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Network: Fuji TV

In the future, earth is attacked by Galactor with a series of mechanical menaces. Each with their own vehicle and unique weapons, only Gatchaman's high tech group of five young people can defend the earth from Galactor's repeated attacks as they attempt of fulfill their mission to find Galactor's hidden headquarters and finally defeat Galactor. Gatchaman originated the concept of teams of 5 members, with their own vehicles, which has been reused in many incarnations, including the ranger series (which came over to the US as Power Rangers). Gatchman spawned two sequel series: Gatchaman II and Gatchaman Fighter. Gatchaman was brought to US audiences in a heavily edited form known as Battle of the Planets Battle of the Planets and later as G-Force. The information for all the episode synopses was generously contributed by Veronika Henkels. Please visit her web page. Veronika's Gatchaman Page

The Return of Joe?!

#1 - The Return of Joe?!

Season 2 - Episode 4

In the country Amelia, between the cities New Jork and Scratton, there's the Dera Desert. Below that desert, Galactor is building a scecret base which is supposed to become a very important military strong point. But because they have rushed its completion, a huge explosions occurs and triggers a 9.2 magnitude earthquake in the area. The two cities get into a very critical situation. In order to find out what is happening, the team launches a sensor-equipped rocket drill into the Earth. The data is sent to the New God Phoenix and analyzed by Nambu. However, after the launch, the team is ambushed by Galactor and, yet again, the mysterious person saves them. The only way to save the cities is to dive under the desert in the Condor Attacker, since it can take the pressure. Through the explosive power of the Fire Targetter, which is equipped with the ultra powerful Tektay explosive, the mantle convection can be calmed down. However, there's no G-2 to pilot the attacker. Just at this moment, Condor Joe finally appears alive before the Science Ninja Team. Then Ken and the others face the mecha which has appeared, while Joe accomplishes his task perfectly.

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The Mysterious Red Impulse

#2 - The Mysterious Red Impulse

Season 1 - Episode 11

While flying, Ken is surprised to encounter the plane of the Red Impulse commander. He pursues him, but Red Impulse gets away using some superb flying technique; Ken longs to be able to use similar techniques. The Science Ninja Team gets order to guard the super powerful plane "Blue Hawk", pride of the country Toritan. But the crew of the plane has been killed before take-off and has been replaced with Galactor members. Nambu learns of this situation after take-off. He mobilizes Red Impulse in order to protect the Science Ninja Team from the Blue Hawk, since it is more powerful than the God Phoenix. The God Phoenix continues to accompany the Blue Hawk without knowing the situation onboard. Red Impulse appears, attacking the Blue Hawk and, after shooting a timebomb into it, disappears again. Ken sees that and firmly believes that Red Impulse is actually an enemy. Ignoring Nambu who wants to stop him, he pursues Red Impulse alone in the G-1. While Ken is away, the other four members get abducted and taken to a base located in a volcano. Ken however follows Red Impulse, who in turn is following the signal emitted by the time bomb. They arrive together and save the team just before they're executed. Nambu tells them that Red Impulse is a friend battling on their side. The G-1 and the Red Impulse plane fly through the sky wing-to-wing, reminiscent of bird parents flying with their children. Nobody at the time knows the meaning of the tear appearing in the Red Impulse commander's eye.

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Certain Death! Two Firebirds

#3 - Certain Death! Two Firebirds

Season 2 - Episode 47

Because of the Solarshifter plan and the consequently unusual weather, icebergs break out one after the other at the North Pole. In order to stop a huge iceberg, G-Town goes to Sanbur City in the country Aberika. When Dr. Pandora goes out for a meeting, the Galactor ninja group Galakon sneaks into G-Town instead of her. Through the actions of the Ninja Team, the enemy is completely defeated, but the propulsion system is destroyed and G-Town goes out of control. It falls into a deep sea trench and above it, a huge iceberg starts to cover the trench, making it impossible to exit G-Town. It's Gel Sadra's Seafang plan. The communication network is also destroyed, and the only hope is Dr. Pandora. She gets into the old God Phoenix which is located at Nambu's villa. Straining her untrained body, she melts the iceberg with the Firebird. But Gel Sadra attacks and Pandora gets into a critical situation! Saving her is the Firebird of the New God Phoenix, which was now able to exit G-Town. Then, in the dark blue sky, the two firebirds, the old one and the new one, beat their wings.

