The BEST Episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City

Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes!

Last Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Bravo brings you into the lives of five women and their families who live in one of the wealthiest communities in the country. They take the viewer into their lives to show their lives aren't always perfect.

The Lost Footage

#1 - The Lost Footage

Season 2 - Episode 15

Never-before-seen clips from the series' second season and reunion special.

star 8.00
3 votes
Life is Not a Cabaret

#2 - Life is Not a Cabaret

Season 11 - Episode 15

Tinsley shares a recent picture of Ramona locking lips with Harry Dubin; Sonja loses it after leaving an AA meeting, but Luann doesn't let that rain on her cabaret parade; the women confront Luann over her selfish ways; Bethenny has a panic attack.

star 7.74
62 votes
The Ramona Trap

#3 - The Ramona Trap

Season 6 - Episode 11

The ladies confront Ramona about her behavior; Kristen and Josh argue over Josh's commitment.

star 7.70
37 votes
Secrets Revealed

#4 - Secrets Revealed

Season 7 - Episode 23

Previously unseen footage from Season 7 is featured.

star 7.67
21 votes
Win, Place or Sonja

#5 - Win, Place or Sonja

Season 6 - Episode 13

Aviva's sex-crazed father, George, has shocking news for Cody, his twenty-five-year-old girlfriend. Aviva decides to throw them a party at a surprising, yet fitting, museum. Can Ramona and George reconcile or will their dislike for each other ruin the night? LuAnn takes everyone but Aviva and Ramona to Saratoga for a weekend of horse racing, drinking, and man chasing, but Sonja parties a little too hard and things quickly get out of hand.

star 7.63
32 votes
The Last Splash

#6 - The Last Splash

Season 6 - Episode 9

Heather invites all the ladies, except Aviva, to her vacation house in the Berkshires for the weekend. Things get dangerously out of hand when a placid canoe trip turns into a blood bath, with Kristen and Ramona going head-to-head.

star 7.62
37 votes
Reunion (Part 2)

#7 - Reunion (Part 2)

Season 2 - Episode 14

The ladies from New York come together for additional second-season exploits; host Andy Cohen.

star 7.61
23 votes

#8 - Fireworks

Season 6 - Episode 7

The Fourth of July in the Hamptons leads to interpersonal fireworks. Here, Kristen and Ramona clash; Ramona and Sonja butt heads; and tensions boil over at a clambake when Aviva approaches Carole to settle differences.

star 7.59
41 votes
Reunion (Part 1)

#9 - Reunion (Part 1)

Season 6 - Episode 21

The Big Apple ladies gather for a reunion hosted by Andy Cohen. Included: Ramona is cornered about her behavior toward Kristen in Montana; Aviva addresses her use of foul language in front of children; and Carole confronts Sonja about rumors and gossip.

star 7.56
36 votes
It's Not You, It's Miami

#10 - It's Not You, It's Miami

Season 11 - Episode 13

Luann asks if Sonja is taking something that would explain her behavior; the women head to Miami for fun, sun and the revelation that Ramona made out with Harry Dubin; it's all too much for Sonja who lashes out at Luann and Ramona after a few drinks.

star 7.55
73 votes
Sun, Sand and Psychosis

#11 - Sun, Sand and Psychosis

Season 3 - Episode 12

After a night of debauchery, the ladies are enjoying a peaceful breakfast until it gets interrupted by another argument between Kelly and Bethenny, and Kelly has a breakdown in a phone call to Jill. The next day, the ladies put their issues aside as Bethenny decides to cook dinner for everyone, but all doesn’t go as planned as arguments continue to ensue. Back in New York City, Jill decides to go to the Virgin Islands to see what’s going on, despite Luann’s protests.

star 7.54
35 votes
If You Can Make It Here

#12 - If You Can Make It Here

Season 6 - Episode 1

Heather hosts her own birthday bash in the Season 6 opener. Also: Aviva tries to make amends with Ramona; and the ladies are introduced to Heather's friend, Kristen Taekman.

star 7.54
35 votes
Tears of a Clown

#13 - Tears of a Clown

Season 11 - Episode 9

Fresh off of her breakup, Tinsley prepares for her appearance as the guest ringmaster for the Big Apple Circus; Bethenny has a court appearance; Ramona takes Barbara shopping; at the circus, Tinsley descends from the rafters on a spinning hoop.

star 7.53
68 votes
There's A New Girl In Town

#14 - There's A New Girl In Town

Season 2 - Episode 1

In the drama-filled season two premiere, an interview that Jill gave to the New York Post puts her in hot water with Alex and Simon. While on vacation in the Hamptons, Alex and Simon run into Jill at a party and their feud comes to a head. Bethenny decides to spend the summer with Jill at her Hamptons estate, and continues her whirlwind life on the social scene. Luann introduces new Housewife Kelly to the other ladies at a charity event.

