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In 1999, an alien ship crashes on South Atalia Island. Humans then know that they are not alone in space. Ten years later the ship has been rebuilt and named the SDF-1 Macross. However, on the day of its take off, a species called the Zentraedi arrive at Earth, beginning the UN Spacy vs. Zentraedi war that forever change the history of these two species.

Farewell to Tenderness

#1 - Farewell to Tenderness

Season 1 - Episode 36 - Aired Jun 26, 1983

Global informs Misa that the SDF-2, the successor to the Macross, is nearly ready to begin colonizing the galaxy - with her as the captain of the mission. Now that the reaction engine is built into his craft, Quazmin, Laplamiz, and their henchmen attack Macross City with missiles and waves of mecha. Hikaru, Misa and Minmay's love triangle reaches its climax, as Hikaru must decide whether he will go with the pop idol who brushed him aside and now desperately needs him, or the military commander who loves him deeply, but may leave him forever by the line of duty.

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#2 - Romanesque

Season 1 - Episode 35 - Aired Jun 19, 1983

In the jungle, Quamzin's men toil away in the heat to make his warship operational. The ship now has power, but Quamzin is informed that they need a new power condenser for the reaction engine. Quamzin decides that he will attack a human city and steal one. Skull Squadron flies patrol over Onogi City, and Hikaru thinks about what happened with Misa. He wonders if he can smooth things over by asking her out for a drink. He calls the command center to speak to her, but Shammy is there in her place. He asks where Misa is, and Shammy tells him Misa left early. As Skull Squadron leaves, workers in an industrial factory begin unloading some power condensers. In Macross City, Warera, Loli and Conda sell plastic model kits for Christmas, but they aren't making too much money. In a nearby playground, Minmay sits alone in the swing and thinks about Kaifun's departure. Warera, Loli and Conda walk by and call out to her, but she runs away. At home, Hikaru watches the news and hears that Minmay and Kaifun have both disappeared. Just then the doorbell rings, and he opens the door and is shocked to see Minmay standing there. He asks her what's wrong, and she begins to cry in his arms. Elsewhere, Misa says goodbye to Claudia in front of a pub and takes a taxi. Minmay tells Hikaru that she was fed up with her life and having people fawn over her. She tells him she feels like she isn't herself anymore, and he tells her she still has her songs. Minmay says she'll never sing again because her songs don't make her happy. He asks her what happened with Kaifun, and she asks him not to mention Kaifun ever again. Misa walks up to Hikaru's door and finds that it has been left ajar. She hears Minmay's voice and listens in on their conversation. Minmay tells Hikaru he's the only person that ever really cared about her, and she asks him if she can stay with him. Misa closes the front door and runs away. Claudia leaves the pub, and as she sees couples walking down the street, she thinks of her t

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My Album

#3 - My Album

Season 1 - Episode 28 - Aired May 1, 1983

It is October 2011, and nearly two years have passed since the Rain of Death that killed most of humanity and decimated the Earth's surface. Now, Earth's population consists of some surface survivors, the civilians from the Macross and the Zentradi who remained behind. Hikaru flies over the wasteland and lands when he spots a field of grass and dandelions growing underneath the wreckage of a ruined Valkyrie. Nearby, Hikaru's wingmen call him and get no response. One of them thinks their patrols of the wasteland are pointless, and another says there could be problems due to angry Zentradi. He says that the Zentradi have only known war, and now it must be difficult to adjust to life on Earth. In Alaska, Macross City has been rebuilt around the crater where the Macross landed after the final battle with Boddole Zer years before. In the suburbs, Misa washes dishes in Hikaru's home. She wonders if she should charge him, but she reconsiders because he never asks her to clean his home. She goes into a room and finds a photo album near Hikaru's bed. She looks through the album and finds that it is filled with nothing but Minmay pictures. She turns a Minmay poster upside down before leaving the house and dropping the keys in the mail box. Hikaru remembers Roy telling him he joined the military because he loved to protect women, and when he turns on the radio he hears Minmay singing "Zero-G Love." He happens to find a live broadcast of a concert of hers in nearby Grante City. Kaifun announces that they must rebuild their city quickly and ignore the military. His wingmen contact him, and he tells them that flowers are growing outside of the area designated as part of the Nature Restoration Project. He then tells them they're on their own because he's heading to Grante City. Hikaru arrives at the concert and watches Minmay sing "Sunset Beach." In Macross City, Misa sits at a sidewalk cafe and sees that Hikaru still loves Minmay. She sees Max and Milia pass by with their baby da

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Private Time

#4 - Private Time

Season 1 - Episode 34 - Aired Jun 12, 1983

Misa makes sandwiches for a picnic lunch with Hikaru, which she has been looking forward too. As Hikaru shaves, he gets a phone call from Minmay. She asks him if he can come immediately to Highlander City to see her. He tells her that he already has plans, and she tells him to break them. She says that if his plans are with someone from Macross City, he can see them anytime. Hikaru reluctantly agrees and calls Misa's house, but she's already left. He thinks about how he asked Misa to come to him with the forest after he saw it on one of his daily patrols. Misa arrives at the cafe where she is supposed to meet Hikaru and wait for him. Elsewhere, Hikaru flies to Highlander City in his FanLiner and meets Minmay at the airport. She's in disguise, and he wonders what would happen if the paparazzi saw her with him. She says she doesn't mind being spotted in public with him, and they head for a restaurant. In Macross City, Misa continues to wait for Hikaru. On the Macross, Kim and Shammy gossip about Misa going out on a date with Hikaru, and Machizaki tells them they're insensitive. Minmay asks Hikaru how long it's been since they were alone together, and he says that the last time was two years ago during the Rain of Death. She asks him if he still feels the same way he did back then, and he thinks that's the wrong kind of question to just ask out of nowhere. Kaifun storms into the restaurant and tells Minmay she has to leave now for a performance. She says she doesn't want to, so she gulps down a glass of wine and says she's too drunk now. Kaifun grabs a glass of water and throws it at her face to sober her up. He tells Hikaru that he's ruined his date, but he'll apologize to him someday. They leave, and Hikaru stays behind and has a few drinks at the bar. Misa wonders where Hikaru could be, so she calls Machizaki and asks him if he knows. As Hikaru drives back to the airport, he encounters a U.N. Spacy roadblock. He asks a soldier what's going on, and the soldier tells

