The Best Episodes Directed by Tim Hunter

Rescue Me

#1 - Rescue Me

Falcon Crest Season 7 - Episode 13

After Vicky vanishes from Angela's party, Richard and Eric frantically search for her. After Dan is surprised by the arrival of a half-sister whom he didn't know he had, he puts her to work in the grape fields. Shannon tries to leave the valley after Lance questions her. Melissa is able to deflect Angela's scheme to get her committed so that Angela instead loses her hold on Dan. Angela succeeds in prying into Maggie's affairs.

star 8.67
3 votes
The City That Bleeds

#2 - The City That Bleeds

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 3 - Episode 12

Bolander, Munch, Howard and Felton all meet to serve a warrant, but Bolander, Howard and Felton are shot in an ambush. Pembleton becomes the primary in the investigation and is partnered with a detective who specializes in the psychology of their prime suspect: a pedophile. Stan's ex-partner Mitch Drummond offers his help. Kay's father and Beau's wife and the kids come to the hospital. A clerical error is discovered to be the cause of why the detectives went to the door marked 201, instead of 210.

star 8.61
147 votes
The White Whale

#3 - The White Whale

Underground Season 1 - Episode 10

Everyone must pay for their sins when the day of reckoning arrives.

star 8.36
766 votes
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Arbitrary Law

#4 - Arbitrary Law

Twin Peaks Season 2 - Episode 9

Albert returns to examine Maddy. Cooper asks for twenty-four hours to finish his case. James and Donna reaffirm their love. Andy accidentally leads Donna and Cooper back to Mrs. Treamond's house. Cooper is given a missing page from Laura's diary, describing the same dream he had. The One Armed man is ill, tells Cooper he has all the clues he needs. Catherine reveals herself to Ben, and he signs the mill back over to her. Leland and Donna learn of Maddy's death. Cooper calls together everyone for a final confrontation. James leaves town. Cooper tricks the killer into revealing himself after decoding the various clues from his dream. The spirit of BOB flees from the killer's body, who dies in Cooper's arms and is welcomed into the next life by Laura. Truman, Cooper, Albert and Major Briggs ponder the existence of Bob, and where he has gone to…

star 8.28
1500 votes
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It's Not Such a Wonderful Life

#5 - It's Not Such a Wonderful Life

Nowhere Man Season 1 - Episode 12

At long last (and just in time for time holidays), Veil's torment comes to an end as federal agents locate him, reveal the identity of his enemy and disclose why "The Organization," a well-funded group of political fanatics wreaking havoc with foreign policy, have been trying to destroy him. After Veil gives a sworn deposition to authenticate his "Hidden Agenda" photograph, he's reunited with his wife Alyson and his mother and is on the way to having himself a merry little Christmas, until he gets a form of "coal in his stocking." In the series' turning point, U.S. government official whisk Veil away to a safehouse where, as he awaits the arrest of the perpetrators, some semblance of Christmas holiday cheer can be had. Although it's the season to be jolly, Veil is suspicious about the sudden developments in his life. With some initial disbelief, he hears Alyson's explanation of what happened that fateful night at the Bullpen restaurant when he left the table, her meeting with Dr. Bella

star 8.25
3 votes
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#6 - Futamono

Hannibal Season 2 - Episode 6

When a city councilman's body is found in a parking lot, intertwined with a tree, the artistry and missing organs suggest the work of the Chesapeake Ripper. Jack and the team race against time to catch the Ripper while he's still on his killing spree. When Will suggests the possibility that the Ripper is filling his pantry with the victims' organs, Jack crashes Hannibal Lecter's dinner party to collect evidence and test the meat for human DNA. Jack's growing suspicions drive Alana even closer to Hannibal, believing he is the victim of a witch hunt. Meanwhile, clues from the tree man help the BAU zero in on a location they believe the Ripper used.

star 8.24
3362 votes
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Black & Blue

#7 - Black & Blue

Underground Season 1 - Episode 9

Rescuing a member of the Macon 7 turns into a deadly mission; John and Elizabeth challenge each other's choices.

star 8.22
752 votes
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#8 - Sakizuke

