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Last Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Network: NBC

American series of children's computer animated films featuring anthropomorphic vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity. They frequently retell Biblical stories, sometimes anachronistically reframed, and include humorous references to pop culture in many different eras by putting Veggie spins on them.

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It's a Meaningful Life

#1 - It's a Meaningful Life

Season 1 - Episode 38 - Aired Oct 5, 2010

What if you had the chance to change everything you thought was not as you hoped in life? That's just what is offered to Stewart (Larry) when he's at his lowest point. He could have been the football hero, the TV star, the investment king, and the perfect dad and husband. Faced with losing his father s toy factory to a greedy business mogul, Stewart discovers a ticket for a one-night-only special train ride with a mysterious conductor to visit his past, present and future. Where will the train stop - and where will he step off in search of a meaningful life?

star 5.00
2 votes
'Twas The Night Before Easter

#2 - 'Twas The Night Before Easter

Season 1 - Episode 39 - Aired Mar 5, 2011

It’s Easter time in Crisper County and cable news reporter Marlee Meade is hunting for a way to help others. She cooks up a plan to save the old theater with a cast of costume-clad townies, massive props and a 20-foot robot rabbit to perform “Up With Bunnies.” Now there’s only one thing missing–the star of the show! When word spreads that singing sensation Cassie Cassava (Melinda Doolittle) is arriving to perform in her hometown church’s Easter service, Marlee schemes to steal the starlet for her own pageant! But when things go haywire, will it be curtains for Marlee’s dreams–or will she discover the true meaning of Easter and what helping others is really all about?

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2 votes
Duke and the Great Pie War

#3 - Duke and the Great Pie War

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired May 8, 2005

Duke and the Great Pie War is the 25th episode in the VeggieTales animated series. It was released on March 5,2005 in both DVD and VHS format. Subtitled "A Lesson in Loving Your Family", it includes two stories aimed at teaching the value of family and the importance of putting others' needs ahead of your own. It is a prequel to King George and the Ducky. Both features are based directly on accounts taken from the Bible. The first is retelling of story of the baby Moses and his sister Miriam from the Book of Exodus. The second story is derived from the Book of Ruth. In this account, Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi seek the protection of a distant relative named Boaz. Ruth and Boaz fall in love, but Boaz must first challenge a closer relative for the rights to the family estate. The story is recast to a medieval setting in this video.

star 5.83
6 votes
Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas

#4 - Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas

Season 1 - Episode 47 - Aired Oct 19, 2013

Bob and Larry are going all out to make it the best Christmas ever at the Spring Valley Mall. With music, decorations and a light show like no other, it's an all-out spectacle to outshine the competition! But a little girl with a big heart changes everything when she shows them all what Christmas is really about.

star 5.93
28 votes
Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God's Own Heart

#5 - Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God's Own Heart

Season 1 - Episode 37 - Aired Aug 3, 2010

A VeggieTales twist on the story of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. The second story is "Snooderella", a twist of Cinderella. Its theme is true beauty.

star 6.00
2 votes
Noah's Ark

#6 - Noah's Ark

Season 1 - Episode 51 - Aired Mar 3, 2015

A Lesson in Trusting God! Noah and his family along with a zoo full of animals take an adventure aboard an orange slice ark. After 40 days and nights of rain, everyone's faith has been tested, and they're ready to jump ship. Will they chart a new course, or will they remember to trust God's promises? Grab your umbrellas and find out in this VeggieTales re-telling of the beloved Bible story!

star 6.00
1 votes
Larryboy The Cartoon Adventures: The Good, the Bad and the Eggly

#7 - Larryboy The Cartoon Adventures: The Good, the Bad and the Eggly

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Jun 10, 2003

Larryboy and fellow superhero, Dark Crow, scramble to learn a lesson in sharing. But it doesn’t come over-easy when they discover Greta Von Gruesome and Awful Alvin are the terrible team of trouble that has struck Bumblyburg with their new invention—the Over-Easy-Egg ray! Everything turns into a hard-boiled mess as this deceptive duo zaps everything in sight. Larryboy has to learn that sharing means working together as he and Dark Crow team up to share the responsibilities of fighting this crime. Will Larryboy learn that sharing means working together? Will he learn it before he and Dark Crow become the world’s biggest superhero omelet? See what happens in this exciting Larryboy adventure!

star 6.00
4 votes
God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!

#8 - God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 3, 1994

Two lessons in forgiveness from the Veggie crew: In "The Grapes of Wrath," Junior learns to forgive the Grape family even after they continue teasing him; "Larry's Lagoon" is the story of a ship's crew being marooned on a remote island, and learning to forgive their clumsy first mate (Larry) for accidentally getting them stuck there.

star 6.23
77 votes
Writers: Lisa Vischer, Phil Vischer
Madame Blueberry

#9 - Madame Blueberry

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Jul 1, 1998

Even though Madame Blueberry lives in a nice treehouse, and has lots of friends, she is still upset because she always thinks she needs more "stuff". When a new Stuff-Mart superstore opens up near her home, she loads up with everything she can, but is still sad. Eventually, Madame Blueberry learns that it's important to be thankful for what you already have.

star 6.82
11 votes
The Ballad of Little Joe

#10 - The Ballad of Little Joe

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired Aug 5, 2003

Join Little Joe (played by Larry the Cucumber) and his rootin' tootin' French pea brothers on an adventure that will take them from an abandoned mineshaft all the way to Dodge Ball City -- with Little Joe's faith being tested every step of the way!

star 6.87
8 votes
Jonah Sing-Along Songs and More!

