The Best Episodes Directed by Makoto Bessho

Let's Go To Town

#1 - Let's Go To Town

Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun Season 1 - Episode 3

Hinako takes Mayu out to get to know her better, while Reika attempts to get rid of Mayu by exploiting her fear of men.

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117 votes
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The Times of the Chance Encounter

#2 - The Times of the Chance Encounter

Ga-Rei-Zero Season 1 - Episode 3

A flashback episode. Kagura was placed under the care of the Isayama family when her father had been using the Ga-rei Byakuei to battle paranormal forces. Here, Kagura bonds with Yomi Isayama and the rest of the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division led by agent Kouji Iwahata.

star 8.80
107 votes
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Closing Doors

#3 - Closing Doors

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 15

IDOLiSH7's malicious gossip articles are now appearing in magazines and online, and a disturbing atmosphere begins to drift among members who tend to be busy and threaded. At that time, Raku, who visited Spinning about the quarrel between President Kotori Yu and President Yaotome, was shocked to find out why IDOLiSH7 was able to sing TRIGGER's song perfectly in "Soundship" in the conversation. To do. Meanwhile, the director, who had promised to help Tamaki in his search for his family, announced that he could meet again on the show.

star 8.80
5 votes
Resolve at Zero

#4 - Resolve at Zero

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 16

IDOLiSH7 is told by the president that he will be disbanded because he is not happy with the nomination for the Japan Idol Music Award (JIMA) New Face Award. In a place where you can see the land of your dreams, Zero Arena, the landmen face each other's original intentions ....

star 8.75
4 votes
Please, Music

#5 - Please, Music

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 8

IDOLiSH7 will appear on the popular nationally broadcast music program "Music Festa" where gorgeous artists gather. If you raise your name at once here, it will lead to a chance to debut with seven people. Riku and his friends are excited about the atmosphere of the TV station and increase their tension. However, due to a sudden change in schedule, the turn comes earlier than planned. IDOLiSH7 will be in production in a state that is not perfect, but ...

star 8.50
4 votes
Making the Dream

#6 - Making the Dream

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 17

Riku and his friends receive important advice as idols through a sudden exchange with world-famous musician Douglas Rootbank. And New Year's Eve ── The stage of the decisive battle "Black or White" opens!

star 8.50
4 votes
Don't Run Away!

#7 - Don't Run Away!

Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun Season 1 - Episode 11

Reika's inner self has taken over and uses her corporate muscle to separate Shungo from Ryōko in an attempt to restore his memory. After reminiscing with Reika, he's drugged and held captive (plus nearly raped) in order to keep him from Mayu. Irori and Tasuku then combine forces with Shungo's other friends in an attempt to rescue him.

star 8.43
58 votes
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The Sudden Visitor

#8 - The Sudden Visitor

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 5

Tenn pays a sudden visit to the IDOLiSH7 dorms. Riku is simultaneously perplexed and delighted, but Tenn has harsh words for him. Later, Yuki, Momo, and Ryunosuke arrive. With members of IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, and Re:vale at the dorms, the situation gets out of control...?!

star 8.33
3 votes
I Want You to Know!

#9 - I Want You to Know!

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 8

While taping a music program, Momo suddenly loses the ability to sing. Unable to determine the cause, the posters for the inaugural concert are vandalized, and uneasiness hangs in the air. Meanwhile, Tsumugi decides to convey her own feelings in an attempt to cheer up Riku and the other members, who have been feeling down.

star 8.33
3 votes
The Place I Want to Protect

#10 - The Place I Want to Protect

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 11

Graffiti is written on posters for the inaugural concert. The rumor that the missing legendary idol Zero is responsible spreads. Meanwhile, IDOLiSH7 will release a new song with their second album, and Riku will return to the center position.

star 8.33
3 votes
Lies and Formality

#11 - Lies and Formality

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 13

Filming for the drama Tamaki and Sogo are co-starring in is going well. However, Sogo continues to worry about his encounter with Tamaki's younger sister, which he hasn't been able to tell anyone about. On the final day of the special unit's joint practice, Tamaki is shocked to discover that Sogo couldn't trust him emough to tell him about Aya.

star 8.33
3 votes

#12 - Trigger

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 14

Tamaki and Aya are finally reunited. Tamaki wants the two of them to live together, but Aya informs him that she wants to remain with her new father who has been taking care of her. A surprising figure appears before the dumbfounded group. When they learn of his ambition, IDOLiSH7's feelings are united--

star 8.33
3 votes


IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 15

Re:vale prepare to close out the inaugural concert. The IDOLiSH7 and Trigger shuffle units perform the opening act. While watching their juniors perform, Momo and Yuki look back on the past five years they've walked together.