Hannibal Season 2 - Episode 2

The case of the human soup becomes clearer when a victim that has escaped from the killer's clutches washes downstream after a deadly fall, leaving valuable evidence for the BAU team to uncover. Hannibal Lecter assists on the case, sniffing out clues of his own from of the victim's body. Meanwhile, Will Graham begins a plan of manipulation from within the asylum, set on proving his own innocence. Jack tries to deal with his guilt over not protecting Will and submits to mandated therapy after Alana Bloom's scathing report. Awaiting his upcoming trial, Will is surprised by an unexpected guest - Bedelia du Maurier - who gives him a much-needed boost to his psyche.

star 8.20
3483 votes
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#9 - Kaiseki

Hannibal Season 2 - Episode 1

Will is determined to fight for his innocence as Hannibal and Jack try to wrap their heads around the fact he's behind bars. Meanwhile, Alana faces a strained relationship with Will while Kade Purnell with the FBI pays him a visit.

star 8.15
3640 votes
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You Gotta Have Heart

#10 - You Gotta Have Heart

Chicago Hope Season 1 - Episode 5

Phillip's religious beliefs and Jeffrey's grief over the death of his son put them on opposite sides of whether to convince a young mother to remove her infant from life support so that her daughter's organs can be donated to save the life of another baby; Karen deflects a flirtation from Jeffrey, but romantic sparks fly between her and Aaron.

star 8.13
15 votes
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A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal

#11 - A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal

Breaking Bad Season 1 - Episode 7

Walter accepts his new identity as a drug dealer. Elsewhere, Jesse decides to put his aunt's house on the market and Marie throws Skyler a baby shower.

star 8.13
15916 votes
Nearer My God to Thee

#12 - Nearer My God to Thee

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 3 - Episode 1

When the winner of the city's Good Samaritan Award is murdered, Gee and his staff are called to help the new female night shift commander. Pembleton is at odds with the detective he shares a desk with. Beau and his wife separate and Kay gets caught in the middle. Meldrick and Munch have plans to buy a bar and try to persuade Bolander to also become a partner. Bayliss agrees to become a ""silent"" partner. In passing, Crosetti is said to be in Atlantic City on a ""shots, slots and sluts"" dream vacation.

star 8.12
184 votes

#13 - Fromage

Hannibal Season 1 - Episode 8

The BAU investigates a murder in which the killer exposes the victim's vocal cords to literally play them like a cello. Meanwhile, Hannibal discovers that the killer, Tobias, murdered the victim as an attempt to gain Hannibal's attention but then makes an attempt to take Lecter's life. Will is driven to distraction by strange noises in his head and turns to Alana, in a romantic way, seeking peace and stability. Hannibal describes his relationship with Will to his therapist, Dr. Bedilia Du Maurier.

star 8.12
4113 votes
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The Letter

#14 - The Letter

Cold Case Season 1 - Episode 13

Rush and Valens re-open the case of a 25-year-old black woman, who was murdered in 1939, after the woman's granddaughter comes forward with new information. The woman was assumed to be a prostitute murdered by a client, but letters written by the victim indicate that she was afraid of a milkman.

star 8.11
480 votes
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Thrill of the Kill

#15 - Thrill of the Kill

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 4 - Episode 4

The squad returns to the station. The FBI joins with the detectives to stop a ""thrill killer"" who's working his way north on I-95. Gee tries to reconcile with his daughter. The killer smells a rat at a roadblock so he bails out of his pickup. Everyone mobilizes to find him and when they do, the suspect in custody, while identical to the killer, claims he is innocent.

star 8.03
175 votes
The Kiss

#16 - The Kiss

Cult Season 1 - Episode 5

Jeff receives news that one of Nate’s friends might be planning something at an upcoming “Cult” fan costume party, so Jeff and Skye attend the party dressed as Billy and Kelly. At the party, Skye’s drink is spiked with a hallucinogenic drug similar to a drug used on the television show “Cult.” Sakelik warns Jeff that he might be in over his head. Also, at the party, Roger meets a mysterious stranger named Stuart. Meanwhile, on the television show, Kelly marries Billy in a flashback scene.

star 8.01
223 votes
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Past Lives

#17 - Past Lives

Bosch Season 4 - Episode 4

Det. Francis Sheehan comes clean to Bosch, Robertson suspects a leak in the investigation, and Edgar joins the Task Force. Social unrest surrounding the Elias murder grows and Irving is pressured to intervene. Eleanor asks Bosch for parenting advice and confesses the truth about her marriage to Reggie Woo.

star 8.00
931 votes
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All The Interim Is Like A Phantasma