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Mystery? Mystery! GelSadora's Mother

#4 - Mystery? Mystery! GelSadora's Mother

Season 2 - Episode 50

Since she has no childhood memories, Gel Sadra wonders about her own past and goes to ask Governor X. He answers "This goes without saying. You have been grown in a growth machine in an instant. That's why you don't have a childhood. You have been aboard a luxury ship with your mother, who surely died when the ship was sunk. No, even if she were alive, she wouldn't believe that you were her daughter. For her, you are the conqueror of Earth. Don't think those useless thoughts!" However, Gel Sadra goes looking through the passenger list of that ship, searching her mother's name and soon learns the shocking truth. She is Pandora's daughter..!! X uses this fact and invites Pandora to the base. He had promised to Gel Sadra that, if Pandora joined Galactor, she could be reunited with her mother. At the same time, the Science Ninja Team discovers that base as well. Mother and daughter accomplish a moving reunion. Pandora lapses into mourning after learning the truth. She thinks that the deeds of her daughter are not for the conquest of Earth, but for Earth's destruction. She rebukes her daughter, saying that her true daughter would never join Galactor. Governor X interrupts. The Science Ninja team has sneaked in. While fighting the team, Gel Sadra is worried about the well-being of her mother and goes back, shouting "Mother!". The team is astonished. However, Gel Sadra learns that Governor X has put Pandora in a rocket, has launched it, letting it self-destruct high up in the sky. For the first time, Gel Sadra doubts Governor X. Human emotions like anger and grief dwell in her heart again

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The Secret of Crescent Coral

#5 - The Secret of Crescent Coral

Season 1 - Episode 8

A secret base. In order to resist their terrible enemy, Nambu thinks about a base for the Science Ninja Team. But fearing enemy intervention, he gives the Ninja Team orders to fly a patrol at Point G in the southern Pacific Ocean. Following orders not to intervene there, the God Phoenix leaves a smoke screen and flees when it encounters a sea anemone mecha. That night, Jinpei is with the other four team members, but he is not tired at all. He takes the G-4 and dives to the bottom of the sea. Children in the park had told him that G-4's popularity is the lowest of all the team members, and he intends on gaining their favour by being the best. Despite the worries of the other team members, he wanders around the sea bottom searching for the mecha. He never notices that he is being tailed by the mecha he seeks. Jinpei finds what seems to be a base under construction, but is caught by the mecha. He contacts Ken, but the base is blown up before his eyes. The mecha is destroyed by the God Phoenix and Katse gets away again. Jinpei wails that the base has been blown up because of his own egoistic actions, but Nambu tells him that the destroyed base was only a decoy. The Science Ninja Team had been the bait to attract the enemy's attention. The God Phoenix is flying high in the sky. Deep below stretches a crescent shaped coral reef. Below the reef hides the base which is capable of changing its location.

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The Counterattack of Leader X

#6 - The Counterattack of Leader X

Season 2 - Episode 1

A shining object collides with the luxury liner Queen Margareth. A child with special chromosomes is abducted from the sinking ship. Governor X has returned and with the help of his scientific power the child grows very quickly. It is given the name of Gel Sadra and enters on the task of being the new Galactor leader. Soon, numerous scientists and soldiers begin to disappear. Elsewhere, Dr. Nambu has already predicted the counterattack of Galactor. He has had the Science Ninja Team resume their activities at their underwater carrier base G-Town, which capable of changing its location. The revived Science Ninja Team greets Getz as the new G-2 and is ordered by Nambu to investigate some ruins on Easton Island. But Getz is a member of the enemy forces. The ruins are a trap and Gel Sadra is waiting there. The Science Ninja Team ends up in the ruins facing an enemy robot in the form of a statue representing a deity, equipped with laser rays. It shoots at anything that moves.

