The Best Episodes of CSI: Miami

Last Updated: May 21, 2019

CSI's gritty approach to crime known as forensic science makes its way from Las Vegas to the streets of Florida in CSI: Miami. A whole new team of crime scene investigators is on hand to probe the seamy underside of Miami.

Rest in Pieces

#1 - Rest in Pieces

Season 10 - Episode 16

When the Miami Taunter strikes again, Horatio meets with the matriarch of the suspected killer's family.

star 8.38
120 votes
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#2 - 10-7

Season 3 - Episode 24

While investigating the murder of man hired to make dirty bombs that terrorists intend to set off in Miami, Horatio finds the bloody fingerprint of his brother, Raymond, who he believed to be dead. However, when Raymond's son is kidnapped, he emerges from deep undercover and the estranged brothers must work together to save the boy. Meanwhile, while processing a crime scene, an unknown assailant holds a gun to Calleigh's head and, after a deadly confrontation in her gun lab, she is left doubting that she can continue as a CSI.

star 8.37
92 votes
Directors: Joe Chappelle
Writers: Ann Donahue, Elizabeth Devine, Michael Ostrowski
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Going Ballistic

#3 - Going Ballistic

Season 6 - Episode 21

As the first new medical examiner they have is shot, the CSIs learn the streets of Miami got more dangerous. Horatio must keep his team alive and restore order to his son's life. The clock runs out when one of their own is gunned down.

star 8.32
95 votes
Directors: Sam Hill
Writers: Corey Miller
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#4 - Innocent

Season 2 - Episode 24

An adult film actress is found strangled in the park and the CSIs must find the killer. Blood and human tissue are found under Ashley Anders' nails and the DNA matches that of the CEO of the company that distributes her films – and he's a registered sex offender. Also, Calleigh discovers his answering machine audiotape on which he makes a threat against Ashley. However, there is an accident back at the lab with this crucial piece of evidence and Delko was the last person to handle it. Now, IAB's Rick Stetler is put on the case, much to Horatio's dismay, as the CSIs try to uncover further evidence in order to find the girl's killer.

star 8.32
88 votes
Writers: Steven Maeda, Sunil Nayar
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#5 - Rampage

Season 4 - Episode 24

The Mala Noche gang trial is obstructed when the defendant goes free with the help of the witness who is testifying. When a hit ordered by the Mala Noche gang on Horatio finds the people he loves lives are in danger. Delko finds that an ex-lover is disturbing any woman who he is now close to.

star 8.32
94 votes
Directors: Duane Clark
Writers: Ann Donahue, Sunil Nayar
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#6 - Identity

Season 3 - Episode 15

When the CSIs find a woman swallowed whole and killed by a gigantic snake, they uncover a covert drug smuggling operation. Evidence leads Horatio and the team to a drug smuggling operation where large snakes are suspected of be being used to bring illegal drugs into the country to avoid detection by customs. However, when Horatio finds that Clavo Cruz, a nemesis of Horatio's who hides behind his diplomatic immunity, may be behind the operation, the team must find a legal way to put the criminal behind bars. Meanwhile, Wolfe must find the truth when two women each claim that they are the real victim of identity theft and the other is the culprit.

star 8.31
98 votes
Directors: Gloria Muzio
Writers: Ann Donahue, Ildy Modrovich
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One of Our Own

#7 - One of Our Own

Season 4 - Episode 25

In this thrilling season finale, the loss of one of their own is the first hit the lab will take. Getting back to the lab to process the evidence, they find it has been taken over by Federal Agents looking for stolen money from a previous case.

star 8.26
102 votes
Writers: Krystal Houghton, Barry O'Brien, Elizabeth Devine
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To Kill A Predator

#8 - To Kill A Predator

Season 6 - Episode 17

A lawyer is run down by a car, then a man is shot down in a cafe. The only common link was that they were both caught on camera in a pedophile sting, and the team hunts for a vigilante.

star 8.22
89 votes
Writers: Brian Davidson
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Witness To Murder

#9 - Witness To Murder

Season 2 - Episode 12

A diamond broker carrying two million dollars in merchandise is murdered after his car is hit by another vehicle and he gets out to confront the driver. The only witness to the crime is a developmentally challenged man who says the killer is someone named Colton. Meanwhile, outside of town, Speedle and Delko investigate the death of a teenage girl discovered at a rest stop with a broken neck. Shortly after the victim is taken from the scene, her body disappears during transport to Miami.

