The Best Episodes of Gunslinger Girl


#1 - Fratello 7.75

Season 1 - Episode 1

Henrietta and her "handler" Jose, members of Section 2 of the Social Welfare Agency, which handles covert government actions, are ordered to a site to acquire a witness. In a flashback, Jose recalls how he found Henrietta in a hospital after her family had been killed. He had her nursed back to health, fitted with cybernetics, and trained her to be an assassin. In the present, he approaches the armed group surrounding the witness, but one of the men's threats against him causes Henrietta to start viciously attacking, and she dispatches the men inside the room. Jose reprimands her for this, as their mission is a failure, although the witness is later found outside the building. Back at base, Henrietta is comforted by two of her counterparts, Triela and Claes.

Directors: Morio Asaka

#2 - Orione 7.10

Season 1 - Episode 2

Henrietta is treated for her injury, although the doctor warns that repeated surgeries would weaken her body. Jose then recalls how he needed to teach her manners, and during her training, attempted to treat her as a young girl rather than simply a killing machine. After Henrietta finishes tea with Triela and Claes, who are supportive of her despite her mission's failure, Jose gives her a coat and asks her to join him on top of the main building. Once there, he shows Henrietta the stars through a telescope for the first time, noting that he wanted her to look upon the sky with something other than a rifle scope.

Directors: Morio Asaka