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Last Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Network: Discovery

Following the Kilchers provides a look into life off the grid, where going without running water and electricity and having limited contact with the outside world is part of the daily routine. While capturing the spirit of pioneer living is never easy, Alaska: The Last Frontier transports you to a place where day-to-day life is truly different from what we know.

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Cattle Drive

#1 - Cattle Drive

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 16, 2012

Otto and family battle the elements and predators to drive their cattle to the summer pasture. A missing calf causes Otto and Eivin to head off for a dangerous late night rescue mission. Atz Lee and Jane build a makeshift greenhouse from cast off supplies.

star 8.50
4 votes
Do or Die

#2 - Do or Die

Season 5 - Episode 16 - Aired Jan 17, 2016

The Kilchers find themselves unprepared for winter's arrival. Led by Otto & Charlotte, the family's cattle trek a cold & deadly path. Shane risks losing a year's progress on his unfinished cabin, while the family embarks in two massive hunts.

star 8.44
16 votes
Snowy Roundup

#3 - Snowy Roundup

Season 4 - Episode 16 - Aired Feb 8, 2015

At the head of the bay, Atz Sr. has wild game in his sights. Otto & Charlotte face disaster as the tides overpower the herd on the 30-mile journey to the homestead. Atz Lee & Jane tackle a long-overdue task to secure their cabin for the winter.

star 8.42
76 votes
Parlors and Poop Chutes

#4 - Parlors and Poop Chutes

Season 3 - Episode 5 - Aired Nov 3, 2013

Eivin and pregnant Eve decide to finally add running water to their home, but Eivin hits more than water during the installation. Otto builds Charlotte a milking parlor but takes a faceful of fuel in the process. Atz and Atz Lee head out to hunt bear.

star 8.41
119 votes
Circle of Life

#5 - Circle of Life

Season 3 - Episode 15 - Aired Jan 19, 2014

Atz Lee and Eivin take a bushplane and brave bears on a remote island to hunt deer. Charlotte scrambles to save a cow that went down during birthing. A very pregnant Eve struggles with the chores while Eivin is away. Atz cleans his chimney Kilcher style.

star 8.40
100 votes
Spring Delicacy

#6 - Spring Delicacy

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 27, 2013

Atz Lee and Jane climb reefs to hunt for octopus. Jane must face her fear of heights or be trapped by the tide. Otto struggles to keep a newborn calf alive during the annual spring cattle drive. Eve gives Eivin news that will change the homestead forever.

star 8.36
119 votes
Marital Maintenance

#7 - Marital Maintenance

Season 3 - Episode 13 - Aired Jan 5, 2014

With winter on their doorstep., the Kilchers race to finish their summer projects. Otto's enormous new project strains his marital bliss. Atz's horse strands him on the range. Eivin works some chicken magic. Atz Lee teaches Jane to fell a tree.

star 8.34
106 votes

#8 - Thanksgiving

Season 3 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 24, 2013

Thanksgiving on the homestead. The Kilchers come together to enjoy the fruits of their year-long labor and share each dish's story. From turkey and pumpkin pie to Yule's famous nettlebread and Homesteader pie, nothing comes easy when making this feast.

star 8.34
110 votes
Legend of “Terrible Island”

#9 - Legend of “Terrible Island”

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Nov 13, 2012

Atz Lee and Eivin travel 160 miles and brave the bears of "Terrible Island" to hunt deer. Otto refuses to admit defeat and will use all the blackpowder he has to remove a pesky stump blocking his progress. Eve helps Charlotte solve a swarming bee problem.

star 8.33
3 votes
Outhouses, Cow Bras and Bears, Oh My!

#10 - Outhouses, Cow Bras and Bears, Oh My!

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired Nov 10, 2013

Midsummer: the Kilchers scramble to make the most of 22 hrs of sunlight. Atz tracks down predators killing the herd. Otto gets creative to help a cow with an udder problem. Eivin builds an outhouse. Atz Lee and Jane are startled while fishing for salmon.

star 8.32
119 votes
Of Moose and Men

#11 - Of Moose and Men

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 15, 2013

Atz and Atz Lee swim their horses across a chilly lake to get to bull moose hunting grounds. Bad weather and feeling under the weather won't deter them from the prize. Eivin hunts clams while Eve collects wild mushrooms. Otto and Charlotte bury a friend.

star 8.28
113 votes
Spring Has Sprung

#12 - Spring Has Sprung

Season 3 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 20, 2013

Springtime on the homestead; Atz and the family goes on a black bear hunt; Atz, Sr.'s confidence wavers; Otto gives CPR to calves; Eve plants the family garden.

