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Last Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Network: NBC

Saved By the Bell was one of the most popular teen shows shown on NBC. This show focused on Zack Morris and his friends: Samuel "Screech" Powers, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, A.C. Slater, and Lisa Turtle. They had adventures and funny moments at Bayside High School in Palisades, California. They often tried to fool the gullible principal, Mr. Richard Belding, but also sometimes got advice from him. They regularly hung out at a burger joint called "The Max," which was owned in the first season by a magician named Max. As the years went by, they had adventures and relationships that lasted a long time.In the third season, the gang spent the summer at Malibu Sands, an exclusive beach club owned by Mr. Carosi, and his daughter Stacey Carosi, whom Zack fell in love with.The final season saw the arrival of a new castmember, Tori Scott, who took the place of Kelly and Jessie when Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley left the show in mid-season.The show ended with the gang graduating and heading off to college in the spin-off series, Saved by the Bell: the College Years. There was also another spin-off to this show called Saved by the Bell: The New Class.This show began as a series named Good Morning, Miss Bliss, a short-lived series on the Disney Channel that focused on Miss Bliss and the students at John F. Kennedy Junior High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Cream for a Day

#1 - Cream for a Day

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Oct 7, 1989

The homecoming prom is coming up and Kelly is nominated to be crowned home coming queen, but she refuses to go out in public after discovering that she has a pimple. Zach and Screech accidentally create a zit removal cream only to find out that it has some very unusual side effects.

star 8.67
73 votes
Writers: Scott Spencer Gordon
Save That Tiger

#2 - Save That Tiger

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired Dec 16, 1989

It's the annual Bayside vs Valley prank war. Meanwhile the girls try to come up with a new cheer in the annual cheerleader competition.

star 8.51
39 votes
Writers: Brett Dewey, Ronald Solomon

#3 - Graduation

Season 4 - Episode 26 - Aired May 22, 1993

It's graduation day, but Zack will not be able to join the gang when they get their diplomas. It seems that he is a credit short of graduating and the only way he can get it back is by doing the unbelievable- BALLET!

star 8.46
28 votes
Writers: Bennett Tramer, Scott Spencer Gordon
The Zack Tapes

#4 - The Zack Tapes

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Dec 2, 1989

During class, Zack learns about subliminal advertising and realizes that it could be used to trick Kelly into going to the dance with him. However, Kelly catches on to his scheme and the girls decide to teach Zack a lesson, which leaves him humiliated.

star 8.39
38 votes
Writers: Peter Engel, Tom Tenowich
The Bayside Triangle

#5 - The Bayside Triangle

Season 4 - Episode 5 - Aired Sep 26, 1992

Zack helps Lisa put on a fashion show for college. But when Zack and Lisa fall for each other, Screech strikes back.

star 8.30
27 votes
Writers: Jeffrey Sachs
Home for Christmas, Part II

#6 - Home for Christmas, Part II

Season 3 - Episode 25 - Aired Dec 14, 1991

Zack learns that his new girlfriend is the homeless man's daughter. When she decides to get her dad a new coat and it turns up missing, her boss Mr. Mooney accuses her of stealing it.

star 8.29
28 votes
Writers: Bennett Tramer
My Boyfriend's Back

#7 - My Boyfriend's Back

Season 3 - Episode 8 - Aired Oct 5, 1991

It's the annual ATV race. Zack and the gang are entering it. Zack feels inferior when Stacey's ex-boyfriend shows up at the beach resort.

star 8.27
26 votes
Writers: Jeffrey Sachs
The Video Yearbook

#8 - The Video Yearbook

Season 4 - Episode 18 - Aired Nov 7, 1992

The gang decide to make a video version of the annual yearbook, but Zack has other ideas and decides to use it to sell a dating video made from the video clips. However, he regrets his decision after Screech mistakenly puts Kelly on the video and she starts getting calls from other guys.

star 8.25
24 votes
Screech's Birthday

#9 - Screech's Birthday

Season 4 - Episode 19 - Aired Nov 14, 1992

When his friends forget his birthday, they try to throw him a late surprise party. Screech, upset that his friends didn't remember, takes advantage of his new hall monitor position and makes it difficult for them to plan it.

star 8.25
20 votes
Wrestling with the Future

#10 - Wrestling with the Future

Season 4 - Episode 9 - Aired Oct 10, 1992

A.C. and his father fight over where he should attend college and Zack tries to fix it. Jessie becomes a cheerleader and worries about college acceptances.

star 8.23
26 votes
Writers: Brett Dewey, Ronald B. Solomon
Operation Zack

#11 - Operation Zack

Season 3 - Episode 5 - Aired Sep 28, 1991

Zack sprains his knee before the big basketball game, and while in hospital learns that Lisa is a part-time candy-striper. However, he also learns that he will need surgery to repair his knee and worries that it may go wrong.

