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In 1999, an alien ship crashes on South Atalia Island. Humans then know that they are not alone in space. Ten years later the ship has been rebuilt and named the SDF-1 Macross. However, on the day of its take off, a species called the Zentraedi arrive at Earth, beginning the UN Spacy vs. Zentraedi war that forever change the history of these two species.

Love Drifts Away

#1 - Love Drifts Away

Season 1 - Episode 27

As more Zentradi ships continue to de-fold around Earth, Global orders a battle alert. Max and Milia prepare to scramble, and Hikaru tells them to make sure they come back alive. He then goes over to Minmay and says he may never see her again, so he confesses that he loves her. In Alaska, the Grand Cannon is charged and a countdown begins to fire it. Boddole Zer's flagship de-folds, and he orders immediate bombardment of Earth. On the Macross, Destroid Monsters and Tomahawks are deployed alongside Valkyries. Global is given a report on the switch out to reaction weaponry, and he tells Exsedol that initially he had planned to use them against Vrlitwhai, not alongside him. As Hikaru prepares for battle, Minmay comes to visit him. She says she only thought of him as a friend and realizes that she really does like Kaifun. He tells her it's okay and that it's his fault for not saying anything before. He says it wouldn't have worked since he's a pilot and she's a star; he finds it ironic that they could live in two totally different worlds on one small ship. All the Zentradi ships power up and begin firing on Earth. Whole cities are annihilated in the blink of an eye from the attack. Hikaru and Minmay look out a window and can't believe what they're seeing. Minmay wonders if her parents are dead, and Hikaru thinks about Misa. Minmay begins to sing a song, but she stops and cries. Hikaru gets an idea and asks her if she'll sing for everyone. On Earth, the Alaska base remains intact, and Takeshi orders the immediate firing of the Grand Cannon. Global speaks to Vrlitwhai and asks him to transmit Minmay's song on all Zentradi military frequencies. Exsedol explains that since Boddole Zer's soldiers have never encountered Protoculture, the song will give them a temporarily psychological shock and disrupt the chain of command. Exsedol asks Minmay if she could also perform a kiss since it is the most effective way to shock the Zentradi. The Grand Cannon fires out into space and destroys a significant number of Zentradi ships. As Minmay prepares for her performance, Loli and the others visit her and wish her good luck. With the preparations completed, Minmay is called out to the stage to begin singing. Global speaks to his forces and Vrlitwhai's to inform them they will be punching through the path created by the Grand Cannon. Minmay begins her performance by singing "My Boyfriend is a Pilot." Immediately, the Zentradi in Boddole Zer's fleet are confused. Hikaru launches in his Skull One equipped with FAST packs and begins unleashing a massive number of missiles against enemies. Nearby, Max and Milia fight together in their Valkyries. Minmay continues and sings "Shao Pai Lon." Afterwards, Kaifun comes on stage and kisses Minmay. The enemy Zentradi are disgusted by it and are destroyed while they're distracted. Hikaru remembers kissing Minmay after asking her to sing. He then destroys a battleship on his own with reaction missiles, but he is hit by a barrage of missiles himself. In Alaska, Misa desperately calls out for any survivors and receives a message from Takeshi. He tells her she was probably right and is killed in an explosion. Hikaru wakes up and hears Minmay's "Silver Moon, Red Moon." He finds he is being pulled into the atmosphere, so he ejects his damaged FAST packs and deploys his heat shield for re-entry. He flies over Earth's devastated surface and picks up Misa's distress calls. He tells her he will come to rescue her, but she says it's too dangerous. As Minmay begins to sing "Love Drifts Away", Global has all the energy from the pinpoint barrier focused into the two portions of the main gun. The Macross flies ahead of Vrlitwhai's ship and punches into Boddole Zer's flagship. Oigul asks Quamzin what they will do, and Quamzin says they will fight. Oigul says that means they will be fighting allies, and Quamzin says he doesn't care because he's the Ally Killer. Hikaru flies through the shaft of the Grand Cannon and cuts through a wall to get to Misa. As they fly out, an explosion damages the glass of his canopy and destroys it. The Macross breaks through into the central core of Boddole Zer's ship and fires all of its reaction missiles. It then activates the omni directional barrier for protection before Boddole Zer's ship explodes. Hikaru and Misa wonder if they're the only people left on Earth, and he tells Misa it's not so bad because she won't be alone. Hikaru picks up Minmay's singing on his radio and realizes that the Macross survived. He spots the damaged ship descending like a falling star into a nearby crater. He and Misa take off and head back to the Macross. That was the final battle, and what a battle indeed. Though the Macross wins and beats Boddole Zer, it comes at a terrible price. They're not able to stop his plan to decimate Earth, and as a result most of humanity is dead. There's also a lot of character moments thrown in during the heavy action. Hikaru finally confesses his love for Minmay, but it looks like at the same time he's letting her go because he knows things wouldn't work out between them. Also, Takeshi realizes that Misa was right, but he only comes to that realization at the very end before his death. Though Boddole Zer is dead and the war is over, the series isn't. The message here seems to be that even in humanity's darkest moments there's always hope for something better that could rise out of the ruins.

star 9.30
10 votes
My Album

#2 - My Album

Season 1 - Episode 28

It is October 2011, and nearly two years have passed since the Rain of Death that killed most of humanity and decimated the Earth's surface. Now, Earth's population consists of some surface survivors, the civilians from the Macross and the Zentradi who remained behind. Hikaru flies over the wasteland and lands when he spots a field of grass and dandelions growing underneath the wreckage of a ruined Valkyrie. Nearby, Hikaru's wingmen call him and get no response. One of them thinks their patrols of the wasteland are pointless, and another says there could be problems due to angry Zentradi. He says that the Zentradi have only known war, and now it must be difficult to adjust to life on Earth. In Alaska, Macross City has been rebuilt around the crater where the Macross landed after the final battle with Boddole Zer years before. In the suburbs, Misa washes dishes in Hikaru's home. She wonders if she should charge him, but she reconsiders because he never asks her to clean his home. She goes into a room and finds a photo album near Hikaru's bed. She looks through the album and finds that it is filled with nothing but Minmay pictures. She turns a Minmay poster upside down before leaving the house and dropping the keys in the mail box. Hikaru remembers Roy telling him he joined the military because he loved to protect women, and when he turns on the radio he hears Minmay singing "Zero-G Love." He happens to find a live broadcast of a concert of hers in nearby Grante City. Kaifun announces that they must rebuild their city quickly and ignore the military. His wingmen contact him, and he tells them that flowers are growing outside of the area designated as part of the Nature Restoration Project. He then tells them they're on their own because he's heading to Grante City. Hikaru arrives at the concert and watches Minmay sing "Sunset Beach." In Macross City, Misa sits at a sidewalk cafe and sees that Hikaru still loves Minmay. She sees Max and Milia pass by with their baby daughter Komilia, and for a moment she imagines herself and Hikaru as parents. In Grante City, Minmay watches as Kaifun chugs down a bottle of liquor. He's angry that the citizens paid them with supplies and food instead of money. Minmay tells him he should stop drinking and that they should be grateful for what they have. Kaifun says he doesn't want to accept anything from the military, and Minmay says she feels weird accepting things for her singing. Hikaru watches from nearby, and Minmay criticizes Kaifun for his feelings on the military. He wants to know why she's defending the military, and he says they'll never go to Macross City. She says that soldiers like Hikaru are better men than he is because they're trying to make the Earth like it used to be. Kaifun thinks it's the military's fault that the world was destroyed to begin with. Minmay says she thinks they should be apart for awhile and decides she will go to Macross City. Kaifun asks her how she plans to do that when it's over 5,000 km away. Hikaru receives a call from Vanessa and is ordered to fly to Bjorn City where three Zentradi have stolen Regults and are on a rampage. Misa returns home and receives a call from Vanessa to come to the command center on the Macross. As Hikaru heads for Bjorn City, Misa calls him and lectures him on his dereliction of duty, saying he is an unfit leader if he can't stick to his assignments. Hikaru's squad arrives at Bjorn City and encounters fierce resistance from the attacking Zentradi. One of the Valkyries is damaged, but Hikaru arrives and takes on all three Regults at once. They ignore his call for them to surrender, so he disables their Regults and forces them to abandon them and retreat. When Hikaru returns to Macross City, he finds Misa waiting for him and expects a lecture. She tells him that Global wants to see him, and she gives him an envelope filled with pictures of herself and runs away. On the Macross, Global tells Hikaru that what they've feared is finally happening: Zentradi are beginning to reject culture. Hikaru hopes that it's an isolated incident, but Global believes it's just the beginning. He thinks they should reassign the Zentradi they have on patrols to the Macross for supervision. Elsewhere, Minmay thinks to herself that she misses Hikaru. As Hikaru leaves the Macross, he wonders if Minmay and Kaifun aren't getting along. Some may think, what story could there possibly be left to tell after the previous episode? Well, technically, none. Episode 27 was meant to serve as the finale for the series before it was extended to 36 episodes. Therefore, this episode and the ones that follow serve as an epilogue in the post-war period. While cities are springing up again, most of the Earth's surface is still devastated from the Rain of Death. Even though Space War I is technically over, the conflict between humans and Zentradi is yet to be resolved. It's interesting to see how the characters have changed after nearly two years. Max and Milia have a happy family. Minmay isn't happy, and Kaifun is an alcoholic. Hikaru doesn't know what he's doing anymore, and Misa is clearly in love with Hikaru. How this all plays out in the remaining portion of the series will be interesting.

star 8.88
8 votes
Farewell to Tenderness

#3 - Farewell to Tenderness

Season 1 - Episode 36

Global informs Misa that the SDF-2, the successor to the Macross, is nearly ready to begin colonizing the galaxy - with her as the captain of the mission. Now that the reaction engine is built into his craft, Quazmin, Laplamiz, and their henchmen attack Macross City with missiles and waves of mecha. Hikaru, Misa and Minmay's love triangle reaches its climax, as Hikaru must decide whether he will go with the pop idol who brushed him aside and now desperately needs him, or the military commander who loves him deeply, but may leave him forever by the line of duty.

star 8.86
14 votes

#4 - Romanesque

Season 1 - Episode 35

In the jungle, Quamzin's men toil away in the heat to make his warship operational. The ship now has power, but Quamzin is informed that they need a new power condenser for the reaction engine. Quamzin decides that he will attack a human city and steal one. Skull Squadron flies patrol over Onogi City, and Hikaru thinks about what happened with Misa. He wonders if he can smooth things over by asking her out for a drink. He calls the command center to speak to her, but Shammy is there in her place. He asks where Misa is, and Shammy tells him Misa left early. As Skull Squadron leaves, workers in an industrial factory begin unloading some power condensers. In Macross City, Warera, Loli and Conda sell plastic model kits for Christmas, but they aren't making too much money. In a nearby playground, Minmay sits alone in the swing and thinks about Kaifun's departure. Warera, Loli and Conda walk by and call out to her, but she runs away. At home, Hikaru watches the news and hears that Minmay and Kaifun have both disappeared. Just then the doorbell rings, and he opens the door and is shocked to see Minmay standing there. He asks her what's wrong, and she begins to cry in his arms. Elsewhere, Misa says goodbye to Claudia in front of a pub and takes a taxi. Minmay tells Hikaru that she was fed up with her life and having people fawn over her. She tells him she feels like she isn't herself anymore, and he tells her she still has her songs. Minmay says she'll never sing again because her songs don't make her happy. He asks her what happened with Kaifun, and she asks him not to mention Kaifun ever again. Misa walks up to Hikaru's door and finds that it has been left ajar. She hears Minmay's voice and listens in on their conversation. Minmay tells Hikaru he's the only person that ever really cared about her, and she asks him if she can stay with him. Misa closes the front door and runs away. Claudia leaves the pub, and as she sees couples walking down the street, she thinks of her time with Roy. She decides to go to another bar to drink his share of the alcohol. Inside, she finds Misa drunk and singing "Sunset Beach." Elsewhere, Minmay gets out of Hikaru's bed and goes over to the couch to fix his blanket while he sleeps. The next morning on Christmas Eve, Misa drives to work hungover. Kim and Shammy gossip about Misa having a hangover, and Kim tells Shammy she can find out at the Christmas party. Vanessa tells Misa about the party and suggests that she bring Hikaru with her. Misa says that Hikaru probably wouldn't go to the party because he's in bed with a cold. In Onogi City, Quamzin's Regults attack the industrial sector and search for the power condensers. Exsedol finds it strange that Quamzin would attack a rear line city instead of Macross City, and Global realizes Quamzin must be after a reaction engine. Misa scrambles the Valkyrie squadrons, including Max and Milia's squad. As the Valkyries attack, Laplamiz's Queadluun-Rau squad attacks from the ocean. Milia realizes very quickly she is fighting her former commander. Hikaru launches in his Skull One and wonders why he wasn't told to scramble. As the citizens escape, Quamzin locates the power condenser and loads it onto his Glaug. A Quel-Quallie pod lands in the middle of the city to pick him and the rest of this forces up. He gives a signal, and Zentradi suicide bombers disguised as giant Santa Clauses set off explosives all around Onogi City. Hikaru, Max and Milia give up their pursuit of Quamzin to put out the fires in the city. Hikaru fires missiles filled with water at the fires, and Milia carries survivors to safety. By nightfall, the fires finally come under control. At a burned out church, parishioners sing "Silent Night." In Macross City, Hikaru asks Misa why she lied to Vanessa and said he was sick. Misa tells him it's dangerous to leave his door open. In front of them, the Macross is lit up with Christmas lights. Hikaru goes home and finds that Minmay has made a Christmas dinner. She asks him to quit the military because she can't bear waiting for him to come home. After dinner, they blow out the candle of a cake and kiss. Well, things are coming down to the wire here. Only one episode left to go, and the love triangle is reaching its boiling point. It seems that Hikaru has almost completely gone over to Minmay, and Misa is at the point of giving up. It's really quite sad when you see her in the bar drunk and singing Minmay songs. These sort of awkward situations keep coming up, such as her overhearing Hikaru and Minmay's conversation. It's been awhile since we've seen Max and Milia, but they seem to be fighting in top form. It's also been awhile since Quamzin has shown up, and again he comes out the winner by stealing the parts he needs for his ship. The Christmas backdrop really adds to the awkwardness felt by all in the love triangle. On a side note, if you look closely when Claudia enters the first bar, it's next to an adult theater. Though most of the world's population is dead, the porn industry seems to be alive and well in Macross City.

