The Best Episodes of Shangri-La

The Girl's Return

#1 - The Girl's Return 6.00

Season 1 - Episode 1

A young girl, Kuniko Hojo, is released from the girls' detention center. She is picked up by her friends as well as her guardians, Momoko, Miiko, and Takehiko and returns to her home in Duomo. Kuniko is being groomed to be the future leader of Metal Age, a resistance organisation, which opposes the government's drastic policies on environmentalism. A high authority figure, Lady Ryoko, is informed of Kuniko's movements. Mikuni, a girl born from aristocracy, uses the highways of Atlas as her playground. Karin Ishida, a young computer genius, legally blackmails a politician from a 3rd world country into signing a banking contract with her company in Atlas, for overexceeding carbon emission. Takehiko recklessly burns fuel to celebrate Kuniko's return, in defiance on the government. The Atlas Security Corps and the military suddenly attack Duomo. Kuniko and the Metal Age members defend their town. They realise that Atlas is holding them responsible for an unknown incident. When Kuniko uses her boomerang on Major Kunihito Kusanagi, it hits his dagger, which causes Kuniko, Mikuni and Kunihito's sacred dagger to resonate. A moment later, mysterious black dots appear above Duomo and began raining down on everyone, causing mass destruction.

Directors: Makoto Bessho