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Love Concert

#5 - Love Concert

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired Mar 20, 1983

In the mothership, Boddole Zer watches Shao Pai Lon and the combat footage from the Ontario battle. If miclones really do possess such power, he thinks they are to be feared. On Vrlitwhai's ship, Loli and the others continue to show soldiers items from the Macross. The singing Minmay doll seems to be the favorite, and all the soldiers want to know more about her. More and more soldiers begin to abandon their posts to see the Minmay doll sing. Oigul informs Quamzin that men on their ship and Vrlitwhai's want to surrender and go to live on the Macross. Quamzin thinks that deserting to the miclones is unspeakable and damns the Macross. Boddole Zer calls Vrlitwhai and orders him to capture some humans. He says he believes that the humans are indeed Protoculture, and he wants to study them more before proceeding with the final stage. He says that culture has always affected the Zentradi badly, so they must learn as much about the civilization as they can and destroy it. Vrlitwhai orders the attack to begin, and the soldiers realize that if they attack the Macross they could kill Minmay. Loli suggests that they all surrender and defect. However, they first have to become miclones, so they convince a technician to help them. On the Macross, Hikaru thinks about Roy and Kakizaki and wonders why he's fighting in a fight he can't win. He walks through the ship and sees a poster of Minmay, and he decides if he fights to protect her it will be enough to keep him from running away. In the city, Minmay performs in concert and begins to sing "Love Drifts Away." On the bridge, Shammy, Vanessa and Kim relax on a coffee break and notice Claudia staring out into nothing. Claudia remembers walking down a street with Roy, and the girls realize the sad lyrics of the song must remind her of Roy. They notice Misa acting strangely, and she thinks of Kaifun as she listens to the song. Minmay finishes the song, and Kaifun thinks to himself about how beautiful she looks today. Exsedol tells

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Viva Maria

#6 - Viva Maria

Season 1 - Episode 30 - Aired May 15, 1983

At the U.N. Spacy base at Macross City, space boosters are attached to Hikaru's, Max's and Milia's Valkyries so they can break out of the atmosphere. The Valkyrie squad launches, followed by a Star Goose shuttle carrying Misa, Claudia and Exsedol. The Valkyries and the Star Goose break out of Earth's atmosphere and fly to Vrlitwhai's ship. The Star Goose docks inside the ship while the Valkyries land on the surface and take a lift down with several soldiers. Vrlitwhai greets everyone and tells them they're looking well. As Hikaru and Max walk through the ship, they realize it's not the same experience as when they were last on it two years before. Max tells Hikaru they should have a party because he wants to have a house warming celebration for Milia. On the bridge, Vrlitwhai notes that it's been two years since his last battle, and he never expected his next one to be a joint operation with humans. Once all preparations are complete, Vrlitwhai orders the ship to begin a space fold. In the human-sized rooms, everyone has their attention on Max and Milia's baby daughter Komilia. Misa asks if she can hold Komilia, and Milia tells her that if she wants to hold a baby she should make her own. Max tells her to let Misa hold the baby, so Milia tosses her in the air for Misa to catch. Hikaru asks Max if Milia was mad about him bringing Komilia, and Max tells him he should worry about Misa. He says that Misa looks happy holding a baby, and he asks Hikaru if he'd like to see her holding a baby of her own. Misa asks them what they're talking about, and Hikaru says it's man talk. Later, Hikaru, Misa and Claudia leave. Claudia tells Hikaru to have fun and decides to go to bed, so Misa walks her to her room. Claudia lies down on her bed and says to herself that she was never able to hold Roy's baby. Misa returns to her room and finds Hikaru looking at a picture of her and Riber. As she is about to tell him something important, she and Claudia receive a call to report to the brid

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Satan's Dolls

#7 - Satan's Dolls

Season 1 - Episode 31 - Aired May 22, 1983

A Star Goose shuttle carrying Global and Claudia launches from Earth and docks at the factory satellite. Following its capture, U.N. Spacy has begun mass production of Regults and battleships. However, at least half of the factory's systems were damaged by Supervision Army attacks, and the other half is failing due to poor maintenance. Global watches as Regult production ceases due to malfunctioning equipment. He asks Exsedol what's going on, and Exsedol says he has bad news. It seems that much of the remaining equipment is malfunctioning following the fold to Earth. On the Macross, Vanessa, Kim and Shammy gossip about news from Loli that Minmay and Kaifun are fighting. Misa is informed of a Zentradi disturbance in Trad City, and she has a patrol sent out. As Skull Squadron approaches Trad City, one of the pilots asks Hikaru if their three Valkyries are enough against a city that is at least half Zentradi. On the ground, a group of full-sized Zentradi steal a micloning device and destroy the defense systems surrounding it. As they drive out of Trad City, Skull Squadron attacks and forces them to surrender. In the frozen tundra, Quamzin is angry when Oigul reports that they failed to capture the micloning device. Laplamiz calls Oigul weak-willed, and they begin to argue. She then tries to touch Quamzin, but he fends off her advances and decides to attack personally. Hikaru supervises the retrieval of the micloning chamber and puts it under guard in Trad City. The mayor drives up in a car with Kaifun and Minmay and asks what's going on. Hikaru says he has to put the miclone device in U.N. Spacy custody because it's dangerous in the hands of the wrong people. Kaifun interrupts and tells Hikaru that the military has no right to take something that belongs to the Zentradi citizens. Hikaru tries to explain his position, but the crowd begins to agree with Kaifun. Kaifun tells Hikaru he'd better leave, and the crowd starts shouting for him to get out. Elsewhere, Quamzin and

