The BEST episodes of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Every episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is a charming animated series that will capture both kids and their parents alike, with all-new outings featuring Pooh and the whole gang in the 100 Acre Wood. The world-famous bear, created by British author, A.A. Milne, is joined by his young master Christopher Robin, the ever-bouncy Tigger, the glum donkey Eeyore, the incurable know-it-all Rabbit, the always-confused Owl, squeaky Piglet, and the mother and son team of Kanga and Roo. Featuring quality animation along with original songs and scores, this series has the touching emotional qualities and "not just for kids" humor of the original Winnie the Pooh books.

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Piglet's Poohetry
5 votes

#1 - Piglet's Poohetry

Season 4 - Episode 10 - Aired 10/7/1991

Piglet comes to Pooh and Tigger at Pooh's house to read his poetry, much to Tigger's dismay. Piglet starts to read his poem, but Tigger finds it too sissy and begins to rewrite it, having Piglet fall down holes, chased by bumblybees and off cliffs... Now the poem i done, thank old Tigger for all the fun. Piglet runs off when Pooh asks him to read another. Later Piglet reads a poem about being small to Rabbit, Pooh and Eeyore. Piglet's blocked the house and locked himself in a cage to take precautions against Tigger who saws himself in through the roof, breaking Piglet's cage and he invades Piglet's poem again, but makes himself small instead... is chased by bugs and falls into the raging sea... Suddenly he's grabbed by a big bird beak... High in the sky he does soar... and falls onto an Eeyore ... And falls into Pooh's hunny... Tigger grows smaller... But Piglet says for him to grow tall and Tigger promises never to mess in Poohetry again... And now Tigger, you can go far, far away...

Tigger is the Mother of Invention
5 votes

#2 - Tigger is the Mother of Invention

Season 3 - Episode 13 - Aired 10/27/1990

Rabbit wishes the snow would fall neatly. Piglet wished it would fall in the Summer when it's warmer. Pooh wants to stop for a small smackerel. Tigger bounces them, looking for fun! Rabbit angrily says they're working... and wishes there was something to make snow shovelling less work. Tigger vows to invent some stupendous thing! Accepting a challenge is what Tiggers to the best! Woo hoo hoo hoo! He's off to invent something the likes of which nobody's never seen! He's been inventing for seven whole days... Now it's Spring and he's still inventing... But Tigger has no time for picnics. He's been inventing all Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn... Now his invention is invented! Behold the dawn of a new error! He unveiled his contraption! No more back breaking work for 'ol Long ears... No more picking vegebibbles! No more climbing hunny trees for Pooh... It beings the tree to you... It house cleans... House messes more like. Rabbit calls a meeting to do with you know who... He derails Tig

Where, Oh Where Has My Piglet Gone?
9 votes

#3 - Where, Oh Where Has My Piglet Gone?

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired 10/21/1989

Pooh is looking and looking for... It's easier losing something than it is finding it. Pooh is looking for Rabbit's hammer, while Piglet is trying to tell Pooh he's trying to learn how to sing. Rabbit comes looking or his hammer and leaves in a huff when Pooh tells him he's almost found it. Piglet wants Pooh to hear him sing... However he misunderstands Pooh when Pooh tells him his losing things upsets the others very much. Piglet leaves upset and Pooh thinks he's misplaced Piglet, Pooh tried to trap the hammer with nails... Rabbit comes to Pooh, but he still hasn't found the hammer. Rabbit comes to Pooh, but Pooh's still looking for the hammer and Piglet. Rabbit tried to help him, but Pooh ends up losing himself. Piglet's leaving with a mobile shower to practice his singing. Rabbit enlists the help of Gopher while Pooh gets Tigger to help. Pooh thinks he's lost Rabbit too. Pooh leaves Tigger and Tigger thinks Pooh's lost him too. The logical thing is for Pooh to be lost too, so he'll

