The BEST Episodes of Below Deck

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Last Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Network: Bravo

Cruise into uncharted waters with this docu-series that follows a group of crewmembers living and working aboard “Honor,” a 164’ mega-yacht. The upstairs and downstairs worlds collide when this young single crew, known as “yachties,” live, love and work together onboard the luxurious, privately owned yacht, while tending to the ever-changing needs of their wealthy, demanding clients. While each crew member brings a different level of experience, they all share a love for this lifestyle that enables them to travel to some of the most beautiful and exotic locales in the world. Each episode features different charter guests -- from millionaires, to entertainers to hard-partying well-heeled friends -- as they move onto the boat for an at sea adventure.

I Said I Got It!

#1 - I Said I Got It!

Season 6 - Episode 13 - Aired Jan 8, 2019

Kate deals with Laura’s insubordination after being told to “check” herself. Ross is at his wits end with Rhylee’s attitude after she confronts him once again about feeling like the low man on the totem pole. Meanwhile, Adrian tries to evade a romantic pursuit from a charter guest and Ashton leads the crew in a musical performance for the guests. Rhylee’s feelings for Tyler grow stronger while Ashton and Laura’s relationship is tested after a night out in Tahiti.

star 7.82
137 votes
Magic Ashton

#2 - Magic Ashton

Season 7 - Episode 5 - Aired Nov 4, 2019

Kevin pulls out all the stops with a 10-course tasting menu to impress Lee; a charter group of thirsty single women arrives and requests a provocative show; as frustrations run high, Ashton attempts to reel in a checked-out Abbi.

star 7.77
115 votes
Au Revoir!

#3 - Au Revoir!

Season 6 - Episode 16 - Aired Jan 29, 2019

Adrian's plan for a centerpiece filled with living sea creatures is nixed by Kate, leaving him frustrated. Rhylee feels awkward around Tyler, while Laura and Ashton make plans for the future. Kate forgets the primary's birthday causing the entire crew to scramble. Ross hopes to reconnect with his son's mother while Laura confronts Adrian over his inappropriate comments.

star 7.74
134 votes

#4 - Smashton

Season 7 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 18, 2019

Florida State University-alumni charter guests arrive single and more than ready to mingle with the crew. Meanwhile, Simone is out of her element working on service and becomes distracted by her new crush. After being displeased with service, Kevin takes matters into his own hands, undermining Kate. Courtney grows closer to Brian as she tends to his wounded knee and Lee announces Abbi's replacement, in time to help revive his deck team much to the chagrin of Ashton.

star 7.70
112 votes
Man Overboard

#5 - Man Overboard

Season 6 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 4, 2018

My Seanna struggles to pull off a successful Charter on the heels of two dramatic exits from crew members, Chandler and Caroline. Tensions rise as newly-appointed bosun, Ross, finds himself at odds with an easily-riled Rhylee. When replacements Tyler and Laura join the crew, the ship is turned upside down with the arrival of two new crew, Tyler and Laura. While Kate and Josiah adjust to their new stew's critical disposition, Adrian and Ashton both compete for her undivided attention. As their sixth Charter begins, a shocking accident threatens the life of one of the Deckhands.

star 7.69
119 votes
There's No Place Like Home

#6 - There's No Place Like Home

Season 8 - Episode 1 - Aired Nov 2, 2020

Captain Lee returns to the Caribbean aboard M/Y My Seanna with a brand-new crew and one familiar face, but a critical injury sends Lee to the hospital and puts the fate of the charter season in question.

star 7.68
59 votes
We're Not In The Caribbean Anymore!

#7 - We're Not In The Caribbean Anymore!