star 8.33
3 votes
The Night of the Closing Ceremony: Humanity's Comeback, Part 2

#14 - The Night of the Closing Ceremony: Humanity's Comeback, Part 2

Attack on Titan Season 1 - Episode 4

Two years pass and the time for the recruits' graduation approaches. Annie proves her skill in a sparring session, Jean dreams of serving alongside the King, and graduation day brings shocking revelations — along with the sudden appearance of an old foe.

star 8.23
2145 votes
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The Defeated: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 6

#15 - The Defeated: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 6

Attack on Titan Season 1 - Episode 22

The Female Titan has captured Eren after ripping him out of his Titan body, but Mikasa and Captain Levi give chase. Elsewhere, the Recon Corps begins preparations for the journey back home to the Wall with their numerous dead in tow.

star 8.08
1806 votes
Triumphant Return in the Rain

#16 - Triumphant Return in the Rain

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 6

IDOLiSH7, which became a hot topic at the station-front live concert in heavy rain, gradually gained popularity. Tickets for the same outdoor venue as the first live were sold out in a blink of an eye, and Riku and his friends performed their best in front of the crowd. Members who survived the accident with a quick wit while troubles occurred in the audio equipment at the timing of the TV broadcast and anxiety spread in the venue. In this case, Tamaki and Sogo attracted attention and gradually became more popular.

star 8.00
4 votes
That song once again

#17 - That song once again

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 14

IDOLiSH7 continued to play an active role and appeared in the popular live music program "Soundship". The bleachers in the studio were all fans of TRIGGER, who is also a performer, but the seven people who tried their best to entertain the people in front of them were surrounded by big applause and cheers. Around that time, behind the scenes, a trouble occurred between the program side and the Yaotome office, and TRIGGER could not appear. IDOLiSH7 decided to act as a bird of the program on their behalf ...

star 8.00
4 votes

#18 - Voice

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 6

Re:vale brings a new offer to the table: for IDOLiSH7 and TRIGGER to appear as surprise guests at Re:vale's fifth anniversary Zero Arena inaugural concert, and for the two groups to perform together as one special group.

star 8.00
3 votes
Discord Bleeding Through

#19 - Discord Bleeding Through

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 7

Mitsuki is traumatized when he happens to overhear some fans talking about him. Riku is criticized on social media by Iori's fans and begins behaving awkwardly towards him. Though Sogo is worried about the situation, he has his own concerns regarding Tamaki...

star 8.00
3 votes
Something Important

#20 - Something Important

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 9

IDOLiSH7 and TRIGGER begin practicing as a special unit for Re:vale's 5th anniversary concert. While many of the members are off their game, Gaku, Tenn, and Ryunosuke discuss their thoughts, and the individual groups begin to open up to each other.

star 8.00
3 votes
Out of Time

#21 - Out of Time

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 10

Momo remains unable to sing. He recounts Re:vale's history to the concerned members of IDOLiSH7. As an indie artist, Yuki worked with a different partner, and Momo was one of their fans.

star 8.00
2 votes
A Pro's Resolve

#22 - A Pro's Resolve

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 4

IDOLiSH7 will be suspended for a month before watching TRIGGER's live performance in order to raise awareness as an idol. As the enthusiasm for resuming activities gradually increased, Ichiori expected that TRIGGER's live performance would be a good stimulus for them. And on the day of the live. Nagi, Tamaki and Yamato, who are late for the meeting and run desperately, encounter an unexpected person on the way to the venue. Meanwhile, at the live venue, Riku was trying to reveal the secrets of Sogo and his friends.

star 7.75
4 votes

#23 - Secret

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 5

IDOLiSH7 and others who were inspired by TRIGGER's live and danced outside the venue. Yamato and Spin visit the Yaotome office to apologize, where they meet Heaven. Meanwhile, IDOLiSH7, who has resumed activities, begins a new song lesson. While the members are worried about Riku, who will soon be out of breath, Ichiori notices a change in Riku. On the day of the announcement of the new song, which was greeted with anxiety, IDOLiSH7 will perform a live concert for those who are stuck at the station although it was raining heavily at the live venue.

star 7.75
4 votes
Ray of Light

#24 - Ray of Light

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 7

Sosuke Yaotome, who is trying to pull out the rising popularity of Tamaki and Sogo, has taken advantage of the weaknesses of Tamaki who hastened his debut and invited them. After learning about the circumstances of Tamaki, Riku and his friends talk directly to President Kotori Yu so that he can make his debut as IDOLiSH7. However, the president's decision is to make a debut with only Tamaki and Sogo, who were targeted by Yaotome, based on the possibility that all seven of them will make their debut in the future. At that time, IDOLiSH7 receives a request to appear in the music program "Music Festa".

