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Last Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Most people enjoy the modern technologies and conveniences of today -- smartphones, tablets, cable and satellite TV among them -- but there are people who choose to live off the grid and in the unspoiled wilderness, where dangers like mudslides, falling trees and bears are all parts of life. ``Mountain Men'' profiles three such people. Eustace Conway, who has lived at the western edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina for more than 25 years, teaches interns about the old ways of living with nature. Tom Oar needs an entire year to prepare for the seven-month-long winter on Montana's Yaak River. In Alaska, Marty Meierotto must gather enough wood to survive, in complete isolation, winters that can have temperatures drop to as low as 60 degrees below zero. It's not an easy life but for these mountain men, it's life as they know it.

Tooth and Claw

#1 - Tooth and Claw

Season 8 - Episode 11

Tom turns coyotes into cash; Eustace and Raleigh take to the forge to raise money for roofing materials; Mike scouts bears for the spring hunting season; Morgan and Margaret go fishing.

star 8.13
64 votes
All or Nothing

#2 - All or Nothing

Season 8 - Episode 10

Tom and Sean face off against a coyote threat; Eustace and Raleigh enlist some much-needed help building their lookout cabin; Jason takes one final crack at creating Ozark steel; Morgan and Margaret push deep into the back country.

star 8.11
70 votes
Hell or High Water

#3 - Hell or High Water

Season 7 - Episode 16

Marty wraps up trapping season with a record haul; Morgan flies solo for the first time over the Great Alaska Range; Tom battles rapids on the Kootenai River; Eustace tries to raise a down payment to buy land.

star 8.08
100 votes
Double Jeopardy

#4 - Double Jeopardy

Season 7 - Episode 14

Morgan's big day goes bust when his plane breaks down; Mike's supply run across the bay leaves him high and dry; Tom takes on a rare high value commission; Jake's dog team hunts down two lions in a marathon high-speed chase.

star 8.01
123 votes
Final Farewell

#5 - Final Farewell

Season 8 - Episode 5

Jake sets off alone on the hunt for elk meat; Jason rolls the dice on an experimental smelter; Morgan and Margaret combat a critical water problem; Mike targets Kodiak Island's most dangerous quarry; and Marty bids a final farewell.

star 8.00
82 votes
No Guts, No Glory

#6 - No Guts, No Glory

Season 8 - Episode 9

Kidd and Harry set their sights on bagging a buffalo; Jake goes after a mountain lion caught too close to civilization; and Morgan fights the deadly skies of Alaska in a race to resupply his homestead.

star 8.00
74 votes
New Blood

#7 - New Blood

Season 8 - Episode 1

As winter closes in, Morgan and Margaret fly North to track down the great caribou migration and secure meat; Marty preps his trapline for the arrival of his daughter, Noah; Jake starts his season tracking two lions. Eustace takes on an apprentice and uncovers some illicit activity on his new land; Kidd and Harry rescue horses from a pack of hungry wolves.

star 7.98
107 votes
Stand Your Ground

#8 - Stand Your Ground

Season 6 - Episode 15

Morgan’s horses go missing just as the local bears are waking for spring; Rich’s marathon lion hunt turns into an epic chase and Tom goes after America’s largest game.

star 7.97
195 votes
Lost Time Is Never Found

#9 - Lost Time Is Never Found

Season 7 - Episode 10

A mid-winter melt threatens to derail Tom's season; Eustace masters gravity to keep the water flowing at home; Jason and Mary make a move to feed their growing family; Morgan and Margaret top off a major project; Mike cashes in on a rare find.

star 7.94
121 votes
To Every Thing There Is a Season

#10 - To Every Thing There Is a Season

Season 6 - Episode 16

Marty ends a failed season with a blockbuster catch; Tom stands his ground against a powerful beast and in Preston’s final episode, he and Eustace fight fire with fire to lay down roots for the next generation.

star 7.92
205 votes
The Gauntlet

#11 - The Gauntlet

Season 7 - Episode 15

Morgan's first flight to the homestead hits a wall of bad weather; Mike fights icy currents and fading daylight to get supplies back to his cabin; Tom runs a gauntlet of timber and brush in search of some late season fur; Eustace revives his furniture business to make some fast cash; and Jason forges salvaged airplane parts into high-end cutlery.

star 7.90
111 votes
Battle Lines

#12 - Battle Lines

Season 7 - Episode 5

Tom takes the fight to the wolves; a lion chase claims a casualty; Morgan builds bigger; and Eustace goes to battle to defend his land.