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Pineapple Salad

#8 - Pineapple Salad

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired Feb 20, 1983

In the hospital, Hikaru thinks about how he was shot down and thinks he's pathetic. Misa comes in to the room with flowers, and he's surprised to see her. She tells him she's sorry he was hurt because of the orders she gave. He's surprised that she's actually apologizing to him, and she tells him it was her fault. Hikaru says that if he had been a better pilot that he could have survived no matter what orders she gave. Misa says she's lost her confidence, and Hikaru tells her it isn't like her to say that kind of thing. She places the flowers in water and tells Hikaru to get better before leaving. Misa returns to the bridge, and Claudia tells her to stop moping because she felt the same way when she first met Roy. Claudia tells Misa that she should take a chance and tell Hikaru how she feels even though he's younger. Their conversation is interrupted when Global enters the bridge. Misa asks how much longer they will be staying in the Pacific Ocean, and Global answers that they will leave when they finish getting supplies. Roy, Max and Kakizaki go down to visit Hikaru and find he is depressed. They ask if Minmay came to visit, and he says a big star like her doesn't have time for him. Roy is glad that Hikaru isn't seriously hurt, and Max foolishly says that he shouldn't have been injured by those missiles. Kakizaki then foolishly says that he and Max are hoping to get their own squads, which makes Hikaru feel even worse. Roy decides they should leave, and Max asks if the flowers came from Minmay, to which Hikaru answers they came from Misa. Roy sees that Hikaru's problem is mental and needs special medicine. He meets with Claudia at a cafe to get Minmay's shooting schedule for her movie. Elsewhere, the three spies steal a Minmay singing doll and run into Kim, Vanessa and Shammy. Shammy asks them if they're lolicons, and Loli explains they work in the Bamboo House Disco. The girls then drag them along with them to the disco. In space, Quamzin argues with Milia about t

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Love Drifts Away

#9 - Love Drifts Away

Season 1 - Episode 27 - Aired Apr 24, 1983

As more Zentradi ships continue to de-fold around Earth, Global orders a battle alert. Max and Milia prepare to scramble, and Hikaru tells them to make sure they come back alive. He then goes over to Minmay and says he may never see her again, so he confesses that he loves her. In Alaska, the Grand Cannon is charged and a countdown begins to fire it. Boddole Zer's flagship de-folds, and he orders immediate bombardment of Earth. On the Macross, Destroid Monsters and Tomahawks are deployed alongside Valkyries. Global is given a report on the switch out to reaction weaponry, and he tells Exsedol that initially he had planned to use them against Vrlitwhai, not alongside him. As Hikaru prepares for battle, Minmay comes to visit him. She says she only thought of him as a friend and realizes that she really does like Kaifun. He tells her it's okay and that it's his fault for not saying anything before. He says it wouldn't have worked since he's a pilot and she's a star; he finds it ironic that they could live in two totally different worlds on one small ship. All the Zentradi ships power up and begin firing on Earth. Whole cities are annihilated in the blink of an eye from the attack. Hikaru and Minmay look out a window and can't believe what they're seeing. Minmay wonders if her parents are dead, and Hikaru thinks about Misa. Minmay begins to sing a song, but she stops and cries. Hikaru gets an idea and asks her if she'll sing for everyone. On Earth, the Alaska base remains intact, and Takeshi orders the immediate firing of the Grand Cannon. Global speaks to Vrlitwhai and asks him to transmit Minmay's song on all Zentradi military frequencies. Exsedol explains that since Boddole Zer's soldiers have never encountered Protoculture, the song will give them a temporarily psychological shock and disrupt the chain of command. Exsedol asks Minmay if she could also perform a kiss since it is the most effective way to shock the Zentradi. The Grand Cannon fires out into space and d

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Bye-bye Mars

#10 - Bye-bye Mars

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 21, 1982

Exsedol informs Vrlitwhai that there is an abandoned miclone base on Mars. Vrlitwhai thinks it will be an excellent opportunity to lure in the Macross and capture it. For the operation he has called in reinforcements from the 7th sector Armored Division of the 109th branch of the Bodol main fleet. Exsedol is shocked, because that group is commanded by the infamous Quamzin Kravshera. Quamzin is known for getting drunk during a battle and killing most of his mean, which earned him the nickname "Ally Killer." Despite Quamzin's reputation, Vrlitwhai is sure that he can control him. Quamzin's ships suddenly de-fold from space in close proximity to Vrlitwhai's ship and crash into them. Quamzin calls to introduce himself, and his subordinate Oigul says he won the bet for the booze because they crashed into four ships. Vrlitwhai becomes angry and tells Quamzin he won't take any of his stupidity in this operation. Meanwhile, Hikaru, Roy, and the other Valkyrie pilots fight off attacking Regults and Fighter Pods. After the battle, Roy tells Hikaru he should go into town to relax. Hikaru runs into Minmay and hears an announcement about the battle that contradicts what he saw. She takes him to a cafe and gives him an invitation to her birthday party. On the bridge, Vanessa receives a transmission from Salla Base on Mars, and Global is surprised. During the Unification War, the soldiers at Salla Base were all killed on their way back to Earth by Anti-United Nations forces. Global decides they will stop at Mars to get supplies. Upon hearing mention of Mars, Misa thinks of her boyfriend, Riber Frurink. Riber was in the army and went to Mars, and Misa decided to join the army to be with him. Quamzin's forces plant gravity mines underneath the surface and wait for the Macross. The ship lands outside of their range and sends Valkyries and Destroid Spartans to secure the base. Misa asks Global for permission to investigate the base, and he agrees. He moves the ship closer to Salla Bas

