The BEST Episodes of Naked and Afraid

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Last Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Network: Discovery

Discovery Channel takes the ubiquitous survival show theme to the next level by stripping it to its bare essentials. Two complete strangers -- a man and a woman -- meet in a very unique way: They're stranded in a dangerous, desolate location, without food and water, and they're completely naked. Each episode follows the two as they attempt to survive on their own for 21 days, with nothing but one personal item each and the knowledge that the only prize is their pride and sense of accomplishment. Because there is no other choice, the couple quickly get to know each other -- and their surroundings -- and hope that their instincts, survival skills and intestinal fortitude will serve them well.

Feel The Burn

#1 - Feel The Burn

Season 10 - Episode 21 - Aired Sep 27, 2019

Dropped into Guyana's scorching savannah, two Naked and Afraid superfans fight the oppressive heat and constant insect attacks. Scorching temperatures lead to severe dehydration and force a desperate fan to risk illness by drinking unsanitary fluids.

star 8.25
8 votes
Meltdown in Bolivia

#2 - Meltdown in Bolivia

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired Apr 20, 2014

Two survivalists are dropped into the merciless jungles of Bolivia. Severely challenged by flash floods, heat exhaustion and a life-threatening appendicitis attack, will the Wiccan gods of survival be with them or against them?

star 8.00
84 votes
Man vs Amazon

#3 - Man vs Amazon

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired Mar 16, 2014

Two survivalists journey to the most hostile environment on the planet to take on the Amazon without modern conveniences or clothing. Battling piranhas, jaguars and mosquitoes, can they survive the unsurvivable?

star 7.97
375 votes
Loaded For Bear

#4 - Loaded For Bear

Season 9 - Episode 9 - Aired May 6, 2018

Surrounded by aggressive and territorial black bears day and night, two survivalists must compete against the apex predators for resources in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

star 7.95
194 votes
Stalked On All Sides

#5 - Stalked On All Sides

Season 10 - Episode 11 - Aired Apr 14, 2019

Pinned down by Africa’s most dangerous threats elephants, hippos and lions, survivalists “Mama Kel” and Eric work together to avoid becoming prey and endure relentless storms, but a debilitating injury puts them both at risk.

star 7.94
101 votes
Pick Your Poison

#6 - Pick Your Poison

Season 9 - Episode 10 - Aired May 13, 2018

Anthony Coppage and Suzanne Taylor are challenged to survive on the Soninho River of Brazil where they must face ravenous jaguars, stinging wasps and scorching heat. With little habitable conditions, will either complete the challenge?

star 7.92
178 votes
Double Jeopardy

#7 - Double Jeopardy

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Dec 8, 2013

Two pairs of strangers, dropped on opposite ends of the remote Panamanian rainforest, eventually meet and must work together to conquer the Everest of extreme survival challenges.

star 7.91
216 votes
Don't Let the Jungle Bugs Bite

#8 - Don't Let the Jungle Bugs Bite

Season 10 - Episode 15 - Aired May 12, 2019

Avoiding the dangers of a rushing river, two survivalists brave a vast cave system in the Colombian rainforest; trying to survive 21 days, the jungle tests them with threats including venomous fer-de-lance snakes, piranhas and biting insects.

star 7.84
94 votes
Stomping Grounds

#9 - Stomping Grounds

Season 10 - Episode 7 - Aired Mar 24, 2019

In South Africa’s Limpopo Basin, elite survivalists Matt Wright and Gary Golding must protect novice survivalists and super-fans attorney Molly Jansen and dog sledder Blair Braverman first as separate teams for 10 days then merging on Day 11 while dealing with spitting cobras, territorial elephants and a violent last-minute storm. Being unused to the unyielding heat, Blair was forced to tap out on Day 14.

star 7.81
84 votes
Forbidden Fruit

#10 - Forbidden Fruit

Season 9 - Episode 4 - Aired Apr 1, 2018

Gary Golding and Karra Falkenstein are put to the test of surviving the savannah of the Jalapao region of Brazil, where bug swarms and lack of food put them to the limit. Depleted and broken will either of them make it to Day 21?

star 7.79
205 votes
Primal Fear

#11 - Primal Fear

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired Jun 29, 2014

Mountain man Luke and homeschooling mom and triathlete Lindsey are dropped into the dry and thorny landscape of Africa’s Namibia. A lack of food, fire and the difficulty of navigating the thorny landscape threaten to keep the intrepid team from completing their 21-day survival challenge.