star 8.78
9 votes
Private Time

#5 - Private Time

Season 1 - Episode 34

Misa makes sandwiches for a picnic lunch with Hikaru, which she has been looking forward too. As Hikaru shaves, he gets a phone call from Minmay. She asks him if he can come immediately to Highlander City to see her. He tells her that he already has plans, and she tells him to break them. She says that if his plans are with someone from Macross City, he can see them anytime. Hikaru reluctantly agrees and calls Misa's house, but she's already left. He thinks about how he asked Misa to come to him with the forest after he saw it on one of his daily patrols. Misa arrives at the cafe where she is supposed to meet Hikaru and wait for him. Elsewhere, Hikaru flies to Highlander City in his FanLiner and meets Minmay at the airport. She's in disguise, and he wonders what would happen if the paparazzi saw her with him. She says she doesn't mind being spotted in public with him, and they head for a restaurant. In Macross City, Misa continues to wait for Hikaru. On the Macross, Kim and Shammy gossip about Misa going out on a date with Hikaru, and Machizaki tells them they're insensitive. Minmay asks Hikaru how long it's been since they were alone together, and he says that the last time was two years ago during the Rain of Death. She asks him if he still feels the same way he did back then, and he thinks that's the wrong kind of question to just ask out of nowhere. Kaifun storms into the restaurant and tells Minmay she has to leave now for a performance. She says she doesn't want to, so she gulps down a glass of wine and says she's too drunk now. Kaifun grabs a glass of water and throws it at her face to sober her up. He tells Hikaru that he's ruined his date, but he'll apologize to him someday. They leave, and Hikaru stays behind and has a few drinks at the bar. Misa wonders where Hikaru could be, so she calls Machizaki and asks him if he knows. As Hikaru drives back to the airport, he encounters a U.N. Spacy roadblock. He asks a soldier what's going on, and the soldier tells him that some Zentradi are on the rampage at the airport. Hikaru then pulls away and drives through the roadblock to get to the airport. As Hikaru heads for the airport, several Valkyries fly overhead to fight the Zentradi. On the runway, several Zentradi armed with gunpods, two Regults and a Nousjadeul-Ger destroy the Valkyries parked on the runway. In a nearby hangar, Hikaru is given special permission to lead a Destroid Spartan squad for fight the Zentradi. The Zentradi continue their rampage and fire into the buildings, killing civilians. Hikaru's Destroid squad and a Valkyrie come onto the field, and he blasts away a Regult that is about to crush his FanLiner. He demands that the Zentradi surrender, and they answer by shooting at him. He orders his men to attack, and they engage the Zentradi. One of the Spartans disables a Regult, and Hikaru takes on a Zentradi man. He orders the next phase of the operation to begin, and a Destroid Phalanx appears from behind the airport and fires tear gas canisters at the Zentradi. A Valkyrie takes out the Nousjadeul-Ger, and the Zentradi surrender. Hikaru then jumps into his FanLiner and hurries back to Macross City to apologize to Misa. Misa continues to sit alone, and she sees a small puppy and gives it food. The little girl who owns the puppy calls for him to come back to her. Hikaru then runs down the street to Misa and apologizes for being so late. She tells him it's okay, and they decide to take a walk together. As they walk through a park, Hikaru wraps his scarf around Misa. She looks at it and sees an inscription that says 'L.M. loves H.I.'. She tells Hikaru he's wrapping it around the wrong person and leaves. At South Coast City, Kaifun congratulates the people on their autonomy and says Minmay will sing for them. The music for "My Boyfriend is a Pilot" begins, but Minmay says she doesn't want to sing and runs away. She sits by a lake and tells Kaifun it's all his fault that she can't be with Hikaru. He tells her she's still spoiled and thinks only of herself. He asks her how she thinks the audience felt when they went home. He tells her that when her songs show concern for other people's feelings, she'll be a real singer. He says he's tried to help her do that, but now that's over. He tells Minmay goodbye because he is going out on the road and won't see her for a long time. He asks her to sing him a sweet song someday, and she cries alone after he leaves. Well, Hikaru proves yet again how wishy-washy he is and how easy it is for Minmay to manipulate him. He finally gets things right with Misa, but he completely ruins things by giving in to Minmay. Minmay still seems to be lost, and Kaifun's rude behavior doesn't help the situation. She's looking for something, and Hikaru is the only person she can reach out to. However, he doesn't seem to feel the same way about her that he did two years ago. On the other hand, if he hadn't stood up Misa, those Zentradi in Highlander City could have caused much more damage and death. Too bad he was too stupid to not notice the inscription on the scarf before meeting Misa. Also, Kaifun makes his departure, and he won't be anyone that I'll miss. On a strange side note, when the little girl is calling for her puppy, she's standing in front of a store that says ADALT TOY. That just seems so wrong on so many levels, but funny nonetheless.

star 8.75
8 votes
The Messenger

#6 - The Messenger

Season 1 - Episode 26

The Macross goes on battle alert and prepares to fire its main gun when Vrlitwhai's flagship approaches. He sends a message that they are approaching alone and wish to negotiate for a cease fire. A group of Fighter Pods fly towards the Macross and are destroyed by Vrlitwhai's ship. Quamzin asks him what he's doing, and Vrlitwhai says if they don't open negotiations their fleet will tear itself apart. A Regult Tactical Scout launches and is escorted to the Macross by Hikaru's squad. After it lands, the pilot exits and brings down a micloned Exsedol. Exsedol thinks miclones must be rather helpless at their size, and he finds it odd to look at another Zentradi from their perspective. Maistrov pulls up in a jeep and introduces himself to Exsedol. He shakes Exsedol's hand as a sign of friendship and asks him to come to the conference room. He tells two soldiers to offer the Zentradi pilot food, and they wonder how they can possibly feed someone so big. As they drive through the city, Exsedol is shocked when he sees a billboard with a sexy girl on it. When Maistrov says it is difficult to explain, Exsedol assumes it is a military secret. He asks Maistrov about a nightie, and Maistrov stumbles and says that's a military secret too. Exsedol is brought into the conference room with Global and has a drink. Max and Milia come in, and Milia is surprised to see Exsedol. Hikaru comes in next, and Exsedol remembers him as one of the prisoners from before. Loli, Warera and Conda come in and are also shocked to see Exsedol. They begin to panic and try to explain things, but he tells them nothing will happen to them. Exsedol says two important people are missing, and he wants them to bring in Shao Pai Lon and the person at the center of their psychological attacks. They understand he wants Kaifun, but when he starts singing "My Boyfriend is a Pilot", they realize he also wants Minmay. The two of them are brought to the conference room, and Kaifun protests and says the military doesn't care about civilians. Global shuts him up and tells him they are conducting negotiations. Minmay asks Kaifun to cooperate because it could help bring about what he's always wanted. Global wonders if negotiations with Exsedol can be successful. In Alaska, Takeshi goes to visit Misa in her new job as a radio operator. She mentions the negotiations and asks if it will be possible to avoid using the Grand Cannon. He says they probably will still use it because the cease fire only applies to Vrlitwhai's fleet, not all the Zentradi. On the Macross, Exsedol asks Kaifun what his rank is, and Kaifun says he is only a civilian. Exsedol doesn't understand because Kaifun has super powers, but Global explains that that was only a movie. Exsedol asks about the destructive power of the barrier, and Global explains that was purely technological. Exsedol sees that humans are Protoculture, and he explains that long ago those who were contaminated by Protoculture were destroyed. He also says that the main fleet will probably come and destroy Earth. Laplamiz asks Vrlitwhai why he called a cease fire, and he says the fleet is in no condition to fight. She says that doesn't matter since Boddole Zer's main fleet is coming. He can't believe she told Boddole Zer, and he explains to her that they will also be destroyed because they've been contaminated by Protoculture. He calls Exsedol and tells him that the main fleet of 4,790,122 warships is on the way. He asks Global if the Macross could escape from Earth, and Global says that's impossible. Exsedol sees that they have a common enemy, and he thinks there's a way to win. In Alaska, Misa drives through the base and heads to the Central Core to speak to her father. She asks Takeshi what will happen to the Macross, and he tells her it will be used as a decoy and probably be destroyed. She asks him to transfer her back to the ship, and he refuses. He says he won't send his only daughter to her death and is willing to lock her up in the brig if necessary. Vrlitwhai asks Laplamiz and Quamzin what they will do, and Laplamiz decides to fight at Vrlitwhai's side. Quamzin refuses to help and has his ships leave the area. Exsedol explains to Global that if they can destroy the 2,000 capital ships in the main fleet the other ships will retreat. He says they may never have a chance to hear a song, so he asks Minmay to sing. She agrees and sings "My Boyfriend is a Pilot." Suddenly, millions of ships begin to de-fold around Earth. Boddole Zer's main fleet has arrived. Well, this was quite the episode. While there's no combat here, there's quite a lot of plot advancement. Misa tries to convince her father to stop the Grand Cannon's use and send her back to the Macross, but she fails on both counts. Exsedol has been micloned and sent in as a negotiator because Vrlitwhai realizes the situation has changed. However, Laplamiz and Quamzin can't see it as clearly as he can. Many Zentradi misunderstandings are cleared up, but it's too late now since the main fleet has arrived. While the Macross has fared well enough so far, 5 million ships is a ridiculously high amount of enemies to deal with. We'll see what happens when the final battle begins next time.

star 8.70
10 votes
Good-Bye Girl

#7 - Good-Bye Girl

Season 1 - Episode 24

Misa rides in an elevator with Claudia, and Claudia tells her to cheer up. She asks Misa if she's told Hikaru that she's leaving, and she says he'll find out soon enough. Max prepares for duty in the hangar and sees that FAST packs have been mounted on Hikaru's Skull One. Misa boards the Star Goose shuttle and calls Hikaru on the radio to say goodbye. He asks why he hasn't heard about her leaving, and she says that the citizens might riot if they knew someone was leaving for Earth. She tells him that she has to convince the High Command that the war needs to end. She tells Hikaru that they might not let her come back to the Macross, so she wanted to say goodbye to him. The Star Goose launches, followed by Max's escort squad. Soon after the shuttle launches, Quamzin and his Regult forces detect the shuttle and move to attack. Max deploys his Valkyries to fight off the Regults, and Global sees that the first wave were only decoys. Sixty Regults close in on the Star Goose, and Global sends out reinforcements that will take 20 minutes to intercept. He tells Shammy to have Hikaru pilot the "Booby Duck" and explains that the mechanics know what that means. Hikaru prepares to launch in his Super Valkyrie, and Shammy gives him new codes he doesn't understand. Claudia asks her why she didn't give him the codes, and she says it's because Hikaru had the day off. Hikaru launches and flies to the battlefield at breakneck speed thanks to the FAST packs. He fires loads of missiles at the remaining Regults and destroys them all. Max's squad pulls back so that Hikaru can escort the Star Goose to Earth. Misa thanks Hikaru, and he says he should be thanking her for the times she's saved his life. He sends her a message in Morse code wishing for her safe return. He then pulls away as the Star Goose begins re-entry. In an arcade, Milia practices in a Valkyrie simulator. In Alaska, Takashi prepares for Misa's arrival. In Alaska, Takashi stands on the runway and is informed that the Star Goose will be delayed by 20 minutes. An officer offers to take him back to the tower, but he decides to wait outside. On the Macross, Max sees Hikaru looking depressed and tells him that Misa will be back soon. Hikaru says he's not thinking about Misa, and Max drags him to an arcade to have some fun. At the arcade, Milia racks up loads of tokens in the game Battroid Attack. In Alaska, the damaged Star Goose lands and Takashi runs over to greet Misa. Hikaru and Max play Battroid Attack as well, and Max naturally gets many more tokens than Hikaru. Misa shows Takashi the report on Zentradi DNA, and he agrees to talk to the rest of the High Command about beginning negotiations. As Max prepares to cash in his tokens, he stops when he sees how beautiful Milia is and how good she is at the game. He offers to play her, and she agrees on the condition that he bet his bucket of tokens. As they begin to play the game, she thinks to herself that their simulation seems much like her battle with the ship's ace. Max defeats her and wins the game, and she realizes he is the ace who defeated her. She gets up to leave, but he asks her to meet him the next day for a date at the Happiness Forest Park. She agrees to the date and runs out of the arcade in embarrassment. Misa and Takashi ride an elevator down the Grand Cannon's shaft, and he tells her how much she reminds him of her late mother. He asks her if she has a man in her life, and she says no. Takashi takes her to see the Grand Cannon and says that after firing it they will begin negotiations. Misa strongly objects and says the Grand Cannon is like a child's toy compared to Zentradi weaponry. On the Macross, a press conference is held at the hospital and reporters ask Kaifun and Minmay about marriage. Kaifun says it's a possibility, and when asked about Hikaru, Minmay says he's just a friend. Hikaru watches the interview and goes to sit by himself next to an observation window. Claudia sits with him and tells him that though he has Minmay, there's a better match for him that he might not have seen because she's too close with him and they fight often. There's plenty of developments in this episode as well. Hikaru's actions would seem to indicate that he's starting to see Misa in a different light. Maybe he finally understands that Minmay is too far away from him now. Misa's father makes a surprising revelation when he announces that the Grand Cannon will be used on the Zentradi. Misa tries to tell him how pointless that is, but he and the other officers have obviously made up their minds and want to use their big toy. Max beats Milia in the video game and tries to hit on her, but he doesn't have the slightest clue who she really is. Also, Hikaru gets some none-too-subtle romantic advice from Claudia, but will he follow it or stay hopelessly fixated on Minmay?

