The BEST Episodes of Phi Brain: Puzzle of God

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Last Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Network: NHK

Kaito Daimon would be a completely average high school student except for one thing: he's a 'demon' at solving puzzles. Kaito is so brilliant, in fact, that when he's asked to take some 'special' tests of his unique ability, he immediately suspects that the test itself is a test. Kaito suddenly finds himself caught up in a lethal Philosopher's Puzzle made by the sinister group POG, a murderous maze of trap upon trap, where failing to solve the secret correctly will result in death! Fortunately, Kaito's skills prove up to the first test, both for himself and his childhood friend Nanoha, who is also caught up in the deadly scheme. But now that he has been designated as a Solver, he is pulled into a new life where he must travel the world with other Solvers, attempting to solve the latest deadly riddles left by POG. There's a new conundrum around every corner and each deception could lead to death, but once a riddle has been posed, you can count on Kaito to unfold, unravel and unlock it!

Just Now, I Was Thinking of Someone

#1 - Just Now, I Was Thinking of Someone

Season 3 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 15, 2013

Ana and Cubik have decided to help Kaito solve Raetsel’s puzzle! Whenthey reach the coordinates Kaito gave them, they discover that Kaito and his group got caught up in some bad weather. Can they find the next clue on their own?

star 10.00
1 votes
Directors: Hirotaka Endo
Writers: Aya Matsui, Junichi Sato, Mayori Sekijima
Is That What You Thought I’d Say?

#2 - Is That What You Thought I’d Say?

Season 3 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 22, 2013

Herbert is bent on defeating Kaito in a puzzle battle. He’ll do anything it takes to taste sweet victory, even if it means using the power of the Rings. Can Kaito and his friends defeat the ultimate king of cheaters?

star 10.00
1 votes
Directors: Hirotaka Endo
Writers: Junichi Sato, Masaki Tachihara, Mayori Sekijima

#3 - Rätsel...

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired Oct 6, 2013

Whilst exploring a Sage's Puzzle in England with Jin in the hopes of recovering his memory, Kaito stumbles upon an unsolved puzzle, having assumed Jin had already solved all of them. Solving the puzzle with ease, Kaito discovers a brooch with a cat engraved on it, which Jin takes an interest in. Later, they, along with Nonoha and Rook, go to the Fool's Puzzle where Kaito and Rook previously faced off against each other, where they encounter a strange girl named Raetsel, who takes the brooch and runs off with Jin inside the puzzle, activating its traps. Back in Japan, a man named Johan Seigmund Enigma appears before the other Phi Brain children, attaching an explosive puzzle on Cubic's back, stating his intent to annihilate all puzzlers, claiming it to be Jin's desire. After the bomb is disarmed, Enigma leaves whilst his accomplace, Whodunnit, challenges the others to a puzzle. Meanwhile, Kaito's group arrive at a room with many doors, with Raetsel tasking them with finding the correct door before the ceiling collapses, claiming that Jin hated puzzles.

star 9.94
33 votes
Directors: Hirotaka Endo
Writers: Junichi Sato, Mayori Sekijima
Even So, I'll Believe

#4 - Even So, I'll Believe

Season 3 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 20, 2013

As Raetsel transfers into Root Academy, Gammon spots Jin behaving rather oddly, uncertain whether or not to believe either Kaito or Ratesel. Later, a Master Brain posing as Jin appears before Kaito, challenging him to a Fool's Puzzle in which he much navigate a sliding puzzle maze within a time limit or else fall to his death. As Kaito comes close to solving it, the fake Jin blows out one of the rooms, preventing him from reaching the exit, as well as tilting the maze. However, Kaito manages to take advantage of risky nature and reach the maze's goal in time.

star 9.94
32 votes
Directors: Hirotaka Endo
Writers: Aya Matsui, Junichi Sato, Mayori Sekijima
Resistance to the Light

#5 - Resistance to the Light

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired Feb 5, 2012

Following the incident, Cubic and Ana start avoiding Kaito, believing they can no longer follow him, much to the dismay of Nonoha. Meanwhile, Gammon, who is contemplating whether he should become a Giver, becomes concerned that the POG may start targeting Nonoha. He calls Kaito and Nonoha out, saying that they should stay away from each other. When they object, Gammon challenges Kaito in a puzzle of his own design, in which they must attempt to trap each other in laser walls. After Kaito uses his Orpheus state to solve the puzzle, Gammon walks off and decides to become a POG Giver.