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The Mysterious Feather Shuriken

#7 - The Mysterious Feather Shuriken

Season 2 - Episode 2

.. and the team doesn't know what to do. But thanks to a bomb somebody installed in the robot statue it is destroyed, and the team sees Getz killed by a feather shuriken. They pursue a fleeing shadow which looks like Joe. But was it really Joe? Could he be alive? The shadow leads them to a secret Galactor base which uses the ruins of the shrine as camouflage. Galactor continues in its preparations to launch the missile. The Science Ninja Team wants to stop them and they get into their individual mechas The five of them start an all-out attack on the base. Because of the Ninja Team's attack, the Galactor operation ends in failure, but Ken's Eagle Sharp is wrapped in the explosion's flames and crashes in a forest. While losing consciousness, Ken faintly hears Joe's voice. When Ken regains consciousness, a man is standing before him. It's the former Galactor physician, Doctor Raphael. He tells them of his childhood, revealing his hate for Galactor. Then Jinpei notices that Raphael's shadow is similar to Joe's. Dr. Raphael tells them that it was him who saved them from Galactor.

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The Black Knights from Hell

#8 - The Black Knights from Hell

Season 2 - Episode 3

Somebody sneaks into Galactor's Headquarters and a plan to build a huge base in San Frangeles is relayed to the Science Ninja Team. Ken and the others are baffled at the voice of the communication. It sounds exactly like Joe's. Elsewhere, Galactor has a corps of knights, clad in black armour made of a special Sigma lightray-strengthened steel, sneak in places to steal nuclear energy. The plan is to have them destroy the city of San Frangeles while the base is still being completed. The Black Knights are actually internationally wanted criminals. Since the Science Ninja Team has been told that the escapees have secretly built a town, they go to the ruins of the prison on Alamo Island by San Frangeles. Jinpei is given precise instructions by a voice that sounds like Joe's and the Ninja Team discovers an enemy base that is still being constructed on the bottom of the sea. They sneak into it and install a time bomb. However, they are captured by Gel Sadra. The Science Ninja Team dares to try the Tornado Fighter to escape. The base explodes and they end up floating on the sea, from where they are again rescued by a mysterious person.

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The Secret of Dr. Raphael

#9 - The Secret of Dr. Raphael

Season 2 - Episode 12

Observatories and weather stations all over the world are attacked by UFOs. Additionally, authorities in the field of space communication are assassinated one after the other. Even Nambu can't guess the true intentions behind the incidents. In order to protect Dr. Kasshingu of the Irigutchi observatory, the Science Ninja Team goes to his whereabouts. But it's too late, they meet Dr. Kasshingu as he is already dying. The culprit is Galactor. Before dying, Dr. Kasshingu tells them that it was Dr. Raphael's Leapwave which made space communication possible. Upon hearing Dr. Raphael's name, Joe disappears from the sight of Ken and the others. Elsewhere Governor X is afraid of Dr. Raphael because he could unveil his secret. When X learns that Dr. Raphael is the only one able to send out the Leapwave, he goes berserk and orders Gel Sadra to pull the modulation waves of the Leapwave into his base and to reverse them. This way, he gives the nuclear missile launch systems a "go" order, with the aim of provoking a nuclear war. The whole world is plunged into a nuclear crisis without warning. Raphael has learned this and murmers "I am the one who called Sosai X from space. I have to take the responsibility." He then orders Joe to destroy the missiles of both parties with the antigravitational missile. A nuclear war is averted by a hair's breadth.

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Blackout Joe

#10 - Blackout Joe

Season 2 - Episode 16

A Galactor traitor steals a secret micro file from a base and gets it to the ISO headquarters. In order to decode the file, Joe goes to the Ongurei Research Institute where they have some special decoding equipment. But there's an electronic transmitter attached to the file. Its signal is detected by Galactor and they proceed to attack Joe. Saved from the critical situation by Ken and the others, Joe hurries towards the research institute again. But a strong headache attacks him. He is blinded and falls towards a valley. "What's happening, this is not supposed to be happening to my body again" he thinks. While losing consciousness, Joe remembers his past, when he found out that his father was a Galactor member, when he died as a result from an old wound he got in his head, and when he was resurrected as a cyborg. Joe is saved by Jun and regains consciousness. The file is safe. He notices that his cyborg body reacts to the transmitter attached to the file and that this was the cause for his blinding. A moment later, the two are surrounded by Galactor, but with Joe's threatening strength, the approaching enemy soldiers are defeated. But even with the newest computer, it is not possible to decode the mysterious file.