#18 - All The Interim Is Like A Phantasma

Brotherhood Season 3 - Episode 7

Michael returns to Kath but she and Colin begin to worry as the FBI fuels Michael's suspicions about their relationship. Eileen is confined to bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. Tommy seeks Michael's assistance as Declan begins to zero his investigation in on the Waterfront Project.

star 7.99
117 votes
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About Last Night

#19 - About Last Night

Dexter Season 3 - Episode 9

The friendship between Dexter and Miguel become strained even as Rita resolves to confront Miguel about his suspected infidelity. Meanwhile, Debra searches furiously for Anton when it's revealed that he was abducted by the Skinner.

star 7.96
5983 votes
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Everybody Counts

#20 - Everybody Counts

Bosch Season 2 - Episode 10

The season finale reaches an explosive climax. Bosch and Edgar discover the final piece of the Tony Allen investigation. Harry searches to uncover the truth behind his mother's murder.

star 7.89
1645 votes
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Aha Shake Heartbreak

#21 - Aha Shake Heartbreak

Powers (2015) Season 1 - Episode 8

Johnny finally tells Christian what is going on, and how he plans to stop it. Meanwhile, Deena arrests Calista and Retro Girl goes ahead with her foundation's benefit event... with tragic consequences.

star 7.87
773 votes
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This is a Dark Ride

#22 - This is a Dark Ride

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 - Episode 13

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are looking forward to some good old Halloween fun now that the traumatic events with Nate are behind them. But once aboard the Rosewood Ghost Train, the girls are in for much more than just some childish trick or treats. With "A" running amuck and unexpected party-goers popping up at every turn, this Halloween event becomes one killer party.

star 7.81
1196 votes
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#23 - Cycle

Wayward Pines Season 1 - Episode 10

Pam confronts Pilcher, while Megan changes her mind and helps Ethan lead the townspeople to safety and the truth.

star 7.79
3167 votes
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Round Two

#24 - Round Two

Breakout Kings Season 2 - Episode 2

A gang of vicious criminals escape prison via an underground tunnel. The Breakout Kings find themselves cooperating with the FBI after learning one of the gang members is actually an undercover agent. When it starts to look like the undercover agent may have been turned, the pressure is on for the Kings to hunt them down and discover the truth. All the while, the team must struggle with the loss of one of their own.

star 7.78
926 votes
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#25 - Viper

Gotham Season 1 - Episode 5

Gordon and Bullock search for the source of a new street drug that causes euphoria then death. Oswald Cobblepot works his way deeper into Maroni's inner circle. Fish Mooney continues to plot against Falcone.

star 7.78
5342 votes
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Class of Beverly Hills

#26 - Class of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 1 - Episode 1

Twins Brandon and Brenda begin school at trendy West Beverly High after moving from Minnesota. Brandon joins the newspaper staff and meets Andrea Zuckerman, the intelligent and devoted editor. Brenda is befriended by snobbish Kelly, who picks her as a chemistry lab partner to avoid being paired with a fat girl. Brenda discovers that she doesn't have the right look to fit in at this new school, and starts to plan a drastic change. Marianne, a rich but reclusive girl uses skywriting to invite the entire school (minus freshmen, of course) to a party at her mansion, complete with a live rock band. Freshmen David and Scott crash the party, and drunken Steve insists that David drive him home. After delivering Steve to his door, the unlicensed David accidentally damages the car, prompting a now sober Steve to begin a frantic search for the culprit. Meanwhile, Brandon connects with the withdrawn but beautiful hostess, Marianne, and asks her for a date. Used to wealthy rich brats, she is struck by his boyish good looks and undemanding nature. Brandon breaks through her jaded exterior, and they share a lovely evening riding her father's motorcycle and hot-tubbing under the stars. The romance quickly fades however, when Brandon accidentally insinuates that they slept together. Rumors fly through the halls of West Beverly like wildfire and Marianna is devastated that her "nice" guy was no different than any of the other social climbers that used her to gain status. Andrea is disappointed in him too and gives him the cold shoulder. In a move that shocks the guys and charms the girls, Brandon confesses on the school radio station that he lied about his night with Marianne. His sincere and public apology stuns the jaded girl, and she finally decides to forgive him. Their romance however, is not meant to be, and they part as friends. Later, he follows Andrea home to explain himself and discovers that she lives out of district. Brandon promises to keep quiet about her residence,

star 7.78
342 votes
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The One-Armed Man

