The Best Episodes of Rave Master

Breaking Out

#1 - Breaking Out

Season 1 - Episode 8

Musica and gus gang break into a vault. While Hebi, one of the members, is in the vault, he realizes Plue is in his bag! The alarm is triggered and the police end up capturing Plue. Hebi, who was in the vault just moments earlier decides, it's his duty to get Plue back from the police. While trying to convince the police to give Plue back, Musica arrives at the station and turns himself in. Meanwhile, Haru and Ellie are having dinner with the Old Musica. Musica, Plue, and Hebi escape from their jail cells. The policemen find Plue wandering around and realizes Musica and his friend has escaped. Soon, the whole police force is out searching for Musica and the other members of the Silver Rythm Gang. Musica and his gang decides it would be best to leave town, and before they leave, Haru find out that Musica and Old Musica are related (Grandfather and Grandson). Both Musicas know, but doesn't tell the other they know so. After the Silver Rythm Gang and Musica leave town, Haru's sword gets f

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Release the Beasts, Part 3

#2 - Release the Beasts, Part 3

Season 1 - Episode 5

Old Musica works on the Sword as an impatient Haru looks on. Musica is found outside Lance's house and manages to defeat the Shadow Guard. Inside, Lance's patience is wearing thin. Just as he is about to eliminate Elie, Musica arrives. Musica and Bis battle only to have Musica outwit the powerful, but, intellectually challenged Bis. While finishing the sword, Old Musica tells Haru of his tragic secret. This isn't the only sword that he created. He also made the sword that Lance now uses. The very sword Lance used to destroy Old Musica's entire family. The old blacksmith makes Haru promise to destroy that evil sword.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Fortress in Flight, Part 2

#3 - Fortress in Flight, Part 2

Season 1 - Episode 17

We start with everyone feeling the effects of Shuda's shadow stone blasts. Plue is hanging off the edge of the Vanishing Fields battle ground, and below on the mobile fortress, Elie is unconscious. This leaves Musica double teamed by Pasha and the Cyborg. He is holding his own, but doesn't get a victory until Elie wakes up from her nap and takes out the cyborg with her tonfa blaster.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Sound of Thunder, Part 1

#4 - Sound of Thunder, Part 1

Season 1 - Episode 10

As the group rides on toward Ska Village, it begins to rain very hard. Elie is affected by the sound of thunder. It seems to trigger some distant memory. When they arrive in Ska Village, they find the town decimated by the rain. The 'Thunder Man' came there five years earlier and brought the rain with him. Elie believes the Thunder Man may be a link to her past. She runs off to find him. Haru gives chase

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Under Tremolo Mountain Part 3

#5 - Under Tremolo Mountain Part 3

Season 1 - Episode 15

Dearhound reveals a few secrets about himself and the rave stones after Haru proves himself in battle. Not only does Dearhound know Plue, but in a previous life he was one of four Knights of The Blue Sky who fought along side of Sheba and the army of Symphonia to defeat the Shadow Stones, a battle that only Sheba and Plue survived. Returning in the form of his favorite animal, a bear, Dearhound became the guardian of the Rave of knowledge. When all the Rave Stones are gathered their true power will be revealed which will probably have something to do with promoting good and destroy the root of evil so there will never be another war. The Rave of Knowledge gives Haru the power to attack faster then the speed of sound and transform his sword to Silfarion, which is used on Schneider when he sneaks in to the temple to steel it. Giving Haru the Rave Stone, Dearhound is free to pass on, but not before giving us a tantalizing hint that Elie has a mysterious power and resembles the Lady

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
The Rave Master, Part 2

#6 - The Rave Master, Part 2

Season 1 - Episode 2

Haru and Elie, along with the ""carrot-nosed dog"" Plue, met up with a blond female who to their surprise took refuge in a homemade home deep in the earth. This girl helped those esacpe from the evil known as Shadow Guard. Next on her list was our beggining heros! Though things weren't easy and there were hard fights for Haru, but once given the chance he rose to victory over Shuda. Now recognized as momentary escapees our heros continue to embark on their adventure!

