The BEST Episodes of Baby Looney Tunes

Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes!

Last Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Network: Cartoon Network

The characters of Looney Tunes are all babies and live with Granny.

The Wheel Deal

#1 - The Wheel Deal

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired Apr 6, 2005

The babies go out bike riding while Tweety rides with Floyd not amused from the lack of fun until the others customise a bike for him.

star 8.33
9 votes
A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream

#2 - A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream

Season 2 - Episode 12 - Aired Apr 11, 2005

The babies dress up for Halloween, while Lola, Melissa and Petunia end up with ridiculous costumes. Three Martian Birds accompany them on their trick or treating while Sylvester braves Hilltop Manor. The three girls win in the costume contest for originality.

star 8.33
9 votes
The Sandman Is Coming

#3 - The Sandman Is Coming

Season 1 - Episode 31 - Aired Oct 7, 2002

Granny tells the babies about the Sandman coming and putting the sand in their eyes while sleeping. Daffy gets scared and stays up all night.

star 8.29
7 votes
Who Said That?

#4 - Who Said That?

Season 1 - Episode 49 - Aired Oct 18, 2002

Daffy learns a bad word from the garbage man and later uses it when he gets angry. He teaches it to his friends, and they use it on Granny. Surprised, she confronts Daffy and shows him effective ways to control his anger.

star 8.29
7 votes
Pig Who Cried Wolf

#5 - Pig Who Cried Wolf

Season 1 - Episode 46 - Aired Oct 16, 2002

With no one but imaginary friends attending her tea parties, Petunia attracts the others attention with false alarms. She regrets this after the sink starts overflowing.

star 8.29
7 votes
Blast Off Bugs

#6 - Blast Off Bugs

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Apr 8, 2005

Floyd takes the babies to the museum, whilst Bugs dream on flying to the moon is shattered until, Taz gets them all tangled in the space experience zone.

star 8.20
5 votes
Baby Gate

#7 - Baby Gate

Season 1 - Episode 64 - Aired Nov 22, 2002

Melissa gossips tales of Taz to the others, whilst Bugs has doubts and tries to prove they aren't true. After proving Melissa wrong, she confesses her fibs.

star 8.20
5 votes
Time Out!

#8 - Time Out!

Season 1 - Episode 72 - Aired Dec 26, 2002

After misbehaving, Granny gives Taz, Daffy and Bugs a time out. Each time the three try to make up for it, their discipline is extended.

star 8.20
5 votes

#9 - Spinout

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired Sep 30, 2002

Taz loses his ability to spin and the babies help him learn again.

star 8.00
8 votes
Shadow of a Doubt

#10 - Shadow of a Doubt

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired Oct 1, 2002

Tweety sheds some light on what a shadow is.

star 8.00
8 votes
Flush Hour

#11 - Flush Hour

Season 1 - Episode 29 - Aired Oct 4, 2002

The babies are afraid of the toilet, and don't know what it's for until they flood it and soon find out that it's an alternative to diapers.

star 8.00
8 votes
Hair Cut-Ups

#12 - Hair Cut-Ups

Season 1 - Episode 43 - Aired Oct 15, 2002

With Lola's hair getting in her eyes, Melissa attends to it with hair gel only for Lola to get laughed at. Granny arranges for a hairdressing appointment but Lola has second thoughts about it, until Granny coaxes her.

star 8.00
7 votes
New Cat in Town

#13 - New Cat in Town

Season 1 - Episode 47 - Aired Oct 17, 2002

Sylvester gets envious when his attention for being cute is replaced by Baby Pepe, but he comes to like him after Pepe shows affection for him.

star 8.00
6 votes
A Clean Sweep

#14 - A Clean Sweep

Season 1 - Episode 44 - Aired Oct 15, 2002

Everyone cleans up after themselves before nap time except for lazy Daffy. Daffy's biggest mess puts his and the others' visit to the park at stake.

star 8.00
6 votes

#15 - Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-It!

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Apr 14, 2005

Floyd takes the babies to a farm. Tweety is met by a depressed Foghorn who is mocked by all the other roosters for his difference. The babies help him to gain spirit and courage and he befriends both Barnyard Dawg and the other roosters.

star 8.00
5 votes
To Tell the Tooth

#16 - To Tell the Tooth

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired Sep 27, 2002

When Bugs looses a tooth, Daffy tries to figure out a way to scam the Tooth Fairy.

star 7.89
9 votes

#17 - Mine!

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Sep 23, 2002

Daffy learns a lesson when he finds a purse filled with money.

star 7.88
16 votes
Bend it Like Petunia

#18 - Bend it Like Petunia

Season 2 - Episode 17 - Aired Apr 14, 2005

Floyd introduces the babies to a game of soccer, Daffy under the impression girls can't play it and Petunia and Taz with a better sportsmanship than the others. Petunia manages to score the game to a draw.

star 7.83
6 votes
Never Say Try

#19 - Never Say Try

Season 1 - Episode 65 - Aired Dec 9, 2002

After failed attempts of flying a kite, blowing bubblegum and dancing, Sylvester is inclined to give up new activities altogether, until the others trick him into trying finger painting.

star 7.75
4 votes
Melissa the Hero

#20 - Melissa the Hero

Season 1 - Episode 67 - Aired Dec 16, 2002

After helping Petunia's doll, Melissa brags on about being heroic by making up parts of what actually happened, annoying Petunia. However Melissa is in a tight spot when she has retell the story to everyone.

star 7.75
4 votes

#21 - Wrong!

Season 2 - Episode 19 - Aired Apr 15, 2005

The babies go with Floyd to pick apples. Melissa lectures the others on correctly picking the apples which annoys them, although she can't understand their reaction. Everyone shows their methods are not wrong but different.

star 7.75
4 votes
The Dolly Vanishes

#22 - The Dolly Vanishes

Season 2 - Episode 23 - Aired Apr 19, 2005

Granny takes the babies on a train to travel to Floyd's college. When Lola loses her doll Edna, she interrogates the others for their stories. Floyd reveals Edna has half shut in the train window.

star 7.75
4 votes
Stop and Smell Up The Flowers

#23 - Stop and Smell Up The Flowers

Season 2 - Episode 25 - Aired Apr 20, 2005

Pepe tours the babies around the Acme gardens finding a place to plant a lemon tree. Eventually everyone gets irritated by Pepe's stink, upsetting him, but they rejoin him and he introduces them to his pal Gossamer.

star 7.75
4 votes
Yours, Mine...and Mine, Mine!

#24 - Yours, Mine...and Mine, Mine!

Season 1 - Episode 58 - Aired Nov 19, 2002

Daffy believes he'll get some new toys in exchange for giving his old ones away not realizing what is in store for sharing his stuff.

star 7.75
4 votes
Pair O' Dice Lost

#25 - Pair O' Dice Lost

Season 1 - Episode 66 - Aired Dec 9, 2002

Daffy spoils everyone elses fun since he can't keep up with them and Bugs points out Daffy cannot even finish a single task. Granny rewards Daffy in return for trying to the finish even when things can't always go the way he wants them.

star 7.75
4 votes