The BEST episodes directed by Shigeru Ueda

Airy Singing Voice
29 votes

#1 - Airy Singing Voice

Blood+ - Season 2 - Episode 11

Saya and Diva finally face off after Riku is lured into the bell tower and Diva drinks his blood. With a new will to fight, Saya begins to attack her sister, bust stands no chance as she is tossed clear through a wall. Can Saya really defeat her sister? And what will she do to save Riku?

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―Cross the Thunder Clouds―
29 votes

#2 - ―Cross the Thunder Clouds―

The Severing Crime Edge - Season 1 - Episode 3

An Author had made it to town and even though the Professor says there is nothing to worry about, Kiri doesn’t agree and fears the worse.

May This Voice Reach Kamogawa
61 votes

#3 - May This Voice Reach Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne - Season 2 - Episode 6

As Madoka and Yurikano wake up and discover they have switched bodies, Muginami ends up taking Yurikano away before an explanation can be made. As Kirius, Izo and Array engage in battle with the Le Garite forces, Lan, Muginami and Yurikano are saved from the crystal anomoly by the arrival of the Vox units, although Midori leaves Yurikano behind after learning it is not really Madoka. As Madoka is forced into an escape pod headed into outer space, Yurikano hijacks a Le Garite Ovid and meets up with Kirius, Izo and Array to fight off Le Garite until Villagiulo and the De Metrio forces arrive. As Lan and Muginami arrive to break up the fight, Madoka inadvertantly activates an emergency broadcast in her pod, in which she broadcasts her deduction that Yurikano is in love with Dizelmine which led her to feel saddened by his fighting with Villagiulo. Just as Madoka is about to drift off into space, Midori manages to rescue her and takes her straight to Dizelmine. Madoka and Yurikano then return to their original bodies, unbeknownst to Dizelmine, who admits his feelings to Yurikano before her. As the truth is brought to light, Yurikano decides to let go of her feelings so that the universe can be safe, before disappearing into the Rin-ne once again, promising to one day meet with Madoka again.

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Beyond the Seas of Kamogawa
61 votes

#4 - Beyond the Seas of Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne - Season 2 - Episode 11

As the darkness continues to spread across the earth, Madoka, Lan and Muginami wake up seperated in a strange place similar to where she first met Yurikano. They each come up against a vision of Dizelmine's Vox and fight angrily against it. Meanwhile, Asteria confronts Moid, who reveals he manipulated Dizelmine into opening the Rinne, revealing his motives before receiving a prompt punishment from Yoko. As Madoka sinks into despair over being unable to defeat Dizelmine, she gains encouragement from Midori and is shown a vision of Dizelmine and Villagiulo's past, before managing to find Lan and Muginami. After regaining their resolve, the three resume their battle against Dizelmine, aiming to make him remember the goals he shared with Villagiulo.

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Three Vessels: The Six-Script Lantern
35 votes

#5 - Three Vessels: The Six-Script Lantern

Hell Girl - Season 3 - Episode 13

Azusa Mayama feels that chief of investigation, Norihisa who is Akie's father, halted investigation on an automotive accident involving her father and a son of the prestigious Tsujinobashi family, reporting it as an accident to prevent the truth from being known. In order to get revenge, she befriends Akie, intending to betray her.

Recruiting a Genius Strategist
75 votes

#6 - Recruiting a Genius Strategist

Oda Nobuna's Ambition - Season 1 - Episode 5

After forming an alliance with Motoyasu, the Oda army begin their attack to reclaim Mino from Yoshitatsu. However, their attempts are repeatedly thwarted by Hanbē Takenaka, an Onmyōji and Mino's secret tactician. Dōsan's tells Yoshiharu, Mitsuhide, Goemon and Inuchiyo where they can find Hanbē and convince Hanbē to join the Oda army. Upon reaching Hanbē's home, they soon discover Nagamasa is there as well to convince Hanbē to join his side, hoping to use this to make Nobuna marry him. Yoshiharu and Nagamasa are greeted by a man claiming to be Hanbē who has them take a test that will convince him who's side he will join. However, the test is a ruse as the man claiming to be Hanbē is Hanbē's Shikigami familiar and the real Hanbē is a shy, young girl who hates violence.

