The Best Episodes Directed by Michita Shiroishi

Il Principe del Regno Della Pasta

#1 - Il Principe del Regno Della Pasta

Gunslinger Girl Season 1 - Episode 8

Henrietta undergoes emotional testing with Dr. Bianchi, and afterwards, Angelica also comes, who is revealed to have suffered memory loss. Marco, her handler, is confronted by Bianchi over his lack of care, and Marco reveals his frustration with teaching things to someone that merely forgets them. He recalls how, to sooth Angelica, he would read a story called "Il Principe del Regno Della Pasta." However, three months after their training started, she was unable to remember any part of the story, to his dissatisfaction. Combined with Marco's girlfriend deserting him due to his job, Marco treats Angelica coldly, regarding her solely as an assassin.

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The Poison Swamp of Ikebukuro

#2 - The Poison Swamp of Ikebukuro

Shangri-La Season 1 - Episode 2

The black dots raining down on Duomo lead to everyone fleeing, including Atlas security and military. After the attacks stop, Kuniko and the other Metal Age members perform a search and rescue operation of Duomo's residents. Lady Ryoko is furious on the unknown attack and Leon, one of her men, volunteers to bring a team to investigate the source. Meanwhile, Kuniko, Momoko and Takehiko decide to investigate as well, at the place the attacks supposedly originated from: Ikebukuro. Their team wears protective gear to protect from the dense oxygen and poisonous swamp gas. Karin works with several of her peers to control investments and economy of other countries. However, she goes into a bad mood when one of her peers posts a presumably sarcastic remark. Mikuni punishes one of her retainers for lying by killing her with her psychic powers. Kuniko's team encounter a military squad sent into the Ikebukuro jungle to investigate. They are discovered by Kunihito and flee. Kuniko ambushes Kunihito and interrogates him on the military's presence, and the resonance of their sacred blades. Kunihito claims not to know anything and Kuniko escapes. Ryoko's men find that the artillery attack emitted no carbon dioxide, leading them to wonder if it's nature's punishment on them. Atlas begins the regular ballot to allow Duomo residents to live in the city and Miiko is one of the chosen. Ryoko gets an audience with the lord of Atlas, telling him that the seals have resonated.

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