an accelerated rate, but the Captain only asks for him to continue with his good work. After the party, Nagate is approached by Yuhata who asks him to accompany her in a underwater ride and Shizuka and Izana accompany them. However, Yuhata attempts to get alone with Nagate in a batysphere and when the others interfere, Nagate ends up riding alone with Shizuka instead. The two spend some quality time until they are called for another sortie, as a large Gauna is seen approaching Sidonia. Nagate departs to confront the Gauna with Shizuka and wakes up some time later in the hospital, where he learns, much to his horror, that Shizuka was killed in the battle.


#5 - Adrift 7.92

Season 1 - Episode 5

Nagate finds Shizuka but Tsugumori runs out of energy and the pair becomes adrift in space. Meanwhile, Kobayashi is urged by Nagate's dorm manager Lila Hiyama to organize a search party for him, but she refuses as well. Nagate and Shizuka then spends their days inside the derelict Tsugumori waiting for the ship to re-energize but their supplies run out faster than planned and they are put in a dire situation until a large number of guardian pilots, disobeying the captain's orders, appear to rescue them.


#6 - Oblivion 7.86

Season 1 - Episode 2

When Nagate's fellow pilot Eiko Yamano is killed and absorbed by the Gauna, he fights the creature head on, despite being warned to keep a distance, as a shot is being fired from Sidonia to drive it away. The shot hits the target and the Gauna is knocked into space, while the remaining cadets return safely home. A funeral is held for Eiko and the high command officially announces that once again, Sidonia is at war against the Gauna. Three days later, Nagate is still disturbed with what happened and barely manages to sleep or eat properly. Meanwhile, the four highest ranking veteran pilots, led by Mochikuni Akai, pay a visit to the academy, and both Kunato and his friends believe they want to talk to him, but they turn to Nagate instead, much to his anger.


#7 - Commencement 7.84

Season 1 - Episode 1

At the massive spaceship Sidonia, having exhausted his last supplies of food, Nagate Tanikaze ventures outside home to look for food when he is spotted and captured by the local security while trying to steal some rice. Believing that his life is at risk, Nagate manages to escape the hospital where he is being treated just to be apprehended by some military cadets. One of the cadets, Shizuka Hoshijiro, accompanies Nagate while he is being questioned by the police, when a man called Ochiai appears and takes him to Captain Kobayashi, the highest authority of Sidonia, who claims that she intends to take him under her guard, with the condition of becoming one of Sidonia's Guardian pilots, to which he accepts. He is then registered as an official cadet and introduced to the others. In the occasion, Nagate learns that the Guardian pilots' main mission is to defend Sidonia against an alien hostile species known as the "Gauna", although the last time they encountered them was a hundred years before, and befriends Izana Shinatose, an hermaphrodite whose body can be adapted to procreate with either males or females, depending of the chosen partner. After failing to impress his peers at the pilot simulator, as the controls are different from those he trained to perfection at his former home, Nagate is called to his first sortie along Shizuka and Izana, but instead of piloting one of the recent Type 18 models, Nagate is entrusted with Tsugumori, a legendary Type 17 unit that belonged to a famous war hero, much to the anger of Norio Kunato, a cadet who always wanted to become its pilot and is being dispatched with him as well. Realizing that Tsugumori's controls are similar to those he is used to, Nagate's confidence is renewed but while performing a mining operation at a nearby asteroid with the others, a Gauna appears from inside it and attacks them.