The Best Episodes of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

The Descending Sword

#1 - The Descending Sword 8.70

Season 1 - Episode 35

Operation Spitbreak is initiated, with both ZAFT and the Earth Alliance believing they have outsmarted the other. The Archangel is left behind to be destroyed in a calculated plan that would decimate everyone on the battlefield, until Kira arrives to save them.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Towards an Endless Tomorrow

#2 - Towards an Endless Tomorrow 8.64

Season 1 - Episode 50

The Archangel, Eternal, and Kusanagi plunge into the battle, trying to keep both sides from using their weapons of mass destruction. Rau destroys Flay's escape shuttle, killing everyone on board. Flay's spirit visits the grief striken Kira to apoligizes and thanks him. Kira destroys the Providence with the Freedom, while Athrun remote-destructs the Justice to destroys GENESIS. With both the PLANTs and the Earth Alliance forces in disarray, the renegade moderate faction of the PLANTs seize the opportunity to call for a cease-fire, effectively ending the war.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
The End of the Sandstorm

#3 - The End of the Sandstorm 8.36

Season 1 - Episode 21

A battle between the Lesseps and the Desert Dawn commences. Kira and the Desert Tiger fight a battle where they realize the pain of having an enemy who is not an abstraction. With the Strike's power almost depleted, Kira has no choice but to destroy Andrew's TMF/A-803 LaGOWE or die himself.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Day of Wrath

#4 - Day of Wrath 8.36

Season 1 - Episode 48

The GENESIS, a huge gamma-ray laser wipes out a large portion of Earth Alliance's forces. The Earth Alliance forces are forced to withdraw temporarily to regroup. During the intermission, each of the couples on board the Archangel, Kusanagi, and Eternal prays of each others safety in the upcoming battle.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Stars Falling in Space

#5 - Stars Falling in Space 8.30

Season 1 - Episode 13

Le Creuset attacks once again as the Archangel and the 8th Fleet approaches Earth. The Archangel is able to descend to Earth, but not without the loss of the entire 8th Fleet. Yzak Joule, the pilot of the Duel, vents his frustration by destroying a spacecraft carrying Heliopolis refugees that Kira had rescued previously.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Burning Sandstorm

#6 - Burning Sandstorm 8.29

Season 1 - Episode 16

The Archangel is attacked by multiple TMF/A-802 BuCUE units. Kira hastily takes off and fights the ZAFT forces, but he is unfamiliar with the desert environment. His ability to adapt amazes ZAFT's commander Andrew Waltfeld. When the Strike is about to run out of power, a resistance group comes to his aid and lures the remaining BuCUE units into an explosive trap.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda

#7 - Payback 8.29

Season 1 - Episode 18

Though the Desert Tiger has spared the lives of civilians, Desert Dawn members brashly challenge the ZAFT forces, because of the devastation they caused. The attack ends in failure, but most are saved by Kira in the Strike.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Separate Ways

#8 - Separate Ways 8.20

Season 1 - Episode 10

With everything that has happened, Kira becomes depressed. He is comforted by Lacus, who is strolling around the ship without permission. Kira returns Lacus to Athrun against orders, but refuses Athrun's invitation to change sides.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Divine Thunder

#9 - Divine Thunder 8.20

Season 1 - Episode 37

Kira and the Archangel make their way to Orb, where Lord Uzumi welcomes them and asks that they decide for themselves why they are fighting. The Panama mass driver is destroyed by ZAFT in retaliation for the blow they took at Alaska. Meanwhile, Erica Simmons presents a reconstructed Strike for the Archangel crew's use.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
War for Two

#10 - War for Two 8.13

Season 1 - Episode 24

Cagalli is surprised to find Athrun on the same deserted island. She attacks him, but she is overpowered and captured. When everything settles down, the two discuss the war and the reason why they are fighting. At sunrise, they are rescued by their respective comrades.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Cagalli Returns

#11 - Cagalli Returns 8.12

Season 1 - Episode 17

Murrue Ramius thanks the resistance group for their help and agrees to be allies. The resistance group introduces themselves as the Desert Dawn who are fighting Andrew and the Lesseps. Kira once again meets with Cagalli Yula Athha, the mysterious young woman he first encountered at Heliopolis' Morgenroete factory, who is now part of Desert Dawn. Meanwhile, Andrew attacks the Desert Dawn's hometown, but evacuates the town first.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Fangs of the Enemy

#12 - Fangs of the Enemy 8.12

Season 1 - Episode 19

Kira and Cagalli are sent into a nearby ZAFT controlled city to gather supplies with Natarle and the Desert Dawn. The two teenagers get caught in an attack by the Blue Cosmos, and when Kira saves a man who happens to be Andrew Waltfeld, they are invited to the ZAFT base. There, Andrew reveals that he knows Kira is the pilot of the Strike and a Coordinator, but lets them leave safely.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Seen and Unseen