FILE 7: The Bloodstained Labyrinth #4
43 votes

#7 - FILE 7: The Bloodstained Labyrinth #4

Ghost Hunt - Season 1 - Episode 21

Naru reveals Madoka's true motive behind requesting they take on the case was to expose the fake Oliver Davis. Naru informs the team their job is therefore finished, despite Mai's protests. While the group prepares to leave, Masako disappears, and Mai has a dream that allows her to lead the team straight to the missing girl. A malevolent spirit attacks the girls, but Lin is able to ward it off and the team escapes unharmed. With no other way of removing the spirits, the house is later purified by fire.

FILE 6: Forbidden Pastime #3
44 votes

#8 - FILE 6: Forbidden Pastime #3

Ghost Hunt - Season 1 - Episode 16

Mai wakes up in the nurse's office, after several events nearly lead her to her death again. Mai's lamentation on learning the SPR have been asked to leave after the latest disasters prompts Naru to muse over a theory. He speculates that the spirits were deliberately called and expected to devour each other until the strongest remained. This spirit would possess the school, but require human sacrifices. Lin discovers the instructions for 'Orikiri-sama' have been designed to ensure participants unknowingly contribute to a death spell, the target of which is someone at the school.

FILE 3: The After School Hexer #4
47 votes

#9 - FILE 3: The After School Hexer #4

Ghost Hunt - Season 1 - Episode 10

Bou-san, Ayako, and Mai destroy the dolls, effectively removing the 'curse' on the school. Naru is sent to the hospital as a result of the manhole accident, where he makes a startling revelation regarding the past of someone at the school. He clears Kasai's name, but is forced to accuse someone close to her in the process. After the case, the team return to the SPR, where Naru successfully tests Mai for psychic abilities.

FILE 2: The Doll House #1
48 votes

#10 - FILE 2: The Doll House #1

Ghost Hunt - Season 1 - Episode 4

The SPR team, joined by the exorcists and mediums from the previous case, are requested at a house where poltergeist-like activity has been taking place. Soon after their arrival, the ghostly occurrences escalate, leading Bou-san to conclude the house is haunted by something more than a mere poltergeist. A young girl in the family, Ayami, exhibits strange behavior, claiming her doll Minnie has been speaking to her. The SPR team observe Minnie closely, with disturbing results.

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The Golden King
188 votes

#11 - The Golden King

Fate/Stay Night - Season 1 - Episode 19

Saber's fight with Assassin and Shirou's fight with Souichirou reaches its climax. Souichirou shatters Shirou's blades again, sending him flying down to where Rin and Sakura are and it is upto Saber to defeat Assassin and make it down in time to save everyone. With Saber still affected by Caster's Noble Phantasm Rule Breaker, she isn't able to defeat Caster when all of a sudden their fight is interrupted by an unknown Servant. It seems that Saber is familiar with this Servant, but it turns out he's the eighth Servant in this Holy Grail War.In light of the appearance of the eighth Servant, Saber finally reveals to Shirou the shocking events of the previous Holy Grail War.

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Demon of the Crimson Eye
131 votes

#12 - Demon of the Crimson Eye

Pandora Hearts - Season 1 - Episode 14

The Cheshire Cat is toying with Oz, who responds by making wisecracks. Oz is pulled through the mirror by Jack, and reunited with Gil. Jack asks Oz to help save Alice, who has been trapped inside a memory. Jack sends Oz by himself (upsetting Gil) into the memory of the Tragedy of Sabrie, where he sees a boy which he believes to be Vincent. Bewildered, he chases the boy and follows him to a tower where he finds Alice, dead. Meanwhile, the Cheshire Cat approaches Break within the mirror to finish him off, only to have the tables turned when Break opens his missing eye to unleash his chain, the Mad Hatter.

The Curse Killing Chapter - Part 5 - Apology
104 votes

#13 - The Curse Killing Chapter - Part 5 - Apology

When They Cry - Higurashi - Season 1 - Episode 13

When Keiichi heads to Satoko's house and finds her in need of medical attention, he becomes convinced that Oyashiro-sama's curse may be the cause of all these recent misfortunes.

My Body Feels Hot...
92 votes

#14 - My Body Feels Hot...