star 7.75
4 votes
Precious Time

#25 - Precious Time

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 9

President Kotori Yu told Tamaki and Sogo that their debut was officially decided. The two renew their determination to pave the way for seven people to debut as IDOLiSH7 someday. IDOLiSH7 enjoys a vacation at the campsite at the behest of the president. Everyone will share roles, and while fishing and making curry, we will deepen exchanges with each other. At night, the game is exciting, and IDOLiSH7 enjoys a moment of peace.

star 7.75
4 votes
The direction of summer

#26 - The direction of summer

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 11

IDOLiSH7, whose debut has been officially decided, will visit Okinawa to shoot the PV of their debut song. At the hotel he is staying at, he happens to encounter TRIGGER, and Riku tries to call out to heaven, but he ignores heaven and leaves. On the other hand, the staff of the program that appeared under Tamaki and Sogo, who are in charge of the work of IDOLiSH7 and MEZZO ″, propose a project in Tamaki. An unexpected incident happened at the Kotori Yu office ...

star 7.75
4 votes
Scarlet, Festival Eve, Romance

#27 - Scarlet, Festival Eve, Romance

Inari Kon Kon Season 1 - Episode 4

Inari and Uka bond over their older brothers, and Inari and her friends have fun at the shrine festival. It's the perfect opportunity to become even closer to her crush. Can our klutzy heroine pull it off without putting her foot in it?

star 7.73
15 votes
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#28 - Ripples

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 12

IDOLiSH7 is accused of appropriating Zero's songs, so Takanashi Production holds a press conference. Nagi volunteers to face the press and explains that he was officially given the rights to the song by composer Sakura Haruki. However, a suspicious man dressed as Zero appears at the press conference, aggravating the scandal.

star 7.67
3 votes
Expanding World

#29 - Expanding World

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 10

Tamaki and Sogo continue to play an active role as "MEZZO". On the other hand, IDOLiSH7 will start the online distribution program "Kimi to Ai Drish" as a place for new activities. The appearance of the seven people showing the exchange gradually attracts attention. At that time, Yamato is offered to appear in a drama, but Yamato is not enthusiastic at all. Even if Spin asks why he avoids drama work, Yamato lightly dodged ──

star 7.50
4 votes
Five and two

#30 - Five and two

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 12

Although they made their long-desired debut as IDOLiSH7, Riku and his friends have mixed feelings about the whereabouts of their debut song. However, the regular title program was decided, and the seven people regained their feelings and started the album tour. Tamaki and Sogo manage an overcrowded schedule that balances MEZZO ”and IDOLiSH7 work, but Sogo, who also serves as a follower of Tamaki, gradually gets tired. The crown program is returned to a blank slate.

star 7.50
4 votes
What Was Lost

#31 - What Was Lost

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 13

Sogo finally collapsed due to stress. Tamaki apologizes for his burden, but says that Sogo may quit IDOLiSH7 and MEZZO, because of the complex relationship between Sogo and his father. IDOLiSH7 reunited their feelings by overcoming the difficulties together. Later, when he learned that TRIGGER's music had recommended him when he appeared in "Music Festa," he visited the dressing room to thank him. Heaven meets there and entrusts Spin with a message to the land.

star 7.50
4 votes
Where We Belong

#32 - Where We Belong

IDOLiSH7 Season 3 - Episode 5

All seven members of IDOLiSH7 meet for the first time in a while at the studio. The recording session goes smoothly, but the other members anxiously watch the exchange between Mitsuki and Yamato. Sogo attempts to convince them to come back to the dorm, but when they refuse, he is at a loss.

star 7.40
5 votes
First Stage

#33 - First Stage

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 2

"" Formed after audition IDOLiSH7". First of all, the goal is to raise the name by repeating live performances, and Spinning immediately plans a live performance. The venue was the open-air concert hall, which can accommodate about 3,000 people. I'm surprised at the size of the scale, but it's an important first live for the members. Seeing the official website and the appearance of spinning working hard to make a flyer for promotion, everyone helps with promotion between lessons. And finally, the day of the concert will come ...

star 7.25
4 votes
Their Feelings

#34 - Their Feelings

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 3

IDOLiSH7 decided to enter the dormitory of the Kotori Yu office and live a communal life in preparation for full-scale idol activities. Ichiori, who volunteered to cooperate with Spinning, proposes to decide on a center that will be involved in the future route of the group. Spinning imagined "an idol who is loved by everyone and gives dreams and hopes." There was only one answer as to who was the best fit for the concept. IDOLiSH7, whose direction has been decided in this way, first begins live activities on the street.