star 8.55
11 votes
Pineapple Salad

#8 - Pineapple Salad

Season 1 - Episode 18

In the hospital, Hikaru thinks about how he was shot down and thinks he's pathetic. Misa comes in to the room with flowers, and he's surprised to see her. She tells him she's sorry he was hurt because of the orders she gave. He's surprised that she's actually apologizing to him, and she tells him it was her fault. Hikaru says that if he had been a better pilot that he could have survived no matter what orders she gave. Misa says she's lost her confidence, and Hikaru tells her it isn't like her to say that kind of thing. She places the flowers in water and tells Hikaru to get better before leaving. Misa returns to the bridge, and Claudia tells her to stop moping because she felt the same way when she first met Roy. Claudia tells Misa that she should take a chance and tell Hikaru how she feels even though he's younger. Their conversation is interrupted when Global enters the bridge. Misa asks how much longer they will be staying in the Pacific Ocean, and Global answers that they will leave when they finish getting supplies. Roy, Max and Kakizaki go down to visit Hikaru and find he is depressed. They ask if Minmay came to visit, and he says a big star like her doesn't have time for him. Roy is glad that Hikaru isn't seriously hurt, and Max foolishly says that he shouldn't have been injured by those missiles. Kakizaki then foolishly says that he and Max are hoping to get their own squads, which makes Hikaru feel even worse. Roy decides they should leave, and Max asks if the flowers came from Minmay, to which Hikaru answers they came from Misa. Roy sees that Hikaru's problem is mental and needs special medicine. He meets with Claudia at a cafe to get Minmay's shooting schedule for her movie. Elsewhere, the three spies steal a Minmay singing doll and run into Kim, Vanessa and Shammy. Shammy asks them if they're lolicons, and Loli explains they work in the Bamboo House Disco. The girls then drag them along with them to the disco. In space, Quamzin argues with Milia about the Macross and tells her they have an ace pilot too. Roy visits the set of the martial arts movie Shao Pai Lon and asks Minmay to visit Hikaru. Kaifun says it's Hikaru's own fault because soldiers like to fight. As he drives through the city, he receives a call from Misa that they've spotted incoming enemies. A Zentradi ship enters the atmosphere, and Milia's Queadluun-Rau squad launches. She tells the other pilots to make it so that she can find the ace from the Macross and fight him one-on-one. Roy launches in his Skull One and is joined by Max and Kakizaki since Hikaru isn't there to lead them. Max destroys several Queadluun-Raus on his own, and Milia realizes he is the ace Quamzin was talking about. She attacks him and is surprised that he can dodge her attacks. As they continue to fight, Claudia and Misa find the attack to be strange because the Zentradi aren't attacking the ship. Though Global doesn't want them to attack the ship, he agrees that it is odd. He sees that one enemy is making too much of an effort to fight Max, so he has Roy tell him to pull out of combat. In his hospital room, Hikaru receives a visit from Minmay. He asks how she knew about him, and she explains that Roy told her. She lies down on the bed and says she is very tired because she's only getting two hours of sleep a night. Before she can say much more, she falls asleep. When Milia continues to chase Max, Global sees that Max was indeed being targeted. Roy fights off several Queadluun-Raus, and his Skull One is damaged. Milia pulls in ahead of Max and heads for the Macross, and Global orders all the hatches to be sealed. Milia manages to get inside the ship and breaks into the city, followed by Max. Hikaru leaves his bed and watches them fight. Max shoots at Milia and damages her, and she can't believe she's losing. Global has the hatches opened to chase her out, and she fires several missiles and flies away. Max begins pursuit, but he is ordered to fall back as Milia escapes. Milia vows she will get revenge for her disgrace. Minmay's manager comes to the hospital and takes her away while Hikaru is gone. Two mechanics working on Roy's Skull One are shocked when they see the cockpit is full of blood. Roy plays the guitar in Claudia's quarters while she prepares her pineapple salad. He suddenly stops playing and falls over, and she sees his back is full of blood. At the hospital, Claudia collapses in tears when Roy is pronounced dead. As Hikaru plays with a biplane toy, Misa comes in and tells him Roy is dead. Hikaru drops the toy because he can't believe what Misa has said. What a surprise this episode was. Who would have ever thought they'd kill Roy? There are some hints, though. As a rule in anime, when a character is about to be killed, that episode suddenly focuses entirely on them. So if you're watching a series and find a character who is generally ignored suddenly in the spotlight, chances are they're going to die. Roy's death brings sadness to the whole ship, but especially to Hikaru. With his sempai dead, Hikaru now has nothing left from his childhood and is forced to be more of a man in a war that seems to have no end.

star 8.55
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Viva Maria

#9 - Viva Maria

Season 1 - Episode 30

At the U.N. Spacy base at Macross City, space boosters are attached to Hikaru's, Max's and Milia's Valkyries so they can break out of the atmosphere. The Valkyrie squad launches, followed by a Star Goose shuttle carrying Misa, Claudia and Exsedol. The Valkyries and the Star Goose break out of Earth's atmosphere and fly to Vrlitwhai's ship. The Star Goose docks inside the ship while the Valkyries land on the surface and take a lift down with several soldiers. Vrlitwhai greets everyone and tells them they're looking well. As Hikaru and Max walk through the ship, they realize it's not the same experience as when they were last on it two years before. Max tells Hikaru they should have a party because he wants to have a house warming celebration for Milia. On the bridge, Vrlitwhai notes that it's been two years since his last battle, and he never expected his next one to be a joint operation with humans. Once all preparations are complete, Vrlitwhai orders the ship to begin a space fold. In the human-sized rooms, everyone has their attention on Max and Milia's baby daughter Komilia. Misa asks if she can hold Komilia, and Milia tells her that if she wants to hold a baby she should make her own. Max tells her to let Misa hold the baby, so Milia tosses her in the air for Misa to catch. Hikaru asks Max if Milia was mad about him bringing Komilia, and Max tells him he should worry about Misa. He says that Misa looks happy holding a baby, and he asks Hikaru if he'd like to see her holding a baby of her own. Misa asks them what they're talking about, and Hikaru says it's man talk. Later, Hikaru, Misa and Claudia leave. Claudia tells Hikaru to have fun and decides to go to bed, so Misa walks her to her room. Claudia lies down on her bed and says to herself that she was never able to hold Roy's baby. Misa returns to her room and finds Hikaru looking at a picture of her and Riber. As she is about to tell him something important, she and Claudia receive a call to report to the bridge. Vrlitwhai shows them pictures of a recently destroyed Supervision Army battleship. Misa wants to investigate it to learn more about the Supervision Army, but Exsedol says it could be booby trapped like the Macross was. Misa reluctantly agrees, and Vrlitwhai orders the final fold operation to begin. Vrlitwhai's ship de-folds near the factory satellite, which is defended by a large Zentradi fleet. Vrlitwhai wants to call commander Dagao and ask him to surrender, but Misa suggests they do something to demonstrate they are the Protoculture. Vrlitwhai asks Exsedol what he thinks they should do, and Exsedol says a kiss would be quite a shock. Vrlitwhai asks Misa if she could kiss Hikaru again, but she is too embarrassed. Max and Milia launch in their Valkyries equipped with FAST packs and head for Dagao's ship. Vrlitwhai asks Dagao to surrender because they have culture now, and Dagao laughs and asks Vrlitwhai what he plans to do with a single ship. Hikaru reports for duty, and when Misa asks him to kiss her, he refuses. Milia asks Max what Hikaru's problem is, and he tells her Hikaru has no choice because Misa has made up her mind. Exsedol begins playing Minmay's "Zero G Love", and Dagao and the other Zentradi panic at the culture shock. Hikaru is momentarily distracted by Minmay's song, so Misa moves in and kisses him. Dagao and the Zentradi are further disgusted by this, and Max and Milia blast into the bridge. Milia identifies herself as a former Zentradi pilot, and she shows them Komilia to demonstrate the power of culture. The disgusted Zentradi soldiers run away out of fear of contamination. Hikaru's FAST pack equipped Skull Squadron launches, followed by Zentradi Regults, Glaugs and Queadluun-Raus. Dagao orders his men to attack, but his ship is destroyed by Zentradi fearful of contamination. The other Zentradi ships launch Regults, Glaugs, Fighter Pods and Nousjadeul-Gers to fight back. Hikaru, Max and Milia destroy many of them and take advantage of all the confusion. Vrlitwhai fires his ship's cannons, which disables another ship in the Zentradi fleet and causes them to finally surrender. Exsedol asks what to do with all the captured soldiers, and Vrlitwhai tells him to accept any soldier that wants to join them. His ship docks inside the factory satellite, and preparations are made to fold the entire factory back to Earth. The factory folds and after a long trip de-folds near the moon. After several episodes, we finally get to see some space combat again. However, this time it's kind of odd seeing Valkyries and Regults fighting side-by-side. The factory satellite seems quite a massive force, and it will be necessary due to the fear of the Zentradi attacking Earth again. We also hear mention of the Supervision Army, so it seems they're still around out there somewhere. However, as Macross 7 explains, the Supervision Army is controlled by the Protodeviln, which humanity won't encounter for at least another 30 years. There's also some development here on the romance front, but Hikaru is still too blind to see what's going on. Even with Max and Claudia's encouragement and Misa's advances, he still doesn't realize that she's in love with him. Consequently, this episode is also Vrlitwhai's final appearance in the series. What he does after this is anyone's guess.

star 8.44
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Satan's Dolls

#10 - Satan's Dolls

Season 1 - Episode 31

A Star Goose shuttle carrying Global and Claudia launches from Earth and docks at the factory satellite. Following its capture, U.N. Spacy has begun mass production of Regults and battleships. However, at least half of the factory's systems were damaged by Supervision Army attacks, and the other half is failing due to poor maintenance. Global watches as Regult production ceases due to malfunctioning equipment. He asks Exsedol what's going on, and Exsedol says he has bad news. It seems that much of the remaining equipment is malfunctioning following the fold to Earth. On the Macross, Vanessa, Kim and Shammy gossip about news from Loli that Minmay and Kaifun are fighting. Misa is informed of a Zentradi disturbance in Trad City, and she has a patrol sent out. As Skull Squadron approaches Trad City, one of the pilots asks Hikaru if their three Valkyries are enough against a city that is at least half Zentradi. On the ground, a group of full-sized Zentradi steal a micloning device and destroy the defense systems surrounding it. As they drive out of Trad City, Skull Squadron attacks and forces them to surrender. In the frozen tundra, Quamzin is angry when Oigul reports that they failed to capture the micloning device. Laplamiz calls Oigul weak-willed, and they begin to argue. She then tries to touch Quamzin, but he fends off her advances and decides to attack personally. Hikaru supervises the retrieval of the micloning chamber and puts it under guard in Trad City. The mayor drives up in a car with Kaifun and Minmay and asks what's going on. Hikaru says he has to put the miclone device in U.N. Spacy custody because it's dangerous in the hands of the wrong people. Kaifun interrupts and tells Hikaru that the military has no right to take something that belongs to the Zentradi citizens. Hikaru tries to explain his position, but the crowd begins to agree with Kaifun. Kaifun tells Hikaru he'd better leave, and the crowd starts shouting for him to get out. Elsewhere, Quamzin and his Nousjadeul-Ger squad launch and head for Trad City. At Trad City, Valkyries and Destroid Spartans move the micloning chamber into a safe room. The mayor wonders if what he did was right, and Kaifun tells him that the military can't have its way all the time. The mayor shows Kaifun and Minmay the concert hall that has been reserved for her performance. Minmay isn't too pleased, and she tells Kaifun that she knows the Zentradi will attack again. Just then, the building quakes due to nearby explosions. Quamzin's Nousjadeul-Ger forces attack from the sky and almost immediately overwhelm the city's Destroid forces. Quamzin orders his men to destroy the communications center so that the civilians can't contact the military. On the Macross, Hikaru gives his report on Trad City to Global and the senior staff. Exsedol also explains his findings on his research of the origin of Zentradi. He says that they were created for fighting by the Protoculture, and Global takes over. He says that over 500,000 years ago a great civilization called the Protoculture existed and founded the Stellar Republic. Over time, the Protoculture split into two warring factions and used genetic engineering to create the giants that eventually became the Zentradi and Supervision Army. After a long war, the Protoculture was destroyed by their own creation, and the Zentradi have been fighting ever since then. Global and Exsedol thinks that the Protoculture had some effect on Earth's evolution, but they're not sure. Elsewhere, Quamzin's forces destroy the remaining Valkyries and Destroids, and they escape with the micloning device. Hikaru and Misa stand outside, and Claudia informs them of the news of the attack on Trad City. Hikaru immediately has Skull Squadron launch, and he blames himself for not securing the micloning device. In the frozen tundra, Quamzin and Laplamiz rejoice in victory as more and more micloned Zentradi revert to their giant forms. Hikaru arrives at Trad City and finds whole blocks in ruins from the battle. He lands and tries to speak to Minmay, but Kaifun drives off with her. Well, Kaifun is back in action, and for once he actually gets to win. Without superiors ordering him around, it seems he can be rather effective. Conflict between Hikaru and Kaifun returns when Kaifun gets involved in military business and ends up allowing Quamzin to steal it. He doesn't seem to care much afterwards, which makes me wonder about the sincerity of his big speech before in front of the people. Minmay seems to be longing for Hikaru, but the constant presence of Kaifun puts an end to any ideas she has. Of course, he's oblivious to her too.