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Daedalus Attack

#11 - Daedalus Attack

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Nov 14, 1982

A month has passed since the crew of the Macross won their first victory over the Zentradi. In that time, Hikaru has been undergoing rigorous training to become a Valkyrie pilot. In Macross City, Hikaru meets with Minmay and shows off his new uniform. Minmay stops in front of a dress shop and try on a dress in the window. Hikaru protests going inside, but Minmay drags him in. While she is trying on the dress, Misa, Shammy, and Kim enter the shop looking for lingerie. Embarrassed, Hikaru looks away and picks up the groceries he drops. Global heads down to where the fold system used to be to investigate a strange energy phenomenom. The chief engineer says he believes a barrier system can be developed from the phenomenom. Elsewhere, Vrlitwhai and Exsedol review the last battle, and they see no reason why the Macross transformed. Exsedol notes that the transformation limits their gravitational control. He thinks that the ship will head for Saturn and use ECM (electronic countermeasures) to escape. Vrlitwhai decides he will let them try their plan and then trap them. Minmay takes Hikaru back to Nyan-Nyan to see everyone, but Roy shows up and says he has orders. Hikaru walks to the base with Roy when they encounter Misa, Shammy, Vanessa, and Kim on the street. Roy introduces Hikaru to Misa, and both of them realize who they are. Misa tells him that it isn't proper for a man to be in a lingerie shop as she walks off. Hikaru and the rest of the Valkyrie pilots are called to a meeting, and an officer tells them they should spend time with whoever they want to see before the battle. Later that night, Hikaru meets Minmay in the park. She shows off her dress, but he doesn't notice it's the one she bought. Hikaru tells Minmay that they should take a picture, but she doesn't think she's very photogenic. He calls a cambot, and it takes their picture. Later, Roy visits Hikaru at the base and sees that he can't sleep. He thinks about how the hours before a battle are the worst. Hika

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Lonely Song

#12 - Lonely Song

Season 1 - Episode 29 - Aired May 9, 1983

In Macross City, full size Zentradi become increasingly dissatisfied with the human way of life and leave the city to wander in the desert wasteland. In a small restaurant, Minmay begins a performance and has trouble singing "My Boyfriend is a Pilot." On the Macross, Global, Hikaru and Claudia meet with Exsedol to discuss his scientific report. At the restaurant, Minmay ends her performance and is told by Kaifun that she was horrible. She explains that she was surprised by how small the audience was. He wonders how the turnout will be for the next day's charity concert, and she tells him she doesn't know why she sings anymore. She also tells him he should charge less for tickets, but he says they need the money since they donate it to people who don't have anything. As they drive through the city, she tells him go to to Nyan Nyan for dinner, but she refuses. She opens the door and causes him to nearly crash before he agrees to take her to the restaurant. Exsedol gives his report and concludes that humans and Zentradi are nearly identical and both are descended somehow from the Protoculture. What's not known is what caused them to be different. Exsedol also says that one trait seems common in both species: a love for war. Hikaru objects and says that humans fight to protect themselves when attacked. Another officer notes that even before Space War I, humans constantly have fought wars throughout all recorded history. Hikaru thinks Exsedol's results distort the facts, and Exsedol asks him not to insert his personal opinions. In another part of the city, Minmay arrives at Nyan Nyan and his happily greeted by her aunt, uncle and the mayor. She asks them if she can stay, and they tell her the restaurant is still her home. Minmay returns to her room for the first time in years and looks around. She looks at a patched piece of ceiling material and is reminded of when she first met Hikaru and he crashed his Valkyrie into her room. She goes over to a drawer and pulls out Hik

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Burst Point

#13 - Burst Point

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired Feb 27, 1983

The Macross flies over a large city, and Global is told by U.N. Spacy that such flights are prohibited except in case of emergencies. Global insists that it is an emergency because he has 56,000 civilians aboard and can't fight to his full potential if he has to worry about them. He asks for permission to have them disembark, and he is instead ordered to fly out to the sea. Global says he can't do that because the gravity control system isn't perfected yet and the ship may crash over a city. While Global didn't get anything from U.N. Spacy, he started the dispute over radio over the hopes that some autonomous region not under the control of U.N. Spacy might be listening. Claudia decides to leave for a coffee break, and everyone sees that she is trying to hide her grief over Roy. Misa enters one of the observation lounges and finds Claudia sitting by herself, and she walks over when she spots Hikaru standing by himself. Minmay's "Shanghai Dandy" plays on the radio, and she asks him if Minmay will leave with the rest of the civilians when they find a place for them. He says she's going to stay with her aunt, uncle and Kaifun. Hikaru asks about the new barrier developed to replace the pinpoint barrier, and Misa says it's more effective but doesn't last as long. In the city, Minmay returns to her dressing room and collapses from exhaustion in Kaifun's arms. On the bridge, Shammy informs Global of a message from the North American Ontario Autonomous Region stating that they will take in all of the civilians. Global orders Claudia to change course immediately and head for Ontario. In space, Quamzin argues with Laplamiz about why he can't attack the Macross. Laplamiz says she doesn't understand what's going on, but her orders are not to attack until the spies return. Laplamiz asks Milia to stop Quamzin again, and Milia stuns her by saying she wants to be a miclone spy. As Milia is resized in the cloning chamber, she thinks to herself that she must defeat Max. In the Macros

