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The top 18 shows on Movistar+


#1 - Vergüenza

Follow Vergüenza is a show about a wedding photographer, Jesús and his complicated relationship with his girlfriend Nuria and his unusual ability to mess up constantly.

star 8.00
187 votes
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Riot Police

#2 - Riot Police

Six riot police execute an eviction in the center of Madrid that gets complicated and a man ends up dying. An Internal Affairs team will be in charge of investigating the events and the six riot police face an accusation of reckless homicide. The group of agents looks for a way out on their own that ends up separating them and, finally, complicating the situation even more. Laia, one of the Internal Affairs agents, becomes obsessed with the case and ends up discovering that, after that ill-fated eviction, there is much more.

star 7.90
333 votes
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Mira lo que has hecho

#3 - Mira lo que has hecho

Set in Barcelona, tells the real story of Berto, a well-known Spanish comedian, when he becomes the terrified father of Lucas, with Sandra, his partner.

star 7.80
282 votes
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Skam España

#4 - Skam España

Remake of the Norwegian series Skam, this version features a portrait of 16 year olds born since 2000. The themes on which this series is centered are: sexual harassment, feminism, bullying, homophobia, fatophobia or Islamophobia.

star 7.75
383 votes
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El Palmar de Troya

#5 - El Palmar de Troya

An insider look to the Palmariana Church, a congregation that's always been surrounded by scandal, abuse and unlikely anecdotes.

star 7.56
34 votes
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The Zone (2017)

#6 - The Zone (2017)

After a nuclear accident in the north of Spain, a vast exclusion zone was set up to contain the risk of radioactive propagation. Survivors have been rehoused in a new city 50 km away from the power plant. A series of murders lead Héctor, the police chief who survived the catastrophe to embark on an investigation to find the culprit. The problem is that, while doing this, he discovers many other things. After the disaster, reality changes forever.

star 7.54
156 votes
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Madrid on Fire

#7 - Madrid on Fire

An incredible, dreamlike place and moment, as if it was in a movie, where anything can happen. Ava Gardner leaves her detached house in La Moraleja and moves into an apartment block in Doctor Arce street, where the Perón family, exiled from their country and taken in by Franco, live. For the poor, almost everything is prohibited, and for the rich, almost nothing is prohibited. On that year, Antonio Flores is baptized, Hemingway dies, films like El Cid or 55 Days at Peking are shot - All the splendor that goes on inside these lofts contrasts sharply with the poverty and paucity of the lives of ordinary citizens of a dictatorship that seems to be going to last for 2000 years.

star 7.52
163 votes
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In The Death Corridor

#8 - In The Death Corridor

The series depicts the judicial case that began in 1994 when club owner Casimir Sucharski and dancers Sharon Anderson and Marie Rodgers were found shot to death in Sucharski's house in Miramar, Florida. A poor quality surveillance video is the prosecution's main piece evidence against Pablo Ibar, a man of dual Spanish and American citizenship who had been arrested in a burglary incident. Ibar was first sentenced to capital punishment and spent sixteen years on death row, in an ongoing judicial process that has involved four trials.

star 7.45
40 votes
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The Pier

#9 - The Pier

High-profile architect Alexandra faces her worst nightmare when she gets a call from local cop Conrado to identify her husband Oscar's body, found on a pier in the beautiful Albufera landscape outside Valencia. Suicide? How can it be when they had made plans for their future just hours ago? But it only gets worse: Oscar had been leading a double-life with another woman, Veronica. Who is this woman? Who was the man she loved for 15 years? And what happened that fatal night on the pier? Taking on a false identity, Alex moves in with Veronica and, with Conrado's help, delves into the secrets Oscar kept, soon leading her to question who, in the enchanting remoteness of the Albufera, is friend, who is foe. Though Alex would love to hate Veronica, Alex discovers an alluring woman who leads a life so enticingly different from her own. But will the bond they forge over Oscar's death survive the moment when Alex must reveal her true identity? Or can an even closer bond develop giving the Alex and Veronica the strength to uncover the whole truth together?

star 7.40
226 votes
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Vida perfecta

#10 - Vida perfecta

Maria, Esther and Cristina are three adult and complex women who are right in the middle of a life crisis. They have realized that the plans they had made for themselves haven’t really gotten them the long-promised happiness they yearned for. Together, they will find alternatives and make decisions that will lead them away from what society expects from them. They will soon realize that life doesn’t necessarily have to be what they always imagined.

star 7.38
75 votes
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#11 - Gigantes

Gigantes is a story of fraternal love and hate. Family, drug dealing and police chases in Madrid's Gypsy underground world. The Guerrero brothers have controlled drug dealing between the Peninsula and the rest of Europe for decades. Now they face one of the most crucial moments in their history.

star 7.38
62 votes
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The Invisible Line

#12 - The Invisible Line

Based on the birth of Basque terrorists group ETA and their first terror attack, of which military police member José Antonio Pardines was a victim.

star 7.19
106 votes
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La Unidad

#13 - La Unidad

Melilla. Tangiers. Toulouse. In the dark of night, officers from the Spanish, Moroccan and French police forces carry out a synchronized anti-jihadist strike but retaliation looms.

star 7.10
69 votes
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The Velvet Collection

#14 - The Velvet Collection

Barcelona 1967. Ana Rivera returns from New York to launch her last dream: to make the leap from the exclusive business of haute couture in Madrid to a boutique in Barcelona with aspirations to become a global franchise.

star 7.06
54 votes
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Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War

#15 - Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War

Amelia Garayoa gives up a comfortable life in her fight for freedom, becoming swept up in the greatest conflicts of the 20th century.

star 7.02
48 votes
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Episode 0

#16 - Episode 0

An anthology series where, in each chapter, La Mancha humorists parody different Spanish and international series.

star 6.86
43 votes
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Justo antes de Cristo

#17 - Justo antes de Cristo

Año 31 a. de C. Manio Sempronio, un acomodado patricio, mata sin querer a un senador y es condenado a muerte. Incapaz de acabar con su propia vida, pide que le conmuten la pena por cualquier cosa, lo que sea. Así es enviado como legionario a Tracia, la tierra donde su padre, El Magnífico, forjó su leyenda como militar. A la carga de recuperar el honor familiar, hay que sumarle que le acompaña su esclavo Agorastocles: un amigo, un hermano... Otra carga. Éste tiene ambiciones propias que, como todo esclavo, sólo puede vivir a través de su amo. En Tracia reina la calma desde hace décadas. El campamento es gobernado por el General de la Legión, un anciano al cuidado de su hija Valeria, mujer acostumbrada a los tejemanejes de Roma que lleva a su padre por donde quiere. La llegada de Manio, desesperado por ser un héroe, pondrá patas arriba, en un tiempo record, tanto la estabilidad militar de la zona como la vida cotidiana de todos los allí destinados.

star 6.24
73 votes
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Merlí: Dare to Know

#18 - Merlí: Dare to Know

Pol Rubio starts to study Philosophy at the University of Barcelona while the relationship between Bruno and him begins to strengthen. Pol will meet new friends, new colleagues and new teachers apart from having to face conflicts in his new student stage, his complicated family and his new relationship with Bruno Bergeron in this way until becoming a Philosophy teacher.

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