#13 - Seen and Unseen 8.10

Season 1 - Episode 34

Flay, Mu, and Natarle are to be transferred off the Archangel. Mu suspects that something is not quite right as the Alaskan JOSH-A base is evacuated. Flay is captured by Rau Le Creuset. Lacus and her father entrust Kira with the ZGMF-X10A Freedom, equipped with Neutron Jammer Canceller technology.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
In the Name of Justice

#14 - In the Name of Justice 8.10

Season 1 - Episode 36

Lacus, now denounced a traitor to the PLANTs for handing the Freedom over to an unknown pilot, confronts Athrun and challenges him to decide what he truly is fighting for. Athrun is ordered to pilot the ZGMF-X09A Justice to seek and destroy the Freedom.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
The Fading Light

#15 - The Fading Light 8.02

Season 1 - Episode 9

The Archangel is to meet with the 8th fleet but is attacked by the Le Creuset Team. Flay witnesses the death of her father when Kira fails to protect the escort ships. In desperation, the Archangel reveals Lacus is on board the ship, causing the attackers to withdraw.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Fateful Encounter

#16 - Fateful Encounter 8.02

Season 1 - Episode 23

A battle with ZAFT submarine forces led by Commander Marco Morassim prevents Kira from fighting alongside Mu and Cagalli in their FX-550 Skygraspers. Cagalli's Skygrasper sustains damage and is forced to turn back, but she encounters Athrun's transport plane; her Skygrasper is shot down, but not before shooting down his transport plane, forcing Athrun in his Aegis to eject from the transport plane. By chance, they are both stranded on the same deserted island.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
The Awakening Sword

#17 - The Awakening Sword 8.02

Season 1 - Episode 11

Le Creuset launches an attack on the Archangel. Kira's desire to protect his friends awakens an unknown almost berserker ability. He single handily defeats the attacking Blitz, GAT-X103 Buster, and GAT-X102 Duel.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Respective Solitudes

#18 - Respective Solitudes 8.00

Season 1 - Episode 15

The Archangel saves Kira as they enter the Earth's atmosphere. As a result, they land in ZAFT-controlled territory in the Sahara in northern Africa, far from their intended target, Alaska. Flay begins to take care of Kira and comforts him when he is tormented by the memories of the spacecraft that was destroyed in the previous battle.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
The Opening Door

#19 - The Opening Door 7.92

Season 1 - Episode 45

Kira and Mu face terrifying revelations in an encounter with Rau. Dearka and Yzak have their own meeting where they question what they are truly fighting against. Meanwhile, the Dominion and the Earth Alliance once again attacks. Rau returns to his ship and sends Flay back to the Earth Forces.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
False Peace

#20 - False Peace 7.92

Season 1 - Episode 1

The Orb Union space colony, Heliopolis, is attacked by ZAFT, despite its neutrality since the beginning of the Bloody Valentine War. Kira Yamato accidentally sees the Earth Alliance's new prototype mobile suits, which have been secretly constructed at the Heliopolis Morgenroete factory. He encounters his childhood friend, Athrun Zala, now a ZAFT soldier as one of the attackers.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Silent Run

#21 - Silent Run 7.91

Season 1 - Episode 4

Kira discovers a malfunctioning lifeboat and brings it aboard the Archangel. Everyone is surprised to find Flay Allster as one of the rescued civilians. The Archangel decides to head for the Eurasian Federation military satellite Artemis to seek help. Rau Le Creuset follows and plans an attack on the Archangel. Kira decides to continue piloting the Strike and his friends volunteer to become members of the Archangel crew as his support.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
A Place for the Soul

#22 - A Place for the Soul 7.90

Season 1 - Episode 46

Flay, who was held captive by Rau, is rescued by the Dominion despite Kira's desperate attempts to steal her lifepod. She gives Muruta Azrael the disk she was given by Rau which contains the specs on the Freedom and Justice and the Neutron Jammer Canceller technology.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Into the Dawn Skies

#23 - Into the Dawn Skies 7.89

Season 1 - Episode 40

The Earth Alliance attacks again, but the results are the same as the previous battle. The Archangel and the Orb ship Kusanagi launch into space, while the leaders of Orb stay behind. They explode Orb's mass driver and armaments factories, sacrificing their own lives in the process.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
The Turning Point

#24 - The Turning Point 7.89

Season 1 - Episode 29

The Archangel, without Cagalli and Ledonir on board, leaves Orb territory for Alaska. The Zala Team, who is patiently waiting, engages them in a battle. Kira grounds the Duel, Buster, and Blitz with the help of Mu and Tolle, who is now the second Skygrasper pilot. As Kira and Athrun fight, Nicol intervenes, but he steps into Kira's fatal attack.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda
Land of Peace

#25 - Land of Peace 7.89

Season 1 - Episode 25

The Archangel is attacked by the Zala Team which consists of the Le Creuset Team members. They take heavy damage, but when they enter the waters of the neutral nation of Orb, ZAFT is chased away and is told that the Archangel has been chased away. The Zala Team sneaks into Orb with the belief that Orb's official statement is false.

Directors: Mitsuo Fukuda