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Release the Beasts, Part 4

#7 - Release the Beasts, Part 4

Season 1 - Episode 6

Haru and Lance rage an intense battle. Lance's Beast Sword seems too much for Haru to handle. Lance takes pleasure in the fact he's going to defeat an opponent who uses one of Old Musica's swords. After taking blow after blow, Haru finally discovers the secret to Lance's illusions. He manages to fend off most of Lance's attacks, but when Lance reveals that his sword has more than one attack method, Haru appears doomed.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
A Bite to Eat

#8 - A Bite to Eat

Season 1 - Episode 9

Haru, Elie, and Plue find a chariot being pulled by an unusual creature with a smaller creature named Griff as the driver. The group continues north where the blacksmith Musica believes the next Rave Stone may be. After finding a spot to camp for the night, Elie takes Plue with her to a natural hot spring located just moments away from where they set up camp. At the hot spring, Elie decides to twist Plue's nose-- and that deflates him! After trying many ways (which includes pumping with air, putting in the ground, filling with water, and many more) to bring Plue back to his normal state, he is still flat. Griff mentions that a special strawberry might be the only cure. Elie takes off by herself to find the berry, and while she is searching for the berry she is attacked by a monster. The monster threatens to eat her, and then Haru shows up just in time to save Elie! Plue is given the special strawberry and returns to his original state.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Under Tremolo Mountain, Part 1

#9 - Under Tremolo Mountain, Part 1

Season 1 - Episode 13

While searching for the 2nd Rave Stone, Haru, Ellie, and Plue find themselves in Tremolo Mountain. Will Haru and the gang find the 2nd Rave? Or will Shuda and the Shadow Guard get to it first?

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Sound of Thunder, Part 2

#10 - Sound of Thunder, Part 2

Season 1 - Episode 11

Elie enters the Thunder Mansion and is immediately confronted by the Thunder Man. But, to her surprise, the entire location is only a movie set. The Thunder Man -- aka 'Go Tindar' -- is actually a movie director. Haru bursts in and inadvertently slams into Go, knocking him unconscious. Go's girlfriend Rosa, who happens to be the leading lady in the film, shows up. She attacks Elie, thinking she's the Rave Master. The attack goes awry and as Rosa is about to be hit by her own weapon, Elie steps in and saves her. She agrees to have Go stop the rain. But when Go wakes up, he is furious and challenges Haru to a fight

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Release the Beasts, Part 5

#11 - Release the Beasts, Part 5

Season 1 - Episode 7

Old Musica enters the fray, holding to Lance. He orders Haru to destroy them both. Haru realizes what he must do and lunges forward. But, instead of attacking Lance, Haru destroys Lance's Shadow Stone. Without the Shadow Stone, Lance and Haru battle head to head. Haru seems to gain strength as the battle continues and Lance's blows have no effect. Haru knocks Lance's Beast Sword away. Now weaponless, Lance begs for forgiveness. Haru destroys Lance's Beast Sword. Lance's men try to take on the group, but Musica fights them off.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Out of Time, Part 5

#12 - Out of Time, Part 5

Season 1 - Episode 23

Haru was caught in the Tempus Alterna, freezing, floating in space. Also known as the Dark Paradise, the Tempus Alterna lets you see whoever you want too the most only to have them die horrifically infront of you, untill you become afraid to think of your loved ones at all and wast away all alone. Haru gets to see his mom, sister and Sheba die.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Out of Time, Part 3

#13 - Out of Time, Part 3

Season 1 - Episode 21

The fortune teller finds Musica to warn him that the future is about to change for the worse, but Musica is confident that Haru will change it for the better and rushes off with Plue and Griff to find them.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Singing the Blues

#14 - Singing the Blues

Season 1 - Episode 25

The Rave Master crew head off to Blues city. Instead of using Musica's flying airship (which would make lots of frigging sense) they decide to go via intercontinental train.At Blues station the train is late due to the big butt bandits.While Haru and Elie have fun at various places, Musica and Melodia remember past times and their relationship with each other. But Musica decides to rejoin Haru and the gang as the train leaves Blues Station early the next day. On board Haru remembers the great times he experienced with his friends and as more adventures await them just over the horizon.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Out of Time, Part 2

