The BEST episodes of Alarm for Cobra 11 season 32

Every episode of Alarm for Cobra 11 season 32, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of Alarm for Cobra 11 season 32!

Their precinct is the Autobahn, they work at breakneck speed. Their enemies: stolen car dealers, killers and extortionists. 24/7 service for the men of Cobra 11 - Our safety is their job!

Last Updated: 6/8/2024Network: RTL TelevisionStatus: Continuing
Without Conscience
4 votes

#1 - Without Conscience

Season 32 - Episode 2 - Aired 9/13/2012

The felon Hendrik Larsen goes on the net for Ben and Semir, but his accomplices can escape. Larsen's arrest is also important because it is the last hope for a terminally ill child: A bone marrow donation from the multiple killer would save Paula, who has leukemia. But it doesn't come to that. Larsen uses the surgery date to flee and threatens to radioactively irradiate the whole of Cologne unless he receives the requested 25 million euros. Ben and Semir are in a quandary because they have to hold Larsen alive in order to save not only the city but also Paula. The dangerous sociopath takes advantage of this fact and plays a perfidious game with the desperate cops.

Directors: Heinz Dietz
Ordered, Kidnapped, Delivered
2 votes

#2 - Ordered, Kidnapped, Delivered

Season 32 - Episode 4 - Aired 9/27/2012

The 18-year-old Sarah Schubert disappeared without a trace. Her father, Mathias Schubert, starts looking for her, which is actually not unusual for a father. But Mathias Schubert is a knacki and he only has two days off. So he has 48 hours to find his daughter. In Sarah's apartment, Schubert meets a young man who is about to remove traces of blood that are apparently connected to a murder case that Ben and Semir are currently investigating. They soon realize that the murder and Sarah's disappearance are connected. The search for Sarah leads both Schubert, Semir and Ben to Daniel Lindlaub, who runs a dangerous human trafficking ring: young women are selected online, then kidnapped and sold to rich customers abroad. The Autobahncops and Schubert have little time to find Sarah before she - together with other women - is to be taken out of the country.

Directors: Heinz Dietz
Operation Job
4 votes

#3 - Operation Job

Season 32 - Episode 3 - Aired 9/20/2012

Bonrath has a new part-time job that nobody knows about. He works as a security guard in a biotech company. But Bonrath has more secrets: he also has a new friend who happens to work for the same company as the laboratory manager. When the company is attacked and the perpetrators steal Botox in large quantities, Ben and Semir come into play, who try to catch the fleeing robbers - to no avail. However, the two find out that the perpetrators apparently had inside information, and of all things Bonrath's new love, Dr. Marlies Eisner, suspected. Bonrath doesn't know if he can still trust Marlies, although she swears that she has nothing to do with the attack. For Semir and Ben, too, the case becomes more explosive that the botox is not only used in the beauty industry, but is also of great interest as a dangerous poison for assassins.

Directors: Nico Zavelberg
4 votes

#4 - Greed

Season 32 - Episode 5 - Aired 10/4/2012

The death of investment advisor Naas brings the family of Semir's cousin Ismet into financial difficulties. The savings of Ismet's parents are just as swallowed up as the underground manager of the investment company 'Turkiye Invest'. Together with Ismet and Ben, Semir slides into a network of murder, extortion and fraud in the middle of Cologne.

Directors: Axel Sand
Angel of Death
34 votes

#5 - Angel of Death

Season 32 - Episode 1 - Aired 9/6/2012

The long-term collaboration between Ben and Semir is on the verge: Semir quit the job with the Autobahn police for family reasons and has mutated to office stallion at the LKA. Now both of them have to struggle with new colleagues who don't suit them at all. Only the murder of Oliver Sturm, the crazy conspiracy theorist, brings the two together again. The 18-year-old Max Berger quickly becomes suspected of murder because he is spotted next to the victim with a blood-soaked knife. Without further ado, the high school graduate takes flight and not only has to overcome his unfortunate love for his classmate Florida, but also has to deal with the fact that the police believe he is a murderer and assassin. In the course of their investigation, Ben and Semir come across an extremely mysterious person - Djavo, who apparently is planning something terrible and uses Max like a puppet. A grueling race against time begins.

Directors: Franco Tozza
Writer: Ralf Ruland