#11 - Jonah Sing-Along Songs and More!

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired Jul 30, 2002

"Jonah Sing-Along Songs and More!" is the 17th episode in the VeggieTales animated series. Released in 2002, it is one of several sing-along videos. Released prior to the film Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, it was intended to fuel interest in the upcoming feature. Unlike the previous sing-alongs. It had no real ``A lesson in...`` subtitle, this one features some live-action footage including a segment of the Newsboys in concert performing the song "Belly of the Whale". It also includes a medley of songs from Lyle the Kindly Viking. The story behind the video is that Archibald Asparagus, who plays Jonah in the movie, is afraid to come out of his dressing room for fear of being swallowed by a whale. It's up to Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber to coax him out and play Jonah in the first featured-movie Jonah.

star 7.00
6 votes
The Star of Christmas

#12 - The Star of Christmas

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired Oct 29, 2002

Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber appear as Cavis Appythart and Millward Phelps, respectively--two jingle writers based loosely on Gilbert and Sullivan. The setting is 1880s London, and they've written a musical called "The Princess and the Plumber", which they plan to open on Christmas Eve. Cavis thinks the production will "teach London how to love". But children at nearby St. Bart's Church are planning a nativity play for the same evening, and they plan to feature the Star of Christmas, a religious artifact unseen by the public for decades. The London Post Gazette writes a front-page story about the nativity play and the Star, and Cavis and Millward hatch a plan to make their musical better than the children's play. In the end, they learn about the true meaning of Christmas.

star 7.00
5 votes
Abe and the Amazing Promise

#13 - Abe and the Amazing Promise

Season 1 - Episode 33 - Aired Feb 9, 2009

Junior Asparagus is anxious for the new show production to be finished. Bob the Tomato reads a letter from Cairo, Illinois about "waiting" by directing a Bible-times interview with Abraham, Sarah (voiced by Delilah) and their promised son, Isaac. Like in Josh and the Big Wall!, Bob and Junior use imagination to travel. Their patience is tested by splitting camels, a confused nurse, an easily distracted film crew, and others. This episode's second segment is "Blunders in Boo-Boo-Ville". It is nearing the time of the great “Boo-Boo-Bird Festival,” but there haven’t been any Boo-Boo Birds spotted in the town for a long time. The festival is in danger of being canceled if the town’s residents can’t come up with a way to attract the birds back to their city. Jacques (Larry the Cucumber) learns a tough lesson about taking his time to make sure things are done correctly when an attempt to bring back the boo-boo birds doesn't go as smoothly as hoped. One of his inventions gone awry creates a rift in his friendship with Maurice (Bob the Tomato), and he must embark on his next task alone. He learns his lesson from a scientist and inventor named Leon Merengue (Charlie Pincher). Madame Blueberry appears as the town's mayor.

star 7.00
2 votes
Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella

#14 - Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella

Season 1 - Episode 34 - Aired Aug 1, 2009

Minnesota Cuke is on a new quest. He searches for Noah's umbrella. Its theme is confidence.

star 7.00
3 votes
Princess & The Popstar

#15 - Princess & The Popstar

Season 1 - Episode 40 - Aired Aug 16, 2011

Princess Poppyseed's life on her familys farm is far from the glamorous world of her favorite pop singer Vanna Banana. While Princess milks the cows and dreams of a life on stage, Vanna has her own dreams of a life far from the hectic pace of stardom. On a chance meeting Vanna & Princess cross paths and realize they look almost exactly alike which leads to the crazy notion that maybe they could switch lives! In a flash the girls secret plan is launched but as Princess tries to live up to the demands of being a diva and Vanna learns how to milk the cows each girl realizes that the life they longed for doesn t fulfill all their dreams after all and the life God gave them is the one for which they were uniquely and lovingly designed.

star 7.00
4 votes
Larryboy The Cartoon Adventures: The Yodel Napper

#16 - Larryboy The Cartoon Adventures: The Yodel Napper

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Nov 26, 2002

The action-filled cartoon adventure Larryboy comes from Big Idea Productions, the makers of popular Christian kid's shows. The super hero Larryboy is the alter ego of Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales. In Larryboy: The Yodelnapper, the evil Greta Von Gruesome has kidnapped the world's best yodelers. In order to save the land of Bumblyburg, Larryboy disguises himself as famous yodeler Noodle Blabberbop and learns some Christian moral lessons. This video contains the bonus cartoon short "A Polar Pickle."

