The BEST seasons of Gold Rush: Parker's Trail

Every season of Gold Rush: Parker's Trail ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Gold Rush: Parker's Trail!

Despite striking it rich mining in his home state of Alaska, "Gold Rush" star Parker Schnabel isn't satisfied. He's always wondered if he could follow in the footsteps of his forebears and take on the legendary Klondike Gold Rush trail. Wonder no more. In honor of his family -- especially his beloved grandfather, who always inspired him to push beyond his limits -- Parker attempts to mimic a journey that killed thousands of brave souls in the late 19th century. As winter closes in, he begins the trek across the Coastal Range and works his way to the fabled goldfields of the Klondike. He's joined by his foreman, Rick Ness; wilderness guide Karla Ann, who once worked with Parker as a rock truck driver; and cameramen James Levelle, who has known Parker for years.

Last Updated: 5/13/2024Network: DiscoveryStatus: Continuing
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#1 - Season 4

First Aired 3/14/2020

Parker Schnabel is ready to start his gold hunt in the interior of Australia.

8 votes

#2 - Season 3

First Aired 4/6/2019

Parker flies in a restored Avenger warplane on his journey to retrace his Grandpa John's experience during WWII.

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#3 - Season 5

First Aired 6/18/2022

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail heads to New Zealand: Follow 27-year-old Parker Schnabel as he travels further than ever before in search of gold, bringing his friends along to the land of sharks, hobbits, big gold, and revolutionary mining gear.

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#4 - Season 1

First Aired 4/1/2017

Parker Schnabel and three friends are about to attempt the Klondike trail of 1897. It's 600 miles of mountains, lakes, rivers and frozen wilderness.

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#5 - Season 2

First Aired 3/31/2018

Having just mined $7 million worth of gold, Parker now wants an even tougher challenge: to mine in the gold-rich jungles of Guyana, South America and learn from the locals.

Season 6
4 votes

#6 - Season 6

First Aired 4/8/2023

Parker Schnabel and his crew head to the jungles of the Amazon in their search for $100M in gold: With a washout in Alaska and an expiring land lease in the Yukon, Parker looks to South America to turn the tide and expand his golden empire.