The Best Episodes Directed by Joe Chappelle

Middle Ground

#1 - Middle Ground

The Wire Season 3 - Episode 11

"We don't need to dream no more." -- Stringer Bell The wire begins to yield information about the Barksdale organization, though finding links to the top proves elusive. Stringer and Avon reminisce on how far they've come, with each harboring plans for the future. Tipped by Burrell, Carcetti sees Hamsterdam for himself and weighs the benefits against the political reality--an assessment that mirrors Mayor Royce's own struggle with his advisers. Cutty hits upon an unusual benefactor for his boxing gym and continues to reach out to the corner boys. McNulty and D'Agostino find each other again, while at work, McNulty finds the way to a key piece of the puzzle in an unlikely place. Awaiting his fate, Colvin works behind the scenes to shape the outcome of Hamsterdam, while protecting his men from possible repercussions. With Johnny in the wind, Bubbles considers a new partner, while Omar and Brother Mouzone encounter each other suddenly.

star 8.31
2820 votes
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Brave New World (2)

#2 - Brave New World (2)

Fringe Season 4 - Episode 22

The Fringe team is pushed to the breaking point as they desperately attempt to prevent a catastrophic event that threatens the lives of everyone.

star 8.27
7585 votes
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Late Editions

#3 - Late Editions

The Wire Season 5 - Episode 9

"Deserve got nuthin' to do with it." - Snoop With Carcetti's Chief of Staff Michael Steintorf ordering Rawls to initiate "creative" remedies for the rising crime rate, Freamon's vigilance pays off with a promising lead, sending Sydnor and the department into overdrive; although Daniels is originally delighted, a further probe with Pearlman reveals some troubling source information; McNulty, feeling betrayed, doesn't feel like sharing in Freamon's celebration; Michael is suspicious about his latest assignment; Haynes gets fresh eyes to help with fact-checking; Namond's debating skills make Colvin proud; Davis points a finger at Levy and the courts; and Bubbles recounts a recent temptation overcome.

star 8.20
2397 votes
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That's Got His Own

#4 - That's Got His Own

The Wire Season 4 - Episode 12

"That all there is to it?" - Bubbles While searching for the missing bodies, Freamon goes around the chain of command after being rebuked by Landsman. Carcetti finds that his promises of raises could be undermined by the school debt, forcing him to consider groveling before the Governor for money to pay it off. Colvin tries to keep his experimental class funded. Bubbles considers taking extreme measures to get rid of the man who continues to steal from him. Prez is concerned about Dukie's academic promotion. Omar orchestrates another big sting while Namond and Cutty get a first-hand taste of the "new" Michael. Carver's promise to look out for Randy ends up looking empty.

star 8.18
2539 votes
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Deathtrap (1)

#5 - Deathtrap (1)

Chicago Fire Season 5 - Episode 15

Truck and squad are called to aid in a massive all-city response when an old, ill-equipped factory-turned live/work space quickly turns into a firestorm, trapping countless unsuspecting victims. The dire situation quickly turns personal when it is discovered that one of Chicago PD's own has a family member at the scene. With the rescued victims in need of serious medical attention, the doctors and nurses of Chicago Med are tested as the major influx of patients are brought through their doors. Meanwhile, in the aftermath, the building owner steps forward to cooperate with the ongoing investigation, but the situation takes a sudden and unexpected turn.

star 8.13
2234 votes
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Rear View Mirror

#6 - Rear View Mirror

Chicago Fire Season 1 - Episode 6

Facing suspension, Dawson gets a hand from the same girl she saved through the procedures that landed her in front of the disciplinary board. Lieutenant Casey finds his fuse shortening as Detective Voight stops at nothing to get him to retract his statement. However, when Casey lays his life on the line during an apartment fire, he may have unknowingly caught the break he was needing.

star 8.09
1685 votes
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#7 - Always

Chicago Fire Season 3 - Episode 1

Boden forces members of Firehouse 51 to pull themselves back together in the aftermath of a harrowing fire explosion. While Severide goes missing for one week too many, Casey works to track down his whereabouts. Newhouse brings some unexpected news regarding one of Mills’ relatives. Herrmann and Otis make some new goals regarding Molly’s.

star 8.08
1520 votes
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I Am the Apocalypse

#8 - I Am the Apocalypse

Chicago Fire Season 3 - Episode 19

The Chicago fire team works seamlessly with Chicago Med personnel to help aid victims of a deadly gas leak, but things quickly take a turn for the worse when the hospital is suddenly forced into quarantine.

star 8.08
1256 votes
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The Day We Died