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Miss Macross

#14 - Miss Macross

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Dec 5, 1982

In a café, Hikaru asks Minmay out to a movie, but she tells him she can’t because the restaurant is very busy. Hikaru notices the sky outside, and Minmay tells him it was created by the military. As they watch the sunset, she tells him that the Miss Macross beauty pageant will be staged soon and that the famous Jamis Merin is a contestant. Kakizaki finds Max working on his Valkyrie and tells him that Minmay has entered the contest. He says that since Hikaru gave them both Saturday off they should see the contest. Hikaru speaks to Minmay on the phone, and she tells him that the mayor entered her in the contest. On the Zentradi flagship, Exsedol shows Vrlitwhai a commercial from the Macross for the contest. Vrlitwhai orders a recon ship to launch and investigate the situation. Soldiers Loli Dosel, Conda Bromco and Warera Nantes launch in a Quel-Quallie recon ship under the code name "Blue Wind." The Macross Broadcasting System (MBS) begins its inaugural broadcast with the start of contest. The grand prize for the winner is a new Fanliner personal jet. On the bridge, Misa, Claudia and Vanessa laugh about Global being one of the judges. Claudia tells Misa that if she had entered the contest she could have won. The Quel-Quallie is picked up on sensors, and Misa calls Vermillion Squad to scramble, but Hikaru isn't at the base. In the city, Hikaru rides a bicycle to get to the contest in time. Backstage, Minmay asks Jamis to autograph a napkin, and her manager tells Minmay to use a proper autograph book. Hikaru watches with binoculars as Minmay comes on stage in a Chinese dress. The judges ask her if she has a boyfriend, and she says she has a cousin who is like a brother. Hikaru receives a page and calls the bridge, only to be lectured by Misa about being on duty. As he hails a taxi, Roy laughs at him and tells him to go for it. Hikaru launches in a VF-1S Armored Valkyrie, which Misa tells him is only for special missions. The Zentradi block their transmissions, and

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Blue Wind

#15 - Blue Wind

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Jan 9, 1983

On the bridge of the Macross, an operator wonders when they will ever reach Earth, and Claudia tells her she should ask the Zentradi fleet that is blocking them. In the bowels of the ship, Loli, Conda and Warera explore the area and realize they need to change their outfits to blend in. Vanessa, Kim and Shammy walk by after getting off duty and decide to head to the disco. They go into a nearby locker room to change clothes, and the spies realize they can get new outfits there. After the girls leave, the three spies go into the locker room and pry open all the lockers to get some clothes. Loli and Conda manage to find decent outfits, but Warera doesn't realize that he's put on a blouse and a skirt. In a briefing room, Misa, Hikaru, Max and Kakizaki give their report to Global, Colonel Maistrov and other members of the senior staff. With the exception of Global, none of the others believe the story about Zentradi history and Protoculture. An analyst gives an estimate to Global that the Zentradi main fleet consists of roughly four to five million ships. Global thinks that the idea of Protoculture explains why the Zentradi have ignored Earth and have performed strange attacks on the Macross. Global wants to get the information to Earth, and Maistrov wants to prepare a coded message to send to U.N. Spacy. Global tells him they won't be sending a message because he plans to break past the Zentradi fleet and head for Earth, which is only two days away. While no one is really happy that their story wasn't believed, Kakizaki is glad they all got promotions. The spies enter the city and are shocked when they see men and women closely interacting. Conda accidentally grabs a woman's breast and gets slapped, and Loli thinks the close interaction is perverse. Two skateboards skate by and cause Warera to fall down, which attracts attention. Loli and Conda realize that Warera is wearing women's clothes and run away. Warera runs into the women's restroom and gets beaten up. Elsewhe

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Blind Game

#16 - Blind Game

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 12, 1982

Loli, Conda and Warera make their report to Vrlitwhai and Exsedol. The strange things they describe make no sense, and Vrlitwhai wonders if he should send another recon group. Exsedol suggests capturing some samples and has an idea. A squad of Regults attacks, and Kakizaki takes some damage while Hikaru and Max score kills. Hikaru insists that they return to the ship, but Misa wants them to stick to their patrol schedule. Hikaru lectures her and says that in space the slightest damage can be fatal. Roy steps into the argument and tells Misa that Hikaru is right. Since the Zentradi are no longer blocking their transmissions, Global is able to send a message to U.N. Spacy High Command and get a response. The message states that the Zentradi seem to be interested only in the Macross and not Earth. Therefore, Global is ordered to use the Macross as a decoy to keep the Zentradi away from Earth to give the U.N. Spacy time to prepare. Oigul informs Quamzin of Exsedol's plan to fire a warning shot across the bow of the Macross. Quamzin tells Oigul that he has plans to make a more effective demonstration. He wants an old soldier who is about to retire make the shot and accidentally miss the target. Hikaru waits for Minmay in the city and is approached by Vanessa, Kim and Shammy. They ask him if he is waiting for a girl and if she is prettier than them. Hikaru says Minmay is about the same as them and receives a call from a phone bot. Minmay tells him that she can’t meet him because she has to take singing lessons to record an album. Vrlitwhai's fleet begins to fire several volleys across the bow of the Macross as a warning shot. Quamzin has his old soldier deliberately aim elsewhere and fire. Global has the pinpoint barrier activated, but the force of the blast overloads the barrier and destroys the ship’s radar tower. With the attack over, fragments of destroyed asteroids surround the Macross. Global tries to contact the radar control room, but all the personnel are

