The BEST episodes of MasterChef Australia

Every episode of MasterChef Australia ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of MasterChef Australia!

MasterChef Australia is an Australian competitive cooking game show based on the original British version of MasterChef. Food critic Melissa Leong, chef Andy Allen, and restaurateur and chef Jock Zonfrillo serve as the show's hosts and judges.

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Mystery Box: Marco Pierre White
111 votes

#1 - Mystery Box: Marco Pierre White

Season 6 - Episode 29 - Aired 6/15/2014

The contestants are stunned to find the Godfather of modern cooking, Marco Pierre White, waiting for them. The winner of Marco's mystery box challenge gets to choose the core ingredient in the invention test.

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MasterChef 2014 Finale
87 votes

#2 - MasterChef 2014 Finale

Season 6 - Episode 60 - Aired 7/28/2014

The massive finale will be played out in a culinary duel over three rounds with the chance to win $250,000 and prizes to change their lives forever. Who will be Australia's MasterChef for 2014?

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Pressure Test: Vikas Khanna
78 votes

#3 - Pressure Test: Vikas Khanna

Season 6 - Episode 35 - Aired 6/23/2014

In the Pressure Test Challenge, the contestants must work with chef and host of MasterChef India, Vikas Khanna. The least impressive dish will leave the competition.

Pressure Test
73 votes

#4 - Pressure Test

Season 6 - Episode 58 - Aired 7/24/2014

Three contestants must cook off in an elimination pressure test with one leaving forever. Also, the contestants sit the final MasterClass, joined by special guest chefs Curtis Stone and Kylie Kwong.

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Power Apron Mystery Box Challenge
80 votes

#5 - Power Apron Mystery Box Challenge

Season 6 - Episode 38 - Aired 6/26/2014

In an intense Mystery Box challenge, the winning team from the service challenge play off for the power apron, which will mean they control every challenge played out next week.

43 votes

#6 - Masterclass

Season 4 - Episode 12 - Aired 5/18/2012

Gary and George host a seafood-inspired MasterClass, while Phillipa Grogan from Phillipa's bakery in Melbourne teaches the contestants the art of breadmaking.

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Sudden Death Elimination Challenge
71 votes

#7 - Sudden Death Elimination Challenge

Season 6 - Episode 53 - Aired 7/17/2014

Four contestants face off in a sudden death elimination challenge? and then an incredible Masterclass from Heston.

Masterclass 13
26 votes

#8 - Masterclass 13

Season 5 - Episode 64 - Aired 8/29/2013

All of the contestants from this year's competition return to take part in the last Masterclass of the season. The tables are turned though as they set a mystery box challenge for George and Gary.

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Elimination Challenge: Risotto
68 votes

#9 - Elimination Challenge: Risotto

Season 6 - Episode 33 - Aired 6/19/2014

Each contestant has one hour to cook a risotto, but to impress they must take this popular dish to another level. The contestant with the least impressive dish will leave the kitchen.

42 votes

#10 - 2022 GRAND FINAL

Season 14 - Episode 62 - Aired 7/12/2022

Welcome to the Grand Final! Our two gifted finalists enter the kitchen for the last time and they'll have to impress Heston Blumenthal and our judges to win the title of MasterChef 2022 and $250,000.

MasterClass 5
148 votes

#11 - MasterClass 5

Season 8 - Episode 60 - Aired 7/21/2016

Masterclass. The final MasterClass of 2016 sees the return of the eliminated contestants. The shoe's on the other foot for George, Gary & Shannon who must cook a dish from ingredients from a special mystery box.

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Grand Final Part 2
102 votes

#12 - Grand Final Part 2

Season 7 - Episode 62 - Aired 7/27/2015

Tune in as the winner of MasterChef Australia 2015 will be crowned. The finalists are competing for a $250,000 prize, a monthly column in Australia's leading premium food magazine 'Delicious' + more!

Finals Week - Final 4 - Service Challenge
38 votes

#13 - Finals Week - Final 4 - Service Challenge

Season 14 - Episode 57 - Aired 7/5/2022

With one contestant holding immunity, the remaining four face elimination as they visit Tasmania's Lawrenny Distillery, where they must choose a spirit to showcase in a four-course service challenge.

Grand Finale (Part 2)
49 votes

#14 - Grand Finale (Part 2)

Season 13 - Episode 61 - Aired 7/13/2021

It’s day two of the epic MasterChef Australia Grand Finale for 2021 and the contestant who scores the most points overall will win the title of MasterChef 2021 and walk away with $250,000.

Pressure Test: White Heat
79 votes

#15 - Pressure Test: White Heat

Season 6 - Episode 30 - Aired 6/16/2014

Marco Pierre White sets the pressure test challenge from his iconic cookbook, White Heat. Emotions run high when one contestant is sent packing forever.

Service Challenge: Vue de Monde
82 votes

#16 - Service Challenge: Vue de Monde

Season 6 - Episode 57 - Aired 7/23/2014

With one contestant already through to the semi-final, the remaining three contestants compete in a service challenge at the three-hatted Vue de Monde restaurant in Melbourne.

Immunity Challenge
35 votes

#17 - Immunity Challenge

Season 4 - Episode 33 - Aired 6/12/2012

MasterChef welcomes iconic chef and culinary legend Jamie Oliver to the kitchen.

Pressure Test
62 votes

#18 - Pressure Test

Season 4 - Episode 20 - Aired 5/28/2012

The bottom three contestants from the last show arrive at the kitchen to face off in the Pressure Test. Later, three lucky contestants attend a very special private Master Class.

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Masterclass 12
20 votes

#19 - Masterclass 12

Season 5 - Episode 59 - Aired 8/22/2013

Annie Smithers and John Reid are with the top five contestants & the judges, to create some great regional country produce.

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Secrets & Surprises with Jamie Oliver
32 votes

#20 - Secrets & Surprises with Jamie Oliver

Season 15 - Episode 1 - Aired 5/7/2023

Expect the unexpected when MasterChef Australia returns with a season of Secrets and Surprises. Judges Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen are joined tonight by special guest Jamie Oliver!

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Grand Final
63 votes

#21 - Grand Final

Season 12 - Episode 61 - Aired 7/20/2020

After a long culinary journey, the two finalists are competing for a $250,000 cash prize and the title of MasterChef Australia 2020.

Final Masterclass
28 votes

#22 - Final Masterclass

Season 14 - Episode 59 - Aired 7/7/2022

It's time for some fun in MasterClass. The tables are turned as Jock and Andy go head-to-head in a pub meal invention test, before engaging in a three-course menu battle against our four finalists.

48 votes

#23 - Semi-Final

Season 13 - Episode 59 - Aired 7/11/2021

Contestants compete in a semifinal service challenge. The contestant with the least impressive menu will leave the competition. Finalists are joined by returning contestants for the final MasterClass.

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Mystery Box Challenge: Second Chances
77 votes

#24 - Mystery Box Challenge: Second Chances

Season 6 - Episode 36 - Aired 6/24/2014

We are down to the Top Ten contestants; but this challenge will present the biggest shock in the competition so far. Only the most courageous will win.

Movie Food Immunity
35 votes

#25 - Movie Food Immunity

Season 14 - Episode 39 - Aired 6/9/2022

You have a ticket to the silver screen for a movie food immunity challenge. After a popcorn taste test, the remaining competitors must create a blockbuster flavour choc-top that will thrill filmgoers.

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