#9 - The Day We Died

Fringe Season 3 - Episode 22

As the thrilling third season propels to a climactic close, questions will be answered as Peter confronts his destiny and a beloved team member meets an untimely demise.

star 8.08
9059 votes
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Our Day Will Come

#10 - Our Day Will Come

Godfather of Harlem Season 1 - Episode 3

Bumpy unexpectedly finds himself at Elise's side when her shoplifting arrest and subsequent abuse is the catalyst for a protest where conflicting interests cause tensions to rise.

star 8.08
616 votes
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A Dark Day (1)

#11 - A Dark Day (1)

Chicago Fire Season 2 - Episode 20

Lt. Casey and Dawson volunteer to help at a charity run at Chicago Medical when a massive explosion sends Chicago into chaos. With one of their own missing in the blast, the firehouse is tested like never before. (8:30 PM (2) aired on Chicago P.D., season 1, episode 12.)

star 8.07
1488 votes
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The Sky Is Falling

#12 - The Sky Is Falling

Chicago Fire Season 4 - Episode 13

The team responds to a mass shooting; Casey investigates the missing money from the fund-raiser. Jimmy agrees to represent the firehouse in a boxing match against the Chicago PD's 21st District. Chili's behavior continues to be an issue for Brett.

star 8.07
1398 votes
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#13 - Purgatory

Chicago Fire Season 5 - Episode 14

After exercising his disdain and authority over Chief Boden, Chief Anderson reassigns members of 51 to various houses around town, citing the need for improvement. The ramifications are felt by the crew, who are left to make the best of their respective situations in their new surroundings. Boden fights to repair the situation, but it just might be out of his control. Elsewhere, Severide toils over an important decision.

star 8.07
1986 votes
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Rhymes with Shout

#14 - Rhymes with Shout

Chicago Fire Season 2 - Episode 8

When the shooting of a young girl happens in their neighborhood, Cruz and his brother, Leon are forced to think about the gang they have tried to escape. The battle between Chief Boden and McLeod continues to escalate and Isabella convinces Mills to dress up for a fancy gala. Meanwhile, Lt. Casey is sad Dawson won't be coming by as much now that his parental duties are over, Shay is fed up with the firehouse and digs in deeper with Devon and Zoya's visa is expiring, prompting her to come up with an idea.

star 8.03
1593 votes
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#15 - Recoil

CSI: Miami Season 3 - Episode 21

After a bitter custody battle, shots are fired outside the courthouse. Bullets fly and the target is the little girl's mother. Horatio goes after the father, who he suspects may not be the girl's biological father after all. However, when the mother's shady past is uncovered, the team finds that she has a lot of enemies who would like to take a shot at her. Meanwhile, Calleigh's father returns to the crime lab for her guidance but for an unexpected reason.

star 8.01
335 votes
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#16 - 10-7

CSI: Miami Season 3 - Episode 24

While investigating the murder of man hired to make dirty bombs that terrorists intend to set off in Miami, Horatio finds the bloody fingerprint of his brother, Raymond, who he believed to be dead. However, when Raymond's son is kidnapped, he emerges from deep undercover and the estranged brothers must work together to save the boy. Meanwhile, while processing a crime scene, an unknown assailant holds a gun to Calleigh's head and, after a deadly confrontation in her gun lab, she is left doubting that she can continue as a CSI.

star 8.01
308 votes
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Wrong Side of the Bars

#17 - Wrong Side of the Bars

Chicago P.D. Season 1 - Episode 2

Antonio’s son was kidnapped and he has a feeling the Columbian drug gang is to blame. Pulpo, the Columbian gang leader, is being held in jail and suggests his release may trigger the release of Diego. During the investigation, Halstead learns some new information about Lindsay. Voight offers Antonio a new approach to get information on Diego’s whereabouts.

star 8.00
1845 votes
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Short and Fat

#18 - Short and Fat

Chicago Fire Season 4 - Episode 9

Patterson fills in for Boden, who's trying to clear his name. Severide learns where Serena may be hiding. Herrmann and Otis give Freddie a job that keeps him close by. Jimmy and Chili draw more attention then either bargained for.

star 7.99
1383 votes
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One Hundred

#19 - One Hundred

Chicago Fire Season 5 - Episode 8

Lt. Casey and Dawson apply for permanent adoption of Louie, but quickly discover a hurdle. Firefighter-turned-medical student Jeff Clarke approaches Lt. Severide with an interesting proposition. With hopes of reinvigorating business at the bar, Otis convinces a skeptical Herrmann to throw a bash in celebration of the milestone 100th anniversary of Molly's, but not without complications.

