The BEST Episodes of Animaniacs

Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes!

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Network: Fox Kids

The two Warner Brothers Yakko and Wakko and their Warner sister Dot had been created in the 1930's, but their cartoons were too screwy for the general public to handle. The three Warners were locked up in the studio water tower until they escaped in the 90's. There, they run wild, causing chaos everywhere!


#1 - Testimonials

Season 1 - Episode 60 - Aired Oct 21, 1993

Several old-time movie stars talk about their encounters with the Warners and how Milton Berle never really liked them.

star 9.77
65 votes
Lookit the Fuzzy Heads

#2 - Lookit the Fuzzy Heads

Season 1 - Episode 158 - Aired May 16, 1994

Dr. Scratchansniff has a new patient, and to the Warners's horror, it's Elmyra! Luckily, they're eventually able to get rid of her... with a little help from Buttons and Mindy (mostly Mindy).

star 9.70
33 votes
Writers: Peter Hastings
Wakko's America

#3 - Wakko's America

Season 1 - Episode 45 - Aired Oct 11, 1993

In a Jeopardy style game in the teacher's classroom, Wakko has to name the 50 states and their capitals. He sings an enitre song with everything right but he forgets to answer in the form of a question.

star 9.64
78 votes
Woodstock Slappy

#4 - Woodstock Slappy

Season 1 - Episode 145 - Aired Mar 1, 1994

Slappy and Skippy want to go to her summer cottage, but when they get there the see that they are in the middle the 1960's musical festival Woodstock. Skippy marvels at the music, but Slappy wants them to go away. She doesn't have much success until she decides to play some music herself. She plays a polka and everyone runs.

star 9.64
33 votes
Directors: Audu Paden
Writers: John P. McCann, Tom Ruegger
Puppet Rulers

#5 - Puppet Rulers

Season 1 - Episode 98 - Aired Nov 12, 1993

In 1954, Pinky and the Brain are kept in the home of Albert Einstein. They watch television and see a puppet show named "The Meany and Treacle Show". When the show announces that it is looking for new puppets, the two mice mail themselves to the show. They pretend to be puppets and grow enormously popular. They freeze themselves in cryogenic capsules and emerge forty years later. They arrange a pirate broadcast asking all their no adult fans to send them gifts. Unfortunately all their fans felt abandoned by them when they disappeared the show. They send Pinky and the Brain their therapy bills instead.

star 9.62
34 votes
Writers: Tom Minton
A Christmas Plotz

#6 - A Christmas Plotz

Season 1 - Episode 121 - Aired Dec 6, 1993

The CEO of Warner Brothers Studio fires Ralph for not catching the Warners. The Warners visit the CEO as the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. Yakko as the ghost of Christmas Past shows the CEO how he has always been mean. He shows the CEO firing his father when he first became CEO. Dot as the ghost of Christmas Present shows the CEO Ralph's family. He sees that they can't afford presents or Christmas dinner since he fired Ralph. Yakko as the ghost of Christmas Future shows the CEO that Ralph's son will grow up to become CEO and will fire him. The CEO has a change of heart and gives the Warners money to buy a fruitcake for Ralph and he goes and gives Ralph his job back. The CEO is then hit by the enormous fruitcake bought by the Warners.

star 9.44
34 votes
Directors: Rusty Mills
Writers: Paul Rugg, Randy Rogel

#7 - Spellbound

Season 1 - Episode 94 - Aired Nov 10, 1993

In 1194, Pinky and the Brain are being kept in Merlin's laboratory in Camelot. When Merlin goes out for a snack. Brain tries to take over the world using a magic spell. Pinky gathers all the components but loses a dragon's toenail. Pinky and the Brain must go on a quest to get another toenail. Using a magic wand the recover the toenail, but the dragon chases them all the way back to Camelot. Brain uses the dragon's toenail in the spell but as he recites it Pinky distracts him. Brain's head is turned into cheese.

star 9.38
64 votes
Little Drummer Warners

#8 - Little Drummer Warners

Season 1 - Episode 122 - Aired Dec 6, 1993

The Warner's travel to Bethlehem to witness the Nativity and sing a song.

star 9.37
35 votes
Directors: Lenord Robinson
Writers: Tom Ruegger
When Mice Ruled The Earth

#9 - When Mice Ruled The Earth

Season 1 - Episode 114 - Aired Nov 23, 1993

The year is 1895 and Pinky and the Brain are being kept in the laboratory of H.G. Wells. Brain builds a time machine because he wants to go back in time to keys moment in mouse evolution in order to change them and make mice the dominant form of life on Earth. When he returns to the present he hopes to be proclaimed the leader of the planet. Brain heads back in time and after a number of problems manages to teach mice how to make fire. When he returns to the present, he discovers that mice are the dominant form of life on the planet. Unfortunately, all the mice act like Pinky.

star 9.30
37 votes
Hercule Yakko

#10 - Hercule Yakko

Season 1 - Episode 57 - Aired Oct 19, 1993

When Marita Hippo's Diamond is stolen onboard a cruise, Hercule Yakko and his associates search around the ship for clues. Eventually they discover that Marita was sitting on the diamond the entire time.

star 9.14
96 votes
Opportunity Knox

#11 - Opportunity Knox

Season 1 - Episode 55 - Aired Oct 18, 1993

Brain wants to steal all of the gold out of Fort Knox. He develops a chemical that causes sneezing fits in people. Pinky and the Brain get to Fort Knox and use the chemical on the guards. They break into the safe and realize that they can't steal the gold because the gold bars are too heavy for the mice to lift.

