The BEST episodes directed by Takeshi Yoshimoto

FILE 7: The Bloodstained Labyrinth #3
41 votes

#1 - FILE 7: The Bloodstained Labyrinth #3

Ghost Hunt - Season 1 - Episode 20

The dream leaves Mai traumatised, but prompts new speculation by the team regarding the house's spirits. Lin carries out a ritual to summon the spirit of one of the missing people, who gives the SPR team a new lead. The discovery of one of the missing people's corpse induces Oliver Davis, one of the investigators on another team, to reveal himself as an impostor.

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FILE 6: Forbidden Pastime #1
42 votes

#2 - FILE 6: Forbidden Pastime #1

Ghost Hunt - Season 1 - Episode 14

The highly publicised Ryokuryou High School is brought to the SPR's attention when students report a series of terrifying events, including a ghostly dog attacking them. The SPR gathers information with the help of the school valedictorian, Yasuhara, and learn the incidents began after Sakauchi, a first year student, committed suicide. During the installation of cameras around the school, Mai encounters Sakauchi's ghost.

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FILE 8: The Cursed House #4
43 votes

#3 - FILE 8: The Cursed House #4

Ghost Hunt - Season 1 - Episode 25

Bou-san manages to banish the drowned corpses attacking the base, allowing the team some respite. When the sun rises, Ayako volunteers to purify the spirits and performs a successful exorcism, surprising Bou-san and the other members of the team, but notes another force is still at work. Naru wakes up and the team moves to finish off the unseen force causing the disasters. After the team struggles to exorcise with the spirits involved, Naru uses his own psychokinetic powers and finishes the job, only to collapse afterward. He reawakens in the hospital with the rest of the team, cheerfully visiting him in his room.

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FILE 3: The After School Hexer #3
43 votes

#4 - FILE 3: The After School Hexer #3

Ghost Hunt - Season 1 - Episode 9

Evidence against the psychokinetic girl, Kasai, begins to pile up. Mai refuses to believe Kasai is responsible, despite Bou-san and Ayako's beliefs to the contrary, saying she has a feeling within her that Kasai is innocent. While searching for more dolls, Mai is lured to an open manhole by the ghost of a crying child. Naru fails to save her from falling in and instead, they both find themselves inside the hole.

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Suigintou - Mercury Lamp
68 votes

#5 - Suigintou - Mercury Lamp

Rozen Maiden - Season 1 - Episode 3

Hinaichigo makes a din waking up every morning which pisses off Jun. Jun does not like Hinaichigo as he find kids irritating. In turn, Hinaichigo did not adjust well to life in the Sakurada household. When she unwittingly bought up the subject of school, she gets shouted at by Jun and whose rantings escalated when Hinaichigo draws on the floor. At school, Nori keep thinking about the drawing Hinaichigo makes of her favourite food but which she can't figure out what it is. Jun chanced upon the drawing and had an idea what it represents. He overcomes his phobia to make a trip out to get it after Hinaichigo's teary outburst on her loneliness in the Sakurada household, unlike before when Tomoe has known her every needs and whims. While both Nori and Jun is out, Shinku and Hinaichigo is trapped in the house with the appearance of Suigintou (the 'evil' Rozen Maiden) who disappears after warning Shinku of the things to come. She's also responsible for sending the clown doll to kill Jun. While

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FILE 1: Evil Spirits All Over! #2
48 votes

#6 - FILE 1: Evil Spirits All Over! #2

Ghost Hunt - Season 1 - Episode 2

Each member of the team proposes a different theory as to what is responsible for the odd occurrences. After collecting data overnight, Naru begins to doubt the presence of any spirits and instead theorises that land subsidence is the cause of all the ghostly activity. Mai's classmate, Kuroda, fiercely insists that a poltergeist is at work, and evidence appearing to support her idea soon arises.

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45 votes

#7 - Superior

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 19

The episode begins with a flashback of Bob lying near-death on a hospital table with Lee watching in. Ragnarok appears and muses that Bob's high cholesterol level from years of chicken consumption gave him a brain aneurysm and put him in this coma. Lee jumps Ragnarok at the apparent insult and Ragnarok reveals that Bob's life can be saved by turning him into a Superior, which is an extremely strong OrgMan with will power. However, the process is, at this point, untested, so Lee asks Ragnarok to perfect the formula on Lee to save Bob's life. Cut to present day, with Brandon(still fairly amnesiac) and Mika shopping within the city for food, Mika is slightly disguised by shades and a hat, and she playfully puts a hat on top of Grave to help them blend in. They sit down and Mika circles the letters S-C-O-T-T on a newspaper, as if by response, Scott appears, snags the paper and motions Mika to a bookstore. It is here Mika is filled up-to-date with what has been going on in Billion, Scott tells her all about Harry, Millennion, The Great Four, OrgMen, and, after some coaxing, Brandon. Meanwhile, Brandon overhears two Millennion agents discussing a meeting of Harry and The Great Four, but upon Mika's return, he doesn't say a word of it. Millennion finds out who Scott has been talking to and executes him. That night, Grave dons his outfit and heads to the mansion he heard about, and is met up by an OrgMen, and while fighting them Mika realizes that Brandon has gone missing. After defeating them, Grave enters the mansion only to find that its only occupants are Harry and The Big Four. Lee reveals he had Bob plant the lead so Brandon would hear it, but the Syndicate members soon realize that Brandon's memory is extremely fragmented, they leave Brandon to Bob and depart. As Bob transforms into his Superior state, Brandon regains his memory of Bob. As a titantic battle ensues with the gigantic Bob, Brandon begins to remember everyone else from his life, and starts fighting