star 9.89
35 votes
The One to Carry on His Will

#6 - The One to Carry on His Will

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired Mar 4, 2012

After finding Jin a complete wreck, Baron explains to Gammon about how POG's leader, Count Pythagoras, intends to bring about a conflict between Kaito and Rook in order to open the gate to the Puzzle of God, while Kaito reads up on what Cubic had found on POG's network. Years ago, Pythagoras once attempted to achieve Phi Brain using Jin, who contracted with Orpheus and became a solver for POG. However, one day, Jin received a vision of the future, showing the world being destroyed by Pythagoras. Jin quit POG while Baron stayed to become a Giver, working together to find a way to prevent Pythagoras from achieving the God Scrolls. Two years prior to the story, Jin left to fight against Pythagoras in the Puzzle of God, though the results are unknown. As Kaito and the other files discover a hidden file on the POG network reading 'Phythagoras is dead', Rook appears before them, revealing he has been the one in control of the POG since Pythagoras' death half a year ago. As Rook reveals himself to be an Orpheus contractor, Kaito's vision shows that the one supposedly responsible for destroying the world is himself.

star 9.89
35 votes
Invitation to a Nightmare

#7 - Invitation to a Nightmare

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Oct 30, 2011

The POG extend an invitation to Kaito, who is accompanied by Nonoha and Gammon, to their headquarters. As the three make their way through the maze to meet with the POG's head, Kaito notices something eerily familiar about the puzzles they have to solve. This particularly holds true to the final puzzle, which is similar to a puzzle that took the lives of Kaito's parents. As Kaito goes berserk at the memory of it, Cubic helps Nonoka snap him out of it by shocking him with her cookies. Since this causes Kaito to pass out, the mysterious POG head cancels the meeting. After Kaito recovers, he finds himself having trouble solving even a simple puzzle.

star 9.83
36 votes

#8 - Truth

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired Jan 29, 2012

As Kaito and the others return to Japan, they find the principal, Baron Kaido, has gone missing. Later on, Kaito is summoned by the POG to the place where his parents died. As Kaito and the others arrive at the location and find Baron, Kaito receives a video revealing his parents were POG Givers monitoring his potential for Phi Brain. Baron further reveals that they weren't his real parents, as well as revealing himself to be a POG member. Baron decides to tell Kaito everything about the Phi Brain project, revealing that his parents went against the POG's orders and took the Fool's Puzzle that killed them in place of Kaito to protect him. Baron shows Kaito another video, showing that, despite not being his real parents, they truly loved him like their own child, which also shocks Rook. Determined to give his parents a proper farewell, Kaito activates his Orpheus state and solves the Fool's Puzzle once and for all. After telling Kaito that Jin is being held captive by the POG, he leaves and is captured by the POG for his betrayal.

star 9.83
35 votes
Puzzle Time Won't Start !

#9 - Puzzle Time Won't Start !

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Jun 10, 2012

Following the battle against Orpheus Order, Elena transfers into Root Academy and takes the Phi Brain kids and their friends on a vacation on her private island, where puzzling is forbidden. However, Kaito and the others have trouble relaxing due to the lack of puzzles. They soon get excited when they find a clue to what is supposedly a puzzle and go into a cave to search for it, not willing to listen to Elena's explanation. In the end, it is revealed to be the set of a monster movie the POG made which almost made them bankrupt and was kept a secret. Realising there's no stopping them, Elena turns the vacation into a Puzzle Camp, much to the annoyance of Nonoha.