The Monster FrankenPooh
35 votes

#4 - The Monster FrankenPooh

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired 10/14/1989

Tigger wants Piglet to tell a story about spookables and things that go shopping in the night. Piglet wants to tell a story about a not so scary story... Piglet wants it to happen in the day... Tigger the night... It's set in a castle... Tigger ends up telling the story because he's bored with how Piglet's telling the story... He makes a very large monster Frankenpooh... Tramping through the 100 Aker Woods for Hunny. Hunnyyyyy... Hunnyyyyy... Piglet wants the story to be not so scary... Bit Tigger makes the Pooh Monster much bigger... He almost bursts out of the frame, but the gang in the story go after the man Doctor Von Piglet... And plan to boil him into tomato juice... And the real Piglet is scared... The gang tells him they aren't really angry with him... Piglet calms down as Rabbit tells him he should know the difference between real and make believe and Pooh says he should too, as he sits with a tiny hunny pot on his hand...

Directors: Ken Kessel
All's Well That Ends Wishing Well
11 votes

#5 - All's Well That Ends Wishing Well

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired 9/30/1989

Rabbit, Piglet, Pooh, and Eeyore are throwing pennies into the well and making wishes. Pooh wished for more Birthdays and Tigger wants to have a birthday so he could make wishes that come true. However he doesn't know when it is? Piglet suggests to give Tigger a birthday. Tigger wants one today and bounces off wondering wish for. Piglet decides to gibe Tigger a Tigger preserver, a ducky life saver, Rabbit an unbouncy Tigger suit. Eeyore says it's the thought that counts. Tigger is busy practising and wishing for everything under the moon - oh yeah and that too! Tigger is happy on his birthday and blows his cake over Rabbit. He excitedly opens all his presents. Pooh gives an empty box and Eeyore couldn't think of what to give him, so he gives Eeyore him. Tigger likes his presents, but he's upset he didn't get anything he wishes for... No banana sticks and pogosticks... and the moon. Pooh goes to get the moon for Tigger. He drops a penny into the well and wished the moon will come down.

Fish Out of Water
37 votes

#6 - Fish Out of Water

Season 1 - Episode 29 - Aired 1/21/1989

Eeyore sits atop his hill, wishing to be a cloud, whilst a large school of trout rush by. They scare Piglet too, and crash through Rabbit's drain and through Gopher's tinners, by dingy! Rabbit chases them out and Gopher decides to move in until the annual migration. Rabbit wants to clear the trout out of Gopher's tunnels to Gopher can go home and leave his house alone! They try to trap the trout, but trap themselves whilst the trout push up out of the tunnel. The gang decides to make it rain and put poor old Eeyore on a kite and tell him to pour water into the clouds because he knows more about clouds than anyone. The water lands on Rabbit's head. Eeyore finds that the clouds are more springy that he'd imagined, rather nice he says. Rabbit is frantic to get rid of Gopher. Poor Eeyore's caught in a thunderstorm and thinks the clouds are mad at him. The gang is worried about him. He wants to get down, but the balloon on his tail keeps him up. Pooh decides to get the cloud down. A very go

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The Wishing Bear
65 votes

#7 - The Wishing Bear

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired 12/31/1988

When Christopher Robin shows Pooh a Wishing Star, Pooh tells Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit about it, and they all wish for something. But, when Pooh thinks he wished out The Wishing Star, he tries his best to fulfill his friends’ wishes.

Tigger, Private Ear
10 votes

#8 - Tigger, Private Ear

Season 1 - Episode 33 - Aired 2/4/1989

It was a dark and Blustery night... The Glockenspiel diamond has been stolen... But before Owl can finish the story, he says he loses his glasses... Tigger points to then on his head. Owl is amazed - he lost his glasses two weeks ago. Tigger proclaims himself ""Private Ear"" and goes in search of Mysteries. He decides to make a mystery and solve it when none comes to him. He sneaks into Piglet's house and steals his nose warmer, then alerts Piglet to the theft - and he promises to find it. That morning, he calls Pooh and Rabbit to the scene... Piglet was dreaming about Daffodils, which Piglets are allergic to so sayeth Tigger, and he points to the ceiling where the nose warmer was 'sneezed' off. The next thing he decides to do is take Pooh's Honey... he breaks one and takes one from Rabbit. In the morning, Tigger 'finds' Pooh's hunny pot. Rabbit runs to Tigger and begs him to find his hunny. They 'find' the hunny at Piglet's house. Now Rabbit and Pooh think Piglet took it. Tigger wants t

Party Poohper
36 votes

#9 - Party Poohper

Season 1 - Episode 34 - Aired 2/11/1989

Rabbit’s five hundred relatives are coming to visit him and there is little time left to do the preparations. He asks Pooh, Tigger and Piglet to help him by distracting his guests while he arranges the party. When Roo tells Tigger that Kanga wants to give him a bath, they hatch a plan to switch Roo with Piglet before he is given a bath. At first, it succeeds, but when Tigger and Roo get into a sticky situation (literally), will they resort to taking a bath?