Secret of Nogizaka Haruka - Season 2 - Episode 6

It is New Years Day and everyone has gone to visit the local shrine together. Although Haruka and Yūto were hoping to spend some time together, it is not long before Haruka's admirers, who are hostile to Yūto, whisk her away. Later, after both Haruka and Yūto receive encouraging fortunes (courtesy of Mika, Hazuki and Nanami—working as shrine miko), Haruka manages to get rid of those admirers. Haruka and Yūto bump into a mysterious girl, who is running away from someone. Later, Haruka takes Yūto to the cape where her parents shared their first kiss, so they can watch the sunrise together.

What Girls Want...
91 votes

#15 - What Girls Want...

Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 2 - Episode 9

Sonia (the nun) is outside Wataru’s Video Store debating to herself about her love for Wataru, she finally says she just wants to acknowledge her feelings and goes in the store. She realizes that she is truly in love with Wataru but becomes jealous when Wataru takes care of Saki when she falls. The two kidnappers from the 1st episode try to kidnap Wataru, but they accidentally kidnap the Saki instead. Wataru gives Sonia a kiss on the cheek to save Saki and she does so easily. Sonia goes into the video store again, and Wataru lends her another video, but this seems to get Saki jealous. Later, Katsura sensei has been asked if she has a boyfriend, and she makes up a lie saying that she has dozens and chooses one to be with depending on her mood. To get a boyfriend Katsura sensei asks Nagi when the next high society party is, and Klaus says they will have one tonight.

Mark of the Witch
190 votes

#16 - Mark of the Witch

Fate/Stay Night - Season 1 - Episode 17

Shirou wakes up after having yet another dream of Saber's past and is clearly shaken up by what happened. That morning, during breakfast, Ilya is introduced by Rin as another person to be staying there for a while and Taiga seems to accept it well. Meanwhile there have been news on even more gas leaks, meaning that the Master at Ryudouji seems to be escalating his plans. While Shirou, Rin and Saber are planning what to do about this, Ilya enters the room with a great deal of information on this topic.

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Ghosts Don't Scream
90 votes

#17 - Ghosts Don't Scream

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne - Season 1 - Episode 4

The episode opens with Maeno's son Teruki having sex with a girl named Ruon via a virtual reality network called "2.0". He offers to meet her in real life ("1.0") but she refuses. Later, he meets Ruon in 1.0 only to witness her murder. Teruki finds Tamotsu, who brings him to Asoogi Consulting. Mimi explains that Ruon is actually an AI created by Katsuyuki Kamiyama, modern von Neumann. Rin takes Teruki for a walk but they are attacked by Laura, now a cyborg, who mutilates Rin considerably. Teruki is shaken by the sight of Rin regenerating so she tells him about time spores and immortals. Teruki suffers a mental breakdown but she comforts him. Mimi and Tamotsu discover that Ruon was created during "Project L'Isle-Adam", based on Kamiyama's daughter whom he killed. Ruon calls to invite Teruki to 2.0 but they are attacked by Kamiyama and Mimi severs the connection. Immediately thereafter, commandos attack the office forcing them to flee. En route, Mimi explains that Ruon might have been an attempt to create "The Future Eve". The military attacks again and Teruki is taken away. Back in the office, Rin and Mimi realize that the girl Teruki met in 1.0 was an android with Ruon's AI. Tamotsu calls to tell the flight number that Teruki is on but is fatally shot by a sniper. Rin boards the plane, only to find Kamiyama shot by android Ruon. Ruon is revealed to have manipulated the military to get Teruki, the only person she cares about. Rin pushes Teruki out of the plane with a parachute and after a brief fight, she and Ruon fall out of the plane and into its jet engine together. Some time later, Teruki finds that Rin's office was demolished. Mimi is shown bringing flowers to where Tamotsu was shot. Rin's fate is uncertain.

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Call From The Abyss
166 votes

#18 - Call From The Abyss

Pandora Hearts - Season 1 - Episode 7

Oz manages to shock Raven back to himself, and his gun fires, but at Zwei instead of Oz. Oz follows Raven, who claims that he is no longer the Gilbert Oz once knew, to the place where they found the pocket watch. Oz convinces Gil that he won't let him go even if he's joined the Nightray house (an enemy of Bezarius). Oz goes back for Alice, and on the way to the grave they catch a glimpse of one of Alice's memories, and are drawn into a dream dimension where they are confronted by the Will of the Abyss, who appears in the form of a stuffed rabbit. Gilbert shoots the rabbit and they escape.