star 7.77
322 votes
Damned in Africa

#12 - Damned in Africa

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Mar 23, 2014

It’s kill or be killed as survivalists Jeff and Eva journey to Madagascar and take on the unforgiving Massif D’Isalo – its nasty boa constrictors, abundant black widow spiders, and harsh desert landscape.

star 7.76
360 votes
Naked Gets Weird

#13 - Naked Gets Weird

Season 10 - Episode 1 - Aired Mar 2, 2019

Surviving 21 days naked in the wilderness leads to weird and awkward moments. From bizarre prep and mortifying naked intros to nighttime cuddling gone wrong to learning bathroom routines the hard way, Naked and Afraid gets weird.

star 7.76
170 votes
The Pain Forest

#14 - The Pain Forest

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Aired Apr 13, 2014

Two survivalists attempt to endure 21 days in the Malaysian rainforest. With relentless rainstorms, they will have to fight the elements with only their knowledge of the wilderness. Will this firefighter and single mother team survive?

star 7.75
338 votes
Baked Alaskan

#15 - Baked Alaskan

Season 10 - Episode 6 - Aired Mar 17, 2019

A deadly spider bite puts Gwen, an Alaskan homesteader at risk of tapping but she works with her partner to get her revenge, in the 130-degree heat of the Mexican jungle.

star 7.74
112 votes
Paradise Lost

#16 - Paradise Lost

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Mar 30, 2014

Two survivalists are dropped on a deserted Fijian island. They must battle the elements, as well as each others’ annoyances, as they try to survive 21 days together. With blistering heat, minimal water and scarce food, this will be no honeymoon.

star 7.73
352 votes
Stalked on the Savannah (Part 1)

#17 - Stalked on the Savannah (Part 1)

Season 10 - Episode 19 - Aired Jun 23, 2019

In a punishing Brazilian savannah, survivalists Wes and Jesse deal with searing heat as well as paralyzing wasps, aggressive bees, and poisonous rattlesnakes. But a territorial jaguar family circling their shelter may cost them the 21-day challenge.

star 7.73
37 votes
What The Duck?

#18 - What The Duck?

Season 10 - Episode 13 - Aired Apr 28, 2019

In Mexico’s unforgiving, cenote-covered landscape, two fan survivalists are dropped on an island filled with venomous coral snakes, territorial jaguars, blood-sucking chiquistas and a duck named Henry that they desperately want to eat for dinner.

star 7.72
82 votes
Island of Tears

#19 - Island of Tears

Season 9 - Episode 5 - Aired Apr 8, 2018

Max Djenohan and Bianca Isidro face off with aggressive caiman, boa constrictors, large spiders, and thorny mangroves in this Superfan 14-day challenge on a tropical island in Panama.

star 7.71
203 votes
Mayan Misery

#20 - Mayan Misery

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Apr 6, 2014

Two survivalists are challenged to survive in a flooded jungle of Belize. The man and woman must face a labyrinth of Mayan caves filled with poisonous snakes and rabid bats. Can they conquer their fears and emerge from the darkness?

star 7.71
321 votes
Curse of the Swamp: Part 2

#21 - Curse of the Swamp: Part 2

Season 7 - Episode 9 - Aired May 7, 2017

Jeremy and Melanie continue their challenge in the haunted swamps of Louisiana, enduring threats from predators as they search for food.

star 7.71
275 votes
Himalayan Hell

#22 - Himalayan Hell

Season 3 - Episode 7 - Aired Aug 17, 2014

Two more survivalists try to survive 21 days without food, clean water, and their clothes in the Himalayan foothills of northern India. In the face of severe dehydration, one survivalists' debilitating illness threatens to derail both their chances of success.

star 7.70
215 votes
Lost at Sea

#23 - Lost at Sea

Season 8 - Episode 1 - Aired Jul 30, 2017

A divemaster and a Navy Seal are, for the first time on Naked and Afraid, stranded at sea. On their arduous journey to land they face exposure to deadly sharks and heatstroke. If they make it to land, can they work together despite their differences?

star 7.70
401 votes
Trouble in Paradise

#24 - Trouble in Paradise

Season 9 - Episode 11 - Aired Jun 10, 2018

Torrential downpours and brutal wind storms push two starving survivalists to their breaking points in the Honduran jungle.

star 7.65
120 votes

#25 - Unhinged

Season 7 - Episode 7 - Aired Apr 23, 2017

An ex-marine and a perky Southern girl face constant downpours, cabin fever, threats from predators, lack of sleep and extreme hunger in the Panamanian Jungle.

star 7.65
288 votes