#15 - Out of Time, Part 2

Season 1 - Episode 20

Elie looks up and finds that Seig Hart has silently appeared before her. The lost young lady addresses this cloaked figure. Seig Hart beckons Miss Elie to follow him through the winding corridors of the city.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Under Desert Sands, Part 3

#16 - Under Desert Sands, Part 3

Season 1 - Episode 29

Gale defends Haru from the mole monster that was about to give a surprise attack from underground, then Gale runs off to the Tower. King is standing at the entrance, and meets Gale head-on, showing off one of his Shadow Stones which can release energy that disintegrates anything it comes in contact with. It turns out that King's first name is also Gale (full name: Gale Raregroove), and Haru realizes that his father is not the enemy.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Bandits Behind

#17 - Bandits Behind

Season 1 - Episode 26

The Rave master crew head to Lyric Contenent to find the Rave of Combat they take a train.While the Big Butt Bandit's plan to plant a bomb on top of one of the boxcars of the train Haru and his friends are riding on.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Out of Time, Part 6

#18 - Out of Time, Part 6

Season 1 - Episode 24

It was Riena's turn to release the power. She attacked with her White Kiss shadow stone, blowing away Plue and Griff and pelting everyone with crystilized oxygen, which must have stung or something. Musica is able to counter with his Silver Splendor defense, then tries his hand at flirting with Riena who apparently isn't in the mood any longer and gets ready to release another barrarge. They are inturupted by Jagen and his gigantic dragon.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Out of Time, Part 4

#19 - Out of Time, Part 4

Season 1 - Episode 22

Musica still running around town trying to find Haru and Elie. In Elies flashback she sees herself walking in the snow with her father on her fifth birthday. We find out she liked playing games at the arcade even back then and she wants to be an insect when she grows up.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
In the Tower of Din, Part 2

#20 - In the Tower of Din, Part 2

Season 1 - Episode 31

Now that Elie and the gang have caught up to Haru, the odds are balanced in the fight against the five Palace Guardians. To remedy this, Ltiangle sends everyone to the Prison of Spirits, a battlefield that reflects the place most desired by the soul.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
In the Tower of Din, Part 4

#21 - In the Tower of Din, Part 4

Season 1 - Episode 33

Three Guardians are defeated…two remain. Despite these odds, Haru and Musica still have every reason to be worried-- as Ltiangle and Raccas prove to be formidable in their own respects, making it impossible to deliver a counterattack. Now that Solasido has reunited with Remi and Elie, can they manage to work their way back through the Prison of Spirits in time to help their struggling comrades?

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
The Enclaim, Part 2

#22 - The Enclaim, Part 2

Season 1 - Episode 35

Haru is forced to make an agonizing decision after learning the history between Gale and King and the shocking revelation behind his mother's death.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
In the Tower of Din, Part 3

#23 - In the Tower of Din, Part 3

Season 1 - Episode 32

The Battle of Haru vs. Let in Garage Island! continue and in the other battle Solasido join Remi, Griff, Plue, and Elie to beat Rionette.While finishing his battle with Let and has to face Raccas

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
The Enclaim, Part 3

#24 - The Enclaim, Part 3

Season 1 - Episode 36

After Plue acquires new power and Haru destroys the vicious sword Decalogus, King uses a forbidden power to attack Haru and Gale.

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
The Enclaim, Part 4

#25 - The Enclaim, Part 4

Season 1 - Episode 37

with the battle ended, and King laid to rest after making peace with his former friend, all is still not well. The recent fight has damaged the Tower of Din, leaving Haru, Elie, and Gale hurrying to find a way out of the collapsing structure! Let makes a surprise return to help in the escape, but the tower is crumbling too fast—the damaged floor falls apart from underneath Gale and Haru, sending them into a dark chasm...

Directors: Takashi Watanabe