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Last Bullet
44 votes

#8 - Last Bullet

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 24

We see Harry, walking through the now decimated remains of Ragnarok's laboratory, who stops to stare at the last standing pod where the OrgMen are grown. Flashbacks of the night previous occur, in that we see Grave running through the complex, shooting every OrgMan and piece of equipment in sight. Ragnarok watches on, horrified, realizing that, in the end, it was Tokioka who was the superior scientist. The city streets are now completely deserted, with the exception of Mika, who stands silent in the middle of a road. Bunji sits quietly on a set of steps overlooking the city, petting and talking to his cat. Harry is pacing within his home, stocking up on munitions while Sherry tries desperately to find out what all the commotion is about. Harry assures Sherry that nothing is wrong, and she looks into Harry's eyes and asks him to promise that he won't die before she does, leaving Sherry all alone in the world. Suddenly, their butler, Harrison, enters the room and draws a gun, apologizing to his master. However, before he can pull the trigger, the Overkills take him down, ever loyal to Bear's daughter. Meanwhile, several of the remaining board members of Millennion are disturbed by the news that their assassination attempt has failed, and thus they try and decide what to do about the OrgMen and Overkills under Harry's control. However, they have now convinced most of the undecided members to join them and they have an ex-employee of Ragnarok building them special anti-OrgMen weaponry. Biscoe, their apparent leader, tells the board to leave Grave alone in his actions. Harry and Sherry, protected within a cadre of cars, is suddenly attacked by men wielding automatic rifles and rocket launchers. This attack wipes out most of Harry's bodyguards, but a lone OrgMan protects Harry's car and gets him to safety. Grave, on motorcycle, reflects on a conversation he had with Mika earlier, in which Mika asks Grave is they are family, Grave smiles and responds "yes," and as Mika h

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44 votes

#9 - Conflict

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 10

Dr. Tokioka works in a laboratory among the bodies of Blood's associates, following injections, their bodies begin to bulge and move in searing pain. Brandon and Bunji lie in wait for the Lightning's supposed ambush, only to see Blood standing on the sidewalk, upon flicking his cigarette into the air and declaring war, the city is rocked by explosives planted all over town. Following this incident, pale men in suits appear and assassinate Millennion executives, seeming completely impervious to bullets. Brandon and Bunji head into Lightning territory while Harry comes to grip with how the situation has gone so far out of hand. Blood corners and captures Brandon and Bunji, and asks Brandon to join him and hand over Big Daddy, Brandon agrees. Brandon starts buying up guns with powerful shells to tear the deadmen apart with, while Harry catches Lee leaking info on Millennion to Lightning. Brandon shows up with no BD, Brandon intends to end the fight here, where as Harry and Lee's fight, one of gun vs needles, has just begun.

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Dream - Träume
61 votes

#10 - Dream - Träume

Rozen Maiden - Season 1 - Episode 7

Morning dawns and Shinku still won't wake from her deep slumber, Nori's classmate visits her house to make another confession attempt by way of a hockey stick as a gift but gets mistaken by Nori as a door-to-door salesman (*snickers*). Jun can't seems to wake Shinku no matter what he does. Since Rozen Maidens react when their medium is in danger, Suiseiseki (*evil smirks*) has an idea to wake Shinku up by causing some bodily harm to Jun but still failed to elict any responses. Jun becomes dispirited when Shinku didn't even respond to her beloved KunKun doll. Suiseiseki explains that the Rozen Maidens dream when they fall into a deep sleep. It's an eternal sleep that doesn't allow death and is emotionally exhausting as the doll is forced to relive moments in their lives since birth, whether happiness, anticipation, despair or pain. Jun surfs the net for more info and races out of the house upon obtaining a clue. Meanwhile, Hinaichigo gave a yawn and suddenly... The book Jun is look

72 votes

#11 - Reunion

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - Season 1 - Episode 15

Godoh is furious over the murder of his men once again and demands an explanation with Claudia promising that she'll do everything in her power to smoke out the culprits responsible. Reiji was given the assignment to locate the culprits responsible for killing Godoh's subordinates. Accepting the assignment, Reiji brings Cal along to assess the situation and determine the potential sniping locations where the assassins will use to disrupt the meeting between Godoh and the executives of Inferno. During the meeting, Reiji was able to gun down one of the armed assassins during his counter-sniping assignment with Cal when he finds out that the sniper he killed is Randy Weber, the right-hand man of Wisemel. However, a second sniper rifle is heard when the meeting is interrupted. Godoh and his remaining subordinates point their sidearms at the Inferno executives. Reiji doesn't know that Ein had survived, being the second sniper for interrupting the Inferno-Godoh conference.

