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Xzibit and the good people at West Coast Customs make people's cars go from dirt to pimped in this 30 minute series. A pimped out car is usually worth $20,000 to $30,000. This season, the guys are back in full effect, transforming more rides and more lives. As usual, Xzibit--Pimp Master of Ceremonies himself--will be pulling drivers off the road who are guilty of committing heinous vehicular style crimes and giving their wheels the ultimate pimp-over. Want MTV To Pimp Out Your Ride? Read below for info on how to get that done. Wanna Pimp Out Your Ride? Does your car need some major work? Are you embarrassed to pick up your date because of your ride? Scared to roll up to that job interview because of your bucket? Fear no more - MTV wants to give you the hottest car on the block. We're gonna take that hooptie and pimp it out. And we ain't just talkin a paint job either. We'll hook you up with the hottest ride on the street with all the hot accessories. If you

Sara's Chevy S10

#1 - Sara's Chevy S10

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired Mar 13, 2005

Ride Owner: Sara. Female. Owner's Ride: 1988 Chevy S10. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, Black metallic base coat with air brushed pink and red ghoulish graphics on the sides and a big skull on the hood -20" black faced Giovanna rims with Porelli tires -Skull and cross bone chrome grill -Fog machine with the fog coming out of the grill -15" flip down monitor in the headliner -Pink skull with black inserts on the seats with led lights in the eyes and another skull in the headliner -Electronic limo back window -Pool table in the back -Set of West Coast Customs and Pimp My Ride pool balls -4 12" woofers underneath the pool table -Truck has been lowered 4"'s -10" directed monitors on both doors -Clarion Touch Screen -Magellan RoadMate 700 -Gift from X, cue stick with skulls on it Sara has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 9.41
41 votes
Ron's Cadillac Eldorado

#2 - Ron's Cadillac Eldorado

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired Oct 24, 2004

Ride Owner: "Big" Ron. Male. Owner's Ride: 1984 Cadillac Eldorado. Big Ron's 1984 Cadillac El Dorado is a far cry from the literal translation meaning "the gilded one." After losing the vinyl top on the freeway and the front grill decided to take a left turn while the car went right, it is clear this baby is in desperate need of some West Coast Customs lovin'. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, Sunset Pearl (Orange) with retro raspberry and white graphics -New gold grill -24 karat gold rims -Curb feelers -Big truck air horn -Plexiglas autograph board on ceiling (Autographed by Ish & Xzibit) -White Leather Seats -Initials B.R. stitched into the seats and the steering wheel -Boomerang antenna on top of the trunk to watch live tv -2 15" monitors in the trunk -Xbox in the trunk with dance dance revolution game -Gift from X, Yamaha digital drum set that pops out of the trunk "Big" Ron has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 9.32
44 votes
Jekara's Chevy Bel Air

#3 - Jekara's Chevy Bel Air

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired Apr 10, 2005

Ride Owner: Jekara. 21 Year Old Female. Owner's Ride: 1955 Chevy Bel Air. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, white and pink with old school pinstripes -20" symbolic rims with bfg tires -Cleaned up engine and new engine parts -Chrome bird and grill -Pink and white vinyl seats -2 7" monitors that pop out of the seats -New dakota digital gauges -New center console with 2 cup holders a dvd player a cd player -Xm satelite radio reciever, plug n play -3 10" monitors under the trunk lid of the car and 3 cameras wired to each of the monitors -Motorized closet in the trunk -"Big Bertha" stitched on the top of the closet in the trunk -Gift from X, new wardrobe Jekara has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 8.13
8 votes
Heather's Chevy C10 Pickup

#4 - Heather's Chevy C10 Pickup

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired Jul 10, 2005

Ride Owner: Heather, 20 year old Female. Owner's Ride: 1986 Chevy C10 Pickup. Heather's Ride is in a state! Paint is pealing off, big black patches on a white truck, what is it meant to be, a cow! She seriously does not know how to take care of a ride, the brake pad's were...well they were, none existence, bare metal, doesn't that screeching sound make something click up in there!!

