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Last Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Network: Discovery

Monster Garage is a game show where a group of people who have a passion for building, modifying, or fabricating cars get the chance to create a vehicle that can transform into a completely different machine. If the build is successful, the build crew gets a tool chest with $3,400 worth of Mac tools. Later add-ons to the prize, Monster Garage soundtrack CD, and occasionally (to some of the builders who go above and beyond) a Monster Garage jacket. If the build is a failure, host Jesse James feeds it to a shredder. James got his Discovery Channel fame by being chronicled in Motorcycle Mania and Motorcycle Mania 2. In Monster Garage, he is practically involved in every build; from design, construction (or destruction), and the Monster Challenge.

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Low Bull-Rider

#1 - Low Bull-Rider

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired Jul 7, 2003

1970 Ford Ranchero / Mechanical Bull Oh yeah. This 4,300-pound low ridin', high buckin' bull started out as a 1970 Ford Ranchero before Jesse and his crew fed it a week's diet of 12 batteries, eight solenoids and four hydraulic pumps and cylinders. Not to mention a mean set of 6-foot steer horns as a hood ornament. Is anyone crazy enough to actually ride this thing? • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • Chad Denton, bull rider, Oroville, Calif • Eric Jones, hydraulics expert, Pro Hopper Inc., Van Nuys, Calif. • Quinter Pittillo, custom-car builder, Sacramento, Calif. • Edgar Sifuentes, hydraulics expert, Pro Hopper Inc., Van Nuys, Calif. • Rob Smets, bull fighter, Shamrock, Texas

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Escalade / Tailgate

#2 - Escalade / Tailgate

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 10, 2003

Project vehicle: 2004 Cadillac Escalade ESV It's football season, and you know what that means — pre-game celebrations. Now imagine what Jesse and his crew could do with that concept: creating the ultimate tailgating vehicle. Design team: Kevin Kuenzie (m.a. audio supervisor), Todd Blandford (Freedom Motors hydraulics expert), Stacey Sunada (artist) Build team: Larry Webster, Car and Driver writer from Ann Arbor, Michigan Ed Federkeil, fireman and custom truck fabricator from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Danny Webb, hod rod builder and garage dude from Palm Springs, California Todd Blandford, hydraulics guru from Battle Creek, Michigan Kevin Kuenzie, audio wizard from Anaheim Hills, California

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Old-School '54 Chevy

#3 - Old-School '54 Chevy

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Mar 15, 2004

Project vehicle: 1954 Chevrolet 2-door sedan A team of senior car customizing legends were summoned to transform an old school car into a modern chariot worthy of the Caesar of mechanics. With 393 years of experience under one roof, will they make history for the Monster Garage, or will they just become history? Design team: Bill Hines (as Bill 'the Lead Slinger' Hines) (83) (lead slinger) Dick Dean (automotive artist) Gene Winfield (body specialist) Fat Jack (custom chassis fabricator) John Robinson, Jr. (as John Robinson) (crane mechanic) Norm Grabowski (as Norm 'El Polacko' Grabowski) (hod rodder, actor/car enthusiast, sculpter) Tom Taylor (hod rod illustrator) Build team: Bill Hines (as Bill 'the Lead Slinger' Hines) (83), custom-car builder from Garden Grove, California Dick Dean, custom-car builder from San Jacinto, California Gene Winfield, custom-car builder of Gene Winfield's Rod and Custom from Mojave, California Fat Jack, custom-car builder from Lake E

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Sling Ray

#4 - Sling Ray

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired Jul 14, 2003

1973 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray / Mud Bogger Hey, if Jesse and his team are going to create a souped-up, mud-spitting off-road dragster, they're going to start it off right: with a 1973 Corvette whose engine is nothing other than a 454 Chevy big block. • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • John Best, Corvette mechanic, Brea, Calif. • Dave Collier, electrician/desert racer, San Marcos, Calif. • Chuck Courty Jr., national mud-bogging champ, Pittsburgh, Pa. • Dick Guldstrand, race-car racer/builder/designer and Corvette expert, Guldstrand Engineering, Burbank, Calif. • Bobby McCurdy, fabricator, Henderson, Nev. • Mike Stapleton, head mechanic, Wilson Motor Sports, Bellflower, Calif. • Don Vierstra, freelance artist, Buena Park, Calif.

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Under the Hood

#5 - Under the Hood

Season 1 - Episode 25 - Aired Jul 28, 2003

The Cast and Crew reflect back on the previous 24 episodes of Monster Garage. Segment 1) The Idea to Make the Show Segment 2) How an episode is made Segment 3) Picking the crew Segment 4) The Worst moments on Monster Garage Segment 5) And on the 7th day...

