The Best Episodes of Drake and Josh

A new teen comedy for Nickelodeon starring Drake Bell and Josh Peck. This is a spin off of The Amanda Show, a cancelled Nickelodeon variety show starring comedy actress Amanda Bynes. Drake and Josh were actors on the show. 15-year-old Drake and Josh are schoolmates, but not close friends. Drake views Josh as weird and a bit of a goof. So, imagine Drake's shock when he finds out that this "goof" is about to become his new step-brother and roommate when his mother marries Josh's father.

The Demonator

#1 - The Demonator

Season 3 - Episode 15

A new roller coaster is coming out called, the Demonator. Drake and Josh want to be there the first day it opens. But when they get in line, their wild adventure starts.

star 8.43
37 votes
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#2 - Helicopter

Season 4 - Episode 17

Drake wins a free skydive off a helicopter and sets off to do it despite his parents' wishes. Josh, being the good brother he is, tries to stop him, but ends up going along for the ride. This fun time in the sky becomes a true downer when they accidentally lose their pilot and things start spinning out of control.

star 8.39
28 votes
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Honor Council

#3 - Honor Council

Season 2 - Episode 14

Drake is accused of parking Mrs. Hafer's car in the middle of her classroom. Drake and Josh must go in front of the school's Honor Council to prove Drake is innocent.

star 8.36
33 votes
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The Storm

#4 - The Storm

Season 4 - Episode 8

The whole gang has gathered at Drake and Josh's house before Drake's big concert, but thanks to Walter's poor weather predictions they end up stuck in the house due to severe rain. Sure, it's raining outside, but the real storm for Drake to weather is when his new girlfriend meets his exes.

star 8.36
50 votes
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Josh is Done

#5 - Josh is Done

Season 4 - Episode 11

Drake has taken advantage of Josh for the last time and Josh decides that he is done dealing with Drake. Drake says he's fine with this, but when Josh's life improves and Drake's goes down the drain this rocker begins crooning a different tune.

star 8.08
50 votes
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Theater Thug

#6 - Theater Thug

Season 3 - Episode 14

Josh gets a part on a TV crime show where he plays the infamous "Theater Thug." Following his TV debut he becomes a public enemy as a case of mistaken identity gets out of hand.

star 8.06
34 votes
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The Battle Of Panthatar

#7 - The Battle Of Panthatar

Season 4 - Episode 16

Drake and Josh get invited to Thorton's sixteenth birthday party, which will be taped by MTV and be made into an episode of, "Dude, I'm Sixteen". Later, Drake gets an autographed album of "Abbey Road" from his british neighbor, Mr. Pompette. Moments later, Drake meets this cute girl, Maria, and starts making out with her. Josh realizes that she's actually Thorton's girlfriend and Thorton realizes the truth. Thorton breaks up with Maria and bans Drake and Josh from his birthday party. Knowing that Thorton is a huge Beatles fan, Josh compels Drake to give Thorton the album. When they show up at the party and give Thorton the album, he walks away and still won't let Drake and Josh into their party! So Drake and Josh must now sneak into the party and get the album back. They dress up as two skynauts from the hit movie, "Galaxy Wars". When they sneak in to retrieve the Beatles, they wind up in the re-enactment of the Battle of Panthatar. Then everyone finds out that the skynauts are Drake and Josh and they run away. Thinking they failed to retrieve the album, Drake reveals that he, in fact, got the album since he was not going to leave without it.

star 8.03
30 votes
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Movie Job

#8 - Movie Job

Season 2 - Episode 3

Josh and Drake both get a job at the movie theater. Josh does a bunch of work, but Drake slacks off and gets all the credit. When Drake becomes Josh's boss, Josh is fed up, because he was doing all of Drake's work for him.

star 8.03
70 votes
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Megan's Revenge

#9 - Megan's Revenge

Season 4 - Episode 13

Drake and Josh accidentally kill Megan's hamster and they think she is planning revenge.

star 8.03
40 votes
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#10 - Pilot

Season 1 - Episode 1

Drake and Josh both find out that Drake's Mom, and Josh's Dad, get married to each other unexpectedly. Drake finds it completely wrong. And Josh on the other hand is really excited. Right as Drake things his life is miserable, things get better. He discovers that Josh is actually Miss Nancy, a person who gives advice in the school newspaper. After reading one of Josh's Miss Nancy letters, Drake discovers that Tiffany (the girl he likes) is having trouble with her boyfriend. Drake uses this advantage to go on a date with her. But Tiffany's real boyfriend gets things confused, and thinks Josh is dating Tiffany! Now Josh must study to be excellent at karate before Tiffany's boyfriend scars him for life.

star 8.02
169 votes
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The Affair

#11 - The Affair

Season 3 - Episode 5

When Walter is always coming home late and talking to another woman, Drake and Josh believe Walter is cheating on Audrey and they start snooping. Drake and Josh try all types of plans to keep them together.

star 8.00
45 votes
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Smart Girl

#12 - Smart Girl

Season 2 - Episode 6

Drake meets a smart girl from school named Michelle that he really likes. Now, Drake is not the smartest kid in school, so he gets Josh to teach him things to impress Michelle. But things go too far when he accidentally says yes to an offer of joining the Academic Team. Meanwhile, Josh has had enough with Megan's pranks and tries to get back at her.