star 7.25
4 votes
Feelings to Convey

#35 - Feelings to Convey

IDOLiSH7 Season 3 - Episode 6

Momo gets caught up in Ryo's scheme to expose Yamato's father Chiba Shizuo. When Yamato returns to the dorm, a delighted Nagi tells everyone that Yamato's first confession will be held that night, and the members of TRIGGER and Re:vale gather at the dorm.

star 7.20
5 votes

#36 - Rifts

IDOLiSH7 Season 3 - Episode 3

star 7.00
4 votes
The Voice Within

#37 - The Voice Within

IDOLiSH7 Season 3 - Episode 4

star 7.00
5 votes
shaking your heart

#38 - shaking your heart

IDOLiSH7 Season 1 - Episode 1

Kotori Yubo, who joined the "Kotori Yu Office" run by his father, will be in charge of the manager of the idol group before his debut. Seven people were introduced there: Izumi Izumi, Yamato Nikaido, March Izumi, Tamaki Yotsuba, Sogo Osaka, Nagi Rokuya, and Riku Nanase. Each of them has a unique charm, and they have a mysterious charm that makes them want to support them. However, at the president's order, only three people can make their debut ... An audition will be held to select the member.

star 6.80
5 votes
A New Door

#39 - A New Door

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 1

IDOLiSH7 achieves their long-held dream of having their own namesake show, and the members feel like celebrating. President Takanashi explains that Mitsuki's talent for MCing that he's been displaying on variety programs was big for the group. Mitsuki cries tears of joy over the recognition he has received. The group begins planning more jobs to promote their show, and they are soon invited onto the show of top idols Re:vale. It will be their first real appearance with their seniors Re:vale. The members wait anxiously in their greenroom, but when Momo and Yuki arrive...?!

star 6.80
5 votes
Wavering Feelings

#40 - Wavering Feelings

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 2

Yuki declares that he'll recommend IDOLiSH7 for the currently undecided performance slot at the Zero Arena inaugural concert. Zero Arena's general manager is scheduled to come to their next concert, so Tsumugi, who is in charge of the group's stage production, heads to Zero Arena to gather ideas. There she encounters a gentleman who claims to have worked in stage production in the past. Tsumugi's heart is moved by the way he describes his feelings towards idols standing onstage. His hints help her finish the set, and the concert begins!

star 6.75
4 votes
Clouds Covering the Stars

#41 - Clouds Covering the Stars

IDOLiSH7 Season 3 - Episode 1

star 6.75
4 votes
A New Form

#42 - A New Form

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 4

Given Riku's unstable condition, Iori takes over as IDOLiSH7's center. The newly reborn IDOLiSH7 gets off to a solid start, both their first namesake show "Lovely Night With You!" and Mitsuki's MCing are well received, and the group's popularity grows.

star 6.25
4 votes
Unknown scars

#43 - Unknown scars

IDOLiSH7 Season 3 - Episode 2

star 6.25
4 votes
The Proposal

#44 - The Proposal

IDOLiSH7 Season 2 - Episode 3

Though the concert ended without incident, Riku was unable to perform in the encore due to an asthma attack. Fortunately, it doesn't affect the Zero Arena general manager's opinion of the concert, and IDOLiSH7 is officially offered an appearance at the inaugural concert. Mitsuki and Nagi are delighted, but there are reservations about whether or not the sickly Riku can continue acting as the center. Riku tries to act tough after his recovery, making Tsumugi wonder how to approach the situation. Meanwhile, she discusses a major decision with Iori.

star 6.00
4 votes
The Girl's Return

#45 - The Girl's Return

Shangri-La Season 1 - Episode 1

A young girl, Kuniko Hojo, is released from the girls' detention center. She is picked up by her friends as well as her guardians, Momoko, Miiko, and Takehiko and returns to her home in Duomo. Kuniko is being groomed to be the future leader of Metal Age, a resistance organisation, which opposes the government's drastic policies on environmentalism. A high authority figure, Lady Ryoko, is informed of Kuniko's movements. Mikuni, a girl born from aristocracy, uses the highways of Atlas as her playground. Karin Ishida, a young computer genius, legally blackmails a politician from a 3rd world country into signing a banking contract with her company in Atlas, for overexceeding carbon emission. Takehiko recklessly burns fuel to celebrate Kuniko's return, in defiance on the government. The Atlas Security Corps and the military suddenly attack Duomo. Kuniko and the Metal Age members defend their town. They realise that Atlas is holding them responsible for an unknown incident. When Kuniko uses her boomerang on Major Kunihito Kusanagi, it hits his dagger, which causes Kuniko, Mikuni and Kunihito's sacred dagger to resonate. A moment later, mysterious black dots appear above Duomo and began raining down on everyone, causing mass destruction.

star 5.39
33 votes