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Peterbuilt Chopper

#6 - Peterbuilt Chopper

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 15, 2003

Project vehicle: 1972 Peterbilt Semi-truck Jesse's a master bike builder. But just how will he tackle the challenge of transforming a semi-truck of all things into a diesel-fueled three-wheeled chopper? • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • Randy Grubb, glass artist, engineer and co-owner, Blastolene Brothers, Grant's Pass, Ore. • Michael Leeds, artist and co-owner, Blastolene Brothers, Santa Cruz, Calif. • Bernard Juckli, Jay Leno's chief mechanic and former aircraft mechanic, Los Angeles, Calif • Dan Owens, head machinist, Panavision, Wenatchee, Wash. • Robert Vaughan, maintenance engineer, Vanguard Plastics, Wylie, Texas

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Monster Nation 2

#7 - Monster Nation 2

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired Jan 19, 2004

Long Beach, CA Long Beach Polytechnic High School 1966 Volkswagon Bug / Dune Buggy If successful, each student gets a $700 tool kit and 2 Mac tool kits for the school's shop program. • Jayme Espinoza • Morley Pich • Chris Pheng • Antonio Perez • James Jacocks • Refugio Marquez • Brandon Overlin • Art Broadhurst (Mr. B) Monsters Across The Country Daytona, Florida - Ice Cream Truck From Hell Seattle Washington - Stiletto High Heel Shoe Car Los Buenos, California - Pharaoh's float Taylorsville, Georgia - Horn & Whistle Car Victorville, California - Monster Party Wagon Los Angeles, California - Cosmic Rocket Car San Jose, California - Guitar Motorcycle Houston, Texas - Sunflower Car

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Jet Boat / Car

#8 - Jet Boat / Car

Season 2 - Episode 15 - Aired Jan 26, 2004

Project vehicle: 2004 Picklefork Ultra boat The world of motorsports is turned upside down when the monster mechanics combine parts from land, sea, and air vehicles into a racing machine. Design team: Mike Desmond (Mitsubishi Motors automotive designer) John West (school bus pontoon builder, picklefork jet boat builder and donor) Build team: Howard Murray, helicopter mechanic from Inisfil, Ontario, Canada Tim McNees, chassis champ from Salt Lake City, Utah Brandon Smisek, fibre glass fabricator from Santa Ana, California Pippa Garner, inventor and artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico Mike Desmond, design wizard from Long Beach, California John West, super custom boat builder from El Cajon, California

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A Rampage at 200mph

#9 - A Rampage at 200mph

Season 6 - Episode 8 - Aired Feb 8, 2021

The crew try to take an extinct Dodge Rampage and transform it into a 200mph car. Jesse calls in the best of his team to work on this ambition build.

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Doom Buggy

#10 - Doom Buggy

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired Mar 24, 2003

1990 Mazda RX7 / Sandrail The name of this Mazda RX7-turned-sand rail? Doom Buggy. Yup. That sounds about right. • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • Lil' John Buttera, hot-rod designer and builder, Lil' John's Place, Los Alamitos, Calif. • Jason Conant, car builder, Mazda Recycling, Elk Grove, Calif. • Mike Ferguson, sand-rail builder/racer and owner, Big Chicken Bar Stools, Tempe, Ariz. • Cole Foster, car and bike customizer, Salinas Boys Customs, Salinas, Calif. • Anthony Luera, graphic artist and bike builder, West Coast Choppers, Glendora, Calif. • Jim McKenna, technology services manager, Morrison & Foerster LLP, Alameda, Calif. • Art Osborne, designer, Honda Acura, Pasadena, Calif. • Tom Prewitt, custom painter, Damon's Motorcycle Creations, Brea, Calif.

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#11 - Nut-Shaker

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 16, 2002

1997 F-150 Ford Pickup Truck / Tree-Shaker No, this machine shakes nuts (and fruit) from trees. Using a hydraulically powered clamp and rotating mass device, this harvesting device latches onto a tree, shakes vigorously, then collects the falling nuts in an umbrella — all without damaging the tree. Able to shake up to three trees a minute, this machine has revolutionized the agricultural industry. • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • Russ Angold, agricultural engineer, San Luis Obispo, Calif. • Tim Beghoefer, hydraulics technician/ journeyman mechanic, Milwaukee, Wis. • Mike Pittinger, mechanical engineer/underwater welder, Baltimore, Md. • Tom Prewitt, custom painter, Damon's Motorcycle Creations, Brea, Calif. • Dan Robinson, farm equipment repairman/welder, Omaha, Neb. • Ralph Westerhoff, service manager, Orchard Machinery Corporation, Tulare, Calif.