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Rainy Night

#17 - Rainy Night

Season 1 - Episode 33 - Aired Jun 5, 1983

Misa sits in the Macross officer's lounge and thinks about what she said to Hikaru after he rescued Minmay. Claudia comes in and asks Misa if anything is wrong, but she wants to be left alone. Claudia knows there's been trouble with Hikaru, so she sits down and gives Misa a box of black tea. She tells Misa that if she's having a problem with Hikaru, they should drink some tea and make up. On the airfield, Hikaru lands after completing his patrol and is informed that Misa wants him to contact her. He thinks she just wants his patrol report, and he hates how enthusiastic she is over her job. He storms into the Macross's command center and tosses his report on the console in front of Misa. He tells her what she did was low, especially if it was out of jealousy. She tries to say something, and he says she wouldn't understand him because all she loves is her job. He goes over to Vanessa and asks her if she wants to go out with him. Misa tells him he's horrible and runs out of the room. Vanessa tells Hikaru that wasn't a smart thing to say because Misa is in love with him. He finds that hard to believe because he thinks Misa only loves the military. After he leaves, Vanessa, Kim and Shammy discuss the situation and see that Misa hasn't told Hikaru how she feels. Later, Misa walks home at night and is caught in the rain. She stops in front of Hikaru's house and pulls out the box of tea. Claudia appears with an umbrella and tells Misa she'll catch a cold in the rain. She offers Misa a drink at her house if she isn't ready to see Hikaru yet. Hikaru sits in his bed and thinks he might have gone overboard when he spoke to Misa earlier. At Claudia's house, Misa begins to gulp down glasses of wine. Claudia tells Misa she's lucky that the man she loves is still alive. She says that after Roy died, she took up alcohol every night to deal with the pain of his death. Misa asks Claudia if her relationship with Roy was always good, and Claudia tells her it was rocky until they both ca

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Broken Heart

#18 - Broken Heart

Season 1 - Episode 32 - Aired May 29, 1983

A U.N. Spacy recon plane carrying Misa heads for enemy territory escorted by Skull Squadron. Missiles approach from Quamzin's ship, but Skull Squadron destroys them. Hikaru and Misa explore the interior of the ship, but it's apparent that the ship was just recently abandoned. Elsewhere, Quamzin escapes in his Glaug, followed by his Regult forces. He feels like he's in a good mood, so he decides to do something. In Ionesco City, Minmay sings "Sunset Beach" in a concert hall filled with humans and full-sized Zentradi. As she sings, the ceiling and walls crumble as Regults burst through and attack. Minmay and Kaifun try to escape, but Quamzin blocks their way and grabs them. On the Macross, Global receives a call from Quamzin. Quamzin shows that he has Minmay and Kaifun as hostages, and he demands that Global give him a battleship by 6:00 A.M. the next morning or he will kill the hostages. Kaifun shouts out that Global should destroy a ship instead of give it to someone like Quamzin. Quamzin reinforces his demand and leaves Global to choose what he will do. Quamzin wonders what he will do with Minmay, and she begins to sing "Love Drifts Away." Quamzin is momentarily stunned, but he grabs her when she tries to escape. He tells her that he's not unsophisticated like she might think, and he's immune to her cultural nonsense. He asks her if she thinks her songs can move people and squeezes her in his hand. He then tells Laplamiz to stop what she's doing because she is playing with Kaifun like an action figure. In the air, Misa is informed of the situation by Claudia. Ionesco City's Destroid forces are to work with Skull Squadron in a joint operation to attack the city and rescue the hostages. Misa calls Hikaru and informs him that Minmay is a hostage. He forgets military procedure for a moment, which makes her angry. After landing at the base on the outskirts of Ionesco City, they go over the plan. Hikaru makes it clear that he objects to the plan because it doesn't place

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Space Fold

#19 - Space Fold

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 17, 1982

As the Macross heads for space, Roy catches up with the ship to fly escort. He calls Hikaru and gets no response, so he figures Hikaru must still be in shock from the encounter with the enemy. He calls Misa and tells her he is going back to South Ataria Island to get Hikaru. Misa says something was odd about him, and Roy explains he is a civilian pilot. Hikaru is indeed still shocked by his encounter with the Zentradi, and he doesn't want Minmay to see the corpse. He tries to take off, but the Valkyrie crashes because the Zentradi soldier is holding onto the foot. Roy destroys several Regults before finding Hikaru. He sees the corpse holding onto the Valkyrie and jokes that aliens have the hots for Hikaru. He disconnects the cockpit from the Valkyrie and tucks it underneath his arm. Several Regults appear and attack, and Roy escapes. He reaches the air safely and heads for space. Hikaru and Minmay tell him they don't want to go to the Macross, and Roy promises to take Minmay back to South Ataria Island once the war ends. Hikaru and Roy begin arguing on the radio, and Hikaru calls Misa an old lady when she gets involved. Everyone on the bridge laughs, much to Misa's embarrassment. She gets angry and tells Hikaru he has some explaining to do about being in a Valkyrie. Nearby, Vrlitwhai and Exsedol track the ship's progress. They see the Macross is trying to join with it's space fleet, and they also want to prevent it from performing a space fold. Roy drives Hikaru and Minmay through the large corridors of the ship, and Hikaru wonders why war has started. Roy arrives at his destination, which is a hangar containing Hikaru's racer. Emergency stations are sounded, and Roy tells Hikaru and Minmay not to wander around because the ship is so large. As the Macross prepares to dock with two ARMD carriers, Vrlitwhai orders his ships to attack. The Zentradi fleet begins its barrage and destroys the ARMD carriers. Global orders Claudia to take the ship back over South Ataria