star 7.99
1946 votes
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The Unrivaled Standard

#20 - The Unrivaled Standard

Chicago Fire Season 6 - Episode 21

Lt. Severide is shocked when Rene Royce resurfaces; Casey comes up with a plan to help Chief Boden in his latest pursuit; Kidd regrets a decision she made regarding Severide; Herrmann clashes with Lt. Colannino over their son's basketball team.

star 7.97
1022 votes
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Let Her Go

#21 - Let Her Go

Chicago Fire Season 1 - Episode 23

Events force Lieutenant Casey to team up with the Intelligence Unit, now run by Voight, who doesn’t appear to have changed his crooked ways after his stint in prison. Shay's excitement at the prospect of becoming a parent grows, while Mills and Dawson face some personal challenges. Meanwhile, the house comes together to support the opening of Molly's.

star 7.97
1644 votes
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Defcon 1

#22 - Defcon 1

Chicago Fire Season 2 - Episode 3

Lt. Severide has his strong ideas on who the serial arsonist is, but first needs to find proof to back up his suspicions. Meanwhile, Lt. Casey adjusts to his new lifestyle in the wake of recent events and Molly's bar is failing, much to the dismay of owners Hermann, Dawson and Otis. Elsewhere, Dawson goes out on a date with Jay Halstead, one of the bar regulars, and Mouch's campaign trail starts to get on track with the aid of Isabella, an old friend of Dawson's.

star 7.96
1679 votes
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All In

#23 - All In

CSI: Miami Season 6 - Episode 16

In the second part of the two part episodes, Horatio deals with his past and the rest of the team works to rescue Calleigh from kidnappers.

star 7.96
439 votes
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The White Whale

#24 - The White Whale

Chicago Fire Season 7 - Episode 21

A serial arsonist cold case is reopened when Lt. Severide finds a connection to a recent salon fire. Firehouse 51 celebrates a retirement party.

star 7.95
681 votes
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Subject 9

#25 - Subject 9

Fringe Season 4 - Episode 4

Olivia uncovers a dangerous force that may be connected to past experiments with Cortexiphan. The investigation forces Walter to leave the lab for the first time in years and travel to Massive Dynamic to examine old case files. Walter struggles with his emotional state as he confronts the demons of his past.

star 7.95
7983 votes
Professional Courtesy

#26 - Professional Courtesy

Chicago Fire Season 1 - Episode 3

Casey faces pressure to cover for a cop's son, who was responsible for a drunken-driving accident that left a teenager paralyzed. Meanwhile, Severide ignores his doctor's warnings that his neck injury may never heal if he doesn't seek treatment; and Mills must choose between working at the fire department full-time or helping his mom with her restaurant.

star 7.94
1756 votes
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Losing Face

#27 - Losing Face

CSI: Miami Season 1 - Episode 2

A serial bomber is on the loose. Will the team with the help from Caine's old bomb squad mentor be able to work out the puzzle and find the bomber?

star 7.94
664 votes
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The Hose or the Animal

#28 - The Hose or the Animal

Chicago Fire Season 5 - Episode 1

Severide and Stella search for Grant, who's AWOL from Chicago Med. Dawson questions her career path. Casey's relationship with his political consultant cools. Borrelli's anger at Boden over his brother's death boils over. Mouch and Brett partner on a new venture.

star 7.91
2005 votes
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Headlong Toward Disaster

#29 - Headlong Toward Disaster

Chicago Fire Season 3 - Episode 15

A temporary chief fills in for Boden, who is forced to take some time off for personal reasons.

star 7.90
1133 votes
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Come As You Are

#30 - Come As You Are

CSI: Miami Season 5 - Episode 10

A Marine recruiter is found dead on a civilian shooting range with various bullet holes in him, but there is no blood at the scene. The investigators uncover that the victim was dead before he was shot and that his body was pulled onto the range. As the case advances, Horatio determines the murder may be tied to the death of a marine in Iraq who was killed in combat. Likewise, Natalia is shocked to learn that Nick asked Valera out and that she accepted.

star 7.89
376 votes
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Ambush Predator

#31 - Ambush Predator

Chicago Fire Season 3 - Episode 12

Severide and Dawson discover startling evidence found at a storage unit fire that appears connected to the fire that took Shay's life. Meanwhile, the firehouse bands together when Chaplain Orlovsky is the victim of a bad car accident. Elsewhere, Chief Boden's father visits, but quickly wears out his welcome with his unsolicited parenting advice.

star 7.88
1155 votes
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Brave New World (1)

#32 - Brave New World (1)

