The BEST episodes directed by Yûsuke Onoda

Shin Nitta
30 votes

#1 - Shin Nitta

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 5 - Episode 35

After learning from Mikuru that his father was a cardfighter and died while on Vanguard business, Chrono feels lost on what he should do. He tries to talk to Shin about it but decides not to. Sensing Chrono is troubled over something, Shin proposes to have a fight with him as a way to find the answer for himself. Shin shows that despite his appearance, he is a highly skilled fighter as he counters Chrono's tactics with his Murakumo deck. At the end of this fierce battle, Chrono manages to win on a gamble. Afterwards, Shin deduces that Chrono was asked by a family member to stop playing Vanguard, and Chrono realizes that he loves the game so much that he cannot quit. So, Chrono eventually confronts Mikuru and tells her his true feelings about Vanguard. Revealed to be acquainted with Shin and hearing from him about how much Vanguard changed Chrono's life, Mikuru now understands Chrono's feelings and allows him to continue playing the game.

Chrono vs. Ibuki
30 votes

#2 - Chrono vs. Ibuki

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 5 - Episode 47

After Kanzaki's resignation, the United Sanctuary branch was left in disarray with many of its staff members and fighters leaving. Fortunately, Kouji temporarily returns to revise the branch and make it more hospitable than before, thus bringing back the lost staff and fighters. Later, Kouji calls out Chrono to tell him about the Depend Card. However, Chrono insists on cardfighting Kouji and finally settle the score with him. Meanwhile, Shin meets with Mikuru to talk about Chrono's father...

Accidental Contact
63 votes

#3 - Accidental Contact

Ixion Saga: Dimension Transfer - Season 1 - Episode 13

After Kon and Ecarlate faked their death, the group finally can travel without worry. However, a crazy, misunderstanding young girl changes all that.

Beginning of a Long Summer
31 votes

#4 - Beginning of a Long Summer

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 5 - Episode 32

To cheer up the depressed pair of Tokoha and Shion, and to repay them for helping him return to grade 3, Chrono prepares a trip to a beach with amusing activities planned for the day. Unfortunately, the bad weather and other accidents ruin most of the fun that the three hoped to have. Chrono eventually reveals that he originally wanted to show a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower to Tokoha and Shion. After he reassures Tokoha and Shion of their abilities, Team TRY3 is then treated with a fireworks display from a nearby festival. But later, Shion declares to his teammates that he will be quitting Vanguard.

A Stormy Night
31 votes

#5 - A Stormy Night

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 6 - Episode 6

On a stormy night, Shion cardfights and loses to Kai multiple times. This makes Shion feel helpless and powerless but eventually realize that he can do more, thus gaining more confidence and determination. The next day, the Dragon Empire branch's G Quest begins. It is a city-wide treasure hunt with participants trying to gather as many treasure points as possible, but there are "chasers" who will impede them along the way. After TRY3 splits up, Chrono and Tokoha cardfight and defeat two chasers: Naoki and Shingo, respectively.

Kai's Lightning
31 votes

#6 - Kai's Lightning

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 6 - Episode 12

TRY3 takes on the Star Gate branch's G Quest. The goal is simple but has yet to be conquered by anyone: defeat either Kai or Kouji. Through this quest, Shion gets a rematch against Kai, who tests him with his Narukami deck. Despite going through many hardships and his best efforts, Shion ultimately loses to Kai. Nonetheless, Shion stays determined to get stronger, and Kai is left impressed with TRY3's progress.

Showdown! Team Q4 - Tokoha vs. Misaki
31 votes

#7 - Showdown! Team Q4 - Tokoha vs. Misaki

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 6 - Episode 23

The match of TRY3 vs. Q4 bears another meaning for TRY3; if Chrono and his teammates cannot beat Q4, then they will not be allowed to face Myoujin. The first game pits Tokoha against Misaki, who is using her Tsukuyomi deck. Despite Misaki returning cards into her deck and memorizing how she stacked her cards, Tokoha holds on by defending herself with the new Generation Guard mechanic. Tokoha then wins on the next turn, and Misaki is left satisfied with how far she has come.