star 9.13
98 votes
Potty Emergency

#12 - Potty Emergency

Season 1 - Episode 62 - Aired Oct 21, 1993

Wakko is at the movies and has to go to the bathroom. When he discovers that the bathrooms don't work, he must find a bathroom somewhere else.

star 9.12
97 votes
Directors: Rusty Mills
Writers: Paul Rugg
The Great Wakkorotti: The Master and his Music

#13 - The Great Wakkorotti: The Master and his Music

Season 1 - Episode 36 - Aired Oct 4, 1993

Wakko belches "The Blue Danube Waltz" by Johann Strauss.

star 9.06
105 votes
Where Rodents Dare

#14 - Where Rodents Dare

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired Sep 23, 1993

With one of his new inventions, Brain plans to freeze all the leaders of the world when they are at an international peace conference in the Alps. Pinky and the Brain have a hard time getting to the peace conference, but when they finally do Brain's plans are foiled when someone traps them while they stand on a plate of cheese. The two mice only succeed in freezing themselves.

star 9.05
116 votes
Writers: Peter Hastings, Tom Ruegger
Bumbie's Mom

#15 - Bumbie's Mom

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired Sep 22, 1993

Skippy and Slappy are watching a movie called Bumbie, the Dearest Deer. When Bumbie's mother dies, Skippy gets upset and starts crying. Slappy takes him to meet the cartoon actress who played Bumbie's mom to show him she's not really dead.

star 9.03
111 votes
Writers: Sherri Stoner
King Yakko

#16 - King Yakko

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired Sep 24, 1993

Yakko inherits the throne of Anvilania a small kingdom best known as the world's largest producer of anvils. Yakko promises to serve his people, but Anvilania is attacked by Dunlikus and its dictator Umlatt. The Warners must face Unlatt by himself. They manage to get the entire Dunlikus army to go to sleep and discover that Unlatt wanted Anvilania so that he can have all its anvils to himself. The Warners decide to give Unlatt the anvils: one at a time, on his head and on his castle.

star 9.00
171 votes
Writers: Peter Hastings
Plane Pals

#17 - Plane Pals

Season 1 - Episode 51 - Aired Oct 13, 1993

Onboard a plane, the Warners annoy a tightwad who is forced to sit by them because of a computer error. They annoy him so much that he is forced to bail out of the plane.

star 8.99
99 votes
Writers: John P. McCann
What Are We?

#18 - What Are We?

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Sep 20, 1993

The Warners are hypnotized by Dr. Scratchansniff in order to make them less zany. Dr. Scratchansniff fails and asks them what they are, leading the Warners to offer a number of suggestions.

star 8.97
121 votes
Wally Llama

#19 - Wally Llama

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired Sep 23, 1993

Wally Llama who lives on top of a mountain in the Himalayas is the wisest creature in the world. After he grows sick of answering questions he vows to stop for the rest of the day. The Warners arrive and pester him to answer one question. Eventually he gives in, but when he hears the question he goes crazy because he cannot figure out the answer. The question is why do hot dogs come in packages of ten, and hot dog buns come in packages of eight?

star 8.96
115 votes
Directors: Kirk Tingblad
Writers: Paul Rugg
Sir Yaksalot

#20 - Sir Yaksalot

Season 1 - Episode 63 - Aired Oct 21, 1993

When medieval kingdom of Camelot is threatened by a dragon, King Arthur asks Merlin to summon a knight. When Merlin tries to summon the knight, he gets the Warners instead. The Warners defeat the dragon by tricking it into blowing itself up. They discover that it was really a robot that was being operated by mice.

star 8.92
65 votes
Yakko's Universe

#21 - Yakko's Universe

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Sep 15, 1993

Yakko sings a song about the relative vastness of space from one person to the entire universe.

star 8.92
102 votes
Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled

#22 - Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled

Season 1 - Episode 70 - Aired Oct 28, 1993

The Warners go to Hades where Satan wants to torment them. Unfortunately, the Warners end up tormenting him. He kicks them out after Yakko freezes the place.

star 8.91
33 votes
Writers: John P. McCann
In the Garden of Mindy

#23 - In the Garden of Mindy

Season 1 - Episode 85 - Aired Nov 5, 1993

Mindy's mother leaves the house and Brain develops a plan to take over the world. He develops a powerful stink bomb which he hopes to use to force the government officials out of thier jobs. As he makes the stink bomb, Mindy gets on a lawnmower and drives out of control. The lawnmower chases Brain and eventually knocks him into his stink bomb ingredients. Mindy's mother comes home and scolds Brain for letting Mindy feed him old cheese.

star 8.90
31 votes
No Pain, No Painting

#24 - No Pain, No Painting

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired Sep 27, 1993

In 1905, the Warners arrive at the Paris home of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. They want to help him paint and annoy him so much that he will let them paint as he relaxes. As the artist rests, the Warners begin to play a guessing game. Wakko draws surreal pictures and the rest of the Warners must guess what the picture is of. An art critic comes to Picasso's home and loves the surreal paintings. Picasso takes credit for the work, but agrees to pay the Warners money to continue to paint the pictures.

star 8.89
111 votes
Bubba Bo Bob Brain

#25 - Bubba Bo Bob Brain

Season 1 - Episode 84 - Aired Nov 4, 1993

Brain plans to take over the world with subliminal mind control. He pretends to be a country singer and injects subliminal messages into his songs. His music begins to sell and the messages begin to influence people. Unfortunately, Brain ruins his plan by yelling at Pinky during a worldwide televised concert.

star 8.88
33 votes
Writers: Sherri Stoner