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The Spaceship that Doesn't Respond

#11 - The Spaceship that Doesn't Respond

Season 2 - Episode 18

A spaceship is being repaired by Jun. Jinpei releases a safety button because he is threatened by a gun, causing the spaceship to take off. The robot threatening Jinpei turns out to be a girl who introduces herself as Sachiko. Sachiko wants to meet her father, Tetsutaro Arimura, who works as research head at the Earth Investigation Station Moa. Following her wish, the ship makes a forced landing at the space station. But no one is there. While searching for Arimura, they coincidentally run into Galactor and get into a difficult situation. Galactor's goal is to steal data tapes of the Mantle energy and occupy the station. Using the two as hostages, they rob the Mantle energy data from Arimura. But the Science Ninja Team quickly arrives to rescue Jinpei and forces Galactor to retreat by shooting the artificial gravity device. Gel Sadra believed that this was a decisive attack and was only able to timidly hand over one tape to Governor X

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Trap in Another Dimension

#12 - Trap in Another Dimension

Season 2 - Episode 19

Communication with police and military forces in the highland of Oshia keeps getting cut off. Joe has been behaving strangle as of late, and as Ryu follows him, he disappears in that same spot. Ryu leaves behind the words "spiral galaxy!?". The Science Ninja Team thinks that all this is the deed of Galactor and starts an investigation in the Oshia region immediately. There, Governor X's new weapon, Galamoeba, is hidden and waiting. The Science Ninja Team tries to resist with the God Phoenix, but they are hauled inside the enemy mecha. There they are released into another dimension. The humans who disappeared were also in that other dimension. They had been brainwashed in order to become soldiers to build the solar shift plan. The Science Ninja Team is sentenced by Gel Sadra to vanish with the other dimension in twenty minutes. Ryu is floating around in this dimension and Joe rescues him with his car. Meanwhile the others plot a daring escape with the Firebird, attacking and breaking the wall of the dimension. But Galactor's scientific power keeps coming up with horrible inventions day after day

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Mysterious Stonehenge

#13 - Mysterious Stonehenge

Season 2 - Episode 22

People keep collapsing everywhere. 20,000 humans die of unknown causes. Since radioactivity has been detected at the same time, the Science Ninja Team starts searching for its source. While investigating, Jinpei and Ryu encounter three boys and go with them to the Negiris plateau. The boys love UFOs and wanted to try to establish a contact with the extraterrestrials. They say they caught some strange radio waves while doing so. Following its source, Jinpei, Ryu and the boys arrive at Stonehenge. At that moment, a solarshifter appears out of the Stonehenge stones and Jinpei and the boys are taken away. Ryu is left behind. He meets up with Ken and the others. They want to save Jinpei, but can't approach because of a strong barrier in form of a dome. Elsewhere, Jinpei has heard the whole secret of the base. He tricks Gel Sadra, taking advantage of her way of thinking, and escapes the holding cell, taking the solarshifter's programming chip with him. Then he has one of the boys bring the chip to Ken and the others and goes back to save the other two boys. The Galactor plan had been to unite the Mantle energy with space energy, but the experiment was what caused the cruel side effects. Its weak point is exactly at the top of the barrier dome. The God Phoenix penetrates there (after Jinpei managed to escape with the two boys) and destroys the Galactor base.

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Suspicious G-2

#14 - Suspicious G-2

Season 2 - Episode 24

Galactor releases test waves of the solarshifter. At the same time, in the city of Owari, accidents due to anomalities in the main computer keep happening, which provoke a panic. The Science Ninja Team goes to Owari in order to find out the reason for all this. But when they arrive in the city, Pimer and the New God Phoenix also cease to function properly. Galactor takes advantage of this opportunity and attacks with hang gliders. In order to return their attack, the Science Ninja Team leaves the God Phoenix, but Joe's condition is not good. Ryu returns to G-Town with the God Phoenix. Joe is not to be deterred though and starts his attack. However, the huge shield of electromagnetic waves around the solarshifter affect his cyborg body in a bad way. He gets into a critical situation and becomes unconscious. He is saved and treated by Dr. Raphael, who revives him. Even though Dr. Raphael warns Joe about the electromagnetic field, Joe does not want to let down his friends. He then sneaks into the Galactor base alone. However, the field affects him again, leaving him helpless. He cannot completely enter the center of the base and shoots a rocket through a closing door, thus provoking a major explosion. The God Phoenix, which just returned to the city from G-Town, sees the explosion and finishes off the base. Then they rescue Joe out of the sea.

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Dr. Nambu's Death!

#15 - Dr. Nambu's Death!