#27 - The One-Armed Man

Twin Peaks Season 1 - Episode 5

Cooper questions Dr. Jacoby, who suspects Leo Johnson is the killer. Cooper's supervisior, Gordon Cole, calls in with Albert's report. Josie Packard spies on Ben Horne and Catherine Martell. Hawk tracks down the One Armed Man. Mrs. Palmer shares her vision of the killer, the same man Cooper saw in his dream (BOB). Truman and Cooper find the bird who attacked Laura belonged to Leo's friend, Jacques Renault. Hank Jennings has his parole hearing and makes a threatening phone call to Josie.

star 7.77
2035 votes
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Slack Tide

#28 - Slack Tide

Dexter Season 4 - Episode 7

Dexter finds himself enjoying a brief moment of tranquility. He's finally managed to strike a balance between work, family and other pursuits. But he's keenly aware that times like these aren't meant to last. When Miami Metro discovers a string of murders connected to a prominent photographer, Dexter sees an opportunity for a clean kill.

star 7.76
7146 votes
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Mob Rules

#29 - Mob Rules

House Season 1 - Episode 15

Just before mobster Joey Arnello spills the beans in federal court and enters witness protection, he collapses. A court order instructs House to find out if he's faking. House and his team struggle to diagnose and cure Joey while Joey's brother Bill tries to slow things down and keep Joey from testifying. Meanwhile, Cuddy struggles to convince Vogler that House is an essential part of the hospital.

star 7.76
2876 votes
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#30 - Perception

Revenge Season 1 - Episode 14

In the excitement over Emily and Daniel's engagement party, things start to unravel for everyone; Victoria uses Conrad's father against him; Jack gets more involved; Charlotte and Emily both face problems.

star 7.75
3357 votes
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Long Weekend

#31 - Long Weekend

Mad Men Season 1 - Episode 10

It's Labor Day weekend and most of the men are sending their wives away for a few days. Don Draper's wife Betty is dreading the thought, as her father and his new girlfriend, whom she detests, will be staying with them. With the election approaching, the team at Sterling Cooper is gloomy since the Nixon campaign has not been following their advice. Roger Sterling was hoping to spend Friday night with Joan Holloway but having just seen the movie, The Apartment (1960), she is feeling a bit used. She plans a night on the town with her old college friend who has some surprising information for her. Don and Roger invite twin sisters from a casting call to join them for a drink but things go badly for Roger who suffers a serious heart attack. After the incident Don ends up spending the night with Rachel Menken where reveals a lot of his inner self.

star 7.71
2404 votes
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Giving Back

#32 - Giving Back

Sons of Anarchy Season 1 - Episode 5

Gemma hosts a town fundraiser, bringing the former club member responsible for Opie's arrest back to town; Clay deals with protecting a perverse parolee who can lead to a big payoff.

star 7.71
5788 votes
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Lady Ambrosia

#33 - Lady Ambrosia

The Blacklist Season 3 - Episode 14

After a missing child that has been presumed dead turns up alive, Red and Liz work with the taskforce to search for a dangerous woman who may be kidnapping children. Meanwhile, Tom faces shocking consequences after his plan to help Liz goes awry.

star 7.70
4953 votes
Family Affair

#34 - Family Affair

Crossing Jordan Season 4 - Episode 12

A young woman from a high class family is found dead in the woods, from an apparent accident. When evidence turns up that this is no accident, a movie will turn up a suspect. Elsewhere Jordan looks into the death of a young man where the evidence does not add up.

star 7.69
121 votes
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The Grey Hat

#35 - The Grey Hat

Intelligence (2014) Season 1 - Episode 11

As Riley and Gabriel track an infamous hacker, they learn the suspect may have been set up and a sinister group may be planning a nuclear attack.

star 7.68
1594 votes
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Love Always

#36 - Love Always

Lie to Me Season 1 - Episode 4

Lightman and his team try to prevent the assassination of a South Korean ambassador. But, when another member of the entourage gets shot, Lightman reveals family secrets and lies to identify the shooter.

star 7.67
3191 votes
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Indian Summer

#37 - Indian Summer

Mad Men Season 1 - Episode 11

Peggy is given a difficult assignment. Roger's work problems provide new opportunities for Don, and Pete grows more frustrated. Betty finds a new outlet for her growing dissatisfaction.

star 7.66
2248 votes
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Open House

#38 - Open House

American Horror Story Season 1 - Episode 7

Moira persuades a buyer to make an offer. Constance and Larry work against her efforts.

star 7.65
5770 votes
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John Doe