star 7.98
46 votes
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Little Sibling

#13 - Little Sibling

Season 3 - Episode 13

To keep from being sent to remedial English, Drake agrees to mentor a little kid named Sammy. Unfortunately, Sammy would rather hang out with Josh.

star 7.97
38 votes
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Dr. Phyllis Show

#14 - Dr. Phyllis Show

Season 3 - Episode 17

Drake and Josh go on the Dr. Phyliss Show and relive some of their most outlandish moments. Some will jab at your funny bone, while others will tug on your heart strings.

star 7.92
36 votes
Directors: Steve Hoefer
Helen's Surgery

#15 - Helen's Surgery

Season 3 - Episode 7

After Helen has eye surgery she asks Drake and Josh to help her around her house. When Drake sees that she has a hot tub, a plasma screen TV, and a dancing machine, he takes advantage of Helen's blindness to use all her cool stuff.

star 7.89
38 votes
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Peruvian Puff Pepper

#16 - Peruvian Puff Pepper

Season 3 - Episode 2

Drake and Josh enter a salsa contest so they can win a 45 inch high depth Yatzubishi plasma screen TV. But they won't let Megan join their team, so she decides to play dirty. After she gets the boys in trouble twice and she makes her own salsa, she buys the ultimate target for Drake and Josh. The Peruvian Puff Pepper.

star 7.89
55 votes
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The Bet

#17 - The Bet

Season 2 - Episode 1

Drake and Josh make a bet to swear off junk food (Drake) and Video Games (Josh). Megan makes both of them swear to dye their hair pink (whoever loses). When Drake and Josh's mom and dad discover them making a bet, they make a bet as well. When things get crazy, Drake and Josh can't hold onto their bet much longer and decide to break it.

star 7.89
87 votes
Directors: Steve Hoefner
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Blues Brothers

#18 - Blues Brothers

Season 2 - Episode 8

Josh is confident about when Walter chooses him to be his co-weatherman. That is, until Megan reminds Josh of his uncontrolable twitch. So Josh twitches in front of the whole world and becomes the laughing stock of San Diego. Meanwhile, Drake is determined to win the talent show for the third year in a row but finds it challenging when he rivals with an acappella group.

star 7.87
53 votes
Directors: Fred Savage
Little Diva

#19 - Little Diva

Season 2 - Episode 7

Ashley Blake is coming to the movie theater for the premiere of her new movie. Helen wants Josh to do everything Ashley tells him. Then Drake helps him in order to get into the afterparty. When Ashley accidentally gets hit in the head with a bucket, the doctor comes and puts Ashley to sleep. Drake and Josh must find a way to get her to the premiere without making it look like she's asleep.

star 7.85
47 votes
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#1 Fan

#20 - #1 Fan

Season 2 - Episode 10

An obsessed fan is in love with Drake. She loves him so much, she says she's going to marry him and won't leave Drake a moments peace. So Drake must get this #1 fan to stop embarrassing him and ruining his life. Meanwhile, Josh becomes the new chief of the campfire kids but finds it tricky to deal with kids.

star 7.80
55 votes
Vicious Tiberius

#21 - Vicious Tiberius

Season 4 - Episode 2

Mrs. Hayfer needs a house sitter for the weekend and it's the boys to the rescue, but all doesn't go according to plan when they meet Tiberius, a vicious dog with an appetite for… Drake and Josh?! Walter is exercising for the mile run against another weather man.

star 7.80
40 votes
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Steered Straight

#22 - Steered Straight

Season 4 - Episode 14

After the boys get in trouble for using Fake ID's Audrey and Walter fear they will fall to a life of crime and sign them up for a “Steered Straight” program, but things start skidding out-of-control when a real criminal befriends them.

star 7.79
38 votes
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Dune Buggy

#23 - Dune Buggy

Season 1 - Episode 2

Josh gets grounded because of something Drake did. The boys later receive a broken dune buggy from Trevor, a friend of Drake's. In Josh's free time, he fixes the dune buggy. One day, Drake drives the dune buggy (against his parent's wishes, and without their knowledge), but he runs into a tree, getting several injuries. He hides his injuries from his family using makeup, but Josh soon finds out what had happened and blackmails him until he tells the truth.

star 7.78
129 votes
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Drivers License

#24 - Drivers License

Season 2 - Episode 9

Walter is really excited when his two sons are getting their driver's licenses. He made a rule with his sons, if they get one traffic ticket, he'll take their license away. The problem is, Josh gets his license and Drake doesn't. So when Josh runs a stop sign and gets a ticket, Drake pays for the ticket and doesn't tell Walter. Drake uses this to his advantage and blackmails Josh into driving him to unnecessary places.

star 7.77
53 votes
My Dinner With Bobo

#25 - My Dinner With Bobo

Season 4 - Episode 9

The boys are tired of sharing a ride and get money to buy a car, but all goes bananas when Drake buys an orangutan named Bobo instead. Soon they think they can make some money off their new friend, but things get hairy when they find out the man who purchased him may be an evil Doctor with unique.

star 7.76
41 votes
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