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There's No Legend After All
118 votes

#19 - There's No Legend After All

Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 2 - Episode 3

Hayate and his party members continue to go on the butler quest. Hayate is poisoned by a poisonous spear after saving Nagi's life. Meanwhile, Hinagiku and Isumi are on the quest to help Hayate and exorcise this evil spirits, respectively. Hayate's group encounters the now-dead, ghost priest of the church, Rin Regioster, who points out Sister Fortesia to be a fake. The sister is takes control of a plug-in giant size robot to enact her revenge against the Sanzen'in family. While Fortesia and Hinagiku are fighting, Yukiji is possessed by an evil spirit, and attacks the others, also using the giant robot. Hayate exudes more power and destroy the robot, while Isumi exorcises the spirit possessing Yukiji. Back at the mansion, Hayate collapses after the butler quest.

Temple of Blood
201 votes

#20 - Temple of Blood

Fate/Stay Night - Season 1 - Episode 11

After a mornings training session with Saber, Shirou is then straightaway dragged off by Rin for some more training of her own. While this is going on Shirou receives a phone call from Shinji, asking Shirou to meet him at the school. Because it seemed urgent Shirou heads of to school and is greatly shocked by what he sees. Shinji shows his true colors and says how he wanted to show Rin how he was superior to Shirou and that he would defeat him here. What will happen to Shirou and does he have the will to fight off a Master and his Servant, alone?

Mikumo Shu VS Kazama Souya
75 votes

#21 - Mikumo Shu VS Kazama Souya

World Trigger - Season 1 - Episode 18

Osamu readies for his practice fight against Soya Kazama. Soya is a symbol of overwhelming strength, while Osamu has yet to land a hit in over twenty battles!

Flowers Don't Shed Tears
123 votes

#22 - Flowers Don't Shed Tears

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne - Season 1 - Episode 3

Twenty years after the events of episode two, Maeno is still working for Rin and is now married to Yuki and has a son with her. The episode opens with them receiveing a call from a girl wanting to meet Rin. However, she only says one cryptic sentence and dies in front of her, which reminds Rin of a story she heard from a friend back in 1945. She soon discovers that the girl displayed the same symptoms as subjects of a biological weapon "Higan" test on the so-called "Death Island". The Island has been officially demolished and Tamotsu, a police officer and Rin's friend, confirms that its former residents were among the victims of each recent bombing in Tokyo. Soon after that, Rin is captured and brought to the Death Island. Mimi decides to visit Rin's unnamed informant from episode two who demands lesbian sex with her in return for information on Rin's whereabouts. She informs them that the group behind the bombings and Rin's capture is called "Kudoru" (Sanskrit: Evil). Meanwhile on the Island, Rin discovers that Sayara Yamanobe survived as an immortal but has to rely on a powered exoskeleton to move. After being dissected, Rin escapes but is chased and killed again. Sayara explains her plan to exterminate humans with Higan, leaving only immortals on Earth. Maeno arrives on a helicopter to free Rin but is fatally shot. With his last strength, he consumes Shōgo's time spore and turns into an angel. After carrying Rin to safety, he returns to devour Sayara but Eipos arrives to remove both their time spores, killing them instantly. The next day, Rin and Mimi stay in their office, visibly shaken by Maeno's death.

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Holy Nights Don't Shine Brightly
114 votes

#23 - Holy Nights Don't Shine Brightly

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne - Season 1 - Episode 5

Thirty years after episode four, the borders between 1.0 and 2.0 have been erased completely and it is now possible to "download" things into the real world. Rin took 25 years to regenerate her body and suffered retrograde amnesia in process. Teruki became a successful businessman and Mimi, a Buddhist nun. Meanwhile, Eipos disguised Laura as Rin and made her hunt immortals for their time spores. The episode begins with Teruki's daughter Mishio discovering his records of Rin and by chance, meeting her amnesiac self. Rin is working for James & Will company, whose CEO is an immortal and is soon killed by Laura. Mishio finds her body, and thinking that Rin killed her, starts following her around. She witnesses a man named Ihiko propose to Rin, which she refuses, telling him of her amnesia. After Mishio asks Teruki about Rin, he finds her but decides that it's better for her painful memories not to return and doesn't contact her. He then finds Mimi who tells him that Rin is apparently hunting immortals. Meanwhile, Rin accepts Ihiko's new proposal and the two make love, when Laura attacks and kills them both. This returns Rin's memories and she escapes with Mishio to Teruki's estate. After a conversation with him, Rin and Mishio take a train to Kyoto, where Mimi's temple is located. Meanwhile, Mimi invites three other immortals, anticipating Laura's attack, but Laura brings angels with her who proceed to devour them. Rin arrives and defeats Laura and the angels, only to witness Mimi raped by Eipos. Eipos is then revealed to be an hermaphrodite god and removes Rin's time spore, presumably killing her.

