The Best Episodes Directed by Mary Lou Belli

Runaround Charles

#1 - Runaround Charles

Charles in Charge Season 3 - Episode 20

Charles becomes frantic when he makes too many commitments for one evening. Having promised to speak to Sarah's class, chaperon Jamie's birthday party and go out with Julie Fletcher (Courteny Gebhart) , Charles seeks Buddy's help in order to successfully proceed with all three activities. Together, Buddy and Charles strategically schedule the events of the evening, arranging just enough time for everything. As the plan takes form, all seems under control, but shortly the chaos begins. Charles' speech is postponed; Jamie's party starts early, and Julie becomes impatient and curious about why she has to wait with Buddy. The hilarious antics that occur confuse everyone, but Charles finally solves the problems by sending Sarah's class, Jamie's party and Buddy to the pizza parlor, while he and Julie stay home.

star 9.20
5 votes
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Take This Job and Love It

#2 - Take This Job and Love It

One On One Season 2 - Episode 16

Breanna takes a job at a burger joint, but her ideas to improve the working environment don't sit well with her boss. Elsewhere, Flex lets Walt cut his hair while Malik is out of town, then goes to great lengths to hide the fact. Meanwhile Duane and Candy go on a date.

star 9.00
1 votes
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Double Talk

#3 - Double Talk

Sister, Sister Season 6 - Episode 17

Jordan saves the day when Tia freezes up as host of Tamara's radio show.

star 8.50
4 votes
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A Sting of Pearls

#4 - A Sting of Pearls

Charles in Charge Season 4 - Episode 18

The Powell's old babysitter comes back tries to get Charles in trouble.

star 8.00
5 votes
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Goodbye, Mr. Chips

#5 - Goodbye, Mr. Chips

One On One Season 4 - Episode 13

Flex brings Duane with him to the annual celebrity poker tournament. Flex pays against Kevin Frazier (as himself). NBA legend John Salley and Claudia Jordan guest star as themselves.

star 8.00
1 votes
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Mr. Monk Takes the Stand

#6 - Mr. Monk Takes the Stand

Monk Season 8 - Episode 5

Monk and the police have a killer right where they want him... until the case goes to court and a hotshot lawyer demolishes the prosecution as he uses Monk's phobias against them

star 7.91
593 votes
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A Girl Without Feelings

#7 - A Girl Without Feelings

Bull (2016) Season 3 - Episode 7

Bull confronts his guilt over closing his psychiatric practice to start TAC when his former patient, a young woman who is a clinical sociopath, goes on trial for killing her brother. When Bull and Benny’s client has no memory of the crime due to her mental condition, they enter a "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" plea and aim to seat jurors that are sympathetic to mental illness.

star 7.87
802 votes
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#8 - Stuck

Hart of Dixie Season 3 - Episode 21

When Wade's dad asks Zoe for help with his love life, she is happy to get involved, until Wade advises her that no good can come from it. Lavon recruits George to help persuade the city comptroller to change BlueBell's billing on an exit sign, but finds himself in competition against his rival, Mayor Gainey. Meanwhile, Lemon continues to try to raise Fancie's profile, but all her plans seem to go up in flames.

star 7.86
799 votes
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Powder Keg

#9 - Powder Keg

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 - Episode 20

Pride and his bar patrons, including Sydney Halliday who is visiting Pride after leaving the Army, are held hostage by a group of volatile thieves.

star 7.83
779 votes
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When Hearts Attack (2)

#10 - When Hearts Attack (2)

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 8

Joan believes that she has had a heart attack, although the doctor insists that the episode was only an arrythmia. Joan's mother explains that she did not sleep with William; she had gone to his house to talk, and was in a robe because she needed to shower before her flight. (William had called Joan, but Lynn erased the message because she was expecting a call about a kangaroo.) Although the misunderstanding is cleared up, Joan begins to have second thoughts about William...and then has second thoughts about her second thoughts. Meanwhile, Maya goes on Lynn's public access television show with the belief that she is going to promote her book, only to be ambushed.

star 7.80
15 votes
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Slay the Dragon

#11 - Slay the Dragon

NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 - Episode 18

Tammy is reunited with her ex-husband, Ethan McKinley, who disappeared after embezzling $80 million in Katrina relief funds, after he is linked to the murder of a crime boss’ son.