Fringe Season 4 - Episode 21

A mysterious Fringe event causing people to spontaneously combust forces Walter to revisit his painful past while the Fringe team faces off against David Robert Jones to save the world, or worlds.

star 7.88
7623 votes
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Let It Burn

#33 - Let It Burn

Chicago Fire Season 4 - Episode 1

Casey is placed in a dangerous situation while working undercover to bring down a trafficking ring being run out of Nesbitt's club. The squad's high turnover rate results in an unwelcome surprise for Severide. Dawson recognizes that her life is about to change. A new candidate makes an unusual first impression. Residents band together to protest a drug den in their neighborhood.

star 7.87
1404 votes
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The Nuclear Option

#34 - The Nuclear Option

Chicago Fire Season 3 - Episode 5

Casey deals with the aftereffects of his sister's divorce announcement. Dawson and Mills get used to their new roles at Station 51. Brett ponders whether to leave Chicago. The Molly's crew works to get the food truck started.

star 7.87
1436 votes
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Enemy of My Enemy

#35 - Enemy of My Enemy

Fringe Season 4 - Episode 9

Peter's visit to the other side intensifies as the alternate FRINGE division faces off against a formidable new foe in a harrowing race against time.

star 7.87
7887 votes
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One Arrest

#36 - One Arrest

The Wire Season 1 - Episode 7

"A man must have a code." - Bunk Greggs, Herc, Carver, and Syndor grab the runner who is holding the re-up stash for the pit. Now that the cops have the stash, a furious Avon begins to question D'Angelo about a possible snitch in the pit. D'Angelo says it can't be possible and he knows nothing of a snitch. Stringer tells D'Angelo and his crew they are to now use pay phones a block away and to not use the same phone twice. This in turn disconnects all the detective's wiretaps they fought so long to get.

star 7.86
3488 votes
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Slow Burn

#37 - Slow Burn

CSI: Miami Season 2 - Episode 14

Delko and Alexx are nearly burned alive when they investigate the death of a hunter found shot near a supposedly controlled burn in the Everglades. The fire suddenly rages out of control and traps them, forcing them to take refuge under a tarpaulin. Later, a second body is discovered, and this time it's a young woman who looks to have been beaten to death. After bite marks are found on the victim's breasts, Horatio is led to believe a sex offender is behind the attack – and the fire.

star 7.85
423 votes
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We Called Her Jellybean (1)

#38 - We Called Her Jellybean (1)

Chicago Fire Season 3 - Episode 21

An apartment fire linked to a case of rape and attempted murder calls for members of the CPD to team with the Special Victims Unit, which had a similar unresolved case that has eluded them for more than 10 years. This prompts Sgt. Benson to come in from New York to assist with the investigation in which she is all too familiar. Meanwhile, doubts among the squad towards one of their own causes Severide to lay down the law and Dawson puts her life on the line during a call. (The Number of Rats (2) aired on Chicago P.D., season 2, episode 20. Daydream Believer (3) aired on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, season 16, episode 20.)

star 7.85
1277 votes
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Not Landing

#39 - Not Landing

CSI: Miami Season 2 - Episode 21

After a small plane crashes at a Miami beach and the pilot dies, Horatio finds remnants at the crash site of chemical used in making cocaine, and it seems that the victim's business partner may have sabotaged the aircraft. However, when evidence suggests that the pilot may have died before the crash, the team investigates the victim's neighbors – all wealthy residents of a secluded cul-de-sac where lust, jealousy and greed are dangerous motives for murder.

star 7.85
339 votes
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All Fall Down

#40 - All Fall Down

CSI: Miami Season 8 - Episode 24

A serial killer taunts the CSIs by leaving them cryptic hints, and the longer it takes them to decode these puzzles, the higher the death toll rises, on the eighth season finale of CSI: MIAMI.

star 7.84
747 votes
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Northwest Passage

#41 - Northwest Passage

Fringe Season 2 - Episode 21

Peter teams up with a local law enforcement official, Sheriff Mathis, on a serial murder investigation with ties to Newton. Meanwhile, Walter copes with the possibility of being sent back to St. Claire's, and someone from the "other side" pays a visit.

star 7.84
9594 votes
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6955 kHz

#42 - 6955 kHz

Fringe Season 3 - Episode 6

Back “over here,” the Fringe Division investigates a bizarre phenomenon when 15 people up and down the Eastern Seaboard, all suffer retrograde amnesia from listening to their shortwave radios on the same frequency. Much to Walter’s dismay, Peter presses on with piecing together the mass destruction device. Just as alternate Olivia and Peter’s chemistry deepens, the anticipation of Olivia’s return escalates.