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Full Steam Ahead

#12 - Full Steam Ahead

Season 4 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 24, 2005

A team of experts joins Jesse in his dream quest to harness the awesome power of steam, by converting an 18-foot, 1964 Chris Craft wooden boat into a steam-powered monster.

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Old-School Chopper

#13 - Old-School Chopper

Season 3 - Episode 8 - Aired Oct 11, 2004

Project vehicle: 2004 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Last time, Jesse made motorcycle from a truck; this time, he goes back to his roots by customizing a motorcycle. Sounds too easy? Not if Jesse wanted to prove himself to a build team of motorcycle legends that had help started Jesse's bike building career. Design team: Mark Rowe (motorcycle frame builder) Don Hotop (custom bike builder) Carl Morrow (engine specialist) John Reed (motorcyle pioneer) Keith Ball (motorcycle builder and journalist) Jamie Seymour (sketcher) Build team: Mark Rowe, motorcycle frame builder from Seabrook, New Hampshire Don Hotop, Don's Speed and Custom Cycle owner and custom bike builder from Fort Madison, Iowa Carl Morrow, engine specialist from Daytona Beach, Florida John Reed, motorcyle pioneer from Morgan Hill, California Keith Ball, motorcycle builder and journalist from Wilmington, California

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Demolition-Derby Car

#14 - Demolition-Derby Car

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired Jun 16, 2003

1970 Pink Cadillac Coupe Deville / Demolition-Derby Car When you think of a Cadillac Deville, what do you think of? Resevoir Dogs? Mary Kay Cosmetics? Aretha Franklin tunes? Try a butt-kicking demolition-derby car designed, built and driven by an all-chick (well, except for Jesse) team. • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • Maria Alvarado, welder, Wilmington, Calif. • Erin Enderle, metal sculptor, Westminister, Colo. • Lt. Mustardseed, welder/fabricator, Los Angeles, Calif. • Juanita Myers, welder/fabricator, Los Angeles, Calif. • Tom Prewitt, custom painter, Damon's Motorcycle Creations, Brea, Calif. • Cindy Regimbald, demolition-derby racer and service adviser, Jeep/Isuzu, Rutland, Vt. • Crystal Stern, bartender and drag racer, Clearlake, Calif.

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Chev's Got Shingles

#15 - Chev's Got Shingles

Season 6 - Episode 6 - Aired Jan 25, 2021

The crew try to transform a Chevrolet pickup truck into a mobile shingle mill. Can they attach two gigantic circular saws and create a wood-cutting monster?

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Back to the DeLorean

#16 - Back to the DeLorean

Season 6 - Episode 7 - Aired Feb 1, 2021

Jesse James takes another shot at one of the builds from the original series that has been haunting him: The Hovercraft DeLorean – and it will either be a complete failure or one of the garage’s most insane redemption stories.

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Ambulance / Wheelie Car

#17 - Ambulance / Wheelie Car

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Jan 13, 2003

1983 Ford E-350 XL Chassis, Type II / Wheelie Car This is all we need to say about this episode's transformation: Built in November 2002, it is Jesse's favorite monster so far. • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • Josh Brown, graphic designer and custom-car fabricator, Hemet, Calif. • Mike Desmond, custom-car designer, MAD Machines, Southern California • David Dyson, paramedic and custom-parts maker, Fremont, Calif. • Darrell Ferguson, cell-phone company field engineer and builder/driver of the ""world's fastest muscle car,"" El Sobrante, Calif. • Richard Pauza, fabricator and custom-hot rod builder, Gilberts, Ill. • Tom Prewitt, custom painter, Damon's Motorcycle Creations, Brea, Calif. • Richard Schroeder, wheelstander (wheelie-car) expert, Diamond Bar, Calif.

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Golf-Ball Collector

#18 - Golf-Ball Collector

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 7, 2002

1984 Porsche 944 / Golf-Ball Collector Golfers beware! This is no ordinary range-picker. It's a 1984 Porsche 944 that Jesse and company transformed into a player-harassing, ball-snagging monster back in August 2002. • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • Alex Anderson, custom-car builder, Temecula, Calif. • Mac Gillum, former drag racer and range-picker builder, Different Designs, Stanton, Calif. • Pete Pepe, creative designer, Disney Animation • Tom Prewitt, custom painter, Damon's Motorcycle Creations, Brea, Calif. • Eric Scarlett, custom-car builder/shop owner and former U.S. Navy SEAL technician, Ventura, Calif. • Wendy Schmidt, animatronics specialist, Los Angeles, Calif. • Jay Skwarlo, bicycle mechanic/builder and hot-rodder, Long Beach, Calif.