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First Contact

#20 - First Contact

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 19, 1982

Vrlitwhai smacks Kakizaki's Valkyrie with a metal pipe and disables it. He then attacks Hikaru and knocks his gun pod out of his hands. A soldier grabs Misa and places her in a sack, and several others attack Max. He quickly transforms to GERWALK mode and flies around the hangar to evade their fire. Vrlitwhai knocks Hikaru down, and Hikaru blasts Vrlitwhai in the face with exhaust from the soles of his feet. He then grabs Vrlitwhai and body slams him on the floor, but Vrlitwhai quickly recovers and impales his Valkyrie on a wall. Hikaru fires his lasers, but Vrlitwhai rips the Valkyrie's head off. Hikaru ejects from his Valkyrie and gains altitude, but Vrlitwhai jumps up and grabs him. Hikaru's Valkyrie then explodes, sucking Max into space. Exsedol performs DNA tests on Hikaru, Misa and Kakizaki and is shocked to discover that humans are very similar to Zentradi. Hikaru and Misa wake up, and he blames her for their current situation. He says women aren't suited to be soldiers and should do things like cooking or singing. Vrlitwhai wonders if he can handle this situation alone, and Exsedol suggests delivering the humans to Lord Golg Boddole Zer. Max finds a way back inside through a portion of the hull that has been blasted open, and the ship begins a fold operation. On the Macross, Vanessa picks up the fold, and Global wonders if Hikaru and Misa are dead. In the city, Roy meets Minmay outside of her restaurant and tells her that Hikaru is missing. She doesn't want to hear anymore and runs off crying. Misa sees that they have been folding for an hour, which equates to about ten days in normal space. Hikaru realizes he has missed Minmay's TV debut. He remembers her telling him about her debut song, "My Boyfriend is a Pilot." The ship finally de-folds, and everyone is shocked to see a huge Zentradi fleet in the middle of a battle. Vrlitwhai's ship begins approaching Boddole Zer'sFulbtzs-Berrentzs class mobile fortress. Max explores the interior of the ship and hid

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The Big Escape

#21 - The Big Escape

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 26, 1982

Max continues to explore the ship, and Hikaru says they have to get out. He says that the next time a guard comes to bring them food, they should kiss to distract him and escape. Misa thinks that’s a crazy plan and refuses to go along with it. Boddole Zer tells Vrlitwhai that he wants to send a spy to the Macross, and Exsedol says contact with the Protoculture could destroy them. Boddole Zer thinks that if they could get reaction weaponry or knowledge on how to repair ships it would give them a great advantage over the Supervision Army. They wonder who they could possibly get to perform the mission, and Loli, Conda and Warera volunteer to become miclones. Misa thinks that it is important to get her video back to the Macross, so she reconsiders Hikaru’s plan. A guard opens the door, and Hikaru and Misa kiss to distract him. However, the guard is actually Max. He picks them up and places Hikaru and Misa in one pocket and Kakizaki in another. He says he didn't know Hikaru was into older women, and Hikaru objects. Max promises that if they get back to the Macross. He’ll keep their secret. A Zentradi soldier spots them, and Max attacks and transforms to GERWALK mode to escape. He flies right through the bridge and past Boddole Zer, Vrlitwhai and Exsedol. Soldiers shoot at Max’s Valkyrie, which loses power in an elevator. Everyone escapes just as it explodes and kills a Zentradi soldier. Boddole Zer decides to pull Vrlitwhai off the front line for his mistake and replace him with Moruk Laplamiz. Hikaru and Misa run off on their own and spot several miclone chambers in use. In a weapons storage room, Misa wonders if the Zentradi were human-sized in the Protoculture and if they genetically engineered themselves. A soldier grabs Misa and kicks Hikaru away. Misa drops the camera, and Hikaru grabs a massive Zentradi rifle and kills the soldier. She tells him to leave her, but he pries her out of the soldier's hand. Soldiers shoot at them on a bridge, and the floor crum

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Lynn Minmay

#22 - Lynn Minmay

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 31, 1982

On the bridge, Global gives out orders to settle the civilian refugees from the island. He sees the aircraft carriers Prometheus and Daedalus floating nearby and orders Misa to have the work crews attach them to the ship. Since the ARMD carriers are gone, the aircraft carriers will serve as substitutes. Roy calls and wants to have a search party sent out to find Hikaru. Global says the priority is helping the 50,000 civilians, and Roy gets angry and cuts off the call. In the bowels of the ship, Hikaru tries to free his plane from the ropes it crashed into. Minmay says they should look for an exit, and they begin exploring the ship. She finds dripping pipes and accidentally burns herself. As they walk through the dark corridors, they eventually find a giant-sized airlock. Looking out the window, they see cars and buildings floating out in space. On the bridge, Kim makes coffee so that Misa and Claudia can take a short break. In the lower sections of the ship, Minmay tells Hikaru that she's thirsty, and he gets an idea. They get a steel rod and break open the pipes she burned herself on earlier. Minmay decides to take a shower in the flowing water, and Hikaru gets excited. Minmay looks at him strangely, and he decides he will wait. She asks him to place a piece of metal nearby as a screen. When he peeks through a hole to get a look, she screams. Hikaru brings her some clothes, and they return to the plane. He starts digging into his food, and Minmay wonders if they should ration it out. He says they will find an exit tomorrow, so it doesn't matter. Minmay falls asleep on Hikaru's soldier, and when a rat jumps on her, she thinks he's a pervert. When she goes over to lie on a sheet, she finds a bunch of rats. They laugh, and Hikaru jokes that he will make a deal with the rats to share the bed. Minmay falls asleep on his shoulder again. Hikaru begins searching the area to make a map and find a way out. When he returns he finds Minmay cooking to extend their rations. H