star 7.84
9596 votes
Looking for a Lifeline

#43 - Looking for a Lifeline

Chicago Fire Season 6 - Episode 14

After responding to a car accident, Casey and Dawson become skeptical when a domineering husband continues to answer for his injured wife. Cruz becomes frustrated with Herrmann and Mouch when he discovers they have contacted people regarding his "Slamigan" invention without his knowledge. Kidd uncovers something meaningful and important to Severide while Brett discovers some potentially unsettling news.

star 7.82
1105 votes
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Curse Of The Coffin

#44 - Curse Of The Coffin

CSI: Miami Season 5 - Episode 6

When strange accidents occur in the lab, the CSI team is spooked during a death investigation involving voodoo. As Halloween is near everyone starts to think that the lab is cursed.

star 7.82
329 votes
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Better to Lie

#45 - Better to Lie

Chicago Fire Season 1 - Episode 17

Old emotional wounds are opened when Lieutenant Severide’s father Bennie comes to town and clashes with Chief Boden over the death of their former colleague. Mills helps a distraught driver who caused an accident and Shay makes a decision about her future with Clarice. Meanwhile, Herrmann, Otis and Dawson get to the bottom of a mystery about their bar.

star 7.82
1453 votes
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A Problem House

#46 - A Problem House

Chicago Fire Season 2 - Episode 1

An arsonist targets Lt. Severide. Meanwhile, Station 51 is under scrutiny by Gail McLeod, a financial consultant for the city who is deciding if any firehouses should be closed. Mouch receives a visit from his Japanese girlfriend, Lt. Casey "celebrates the one-year anniversary of Andy's death, and Shay suspects Severide's paternity.

star 7.81
1695 votes
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Dead Zone

#47 - Dead Zone

CSI: Miami Season 2 - Episode 2

The body of a man involved in recovering sunken treasure is discovered pinned to the wall of his new cabin cruiser by a bloody spear fired from a speargun at close range.

star 7.80
474 votes
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A Better Human Being

#48 - A Better Human Being

Fringe Season 4 - Episode 13

As the Fringe team investigates a mentally ill patient who appears to be connected to a series of murders, frightening clues and connections are uncovered that lead Olivia to some shocking revelations.

star 7.78
8075 votes
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Kind of a Crazy Idea

#49 - Kind of a Crazy Idea

Chicago Fire Season 4 - Episode 21

Dawson saves a young boy from an apartment fire. Kidd's idea for Molly's doesn't go as hoped. Severide hits a wall while advocating for new fire masks. Cruz and Brett utilize a secret weapon to get Otis to see Dr. Halstead take a blood test.

star 7.77
1705 votes
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#50 - Nazdarovya!

Chicago Fire Season 1 - Episode 15

Dawson attempts to help her brother Antonio unravel the details of his drugs-and-gang investigation, and goes behind his back in turning to an unlikely source for assistance. Casey and his mother, Nancy struggle with their new relationship. Meanwhile, as a favor to Lieutenant Whaley, Severide visits someone important from his past, while Herrmann and Otis learn some hard truths about their "silent partner" in the bar.

star 7.77
1575 votes
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Momentum Deferred

#51 - Momentum Deferred

Fringe Season 2 - Episode 4

Recuperating from the traumatic and alarming meeting with Massive Dynamic founder William Bell, Agent Dunham consumes a powerful "fringe" concoction that Dr. Bishop prescribes to stimulate her memory. Meanwhile, the Fringe Division investigates a series of robbery cases that are tied to shape-shifting. As clues are tracked and memories are jogged, another woman experimented on by Dr. Bishop is introduced and a flashback reveals more about Olivia's visit to the alternate reality.

star 7.77
7540 votes
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Regarding This Wedding

#52 - Regarding This Wedding

Chicago Fire Season 4 - Episode 5

Boden offers to host a wedding at the firehouse after a fire destroys the original location, but it doesn't sit well with Chief Riddle, who also butts heads with Dawson over her ability to perform. Severide fights for his old position. Capt. Patterson finds himself torn between leadership and his colleagues.

star 7.77
1293 votes
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Take a Knee

#53 - Take a Knee

Chicago Fire Season 5 - Episode 18

Casey discovers a new crack house on the block that is harboring a female junkie and goes to extreme measures to remedy the situation. Dawson and Brett get assigned a new trainee for the shift and the newbie gets the two in trouble when he surprises them during a harrowing call. Meanwhile, Severide gets an unexpected visit from his father, Benny, and Herrmann deals with family issues when his son Lee Henry gets into trouble at school.

star 7.76
2080 votes
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Scorched Earth