Season 2 - Episode 27

The Science Ninja Team hurries to the hospital. When Dr. Pandora announces that she's giving the orders now, Joe tries to shoot her. Ken stops him. Because the person who shot Dr. Nambu is not known, Dr. Pandora then orders the team to investigate a certain spot from where specific brain waves are emanating. While the team is on its way there, they receive a message that Dr. Nambu has died. Joe still distrusts Dr. Pandora and returns to the hospital alone. The rest of the team wants to return too, but Ken tells them to obey Pandora's orders (and slaps Jun). They detect a Galactor base at their destination and sneak into it right away. Galactor has amplified Gel Sadra's special brain waves and has created a monster which is about to attack Dr. Nambu. Pandora has foreseen that and has put Dr. Nambu in a state of suspended animation (by shooting him), thus resisting the monster's brain wave radar. Joe has punched Pandora, but when she tells him what was really going on, Joe resists Gel Sadra with his own brain waves. With the brain waves, he creates a figure of his own and defeats Gel Sadra - just before the team finds her in the Galactor base. Clarifying the whole affair, Pandora is no longer a suspect. But she finishes telling Ken and the others that Joe is a cyborg.

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G-1's Anger

#16 - G-1's Anger

Season 2 - Episode 33

A big earthquake suddenly happens in New Joke. But the inhabitants are not the only ones who are shocked - so is Gel Sadra. She never gave this order! This operation has been undertaken by the Galactor commander Panther. He convinces Gel Sadra to participate in the operation, thus showing Governor X her strength. The Science Ninja Team goes to investigate and detects a missile base in a huge underground, public hall. Galactor has shot a missile into a gas chamber and thus created the earthquake. At that moment, the missile that Joe, Jun and Ryu discovered is launched, causing another earthquake. It also causes the hall to collapse and Joe, Jun and Jinpei are locked in. Under Nambu's order, Ken and Jinpei leave for Rodo Island to stop the guidance waves of the missiles, even if they don't like leaving their comrades behind. But the attacked Galactor base rises into the sky! The base is the huge mecha Mechasatan. Ken invades the mecha from its lower part, where the ray mounted at top of the mecha can't protect it. At the end of a fight for life or death with Panther, Ken succeeds in destroying the transmitter that is sending the guidance waves by throwing Panther into the mechanism. Gel Sadra throws herself at Governor X's feet.

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2 votes
Invaders From Mars

#17 - Invaders From Mars

Season 2 - Episode 43

While investigating Mars, an Earth satellite is blown up, and a second space base on Solkila Island is destroyed as well. But the culprit is not Gel Sadra. She faces the fact the Governor X praised the destruction of the first base as a hint. She assures that she can do this as well and goes out to do so. When a third space base is about to be annihilated, the Science Ninja Team goes out to help. But the New God Phoenix has to make an emergency landing because it's attacked by a mysterious UFO. The base is destroyed and Gel Sadra arrives too late to do it herself. The Science Ninja Team goes to protect the fourth space base which is working on launching an unmanned exploration probe to Mars. Just after the launch, the UFO attacks again. The probe is destroyed. What is there on Mars?! Without pausing, the UFO goes on to attack the fourth space base. The G-Mechas fight back and through their intervention, the UFO disappears somewhere. The owner of the UFO is Marstora. He is a subordinate of Governor X and has been building the solarshifter bases on Mars so far. Gel Sadra reports to Governor X that a strong opponent has emerged. He answers that it's actually his subordinate Marstora, who has been ordered to destroy Earth's Mars bases and build Galactor's base on Mars. What are the true aims of Governor X, who has reached space wide dimensions now?

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History's Largest Tidal Wave

#18 - History's Largest Tidal Wave

Season 2 - Episode 48

One disaster after the other occurs all over the Earth. In order to help and to understand the situation, the ISO travels from one location to the other. But that center for peace is finally occupied by Galactor as well. Gel Sadra addresses the whole world and publicly declares world supremacy. Gel Sadra then interrogates Dr. Nambu in the data chamber, in order to learn the location of the special radar which was developed to find the main beam cannon. But they are completely surprised by the onslaught of the tidal wave. Dr. Pandora takes advantage of this and points her gun at Gel Sadra right away. Just then the two of them experience this strange feeling again. The enemy leaves the data chamber. Nambu goes to the airtight project chamber in order to take the special radar with him. Elsewhere, Gel Sadra uses that strange feeling and goes in search of the radar, finally discovering it. Just when she is about to take possession of the radar, the Science Ninja Team arrives. They barely manage to defend the radar, but the center of peace, the ISO building, finishes collapsing.