Reunion with Kanzaki
31 votes

#8 - Reunion with Kanzaki

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 7 - Episode 4

Chrono and Taiyou seek Kanzaki, who is training in a secluded mountain range. They tell him about the situation with Ryuzu, and in exchange, Kanzaki tells them more about Depend Cards; they are contracts between a fighter and a summoned unit from Cray, but summoning units require a large amount of Stride Force. Kanzaki also reminds Chrono of their fight when Chrono had truly summoned Chronojet Dragon, which surprises Chrono of his own untapped power. Meanwhile, Shouma approaches Ibuki and warns him of certain punishment. After spending the night at Kanzaki's hut, Chrono and Taiyou return to the city and confront Hiroki, following Kanzaki's hunches. Having rebuilt his deck, Taiyou challenges Hiroki to a rematch.

Triangle of Divas
31 votes

#9 - Triangle of Divas

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 7 - Episode 10

To help with the reconstruction of the Dragon Empire Branch, Saya Yatomi returns to hold a special event, the "Happy Vanguard Festival", along with fellow idols Lisa Ferris and Remy Altena. Drawing many attendees, the festival moves on to the main event: a stage performance in which Saya, Lisa, and Remy try to show the evil "Black Vangua-rou" the fun of Vanguard. However, during the show, rain falls and causes one of the stage props to malfunction. Just when Saya thinks the show is ruined, Team TRY3 appears as Card Warriors Vanguamen. Thanks to them getting the audience involved, the show is saved, and the festival is an overall success.

Enishi vs. Am
31 votes

#10 - Enishi vs. Am

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 7 - Episode 15

To prevent Luna from being sacrificed for the Company's project, Am cardfights Enishi. She resolves herself to save Luna even if it means losing the chance to revive her parents. On the other hand, Enishi reveals his past in which he and a female friend suffered from a disease. He swore to protect her, but the girl eventually died while Enishi lived, which he thinks her life was given to save his. Believing that Luna's sacrifice is necessary for the sake of a better future, Enishi defeats Am and banishes her from the Company.

Smile of Queen and Schemes
31 votes

#11 - Smile of Queen and Schemes

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 8 - Episode 5

The one who Shion hopes to recruit to Fukuhara's Vanguard club is Rin Hashima, but doing so is not an easy task. Hayao requests for Rin to join, which she initially refuses, but he manages to catch her interest when he mentions that Mamoru Anjou will come teach the club. Later that afternoon, Rin comes to the clubroom before Mamoru does, and Shion coaxes her into playing against Hayao. While the two have their cardfight, Mamoru appears, and Shion tricks him into believing that Rin is a member of the club and she is training with Hayao. As a result, Rin reluctantly becomes an official club member.

True Feelings
31 votes

#12 - True Feelings

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 7 - Episode 21

Tokoha fights Enishi, who believes that Ryuzu's "perfect future" is the right one in which no one will be hurt. However, Tokoha tries to convince him that this future is a false one that only blinds people. She goes on by saying there may be tough times, but people can and will get through them. Defeating Enishi, Tokoha gets him to admit that even he thought Ryuzu's vision of a perfect future was wrong. Meanwhile, Am fights a projection of Luna's will, which is to make Am's wish of reviving her parents come true. Am confesses that what she truly wants is to be with Luna, even if it means having to wait longer for her parents to wake up from their comas. After Am beats the projection, the real Luna awakens.

My Blue Sky
34 votes

#13 - My Blue Sky

Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! - Season 1 - Episode 10

Sora can’t keep up with her school activates, studying, and housework. Her neighbor Kurumi has ended her run on the LunaLuna 7 and is having trouble finding new work. Can these two find the inspiration to move forward?

The Mass Slaughter Chapter - Part 2 - How to Alter Fate
81 votes

#14 - The Mass Slaughter Chapter - Part 2 - How to Alter Fate

When They Cry - Higurashi - Season 2 - Episode 7

Influenced by Keiichi's encouragement and the fact that her friends are starting to avoid repeating their mistakes by remembering glimpses of the other worlds, Rika decides to begin the fight against her own fate.

The Festival Orchestrating Chapter - Part 3 - Beginning of the End
78 votes

#15 - The Festival Orchestrating Chapter - Part 3 - Beginning of the End

When They Cry - Higurashi - Season 2 - Episode 16

As Hanyu hopelessly watches the cruel events that occur during the dam incident, she and Rika eagerly await the arrival of the one person who will be the key in bringing an end to the enemy's intentions.

The Festival Orchestrating Chapter - Part 7 - Trap
78 votes

#16 - The Festival Orchestrating Chapter - Part 7 - Trap

When They Cry - Higurashi - Season 2 - Episode 20

Rika gathers her allies and starts to make plans, while obtaining more information about the enemy and those supporting their ambitions.

