The BEST Episodes of Dragon Ball

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Last Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Network: Fuji TV

Long ago in the mountains, a fighting master known as Gohan discovered a strange boy whom he named Goku. Gohan raised him and trained Goku in martial arts until he died. The young and very strong boy was on his own, but easily managed. Then one day, Goku met a teenage girl named Bulma, whose search for the dragon balls brought her to Goku's home. Together, they set off to find all seven dragon balls in an adventure that would change Goku's life forever. See how Goku met his life long friends Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin, Master Roshi and more. And see his adventures as a boy, all leading up to Dragonball Z and later Dragonball GT.

The Fallen

#1 - The Fallen

Season 4 - Episode 33

Having barely escaped the devastating tri-beam attack, Goku and Tien are now high above the stadium. Goku's surprise use of the Kamehameha Wave leaves both fighters helplessly falling and, with the ring destroyed, the first one to hit the ground loses. Due to a collision with a truck, Goku hits the ground first and Tien is declared the winner. As former rivals become friends and celebrate a well fought tournament, a mysterious enemy's attack steals a friend's life.

star 8.55
122 votes
The Victor

#2 - The Victor

Season 6 - Episode 16

The end of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament finds Goku struggling for survival as Junior gets the upper hand, poised to take the Title and his life. Kami devises a way to rescue the young hero, but his plan calls for the ultimate sacrifice!

star 8.40
33 votes
The Spirit Cannon

#3 - The Spirit Cannon

Season 4 - Episode 32

With his surprising multi-armed technique, Tien launches a furious assault on Goku. He seems to have the advantage, but Goku's tail proves to be more trouble than expected and Goku breaks free. As the fight ensues, Tien grows desperate enough to unleash the Tri-Beam Cannon, a powerful attack that could destroy them both!

star 8.35
117 votes
Quicker Than Lightning

#4 - Quicker Than Lightning

Season 5 - Episode 26

Goku's first task under his new teacher is a death-defying mission to the top of Mount Rumble to fetch the legendary Sacred Crown. But the mystical artifact has a deadly secret! Goku will have to be quicker than lightning to accomplish this task alive!

star 8.33
109 votes
Full-Moon Vengeance

#5 - Full-Moon Vengeance

Season 4 - Episode 21

The second match has begun, with Jackie Chun versus Man Wolf. While Jackie Chun wants to advance to the semi finals, Man Wolf is more interested in something else. He reveals Jackie is to blame for his current state and he has been training for three years to exact his revenge. Can Jackie come out of this fight in one piece and be of some help to Man Wolf at the same time?

star 8.30
118 votes
The End, The Beginning

#6 - The End, The Beginning

Season 6 - Episode 21

Goku and Chi Chi must travel to Mt. Five Elements in a last ditch effort to save her father, the Ox King, from the deadly magical flames, which threaten to consume his kingdom. Before Goku can complete his quest, he must fan the flames of Fate and hope he doesn't get burned!

star 8.29
30 votes
Final Showdown

#7 - Final Showdown

Season 5 - Episode 21

The fierce fight between Goku and Piccolo continues. But Piccolo gains the advantage when he breaks Goku down limb by limb. To make matters worse, Tien is used as a pawn in the battle. Goku is forced to make an awful choice. Will he surrender to Piccolo and save his friend or choose to fight and risk his own life?

star 8.29
99 votes
Victory's Edge

#8 - Victory's Edge

Season 4 - Episode 30

Battered, bruised, and on the brink of destruction, Goku finds himself at the mercy of Tien Shinhan, as the final match in the World Martial Arts Tournament continues. No one has witnessed combat like this! Who will win the ultimate battle? Watch and find out!

star 8.27
111 votes
The Biggest Crisis

#9 - The Biggest Crisis

Season 5 - Episode 20

Piccolo puts all of West City on edge when he invades the King's castle, but Goku is not about to let him take over without a fight. While Tien watches from the sidelines, the young Saiyan takes it on the chin and refuses to go down. It's a fierce battle but even Goku has his limits. How much can he take?

star 8.25
108 votes
Goku Strikes Back

#10 - Goku Strikes Back

Season 5 - Episode 19

Goku is back to face King Piccolo, and not a moment too soon! As Tien Shinhan and the rest of the resistance endure their most desperate hour, only Goku stands between Piccolo and the destruction of the Western City. It's more than just a rematch, it's the battle to save the world!

star 8.24
97 votes
Eternal Dragon Resurrected

#11 - Eternal Dragon Resurrected

Season 5 - Episode 25

After Goku mistakes Kami for the villainous Piccolo it is time for the young warrior to begin his grueling three year training for the next World Martial Arts Tournament. In exchange for Goku's promise Kami agrees to revive the Eternal Dragon!

star 8.23
104 votes
Tien's Insurrection

#12 - Tien's Insurrection

Season 4 - Episode 31

Goku and Tien's power and technique seem to be amazingly equal, but a dramatic turn of events enrages Tien to a new level of focus and determination. Only one outcome will satisfy the proud Tien as he unveils a sinister new attack! How can Goku survive against this monstrous new Tien?