star 7.80
548 votes
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Billy and the Kid

#12 - Billy and the Kid

NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 - Episode 10

The murder of a Marine provides new clues in the first case Pride and Lasalle ever worked together, just before Hurricane Katrina struck the city and washed away any evidence. Also, the team celebrates Thanksgiving together in Pride’s bar.

star 7.80
960 votes
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Comedy of Eros

#13 - Comedy of Eros

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 13

Toni refuses to believe Joan's claims that she isn't upset about spending Valentine's Day alone, and insists on constantly trying to cheer her up. She follows Joan to the movies and annoys everyone by talking loudly and giving away plot points. Joan gets up and moves to another seat, and runs into her old friend Davis. They go out to dinner and have a nice time together, but Joan realizes that she isn't ready to get into another relationship. Toni tells Todd that they shouldn't exchange Valentine's gifts because of their limited finances, but then reveals that she recently spent $2800 on boots. Todd is hurt when Toni then buys Joan a gift, but Toni actually realizes this and takes steps to correct her mistake. William tries desperately to make a connection with Donna, the woman at the bus stop, but she wants nothing to do with him. He makes the ill-advised move of sending Lynn to talk to her, which only ends up frightening Donna further. However, he later pleads his case and co

star 7.79
14 votes
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#14 - Outlaws

NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 - Episode 7

The NCIS team investigates the murder of a sailor during a rowdy motorcycle rally in the city. Also, Lasalle turns to Gregorio for advice on his personal life.

star 7.75
1312 votes
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Snowflakes in Hell

#15 - Snowflakes in Hell

Dynasty (2017) Season 2 - Episode 4

After an earth-shattering reveal, the Carringtons scramble to keep the family together on an expedition abroad, with Fallon playing the unlikely role of peacemaker. Meanwhile, back home, Culhane is coerced into a dangerous endeavor.

star 7.73
185 votes
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Runs In The Family (1)

#16 - Runs In The Family (1)

NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 - Episode 15

While Pride and Rita plan their wedding, the FBI arrests Connor in connection to the bar's firebombing as a means of getting to his mother, Sasha Broussard, and Rita may be the only person who can save them.

star 7.70
220 votes
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Acceptable Loss

#17 - Acceptable Loss

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 - Episode 6

The murder of a petty officer leads Pride and his team to a mysterious woman who is targeting men with high security clearance. Also, Lasalle’s father, Beau, arrives in town to discuss the family business.

star 7.68
987 votes
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#18 - X

NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 - Episode 13

NCIS investigates the disappearance of a Navy entomologist after a deadly shooting at a research lab. Nero, with Naval Intelligence, joins the investigation when the team discovers a rare and deadly virus was also stolen.

star 7.66
500 votes
Contain the Flame

#19 - Contain the Flame

Station 19 Season 1 - Episode 3

Upon the arrival of Batallion Chief Frankel, Jack begins his first shift as co-captain and continues to butt heads with Andy on leadership styles. Captain Pruitt has a difficult time following doctor’s orders and winds up back at the station to take on administrative duties. Meanwhile, the rest of the team at Station 19 responds to an attic fire at JJ’s apartment building and a call to a pool house party.

star 7.66
960 votes
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The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four: Lynn's Ouroboros

#20 - The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four: Lynn's Ouroboros

Black Lightning Season 3 - Episode 4

Jefferson faces new challenges due to the shocking state of Freeland. Lynn finds herself under intense pressure as she desperately tries to find a solution to the continuing crisis in Freeland. Meanwhile, Anissa continues her work at the clinic. Lastly, Jennifer finds her confidence shaken.

star 7.65
505 votes

#21 - Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom

NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 - Episode 7

Following a natural gas explosion at a movie theater, the NCIS team discovers the gas company has been hacked and more explosions could be triggered.

star 7.60
380 votes

#22 - Jackpot

NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 - Episode 20

When Elvis Bertrand’s “daughter” is linked to an NCIS murder case, he asks Pride to prove her innocence.