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Bloodsport Fairytale
294 votes

#12 - Bloodsport Fairytale

Black Lagoon - Season 1 - Episode 14

After a long search Hotel Moscow finally finds out who is killing their members and they set a trap for them. Meanwhile Revy and Eda have their own plans and might interfere with Hotel Moscow.

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False Peace
28 votes

#13 - False Peace

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - Season 1 - Episode 1

The Orb Union space colony, Heliopolis, is attacked by ZAFT, despite its neutrality since the beginning of the Bloody Valentine War. Kira Yamato accidentally sees the Earth Alliance's new prototype mobile suits, which have been secretly constructed at the Heliopolis Morgenroete factory. He encounters his childhood friend, Athrun Zala, now a ZAFT soldier as one of the attackers.

Smiling With You
7 votes

#14 - Smiling With You

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 19

The deaths during the battle send shockwaves through the Rvyius, as Juli questions whether she should be captain. Friendships are quickly shattered in the wake of the attack on Kozue, as Kouji tries to determine what he wants most.

76 votes

#15 - Go

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 4

Brandon, Maria and Harry wonder what to do with the rest of their shattered lives. Bear meets with a Millennion agent named Randy who tells Bear that he's going to meet with Maria. Harry and Brandon rough up Descartes and his men, and Descartes sends his crew after them. Maria is met by Big Daddy, who promises her a safe life at his mansion, he does not mention the fact that they are Mafia. BD and Maria go to visit Jester's grave, but Maria sees Brandon and Harry shooting it out with Descartes' guys there. BD sends Randy who scares off Descartes' guys. Harry asks to join Millennion and Randy tells Harry to put the squeeze on Descartes if he wants in. Brandon and Harry rob him blind after threats that the Mafia is working with them. Harry and Brandon depart with Randy and Maria with BD.

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My Moment
8 votes

#16 - My Moment

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 6

Everyone aboard the Ryvius tries to get along while they wait for help. However, they give that up as they realize that the captive saboteurs were with the Orbital Security Department and prepare the ship to move. Elsewhere, the news of Liebe Delta's destruction reaches the public as the OSD ship crew prepare for another fall back plan. The Ryvius' computer system is finally decoded and is ready to use. And just in time as the OSD are littering the Geduld with mines in an attempt to force the Ryvius out. By using the gravity field, the Ryvius manages the fend off the attack and dive even deeper into the Geduld. However, all of the remaining pieces of the central column fell off of the Ryvius, including the Rever which still has the saboteurs.

Beyond the Vast Sea
8 votes

#17 - Beyond the Vast Sea

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 3

While preparing to escape the Geduld, the saboteurs try to take over the Rever so they will reach their rendezvous point. However, Aires and his gang foil their plan and the saboteurs are locked up. With the Rever finally ready to launch, the Zwei begin the countdown. In the end, nothing happens and instead of moving out of the Geduld, they are being pulled even deeper by the sabotuers' ship. Suddenly, the Rever regains power, with the help of Neya, and the Rever along with the central column of the station. As the station surfaces, we see that the central column is really a ship called the Ryvius.

Vital Guarder
7 votes

#18 - Vital Guarder

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 9

Swept Away
7 votes

#19 - Swept Away

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 15

The Vital Guarder manages to fight off the enemy, but takes damage in the process. While the Ryvius heads towards Hyperion, Airs Blue orders the Lift Ship (mostly out of contact with the Ryvius), on the same course. But what he doesn't know is that Stein, on the Ryvius' bridge, is recording every word he says [I said ""mostly"" out of contact, remember?]; an act that will have severe consequences for all of the Ryvius' crew.

In Order to Survive
7 votes

#20 - In Order to Survive

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 22

Time Begins to Move Forward Again
39 votes

#21 - Time Begins to Move Forward Again

Honey and Clover - Season 1 - Episode 19

Mayama arrives at the Fujiwara Design Office, only to found out that Yamada is there. After she leaves abruptly, Mayama mistakes Nomiya's business interest with Yamada for his love interest. Mayama then goes to the apartment to meet up with Takemoto and Morita. When the three gather to eat dinner prepared by Morita, Takemoto reminisces over the time when Morita departed to America. The following night, Mayama meets up with Takemoto, Morita, Yamada, Professor Hanamoto, Yamazaki, and Miwako at the annual school festival. Later after the festival, Yamada agrees to go with Nomiya, after she had an argument with Mayama. However, Yamada begins to have second thoughts about going out with Nomiya, as she faces the truth about her relationship with Mayama told by Nomiya. Meanwhile, at the Fujiwara Design Office, Yamazaki and Miwako talk with Morita and Mayama about Nomiya.