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10 votes
Tin's Dodge Caravan

#5 - Tin's Dodge Caravan

Season 4 - Episode 4 - Aired Jul 17, 2005

Ride Owner: Tin, Male Owner's Ride: 1988 Dodge Caravan Now we have seen it all, a college student called Tin, driving a soccer mom's car! a Mini van, just ready to pick up the kids from school!! Tin describes the state of the mini van as a "Dump", maybe that's where it should be! The mini van has chunks of paint missing, parts of the car all over the floor inside the car and even an old Burger that's started decomposing! This ride needs some serious pimping to say the least, and it's in the right hands for exactly that.

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37 votes
Kerry's Ford Escort

#6 - Kerry's Ford Escort

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Jun 13, 2004

Ride Owner: Kerry. 19 Year Old Male. Owner's Ride: 1989 Ford Escort. Owner's New Ride: 2004 Scion xB. Kerry, moved from Fargo, North Dakota to Sunny California with his family. The car he owns is some sort of beast made out of two '89 Ford Escorts welded and glued together. The car is in terrible shape and is unsafe for one of his little sister's who sits in a car seat when he drives around in the car. Unfortunatly Kerry's car cannot be fixed. Xzibit has has a plan and gets Kerry a brand new car. Kerry and his family doesn't have anything to worry about. Xzibit is about to pimp his new ride. Additions & Improvements: -Brand new car! Ford Escort was "Unpimpable" -Flame graphics, an auto wrap sticker on the car -Electric rag top sunroof -3 piece GFG chrome rims -New bumper -A big wing -4 7-inch monitors on 4 rebuilt head rests -New Precision powered 5 channel amp is mounted on 2 pipes and on plexi glass to give it an illusion that it's floating in the back of the car -New Drivesoft computer. Features include a dvd player, audio on demand mp3 player, video on demand, a gps, email and internet access Kerry has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

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11 votes
Danelle's Pontiac Trans Am

#7 - Danelle's Pontiac Trans Am

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Apr 25, 2004

Ride Owner: Danelle. Female. Owner's Ride: 1981 Pontiac Trans Am. Danelle loves her ride because it's a classic American muscle car but it's lacking some necessities, like mirrors. Her cars problems are a duct-taped side mirror, extremely threadbare seats, leaks, five different shades of paint, and unknown missing objects that Danelle is pretty sure are important. She's gonna get the surprise of her life. Xzibit is about to pimp her ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, charcoal pearl with brand new phoenix decal on the hood -20-inch chrome wheels -An espresso machine -Brown saddle leather interior -A chandelier hanging from the dome light -Dressing room in the trunk Danelle has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.93
15 votes
Tom's Chevy Caprice Cop Car

#8 - Tom's Chevy Caprice Cop Car

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Aired Mar 27, 2005

Ride Owner: Tom. Male. Owner's Ride: 1996 Chevy Caprice Cop Car. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, lime gold and black -Lexani enfinity rims -Black and yellow leather seats and headliner in black suede -Radio shack CB Radio with a PA system on dashboard -Oxygen bar -DV cam in the glove box -Clarion DVD Multimedia Station -Motorized Skate rail out the back -15" directed monitor in trunk -Mini Halfpipe in trunk -9 MTX Audio Thunder421D 1,000 watt amplifiers, 3 to each woofer -3 MTX 10" woofers -West coast customs limited edition skate board -4 spotlights in the trunk -Gift from X, a helmet cam Tom has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.80
10 votes
Alice's Chevy Suburban

#9 - Alice's Chevy Suburban

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Nov 14, 2004

Ride Owner: Alice. 20 Year Old Female. Owner's Ride: 1985 Chevy Suburban. Alice's Chevy Suburban could be easily mistaken for a mobile junk yard. While most Suburbans sport roomy passenger seating, Alice's ride is filled with tires suited for monster trucks. No wonder Alice and her friends are embarrassed to cruise in this ride. Xzibit is about to pimp her ride. Additions & Improvements: -Custom Paint, Burple, a mix of Blue and Purple -37" tires with 22" chrome giovanna rims -Custom automatic door steps -Brush gaurd on the front of the car -6 6" monitors on the floor under plexiglas -Headboard filled with 8 10" Xtreme woofers above love seat -Safari chrome roof racks -Sink in the center console -Make up kit in center console -Surveillance camera in the head liner wired to a 15" flip down monitor -Additional 15" flip down monitor next to the other one -23" light speed mobile monitor in the back -Xbox in the back -Gift from X, Motorbike helmet Alice has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.75
16 votes
Nile's Cadillac DeVille sedan