star 8.23
112 votes
The True Colors of the Masked Man

#13 - The True Colors of the Masked Man

Season 4 - Episode 8

Gohan repeatedly slams Goku against the floor. Meanwhile Pilaf is trying out his new power suit and Shu and Mai spy from a satelite on Goku. It turns out Pilaf has the final dragonball and has jammed the dragon radar. Eventually Goku's tail rips off. Gohan surrenders and reveals his face to Goku. Bulma retells her adventures with Goku. Gohan chooses to stay dead and vanishes after a farewell. Baba reveals the exact location of the last dragon ball.

star 8.22
119 votes
Tail's Tale

#14 - Tail's Tale

Season 4 - Episode 28

The fight between Goku and Krillin heats up as the World Martial Arts Tournament continues. What began as friendly combat turns to all-out war after Krillin pulls a sneaky stunt behind Goku's back. Tempers flare, the battle turns fierce, and a once strong friendship all but disappears. Be prepared! The outcome of this match will knock you off your feet!

star 8.21
112 votes
Yamcha's Big Break

#15 - Yamcha's Big Break

Season 4 - Episode 20

As the World Martial Arts Tournament continues, the first match in the Quarter-Finals is well underway, with Yamcha challenging Tien Shinhan. With these two warriors locked in combat, one thing is certain: sparks will fly!

star 8.21
106 votes
Kami vs Piccolo

#16 - Kami vs Piccolo

Season 6 - Episode 10

Goku is eager to fight Junior, but Kami fears his inexperience will be his downfall. Hero takes on Junior in the last round of the semi-finals, where his shocking agenda is revealed.

star 8.19
26 votes
Lost and Found

#17 - Lost and Found

Season 5 - Episode 22

With Piccolo's reign of terror at an end, Goku has time to mend his wounds. As he heals he learns that there may be a way to revive his lost friends - a face to face meeting with the creator of the Dragonballs! The only problem is that the only way to get to the mysterious Kami is by using his Power Pole, and it's gone missing!

star 8.18
112 votes

#18 - Changes

Season 6 - Episode 1

Warriors the world over are lining up to compete as the World Martial Arts Tournament prepares to get under way. Unfortunately, all of Master Roshi's pupils are missing, including Goku. With the entry-deadline approaching, the competitive future of our heroes looks bleak, as does Roshi's patience.

star 8.17
35 votes
King Piccolo's Wish

#19 - King Piccolo's Wish

Season 5 - Episode 11

King Piccolo has called forth the Eternal Dragon. Master Roshi is down, Tien can't get up and Chiaotzu is scared stiff. With no one to oppose him, Piccolo prepares to make a wish, which if granted, could become the world's greatest nightmare!

star 8.16
106 votes
Final Match: Goku vs. Tien Shinhan

#20 - Final Match: Goku vs. Tien Shinhan

Season 4 - Episode 29

The final match in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin! Goku faces Tien Shinhan in a climactic battle to see who will become the next Master of Martial Arts! However, if Tien has his way, this will be Goku's final match, period!

star 8.16
120 votes
The Eternal Dragon Rises

#21 - The Eternal Dragon Rises

Season 4 - Episode 10

Goku flies back to Baba's place and takes Upa with all the dragonballs to the Land of Korin. Yamcha wants to train with Roshi who doesn't feel up to it but Bulma changes his mind. Goku and Upa have fun on their journey. Goku summons the eternal dragon and with a pluck of his courage, Upa wishes his father be resurrected. The dragon grants the wish and Bora rises from his grave. Upa delightfully embraces his father and the dragon vanishes into the seven balls. Before they can scatter Goku grabs the four star ball already turning to stone. Goku bids Bora and Upa farewell and heads back to Baba's place. Roshi says that he has nothing more to teach Goku. Goku walks without any use of the Nimbus cloud ready for training and adventure.

star 8.13
110 votes
Junior no More

#22 - Junior no More

Season 6 - Episode 13

Junior reveals a startling secret that shocks the tournament. Goku finds himself facing a huge dilemma, as his fight for the championship becomes the fight for survival!

star 8.13
30 votes
Stepping Down

#23 - Stepping Down

Season 4 - Episode 26

The match between Jackie Chun and Tien heats up as both fighters pull out every trick they know. But what will happen when even the audience gets caught in the middle of this?

star 8.13
107 votes
The Legend of Goku

#24 - The Legend of Goku

Season 1 - Episode 13

Goku is exposed to a full moon. Transforming into a huge, alien gorilla, Goku goes on a rampage, attacking friends and foes alike. Can Bulma, Yamcha, and Puar return Goku to his normal self without hurting him and while also avoiding Emperor Pilaf's army?

star 8.12
240 votes
Goku vs. Krillin

#25 - Goku vs. Krillin

Season 4 - Episode 27

goku fights Krillin.

star 8.12
113 votes