star 8.22
110 votes
Writers: Ildy Modrovich, Laurence Walsh
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Nothing to Lose

#10 - Nothing to Lose

Season 3 - Episode 16

Evidence leads the CSIs to believe that someone started a massive fire in the Everglades in order to cover up a murder. Local prisoners are brought in as free manpower to help fight the wild fire in the Everglades. However, when a serial killer escapes the scene, Horatio must track him down before he strikes again. Meanwhile, the body of a local college student is found shot to death and the fire has destroyed the crime scene and the evidence. However, when the team uncovers an illegal moonshine operation and homemade ammunitions in the vicinity, the CSIs uncover the real reason why the boy was out there.

star 8.20
92 votes
Directors: Karen Gaviola
Writers: Elizabeth Devine, Marc Dube
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All Fall Down

#11 - All Fall Down

Season 8 - Episode 24

A serial killer taunts the CSIs by leaving them cryptic hints, and the longer it takes them to decode these puzzles, the higher the death toll rises, on the eighth season finale of CSI: MIAMI.

star 8.20
92 votes
Directors: Joe Chappelle
Writers: Barry O'Brien, Marc Dube
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Habeas Corpse (2)

#12 - Habeas Corpse (2)

Season 10 - Episode 19

Every member of CSI is a suspect when one of the team's enemies is murdered. When the investigation becomes deadly, Samantha Owens ends up having to be rescued.

star 8.19
148 votes
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#13 - Recoil

Season 3 - Episode 21

After a bitter custody battle, shots are fired outside the courthouse. Bullets fly and the target is the little girl's mother. Horatio goes after the father, who he suspects may not be the girl's biological father after all. However, when the mother's shady past is uncovered, the team finds that she has a lot of enemies who would like to take a shot at her. Meanwhile, Calleigh's father returns to the crime lab for her guidance but for an unexpected reason.

star 8.17
93 votes
Directors: Joe Chappelle
Writers: Steven Maeda, Marc Dube
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Rock and a Hard Place

#14 - Rock and a Hard Place

Season 6 - Episode 19

A man is murdered when someone drops a piece of slate of a bridge. The team tracks the slate to one of their own and Alexx's son becomes a suspect. Then to make matters worse Alexx finds him in a warehouse holding a bloody knife over his friend who happened to be the other suspect.

star 8.16
83 votes
Directors: Gina Lamar
Writers: Marc Dube
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Under the Influence

#15 - Under the Influence

Season 3 - Episode 3

The CSIs must find the killer after a young woman is pushed in front of a moving bus. Alexx finds a bruise shaped like a hand imprint on the victim's back, proving that she was pushed in front of the bus, and her boyfriend, Jay Seaver, is the prime suspect. When one of Jay's office rivals also turns up dead, Jay reveals that he has a psychotic stalker, Claudia, who he thinks might kill to please him. However, when Jay hires a lawyer to protect Claudia, Horatio suspects that Jay may be more involved than they thought. Later, a man's body is discovered down an elevator shaft in a nearby building, and there is evidence to link the victims to a common killer. Meanwhile, Calleigh's father seeks her help when he fears that he may have killed someone after a night of drinking, and Horatio assigns a new CSI, Ryan Wolfe, to the case.

star 8.15
109 votes
Directors: Scott Lautanen
Writers: Marc Dube, Corey Miller
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Curse Of The Coffin

#16 - Curse Of The Coffin

Season 5 - Episode 6

When strange accidents occur in the lab, the CSI team is spooked during a death investigation involving voodoo. As Halloween is near everyone starts to think that the lab is cursed.

star 8.15
90 votes
Directors: Joe Chappelle
Writers: Sunil Nayar, Krystal Houghton
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MIA/NYC - NonStop