star 7.60
493 votes
Sweeping with the Enemy

#23 - Sweeping with the Enemy

Devious Maids Season 4 - Episode 4

Marisol deals with a new roommate. Daniela and Carmen’s relationship takes a turn when an unexpected visitor arrives. Zoila gets setup on a blind date, as Genevieve also makes a new friend. Rosie’s suspicions of foul play grow stronger.

star 7.58
754 votes
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War and Grease

#24 - War and Grease

Devious Maids Season 4 - Episode 3

Genevieve’s war on Marisol is taken to new heights. Carmen attempts to be “friends” with Daniela, but struggles when Danni’s behavior spirals out of control. Zoila’s friendship with Frances continues to build. Adrian cuts off Evelyn’s funding, throwing a wrench into her plans to divorce him. Meanwhile, Rosie and Jesse have a new visitor to deal with.

star 7.56
731 votes
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Prelude to a Diss

#25 - Prelude to a Diss

Famous in Love Season 1 - Episode 4

Paige becomes aware of the realities and pressure that come with starring in a 200 million dollar film, as her first day on set is riddled with difficulties. Her on-set relationship with Rainer causes further complications with Jake, and she's forced to make a professional decision. Cassie's schooling is in jeopardy after struggling with tuition payments, and with no options available, she's forced to make a tough decision. Meanwhile, Tangey and her mother argue over the future direction of her career, which threatens her mother's status as her manager.

star 7.51
199 votes
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Alex Russo Matchmaker

#26 - Alex Russo Matchmaker

Wizards of Waverly Place Season 3 - Episode 20

Alex sets up Harper on a date with Justin's best friend Zeke, but the relationship doesn't go as she planned. Meanwhile, Justin prepares a project for a science fair.

star 7.51
116 votes
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Something to Talk About

#27 - Something to Talk About

Hart of Dixie Season 3 - Episode 9

When Zoe learns that Wade is interested in dating someone close to her, she tries everything she can do to put a stop to it. Lavon enlists George to help save BlueBell from merging with another town. To help keep the town in the dark about the planned merger, Zoe uses Joel and AnnaBeth to create a scandalous distraction to throw people off the trail. Meanwhile, Brick starts dating again, but finds himself in a tough predicament when someone from his past resurfaces.

star 7.50
966 votes
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Merry Ex-mas

#28 - Merry Ex-mas

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 11

Maya invites Darnell's girlfriend, Lena, to her Christmas party in an effort to be civil. However, she grows jealous and gets Jalen to pose as her boyfriend. She is also furious when Lena gets Jabari a Game Cube (he wasn't supposed to get one because of his poor performance in school), and accuses the couple of not communicating with one another. Maya later catches Lena with a man at the bar, and winds up in the strange position of trying to help her with her relationship. Meanwhile, Joan gets really carried away while organizing a caroling outing for her friends.

star 7.47
17 votes
Mr. Monk Is Someone Else

#29 - Mr. Monk Is Someone Else

Monk Season 8 - Episode 4

Monk assumes a dead hitman's identity in order to foil an assassination plot.

star 7.43
779 votes
The Book of Ruin: Chapter Two: Theseus's Ship

#30 - The Book of Ruin: Chapter Two: Theseus's Ship

Black Lightning Season 4 - Episode 6

Jefferson crosses a line with Lynn. Anissa shares some important news. Tobias makes a surprising move.

star 7.41
271 votes
The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Four: A Light in the Darkness

#31 - The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Four: A Light in the Darkness

Black Lightning Season 4 - Episode 4

Jefferson pays Tobias a visit and warns him to stay away from his family.

star 7.36
266 votes
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To William

#32 - R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To William

Girlfriends Season 8 - Episode 9

William considers leaving the firm as he feels disrespected at work. Maya starts to write a neighborhood newsletter as Joan feels Lynn doesn't like her housewarming gift.

star 7.36
14 votes
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Don't Leave Me a Loan

#33 - Don't Leave Me a Loan

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 5

After Lynn's unpaid loan has a negative effect on their credit, Lynn's parents pressure her to get a job and pay them back. Lynn's friends ""help"" her prepare for her interviews--by wrestling her to the ground and forcing her into a wardrobe change, as well as offering emotional support. Meanwhile, Maya hides the truth about her separation from Darnell from her mother.