star 8.44
9 votes
Miss Macross

#11 - Miss Macross

Season 1 - Episode 9

In a café, Hikaru asks Minmay out to a movie, but she tells him she can’t because the restaurant is very busy. Hikaru notices the sky outside, and Minmay tells him it was created by the military. As they watch the sunset, she tells him that the Miss Macross beauty pageant will be staged soon and that the famous Jamis Merin is a contestant. Kakizaki finds Max working on his Valkyrie and tells him that Minmay has entered the contest. He says that since Hikaru gave them both Saturday off they should see the contest. Hikaru speaks to Minmay on the phone, and she tells him that the mayor entered her in the contest. On the Zentradi flagship, Exsedol shows Vrlitwhai a commercial from the Macross for the contest. Vrlitwhai orders a recon ship to launch and investigate the situation. Soldiers Loli Dosel, Conda Bromco and Warera Nantes launch in a Quel-Quallie recon ship under the code name "Blue Wind." The Macross Broadcasting System (MBS) begins its inaugural broadcast with the start of contest. The grand prize for the winner is a new Fanliner personal jet. On the bridge, Misa, Claudia and Vanessa laugh about Global being one of the judges. Claudia tells Misa that if she had entered the contest she could have won. The Quel-Quallie is picked up on sensors, and Misa calls Vermillion Squad to scramble, but Hikaru isn't at the base. In the city, Hikaru rides a bicycle to get to the contest in time. Backstage, Minmay asks Jamis to autograph a napkin, and her manager tells Minmay to use a proper autograph book. Hikaru watches with binoculars as Minmay comes on stage in a Chinese dress. The judges ask her if she has a boyfriend, and she says she has a cousin who is like a brother. Hikaru receives a page and calls the bridge, only to be lectured by Misa about being on duty. As he hails a taxi, Roy laughs at him and tells him to go for it. Hikaru launches in a VF-1S Armored Valkyrie, which Misa tells him is only for special missions. The Zentradi block their transmissions, and as Hikaru changes channels he finds the contest. He eventually switches back to Misa, and she tells him to go by laser guidance instead of radar. On the Quel-Quallie, Loli watches the contest and is shocked to see men and women together. Hikaru tells Misa he is receiving static from her as an excuse to switch channels back to the contest. The swimsuit competition begins, and Hikaru eagerly awaits for Minmay to come out. While watching the contest, he doesn't realize that he is practically on top of the Quel-Quallie. He quickly engages reverse thrusters to avoid crashing into it. The Quel-Quallie fires missiles at him, and he hesitates briefly before shooting the missiles with his gun pod. Loli, Conda and Warera watch the contest and wonder if swimsuits are some kind of field uniform. They all realize that watching the contest makes them feel strangely aroused. They pick up Hikaru on their sensors and go to battlestations. Hikaru fires missiles at them, and they fire back and damage his armor. He ejects his armor and attacks them head on with his gun pod. The interior is damaged, and the three Zentradi retreat to the escape pod. Hikaru blasts through the front of the Quel-Quallie and breaks inside. The ship explodes with him inside of it and damages his Valkyrie. He wakes up later and finds the contest still running. Misa and Claudia continue to watch the contest, and Misa wonders what is keeping Hikaru. Roy tells Kakizaki and Max that the whole contest is rigged as a popularity stunt for Jamis. The audience votes on the finalists, and Minmay is the winner. Hikaru watches from his Valkyrie and can’t believe that Minmay won the contest. When one is at war with an overwhelmingly strong alien race in space, the first thing they should obviously do is run a beauty contest. As ridiculous as such a thing may sound, it makes sense when there are so many civilians on board. They need something to remind them of home and keep their minds off the war, such as the contest or even the artificial clouds. Despite that, a parody of this strange concept can be seen in an episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. There's a few interesting developments here, mainly in Hikaru’s relationship with Minmay. They are drifting apart slowly, and he's getting further away from his desire to be her boyfriend. It certainly doesn't help his case that she said in the contest she has no one she would consider a boyfriend. Also, her new fame from this contest is likely to drive them even further apart.

star 8.44
16 votes
Space Fold

#12 - Space Fold

Season 1 - Episode 3

As the Macross heads for space, Roy catches up with the ship to fly escort. He calls Hikaru and gets no response, so he figures Hikaru must still be in shock from the encounter with the enemy. He calls Misa and tells her he is going back to South Ataria Island to get Hikaru. Misa says something was odd about him, and Roy explains he is a civilian pilot. Hikaru is indeed still shocked by his encounter with the Zentradi, and he doesn't want Minmay to see the corpse. He tries to take off, but the Valkyrie crashes because the Zentradi soldier is holding onto the foot. Roy destroys several Regults before finding Hikaru. He sees the corpse holding onto the Valkyrie and jokes that aliens have the hots for Hikaru. He disconnects the cockpit from the Valkyrie and tucks it underneath his arm. Several Regults appear and attack, and Roy escapes. He reaches the air safely and heads for space. Hikaru and Minmay tell him they don't want to go to the Macross, and Roy promises to take Minmay back to South Ataria Island once the war ends. Hikaru and Roy begin arguing on the radio, and Hikaru calls Misa an old lady when she gets involved. Everyone on the bridge laughs, much to Misa's embarrassment. She gets angry and tells Hikaru he has some explaining to do about being in a Valkyrie. Nearby, Vrlitwhai and Exsedol track the ship's progress. They see the Macross is trying to join with it's space fleet, and they also want to prevent it from performing a space fold. Roy drives Hikaru and Minmay through the large corridors of the ship, and Hikaru wonders why war has started. Roy arrives at his destination, which is a hangar containing Hikaru's racer. Emergency stations are sounded, and Roy tells Hikaru and Minmay not to wander around because the ship is so large. As the Macross prepares to dock with two ARMD carriers, Vrlitwhai orders his ships to attack. The Zentradi fleet begins its barrage and destroys the ARMD carriers. Global orders Claudia to take the ship back over South Ataria Island and activate the fold system. Claudia and Misa protest because the system hasn't been tested, and Global says if they stand still they'll be destroyed. He tells Claudia to set course for the far side of the moon, and when she protests again, he yells at her. Hikaru performs some repairs on his plane and tells Minmay that he'll take her back to South Ataria Island. As the countdown to the fold continues, Hikaru opens the nearby hangar door. He and Minmay squeeze into his plane and take off. As the Macross settles over South Ataria Island, Global orders the fold system to be engaged. A bubble of energy envelops the Macross, Hikaru's plane, South Ataria Island and some of the surrounding ocean. Vrlitwhai is shocked that they performed a fold within a planetary atmosphere, and he orders Exsedol to calculate their de-fold position. When the Macross de-folds in space, Vanessa detects and object beneath the ship. Global thinks it's the moon, but it's actually South Ataria Island, which the ship crashes into. Hikaru and Minmay find themselves in a field of junk, and several large objects hit the plane and cause air to leak out. Hikaru activates the rocket booster and heads for the Macross. Regult pods are attacking the ship, so all the hangar doors are closed. When a Regult crashes into the hull and creates a hole, Hikaru flies into it and performs a rough landing. Once all the Regults are destroyed, Global orders the civilians to be brought into the ship. Vanessa reports that they have de-folded near orbit of Pluto, not the moon. Everyone is shocked, and Global says they will just fold back to Earth again. He receives a call from the engine room and is informed that the fold system has vanished. As Global heads down to the engine room, he sees that they're in for a long trip. The battle begun in the first two episodes continues here and reaches a brief conclusion, which sets up the space arc of the series and the journey back to Earth. There's more joking between Hikaru and Roy, and Hikaru has his first encounter with Misa. Though she is certainly not an old lady, he probably was so busy thinking about Minmay that he didn't get a good look at her. That will come back to haunt him in the near future. Global makes a miscalculation here that ends up dragging the Macross and South Ataria Island into deep space. And Hikaru and Minmay are trapped deep in the ship, which is what Roy warned them about. The crew may have escaped the Zentradi for the time being, but they'll be back very soon.

star 8.40
20 votes
Burst Point

#13 - Burst Point

Season 1 - Episode 19

The Macross flies over a large city, and Global is told by U.N. Spacy that such flights are prohibited except in case of emergencies. Global insists that it is an emergency because he has 56,000 civilians aboard and can't fight to his full potential if he has to worry about them. He asks for permission to have them disembark, and he is instead ordered to fly out to the sea. Global says he can't do that because the gravity control system isn't perfected yet and the ship may crash over a city. While Global didn't get anything from U.N. Spacy, he started the dispute over radio over the hopes that some autonomous region not under the control of U.N. Spacy might be listening. Claudia decides to leave for a coffee break, and everyone sees that she is trying to hide her grief over Roy. Misa enters one of the observation lounges and finds Claudia sitting by herself, and she walks over when she spots Hikaru standing by himself. Minmay's "Shanghai Dandy" plays on the radio, and she asks him if Minmay will leave with the rest of the civilians when they find a place for them. He says she's going to stay with her aunt, uncle and Kaifun. Hikaru asks about the new barrier developed to replace the pinpoint barrier, and Misa says it's more effective but doesn't last as long. In the city, Minmay returns to her dressing room and collapses from exhaustion in Kaifun's arms. On the bridge, Shammy informs Global of a message from the North American Ontario Autonomous Region stating that they will take in all of the civilians. Global orders Claudia to change course immediately and head for Ontario. In space, Quamzin argues with Laplamiz about why he can't attack the Macross. Laplamiz says she doesn't understand what's going on, but her orders are not to attack until the spies return. Laplamiz asks Milia to stop Quamzin again, and Milia stuns her by saying she wants to be a miclone spy. As Milia is resized in the cloning chamber, she thinks to herself that she must defeat Max. In the Macross hangar, Max and Kakizaki find Hikaru working on Roy's Skull One, which is now his Valkyrie. Hikaru finds it odd that the plane of an ace like Roy now belongs to a guy who is always getting shot down. They tell him that the civilians will be dropped off in Ontario and decide to celebrate. In space, Quamzin launches in his booster-equipped Glaug, followed by a large squad of Fighter Pods. As they eat, Hikaru and the others are recalled to base and launch in their Valkyries. After launching, Hikaru asks Max and Kakizaki to keep their guard up and make sure they don't get killed. Quamzin's forces enter the atmosphere and begin their attack. Hikaru is chased by three Fighter Pods, so he transforms into GERWALK and lets them overtake him so that he can destroy them from behind. Kakizaki compliments him on his skill, and Max saves him from being destroyed by a Fighter Pod. In the middle of the battle, a Queadluun-Rau delivers micloned Milia to the Macross. Quamzin calls Oigul to bring the ships down from space, and Vanessa picks up the ships entering the atmosphere. Global orders the omni-directional barrier to be placed on standby, and Claudia objects because they can't use their own weapons with the barrier up. Global says that now that they've found a place for the civilians that the priority is to protect them. Hikaru and the others fly over a mountain and encounter Quamzin's battleships. Global has the barrier activated, and Quamzin returns to his ship and orders Oigul to fire. The attack is deflected by the barrier, and Quamzin orders Oigul to keep firing. The barrier begins to become unstable, and Misa orders Hikaru to take out the battleships before they cause anymore damage to the barrier. Hikaru and the others land on the surface of the Zentradi ships and begin destroying gun turrets. Energy output begins to fall, and the barrier system begins to overload. Shammy reports that it will explode, and Misa orders all the Valkyrie teams to escape immediately. The barrier explodes and sends out a massive shock wave that engulfs and destroys several Zentradi ships. Quamzin's ship escapes without damage, and Kakizaki is killed when his Valkyrie lags behind and is caught in the shockwave. The Macross emerges from a crater that used to be a city, and Claudia reports that the surface has been destroyed in a 50 kilometer radius. The Ontario Autonomous Region calls the ship and now refuses to take the civilians. At the hospital, Kaifun is questioned by reporters about Minmay, and he makes an anti-war statement. Claudia and Misa don't agree with what he says, but the three spies watch the interview and find that they do agree with him. Hikaru is paged by Minmay, who asks him to visit her at the hospital. He ignores her and simply hangs up the phone. Roy's death in the previous episode came as a surprise, but to follow it up with Kakizaki in this episode is shocking. With the consecutive deaths of two major characters, you'd think Yoshiyuki Tomino was working on this series. Despite that, Kakizaki's death was inevitable, and I'm somewhat surprised he lasted so long. For someone who talks a lot and has no piloting skills, he managed to last awhile, but there was no way he could have survived to the end of the series. The mood around the ship was already dark, and this destructive battle only adds to that. The hope of finding a safe haven for the civilians is dashed when the barrier overload destroys a whole city.