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Paradise Lost

#23 - Paradise Lost

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired Mar 6, 1983

Deep in space, Vrlitwhai and Boddole Zer view the footage from the battle between the Macross and Quamzin. Boddole Zer tells Vrlitwhai that there is disorder among the ranks, so he wants him to go back and take charge. Vrlitwhai agrees, but he also asks to be given command of the Adaclos fleet of 1,200 ships just in case. Vrlitwhai and Exsedol return to their ship, and they wonder if 1,200 extra ships will be enough. Vrlitwhai's fleet leaves the mothership and begins fold operations to return to Earth. On Earth, Sea Sergeant helicopters and Avenger II planes offload crates of supplies to the Macross. In his quarters, Hikaru tries to write a letter to Kakizaki's parents to inform them that he is dead, but he is unable to and begins to cry. Max knocks on his door, and they decide to go outside. Max doesn't understand why he's being promoted and given a team, and Hikaru explains that it's because he himself has been promoted to squadron commander. On the deck, they watch a Commanchero officer transport helicopter land and wonder what's going on. Max wonders if the rumors are true that they'll have to leave Earth. As the sun sets, Max comments that it might be the last one they ever see. Deep inside the ship, Loli and Conda work on a Regult while Warera makes beef stew. They eat their last meal while listening to Minmay and think about how they may never see Vanessa, Kim or Shammy again. In his office, Global examines the orders handed down by U.N. Spacy High Command. According to the orders, the Macross is to leave Earth within 24 hours or face an attack from U.N. Spacy. Misa comes into his office, and he tells her he never expected U.N. Spacy to force the civilians into this. He asks Misa to contact MBS, and he also calls the bridge and orders Claudia to prepare to launch. Vrlitwhai's fleet de-folds on the dark side of the moon, which is the signal for the spies to leave the Macross. The three split the controls of the Regult and blast out of the ship. They then trave

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Virgin Road

#24 - Virgin Road

Season 1 - Episode 25 - Aired Apr 10, 1983

At the Happiness Forest Park, Max waits for Milia and wonders if he picked the wrong spot for them to meet. Milia appears out of nowhere and attacks him with a knife. He asks what's going on, and she tells him that she's a Zentradi Queadluun-Rau pilot and that she wants her revenge. She throws a knife at a tree and tells Max to take it so they can duel. She then attacks him, and he uses a rock to repel her attacks and reach the knife. With a knife of his own, Max repels her attacks and knocks the knife out of her hand. Milia falls to her knees and begins to cry. She says she's been defeated a third time now, and she asks him to kill her. Max tells her she is cute and picks her up and kisses her. At a lounge, Warera, Loli and Conda sit with Vanessa, Kim and Shammy and wonder if their request for asylum will be approved. Max walks up to Hikaru's table and asks for some advice. Max says that he's getting married to Milia, and Hikaru spits out his coffee at the shock of what Max has said. He asks Max how he could get married after one date, and Max says they are both certain of their love. He says there is one complication though: Milia is a Zentradi pilot. Hikaru tells him he can't marry an alien and that love is for fools. Max tells him that their love can conquer all and make the impossible possible. Max tells Hikaru that he wants him to meet Milia, and she comes out wearing a beautiful dress. Hikaru changes his mind and tells him he should speak to Global and get his permission since he's marrying an alien. Later, the wedding begins with fireworks being set off in space and rainbow colored lights lighting up a trail to the Macross. Hikaru's Skull One and several other Valkyries form an honor guard as Max and Milia fly towards the ship. As the ceremony progresses, Vrlitwhai watches it on his flagship and doesn't understand. He says that the miclones should kill Milia, and he can't comprehend them accepting her. Exsedol says it's something called 'love' and explains t

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Drop Out

#25 - Drop Out

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired Mar 27, 1983

Hikaru destroys more Regults as he makes his way through the city. On another street, Quamzin and his men encounter three Regults wandering around aimlessly. He asks them what they're doing, and they say they don't want to fight because they're looking for Minmay. He shoots one of them, and the other two run away along with his own men. He begins chasing after his own men and executing them for desertion. Vanessa reports to Global that the Zentradi are in disarray, so he orders the Valkyrie teams to enter the ship and take control. Hikaru reaches the concert hall and sees Kaifun kiss Minmay. Misa calls him, and he tells her to send a rescue party before shutting off his radio. He then leaves just before Minmay pushes Kaifun away. Feeling angry, Hikaru rushes in and destroys several Regults by himself. Nearby, the micloned Zentradi exit their Regults and find a broken Minmay doll. They realize that they're responsible for all the damage done to the city. Vrlitwhai hears reports of men deserting, so he orders a retreat and asks Quamzin to detain the deserters instead of kill them. With the battle over, Hikaru is asked to report to the conference room. He is shocked to see Loli, Conda and Warera and asks what they're doing there. Misa says that they and 23 other Zentradi soldiers have defected to the Macross. Hikaru thinks it's preposterous to accept them after all the time they've been fighting; this pleases Maistrov and another colonel in opposition to Global, Misa and Max. Misa tells Hikaru that she thought he would understand the Zentradi based on his experience with them. She reminds him of what they saw on Vrlitwhai's ship and that the Zentradi know only war and nothing else. Hikaru questions the spies and asks them why they want to be on the Macross. The spies explain it is because humans are Protoculture and possess things the Zentradi lack. Hikaru changes his mind and agrees they should stay, which displeases Maistrov. Maistrov says aliens can't live with huma

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