star 8.25
118 votes
Predators and Prey

#13 - Predators and Prey

Season 3 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 29, 2013

Grizzly bears, wolves, and coyotes remind the Kilchers that the humans aren't always the apex predator on the homestead, but threats to the Kilcher's food supplies and livelihood also come in many other shapes and sizes and from unexpected places.

star 8.23
94 votes
Father-Son Ingenuity

#14 - Father-Son Ingenuity

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 13, 2013

Family projects: Before the spring thaw floods the area, Atz Sr and his 3 sons build a bridge across a river using chainsaws and fallen logs. Otto and Eivin create two amphibious crafts from their ATVs. Meanwhile, Atz Lee and Jane build a new smokehouse.

star 8.23
116 votes
Call of the Wild

#15 - Call of the Wild

Season 3 - Episode 14 - Aired Jan 12, 2014

Otto and Eivin use a duck hunt for some last minute father-son time before Eivin becomes a dad himself. Atz and Atz Lee's father-son bonding time is less fun; they're repairing the new bridge. Jane has her own adventure: fishing--and shooting--halibut.

star 8.21
105 votes
Homestead Heartache

#16 - Homestead Heartache

Season 10 - Episode 10 - Aired Jan 17, 2021

The Fox Cabin nears completion; Atz Sr. unites seven Kilcher siblings to finish the interior of his legacy rebuild; Jane, August and Etienne embark on the final fishing trip of the year; Eivin suffers a devastating loss.

star 8.19
48 votes
Homestead for the Holidays

#17 - Homestead for the Holidays

Season 3 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 22, 2013

Homestead holidays bring gifts of kindness: Otto decides to give his "Wacky Yak" to a friend, but the gift rejects the idea of being given. Atz Lee gathers lumps of coal--for the nice--as his gift. Atz deals with cows on ice to bring a friend's herd home.

star 8.18
106 votes
Hunt in the Clouds

#18 - Hunt in the Clouds

Season 3 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 17, 2013

Atz Sr, Atz Lee and Jane travel to the highest peaks to hunt for wild goat. A wasp infestation destroys Eivin and Eve’s bee hive and summer honey harvest. Otto and Charlotte get creative to protect what's left of their hay crop so it will last the winter.

star 8.17
115 votes
Greener Pastures

#19 - Greener Pastures

Season 9 - Episode 5 - Aired Nov 3, 2019

With predators stalking the homestead, the need for safe grazing land is greater than ever; Atz Sr. and Atz Lee head to Perl Island to begin plans for a new pasture; Otto and Eivin set to work transporting a small herd to the island by boat.

star 8.15
72 votes
Cabin Fever

#20 - Cabin Fever

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired Oct 6, 2013

After 8 months of winter, the Kilchers have cabin fever. Eivin and Atz Lee get caught overnight in the backcountry hunting an Alaskan delicacy. Otto uses ingenuity to get an orphan calf to connect with an unwilling mother. And there's much to do with poo.

star 8.10
126 votes
Hunting Season Begins

#21 - Hunting Season Begins

Season 7 - Episode 14 - Aired Jan 14, 2018

Eve butchers chickens with her children to teach them about the circle of life; Eivin builds a shelter for his trusty horse to protect it from the freeze; Atz Lee and Jane warm up their remote cabin; Atz Sr. goes on a solo hunt.

star 8.02
164 votes
Fox Cabin Finale

#22 - Fox Cabin Finale

Season 10 - Episode 12 - Aired Jan 31, 2021

Atz Sr. reveals his Fox Cabin legacy build after months of backbreaking effort. As winter begins, Eivin scrambles to complete a vital project he'd fallen behind on. Jane and Atz Lee attempt to airlift a piano to their remote cabin before snowfall.

star 7.98
51 votes
Bears Descend

#23 - Bears Descend

Season 9 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 20, 2019

In preparation for the spring cattle drive, Atz Lee, Otto and August survey the homestead for signs of bears and employ surveillance to track their movements; Eivin and Eve take the kids on a kelp-harvesting expedition; Atz Sr. goes bear hunting.

star 7.96
81 votes
Boat Rescue Mission

#24 - Boat Rescue Mission

Season 9 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 27, 2019

While collecting coal on the beach after a storm, Eivin and Eve find a capsized boat and begin looking for survivors; Otto, Charlotte and August build a shelter for their calves; Jane brings the family together with a new spring tradition.

star 7.95
85 votes
Rusted and Busted

#25 - Rusted and Busted

Season 9 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 13, 2019

Otto looks into the condition of his barge after the winter, Even and Eivin lear land using explosives.

star 7.95
96 votes