Season 6 - Episode 1 - Aired Oct 2, 2018

Captain Lee and chief stew Kate welcome seven new crew members aboard luxury M/Y Seanna as they travel outside the Caribbean for the first time to explore the tropical waters of Tahiti. Kate has high hopes for her experienced interior crew, however, bosun Chandler finds his hands full training a fisherwoman-turned-third deckhand. Neither department is prepared for the return of legendary charter guest, Foam Party Steve.

star 7.67
156 votes
There's No Crying in Yachting

#8 - There's No Crying in Yachting

Season 8 - Episode 2 - Aired Nov 9, 2020

The sudden departure of one of his teammates leaves Shane struggling to adapt to the unforeseen responsibilities on deck. Coming off her clash with Francesca, Izzy begins to question if the interior satisfies her dream of being at sea. While dealing with demanding guests, Rachel lets her emotions get the best of her, and Francesca loses her composure in front of Captain Lee. Meanwhile, James gets caught in the middle of an explosive guest argument.

star 7.65
40 votes
The Champagne Campaign

#9 - The Champagne Campaign

Season 5 - Episode 14 - Aired Dec 5, 2017

It's the final night of the charter season and tensions within the crew are running high. Jen attempts to be on her best behavior. Nico gathers the courage to end things with Brianna, while Jen makes a final attempt to mend things with Kate.

star 7.64
181 votes
Shame Cacoon

#10 - Shame Cacoon

Season 6 - Episode 15 - Aired Jan 22, 2019

The crew corrals the jet ski. Rhylee starts inserting herself in Tyler's future which concerns him. After the charter Tyler and Rhylee go on a date and Tyler says he wants to 'tap the brakes' on their relationship. The next guests are a group of women who start bickering with each other. The primary goes to sleep on the aft deck and nobody can wake her to send her to bed.

star 7.64
149 votes
50 Shades of Ben

#11 - 50 Shades of Ben

Season 4 - Episode 14 - Aired Dec 6, 2016

Sierra spirals out of control. Emily questions if Ben is truly "just friends" with Kate. Kyle makes Ashley a very attractive offer. Kate sits Nico and Lauren down for a one-on-one chat and Ben crosses a line with Kate that changes the dynamic of their friendship forever.

star 7.63
266 votes
Yacht-Pocalypse Now

#12 - Yacht-Pocalypse Now

Season 7 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 23, 2019

The crew tries to redeem themselves with returning charter guests after Ashton cancels a beach picnic which throws the entire boat into complete chaos. Rhylee and Ashton continue to butt heads while Tanner and Simone contemplate their relationship. Brian takes Courtney out on a date and is surprised by her reaction. The entire crew goes out to Patong for an explosive night out. After an intense night of drinking, emotions reach a new high causing Kate to make a dramatic decision.

star 7.62
130 votes
One Less Fish in the Sea

#13 - One Less Fish in the Sea

Season 4 - Episode 8 - Aired Oct 25, 2016

Kelley is angry with Sierra after he finds out how she treated a member of the deck team. Emily enjoys a night out with Ben while things get very heated between Kate and the exterior crew. Kyle puts on the charm when he gets his wish and takes Sierra out on a date, but things don't go exactly as planned.

star 7.61
264 votes
All That Glitters Isn't Gold

#14 - All That Glitters Isn't Gold

Season 6 - Episode 14 - Aired Jan 15, 2019

The crew's wild evening out prompts a passionate, late-night tryst for Rhylee and Tyler, but there's trouble in paradise for Ashton and Laura; Josiah faces childhood insecurities when guests remind him of the bullies he faced while coming out.

star 7.60
140 votes
Check Yourself!

#15 - Check Yourself!