#54 - Scorched Earth

Chicago Fire Season 5 - Episode 3

Casey seeks help with a personal matter from Susan Weller. A rich party guy wants Severide to travel with him. Stella tries to help a sick street kid. Otis and Herrmann share their concerns about Molly's lack of customers.

star 7.76
1867 votes
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Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

#55 - Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Fringe Season 3 - Episode 19

In an effort to remove Bell's consciousness from Olivia's mind, Peter, Bell, and Walter enter Olivia's subconscious and attempt to find her personality, which has hidden itself somewhere safe.

star 7.76
9425 votes
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Throwing Heat

#56 - Throwing Heat

CSI: Miami Season 5 - Episode 13

After Frank steps on a land mine at a crime scene Horatio and the Bomb Technicians must deactivate the bomb. Delko gets hit with a large lawsuit after breaking up a domestic dispute.

star 7.76
409 votes
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On the Warpath

#57 - On the Warpath

Chicago Fire Season 4 - Episode 18

Sylvie witnesses a murder and is threatened by the shooter not to go to the police. Firehouse 51 jumps into action when a fire breaks out at a restaurant and traps several people inside a vault. Mouch starts to get cold feet.

star 7.74
1539 votes
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More With Less

#58 - More With Less

The Wire Season 5 - Episode 1

"The bigger the lie, the more they believe." - Bunk Moreland As McNulty and the detail continue to stake out Marlo's crew, recently promoted Sgt. Carver is welcomed by a cauldron of discontent from officers coping with unpaid overtime; Though he wants to keep his campaign promise to lower crime, Mayor Carcetti is strapped by his commitment to schools, and faces some tough choices; Col. Daniels is forced to reallocate his resources, retaining Freamon and Sydnor for the Clay Davis probe; Meanwhile, city editor Augustus "Gus" Haynes and the staff of The Baltimore Sun are reeling from corporate cutbacks, losing key personnel from both the metro and international divisions; Still, with the help of reporters Alma Gutierrez, Jeff Price and Scott Templeton, Haynes is able to break a front-page story that links a politician to a co-op drug dealer; Proposition Joe, Marlo, Fatface Rick and other new day co-op members meet in a hotel conference room to discuss divvying up drug frontiers across East Baltimore's county line.

star 7.72
2473 votes
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Boys of Summer

#59 - Boys of Summer

The Wire Season 4 - Episode 1

"Lambs to the slaughter here." - Marcia Donnelly Four West Baltimore boys wrestle with what to do with the rest of their summer vacation as the new fall school year approaches. Bodie deals with his corner running slower than usual so he decides to take on a runner. Marlo believes he has finally solved the problem that Stringer could never figure out. Freamon, Greggs, and Sydnor go to Pearlman to see if she will issue City Hall subpoenas. Meanwhile, the mayoral race heats up as Mayor Royce and his primary challenger, Tommy Carcetti each hit campaign trail. Prez begins preparing for his new career in higher education, while McNulty ends up turning down a promotion.

star 7.71
2634 votes
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A Man's Legacy

#60 - A Man's Legacy

Chicago Fire Season 6 - Episode 7

Brett attempts to make a lifesaving decision in the field to someone near and dear to the firehouse family. In an effort to impress Lily, Otis scrambles to get everything together for the grand opening of Molly's North. Meanwhile, Boden becomes emotional following the rescue of a famous blues player from a burning apartment building and Dawson struggles to come to terms with how she has been dealing with her father.

star 7.70
1300 votes
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#61 - Innocent

CSI: Miami Season 2 - Episode 24

An adult film actress is found strangled in the park and the CSIs must find the killer. Blood and human tissue are found under Ashley Anders' nails and the DNA matches that of the CEO of the company that distributes her films – and he's a registered sex offender. Also, Calleigh discovers his answering machine audiotape on which he makes a threat against Ashley. However, there is an accident back at the lab with this crucial piece of evidence and Delko was the last person to handle it. Now, IAB's Rick Stetler is put on the case, much to Horatio's dismay, as the CSIs try to uncover further evidence in order to find the girl's killer.

star 7.69
354 votes
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Body Count

#62 - Body Count

CSI: Miami Season 1 - Episode 24

An inmate at a massive Miami prison complex is stabbed to death in the prison yard. Shortly after Horatio arrives on the scene, a helicopter appears above the correctional facility. He immediately fears that the murder was a decoy to set up an escape. That's confirmed as three prisoners hop aboard the chopper and flee. As the investigation gets underway, the identities of the fugitives become known and a horrible realization sweeps over Horatio: two of the escapees are cold-blooded killers who already have their next victims picked out, and the other is a child molester who he recently put away.