star 8.23
35 votes
Writers: Jeffrey Sachs
No Hope With Dope

#12 - No Hope With Dope

Season 3 - Episode 21 - Aired Nov 30, 1991

A drug producer comes to Bayside to do an anti drug commercial and decides to use the gang. The gang feels betrayed when they learn that he also does drugs.

star 8.21
29 votes
Writers: Scott Spencer Gordon

#13 - 1-900-CRUSHED

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired Nov 17, 1990

Zack, Lisa and Screech open their own advice hotline. Soon Lisa becomes a hit, but Zack becomes so envious that he fires her. Soon he and Screech start giving out rotten advice which creates a riot in the school and a mix up between Kelly and her sister who also has a crush on Zack.

star 8.19
31 votes
Writers: Brett Dewey, Ronald B. Solomon
Student-Teacher Week

#14 - Student-Teacher Week

Season 4 - Episode 2 - Aired Sep 12, 1992

It's student-teacher week. Belding and Zack switch places. Kelly is Slater's teacher, but Slater thinks she's being too overboard. When she gives a test, Zack faces a hard decision: to be their friend or their leader

star 8.18
33 votes
Writers: Tom Tenowich
Check Your Mate

#15 - Check Your Mate

Season 3 - Episode 7 - Aired Oct 5, 1991

It's the annual chess competition between Valley and Bayside. Screech is the head champion but Valley decides to get some dirt on Screech.

star 8.16
25 votes
Writers: Brett Dewey, Ronald Solomon
Palm Springs Weekend, Part II

#16 - Palm Springs Weekend, Part II

Season 3 - Episode 19 - Aired Nov 23, 1991

Zach tries to stop Jessie from postponing her dad's wedding. Meanwhile, Slater tries to accept the fact his new girlfriend is really royalty.

star 8.15
26 votes
Writers: Jeffrey Sachs
Snow White and the Seven Dorks

#17 - Snow White and the Seven Dorks

Season 4 - Episode 20 - Aired Nov 14, 1992

The gang put on a rap version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". However, when Jessie and Zack find out they have to kiss in the last scene they start to doubt their friendship and question their feelings for each other, falling out with Kelly and Slater in the process.

star 8.12
25 votes
Screech's Spaghetti Sauce

#18 - Screech's Spaghetti Sauce

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired Sep 19, 1992

During a project for TV ads, Screech comes up with a new flavor of sauce, but the gang might go out of business when Screech becomes the target of a snobbish girl.

star 8.11
28 votes
Writers: Brett Dewey, Ronald S. Solomon
Home for Christmas, Part I

#19 - Home for Christmas, Part I

Season 3 - Episode 24 - Aired Dec 7, 1991

The gang all gets jobs at the Palisades mall during the holiday seasons. Zack befriends a girl who is working for Kelly. Zack and Screech make friends with a homeless man but when they visit him at the hospital they get a big surprise.

star 8.10
29 votes
Writers: Tom Tenowich
The Fabulous Belding Boys

#20 - The Fabulous Belding Boys

Season 2 - Episode 15 - Aired Dec 9, 1990

The gang is in trouble. If they fail a test by an obnoxious teacher, they won't be able to go on a class field trip. On the day of the test. the teacher doesn't show, so Belding's brother Rod takes over.

star 8.10
30 votes
Writers: Peter Engel, Tom Tenowich
Fatal Distraction

#21 - Fatal Distraction

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Sep 9, 1989

Kelly has to choose between Zack and Slater to go to a big dance Bayside is having. Zack wants to make sure that he is Kelly's choice. In order to do that, he places a microphone in Jessie's room before her slumber party, which Kelly will be attending. Soon, Jessie discovers the microphone and Kelly comes up with a plan to play a trick on Zack, making him believe that she is a very dangerous soul.

star 8.10
93 votes
Writers: Mark Fink
The Aftermath

#22 - The Aftermath

Season 3 - Episode 3 - Aired Sep 21, 1991

Zack seeks revenge after catching Jeff and Kelly so he decides to get even by making her jealous.

star 8.08
37 votes
Writers: Brett Dewey, Ronold B. Solomon

#23 - Earthquake

Season 4 - Episode 21 - Aired Nov 21, 1992

Tori and Zack get caught in an elevator during an earthquake, along with Mr. Belding's wife who goes into labor there.

star 8.07
27 votes
Writers: Scott Spencer Gordon
Palm Springs Weekend, Part I

#24 - Palm Springs Weekend, Part I

Season 3 - Episode 18 - Aired Nov 16, 1991

The gang is all invited to Jessie's father's wedding. Jessie is excited about meeting her new mother, until she learns that her dad is marrying a younger woman.

star 8.07
28 votes
Writers: Brett Dewey, Ronald B. Solomon
King of the Hill

#25 - King of the Hill

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Dec 9, 1989

Zack Morris has always wanted to go out with Kelly Kapowski, the prettiest cheerleader in Bayside High. He tries to get near her, but transfer student A.C. Slater makes a play for her. Zack and Slater have their first little tiff about Kelly.

star 8.06
34 votes
Writers: Bennett Tramer, Michael Poryes