The Best Episodes of Ed, Edd n Eddy

Pick an Ed

#1 - Pick an Ed 8.86

Season 5 - Episode 11

After Eddy reads "Eddy is a no neck chump" on the wall, he goes undercover as "Carl" to find out who wrote that. While he's with the kids, he is surprised that they actually treat him with respect. Eddy decides to ditch Ed and Edd and hang with the other kids, but Edd is determined to get him back.


#2 - Rent-a-Ed 8.77

Season 2 - Episode 19

The Eds' circus act is a flop, and Eddy is starting to run out of ideas. He suddenly realizes that everything breaks, and someone needs to fix them. The Eds can become handymen! They go out to try to fix Jimmy's mini-oven, for a small fee, of course. They end up just smashing it into the wall, putting holes in the floor, and scorching his cookies. They later come across Jonny 2x4, his massive head stuck in a tree. They go off to get something to slip him out, and end up wrecking his kitchen pipeline. As steam fills the room, they get a better idea-- they'll set up a luxury spa! The spa is a hit, until Ed manages to knock down the main support beam to Jonny's house, causing the whole place to collapse. Jonny's not happy.

Cool Hand Ed

#3 - Cool Hand Ed 8.75

Season 5 - Episode 8

Eddy plans to break out of school, enlisting the help of the other Eds and Jonny.

Ed In A Halfshell

#4 - Ed In A Halfshell 8.70

Season 2 - Episode 21

Sarah interrupts the latest scam to tell Ed she's going to a ballet lesson-- and he has to take care of Jimmy. Jimmy's not any more enthusiastic about the idea than the Eds are-- now everyone's day is ruined. The Eds, not wanting to invoke Sarah's wrath, are forced to watch Jimmy. They decide to play a harmless game of dodge ball. Ed and Edd help Jimmy knock Eddy out, and Jimmy decides the Eds aren't so bad after all. Jimmy and Ed start playing together, and Jimmy begins to copy Ed's behavior. Eddy decides that he'll turn Jimmy into the fourth Ed, and starts teaching him all the ways of scamming, conning, and being generally rude. Jimmy puts together a fantastic scam, but refuses to give the Eds and money from it. Sarah returns, and Jimmy pretends that he had been abused all day. Eddy created a monster.

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Ed

#5 - Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Ed 8.61

Season 2 - Episode 1

The Eds' latest scam, a miniature golf course, is of course ruined by Ed. As Edd goes off to fix it, Ed asks Eddy why Double-Dee is so smart. Eddy decides to have some fum with him, and tells him that Edd is not human. Ed, being the sci-fi freak he is, falls for it and starts questing out to see Double-Dee do something inhuman. Eddy tells him that Edd is The Lizard Boy, a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong who has been experimenting on the cul-de-sac kids, changing them into insects. Ed is horrified, and avoids Double-Dee at all costs. The Eds get invited to a BBQ at Nazz's place, and Ed thinks it's a ceremony. Eddy pretends he's been turned into a bug, and ends up wrecking the party.

Stop, Look, and Ed

#6 - Stop, Look, and Ed 8.58

Season 2 - Episode 18

The Eds are fooling around, but the moment turns serious when Eddy nearly steps on a private lawn, marked by ""DO NOT STEP ON THE GRASS."" Double-Dee warns him that rules are the most important part of life, but Eddy's not convinced. To prove his point, he goes around breaking every rule he can find. Edd tells the other kids not to listen to him, but Eddy convinces them that rules are for losers. As Double-Dee tries to stop everyone's rebellion, Eddy is forced to tie him to his ceiling lamp to keep him from ruining everyone's fun. Edd manages to escape, though, and informs everyone that he's called all their parents. Everyone's really mad that they're going to get in trouble, and trap the Eds up in a cage.