Three Little Piglets
32 votes

#10 - Three Little Piglets

Season 2 - Episode 14 - Aired 10/28/1989

One upon a time there were three little Piglets... and a Hunny tree. Rabbit tells Pooh about putting hunny in every story. The first little Piglet lives in a house of straw... next to a hunny tree... There was a big bad bunny... In a baggy black bunny suit... This bunny's not being very bad, Tigger says, Rabbit says the story is getting off track. The second little Piglet lived in a house of sticks, resembling the Eeyore residence... or maybe it was a house of cards... Then the papa bear said... Rabbit is annoyed that they're mixing up the story as Tigger huffs and puffs and blows the house down. Now the three little Piglet's all together. The pleasure is all mine. No, it's mine... Rabbit is back... The Masked offender to the rescue! Rabbit is annoyed again. Maybe the big bad bunny wants to borrow some hunny... or to get out of the rain... Rabbit takes over in annoyance! I'm going to huff and puff and blow your tree down! However he's blasted away by a stream of hunny from his picnic b

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King of the Beasties
69 votes

#11 - King of the Beasties

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired 1/7/1989

Tigger makes a fake Jagular, and then beats it up so that he can become King of the Beasties. During a flood, the Pack Rats come, but with different plans this time.

Sorry, Wrong Slusher
67 votes

#12 - Sorry, Wrong Slusher

Season 4 - Episode 1 - Aired 9/14/1991

Christopher Robin's mum's telling him to go to bed... He pretends to sleep... and prowls into the lounge room, tied to the pillow and is greeted by Pooh and Piglet. Pooh's over to look for something sweet and Piglet's come to keep him company and they're going to watch TV. Tigger's come to join the fun too... However the gang fall asleep, and wake up to a Slusher film, much to Piglet's distress. During a commercial break, C. R rings to order a pizza. Pooh wants a hunny one, Piglet a small one with no tomato, no cheese and no crust and Tigger wants one with the lot! However the gang are talking so loud, Christopher Robin accidentally gives them the address next door, but when he rings back, he rings a wrong number and wakes up the recipient who is not impressed. Tigger's angry at being spoken to and rings him back and accidentally gives the address to the guy. The gang flee into Chris' bedroom and barrel up the door - but what if the Slusher's already in the house? Piglet's trying not t

Find Her, Keep Her
92 votes

#13 - Find Her, Keep Her

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired 10/1/1988

Rabbit needs to find Kessie.

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The Old Switcheroo
31 votes

#14 - The Old Switcheroo

Season 1 - Episode 35 - Aired 2/11/1989

Roo bounds through the 100 Acre Wood, terrified. His mother wants to give him a bath... Tigger and Roo hide out in Piglet's house. Kanga comes to borrow some bubbly bath, which she puts in her pouch, and she finds Roo in the flower pot. Tigger gets Pooh to help him save Roo from this terribbibble fate... Tigger plans to distract Kanga with the help of Pooh and switch Piglet with Roo. Oh dear... Tigger snatches Roo from Kanga's pouch whilst Pooh is distracting Kanga with a tree with a bird in it, or is it a fish, whilst Tigger plonks Piglet in Kanga's pouch... Kanga places 'Roo' into the tub with the bubbles. Kanga pretends not to know, whilst Tigger and Roo get down and dirty and blow the biggestest bubble gum bubbles... Boom! Pooh goes to Kanga's house and says ah-ha! Piglet is terrified that Kanga doesn't know who he is and tries desperately to say he's not Roo, he's Piglet. A gum tied Tigger and Roo come to Kanga's house to get cleaned up and unstuck.