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The Sorrow of GelSadora

#19 - The Sorrow of GelSadora

Season 2 - Episode 51

Gel Sadra views pictures of her family and cries. Elsewhere, the team is sad about the loss of Dr. Pandora. And Joe's energy is diminishing. Because Dr. Nambu knows techniques to replenish energy, he examines Joe's body and discovers a bomb built into him, which is supposed to destroy Governor X. This is the reason why Dr. Raphael said that only Joe can defeat Governor X. The Science Ninja Team moves out, leaving Joe behind, even if he doesn't like it. Elsewhere, Joe secretly leaves G-Town and goes to the enemy base alone. But he crashes on the way there because he runs out of energy. Dr. Nambu contacts the team and tells them about the bomb in Joe's body. The Science Ninja Team discovers the main beam cannon, but is forced into a hard fight with the defense mecha. At that time, Gel Sadra learns the true aim of the Solarshifter Plan and becomes crazy. Meanwhile, the main beam cannon has been prepared to fire. The energy of the beam cannons, at their different locations is focused and concentrated at the main beam cannon. Countdown 2..1..0.. But it doesn't fire? Governor X is baffled. The reason is that Gel Sadra has destroyed the mechanism. Gel Sadra escapes. The Science Ninja Team has destroyed the enemy mecha and follows her.

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The Downfall of Governor X

#20 - The Downfall of Governor X

Season 2 - Episode 52

The Solarshifter plan is progressing very well in its Solar System-wide scale, and unusual phenomena keep occurring everywhere. Gel Sadra is being pursued and wounded by Galactor. Her ship crashes, but Ken finds her. Joe joins them, and then punches Ken out. Joe has recharged his energy at a power plant. He goes along with Gel Sadra towards the headquarters of Governor X and confronts him. Meanwhile, Ken has found some spots of blood on the snow. Reunited with the rest of the Science Ninja Team, they sneak into the enemy's base. Ken leaves Jun and the others to fight against Galactor, while he hurries towards the location of Governor X. There, he finds Joe and Gel Sadra, both collapsed. The three of them approach Governor X, but there's no way to go past the overwhelming power. Gel Sadra tells Gatchaman that Governor X's weak point is the destruction of his central mechanism, and she opens the hatch leading there. She is then hit again by a beam of energy from Governor X. Joe and Ken's death-defying attack finishes off the fight, and Governor X and the base finally end in a big explosion. Was it Joe that caused it? Is he still alive? Ken's Bird Saucer had stopped X's functions in one hit, and Joe is still there. Gel Sadra is hurt and weakened. When she cries at the Earth's beauty, she hears a voice from the sky. Gel Sadra dies and goes to her deceased mother. Her body shrinks and gradually takes on the form of Dr. Pandora's daughter, Sammy. Through the sacrifice of mother and daughter, the Earth has been saved. But, has Governor X really been destroyed? No one notices the terrible, red glowing thing in the middle of the debris of the exploded mecha

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Steal the Giant Iron Beast

#21 - Steal the Giant Iron Beast

Season 3 - Episode 7

The Kagaku Ninjatai continue their tries at direct confrontation by stealing aboard Zed's tower and facing him directly. This doesn't work either (can we say "outnumbered"?), though they do get in a few good punches.

star 8.00
1 votes
The Terrible Icecander

#22 - The Terrible Icecander

Season 1 - Episode 14

It is reported that all kind of nuclear ships (cruise ships, submarines, battle ships etc) are disappearing. It is the deed of the Galactor mecha Icecander, aiming at nuclear energy. While investigating these incidents, the Science Ninja Team gets a message that a suspicious iceberg is moving forward against the current of the sea. The God Phoenix follows the iceberg, going to the north pole, where they discover a base in the middle of icebergs. Ken and Jun sneak into the base. In the base, while they are trying to take out the nuclear reactor, an operation is performed, designed to convert the crew and the passengers of the ships into Galactor members. With this strategy, Galactor wants to gain nuclear energy AND new members at the same time. Just at this moment, Katse wants to perform the operation on a small girl, passenger on one of the cruise ships. Ken and Jun invade the room and stop the operation, but Katse locks them up and leaves a time bomb in the room. In this instance, an old man in a wheelchair, who was on the same ship as the little girl, takes the time bomb in his arms and sacrifices himself, saving the others from the explosion. Ken and the others exit the operation room. First they free the abducted passengers and let them get back on board, then they blow up the base and escape. The Icecander pursues them, but the God Phoenix encounters it using the fiery phoenix and the mecha goes up in flames.