#39 - John Doe

Crossing Jordan Season 2 - Episode 15

When a John Doe comes into the morgue, Bug makes it a mission of his to find this man’s identity. Dr. Macy sets out to try to prove murder or suicide when a cop turns up dead.

star 7.64
187 votes
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Miss Twin Peaks

#40 - Miss Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Season 2 - Episode 21

Windom Earle sets his sights on the Miss Twin Peaks contest. Lucy chooses a father for her baby. Leo is punished when he frees Major Briggs. Cooper unlocks the key to entering the Black Lodge. Annie and Dale make a commitment to each other. Catherine and Andrew find a mysterious key. Donna confronts Ben Horne. The Miss Twin Peaks contest ends in chaos. Windom Earle kidnaps Annie. Andy deciphers the Owl Cave puzzle.

star 7.64
1304 votes
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Time to Crime

#41 - Time to Crime

Cold Case Season 2 - Episode 13

After a murder weapon connected to the 1987 drive-by shooting of a little girl turns up, Det. Rush and her team re-open the case. The team slowly tracks back the gun's previous owners until the shocking original owner is finally revealed.

star 7.64
475 votes
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The Friendliest Place on Earth

#42 - The Friendliest Place on Earth

Wayward Pines Season 1 - Episode 8

Ethan investigates the insurgent group after they create chaos in the city. A meeting is called to distract and gather the people of the city.

star 7.64
3046 votes
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A Rich Find

#43 - A Rich Find

Deadwood Season 3 - Episode 6

While Hearst still lies in jail, Al pays the Sheriff a visit, asking about last night. Sofia is worried about Mr. Ellsworth's absence, which saddens Alma even more. Bullock releases Hearst from prison. Aunt Lou's son, Odell, arrives in camp and Cy Tolliver presents Hearst with a method of setting his hands on Alma's gold claim. Trixie confronts Mrs. Ellsworth in regard to her drug habit, while Odell and Hearst prepare for a meeting to discuss the issue of gold. Al and Seth, worried about Hearst's reply, try to find an answer to their problem.

star 7.61
1548 votes
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#44 - FILE #3

neXt (2020) Season 1 - Episode 3

Shea and LeBlanc head to Dartmouth to investigate neXt's whereabouts, which are potentially linked to Biomotion Labs. There, they visit LeBlanc's friend, Professor Richard Pearish for answers. Meanwhile, Shea, Ethan and Ty take extra precautions to disconnect from electronics and the Internet, and LeBlanc urges Abby to do so, as well, but neXt complicates their plans.

star 7.61
875 votes
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Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle

#45 - Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle

Riverdale Season 2 - Episode 10

Tensions mount when the sudden shut down of Southside High forces Jughead and his fellow serpents to transfer to Riverdale High. Veronica assures Hiram and Hermoine that she’s still on board with their plans for SoDale. Archie is conflicted when he is asked to gather some information on Hiram’s suspicious business dealings. Betty sets out on a quest to find her long-lost brother, Chic.

star 7.61
1381 votes
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#46 - Debut

Cold Case Season 3 - Episode 13

Lilly re-opens the 1968 case of an 18-year-old girl who died -- apparently accidentally -- at the night of her debutante ball. Now her mother comes forth with new evidence when a local art dealer is accused of murdering his wife in the same manner the girl died.

star 7.61
501 votes
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#47 - Intrigue

Revenge Season 1 - Episode 6

The Grayson 4th of July parties are legendary, but this year's festivities ignite the wrong kind of fireworks when an incriminating surveillance video pops up and breaks the bond of trust between the Graysons and their head of security, Frank. Frank won't go down without a fight, which will spell trouble for Nolan and Emily. Meanwhile, the tension between Emily and Tyler will come to a head, Daniel can't seem to catch a break, and both of the Porter boys make bold moves to get their girl.

star 7.60
3824 votes
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Break, Break, Break

#48 - Break, Break, Break

Frequency Season 1 - Episode 7

Raimy and Satch’s detective work begins to pay off when a cold case victim leads them to their biggest break; a room where the Nightingale held his first victim.

star 7.58
1710 votes
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Three Sundays

#49 - Three Sundays

Mad Men Season 2 - Episode 4

Peggy's family hosts a lunch for their church's new priest; Don and Betty enjoy a weekend together; Freddy and Ken take a client out to lunch; the staff works to prepare for a last minute pitch meeting.