star 7.52
44 votes
Upstate Girls

#15 - Upstate Girls

Season 11 - Episode 11

Newly single Tinsley faces serious questions about having a baby; Sonja and Barbara head upstate to see Luann's new house, hoping to warn her about the rumblings among the other ladies; Ramona, Bethenny and Dorinda arrive at Luann's house.

star 7.52
71 votes
Reunion (Part 3)

#16 - Reunion (Part 3)

Season 6 - Episode 23

The New York City ladies reunite. Among the dramas: Heather and Aviva clash, as do Ramona and Kristen; and the women reflect on their individual struggles during Season 6.

star 7.51
37 votes
Divided, They Summer

#17 - Divided, They Summer

Season 11 - Episode 1

It's been one crazy summer for the housewives; Bethenny struggles with the passing of her boyfriend, Dennis; Luann comes to terms with her relapse; Ramona learns to swim; Sonja adjusts to her apartment; Dorinda and Luann don't speak to each other.

star 7.51
74 votes
New Alliances

#18 - New Alliances

Season 3 - Episode 1

In the drama-filled season three premiere, the ladies are spending their remaining summer days together in the Hamptons, but friendships and alliances have shifted significantly. Ramona, Jill, LuAnn and Alex all enjoy a sun-filled day on a yacht that Ramona has commissioned for the day – until nasty comments and tears break loose. Jill shares that she is angry with Bethenny and that the two haven’t spoken in months. Meanwhile, after having spent the summer falling in love, Bethenny is back in Manhattan, posing nude in a photo shoot for PETA. LuAnn and Jill give Kelly a chance at friendship and meet her for lunch. The three women catch up on lost time and Jill clues Kelly in on her issues with Bethenny. Similarly, Bethenny and Jason are lunching in Montauk and Bethenny shares some details of her own with Jason. The next day, Bethenny and LuAnn meet for an afternoon cocktail to catch up, but LuAnn comes with an agenda – blindsiding Bethenny by bringing up yet another issue that she didn’t see coming.

star 7.50
28 votes
Birds, Broads and Breakups

#19 - Birds, Broads and Breakups

Season 11 - Episode 8

Tinsley and Luann attend an Al-Anon meeting; Dorinda joins Tinsley for a dress rehearsal before her big day as guest ringmaster at the Big Apple Circus; Ramona, Luann and Sonja run into Ramona's ex, Mario; Dorinda hosts a spa day for the ladies.

star 7.48
67 votes
Lord of the Manor

#20 - Lord of the Manor

Season 7 - Episode 12

LuAnn hosts a launch party, but drama peaks when Kristen and Bethenny have another showdown. Later, the ladies journey to Turks and Caicos. The fun in the sun turns shady and dark when accusations fly about Sonja, leading to a fiery confrontation.

star 7.47
60 votes
Give Up the Ghostwriter

#21 - Give Up the Ghostwriter

Season 6 - Episode 2

Aviva lands a book deal for her memoir and enlists Carole for help, but their lunch quickly turns awkward when discussing the issue of ghostwriters. Elsewhere, Sonja has dinner with Aviva's former husband; and Aviva hosts a housewarming gathering.

star 7.46
41 votes
Wife in the Fast Lane

#22 - Wife in the Fast Lane

Season 2 - Episode 9

Ramona is busy developing a skin care line, and decides to throw a party to show off the products. Bethenny attends and gives her advice on creating a brand, though Ramona isn't too eager to hear what she has to say. LuAnn meets with her writer to finish up her book, Class with the Countess, and also meets with her publisher to discuss how to market the book. Bethenny is out promoting her line of baked goods – Bethenny Bakes – in a store in Connecticut, but she finds it's not as easy as she thinks to give away free products. Kelly takes a trip out to LA to meet with a designer about her jewelry line. Simon plans something special for Alex's birthday, but loses his cool when the part of the surprise gets ruined.

star 7.46
26 votes
Slutty Island

#23 - Slutty Island

Season 5 - Episode 14

The ladies have invited friends over to the villa for a party, but only two people show up -- Cat, LuAnn's old friend, and Tomas, the "Johnny Deep look-alike" from the night before. The ladies think it was Tomas that LuAnn brought back to the villa the previous night and Ramona takes the opportunity to get to the bottom of it. The next day the ladies head out for a calming and fun day on a yacht. Meanwhile Aviva and Reid are en route to St. Barths, despite Aviva's fear of flying in small planes, but when they arrive, Aviva doesn't receive the warm welcome from them that she was anticipating.

star 7.46
24 votes
Bury the Hatchet

#24 - Bury the Hatchet

Season 6 - Episode 17

As Kristen and Heather continue to feud, the other ladies are all forced to take a stance.

star 7.46
35 votes
The Mask Has Two Faces

#25 - The Mask Has Two Faces

Season 4 - Episode 6

The ladies bask at a mask bash when Sonja hosts a masquerade ball. In addition, Cindy goes to the dentist with Jill in tow, but Jill adds some bite by offering way too much input. And Ramona throws a wine party, but gossip spills over.

star 7.45
22 votes