star 8.36
11 votes
First Contact

#14 - First Contact

Season 1 - Episode 11

Vrlitwhai smacks Kakizaki's Valkyrie with a metal pipe and disables it. He then attacks Hikaru and knocks his gun pod out of his hands. A soldier grabs Misa and places her in a sack, and several others attack Max. He quickly transforms to GERWALK mode and flies around the hangar to evade their fire. Vrlitwhai knocks Hikaru down, and Hikaru blasts Vrlitwhai in the face with exhaust from the soles of his feet. He then grabs Vrlitwhai and body slams him on the floor, but Vrlitwhai quickly recovers and impales his Valkyrie on a wall. Hikaru fires his lasers, but Vrlitwhai rips the Valkyrie's head off. Hikaru ejects from his Valkyrie and gains altitude, but Vrlitwhai jumps up and grabs him. Hikaru's Valkyrie then explodes, sucking Max into space. Exsedol performs DNA tests on Hikaru, Misa and Kakizaki and is shocked to discover that humans are very similar to Zentradi. Hikaru and Misa wake up, and he blames her for their current situation. He says women aren't suited to be soldiers and should do things like cooking or singing. Vrlitwhai wonders if he can handle this situation alone, and Exsedol suggests delivering the humans to Lord Golg Boddole Zer. Max finds a way back inside through a portion of the hull that has been blasted open, and the ship begins a fold operation. On the Macross, Vanessa picks up the fold, and Global wonders if Hikaru and Misa are dead. In the city, Roy meets Minmay outside of her restaurant and tells her that Hikaru is missing. She doesn't want to hear anymore and runs off crying. Misa sees that they have been folding for an hour, which equates to about ten days in normal space. Hikaru realizes he has missed Minmay's TV debut. He remembers her telling him about her debut song, "My Boyfriend is a Pilot." The ship finally de-folds, and everyone is shocked to see a huge Zentradi fleet in the middle of a battle. Vrlitwhai's ship begins approaching Boddole Zer'sFulbtzs-Berrentzs class mobile fortress. Max explores the interior of the ship and hides in a bathroom when he sees a soldier coming around the corner. When the soldier enters the bathroom, Max kicks him and puts on his uniform. Vrlitwhai's ship enters Boddole Zer's mothership, and Boddole Zer tells Vrlitwhai he will be coming aboard to examine the humans. As he flies over in his shuttle he wonders if these humans have anything to do with Protoculture. Hikaru, Misa and Kakizaki are brought before Vrlitwhai, Exsedol, Boddole Zer, Loli, Conda and Warera. Misa records everything with a micro video recorder that was too small for the Zentradi to locate. Boddole Zer asks them when they made contact with the Supervision Army, and they say they don't know what he's talking about. Hikaru mentions that he was a civilian, and Boddole Zer doesn't understand the concept of people who don’t fight in wars. Boddole Zer shows them a video of a Zentradi fleet destroying a planet, and he says he has the power to destroy Earth and the Macross. Misa refuses to answer questions, and Boddole Zer grabs her in his hand. He wants to know why they became miclones, and Hikaru says they are born with the bodies they have. They don't understand this either, and Kakizaki explains that a man and a woman make love to create a baby. This baffles the Zentradi, and Boddole Zer asks Hikaru and Kakizaki to demonstrate a kiss. Hikaru says two men can't do that, so Misa volunteers. Hikaru tells her to kiss Kakizaki instead, but she says she’d rather kiss him. As they kiss, Boddole Zer and the others are shocked and disgusted. He says that it is Protoculture and has them taken away. Loli and the others ask what Protoculture is, and on pain of death Boddole Zer explains that their ancestors were part of a Protoculture where men and women lived together. On the Macross, Minmay thinks about Hikaru and then goes on stage to make her big debut with "My Boyfriend is a Pilot." The cliffhanger from the last episode is continued here with an impressive fight between Hikaru and Vrlitwhai. We finally get to see in Valkyrie-to-Zentradi combat how well the Valkyries were designed to deal with the alien threat. However, even Vrlitwhai is too strong for Hikaru and gets the better of him. Hikaru and Misa continue to bicker here, and he makes some surprisingly sexist comments about women in the military. We also learn quite a lot about the Zentradi here, including Protoculture. It should be noted that in Macross Protoculture is completely different from how it is defined in Robotech. The story is still unresolved with everyone locked away in the brig, so we'll have to see how they get out of it next time.

star 8.33
15 votes
Blind Game

#15 - Blind Game

Season 1 - Episode 10

Loli, Conda and Warera make their report to Vrlitwhai and Exsedol. The strange things they describe make no sense, and Vrlitwhai wonders if he should send another recon group. Exsedol suggests capturing some samples and has an idea. A squad of Regults attacks, and Kakizaki takes some damage while Hikaru and Max score kills. Hikaru insists that they return to the ship, but Misa wants them to stick to their patrol schedule. Hikaru lectures her and says that in space the slightest damage can be fatal. Roy steps into the argument and tells Misa that Hikaru is right. Since the Zentradi are no longer blocking their transmissions, Global is able to send a message to U.N. Spacy High Command and get a response. The message states that the Zentradi seem to be interested only in the Macross and not Earth. Therefore, Global is ordered to use the Macross as a decoy to keep the Zentradi away from Earth to give the U.N. Spacy time to prepare. Oigul informs Quamzin of Exsedol's plan to fire a warning shot across the bow of the Macross. Quamzin tells Oigul that he has plans to make a more effective demonstration. He wants an old soldier who is about to retire make the shot and accidentally miss the target. Hikaru waits for Minmay in the city and is approached by Vanessa, Kim and Shammy. They ask him if he is waiting for a girl and if she is prettier than them. Hikaru says Minmay is about the same as them and receives a call from a phone bot. Minmay tells him that she can’t meet him because she has to take singing lessons to record an album. Vrlitwhai's fleet begins to fire several volleys across the bow of the Macross as a warning shot. Quamzin has his old soldier deliberately aim elsewhere and fire. Global has the pinpoint barrier activated, but the force of the blast overloads the barrier and destroys the ship’s radar tower. With the attack over, fragments of destroyed asteroids surround the Macross. Global tries to contact the radar control room, but all the personnel are dead. Misa reports that it will take at least ten hours to fix the long-range radar. Claudia says they can move and use short-range radar, but Misa says they shouldn't do that when they don't know where the enemy is. She sees a Valkyrie and its dead pilot float by and is reminded of what Hikaru said. The Zentradi send out a message in human language demanding that Global surrender. Global is amazed that after only a few hours of no radio silence that the Zentradi deciphered their language. Global decides that he will have to risk sending out a Cat’s Eye recon plane. On Vrlitwhai's ship, a squad of Regults and a Quel-Quallie launch and head for the Macross. Misa volunteers to go out in the Cat's Eye and is escorted by Vermillion Squad. The Quel-Quallie reports their movements to Vrlitwhai, and he sees that they fell for his trap. The Regults attack, and Hikaru orders Kakizaki to protect Misa while they fight the Regults. Misa countermands the order and tells Kakizaki to go with them. Max notices that the Zentradi are acting strangely, so Hikaru decides to find Misa. While evading the Zentradi, the Cat's Eye pilot crashes into an asteroid and is killed. Misa tells Hikaru to forget her, but he and the others go into Vrlitwhai’s ship after her. They scare off the Zentradi soldiers, but Kakizaki and Max run out of ammo. Vrlitwhai jumps over a walkway and drop kicks Hikaru’s Valkyrie. Kakizaki blows a hole into the roof, and Max grabs Vrlitwhai and tosses him into space. As the three try to cut open a door with their lasers, Vrlitwhai crawls back into the ship. He grabs a pipe and smacks Kakizaki's Valkyrie from behind. There's quite a lot going on in this episode. We have another confrontation between Hikaru and Misa, and this time he gets the better of her. His words seem to affect her when she sees the dead Valkyrie pilot in space. Since he accused her of being in a safe place all the time, it seems she impulsively volunteered for the Cat's Eye mission just to prove something to him. Human culture seems to be having an effect on the Zentradi since Loli, Conda and Warera can't even describe what they saw. Quamzin again meddles in things and does things his own way, but this time it actually helps Vrlitwhai. The episode ends with a cliffhanger of Vrlitwhai attacking Kakizaki. He sure must be strong if he can survive in the vacuum of space with no suit on.

star 8.31
13 votes
Bye-bye Mars

#16 - Bye-bye Mars

Season 1 - Episode 7

Exsedol informs Vrlitwhai that there is an abandoned miclone base on Mars. Vrlitwhai thinks it will be an excellent opportunity to lure in the Macross and capture it. For the operation he has called in reinforcements from the 7th sector Armored Division of the 109th branch of the Bodol main fleet. Exsedol is shocked, because that group is commanded by the infamous Quamzin Kravshera. Quamzin is known for getting drunk during a battle and killing most of his mean, which earned him the nickname "Ally Killer." Despite Quamzin's reputation, Vrlitwhai is sure that he can control him. Quamzin's ships suddenly de-fold from space in close proximity to Vrlitwhai's ship and crash into them. Quamzin calls to introduce himself, and his subordinate Oigul says he won the bet for the booze because they crashed into four ships. Vrlitwhai becomes angry and tells Quamzin he won't take any of his stupidity in this operation. Meanwhile, Hikaru, Roy, and the other Valkyrie pilots fight off attacking Regults and Fighter Pods. After the battle, Roy tells Hikaru he should go into town to relax. Hikaru runs into Minmay and hears an announcement about the battle that contradicts what he saw. She takes him to a cafe and gives him an invitation to her birthday party. On the bridge, Vanessa receives a transmission from Salla Base on Mars, and Global is surprised. During the Unification War, the soldiers at Salla Base were all killed on their way back to Earth by Anti-United Nations forces. Global decides they will stop at Mars to get supplies. Upon hearing mention of Mars, Misa thinks of her boyfriend, Riber Frurink. Riber was in the army and went to Mars, and Misa decided to join the army to be with him. Quamzin's forces plant gravity mines underneath the surface and wait for the Macross. The ship lands outside of their range and sends Valkyries and Destroid Spartans to secure the base. Misa asks Global for permission to investigate the base, and he agrees. He moves the ship closer to Salla Base, which brings it within the range of Quamzin's mines and his force of hundreds of Regults. As the resupply continues, Hikaru and Roy patrol Salla Base. Hikaru asks Roy if he can have some leave time next week, and Roy says everyone in the squad has asked for a day off to go to Minmay's birthday party. Claudia interrupts and tells them not to chat, and Hikaru is surprised it isn't Misa on the radio. Claudia tells him that Misa is driving around nearby him. Misa enters the abandoned base to search for any signs of life, but she finds nothing. As Quamzin waits, he asks his man Gerao how much longer it will take for the mines to reach full power. One of the Regult pilots can't stand to wait and takes off, and Quamzin shoots him down with his Glaug. He says that if he can wait then his men can wait too. Vanessa detects the explosion, and Global orders Claudia to send a Cat's Eye recon plane to investigate. The Cat's Eye flies over the canyon where Quamzin is hiding and sends a report back to the Macross. Vanessa pulls up the report, and Global is shocked to see a thousand Regults in the canyon. Since that far outnumbers their own forces, Global tells Claudia to take off immediately. As the Macross attempts to take off, Gerao activates the gravity mines that prevent the ship from lifting off. Quamzin and his forces then emerge from the canyon and attack. As the attack continues, Global wonders how they can get to the underground mines. He has an idea, and he wonders if blowing up Salla Base's nuclear reactor will destroy the mines. When Vanessa runs a simulation that proves his theory, Global orders Misa to overload the reactor. At first she hesitates, but she agrees when he decides to send in Roy. Misa takes the elevator down to the reactor room and sets it on overload. When she tries to escape the compound, emergency doors trap her in a small corridor. Coincidentally, the corridor is where Riber's room is located. Roy tells Hikaru to rescue Misa, and Hikaru fights off many Regults to reach the base. He blasts the window open, and Misa yells at him and tells him to leave. He grabs her with his Valkyrie's hands and takes off just as Salla Base explodes. The Macross takes off, and Quamzin is angry that he lost a battle. This is probably my favorite episode of the entire show because it was the first one I saw. The action and character development in this episode were enough to get me hooked on the entire series. Hikaru is starting to become used to the military life, and he has yet another encounter with Misa. He isn't featured much in this episode, which gives enough time to focus on her. This episode shows she is much more than a no nonsense military officer. She actually was in love before, and that love almost gets her killed. I was surprised she was willing to die just because she found Riber's room. It's kinda like when Minmay wanted to throw herself into space a few episodes back. On another note, in this episode we're introduced to one of the series' more colorful villains, the scheming Quamzin Kravshera. His own soldiers don't seem to like him, and Vrlitwhai