Donkey for a Day
78 votes

#15 - Donkey for a Day

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired 9/17/1988

The gang tries to cheer up Eeyore.

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Fast Friends
31 votes

#16 - Fast Friends

Season 2 - Episode 16 - Aired 11/18/1989

The gang are having a fire drill... Tigger is playing the big bad fire and Piglet has to jump... He can't act any more scared, as they fumble around with Gopher's ladder... and now the net... But Piglet bounces off. Pooh Bear is late to the drill and the gang are angry that he's late again. Pooh never knows which is the last minute. Gopher plans to get the Bear movin' begins construction of... something. Rabbit gives Pooh a schedule that blows away. Piglet advises him to take shortcuts, but it confuses Pooh... Oh dear... Tigger gives Pooh racin' stripes. Gopher ties a pillow to Pooh and a helmet with a spring on his head... and Sets him off... Ohh boooooother!!!! Pooh speeds all over the 100 Aker Wood... but on the other hand... The fast Pooh Bear rockets through the 100 Aker Wood. Gopher tries a stop sign, a rickety bridge... a mattress blockade. Beautiful day, says Eeyore, birds, flowers. Pooh crashed into Eeyore. He stops and the fast stuff comes off him and Pooh apologizes for bein

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Cleanliness is Next to Impossible
80 votes

#17 - Cleanliness is Next to Impossible

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired 10/15/1988

When Pooh and Piglet investigate under the bed they are kidnapped by the evil Crud and his crayons and its up to Tigger and Christopher Robin to save the day.

The Piglet Who Would Be King
88 votes

#18 - The Piglet Who Would Be King

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired 10/8/1988

Pooh is looking through his closet and happens upon a spring from a Jack-in-the-box. He gives this to Piglet as a ’friendship present’. To show his thanks, Piglet, along with Tigger and Rabbit, set out to gather honey to give to Pooh in return. Since there is currently a honey shortage in, they decide to travel to the Land of Milk and Honey. Meanwhile, Pooh battles honey-nappers he thinks are stealing honey.

Prize Piglet
32 votes

#19 - Prize Piglet

Season 2 - Episode 15 - Aired 11/18/1989

Piglet is putting a small brown shoe and displays his favorite daffodil. The gang are curious about it and wonder what it is. Owl says it's a running trophy, everyone thinks Piglet is a champion Runner. They decide to have a race. Piglet wants to tell them the truth. Pooh says he's seen Piglet run away from things when there aren't any things to run away from. Owl suggests there should be a race. Piglet wants to give the trophy away. The gang go off to train. Piglet doesn't want to put things right, but the gang think he's a fantastical runner. Even Eeyore enters in blue running shorts. He doesn't want the trophy. Just the flower. Piglet wants to set things straight, but Owl says go before Piglet can say anything, and they're off! Pooh sits minding the trophy - he doesn't think it will hold much Hunny. Piglet thinks the others will be so disappointed if he doesn't win. Rabbit falls into the river and surfs, Eeyore looses his tail, when Piglet puts it on, he takes off. Gopher's running

Rabbit Marks the Spot
11 votes

#20 - Rabbit Marks the Spot

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired 9/9/1989

Ahoy, me matey swabs! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Through the 100 Aker Wood! Yo ho, everyone knows a pirate's life is free! Pirates is what we'll be! However Rabbit doesn't want them digging for treasure in his garden. However he's not going to get mad - he's going to teach them a lesson! He decides to let them find some worthless treasure, by means of a message in a bottle... A treasure map... supposedly belonging to his Great uncle Long John Cottontail... The only Rabbit pirate... They find the 'treasure' under the black X. Piglet and the gang decide to take the treasure to Piglet's house and try to pry the lock open. What's inside? Fun stuff? Hunny? Or rocks...? Rabbit hails himself as a genius, but he has a nightmare about tricking his friends and decides to get the chest back so his friends won't hate him. He douses himself in flour and dresses up as the ghost of Long John Cottontail... However he gets flattened by the drawbridge... Rabbit is upset and decides to leave the 100 A

Pooh Oughta Be in Pictures
162 votes

#21 - Pooh Oughta Be in Pictures

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired 9/10/1988

After watching a monster movie, Pooh and his friends decide to make their own movie, with Pooh being cast as the hero, Tigger as the monster and Piglet as the victim. But things go awry when Tigger’s monster costume is mistaken for a real monster by the others, and Piglet is particularly terrorized. More than the usual, that is.