#17 - MIA/NYC - NonStop

Season 2 - Episode 23

When a teenage girl returns home from a big party night at an underage nightclub to find her parents murdered, the search for the killer leads Horatio to New York City. Before he arrives, the New York detectives, led by Detective Mac Taylor, are called out to investigate the shooting of an undercover police officer – who, it turns out, is the lead suspect in the Miami case. However, the medical examiner determines that he has been dead for 72 hours and could not even have been alive at the time of the double-murder in Miami. After further investigation, Horatio and Mac determine that the real killer murdered the New York cop, then used his ID to get to Miami, and is still on the loose.

star 8.15
101 votes
Directors: Danny Cannon
Writers: Anthony E. Zuiker, Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn
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All In

#18 - All In

Season 6 - Episode 16

In the second part of the two part episodes, Horatio deals with his past and the rest of the team works to rescue Calleigh from kidnappers.

star 8.14
97 votes
Directors: Joe Chappelle
Writers: Krystal Houghton
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Money for Nothing

#19 - Money for Nothing

Season 2 - Episode 17

Horatio is quick on the scene when an armored truck carrying $3.2 million is robbed in a daring downtown heist. During the holdup, the driver is killed and Horatio guns down one of the two thieves. The other escapes with the loot, but the money turns out to be counterfeit. The team must figure out what happened to the bank's money before it was replaced with fake bills. Making the day even worse for Horatio, Yelina spies him with his niece and assumes the girl is his illegitimate child, not her own late husband's daughter.

star 8.14
109 votes
Directors: Karen Gaviola
Writers: Marc Dube
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Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing

#20 - Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing

Season 7 - Episode 20

Wolfe faces a terrible dilemma when he's forced by an unknown assailant to cover up evidence in a murder/robbery, or else the kidnapped Billy Gantry will be killed....

star 8.14
87 votes
Directors: Carey Meyer
Writers: Krystal Houghton
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At Risk

#21 - At Risk

Season 10 - Episode 17

When a beloved tennis coach is nearly killed, Calleigh discovers a personal connection to the case.

star 8.14
114 votes
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#22 - Vengeance

Season 3 - Episode 22

A former high school football star is murdered at a reunion, the CSIs must find the killer. The victim was the big man on campus in high school and there are a lot of guests at the reunion with reasons to resent him all these years. Now, the team must investigate everyone, from the head cheerleader to the school misfit, to see who held a decade-old grudge big enough to kill. Meanwhile, Horatio and Delko arrive at a crime scene and discover that it's already been processed, leading Horatio to uncover further information about his brother possibly being alive.

star 8.13
96 votes
Directors: Norberto Barba
Writers: Corey Miller, Sunil Nayar
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Pro Per

#23 - Pro Per

Season 3 - Episode 2

A woman is killed during a posh party at an exclusive waterfront estate when a man opens fire on the proceedings from a cigarette boat. When a former con is arrested, he acts as his own lawyer and proves to be smarted than he appears. Complicating matters is the fact that the leading witness in the case is the dead woman's 10-year-old son, whom Horatio wants to protect, refusing to let him testify.

star 8.13
113 votes
Directors: Karen Gaviola
Writers: John Haynes, Steven Maeda
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Lost Son

#24 - Lost Son

Season 3 - Episode 1

After a large yacht slams into a major Miami bridge, the team finds that the man steering the boat was shot and killed before the accident. The victim's wife reveals that their son had been kidnapped and her husband was handing over the ransom – three million dollars worth of jewels. But when the team learns that the jewels were fake, the investigation leads them into a dangerous situation at a jewelry shop that may contain crucial evidence, where Horatio must face the unimaginable when one of the team is killed in the line of duty.

star 8.13
133 votes
Directors: Duane Clark
Writers: Ann Donahue, Elizabeth Devine
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#25 - Deadline

Season 2 - Episode 19

Josh Dalton, a hot, young reporter for the Miami Sun, witnesses the murder of his friend, a city councilman's aide, in Miami's drug district, the Golden Triangle. Josh, who was suspiciously unharmed in the attack, claims that they were only down there on a story, but Horatio believes that there's more to the situation. Later, another writer from the same paper is found shot to death inside the trunk of her car, which was reported stolen. Now, as the evidence rejects Josh's version of what happened, the CSIs find themselves entangled in the world of fast-paced journalism and learn that there is a dangerously fine line between the truth and what sells newspapers.

star 8.13
103 votes
Writers: Ildy Modrovich, Laurence Walsh
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