star 7.67
3 votes
Galactor's Big Aviation Show

#23 - Galactor's Big Aviation Show

Season 1 - Episode 7

There's a new kind of plane that does not pollute the environment. In the middle of Ken's test flight of this ISO-developed plane, he is attacked by a biplane, piloted by a man who introduces himself as "Katzen Berig". Katzen Berig lashes with his whip at the ISO plane, causing it to crash, but Ken saves himself just in time by deploying a parachute. Nambu suspects from the name that Galactor is involved and orders the God Phoenix to attack immediately, but the God Phoenix's tailfin gets damaged by the whip. Analysis of the material stuck in the hull of the God Phoenix reveals that this kind of metal, called "super metal whisker", is something that has been researched by the ISO, but not manufactured. Nambu is taken aback at the scientific power of Galactor, but when the production factory is discovered, he gives the Science Ninja Team the order to destroy it. While the Science Ninja Team conducts a search with the God Phoenix in a mining area, they detect a huge mine. When they discover that this is where Galactor's secret factory is located, they sneak into it. By the end of the battle, they have succeeded in destroying the computer and the nuclear reactor. They try to make their getaway in the God Phoenix, but are caught by the strong magnetic attraction of the mine. They switch to jet propulsion and escape by a hair's breadth, leaving the exploding factory behind them.

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The Demon from the Moon

#24 - The Demon from the Moon

Season 1 - Episode 9

In the deep black sky the blue-white moon is shining. Suddenly, a meteorite falls down to Earth. According to analysis, the meteorite has the same composition as the moon. So Ken proposes approaching the moon in the God Phoenix to investigate. Approaching the moon, the God Phoenix encounters a swarm of meteorites heading for Earth. Ken discovers a wrapped up body in the middle of the swarm and, because this is not a meteorite he attacks. But the Bird Missiles have no effect. The body falls to the Earth, becomes a Scorpion Mecha and attacks an oil refinery. Following Nambu's instructions from Earth to find the source of the radio waves steering the mecha and the meteorites, Ken asks Jun to trace the signal they detected while the mecha was on its way to Earth. The Science Ninja Team find the carrier sending out the control signal and leave Ryu behind in the God Phoenix while they sneak into it. They question the commander, but he doesn't reveal anything. Joe loses his patience and fires carelessly into the control panels with a machine gun. Shortly after the Science Ninja Team escapes, the meteorites hit the carrier because the computer has been destroyed. Meanwhile on Earth, the Red Impulse squad reports that the now unguided scorpion mecha has been destroyed.

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Speedrace through Hell

#25 - Speedrace through Hell

Season 1 - Episode 19

The Ruman Kingdom is known as the Gambling Kingdom. Galactor, guaranteeing the king's position, is channeling millions in riches out of the country. His highness Prince Luga's heart is torn by the people moaning with the high taxes imposed by the kingdom. So he contacts the ISO and offers to hand over a microfilm containing the location of the Galactor bases and headquarters to them. He does this knowing that it's against his father the king's, orders. In order to lay their hand son the film, the Science Ninja Team takes part in a race sponsored by the prince in which everybody can participate. But the encounter obstacles set by Galactor, who know the prince's plans. They're lured, together with the prince, into the base located in the interior of the kingdom. Katse wants to force them into exchanging the film against the king's life. But the prince has already handed over the film to Ken. Katse gets angry and shoots the king. The prince, clinging to his father's body, cries very much. But he has now his duty towards the people of the kingdom. Katse wants to take back the film by force. In order to achieve this wants to cut open Jinpei's stomach, since he pretended to swallow down the film. After the ensuing brawl, Joe has Katse cornered and is about to take away his mask, but Katse get away again by a hair's breadth. Despite the fact that they saved the prince's life, the film, which cost a huge sacrifice, was burned as well.

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