#10 - Nile's Cadillac DeVille sedan

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Mar 11, 2004

Ride Owner: Nile. Female. Owner's Ride: 1978 Cadillac DeVille sedan Nile Invested $700 into her ride. Nile pretty much got what she paid for. Her ride has a broken tail-light that's either saggin' or draggin', flowering rust spots, a thick layer of dirt, slashed up seats, and an ex-boyfriend inflicted dent. Nile's father says "I wish my own daughter wouldn't park her car in my driveway." Her life is about to change. Xzibit is about to pimp her ride. Additions & Improvements: -A Rolls Royce grill -22-inch Asanti rims -CD, DVD, and MP3 Players -Accent lights -Two ten-inch TV monitors in the back seat -A Custom 'River Nile' in the centre of the back seats Nile has officially been pimped.

star 7.74
34 votes
Jessica's AMC Pacer

#11 - Jessica's AMC Pacer

Season 4 - Episode 1 - Aired Jun 26, 2005

Xzibit and the West Coast customs crew are back turning all new hoopties into pimped out rides! Ride Owner: Jessica, Female. Owner's Ride: 1976 AMC Pacer.

star 7.67
9 votes
Logan's Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

#12 - Logan's Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Mar 18, 2004

Ride Owner: Logan. 20 Year Old Male. Owner's Ride: 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Logan's ride is sporting a smashed headlight, no radio, a broken driver's side window, twin dents on both sides, which Logan calls 'dimples', and fast food left in the back. Logan is in school aiming for a degree in business, so he needs a ride that means business. That suits Xzibit and the guys at West Coast Customs just fine because they're not here to play around. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, lime green -18-inch chrome rims -Intercom system -Playstation 2 -7-inch screens -Portable gym locker in the trunk -Mini basketball court complete with a hoop in the trunk -Karaoke machine with a 15-inch monitor in the trunk Logan has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.65
17 votes
Christine's Honda Civic

#13 - Christine's Honda Civic

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Mar 25, 2004

Ride Owner: Christine. Female. Owner's Ride: 1992 Honda Civic. Christine's ride has a possessed alarm system that sounds for any little thing, a rusty banged up door that doesn't close, and when it rains, it pours inside of Christine's car. The water leaves a huge, murky puddle that can't be avoided. Her friends have labeled the Honda "swamp thing." Christine loves her grandmother so much she hates to have to bring her to the doctor's appointments in her car. Her ride is going into good hands. Xzibit is about to pimp her ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, lavender with racing stripes down the center -New tires and rims -Leather massage seats -CD/DVD player -Playstation 2 -A sound system -A new grill -Sunroof -Lamborghini doors Christine has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.61
28 votes
Terese's Ford LTD Crown Victoria Station Wagon  (1984)

#14 - Terese's Ford LTD Crown Victoria Station Wagon (1984)

Season 6 - Episode 15 - Aired Nov 9, 2007

Makes several references to the "Family Truckster" from National Lampoon's Vacation. GAS turns the car into a look-alike ambulance.

star 7.60
5 votes
Brooke's Chevy Cavalier Convertible

#15 - Brooke's Chevy Cavalier Convertible

Season 3 - Episode 3 - Aired Mar 20, 2005

Ride Owner: Brooke. 22 Year Old Female. Owner's Ride: 1991 Chevy Cavalier Convertible. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, royal tahitian blue with pink flower patterns on the hood and the sides -Fuzion ZRi tires with 19" giovanna G-Racing Kobe rims with painted tahitian blue centers -Ground dynamics front bumper with the mesh grill -New convertible top -Baby blue leather with pink inserts -Sun tan lotion dispenser on the dashboard -2 monitors, 1 in each head rest with built in dvd player -Digital light projector on the under side of the trunk -Suicide Trunk -Surround sounds speakers on both sides of the projector -Popcorn machine in the center console -Audiovox amplifiers and 3 woofers in a speaker box -10 disc dvd changer -Gift from X, 13 dvd movies Brooke has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.57
7 votes
Brian's Honda CRX