star 9.83
35 votes

#10 - Awakening

Season 2 - Episode 19 - Aired Aug 12, 2012

As Cubic works to help Gammon and Ana, Nonoha goes in search of Kaito and comes across Freecell. After some reluctance, Nonoha accepts Freecell's help in solving the puzzle blocking their way to where Kaito is, being given a memento from his mother as payment. As Freecell tells Nonoha about how he feels Kaito's broken promise is related to his mother's death, his Orpheus Bangle glows a mysterious color and his memory is rewritten, leading him to now believe his mother's death wasn't Kaito's fault, but his own. As the cave soon begins to collapse, Freecell uses the power of his bangle to solve the puzzle. After managing to find Kaito and Herbert and getting them to safety, Freecell reveals the Replica Ring he had been wearing had evolved into a true Orpheus Bangle, challenging Kaito to a game when he is ready.

star 9.83
35 votes
God's Miscalculation

#11 - God's Miscalculation

Season 2 - Episode 23 - Aired Sep 9, 2012

Souji returns having been to Crossfield Academy where he retrieved a diary from someone who used to be in the Orpheus Order. It details how the Orpheus Order was changed when Klondike decided to have the Orpheus Ring examined in order to make replicas. The first prototype ring was worn by the diary's owner, a woman named Solitia, who is revealed to be Freecell's mother. Believing the rings to be dangerous, Solitia fled the Orpheus Order with Freecell, chronicalling the effects the ring had on her in her diary, which she was unable to give to Freecell before she passed away. As Kaito becomes determined to rescue Freecell from his fate, the POG and ex-Orpheus Order members instigate a plan to stop Klondike and destroy the Final Ring. Hacking the elevators, the POG manage to bring Klondike, Whist and Melancholy to a dead end, where they are confronted by Doubt and Pinochle. However, Klondike manages to foresee this and escape to the roof where Freecell awaits, demonstrating a power that frightens Melancholy to the point of her Orpheus Ring breaking. After Freecell manages to overwhelm Klondike somehow, he heads off on a helicopter, leaving a message to Kaito to meet him at the location of God's Puzzle.

star 9.83
35 votes

#12 - Promise

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired May 20, 2012

Kaito begins his match against Pinochle, who is able to predict Kaito's moves having studies his data, though Kaito manages to turn that aspect against him. Just then, Pinochle begins revealing things about his past at Crossfield Academy, reminding him of a promise he made with Freecell that he broke while searching for Rook that day, which supposedly led to the death of Freecell's mother. With his determination wavered, Kaito ends up losing the match to Pinochle.

star 9.80
35 votes
Nonoha Wants to Solve Puzzles Too !

#13 - Nonoha Wants to Solve Puzzles Too !

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired Jun 17, 2012

With the vacation now fully puzzle focused, Nonoha feels like she has nothing to do. Wanting to spend more time with everyone, Nonoha decides to join in Elena's intense puzzle training. Although she sucks at the physical puzzle, she shows talent in solving digital versions of the Kenja Puzzles they faced before thanks to her photographic memory. After feeling a bit more left out, Nonoha becomes determined to solve a puzzle she received from Kaito when she was little before the camp ends. As she focuses on the puzzle, the others seem to get a little less enthusiastic. On the last day of the camp, Airi and Miharu come to Nonoha for help with preparing breakfast. Afterwards, Nonoha realises she still has a place to belong to even without puzzles.

star 9.80
35 votes
The Forbidden Fruit

#14 - The Forbidden Fruit

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired Jul 1, 2012

Souji sets up a sliding puzzle for Kaito, also threatening to blow up the academy should he fail. As Cubic, defiant that Souji hasn't changed, goes to search for said bomb to prove his theory, Nonoha and Ana end up helping Tamaki with her paperwork in order to get her to evacuate. As the game progresses, Souji soon feels the advantage of the replica ring and starts to enjoy it. However, Kaito soon expresses his joy at such a fun puzzle and turns it around for the win, which leads to the replica ring being destroyed. Afterwards, Souji explains what he had learnt from wearing the ring, deducing the rings will destroy themselves if their user feels they have lost. The next day, Tamaki is voted student council president whilst Souji goes on a journey, leaving Kaito with another truth he discovered about the rings; their desire to join with him and become true Orpheus Bangles.