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Angels Don't Cry
101 votes

#24 - Angels Don't Cry

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne - Season 1 - Episode 2

One year after the Aoyama Pharmaceutical incident, Rin is hired to track down a rare postage stamp and visits an old homeless man she calls "Sensei" to gather information on it. He is revealed to possess one himself but it is stolen soon afterwards and he is severely injured. As Rin looks through his belongings, she is attacked by Laura who quickly detonates a suicide bomb. Meanwhile, Maeno meets a girl named Yuki who is looking for an "angel" that may know the whereabouts of her missing brother Shōgo. Attracted by the explosion, he finds Rin's mutilated body and is visibly shaken by witnessing her regenerate. Later, Mimi explains to him that both Rin and herself are immortal because of the "time spores" inside their bodies. In the meantime, several people including Rin's client are murdered and before long, she confirms that Yuki's brother turned into an "angel" due to contact with time spores leading him to commit the recent murders as acts of revenge. She also reveals that angels are natural enemies of the immortals like herself: in their presence, immortals are overcome with lust and angels use that time to devour them. Rin then deduces who Shōgo's final victim would be and confronts him only to seemingly give in to sexual desire. As the angel starts feasting on her, she manages to kill him. An apparition of Eipos, a demigod appearing briefly throughout the series, emerges nearby to claim Shōgo's time spore but Rin gives it to Maeno instead and he, in turn, to Yuki. In the final scene, Rin returns the stolen stamp to "Sensei" who laments how his life was wasted on it.

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Episode 3
124 votes

#25 - Episode 3

Diabolik Lovers - Season 1 - Episode 3

Yui finally finds out that why all the brothers don't get along with each other. Ayato challenges Shu a dart match, and the winner's prize will be Yui

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Counterattack of Border
88 votes

#26 - Counterattack of Border

World Trigger - Season 1 - Episode 27

Kizaki, Karauma and Konami fight the sinister Hyuse and Viza so that Osamu and Chika can escape. Meanwhile, Ranbanein easily defeats Chano unit and takes on Yoneya, Izumi, Midorikawa and Azuma's combined forces. Can Jin's worst case scenario be prevented?

The Captured Osamu
66 votes

#27 - The Captured Osamu

World Trigger - Season 1 - Episode 58

Yuma, Chika and Xeno take the fight to the enemy in order to rescue Osamu. However, a cunning trap separates them, forcing Yuma into a one-on-one fight against Giev. A Trion soldier generates a mysterious virtual world where Yuma faces an unexpected foe.

Cats Don't Laugh
171 votes

#28 - Cats Don't Laugh

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne - Season 1 - Episode 1

The episode opens with Rin being chased to the rooftop by a female assassin named Laura. Severely wounded, Rin falls down to her death. In the next scene, she wakes up unscathed in her apartment and returns to work, looking for a stray cat she was hired to find. Circumstances lead her to run into a man named Kōki Maeno in a quiet street. After knocking out several agents pursuing Kōki, Rin takes him to her office where he tells her and her partner Mimi that although he is not amnesiac, he feels that his memory is fake and he would like to know why he is pursued. Through Rin's links, they find out that Kōki is connected to the Aoyama Pharmaceutical company. With Mimi's help, they infiltrate its labs but are captured. Rin is tortured to death by the sadistic chief researcher Sayara Yamanobe, while Kōki is revealed to be a runaway cloning test subject. Miraculously, Rin survives, completely healed of her injuries, and confronts Yamanobe, leaving her in the hands of other delirious test subjects. As the compromised facility is demolished by Aoyama Pharmaceutical, Rin escapes with Kōki and hands him a gun, for him to decide what he wants to do with his life. After he seemingly commits suicide, Rin leaves the scene. The next day he appears in her office, wounded on the head and with the missing cat in his hands, and asks to become her business partner.