star 8.30
20 votes
Blue Wind

#17 - Blue Wind

Season 1 - Episode 13

On the bridge of the Macross, an operator wonders when they will ever reach Earth, and Claudia tells her she should ask the Zentradi fleet that is blocking them. In the bowels of the ship, Loli, Conda and Warera explore the area and realize they need to change their outfits to blend in. Vanessa, Kim and Shammy walk by after getting off duty and decide to head to the disco. They go into a nearby locker room to change clothes, and the spies realize they can get new outfits there. After the girls leave, the three spies go into the locker room and pry open all the lockers to get some clothes. Loli and Conda manage to find decent outfits, but Warera doesn't realize that he's put on a blouse and a skirt. In a briefing room, Misa, Hikaru, Max and Kakizaki give their report to Global, Colonel Maistrov and other members of the senior staff. With the exception of Global, none of the others believe the story about Zentradi history and Protoculture. An analyst gives an estimate to Global that the Zentradi main fleet consists of roughly four to five million ships. Global thinks that the idea of Protoculture explains why the Zentradi have ignored Earth and have performed strange attacks on the Macross. Global wants to get the information to Earth, and Maistrov wants to prepare a coded message to send to U.N. Spacy. Global tells him they won't be sending a message because he plans to break past the Zentradi fleet and head for Earth, which is only two days away. While no one is really happy that their story wasn't believed, Kakizaki is glad they all got promotions. The spies enter the city and are shocked when they see men and women closely interacting. Conda accidentally grabs a woman's breast and gets slapped, and Loli thinks the close interaction is perverse. Two skateboards skate by and cause Warera to fall down, which attracts attention. Loli and Conda realize that Warera is wearing women's clothes and run away. Warera runs into the women's restroom and gets beaten up. Elsewhere, a ceremony is held to congratulate Hikaru and the others for their return. Minmay gives everyone bouquets, and she kisses Hikaru and tells him that now they're both famous. She then performs her new single "My Boyfriend is a Pilot", and the spies are amazed by how the crowd is getting into the song. They feel strange and find that they like the song too. Misa returns to the bridge and is welcomed back by Claudia and the bridge crew. Claudia asks Misa why she is on the bridge when she has special leave from Global, and Misa explains that she's most comfortable on the bridge. Vanessa, Kim and Shammy come up to the bridge and run over to Misa and hug her. Elsewhere, as Roy drives around in a jeep he spots Hikaru, Max and Kakizaki in another jeep and asks what they are doing. Hikaru says they are heading for the hangar since all the pilots were ordered to duty, and Roy tells him that doesn't apply to them since they have leave. Hikaru says it's an emergency, and Roy orders them to stop before he has them put in the brig. On her flagship, an officer asks Laplamiz what she intends to do about the Macross, and Laplamiz says she can't do anything because Boddole Zer hasn't given any orders. On his ship, Quamzin doesn't want the disgrace of allowing the Macross to escape, so he decides to attack. Global has the ship begin transformation, and the three spies get knocked around as the city transforms. As Quamzin's forces approach, Global has the Valkyrie squads launch and fires the main gun. The main gun damages several Zentradi ships, and Global has it fire again. The Zentradi ships begin firing, and the pinpoint barrier is deployed to protect the ship. Laplamiz is outraged that Quamzin is attacking on his own, and she has her fleet move to intercept his. Her ships block his line of fire and allow the Macross to slip through. Laplamiz orders Quamzin to stand down or prepare to fight her. Misa wonders what the Zentradi are doing, and Global tells her to worry about that later. With the Zentradi distracted, the Macross begins atmospheric re-entry. After safely entering the atmosphere, the ship touches down in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. External doors are opened to allow the citizens to go outside and see the sky. Hikaru, Max and Kakizaki go outside, and Hikaru feels like he's in a dream. Overhead, the Valkyrie squadrons fly by. After a long journey, the Macross has finally returned to Earth. However, they may not have a very warm reception since U.N. Spacy wants them to stay away and act as a decoy. Hikaru and the others give their report on the Zentradi, but the fools of the senior staff don't believe them. They'll soon realize how wrong they are. We also get some comedy bits thanks to the misadventures of Loli, Conda and Warera. Wearing a dress is a classic example of how the Zentradi have no concept of human culture. They also don't seem to understand Minmay's performance. There's also a brief battle near the end, and attentive viewers will spot a glaring animation mistake. When Quamzin fires back at the Macross, we see that it's in ship mode, but this occurs after it had already transformed and fired the main gun. Looks like the animators were trying to slip in some smactock footage despite the obvious continuity error.

star 8.23
13 votes
Lonely Song

#18 - Lonely Song

Season 1 - Episode 29

In Macross City, full size Zentradi become increasingly dissatisfied with the human way of life and leave the city to wander in the desert wasteland. In a small restaurant, Minmay begins a performance and has trouble singing "My Boyfriend is a Pilot." On the Macross, Global, Hikaru and Claudia meet with Exsedol to discuss his scientific report. At the restaurant, Minmay ends her performance and is told by Kaifun that she was horrible. She explains that she was surprised by how small the audience was. He wonders how the turnout will be for the next day's charity concert, and she tells him she doesn't know why she sings anymore. She also tells him he should charge less for tickets, but he says they need the money since they donate it to people who don't have anything. As they drive through the city, she tells him go to to Nyan Nyan for dinner, but she refuses. She opens the door and causes him to nearly crash before he agrees to take her to the restaurant. Exsedol gives his report and concludes that humans and Zentradi are nearly identical and both are descended somehow from the Protoculture. What's not known is what caused them to be different. Exsedol also says that one trait seems common in both species: a love for war. Hikaru objects and says that humans fight to protect themselves when attacked. Another officer notes that even before Space War I, humans constantly have fought wars throughout all recorded history. Hikaru thinks Exsedol's results distort the facts, and Exsedol asks him not to insert his personal opinions. In another part of the city, Minmay arrives at Nyan Nyan and his happily greeted by her aunt, uncle and the mayor. She asks them if she can stay, and they tell her the restaurant is still her home. Minmay returns to her room for the first time in years and looks around. She looks at a patched piece of ceiling material and is reminded of when she first met Hikaru and he crashed his Valkyrie into her room. She goes over to a drawer and pulls out Hikaru's medal of honor, which causes her to think of when he gave it to her for her birthday. She thinks that she hears him calling her, but when she runs to the window she finds no one is there. The next day, Minmay walks through the city. Nearby, Hikaru jogs through the streets for morning exercise. Warera, Loli and Conda deliver laundry for their laundry service, and Conda tells Loli that he heard Minmay is in town. Loli is surprised because Minmay's supposed to give a concert in Stone City later. As they talk about her, she just happens to walk by and says hello. Warera runs up and asks her if she can autograph a shirt, but Loli says that belongs to a customer. Warera says he'll buy them new shirts, and all of them begin to argue over getting an autograph. Nearby, two full-sized Zentradi thugs threaten the mayor. His wife calls the military for help, but they grab her. Hikaru runs into Misa and asks her what she's doing out so early. She tells him she is worried about the city, and he says he is too. He explains that he's jogging because he thinks it would cause too much trouble if he goes out officially with his patrol unit. He tells Misa that he put her photos in his album, and he notices Minmay standing behind them. She cries and runs off, and he and Misa chase her but lose sight of her. They turn their attention elsewhere when they see two Zentradi fighting in the streets. Hikaru asks the mayor what's going on, and he says they're going crazy and trying to steal things. Hikaru asks the Zentradi to stop and asks them what their complaint is. They say they want to go back to space to fight wars, but he says they can't do that. Four Destroid Tomahawks surround them, but Hikaru asks them to hold fire. One of the Zentradi flicks Hikaru like a bug and knocks him against the Destroid's leg. Two of the Zentradi leave, and the third tells them they'll regret it if they leave culture behind. Far away, Quamzin is pleased to hear that more and more Zentradi are leaving the cities. He tells his men to seek them out and bring them to him, and he promises to restore micloned Zentradi to their former size. At Stone City, Minmay arrives just in time for her concert and tells Kaifun she wants to sing for herself. She goes out in front of the small audience and begins "Love Drifts Away." On the Macross, Global and Exsedol call Hikaru, Misa, Max and Milia in for a meeting. They explain that they've discovered the location of the Zentradi automated factory satellite. Global explains that the factory can produce battleships almost completely autonomously. He wants them to capture it because they need ships in case the Zentradi ever attack Earth again. It seems that all is not well after the war. We're seeing here more evidence that the Zentradi are becoming more disenchanted with humanity's culture. This doesn't bode well for the military, but it plays right into Quamzin's hands. For some reason, Laplamiz has joined up with Quamzin, which is odd considering that at the end of the war she fought alongside Vrlitwhai and the Macross. Minmay is also becoming dissatisfied with what she's doing with her life, and Kaifun doesn't seem to be helping any with his behavior. The end of the episode brings up a new plot point: the Zentradi factory satellite. Even after two years, it seems that the U.N. Spacy is probably still recovering from the war and needs ships. Looks like everyone's going to be heading back to space soon.

star 8.22
9 votes
Daedalus Attack

#19 - Daedalus Attack

Season 1 - Episode 6

A month has passed since the crew of the Macross won their first victory over the Zentradi. In that time, Hikaru has been undergoing rigorous training to become a Valkyrie pilot. In Macross City, Hikaru meets with Minmay and shows off his new uniform. Minmay stops in front of a dress shop and try on a dress in the window. Hikaru protests going inside, but Minmay drags him in. While she is trying on the dress, Misa, Shammy, and Kim enter the shop looking for lingerie. Embarrassed, Hikaru looks away and picks up the groceries he drops. Global heads down to where the fold system used to be to investigate a strange energy phenomenom. The chief engineer says he believes a barrier system can be developed from the phenomenom. Elsewhere, Vrlitwhai and Exsedol review the last battle, and they see no reason why the Macross transformed. Exsedol notes that the transformation limits their gravitational control. He thinks that the ship will head for Saturn and use ECM (electronic countermeasures) to escape. Vrlitwhai decides he will let them try their plan and then trap them. Minmay takes Hikaru back to Nyan-Nyan to see everyone, but Roy shows up and says he has orders. Hikaru walks to the base with Roy when they encounter Misa, Shammy, Vanessa, and Kim on the street. Roy introduces Hikaru to Misa, and both of them realize who they are. Misa tells him that it isn't proper for a man to be in a lingerie shop as she walks off. Hikaru and the rest of the Valkyrie pilots are called to a meeting, and an officer tells them they should spend time with whoever they want to see before the battle. Later that night, Hikaru meets Minmay in the park. She shows off her dress, but he doesn't notice it's the one she bought. Hikaru tells Minmay that they should take a picture, but she doesn't think she's very photogenic. He calls a cambot, and it takes their picture. Later, Roy visits Hikaru at the base and sees that he can't sleep. He thinks about how the hours before a battle are the worst. Hikaru tries to sleep, but he keeps thinking of the Zentradi he fought back on South Ataria Island. The next day, the Macross enters orbit of Saturn. Misa gives the Valkyrie pilots orders over the intercom. They will attack through the Cassini Divide after passing through the ice-filled shadow zone. Roy's Skull squadron launches with Hikaru as its newest member. He sees all the pilots flying recklessly and decides to do so himself. Misa contacts him and tells him that his fancy flying could give him away to the enemy. He argues with her, and she tells him to shut up and follow his orders. He enters the shadow zone and is almost hit by an asteroid. When he slows down, Misa calls him and asks where all his confidence went. He grumbles to himself about how annoying she is, and Claudia wonders when he will stop insulting Misa. A Zentradi ship captained by Zeril is called by Vrlitwhai to capture the Macross. The Valkyries emerge from the other side of the shadow zone and attack the Zentradi. Exsedol is amazed that they are attacking with such inferior tactics, and Vrlitwhai thinks they don't realize how much he is holding back. Meanwhile, Global has the ship lowered into an asteroid field to surprise the Zentradi. The pinpoint barrier is activated, and it uses three balls of photon energy to move around the ship, which are controlled by three huge trackball mice. The ship is raised, and Global orders the main gun to be fired, but nothing happens. The chief engineer tells him that the pinpoint barrier is probably interfering with the cannon. The ship is now defenseless as Zeril's cruiser moves in to capture them. Misa has an idea and has all three pinpoint balls moved to the front of the Daedalus. Elsewhere, under attack, Hikaru lands on Zeril's, and a hatch opens beneath him, dropping him into the ship. He explores the area and runs into a Zentradi soldier. The soldier is frightened and freezes. Hikaru lifts his weapon to fire, but hesitates. At the same time, the Macross rams the ship with the Daedalus. The front of the super carrier is opened, and all the Destroids launch their missiles. Hikaru escapes from the ship just as it explodes. Vrlitwhai is shocked to see the miclones win another battle and decides he might have to call for reinforcements. Well, there's another action packed episode. Even with all the action, there's still some character development. Hikaru may be a soldier now, but he's still the same person. As he wishes to get closer to Minmay, he also comes into conflict with Misa. The scenes in the lingerie shop and street are hilarious and provide some comic relief in a serious episode. Hikaru also screws up when flying in the shadow zone of Saturn's rings when he answers back to Misa. She's one person that you definitely don't talk to like that. Of course, he didn't learn his lesson the first time, so it's likely it'll take a few more rough encounters for him to get the picture.