Urban Ed

#7 - Urban Ed 8.50

Season 2 - Episode 17

The cul-de-sac is too quiet and peaceful for Eddy. He wants a real neighborhood-- the kind that can only be found in the big city. The Eds can't drive, so they improvise and built a giant city out of cardboard. It's a hit with the other kids, all except Jonny. Jonny warns the kids that the city is a bad place, but they don't listen. The kids fall victim to the ways of life in the big city, and the Eds make a jarload of money. Jonny is still angry, as Plank too falls into the trap of rude drivers and no speed limit. In the end, Jonny snaps and steals Eddy's money, threatening to drop it from the highest tower if Plank isn't returned to normal. It all gets sorted out, but Jonny ends up dropping the money anyway, which all the kids take back.

Every Which Way But Ed

#8 - Every Which Way But Ed 8.44

Season 5 - Episode 2

Flashback episode that features alternate stories. The Eds try to make their way back to the place all the flashbacks began. In this journey many things are explained, including: Plank's chip (Plank got stuck in Rolf's teeth), and why Jimmy wears a retainer (the Eds tricked him into eating a bowling pin when he thought it was a cream horn).

For Your Ed Only

#9 - For Your Ed Only 8.40

Season 3 - Episode 4

A scam gone horribly, horribly wrong crash-lands the Eds in Sarah's bedroom. The Eds try to clean up the room before Sarah gets back, when Eddy uncovers her secret diary. Sarah chases after the Eds, while Ed and Edd try to persuade Eddy not to read the diary. In the end, the Eds and Jonny all get stuck together in a giant mess of ultra-powerful chewing gum.

Once Upon An Ed

#10 - Once Upon An Ed 8.37

Season 3 - Episode 3

Jonny and Plank are ready for bed, when suddenly he finds the Eds stuck in his bedroom wall. Jonny won't let them lose until they tell him how it happened, so they each give a piece of their story on how they escaped the wrath of the Kankers from their own skewed perspective. In the end, Jonny falls asleep before he pulls the Eds loose, and the Kankers show up to finish off the Eds.

Who Let the Ed In?

#11 - Who Let the Ed In? 8.33

Season 2 - Episode 10

Eddy's latest scam cannot fail... but, as usual, he's wrong. As Edd tries to set it up, Ed's off goofing around. When Eddy and Double-Dee go to find out what he's doing, they find him acting strangely. He introduces them to his friend, Jib... and Edd realizes it's an imaginary friend. They play along, and start their scam up again: an enormous prize-grabber machine. Double-Dee and Eddy realize Ed's serious, though, when ""Jib"" tells the other kids that it's a scam. Edd and Eddy decide that Jib's going to keep getting in the way unless they do something. They go to Jonny 2x4 for help, and he tells them to build an invisible trap. Jib ends up beating the tar out of Eddy somehow, but he manages to trap him. Edd and Eddy tell Ed that Jib has to move away, but Eddy's not going to let it go without getting Ed back.


#12 - Fa-La-La-La-Ed 8.33

Season 2 - Episode 25

Ed and Eddy are fooling around in the upper floor of Edd's house, much to Edd's dismay. After making a mess of sticky notes, they come across Edd's parents' closet, and inside is a giant fruitcake. Double-Dee explains the tradition of fruitcakes on Christmas, which sets off a switch in Ed's head, and he begins to develop a Christmas spirit. Eddy finds this annoying, since it's July, but Ed doesn't listen. He goes off and tries to bring Christmas spirit to the whole cul-de-sac, and they love it. Eddy sees this and decides that the Eds should sing Christmas carols to make some honest money. They go around, and make enough money to buy a weeks' worth of jawbreakers. Just as the Eds are about to dig into their candy-coated motherlode, Ed gives all the jawbreakers away.

Dueling Eds

#13 - Dueling Eds 8.33

Season 3 - Episode 7

The Ed's have a scam for Jonny. No one can resist karate! This scam is a failure, but is soon dropped when everyone's attention is directed to Rolf's house. Rolf is modeling his sea cucumber suit for everyone, and offering them some for eating. Eddy shames ""the son of a shepherd"" once he takes one of the sea cucumber balls, and tosses it at a hole in the fence. Edd gives Eddy a potted plant to give to Rolf for forgiveness. Turns out, this plant is the ""potted plant of ridicule"" and Rolf and Eddy ensue in a duel.