star 7.58
2280 votes
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In Vino Veritas

#50 - In Vino Veritas

Law & Order Season 17 - Episode 7

A has-been actor wearing blood-stained clothing arrested for drunken driving reveals religious prejudices during his rantings.

star 7.57
141 votes
Red in the Face

#51 - Red in the Face

Mad Men Season 1 - Episode 7

When Don invites Roger home for dinner, too much alcohol fuels repercussions between Don and Betty and between Don and Roger. Joan puts Roger off for the weekend, spending time with her roommate Carol instead. Pete exchanges a wedding gift for a rifle, and then shares a hunting fantasy with Peggy. Bertram Cooper arranges for the Nixon campaign to meet with him, Roger, Don, and Pete.

star 7.56
2478 votes
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A Wing and a Player

#52 - A Wing and a Player

Necessary Roughness Season 1 - Episode 10

Dani helps the Hawks’ and their suicidal mascot get over the playoff curse that’s haunted them for six years. Meanwhile, TK meets his match off the field, and Dani’s relationship with J.D. heats up.

star 7.55
537 votes
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Hello, Emma

#53 - Hello, Emma

Scream: The TV Series Season 1 - Episode 2

The death of another teen raises questions and leads to a rift between Emma and Audrey. A podcaster arrives in town to report on the past and present murders.

star 7.54
1041 votes
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Wanna Play a Game?

#54 - Wanna Play a Game?

Scream: The TV Series Season 1 - Episode 3

Emma discovers that her mom is keeping additional secrets; and the killer challenges her to a dangerous game.

star 7.54
977 votes
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White Light

#55 - White Light

The 4400 Season 1 - Episode 5

Tom is furious upon finding out that Lyttel took his son Kyle into custody. Diana offers him help in getting Kyle back. Meanwhile, Richard suspects that Collier is trying to take control of Lily's life, and as soon as Collier reveals his intentions, Richard and Lily leave Arcadia Estates. Elsewhere, Danny snaps at Shawn when he finds out that he and Nikki have slept together. Tom and Diana finally find out what really happened to the 4400, which leaves a disturbing question: is this the end - or just the beginning?

star 7.52
893 votes
Walking Money

#56 - Walking Money

Falcon Crest Season 9 - Episode 16

After Genele intercepts stolen bonds that Sharpe is trafficking, she arranges for Richard to cash them. Lance, Pilar and Danny believe that things are finally turning around for the winery. Genele has to pay hush money to a witness, but Richard has decided to keep all the money as revenge for Genele's past deceit. When Richard has the bonds cashed under the name Sharpe, Sharpe assumes his son Danny did it under Sydney's influence. After Sharpe tampers with Sydney's car, Danny happens to borrow her car and ends up in an accident.

star 7.50
2 votes

#57 - Babylon

Carnivàle Season 1 - Episode 5

The carnival finally arrives in Babylon, a tapped-out silver mining town in rural Texas with few inhabitants. Samson tries to improve the troupe's spirits with a night of revelry at the local bar while Sofie and Libby (one of the chooch dancers) get closer and decide to attend the local cinema. Eventually, a group of restless miners arrive in time for the chooch show, but with drastic consequences when they start a riot. Meanwhile, Ben has an enlightening experience at the bottom of a mineshaft where he has a vision of the mysterious Scudder fighting in the trenches of World War I.

star 7.47
600 votes
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#58 - Genie

The Lottery Season 1 - Episode 4

Vanessa has second thoughts about the lottery and consults Darius and the President about shifting the control back to the government. Darius and Vanessa discover the culprit behind the diplomat’s kidnapping and death while Alison and James quarantine Kyle as they dive further into the anomalies found in his blood.

star 7.47
233 votes
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#59 - Bogeyman

Law & Order Season 18 - Episode 15

A novelist's apparent suicide soon changes to a murder investigation with suspects that include a cult and her husband, but Cutter's case may not be closed when jury tampering puts lives at risk.

star 7.45
136 votes
Things We Lock Away

#60 - Things We Lock Away

Caprica Season 1 - Episode 12

Lines of loyalty have been drawn. Where do you stand?

star 7.42
2706 votes
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New Amsterdam

#61 - New Amsterdam

Mad Men Season 1 - Episode 4

Pete Campbell oversteps the mark when he pitches an idea for ad campaign to the head of Bethlehem Steel without telling Don Draper. Draper wants him fired but learns a lesson in corporate politics. Pete's wife wants to buy a Manhattan apartment but he has to approach his cold and distant parents for a loan. Pete's in-laws, however, are more forthcoming.