Season 6 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 18, 2018

Adrian is confused by Laura's flirtatious advances; Rhylee gets fired up when Ross tells Tyler he'd be doing him a favor by hooking up with her; the crew suspects a guest of being a mobster; Laura and Kate have a screaming match during dinner.

star 7.60
119 votes
Hair Models and Filthy Martinis

#16 - Hair Models and Filthy Martinis

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired Sep 20, 2016

Kelley makes a decision on how to proceed with Trevor. The new charter guests prove to be a handful with a very pampered poodle. Ben and Kate clash again, while Kelley continues to deal with Trevor's poor attitude. Meanwhile, Kelley gets a call from a loved one and Trevor proves old habits die hard during the crew's second night out.

star 7.59
293 votes
Insult to Injury

#17 - Insult to Injury

Season 6 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 27, 2018

Captain Lee comes to a decision about restructuring the deck team. Meanwhile, Caroline is pushed to make her own decision regarding her place on My Seanna. During a fun crew night out, Ashton proves to be a ladies’ man with the locals, while Rhylee ruffles some feathers with Adrian. Captain Lee confronts Kate about a sensitive situation and a reconfigured crew welcomes their highest profile charter guests yet.

star 7.59
123 votes
A Recipe for Disaster

#18 - A Recipe for Disaster

Season 7 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 25, 2019

The new deckhand arrives just in time as Brian’s injured knee worsens. Ashton tries to ingratiate the new teammate with the deck crew, but his efforts are wasted after an explosive crew night out. Kate and Kevin battle over the control of meal service. When a charter guest is inappropriate toward Simone, Kate is forced to confront the issue head on.

star 7.59
122 votes
The One Where the Charter Guests Almost Die

#19 - The One Where the Charter Guests Almost Die

Season 4 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 11, 2016

Captain Lee grows increasingly frustrated with Kelley after a series of missteps by the newly minted bosun. Kate is surprised by a visitor that rattles Ben's ego to the core. Kelley steps up his game in his pursuit of Emily. Meanwhile a terrifying boating accident leaves the lives of the charter guests hanging in the balance.

star 7.58
289 votes
Premature Corkulation

#20 - Premature Corkulation

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Oct 14, 2014

Kelley asks Jennice out on a date, and it doesn’t exactly go according to plan. The new charter guests turn the Ohana sky deck into a stock trading floor and Logan turns on the charm towards the primary guest’s model girlfriend.

star 7.58
172 votes
Foam, Party of One

#21 - Foam, Party of One

Season 6 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 9, 2018

Captain Lee and the crew cater to Steve's unpredictable antics; Chandler struggles to find his footing; cracks are revealed during a busy dinner service; in Tahiti, Ashton proves to be a ladies man; Chandler has an explosive encounter with Rhylee.

star 7.57
148 votes
What Happens in the Hot Tub Stays in the Hot Tub

#22 - What Happens in the Hot Tub Stays in the Hot Tub

Season 4 - Episode 2 - Aired Sep 13, 2016

Tensions continue to mount between Trevor and the rest of the deck team. Kelley starts getting close to a flirty, single charter guests and Kate and Ben clash in the galley. During their first night out, tensions reach a boiling point over Trevor's antics.

star 7.57
306 votes
Man Down!

#23 - Man Down!

Season 7 - Episode 1 - Aired Oct 7, 2019

Capt. Lee, Kate and Ashton are joined by six new crew members aboard M/Y Valor, as they explore the waters of Thailand; as first-time bosun, Ashton struggles with managing a crew of his own; Kevin stresses out while preparing a high-stakes dinner.

star 7.56
147 votes
Weekend at Brandy's

#24 - Weekend at Brandy's

Season 7 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 21, 2019

Guests Helen Hoey and Richard Fiore return, but it's their friends who take center stage; Kevin confronts Simone; Abbi continues to struggle; Kevin scrambles to put together a seafood extravaganza; Capt. Lee is less than impressed with dinner.

star 7.56
143 votes
That Tuna Is F@#!ed

#25 - That Tuna Is [email protected]#!ed

Season 4 - Episode 4 - Aired Sep 27, 2016

Trevor faces the wrath of Captain Lee after putting the crew's safety in jeopardy during their night out. Ben stresses over a charter guest with very particular dietary needs. Kelley and Nico both find themselves attracted to the same stew, and Sierra learns just how difficult it can be working with Ben.

star 7.56
304 votes