star 8.19
16 votes
The Big Escape

#20 - The Big Escape

Season 1 - Episode 12

Max continues to explore the ship, and Hikaru says they have to get out. He says that the next time a guard comes to bring them food, they should kiss to distract him and escape. Misa thinks that’s a crazy plan and refuses to go along with it. Boddole Zer tells Vrlitwhai that he wants to send a spy to the Macross, and Exsedol says contact with the Protoculture could destroy them. Boddole Zer thinks that if they could get reaction weaponry or knowledge on how to repair ships it would give them a great advantage over the Supervision Army. They wonder who they could possibly get to perform the mission, and Loli, Conda and Warera volunteer to become miclones. Misa thinks that it is important to get her video back to the Macross, so she reconsiders Hikaru’s plan. A guard opens the door, and Hikaru and Misa kiss to distract him. However, the guard is actually Max. He picks them up and places Hikaru and Misa in one pocket and Kakizaki in another. He says he didn't know Hikaru was into older women, and Hikaru objects. Max promises that if they get back to the Macross. He’ll keep their secret. A Zentradi soldier spots them, and Max attacks and transforms to GERWALK mode to escape. He flies right through the bridge and past Boddole Zer, Vrlitwhai and Exsedol. Soldiers shoot at Max’s Valkyrie, which loses power in an elevator. Everyone escapes just as it explodes and kills a Zentradi soldier. Boddole Zer decides to pull Vrlitwhai off the front line for his mistake and replace him with Moruk Laplamiz. Hikaru and Misa run off on their own and spot several miclone chambers in use. In a weapons storage room, Misa wonders if the Zentradi were human-sized in the Protoculture and if they genetically engineered themselves. A soldier grabs Misa and kicks Hikaru away. Misa drops the camera, and Hikaru grabs a massive Zentradi rifle and kills the soldier. She tells him to leave her, but he pries her out of the soldier's hand. Soldiers shoot at them on a bridge, and the floor crumbles beneath them and causes them to fall down a large chasm. Hikaru dreams of Minmay and wakes up with Misa. She tells them that they fell into an area where water had collected, which saved their lives. Hikaru wonders how the Zentradi can have such an enormous fleet and not be able to repair their equipment. Misa thinks that perhaps they lost something when they went from human size to giant. She says this is evident from the fact that they have no civilians and that men and women live separately. Hikaru thinks it is rather sad that the Zentradi live only to fight, and Misa says that is just like her. She explains that her family has served in the military for over a century and that she graduated at the top of her class in the Academy. She says that Claudia teases her for thinking of duty so much. Misa asks Hikaru if he has someone he loves on the Macross, and she guesses it is Minmay because he said her name in his sleep. He says he'd like her to be his girlfriend, but now that she's famous she has no time for him. Misa says he at least has someone to go back to because her only lover is duty. He tells her she could definitely find someone if she acted more like a woman. They decide to leave and eventually find an open area with a wide view of all the ships docked inside the mothership. Max and Kakizaki catch up, and they decide to board a small ship that is loading supplies. The micloned spies board the same ship, and it joins with Laplamiz's fleet and folds. Ace pilot Milia Fallyna doesn't like the idea of a spy mission, and Laplamiz tells her that the miclones might be more dangerous than the Supervision Army. As the ship prepares to de-fold, Hikaru and the others get into a Regult to escape. Milia launches in her Queadluun-Rau mecha and carries a capsule with the three spies. She destroys several Valkyries and Destroids before leaving the pod inside the Macross. Hikaru and the others blast out of the ship in the Regult and drift in space. They manage to call the Macross, and Roy and two other pilots haul them back to the ship. Hikaru is glad to be back and runs through the city. The trilogy of episodes that started back with episode 10 ends here. Hikaru and the others make their escape and manage to return to the Macross safely. We see that the Zentradi don’t do so well when it comes to repairing things, and Boddole Zer wants this knowledge to defeat the Supervision Army. Vrlitwhai gets taken out of the action, and we’re introduced to Zentradi females Laplamiz and ace pilot Milia Fallyna. She seems like she could be quite a match for an ace like Max. On another note, we get to see a new side to Misa here. Usually she's very military and by the book, but here we get to see her feminine side. Hikaru definitely has a point that she would do better in life if she acted more

star 8.19
16 votes

#21 - Chinatown

Season 1 - Episode 15

On the Macross, Global and Misa take off in a transport plane and head for U.N. Spacy High Command in Alaska. On the bridge, Maistrov arrives to take over command and bumps his head on the threshold of the door. He pulls out a cigar to smoke, but Shammy tells him there is no smoking. Claudia's shift ends, so she leaves the bridge. Outside, a party is being held on the deck of the Daedalus. Loli, Conda and Warera take notes on what's happening, but they get drunk on beer and decide to take the day off. Elsewhere, Claudia goes to Roy's room and finds him sleeping in bed. She decides to take a shower, but he touches her butt and then grabs her and kisses her. Back on the Daedalus deck, Minmay is escorted to her Fanliner in a limo. She gets into the Fanliner with Hikaru, and her manager warns them both to come back on time. Hikaru takes off and is glad to be back in the air in a regular plane. Max and Kakizaki pull up beside him in their Valkyries, and Kakizaki says they'll leave him alone to pursue his love with Minmay. Hikaru says it isn't like that, and the two of them leave. Elsewhere, the transport plane lands on the surface of Alaska Base, which is heavily guarded by Monsters, Destroids and Valkyries. The plane is lowered on a platform to a subterranean level. Over the ocean, Minmay tells Hikaru that it's been a long time since they've been alone together. She tells him that she's going to be very busy when she returns because she has to film a TV show and her first movie. Hikaru asks her if she can keep up with a schedule like that, but she's fallen asleep. In Alaska, Misa and Global ride an elevator down the long shaft of the Grand Cannon. He asks her if she knows about the Grand Cannon, and she says she doesn't. He explains that it's a weapon based off the main gun of the Macross, which takes Earth's gravitational forces and turns it into energy. The six kilometer shaft they are traveling down acts as the barrel of the cannon. Global tells Misa a story of when he served under her father Admiral Takashi Hayase during the Unification War. She laughs at his story, and he tells her he hasn't seen her laugh in a long time. He tells her it will be very important for them to work hard to convince the high command of their findings. Hikaru and Minmay arrive in Japan and fly by Mt. Fuji before landing in Yokohama. In Alaska, Misa and Global enter a conference room where the Admirals are displayed on large screens in a video conference. Misa begins to give her report on the Zentradi. In Yokohama, Hikaru and Minmay walk through Harbor View Hill Park and she shows him the New Marine Tower. After walking through the city, they go to Chinatown, and Hikaru is amazed by how different it looks from the rest of Japan. Minmay spots her family's restaurant, Mei Sha Roh, and runs inside with Hikaru. A waiter named Chin slaps himself when he sees Minmay and runs to get Minmay's mother Lynn Shigeyo. She can't believe that Minmay is alive and thought she was killed in the Unification War. She asks who Hikaru is, and Minmay introduces him and explains he saved her life. Her father Lynn Paoshun comes into the room and asks why she didn't call them earlier. In Alaska, the Admirals don't seem to fully believe what Misa has reported. Global asks about the release of the 56,000 civilians on the ship, and the Admirals tell him they will discuss that topic later. In Chinatown, Paoshun yells at Minmay and refuses to let her go back to the Macross. She says that she has to go back to her fans and do her job, and he says he doesn't want her to be like some prostitute for soldiers on a ship. Minmay's cousin Lynn Kaifun comes down when he hears all the noise, and he is amazed that Minmay is alive. He hasn't seen her since he left to join the peace movement, but he is glad she is alive. She tells him his parents are alive and well on the Macross. In Alaska, the Admirals pass down their decision. They will not allow the release of the civilians because they told the public that Anti-UN terrorists destroyed South Ataria Island. They don't want the public to know about the war with the Zentradi, and Global says Earth is in danger anyway. They leave with the meeting ends, and when Global asks Misa if she will visit her father, she refuses. In Chinatown, Kaifun decides he will go back to the Macross with Minmay to keep her safe. As Global and Misa head back to the ship, she reads a letter from her father asking her to leave the ship and tears it up. After some battle-heavy episodes, this time we get a bit of plot advancement and character development. As expected, U.N. Spacy's reaction to the Zentradi report wasn't received any better than on the Macross. For military personnel, they seem more like politicians who are concerned with public image in their attempt to hide the war. They also seem very cold-hearted for wanting to use the 56,000 civilians as bait for the Zentradi. They seem determined to use their Grand Cannon to end the war, no matter what the losses might be. We also get to see Minmay's parents and her cousin Kaifun, who is now a recurring character. As a peace activist, I doubt he'd fit in on a warship, and he already doesn't seem to get along well with Hikaru.

star 8.18
11 votes
Micro Cosmos

#22 - Micro Cosmos

Season 1 - Episode 21

On the Macross, a party is held to celebrate the upcoming release of the movie Shao Pai Lon. Minmay has a drink alone outside, and her manager asks what she's doing. She tells him she's tired of her life, and she asks him if he can get a VIP seat for Hikaru. He leaves, and Jamis comes along and tries to deliberately spill wine on Minmay. In her hotel room, Minmay calls the barracks and is told Hikaru is on duty. She leaves a message saying that a seat has been reserved for him. Hikaru returns and is told Minmay left a message, but he runs out to call Minmay before hearing the rest of the message. He calls her hotel room, but she isn't there. The next day, Milia sees everyone in line for the movie and wonders if Max is in line. A limo pulls up, and the crowd cheers when Minmay and Kaifun get out. Inside the theater, the director Shoo Blackstone introduces Kaifun and Minmay. Minmay comes on stage and notices Hikaru isn't in the front row. She sings the movie's title song, and the movie begins. Milia watches Kaifun's martial arts skills and wonders if he's the one who defeated her. Hikaru feels uncomfortable hearing people gossip about Minmay dating Kaifun. Elsewhere, Vrlitwhai and Exsedol watch the movie and think it's an old combat record. They wonder why the miclones would watch something so old and primitive. As the fighting continues, they are shocked when Kaifun defeats a giant with one kick. Vrlitwhai can't believe the miclones have such power, and Exsedol thinks it explains the barrier in Ontario. In another part of the ship, Loli, Conda, Warera and other soldiers watch the movie and are amazed by it. In the movie, Kaifun kisses Minmay, and the Zentradi don't understand what that means. Loli and the others brag that they did it all the time with Minmay. When Hikaru sees Kaifun kiss Minmay, he can't take any more and pushes his way through the crowd to leave the theater. As Hikaru leaves the theater, he trips in the crowd and accidentally grabs Misa's butt. They end up making a scene in front of the crowd, so she pulls him out of the theater. Before she can say anything else, a battle alert is sounded and the transformation sequence begins. Hikaru thinks they should head for a shelter, but Misa thinks they should head for the base. However, the street they are standing on begins to transform and rise up into the air. Minmay slips as the street splits in front of her, but Kaifun grabs her and saves her from falling to her death. As she looks up, for a split second she thinks that she sees Hikaru rescuing her instead of Kaifun. Hikaru and Misa travel through a narrow corridor and are boxed in when a wall behind them transforms. Misa blames him for getting them lost, but he says if they had gone down another path they would have been crushed. Hikaru wonders why a transformation occurred so quickly, and Misa says it's because Shammy is running the bridge in her absence. On the bridge, Shammy frantically gives orders that no one is able to understand. Misa pulls rank on Hikaru, and he stays quiet and ignores him. She asks him to speak because she gets lonely when people don't speak. He's surprised that she would make such an admission. He's also surprised that she would go to a movie, and she reminds him that she's a normal girl like anyone else. He wonders why she would go and figures out it's because she likes Kaifun. He teases her, and she jabs back at him by saying things can't be going so well between him and Minmay. He shuts up, and she apologizes. She tells him that Kaifun looks like someone she loved who died before she could say how she felt. He realizes that they both left the theater for the same reason. To pass the time, they discuss the war and Misa explains that the Zentradi are confused because they have split into two forces: one that thinks humanity is Protoculture and is afraid, and another that wants to fight. The two look at each other and begin to move closer, but the battle suddenly ends and the ships transforms again. As they stop to get a cola, Hikaru pushes Misa behind the machine when Kaifun and Minmay enter their hotel. Hikaru decides to return to the Prometheus, but Misa takes his hand and asks him to stay with her a little longer, which he does. The situation with the war seems to become more complex with each new episode. The Macross has been banished from Earth, and it doesn't look like they'll be getting any support from U.N. Spacy. The Zentradi are still split in regards to what to do about the Macross, but the misunderstanding regarding the movie is bound to galvanize them into action. There's also changes occurring with the characters; the main focus now seems to be on Hikaru and Misa. Hikaru is coming to realize that he and Minmay live in different worlds and are getting further and further apart. Likewise, Misa is starting to see that though Kaifun may resemble Riber they're nothing alike. In addition to realizing this individually, it looks like they're realizing they might have more in common than they thought.