star 7.42
2906 votes
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#62 - Rumours

Glee Season 2 - Episode 19

Sue Sylvester revives the school newspaper and decides to print a few inflammatory blind items. The glee club gains a whole new respect for Sam when they discover some interesting new information about his family life. Meanwhile, April Rhodes (guest star Chenoweth) returns to Lima and tries to convince Mr. Schuester to hit the road with her.

star 7.41
2690 votes

#63 - FILE #6

neXt (2020) Season 1 - Episode 6

Shea manages to save Ethan from extreme danger, while Ty makes a difficult decision for his family's safety. Then, LeBlanc takes matters into his own hands to remedy his degenerative brain disease. Also, C.M. and Gina escape the hospital and learn more about each other, Ted makes a risky deal to take over a server farm in Singapore and he uses Abby to access LeBlanc's NEXT hard drive.

star 7.40
630 votes
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Alexis Stone

#64 - Alexis Stone

Nip/Tuck Season 6 - Episode 6

When a newly married Erica threatens to take custody of Annie and Connor, Sean and Julia present a happy and united front to thwart her efforts. Christian bonds with a new patient as Mike reveals his future plans with Kimber.

star 7.40
636 votes
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Alexis Stone II

#65 - Alexis Stone II

Nip/Tuck Season 6 - Episode 7

Both Matt and Alexis Stone request unusual surgical procedures from Christian. Erica discovers the horrible truth about her new husband. After a lifetime of torment from her mother, Julia seeks revenge upon her.

star 7.31
603 votes
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For Those Who Think Young

#66 - For Those Who Think Young

Mad Men Season 2 - Episode 1

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the Sterling Cooper advertising agency is hustling to stay on top of its game and buzzing over the newest office equipment. Don and Duck find themselves at odds over an account. Betty reconnects with an old friend and once again finds herself struggling with car trouble.

star 7.31
2495 votes
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Creatures of the Night

#67 - Creatures of the Night

CSI: NY Season 1 - Episode 2

Junkie Jordy Thompkins was shot dead in an alleyway, but the bullet that killed him is missing. Taylor and Hawkes soon realise that a rat may have eaten the bullet, and finding the rat leads them to a robbery that occurred earlier that day. After Robin Prescott is found raped and beaten in Central Park with only a peony leaf on her clothing, Stella and Flack have the daunting task of trying to find the man who raped her, but Prescott has no memory of the crime.

star 7.26
782 votes
Let's Talk

#68 - Let's Talk

Saving Grace Season 3 - Episode 11

In the immediate aftermath of Grace and Neely’s survived fall from the top of a building, Grace, now known as “Angel Cop” by the city, decides to have it out with God once and for all. But a mysterious stranger might have something to say about that. Ham struggles with his father over the fact that Ham is now dating his dead brother’s widow. And the squad investigates a deadly mauling by a dog.

star 7.24
17 votes
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Who's Who

#69 - Who's Who

Eerie, Indiana Season 1 - Episode 9

A troubled young girl with a penchant for drawing can suddenly change reality when she starts signing her pictures with an Eerie brand pencil.

star 7.17
71 votes
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#70 - Duplicity

Army Wives Season 2 - Episode 10

Joan is restricted to bed rest with pregnancy complications; Trevor is upset when his injury prevents his return to combat; Frank senses a change in Denise when he returns home from Iraq.

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170 votes
The Dead Letter

#71 - The Dead Letter

Eerie, Indiana Season 1 - Episode 8

While browsing the basement of the local library, Marshall finds an old letter. He opens it and a young man appears who won't leave him alone until he delivers the letter in person.

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76 votes
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The Art of the Deal

#72 - The Art of the Deal

Blood & Oil (2015) Season 1 - Episode 9

With Carla behind bars after taking the fall for the stolen report, Hap is more determined than ever to find the mole at Briggs Oil who put her there. But first, Annie pays Carla an unexpected visit to propose a deal that would give both women what they want. Meanwhile, Jules’ brush with death brings both Briggs men rushing to her bedside, providing her with an opportunity to come clean with their secrets. Despite Billy’s profuse apologies, his lies have pushed Cody over the edge, and Billy fears he may never be able to make things right. Later, Hap and Annie face off against each other as they prepare to make their biggest play yet. May the best Briggs win.

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