#16 - Brian's Honda CRX

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired May 30, 2004

Ride Owner: Brian. Male. Owner's Ride: 1987 Honda CRX Brian's ride suffers from scratches along its entire body from numerous crashes and his bumpers are being held together by screws that Brian installed himself. His car is literally screwed! The engine is held together by bungee cords and the car usually breaks down. Brian recently received a successful kidney transplant. This explains why Brian's car is full of empty water bottles which he must drink constantly to keep himself hydrated because of his sensitive condition. His "Pocket Rocket" as he calls it needs to be brung back to life. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, cinnamon pearl with internal computer graphics -17-inch rims -Rebuilt engine -New body kit includes hood scoop, front & rear bumpers,side skirts -Wing on the back -23-inch monitor -Subwoofers and amps seen through plexi glass -Neon lights -Racing seats with a pouch on the back of the driver seat to hold a water bag -Playstation 2 with wireless remotes -DVD/CD MP3 Player -Gift from X, the complete line-up of 2004 EA videogames Brian has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.56
9 votes
Krissy's Volkswagen Baja Bug

#17 - Krissy's Volkswagen Baja Bug

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired May 23, 2004

Ride Owner: Krissy. 23 Year Old Female. Owner's Ride: 1969 Volkswagen Baja Bug. Krissy's ride was designed to be steady and durable, but it has a crooked tailpipe, old school tape deck and broken doors. Krissy had flipped the car in an off-road accident, and the car's condition has declined at a steady pace ever since. Wintergreen chewing gum barely keeps the door's lining from falling down, and an absence of windshield wipers makes it impossible for Krissy to drive in the rain. It's no surprise that Krissy's friends always steer clear of the car, which they describe as "busted and rusted." Krissy has battled drug addiction during her teenage years, and has since turned her whole life around. Currently she is going to school, and working for a PhD in psychology. Krissy thinks that her car deserves a repair to match her personal life, and that's where Xzibit comes in. Xzibit is about to pimp her ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, Lime Green with purple graphics -18-inch chrome rims -Suicide doors -7-inch monitors on the doors -Road cage -Flowers embossed onto the seats -Clarion touch screen radio -Lava lamp -Gift from X, a GPS Krissy has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.54
13 votes
Wyatt's Daihatsu Hi-Jet

#18 - Wyatt's Daihatsu Hi-Jet

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Mar 4, 2004

Ride Owner: Wyatt. 18 Year Old Male. Owner's Ride: 1988 Daihatsu Hi-Jet. Wyatt's an 18 year who just moved to L.A. Wyatt believes his car is holding him back from landing a job and making a new start for himself in L.A.. This "micro-van" is held together with duct tape. Side doors consist of little more than sheet metal and rivets. But that's all about to change. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride. Additions & Improvements: -Two MP3 players -Mini-fridge -A guitar amp -Six-DVD changer -Forward-facing camera -A new battery system Wyatt has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.51
45 votes
Neil's Chevy

#19 - Neil's Chevy

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired May 2, 2004

Ride Owner: Neil. 18 Year Old Male. Owner's Ride: 1974 Chevy "Luv" Truck. Neil's truck, the Mikado version, has looks that not even a mother could love. With a hunk-of-junk camper on its back and mismatched wheels, this Chevy is getting Neil anything but love. His ride's system, is actually a boom box. Xzibit and West Coast Customs is gonna put the love back into his "luv" truck. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, true blue pearl with flames on the hood -Chrome rims -Neon lights -Xbox -7,000 watt system -The truck bed rises up to create a camper -Gift from X, some new camping gear Neil has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.50
14 votes
Ezra's Nissan Maxima Station Wagon

#20 - Ezra's Nissan Maxima Station Wagon

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired May 16, 2004

Ride Owner: Ezra. 21 Year Old Male. Owner's Ride: 1984 Nissan Maxima Station Wagon. Ezra is a Dj who volunteers to help mentally disabled children, teaching them how to be a dj. He is lookin for some help from Xzibit and the guys at West Coast Customs to turn his ride into an official pimp mobile. His car has 2 busted headlights, the interior is torn apart, bungi cords hold up the bumper, and the car has two logo's, Nissan and Datsun. Ezra's "Maximus" as he likes to call it, needs serious help. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, yellow with shredder graphics onto black -18-inch rims, 2-inch drop -Honda accord bumper -Second sunroof -Black velvet interior -Neon interior lights -Old school 45 record adapter logo on the head rests -2 dual-tip exhausts -D.J. set that includes twin turntables, a mixer, amps, and a mic in the back -Turntables slide out in the back -A video camera in the back -10-inch monitor in the back -Over $20,000 put into the car -Gift from X, real time CD burner in the back Ezra has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