star 8.15
13 votes
Rainy Night

#23 - Rainy Night

Season 1 - Episode 33

Misa sits in the Macross officer's lounge and thinks about what she said to Hikaru after he rescued Minmay. Claudia comes in and asks Misa if anything is wrong, but she wants to be left alone. Claudia knows there's been trouble with Hikaru, so she sits down and gives Misa a box of black tea. She tells Misa that if she's having a problem with Hikaru, they should drink some tea and make up. On the airfield, Hikaru lands after completing his patrol and is informed that Misa wants him to contact her. He thinks she just wants his patrol report, and he hates how enthusiastic she is over her job. He storms into the Macross's command center and tosses his report on the console in front of Misa. He tells her what she did was low, especially if it was out of jealousy. She tries to say something, and he says she wouldn't understand him because all she loves is her job. He goes over to Vanessa and asks her if she wants to go out with him. Misa tells him he's horrible and runs out of the room. Vanessa tells Hikaru that wasn't a smart thing to say because Misa is in love with him. He finds that hard to believe because he thinks Misa only loves the military. After he leaves, Vanessa, Kim and Shammy discuss the situation and see that Misa hasn't told Hikaru how she feels. Later, Misa walks home at night and is caught in the rain. She stops in front of Hikaru's house and pulls out the box of tea. Claudia appears with an umbrella and tells Misa she'll catch a cold in the rain. She offers Misa a drink at her house if she isn't ready to see Hikaru yet. Hikaru sits in his bed and thinks he might have gone overboard when he spoke to Misa earlier. At Claudia's house, Misa begins to gulp down glasses of wine. Claudia tells Misa she's lucky that the man she loves is still alive. She says that after Roy died, she took up alcohol every night to deal with the pain of his death. Misa asks Claudia if her relationship with Roy was always good, and Claudia tells her it was rocky until they both came to the Macross. She tells Misa that she met Roy during the Unification Wars when she was a young officer. They were both stationed at a base in the middle of nowhere, but he was a hotshot pilot always looking for a girl. She remembers him asking her out on a date in the middle of a battle as she spoke to him on the radio from the control tower. Claudia tells Misa that her first impression of Roy wasn't very good. She didn't really understand him, but on a whim she decided to accept his offer to go out on a date. When he finally showed up for their date, it was with three other girls in tow. Claudia was infuriated and stormed off. Afterwards, Roy came to the control tower everyday to give her a small present. He said that he intended to keep doing so everyday until she agreed to go out on a date with him. Claudia says that soon after, the Unification Wars ended and he was transferred to South Ataria Island. She says that for a whole year he never wrote her a letter or spoke to her. Eventually, Claudia was also transferred to South Ataria Island and became Misa's roommate. She decided to visit Roy at the hangar where he was working on the prototype transformable VFX-1. She gave him back all his little presents, but he seemed more concerned with the VFX-1, so she stormed off. The next day, she came to see him before the test flight and found him fooling around with three girls. She was furious again and ran off. After the test flight, Roy called her in the middle of the night and asked her to come outside so they could speak. As they stood in the rain, he told her that he got in trouble for messing around with those girls. He said that people believe test pilots don't have a care in the world, but as a test pilot one never knows when they can be killed. He also told Claudia that he had a lot of woman friends, but she was the only one he could think of to confide in. Claudia says that afterwards they fell in love. She says she also remembers Roy telling her about Hikaru and saying that he's someone who can't easily express himself. Hikaru realizes that Misa is indeed in love with him, so he runs out in to the night to find her. He finds that she isn't at home, so he calls the Macross, but she isn't there either. He calls Claudia and tells her he's coming over. Misa doesn't know what to do, and Claudia gives her the tea box again. Hikaru and Misa walk in the rain, and he apologizes for what he said earlier. Misa tells him she has rare tea and asks him if he wants to share it. Hikaru says he would like to, and together they head back to his house. This is one standout episode for the series. It provides something that's all too rare these days in anime series: time for solid character development. There's not a single battle or Zentradi attack in this episode, and no Quamzin anywhere. That's all perfectly fine, because it brings the problems between Misa and Hikaru to the forefront. Misa still hasn't told Hikaru how she feels, and he has no clue that she's in love with him. One of the great parts about this episode is Claudia's story about Roy. It's good to see him again since he's been dead for so long. He didn't get much development while he was alive, so it's good to see a backstory developed for him and his relationship with Claudia. Things now seem to be going well for Hikaru and Misa, but that won't last for long.

star 8.11
9 votes
Paradise Lost

#24 - Paradise Lost

Season 1 - Episode 20

Deep in space, Vrlitwhai and Boddole Zer view the footage from the battle between the Macross and Quamzin. Boddole Zer tells Vrlitwhai that there is disorder among the ranks, so he wants him to go back and take charge. Vrlitwhai agrees, but he also asks to be given command of the Adaclos fleet of 1,200 ships just in case. Vrlitwhai and Exsedol return to their ship, and they wonder if 1,200 extra ships will be enough. Vrlitwhai's fleet leaves the mothership and begins fold operations to return to Earth. On Earth, Sea Sergeant helicopters and Avenger II planes offload crates of supplies to the Macross. In his quarters, Hikaru tries to write a letter to Kakizaki's parents to inform them that he is dead, but he is unable to and begins to cry. Max knocks on his door, and they decide to go outside. Max doesn't understand why he's being promoted and given a team, and Hikaru explains that it's because he himself has been promoted to squadron commander. On the deck, they watch a Commanchero officer transport helicopter land and wonder what's going on. Max wonders if the rumors are true that they'll have to leave Earth. As the sun sets, Max comments that it might be the last one they ever see. Deep inside the ship, Loli and Conda work on a Regult while Warera makes beef stew. They eat their last meal while listening to Minmay and think about how they may never see Vanessa, Kim or Shammy again. In his office, Global examines the orders handed down by U.N. Spacy High Command. According to the orders, the Macross is to leave Earth within 24 hours or face an attack from U.N. Spacy. Misa comes into his office, and he tells her he never expected U.N. Spacy to force the civilians into this. He asks Misa to contact MBS, and he also calls the bridge and orders Claudia to prepare to launch. Vrlitwhai's fleet de-folds on the dark side of the moon, which is the signal for the spies to leave the Macross. The three split the controls of the Regult and blast out of the ship. They then travel through the water and eject the Regult's legs to fly into space. The radar room picks up the massive de-fold of the Adaclos fleet on the dark side of the moon. On the bridge, Vanessa estimates that there are at least a thousand ships in the fleet. The radar room also picks up the Regult as a UFO, and it also picks up another UFO rendezvousing with the Regult to pick it up. Global orders Claudia to scramble Valkyries, and she scolds Kim and Shammy for complaining about the number of enemies. No word has come in from U.N. Spacy, and Global sees they're being thrown to the wolves. Shammy asks what U.N. Spacy is going to do, and he says they probably want the Macross to get destroyed so that they can open up negotiations with the Zentradi. Vrlitwhai contacts Laplamiz and tells her he will taking command. He says he's heard about her problems, and she tells him to be quiet unless he can do better. He and Exsedol then leave to hear the report from Loli, Conda and Warera. They show him items they've brought back from the Macross such as TV's, pianos and refrigerators. Vrlitwhai and Exsedol are astonished to hear about how men and women interact, and Vrlitwhai doesn't want to hear any more. Exsedol wants to see the Macross, but Vrlitwhai says that presents problems, so he'll have to settle for a report from the spies. They return to their quarters and pull out all the stuff they hid from Vrlitwhai like TV's and Minmay dolls. They call in other soldiers and give them candy and show them the Minmay dolls. On Earth, Global goes on air from the MBS station and explains to the citizens how his requests regarding them have been repeatedly ignored. He tells them that if they don't leave they'll be attacked by U.N. Spacy, and he says they can't fight Earth. The citizens become angry, and Global says he doesn't enough know how he can apologize to them. Minmay runs to his side and tells everyone to stick together because the Macross is their home now. She sings a song that is broadcast across Earth, and the Macross takes off and heads for space. This episode continues the dark mood established in the previous two and provides some important plot developments. As expected, the Macross is banished from Earth, and I guess that's what happens when you destroy a city, even if by accident. Also, Vrlitwhai finally is back in the action after being out of sight for several episodes. Perhaps he can bring some control back to the mess that Laplamiz can't seem to control. The three spies return to their posts, and they don't seem happy about it. There is one plot hole that I find curious. They were delivered to the Macross by Milia in her Queadluun-Rau. So where exactly did they get (and hide) a Regult to escape with? That doesn't seem to make much sense.

star 8.10
10 votes
Broken Heart

#25 - Broken Heart

Season 1 - Episode 32

A U.N. Spacy recon plane carrying Misa heads for enemy territory escorted by Skull Squadron. Missiles approach from Quamzin's ship, but Skull Squadron destroys them. Hikaru and Misa explore the interior of the ship, but it's apparent that the ship was just recently abandoned. Elsewhere, Quamzin escapes in his Glaug, followed by his Regult forces. He feels like he's in a good mood, so he decides to do something. In Ionesco City, Minmay sings "Sunset Beach" in a concert hall filled with humans and full-sized Zentradi. As she sings, the ceiling and walls crumble as Regults burst through and attack. Minmay and Kaifun try to escape, but Quamzin blocks their way and grabs them. On the Macross, Global receives a call from Quamzin. Quamzin shows that he has Minmay and Kaifun as hostages, and he demands that Global give him a battleship by 6:00 A.M. the next morning or he will kill the hostages. Kaifun shouts out that Global should destroy a ship instead of give it to someone like Quamzin. Quamzin reinforces his demand and leaves Global to choose what he will do. Quamzin wonders what he will do with Minmay, and she begins to sing "Love Drifts Away." Quamzin is momentarily stunned, but he grabs her when she tries to escape. He tells her that he's not unsophisticated like she might think, and he's immune to her cultural nonsense. He asks her if she thinks her songs can move people and squeezes her in his hand. He then tells Laplamiz to stop what she's doing because she is playing with Kaifun like an action figure. In the air, Misa is informed of the situation by Claudia. Ionesco City's Destroid forces are to work with Skull Squadron in a joint operation to attack the city and rescue the hostages. Misa calls Hikaru and informs him that Minmay is a hostage. He forgets military procedure for a moment, which makes her angry. After landing at the base on the outskirts of Ionesco City, they go over the plan. Hikaru makes it clear that he objects to the plan because it doesn't place any importance on the lives of the hostages. She tells him he gets worked up easily over Minmay, and he asks her how she can joke like that when lives are at stake. In the concert hall, Quamzin, Laplamiz and Oigul get drunk with alcohol. Minmay wonders if Hikaru will save them, but Kaifun doesn't think the military will give over a battleship in exchange for them. Kaifun decides he will try to talk to Quamzin, and Minmay tells him in the end he's just all talk. Kaifun calls out to Quamzin and asks him what good it will do to start a war again and kill his own people. He tells them to go back to living cultured lives, and Quamzin says he knows how to make culture. He grabs Laplamiz and starts kissing her in front of everyone. Oigul interrupts and tells him that they're getting a call for help from other Zentradi. Quamzin goes over to the radio, and a Zentradi officer tells him they came to help him but were attacked by U.N. Spacy. Quamzin says he will help and orders his forces to move out. He gives Laplamiz his Glaug and jumps onto a stolen Destroid Monster to ride it. The Zentradi soldiers turn out to be with U.N. Spacy and are part of the trap to lure Quamzin out. When Quamzin and his troops come out, the Zentradi soldiers and the Valkyries run away. Quamzin follows them into a crater and is suddenly surrounded by Destroid Monsters and Valkyries. With only three Regults left at the concert hall, Hikaru storms the building and rescues Minmay and Kaifun. Outside, Kaifun yells at Misa and asks why they used such dangerous methods to rescue them. Misa says they considered all the options, and he keeps yelling at her. Hikaru exits his Valkyrie and greets Minmay since it's been six months since he saw her. Nearby, Quamzin's forces run out of ammo, and Laplamiz's Glaug is damaged. Quamzin destroys several Valkyries barehanded and decides to retreat. Misa asks Hikaru to chase Quamzin, and he yells at her and says to send someone else. She reminds him of his job, and he goes and takes off. Minmay says to herself that she is now able to return Hikaru's feelings. Quamzin makes a decidedly human move by taking Kaifun and Minmay hostage. He asks for a warship in exchange, and one has to wonder if he really expected to get one. Though he says he's unaffected by culture, that doesn't seem to be the case. He enjoys kissing Laplamiz, and he gets drunk and fights with human tactics. Though he may be immune to Minmay's singing, he has been changed by culture. However, he still falls into the military's trap and loses. There's also some conflict between Hikaru and Misa over Minmay. Minmay seems to be going after Hikaru now, so what will Misa do? On a side note, the city here is curiously named Ionesco City. Shoji Kawamori and Haruhiko Mikimoto were big fans of Mobile Suit Gundam, so is this a nod to the Minovsky-Ionesco reactors that power mobile suits? One has to wonder.

star 8.10
10 votes