X Marks the Ed

#14 - X Marks the Ed 8.31

Season 3 - Episode 11

Eddy discovers that he has a pimple, and Rolf might be able to make it go away.

From Here to Ed

#15 - From Here to Ed 8.31

Season 3 - Episode 12

After a scam gone wrong, Eddy declares war on Kevin, much to Edd's disgust. Kevin insists he was completely uninvolved in the scam's failure.

Knock, Knock, Who's Ed?

#16 - Knock, Knock, Who's Ed? 8.27

Season 2 - Episode 3

It all starts out when the Eds are building a pool full of gelatin. Ed ruins the scam as usual and they decide to go back to his house for more gelatin. When they get to Ed`s basement Edd and Eddy stumble onto signs saying ""Don`t Miss,"" ""All Day Movie."" Ed tells them that the signs remind him not to miss the monster movie marathon. Edd and Eddy decide to watch the marathon also but Sarah and Jimmy kick them out while they're getting snacks. They also try to get into Kevin's house to watch it but that plan fails. Finally they go to Rolf's house and get to watch. Edd and Eddy are not impressed and they and Rolf are stuck watching the marathon.

Momma's Little Ed

#17 - Momma's Little Ed 8.26

Season 3 - Episode 2

Eddy wants to get on with yet another summer day of scams, but Edd refuses to leave the house until he's done his chores. Eddy gets and idea and makes Ed forge some ridiculous sticky notes. Ed's a human Xerox machine, so Edd has no idea. Ed and Eddy spend the rest of the day watching Edd humiliate himself miserably. Edd begins to fear his parents, and decides to move in with Eddy. Eddy doesn't like it, but he has no choice against Edd's guilt routine, and now he's Edd's slave for life (until the next episode).

Homecooked Eds

#18 - Homecooked Eds 8.25

Season 2 - Episode 11

Eddy goes home to find a trailer on his lawn. Edd tells him that some misinformed out-of-towners must've lost their way. The Eds go inside and find that the trailer belongs to the Kanker sisters. The Kankers tell the Eds that they're on holiday, and they can hang there as long as they want. They took all the Eds' stuff, and even kidnapped Plank to use him as a backscratcher. The Eds try to get rid of the trailer, but to no avail. Eventually, Jonny goes inside to rescue his buddy, and the trailer winds up on top of the fence between Eddy's and Kevin's houses, and the two fight to keep the trailer off their lawns...

Honor Thy Ed

#19 - Honor Thy Ed 8.25

Season 2 - Episode 15

The Eds are setting up a taco stand, when they hear a scream in the distance. They go off to see what's up. It was Jimmy that screamed. He had seen a ghostly figure in the window of the abondoned house. All the other kids think it's haunted, but Eddy remains skeptical. Kevin dares the Eds to go inside, and says he'll give them a jawbreaker if they go in. Piece of cake, or so it seems. The Eds end up getting trapped inside the house, and fall victim to an elaborate series of traps. They all wind up on a train ride to a far corner of the house, where they meet up with the Kankers. The Kankers had prepared a wedding ceremony, and force the Eds to ""marry"" them.

It Came From Outer Ed

#20 - It Came From Outer Ed 8.22

Season 3 - Episode 5

Eddy and Edd come up with an idea to trick Ed for laughs. Eddy drags Ed from his room while he is reading his new comic, ""Evil Tim."" After this idea bombs, Ed thinks of an idea for a scam. Throughout the episode, they follow through Ed's scam, doing some senseless things. We find out, Ed's scam has nothing to do with taking everyone's cash, but is ideal for a curse.