star 7.90
118 votes

#13 - Generations

Season 5 - Episode 16

Tom pays the price for two consecutive failed winters. Morgan calls in reinforcements for his horses. Eustace and Preston harvest a hog and Rich makes a pick of the litter.

star 7.89
268 votes
Family First

#14 - Family First

Season 8 - Episode 4

Jake will do anything to get his injured dog to the vet; Tom and his brother are left high and dry when the well on his ranch stops pumping; Mike has to go back on the hunt after bears pillage his provisions.

star 7.88
86 votes
Darkness Falls

#15 - Darkness Falls

Season 8 - Episode 3

As night descends across the mountains, Mike treks through bear country with fresh meat on his back; Morgan battles dark and dangerous terrain in a last-ditch effort to fill his freezer; Jake's latest lion hunt takes him deep into wolf territory.

star 7.87
93 votes
Desperate Measures

#16 - Desperate Measures

Season 8 - Episode 7

Kidd and Harry battle time and rough terrain on a backcountry supply run; Jake and his dogs track down a repeat offender; Tom gets back to business in the Yaak; Morgan checks his remote trapline for high-dollar fur.

star 7.87
76 votes
Misty Mountain

#17 - Misty Mountain

Season 2 - Episode 16

Winter has finally come to a close, spelling big changes for Tom, who bids farewell to an old friend and packs his bags for Florida. In the Ruby Valley, Rich grooms his youngest hound to take over the pack, but an influx of cougars finds the pup in over his head. In North Carolina, Eustace takes a dangerous trip down a rapid river to deliver the canoe he built to pay off his loan. In Maine, Charlie takes his furs to market and hopes to break even on his rookie season, while in Alaska, Marty enjoys a reunion with his family, then makes big plans for the future.

star 7.86
73 votes
Edge of the Earth

#18 - Edge of the Earth

Season 7 - Episode 8

Eustace battles a beast to bring home a bonus payday; in pursuit of a lion, Jake's team is left hanging on a cliff's edge; Marty gambles on the ice to make bank; Mike fights to survive the dangers of bears-infested Kodiak.

star 7.85
128 votes
Breaking Point

#19 - Breaking Point

Season 8 - Episode 8

Jake has a problem lion on his hands and soon discovers it's not alone; Tom and his brother, Jack, break down on the road to the Yaak Valley; Morgan crosses the Great Alaska Range on an emergency supply run.

star 7.84
74 votes
Polar Vortex

#20 - Polar Vortex

Season 8 - Episode 2

Eustace and Raleigh battle a polar vortex to get their lumber business back online; Mike braves a bear-infested landscape in search of fresh meat; Morgan and Margaret chase the migrating caribou, hoping to secure enough food for winter.

star 7.83
101 votes
Winter's Gamble

#21 - Winter's Gamble

Season 4 - Episode 14

Marty makes a gamble that changes everything; a storm batters Eustace and Preston during their final push.

star 7.81
113 votes

#22 - Predator

Season 3 - Episode 12

As the bitter cold pushes predators to the edge, Tom is caught in a close range battle while Rich goes head to head with a pack of wolves.

star 7.81
78 votes
Only the Strong Survive

#23 - Only the Strong Survive

Season 6 - Episode 10

Marty doubles down on a new strategy to keep from losing more ground; Morgan and Margaret defend what's theirs and Jason's hunt for land becomes an ordeal.

star 7.81
259 votes
The Deep Freeze

#24 - The Deep Freeze

Season 3 - Episode 11

In the Revelation Mountains of Alaska, Marty faces off with a vicious wolverine. In Montana, Rich tries to protect a young family from a hungry predator while Tom Oar battles the bitter cold to build a primitive teepee. And in Maine, one wrong step has Charlie Tucker fighting for his life.

star 7.80
79 votes
Judgment Day

#25 - Judgment Day

Season 2 - Episode 14

In Alaska, after spending the night under the stars in subzero conditions Marty struggles to get his snow machine out of a stubborn overflow. In the Ruby Valley, Rich takes his oldest dog, Brandy and youngest dog, Hatchet, out on a special training mission. Eustace and Preston set off on a crucial deer hunt, but are interrupted by loud intruders. In the Yaak Valley, Tom is called by his friend, Tim to help with a beaver problem and takes the opportunity to teach an important lesson; and in Maine, Charlie and Jim head to the frozen river to carve out 100 pound ice chunks for Charlie's root cellar.

star 7.79
72 votes