Friend, in Deed
93 votes

#22 - Friend, in Deed

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired 9/17/1988

Pooh has been borrowing too much honey from Rabbit lately. This makes Rabbit mad to the point where he says that Pooh is “eating him out of house and honey”. Desperate, Pooh and his friends try to retrieve honey from a beehive, so Rabbit won’t have to move away. Nevertheless, this proves to be a daunting task. When Piglet shows sympathy for Eeyore always being so sad, Rabbit, Pooh, Tigger, Owl, Roo and himself decide to do various activities to cheer him up. Piglet is upset by the fact that there is nothing he can do to try to cheer Eeyore up, but it turns out that Eeyore is not as gloomy as they all thought.

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Magic Earmuffs
69 votes

#23 - Magic Earmuffs

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired 12/24/1988

"Christopher Robin, you know you can't skate without your earmuffs..." his Mum calls. He rushes out to play. Piglet is making a snowman, as the others whiz by on a snowboard and pick him up along the way. Gopher's ice fishing and Roo wants to play a game of Ice Cookie - (they don't have a real hockey puck) Piglet doesn't want to play - he can't skate and is terribly embarrassed. Christopher Robin gives Piglet his earmuffs and tells Piglet that he can skate with them and Piglet thinks they're magic. Eeyore is goalie, and eats the puck as it's hit toward him. He's knocked on his back, then gets up and walks off. After the game, Pooh goes to retrieve a honey pot and the gang go with him. The ice on the lake starts to crack. Piglet sees and is horrified as they're heading toward a waterfall. He puts on his earmuffs, grabs the gang's skates, and starts skating from ice piece to ice piece.

Directors: Karl Geurs
Pooh Skies
11 votes

#24 - Pooh Skies

Season 3 - Episode 9 - Aired 10/6/1990

Christopher Robin and Pooh are cloud watching... There's a whale... and a hunny pot... Christopher Robin tells Pooh that the clouds from a cloud machine... There's a dragon carrying a hunny pot... Cloud watching has given Pooh an apatite and he tried to whack a bee hive to get some hunny, but he gets a blue eggshell... Tigger thinks he broke the sky... They go to warn everybody... Pooh tells them how it happened. Eeyore thinks with one piece gone, the rest of the sky may fall too. The gang get scared that the whole sky will fall down on their heads. Eeyore isn't surprised that the sky is falling, just surprised the it didn't happen yesterday. The gang start preparing, Eeyore's built a house, built to withstand everything, except butterflies. Piglet has made a balloon sun... Very small animals are afraid of the dark. Tigger has made muddy puddles... Pooh's gathering hunny, not nearly enough... He has a whole mound... Rabbit has put umbrellas up all over his garden. The gang decide to mo

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Nothing But the Tooth
71 votes

#25 - Nothing But the Tooth

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired 11/19/1988

Pooh wakes at sixteen o'clock... Piglet visits him and he's just in time for a smackerel. Pooh finds a tooth amongst his marbles. Piglet and Pooh go to Rabbit. It's not an eye tooth or a nose tooth - Rabbit tells him it's his sweet tooth! Pooh is horrified - he can't eat honey without his sweet tooth. Rabbit tried to tie the tooth to Pooh... He plants it nest to his sweet potatoes and sweet peas... But he digs to deep and it falls into Gopher's tunnels. To make matters worse, the tooth is taken by Packrats, along with some of Gopher's tools leaving their trademark walnuts in place. The robbers are making their way through the 100 Aker Woods, and try to take a sundial. Owl comes to them and talks about yet another member of his family and takes the pretty doorbell (Pooh's tooth). Pooh goes to Owl and sees his familiar looking tooth, but it' taken by the Packrats again. Rabbit accidentally drops Piglet into the Packrats loot sack. The rats take off with Piglet, Pooh's tooth and Gopher's

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