Floss Yer Ed

#21 - Floss Yer Ed 8.17

Season 2 - Episode 8

The Eds' latest scam goes well, but Jonny 2x4 doesn't have any money and pays them with coconuts instead. Ed gladly takes a bite out of his, and finds that his tooth is sore. Edd inspects him and finds that he's losing his last baby tooth. Eddy knows just what to do-- they'll yank the tooth out and get a well-needed load of cash from the tooth fairy. Ed and Double-Dee don't like the idea of pulling the tooth out, but Eddy won't be convinced otherwise. He cons the other kids into helping him out, and the whole cul-de-sac begins to try to get Ed's tooth out. A series of unfortunate accidents causes Eddy's tooth to fall out, whereupon it lands in the gutter. Ed inadvertantly eats it.

Dear Ed

#22 - Dear Ed 8.15

Season 2 - Episode 6

Another day, another dollar... The Eds find Jimmy hanging out with Plank one day, and ask him why. Jimmy tells them that Jonny 2x4 and Plank had ""a horrible tiff,"" and Jonny left Plank for good. Jimmy offered Plank a home. The Eds decide to help Jonny out, and make him a new friend. Eddy sets up a new scam, Ed's Friend Store, and offers him a traffic cone named Bob to be his new friend. Jonny and Bob don't hit it off, and they decide to go to Ed's house to find some potential friends. A worn boot named Salty Sam turns out to be rabid, and the Eds decide to go for one last idea. They put a face on every inanimate object in Eddy's house, and invite Jonny over. But he eventually finds Plank again, and they become friends once more.

Scrambled Ed

#23 - Scrambled Ed 8.15

Season 2 - Episode 16

Exhausted to the marrow, Edd finally finishes building his latest opus - a fort made from toothpicks - sometime w-a-y past bedtime and it puts his body clock into a severe state of rebellion. Morning comes and Ed n Eddy arrive with fantastic plans to build ""Ed's Sea Ranch"" but they can't get any enthusiasm - let alone wake Double-Dee. But without Edd of course their plan's a complete non-starter, so after trying to keep him alert by taping his eyes open and dragging him through the creek they simply dump his semi-comatose body over a boulder and improvise. The resulting mess blocks the creek but nobody notices. Back at Ed's place, Double-Dee is almost tempted into snuggling down in that bed - but not quite, so while Ed n Eddy are busy he slinks off to Sarah's instead. From here on in everybody wants a piece of Edd, be it for his body or his mind and still half asleep he finds himself being pulled in every direction and only saved when the long forgotten creek finally decides to unblock

Rambling Ed

#24 - Rambling Ed 8.08

Season 2 - Episode 12

Sarah interrupts the Eds' latest scam, a ghostly séance, to order Ed to clean up her room-- and a thousand other ""favors"". The Eds aren't going to get anything done if Ed's busy, and they decide that it's time for him to move out. Eddy leaves a gullible Jonny 2x4 to finish the chores, and together they go to Rolf's place, unloading Ed's stuff into his barn. Rolf is intrigued by the idea, and lets them stay there. But they start to drive him nuts as they make a mess of everything. They tip over the barn, Eddy lounges around on Rolf's stump, Edd is doing experiments with Rolf's eggs, and Ed is just generally being stupid. Rolf has had enough, and forces the Eds to do his chores for him.

Hands Across Ed

#25 - Hands Across Ed 8.00

Season 2 - Episode 7

After a plan gone horribly wrong winds up with the Eds cornered in the dump, Ed gives Eddy the idea for his next scam-- holdingg a TV telethon to raise money. They will pick selected talented people to help with the telethon. They hold auditions for ""local talent,"" and decide to have Jimmy and Nazz on the show. The Eds start their telethon, claiming that Ed's eyebrow is beginning to spread all over his body, and they need money for the operation. They don't quite keep the other kids' attention, as everything starts to go wrong, and they don't get any donations. The other kids go off to do their own show, and the Eds are stuck with another failed scam.