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12 votes
Quoc-viet's Nissan 240 SX

#21 - Quoc-viet's Nissan 240 SX

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Dec 5, 2004

Ride Owner: Quoc-viet. Male. Owner's Ride: 1989 Nissan 240 SX Quoc-Viet had good intentions when he tried to customize his 1989 Nissan 240SX. While buying an assortment of custom body parts for his ride had seemed like a good idea, actually installing the parts was another problem. The double-sided tape holding together the body kit has begun to lose its grip. In place of the passenger's seat, there's a radiator fan, headlights, gaming controllers, and more random stuff that has no business being there. Despite the fact that Quoc-Viet's rearview mirror is adorned with lucky charms, the car is a disappointment to his girlfriend and family. Luckily, the crew is ready to transform this junk pile into the car of his gaming dreams. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, Green with graphics -18" rims -New body kit -Engine dress up kit -Green neon lights on the inside -Orange neon lights on the bottom -2 Custom racing seats -Indiglo Gauges -Auto meter gauge pod, a clock and a volt meter -Racing steering wheel with quick release -3 7" monitors in the trunk -3 10" monitors in the trunk -12" Fusion woofers with neon rings in the trunk -4 Fusion amps in the trunk -3 xbox's hooked up together with wireless adapters and wireless controllers, able to have up to 12 players -Gift from X, 13 EA games which include Need For Speed Underground 2, Fight Night 2004, Freedom Fighters, MVP baseball 2004, Burnout 3 takedown, NCAA Football 2005, Nascar 2005 Chase for the Cup, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, Madden 2005 and more Quoc-viet has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.50
14 votes
Laila's Plymouth Minivan Grand Voyager Expresso

#22 - Laila's Plymouth Minivan Grand Voyager Expresso

Season 6 - Episode 7 - Aired May 17, 2007

The van was equipped with a special "Vroom Box" which enabled the van to sound like other different types of "Supercars"

star 7.50
10 votes
Josh's Toyota Corolla

#23 - Josh's Toyota Corolla

Season 4 - Episode 2 - Aired Jul 3, 2005

Ride Owner: Josh, Male. Owner's Ride: 2003 Toyota Corolla Josh got into an accident with a RV and now his ride looks like it got into a fight with a shark! This car does NOT go in reverse! to reverse the car, he actually has to get out and push! I bet he's glad he don't live on a hill, imagine how bad that would be!!!

star 7.46
13 votes
Louis' Subaru Impreza (1996)

#24 - Louis' Subaru Impreza (1996)

Season 6 - Episode 17 - Aired Nov 9, 2007

star 7.45
11 votes
Gaby's Toyota Land Cruiser

#25 - Gaby's Toyota Land Cruiser

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Jun 6, 2004

Ride Owner: Gabriella. 23 Year Old Female. Owner's Ride: 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser. Gaby is a yoga instructor with nothing in the world but her yoga mat and her ride. Her ex-boyfriend sold her the Land Cruiser for $200, but the ride was in bad condition and it didn't have any doors. Gaby's ride also has a shovel and an axe attached to it and it's locked and she doesn't even have the keys to unlock them. When Xzibit finds this car in distress, he will come to the rescue. Xzibit is about to pimp her ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, bright yellow with zen symbol on hood -35-inch tires with 18-inch chrome rims -New doors -Wench with remote control -New bumper and guard -Purple neon lights behind the grill -Safari snorkel -Removable soft top -Subwoofer box under driver seat -Fountain between seats -Radio displays in 50 different colors -Clarion 15-inch picture in picture monitor in back -Bamboo floor in the back -Over $21,000 put into the car -Gift from X, 3 day weekend retreat Gaby has officially been pimped. Final Look -Norrin Radd

star 7.43
14 votes