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A Hero and A Partner
80 votes

#29 - A Hero and A Partner

World Trigger - Season 1 - Episode 37

Osamu wakes up in the hospital, where his mother and Shiori tell him what happened during his week-long coma. Suddenly, Business Director Karasawa takes Osamu out of the hospital to a press conference about the battle. What are Karasawa's true intentions?

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And Then, to the Door of the Kingdom...
144 votes

#30 - And Then, to the Door of the Kingdom...

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne - Season 1 - Episode 6

Shortly after the end of episode five, Rin wakes up in Eipos' castle at the foot of Yggdrasil, the mythical tree that generates time spores, since Eipos let her regenerate instead of consuming her spore. She is then locked in a room with a masked angel and kills him, only to discover that it was Ihika. Meanwhile, Mimi and Mishio desperately search for Rin and learn the location of Eipos' castle from the informant. Tajimamori, former Guardian of Yggdrasil, invites them to his castle, explains that his son Eipos aims to become the new eternal Guardian, and opens a portal to Eipos' castle for them. There, Rin is losing the battle against Laura but Eipos double-crosses her and Rin escapes. In retaliation, Laura teams up with Mimi and Mishio and leads them to Yggdrasil. Rin is already there and meets Tajimamori, her millenia-old love. They have sex until Eipos arrives, kills his father, and pushes Rin into Yggdrasil. Mishio tries pulling Rin out and fails but Rin manages to grab Kōki's time spore (that Rin found in the sea after episode four and Mishio unwittingly brought to the castle) from her necklace. As Yggdrasil tries to merge with her, Rin consumes Kōki's spore and his spirit helps her to break free. Mishio, revealed to be Tajimamori's descendant like all Maenos, pulls Rin out and back to the castle. Eipos attacks them but Rin, now the new Guardian of Yggdrasil, pushes Eipos into it himself. Before he is consumed, she feeds Tajimamori and Laura's spores to him. In the epilogue, Rin gives birth to Tajimamori's son and continues living in Eipos' castle with Mimi and Mishio. Her closing narration reveals that their son is linked to the Yggdrasil and this link will spread throughout mankind with his descendants.

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Innocent Calm
236 votes

#31 - Innocent Calm

Pandora Hearts - Season 1 - Episode 1

Oz Bezarius (also spelt Vessalius) spends his 15th birthday running away from the maids with his younger sister, Ada and servant, Gilbert. They hide out at Oz's secret spot, where he accidentally falls through the ground leading to a hidden cemetery. There's only one grave there, and a pocket watch is attached to it. As Oz grabs the pocket watch from the tomb, he sees a vision of a homicidal girl before being brought back to reality by Gilbert. While he prepares for his coming of age ceremony, strange figures gather and prepare to carry out their scheme.

Nasu Squad's Choice
79 votes

#32 - Nasu Squad's Choice

World Trigger - Season 1 - Episode 43

Shocked to learn that Yuma lost in a solo rank battle, Shiori explains Murakami’s Side Effect. The other units prepare for Nasu Squads stage selection.

All Is One, One Is All
392 votes

#33 - All Is One, One Is All

Fullmetal Alchemist - Season 1 - Episode 28

Izumi sends the brothers to the savage Island of Yock. Ed and Al remember when, as children, when they were dumped on the very same island. With no food or shelter, they are left with only the cryptic words of Izumi: "One is All, All is One." Now, they must relearn the lessons of the past to survive their latest test.

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The One that Shall Be Saved
65 votes

#34 - The One that Shall Be Saved

World Trigger - Season 1 - Episode 53

While studying with Yoneya and Kodera, Miwa sees young siblings and is reminded of his past. The peace is shattered by an attack from Gieve's Spider-type Trion Soldiers.

Human Transmutation
305 votes

#35 - Human Transmutation

Fullmetal Alchemist - Season 1 - Episode 46

Al has gone to meet Tucker, and having seen Nina's lifeless body, agreed to help him so that Tucker will teach Al to use the Philosopher's Stone. Tucker is too eager to try to resurrect Nina, though, and Al is used as a component in the transmutation. Ed learns more of Dante's past as he and Sensei mill about her old mansion and talk about their experiences with her. Sensei discovered a love letter from Hohenheim to Dante which was dated nearly 400 years ago. Ed goes back to his room to find Al gone, and Lust and Wrath waiting for him there. An unlikely alliance occurs though, as Lust's mistrust of Dante leads her to cooperate with Ed in hopes that he will make her human again. They rush off to find Al at Tucker's old research lab. They are still on their way when Sloth arrives though, and tensions are high as the episode ends showing Al''s body corroded by Tucker's transmutation.