star 9.80
35 votes
The Demon Returns

#15 - The Demon Returns

Season 2 - Episode 14 - Aired Jul 8, 2012

Elena is told off by Tamaki after makes various 'improvements' to the school without permission. Meanwhile, former POG member Herbert Muller appears before the Orpheus Order, beating Doubt in a puzzle and revealing he has a genuine Orpheus Bangle. As Hoist decides to tell Freecell the intentions of their leader, Klondike, Herbert kidnaps Elena to lure Kaito and Nonoha to a film studio, where they must both battle against two Orpheus Order members, Wu and Noh, in order to rescue Elena. As Nonoha struggles to keep up, Rook shows up to take her place, along with Bishop who rescues Elena, allowing Kaito and Rook to beat the puzzle.

star 9.80
35 votes
About This Man, Herbert

#16 - About This Man, Herbert

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Aug 5, 2012

After finding out the location of Orpheus Order's hideout from Pinochle, Kaito and the gang head there, where they are confronted by Herbert, who is wearing two rings. He challenges Kaito to puzzle in which he must use a boat to ferry everyone across to the other side whilst taking into consideration roles they have been given, with Kaito requesting to meet with Freecell should he win. Things get a little complicated when two necessary keys are thrown into the mix. Despite some last minute interference by Herbert, Kaito manages to solve the puzzle. As Kaito commends Herbert on his puzzle, he becomes possessed by the rings and activates a bomb against his will, causing the puzzle room to collapse with Kaito and Herbert inside it.

star 9.80
35 votes
Exorcism Labyrinth

#17 - Exorcism Labyrinth

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired Jan 22, 2012

With the planes back to Japan allegedly taken over by the POG, Kaito and the others travel to Venice instead. As Souji goes to see Rook concerning the Phi Brain project, Gammon deduces that their transfer to Italy was the work of the POG and goes alone to take on a Fool's Puzzle, in which he must travel through numbered gates on a gondola. As Gammon reaches near the end of the puzzle, he finds the final gate difficult to reach and the rising tide putting him in danger. However, Kaito arrives and uses his Orpheus state to figure out how to reach the end of the puzzle safely, much to Gammon's annoyance.

star 9.77
35 votes
The Fallen Apple and the Continuing Road

#18 - The Fallen Apple and the Continuing Road

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 27, 2011

As Root Academy prepares for a cultural festival, where Kaito finds himself reluctantly entered into a crossdressing contest, the principal, Baron Kaidou, agrees to install a Kenja Puzzle within the academy. Just as Kaito gets into his crossdress, he learns that Nonoha has been taken hostage for the Kenja Puzzle, in which he must eat apples from truth telling dwarves whilst avoiding poisoned ones before the setting burns down. Kaito soon learns from the Giver that granted him Orpheus, who is secretly the student president, Souji Jikukawa, that important information needed to solve the puzzle has been intentionally left out. Souji provides the remaining information for the puzzle, allowing Kaito to solve it and free Nonoha, before getting help from Cubic to save them from the collapsing area.

star 9.76
37 votes
I Just Get That Feeling

#19 - I Just Get That Feeling

Season 3 - Episode 5 - Aired Nov 3, 2013

Jin once told Rook that “Puzzles are chains. Puzzles are also mirrors.” Unsure how to interpret those words, Rook jumps on the chance to challenge a Puzzle of Fools that Jin once fought in the hopes of gaining insight into his heart...

star 9.75
32 votes
Directors: Hirotaka Endo
Writers: Junichi Sato, Mayori Sekijima, Toshizo Nemoto
Return of the Fool's Puzzle

#20 - Return of the Fool's Puzzle

Season 2 - Episode 20 - Aired Aug 19, 2012

As the gang try to figure out more behind Klondike and the Replica Rings, Cubic reveals to Gammon that Kaito's brain patterns are still accelerating even without the Orpheus Bangle. Meanwhile Kaito, who had a vision involving Freecell and Nonoha, is approached by Whist, who reveals all the rings the Orpheus Order wears are replicas, but Freecell had managed to use it to awaken as a Phi Brain child. Realising he needs to become stronger, Kaito asks Rook to take him to a Fool's Puzzle. Kaito is soon brought to a maze where he must carefully avoid statues which trigger trapdoors. Managing to reach the end of the puzzle safely, Kaito discovers that Freecell had managed to solve it first. As Rook decides to help Kaito train against harder puzzles, Freecell meets up with Whist, revealing what he now knows thanks to the Ring.