star 7.31
16 votes

#34 - Jack

American Woman Season 1 - Episode 8

Kathleen grapples with some new information she's learned about Greg. Bonnie has a health scare. Diana gets some disappointing news at work.

star 7.29
79 votes
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Save The Last Dance

#35 - Save The Last Dance

Girlfriends Season 8 - Episode 8

Joan, William and Maya try to dispel Lynn's comment about them being old by going out to local clubs with her and trying to keep up with the younger crowd. Meanwhile, Lynn runs into Xander (guest star Quddus Philippe), who is still mad at her for canceling her performance at a rally raising awareness to save the environment.

star 7.27
15 votes
Invasion of the Gold Digger

#36 - Invasion of the Gold Digger

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 6

The girls instantly detest William's demanding girlfriend, Monica. Joan in particular is up in arms after Monica convinces William to renege on a promise to make her co-counsel for a big case because he would look better in the partners' eyes if he handled it himself. Joan seeks revenge on William, and the girls later confront Monica. Toni keeps running into plastic surgeon Dr. Todd Garrett. Although the two seem to have hit it off, Toni refuses to date him because of his lack of height.

star 7.16
19 votes
Blood Is Thicker Than Liquor (a.k.a. Blood Is Thicker Than Water)

#37 - Blood Is Thicker Than Liquor (a.k.a. Blood Is Thicker Than Water)

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 22

Toni's family comes to town, and Toni worries that her mother will embarrass her in front of Todd's parents by voicing her objections to their Jewish background. Mrs. Childs becomes dejected about the bickering between Toni and her older sister, Sherri--whom Toni refuses to include in the bridal party--and falls off the wagon. Meanwhile, William worries that he will lose one of his few male friends when the man begins dating Maya.

star 7.05
19 votes
Catered Affair

#38 - Catered Affair

Major Dad Season 4 - Episode 4

The Major must hire Elizabeth to cater a reception for a visiting general.

star 7.00
2 votes
Who's Your Daddy?

#39 - Who's Your Daddy?

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 9

Lynn is excited about a visit from her birth father, Ken, and his wife. Her adoptive father fears that he is losing his daughter and flies into town at the same time. Lynn grows frustrated because Ken doesn't spend any time with her, as his wife has planned the entire trip and is only interested in seeing celebrities. Meanwhile, Joan and William try to plan their first date, with limited success. Toni dodges Todd's divorce lawyer, who is trying to serve her with divorce papers.

star 6.79
19 votes
Snap Back

#40 - Snap Back

Girlfriends Season 8 - Episode 7

When Darnell confronts Maya about not dealing with her recent loss he learns shocking news that Maya has been taking pills to help her deal with it. Meanwhile, At an Erykah Badu concert with Joan, Lynn's manager informs her about a record label wanting to sign her. William also fears that his sex life will change after Monica has the baby after receiving information from Darnell about how a womens body is after she gives birth.

star 6.74
19 votes
Star Craving Mad

#41 - Star Craving Mad

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 4

Joan has several run-ins with an actor at the gym, but finds herself attracted to him. However, she re-considers her decision to date Ellis after discovering that he has lied to her. William's sister comes out to him, then asks him to become a sperm donor so that she and her partner can have a child.

star 6.61
18 votes
Keeping It

#42 - Keeping It

One On One Season 3 - Episode 8

Asanti, the most popular cheerleader in Breanna's cheerleading squad shares good news with the other cheerleaders about her losing her virginity with her boyfriend Rodney. The entire squad is happy for her, but when the cheerleading squad discovers that Breanna and Spirit are still virgins their popularity is threatened. Giving into peer pressure Breanna and Spirit decide to lose their virginity quick. Meanwhile after a burglar almost rob's Duane's apartment he and Flex decide to patrol the building to catch the crook. Also Arnaz's mom, Cheryl is worried about Arnaz and his raging hormones so Flex decides to talk to Arnaz about the birds and the bees. The next night Breanna decides to have sex with Arnaz to lose her virginity and remain popular but she changes her mind when Arnaz reveals he's not a virgin! After a long talk with Flex she realizes that she made the right choice and decides to wait until she's all grown up to have sex.

star 0.00
0 votes