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Tamakoma Branch
81 votes

#36 - Tamakoma Branch

World Trigger - Season 1 - Episode 10

Yuma is invited to join the Border Agency’s Tamakoma Branch, and agrees on the condition that Osamu and Chika join with him.

Reika Nanjou
10 votes

#37 - Reika Nanjou

Argevollen - Season 1 - Episode 12

Eight years ago, Samonji and Suzushiro are assigned to security at an Arandas Trail Krieger research station. Reika Nanjou is a test pilot there. She wants to make an army where nobody dies and is partiipating in tests for a revolutionary system to use unmanned units. The project is going well, but the units go out of control during a demonstration for military leadership...

The Song of the Sky and Wind
31 votes

#38 - The Song of the Sky and Wind

Elemental Gelade - Season 1 - Episode 1

After a raid by the Red Lynx sky pirates, young Coud rummages through the loot. He finds a dusty box with Ren sleeping in it. Cisqua, Rowen, and Kuea, three members of Arc Aile, board the ship offering money for Ren, but Coud refuses. The ship is attacked leaving only Coud to protect Ren. But while Coud is protecting her, Ren decides to react with Coud.

Neighbor and Trion Soldier
102 votes

#39 - Neighbor and Trion Soldier

World Trigger - Season 1 - Episode 2

Border sees the Neighbor Yuma as an enemy… but Osamu is unable to view him as someone with hostile intentions, and trust begins to bloom between the two boys. Osamu finds himself caught between his own thoughts and the rules of the organization he belongs to, Border.

Mikoto and Mikoto
29 votes

#40 - Mikoto and Mikoto

Peach Boy Riverside - Season 1 - Episode 9

Kibitsu Mikoto, AKA Peach Boy, sails to Ogre Island and defeats the ogre leader... but the story isn't over. One day after, he meets Mikoto, a half-human, half-ogre child...

The Ex-Princess and the Harefolk
48 votes

#41 - The Ex-Princess and the Harefolk

Peach Boy Riverside - Season 1 - Episode 1

Sally meets the demihuman Frau, who immediately joins her on her journey. After experiencing the discrimination that demihumans face at the hands of humans, Sally and Frau are arrested by Hawthorn, commander of the Knights of Rimdarl!

It's a Cruel World.  I'm Going to Take a Look in the Shadows.
15 votes

#42 - It's a Cruel World. I'm Going to Take a Look in the Shadows.

If Her Flag Breaks - Season 1 - Episode 12

In the servers, Souta desperately fights the Angelus Gemini in order to protect his world and his friends by placing "Death Flag" upon his enemies. Meanwhile, Nanami found out everyone has forgotten about Souta, and his existence is overwritten. During their graduation day, all Quest Dorm members are going for separate ways. The Quest Dorm is said to be demolished soon. Nanami breaks into Souta's room, and find the letter that Souta received, written by her handwriting, thus breaking Souta's Protect Mode. Riru, who always remembered everything, finally tells Nanami the truth; Nanami is Souta's missing sister. Separated into two, half of Nanami is locked in the jail in Principality of Bladefield, in which she manages to escape and hides inside Ruri. Understanding everything, Nanami unites with her other self. Denying the bittersweet end of the fairy tale, Nanami alongside the Quest Dorm members aim for the happy ending, and went to the underground passage to open the gate to reach and help Souta. Souta, who is tired from all the battle, is saved by the Quest Dorm members, who arrived near Premium Ambriel.

The Man with the Mechanical Arm
531 votes

#43 - The Man with the Mechanical Arm

Fullmetal Alchemist - Season 1 - Episode 5

When the train the brothers are taking to Central is hijacked by terrorists, Ed and Al learn that General Haruko and his family are also on board. Bald, the leader of the terrorists, threatens to kill the hostages unless their demands are met. Ed meets the challenge to free everyone, but he soon discovers that he and Bald have something in common; an Automail arm.