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Delivery Truck

#19 - Delivery Truck

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Dec 2, 2002

1998 Chevy Mac Tool Truck / Ultimate Delivery Truck In September 2002, Jesse James and the Monster crew set out to turn a 1998 Mac Tool truck into the ""ultimate"" delivery truck. Now, you might be thinking that's pretty ho-hum for this garage ... but have we mentioned that the transition involves a crossbow, cannon and catapult? Let's just say that you do not want Jesse James delivering your new 19-inch TV. The truck was equiped with the following: dual air cannons, a single 6-inch barrel air cannon, a ballista, & a trebuchet • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • Paul Campbell, surgical nurse for Stanley Frileck M.D., Santa Monica, Calif. • Jim Farley, truck mechanic and hot-rodder, Reno, Nev. • Dais Nagao, artist /motorcycle designer, Honda, Pasadena, Calif. • Tom Prewitt, custom painter, Damon's Motorcycle Creations, Brea, Calif. • David Norris, owner, Sky Signs, Phoenixville, Pa. • Ron Toms, entrepreneur and medieval wea

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Champ Car Line Painter

#20 - Champ Car Line Painter

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 24, 2003

1999 Reynard Championship Car / Street Painter For anyone who's ever gotten stuck in traffic piling up behind a worktruck crawling along, may we present Jesse's latest attempt to create the fastest (fill-in-the-blank here) ever. Will he and the team be able to help countless commuters by turning a 1999 Champ Car into the world's swiftest street painter? • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • John Buttera, race-car builder and toymaker, Kenosha, Wis. • Gavin Diehl, heavy-equipment mechanic, San Jose, Calif. • Clyde Foss, streetline painter and owner, Four S, Long Beach, Calif. • John Gregory, fabricator and owner, Gregory Racing Fabrications and Racetronics, Nazareth, Pa. • Paul Gentilozzi, race-car driver and Champ Car team owner, Lansing, Mich. • Tony Giaccone, welder and fabricator, California Hot Rod/MRL Industries, Jamestown, Calif. • Tom Prewitt, custom painter, Damon's Motorcycle Creations, Brea, Calif.

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Celica / Jet Car

#21 - Celica / Jet Car

Season 2 - Episode 14 - Aired Jan 12, 2004

2003 Toyota Celica / Jet Car To date, it's the fastest monster ever, topping speeds of more than 200 mph. And its engine? A Rolls Royce Viper MK22 that generates 6,300 pounds of thrust. Sweet. • Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. • Joe Ruggless, race-car driver, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Palmdale, Calif. • Marty Schwerter, Toyota Pro-Celebrity Celica project manager, Toyota Grand Prix, Huntington Beach, Calif. • Ralph Snider, jet-car builder and truck driver, Mcloud, Okla. • Jerry Segal, owner, Segal Motorsports, Las Vegas, Nev. • Ben Wood, fabricator and assistant manager, Monster Garage, San Jacinto, Calif.

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Open-Road Racer

#22 - Open-Road Racer

Season 3 - Episode 13 - Aired Dec 13, 2004

Project Vehicle: 1964 Lincoln Continental A luxury cruiser was converted into a race vehicle to run in open road. Design team: Dave Golder (expert open road race car designer), Craig Jull (race car builder and fabricator), John Caswell (automotive designer) Build team: Matt Goodsell, race car fabricator from Orange, California Brian Haynes, hot rod builder from Jamesville, California Craig Jull, fabricator from Bellflower, California Dave Golder, open road race driver and mechanic from Highland, California Pat McElreath, race car designer and old timer from Portland, Oregon

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Belly Tank Lakester

#23 - Belly Tank Lakester

Season 3 - Episode 14 - Aired Dec 13, 2004

Project vehicle: Phantom F-4 fuel tank Jesse James competes in the fastest challenge ever by building a vehicle from a fuel tank. Will the transmission fail him this time? Design team: Bill Burke (world's first lakester builder), Al Teague (fastest lakester speed record holder), Jason Wilbur (artist) Build team: Robert ""Stainless"" Steele (as Stainless), Boeing technical support specialist from Wichita, Kansas John Gowestski, retired air force machine builder and fabricator from Littleton, Colorado Charlie Hamilton, lakester expert, mechanic and fabricator from Lake Tahoe, California James Iiams, welder and fabricator from Cypress, California Tim McNees, race car fabricator and builder from Salt Lake City, Utah Al Teague, the king of speed from Brea, California

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Backyard Monsters I

#24 - Backyard Monsters I

Season 4 - Episode 6 - Aired Nov 14, 2005

Jesse leaves behind the monster garage and searches for Backyard Monsters.

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Fire-Breathing Corvette

#25 - Fire-Breathing Corvette

Season 6 - Episode 4 - Aired Jan 10, 2021

Jesse James and team are building a corvette that is powered by fire.

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