star 7.69
483 votes
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#63 - Rio

CSI: Miami Season 5 - Episode 1

The episode picks up straight where "One of Our Own" left off. Horatio and Delko have arrived in Rio de Janeiro to hunt down Antonio Riaz, who ordered the hit on Marisol. The problem is that Horatio can't stop thinking about his late wife, and Brazilian authorities aren't being very cooperative. While there, Horatio runs into Yelina and finds out that Raymond is missing again. Ray Jr., now fourteen, teams up with Brazilian authorities and will stop at nothing to bring his father home safe, until Horatio learns the terrible truth... Raymond is already dead. Now Horatio must stop his nephew from getting himself killed trying to chase a ghost.

star 7.68
401 votes
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#64 - Marionette

Fringe Season 3 - Episode 9

When the Fringe Team investigates a case where a victim had his heart extracted, it’s just the beginning of a series of mysterious and reanimating events tied together. Meanwhile, Peter comes to terms with the reality of his relationship with Olivia.

star 7.64
9522 votes
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Fasten Your Seatbelts

#65 - Fasten Your Seatbelts

Manifest Season 2 - Episode 1

As the Stone family reels in the aftermath of a devastating shooting, they’re hit with their most foreboding Calling yet, sending Ben on a mission to locate two Flight 828 passengers who have mysteriously gone missing. Grace grapples with her new pregnancy, the Major attempts to tighten her grip on the unwitting Saanvi, all while the clock on the lives of the 828ers continues to tick towards zero.

star 7.64
686 votes
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Smoke Gets in Your CSI's

#66 - Smoke Gets in Your CSI's

CSI: Miami Season 7 - Episode 14

Calleigh and Ryan come close to being murdered while investigating a home in which they find the corpse of a doctor who's been performing illegal transplant operations in his garage...

star 7.61
417 votes
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Hurricane Anthony

#67 - Hurricane Anthony

CSI: Miami Season 2 - Episode 6

A man and his wife are trying to drive out of a hurricane's fury when they strike and kill a man in the blinding storm. Horatio finds that the lack of impact wounds on the victim's knees suggest that he struck the car as opposed to the car striking him. Meanwhile, in a seemingly unrelated case, Horatio finds another victim of the hurricane impaled on a fence. However, as the CSIs uncover the scattered remains of the post-storm evidence, it seems that these two cases may have a deadly connection. Meanwhile, after Calleigh witnesses a man looting a house, she realizes that she's got another case on her hands when she finds his ex-wife inside shot to death.

star 7.61
385 votes
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Stand Your Ground

#68 - Stand Your Ground

CSI: Miami Season 6 - Episode 9

A serial killer is on the loose with a craving, making Calleigh its next victim, which also jeopardizes her ability to do her job.

star 7.60
412 votes
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Power Trip

#69 - Power Trip

CSI: Miami Season 7 - Episode 9

When a savage killer runs rampant in Miami, Horatio must intervene to stop a member of the police force from getting too close to the case.

star 7.58
473 votes
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Golden Parachute

#70 - Golden Parachute

CSI: Miami Season 1 - Episode 1

Megan Donner returns to the CSI unit in time to work on a jet crash in the Everglades. While searching for survivors, they inexplicably discover a female victim found five miles from the crash site. When the only survivor says the woman opened the plane's hatch in order to commit suicide, Horatio is suspicious. The team must now recreate what happened on that fatal flight, especially when the pieces don't quite fit together.

star 7.56
935 votes
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Seeing Red

#71 - Seeing Red

CSI: Miami Season 7 - Episode 25

Horatio fights to save Yelina and when Delko goes against Calleigh's plea and helps his dangerous father, his life is put in jeopardy.

star 7.54
459 votes
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Double Cap

#72 - Double Cap

CSI: Miami Season 1 - Episode 19

Horatio battles the FBI and U.S. Marshals as he tries to uncover why a woman was murdered at the side of a pool at a hotel. The investigation begins shortly after the woman is found dead from two shots to the head. The evidence suggests that it was a professional hit man, which is strange enough, but the case becomes additionally puzzling when the Feds and U.S. Marshals get involved. Plus, the murder weapon is linked to a cold case that was orinially investigated by Yelina. Meanwhile, Calleigh talks to her dad about his drinking problem after she's called away from work to drag him out of a bar.

star 7.52
484 votes
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Of Human Action

#73 - Of Human Action

Fringe Season 2 - Episode 7

When a kidnapping rapidly escalates into a hostage situation in New York, local authorities close in on the suspects only to discover that an unknowable force has mind-blowing consequences. The investigation intensifies and the mystery and threat deepen to unimaginable proportions when the Fringe Division identifies a link between the kidnapping and Massive Dynamic.