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Great Power / Raizel
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#44 - Great Power / Raizel

Noblesse - Season 1 - Episode 6

Frankenstein's battle with Takio and Seira's battle with Hammer grow more intense. Tao and Takio clash as Tao tries to keep Tashiro and Kase out of the conflict, but their leader, Crans, enacts an unbelievably brutal plan in order to win... Meanwhile, Raizel reaches M-21 and uses his overwhelming power to take on Crans.

Frau and the Vampire
30 votes

#45 - Frau and the Vampire

Peach Boy Riverside - Season 1 - Episode 5

Sally and her companions arrive in a village plagued by vampire attacks... and demihuman discrimination. When Sally refuses, at Carrot's urging, to punish the humans for their treatment of Frau, Carrot decides to seek other aid... at the hands of the vampire himself!

I've Learned Something I Wasn't Meant to Know. I Need to Hide Myself Before I Disappear Without a Trace
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#46 - I've Learned Something I Wasn't Meant to Know. I Need to Hide Myself Before I Disappear Without a Trace

If Her Flag Breaks - Season 1 - Episode 7

The mysterious girl revealed to be Megumu, which is forced to crossdress by his older sisters that hangs out in the nearby mansion. In order to bring Kurumiko back to Hatagaya Academy, Souta asked for Mimori's help, which in return he needs to go on a date with her. Despite Mimori's best efforts, only Mei are capable of bringing Kurumiko to Quest Dorm, which makes Kurumiko being attached to her as a result. It is also revealed that Mimori and Tsumugi are also becoming members of Quest Dorm, and, by Kurumiko's persuasion, Mei took the same action to live in Quest Dorm. Souta talked with Mei about his abilities. Mei brought him to a parallel world, where Souta did not exist, thus triggering the deaths of Nanami, Akane and Kurumiko. Mei brought him to Premium Ambriel, where he meet Miyuki, now Miyuki Hatate, who replaces Souta's role as the protagonist. Souta's Death Flag triggered, and Mei tries to save him by breaking the Death Flag, and while doing so, she learns about Souta's true destiny. Despite being unable to do so, Souta is saved, but Sacrament comes and wipe all of Mei's memory about flags.

The Princess and the Peach
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#47 - The Princess and the Peach

Peach Boy Riverside - Season 1 - Episode 4

In a world where man-eating ogres run rampant and the people hide in walled-in cities, Sally, princess of the Aldarake Kingdom, longs to go on a journey and see life on the outside. But Sally's life will change forever when a traveler named Mikoto comes to the kingdom... followed by an army of ogres!

If His Flag Were Toppled
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#48 - If His Flag Were Toppled

If Her Flag Breaks - Season 1 - Episode 13

The girls fight the Angelus Gemini, while Souta wonders why they came, feeling he has nothing to give them in return. Akane assures him that's not true, and eventually professes her love for him before she goes to fight. The Premium Ambriel absorbs the remaining creatures to charge a final attack, while Souta regains memory of his past as he tries to stop the attack. It is revealed that he once knew Akane, Kikuno, Megumi, Rin and Nanami at one point in the real world, but due to an accident, Souta chose to have a little girl, known as Laplace's Demon take their death flags and have them formed on him so they would survive. The price being the girls were to lose their memories of the event, and Souta and the girls were to forget having ever met each other while Souta despaired his life. Back in the present, Souta then uses his full power against the Premium Ambriel, and while his strength alone is not enough, he manages to destroy it with the help of the other girls coming and aiding him. During this time his death flag breaks. Souta then wakes up in the real world, where Number 0 speaks to him about the state of things and the truth about Sakura and Laplace's Demon. She also says that he was in an accident before he enrolled at a school, so she merged his conscious with many virtual worlds. Before she leaves, she states that the time he spent in the virtual world was but a flash in reality, hence nobody else shares his memories of it, including Nanami who dived into the virtual world to save him. Later, Souta comes across Quest Dorm and finds Akane there. After saving her from falling through the floor, Akane remembers him while Sakura and Laplace's Demon observe them. The episode ends with the girls in front of Quest Dorm smiling.

First Magic
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#49 - First Magic

Maerchen Maedchen - Season 1 - Episode 2

Hazuki becomes a student at Kuzunoha Girl's Magic Academy, but she finds out that this new world isn't as fun as she'd hoped.

Farewell, My Magic
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#50 - Farewell, My Magic

Maerchen Maedchen - Season 1 - Episode 5