star 9.74
35 votes
Nonoha`s Title

#21 - Nonoha`s Title

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 13, 2011

As Nonoha visits some kindergarten students, their teacher, Madoka, gives Kaito a letter, which the others suspect to be a love letter. Suspicious about the contents, Nonoha and Gammon follows Kaito to the meeting point, where it's revealed Madoka is a Giver following in her late fiancée's footsteps. Kaito, Nonoha, Gammon and Madoka, along with some children, become trapped in a Kenja Puzzle inside an abandoned building, which wasn't what Madoka expected. Nonoha works to calm the children down whilst Kaito solves the puzzles. When the last puzzle gets destroyed due to falling debris, Nonoha's photographic memory allows her to recreate the puzzle, allowing Kaito, Gammon and the children to solve it, revealing a statue of Florence Nightingale which Nonoha donates to poor children. As a result, Nonoha ends up with the title 'Nightingale', which doesn't exactly please her.

star 9.74
35 votes
The Sage's Reward

#22 - The Sage's Reward

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 9, 2011

In his powerful state known as 'Phi-Brain', Kaito manages to solve the puzzle, allowing them both to escape the ruins. Later, Kaito becomes annoyed by a puzzle solver named Gammon Sakanoue, who carries the title 'Galilleo'. As Kaito receives a request to solve another puzzle, Gammon tries to claim it for himself and ends up joining Kaito and Nonoha. The puzzle in question is a life-sized sliding puzzle in which the player must get their car out of the puzzle within a time limit before it is crushed by a falling truck. As Gammon nearly completes the puzzle, the puzzle giver cuts off the ability to move the car they are in, supposedly leaving them with no solution. However, Kaito once again enters his Phi-Brain state and manages to use the other vechiles in the puzzle to push their car out of the way before they are crushed.

star 9.72
69 votes
Welcome to the Queen's Country

#23 - Welcome to the Queen's Country

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 4, 2011

As Kaito dreams of appearing on a TV puzzle show hosted by Elena "Antoinette" Himekawa, Gammon, who had been Elena, jumps in to protect her when it looks like she is being cornered, though she is not too happy about the rescue. As a POG Giver, Elena is asked by the headquarters president to bring Kaito, Gammon and Nonoha to a Kenja Puzzle. They are trapped in a puzzle suspended over a pit in which Kaito is given the option to sacrifice his friends to receive hints, while Gammon and Nonoha are given the option to either sacrifice themselves, or make Kaito fall instead. As Elena tempts the others to sacrifice Kaito, she is surprised about how much faith they have in Kaito. As Kaito struggles near the end, the Orpheus bangle kicks in and he manages to solve the puzzle just in time.

star 9.71
35 votes
You Know Nothing

#24 - You Know Nothing

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 13, 2013

Thanks to Kaito's deductions and Nonoha's memory, their group manages to find the correct exit and escape. Afterwards, Raetsel takes everyone to her personal boat, where she shows them a feed of Gammon's group as they face Whodunnit's puzzle, where they must arrange cubes successfully or else be electrocuted. Working together, they deduce the colors of the cube are a clue to numbers in a magic square puzzle, managing to solve it with a second to spare. Although Raetsel leaves Jin with Kaito and the others, they are left uncertain by how the Master Brains, who target puzzlers for bounty rewards, claim to be contracted by Jin.

star 9.70
33 votes
Directors: Hirotaka Endo
Writers: Eizō Kobayashi, Junichi Sato, Mayori Sekijima
True Worth of a Friend

#25 - True Worth of a Friend

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Jan 8, 2012

As Kaito remains unconscious in hospital, Cubic is invited by Rook to take on a puzzle and accepts it, wanting to prove his friendship to Kaito. He comes to an abandoned military base where a different POG Giver gives Cubic a math puzzle to solve, where his failure will result in him being blown up by a tank. Meanwhile, Kaito regains consciousness and explains his situation with Rook to the others. Cubic is given the chance to escape, but he remains determined and manages to solve the puzzle at the last second. The Giver reveals that Rook made the puzzle when he was five, which makes Cubic feel unworthy of being Kaito's friend in comparison.

star 9.68
34 votes