star 7.48
7336 votes
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Evidence of Things Unseen

#74 - Evidence of Things Unseen

CSI: Miami Season 1 - Episode 16

Horatio and his team investigate after a Russian immigrant is stabbed to death in a peep-show booth, and the only witness to the crime is the stripper who was performing for him.

star 7.44
414 votes
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Big Brother

#75 - Big Brother

CSI: Miami Season 2 - Episode 8

Horatio is driven to find his brother's killer and protect the niece he never knew existed when a woman shows up with Ray's illegitimate child. The team explores a voyeuristic Internet site in connection with a stockbroker's murder.

star 7.40
469 votes
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#76 - Emergence

Witchblade Season 2 - Episode 1

Sara Pezzini and her partner Danny Woo are once again in pursuit of the allusive mobster Tommy Gallo. As before, Tommy's henchman lures Sara into the museum where she encounters the Witchblade and it claims her as its chosen wielder. This time, however, things are different. Though it's a case of deja vu as she retraces her steps to the Rialto Theater, an older and wiser Sara declines the opportunity to confront Gallo inside. Although the past may be altered, Kenneth Irons has plans for the future and he determines to take the Witchblade from Sara even if it means having her killed. A much conflicted Ian Nottingham finds his loyalties split between guarding the chosen Witchblade wielder and carrying out the wishes of his master/father, Irons. Using an online murder/hit as bait, Irons lures Sara into his clutches while promising an ambitious and cold-blooded woman named Cristina that she will wear the Witchblade if she takes out Sara. To do so, Cristina must first get rid of Danny so she buries him alive, leaving him to die a horrible, slow death. In a Witchblade frenzy, Sara kills Cristina before she can make her tell what she did with Danny. As her partner runs out of air in an unmarked grave, Sara desperately searches for him before it's too late.

star 7.37
101 votes
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Johari Window

#77 - Johari Window

Fringe Season 2 - Episode 12

Following an unexplained attack involving hideously deformed humans, the Fringe team visits the small town in upstate New York to uncover leads surrounding the bizarre case. When it's determined that these deformed people have managed to hide themselves for a while and they'll do just about anything to keep it that way.

star 7.37
6995 votes
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#78 - Unearthed

Fringe Season 2 - Episode 11

After a teenage girl is pronounced brain dead, her mother takes her off life support, but when doctors operate quickly to remove her organs, the deceased girl shockingly awakens screaming an alphanumeric code. Equally as perplexing as her resurrection is that she is now somehow able to speak Russian and possesses classified information only a high-ranking soldier would know. While the girl's mind-bending condition intensifies, Walter dusts off some old lab videos and hypothesizes the unthinkable, sending Olivia and Peter to investigate the bewildering case in an original. (This is a season 1 un-aired episode)

star 7.27
6893 votes
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Flight Risk

#79 - Flight Risk

CSI: Miami Season 7 - Episode 18

When a flight attendant is murdered, the CSIs uncover all the dirty secrets of airplane travel.

star 7.21
474 votes
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#80 - Resurrection

CSI: Miami Season 7 - Episode 1

The evidence on who shot Horatio leads the team to some of most Miami's dangerous including one of their own.

star 7.15
594 votes
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Wrecking Crew

#81 - Wrecking Crew

CSI: Miami Season 7 - Episode 6

Calleigh and Eric are put in danger when a 200-foot crane crashes into a tall Miami building. This also destroys Horatio's best chances of catching a crime boss.

star 7.11
511 votes
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Supply and Demand

#82 - Supply and Demand

CSI: NY Season 1 - Episode 20

When a college student is beaten, shot to death and his apartment ransacked in what appears to be a drug-related hit, the team must track down his killers. After examining the evidence in the murdered student's apartment, the team finds traces of pure, unprocessed heroin and discovers that the victim had a female roomate who is now missing. Meanwhile, Stella's aggressive interrogation tactics with a witness threaten her police badge.

star 6.90
384 votes
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#83 - Upgrade

The Twilight Zone (2002) Season 1 - Episode 14

Annie fantasizes about her ideal family, a far cry from the dysfunctional group of people she sees everyday. But when her fantasies seemingly become reality, she is horrored to discover she is next on the replacement list.

star 6.65
107 votes
To Protect and Serve

#84 - To Protect and Serve

The Twilight Zone (2002) Season 1 - Episode 15

A young cop falls madly in love with a prostitute, and he continues to protect her even when they are both killed.

star 5.73
104 votes