star 7.00
3 votes
MacLarry & the Stinky Cheese Battle

#17 - MacLarry & the Stinky Cheese Battle

Season 1 - Episode 46 - Aired Jul 30, 2013

A long time ago, in a land flowing with beards and kilts, there lived two clans who were locked in a longstanding feud! The tribes plotted against each other with various pranks, including water balloon ambushes, bad haircuts, and a host of other hijinks! When a stinky cheese caper goes afoul, the two clans must learn to work together and resolve their differences for good.

star 7.10
27 votes
Directors: Mike Nawrocki
Lyle the Kindly Viking

#18 - Lyle the Kindly Viking

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Mar 24, 2001

When Archibald Asparagus takes over VeggieTales, he does this episode in a classy way. The "Silly Song with Larry" involves takes place in the thirties, with Larry trying to protect his top hat from being squashed, and singing in Sinatra-like tunes. The episode's entire story is supposedly a lost Gilbert and Sullivan musical, which Archibald learns at the end was just a prank script. It involves a friendly young viking who continually leaves the ship with some money and returns with an empty bag. When two other vikings are sent to find out what's going on, they learn he is returning what they stole to the monks. But should they tell their superior, if it'll get Lyle executed?

star 7.22
9 votes
Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue

#19 - Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue

Season 1 - Episode 32 - Aired Jul 13, 2008

Bob the Tomato is surprised to find Larry the Cucumber in a book club with Mr. Lunt, Archibald Asparagus and Jerry Gourd. They're reading "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain. Well, not the book itself. Bob is dismayed to find they're all just reading notes about the book. Even that was a waste of time, Mr. Lunt decides, when it turns out the dramatized story of the day is "Huckleberry Larry and Tomato Sawyer." The story proves to be a very veggie version of the classic tale. Larry plays Huckleberry Larry, who wants to build a turkey jerky theme park. Bob is Tomato Sawyer who dreams anachronistically of a career in income tax preparation. Big Jim is a sweet-natured but intimidatingly large yellow gourd on the lam. Clark Wayne is the narrator, looking simultaneously like Mark Twain and Col. Sanders. The moral of the story comes from James 4:17: "If you know what is right to do, but you do not do it, you sin."

star 7.25
4 votes
Pistachio: The Little Boy That Woodn't

#20 - Pistachio: The Little Boy That Woodn't

Season 1 - Episode 36 - Aired Feb 27, 2010

A VeggieTales twist on the beloved story of Pinocchio. Once upon a time, a lonely toymaker named Gelato decided to carve a little boy out of wood. Imagine his surprise when he learned that this little toy boy could walk ... and talk ... and definitely had a mind of his own! When Pistachio tries to do things his way he lands in a "whale" of a situation! Will he decide to listen to the wisdom of a loving father in time to save his whole family from becoming fish food?

star 7.25
4 votes
A Very Silly Sing-Along!

#21 - A Very Silly Sing-Along!

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Feb 4, 1997

Very Silly Songs! also known as Silly Sing-Along is the seventh episode in the VeggieTales animated series. Released in March 1997, it is the first of several sing-along videos. It features the four Silly Songs with Larry that had been released to date along with a half dozen others from the first five episodes. It also introduced the popular "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" whose Silly Song appears here for the first time.

star 7.27
11 votes
Dave and the Giant Pickle

#22 - Dave and the Giant Pickle

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Mar 1, 1996

Dave, upset over not being allowed to join his brothers who have all gone off to war, is resigned to staying at home and taking care of the farm. When a giant pickle is sent to attack his village, Dave relies on God's teachings, and his own self-esteem, to fight the monster.

star 7.42
48 votes
Writers: Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki
The Toy That Saved Christmas

#23 - The Toy That Saved Christmas

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 4, 1996

Wally P. Nezzer, owner of the Nezzer Toy Factory, has a new toy this Christmas... Buzzsaw Louie! Push its nose, and it tells you the True Meaning of Christmas... getting presents! One of the Buzzsaw Louie toys doesn't like that idea, and goes in search of the REAL True Meaning of Christmas.

star 7.71
14 votes
King George and the Ducky

#24 - King George and the Ducky

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Apr 4, 2000

King George, unlike most kings, spends most of his time in the bathtub, playing with his favorite toy - a rubber ducky. But George isn't satisfied with just his rubber ducky - he wants all the duckies! The king learns a lesson in humility from his brave soldier Thomas, whose ducky George had stolen. Eventually, George faces his sin and learns that it's always important to share with others.

star 7.75
8 votes
Are You My Neighbor?

#25 - Are You My Neighbor?

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Feb 1, 1995

Two stories, told by the VeggieTales gang, talk about why it's important to love your neighbor. "The Story of Flibber-O-Loo": The inhabitants of the towns Flibber-O-Loo and Jibberty-Lot, who are constantly fighting, attempt to make peace with each other. "The Gourds Must Be Crazy": The USS Applepies is in the path of a giant meteor! Scooter and Junior Asparagus frantically work to fix the ship's engines, but will they rely on oddball crewmembers Jimmy and Jerry Gourd to help them?

star 7.96
49 votes
Directors: Phil Vischer