The God Makes a Match
94 votes

#17 - The God Makes a Match

Kamisama Kiss - Season 1 - Episode 3

The land under Mikage Shrine's protection includes Isara Swamp and Himemiko, its guardian mistress, comes to pay her respects to the new land god. And Nanami's divine matchmaking powers are put to the test for the first time.

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Long Ago, We Learned from a Space Sheriff that Being Young is About Not Looking Back
60 votes

#18 - Long Ago, We Learned from a Space Sheriff that Being Young is About Not Looking Back

Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 1 - Episode 12

After waking up from a dream about his childhood, Hayate talks with Maria about having dreams to live for and believes that dreams in life are very important. After revealing a childhood dream of his, Hayate gets the day off and decides to visit his old high school. There, he meets one of his old classmates, Ayumu Nishizawa, who has a crush on him. Hayate finds out that his parents took the rest of his tuition money, leaving him without a high school to go back too. After he begins to leave, Ayumu confesses her love for him, but he turns her down. Later, Ayumu gets taken into the ground of Nagi's mansion under the pretense that Hayate was being held captive by yakuza.

Crossing the Yura River on a Boat Without Rudder
34 votes

#19 - Crossing the Yura River on a Boat Without Rudder

Chihayafuru - Season 2 - Episode 19

Taichi manages to take into account Harada's advice and cause his opponent to perform a double fault, bringing them level again. Meanwhile, Chihaya wins her match against Rion, encouraging Taichi and Yusei to work harder, pushing both of their games to a luck-of-the-draw scenario. The two synchronize the placement of their remaining card and, defying Taichi's general bad luck, their card is read and they win the tournament for Misuzawa. As Chihaya steps outside the hall, she sees Arata waiting for her and states that she has fulfilled her promise to become one of the best players in Japan.

Iron Mountain
45 votes

#20 - Iron Mountain

Needless - Season 1 - Episode 4

Adam and the others receive information from a mysterious character called Disk who instructs them to head to Iron Mountain. On the way they encounter a scared young girl called Mio who ends up tagging along. When they finally meet Disk they are surprised to find a young female cyborg rather than the decrepit old man they expected.

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66 votes

#21 - Flower

Blade & Soul - Season 1 - Episode 5

Shou, a man who hates the Heaven's Spirits, hires Alka as a bodyguard and then uses her to try to persuade a village to stop producing them. However, this village depends on the Heaven's Spirits, and Shou's pleas fall on deft ears. Shou creates a plan to help things go his way...

Si la flor del alma florece, el amor no se perderá
41 votes

#22 - Si la flor del alma florece, el amor no se perderá

Megalobox - Season 2 - Episode 4

Chief fights in the last match of the tournament. Will he be victorious?

In a Heartbeat
16 votes

#23 - In a Heartbeat

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 29

Xin must cope with a grave injury in his fight to take Lun Hu's head. Lian Po continues his seemingly unstoppable march on Meng Ao's main camp.

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You're Creepy
27 votes

#24 - You're Creepy

Koikimo - Season 1 - Episode 12

A few days after they went flower viewing, Ichika is anxious because she hasn't heard from Ryo since and she decides to talk to Rio about it. Rio tells Ichika that she should try contacting him herself, which Ichika is rather nervous about. Rio tells her that she feels sorry for her brother because Ichika won't make up her mind on how she feels about Ryo. Ichika builds up the courage and finally calls Ryo, but he tells her that he's busy with work and won't be able to talk to her for a while as if he's trying to keep his distance from her...

The Path to Victory
152 votes

#25 - The Path to Victory

Saga of Tanya the Evil - Season 1 - Episode 10

Tanya's spectacular mission is a success, and the Republic is surrounded and crippled. But on her way back, she runs into a group of allied mages, lead by Anton Souix, the man she crippled once more. He's back, and powered by Being X, and his one mission in life is to take down the Devil of the Rhine!

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The Sword and DEAD
646 votes

#26 - The Sword and DEAD

High School of the Dead - Season 1 - Episode 9

Saeko and Takashi find a new vehicle to evade the horde of undead in between them and Saya's home.

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49 votes

#27 - Rings

TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You - Season 1 - Episode 5

During the ruckus as the Kaginoji house, Nasa and Tsukasa pledge their love to each other at a church. After Nasa reports to Kaname that he has finally proposed, she points that he still doesn't have a ring. Although he doesn't take much notice at first, Nasa gradually becomes more self-consciousness about the role of a ring in newlywed life.

You're Just Messing With Me
25 votes

#28 - You're Just Messing With Me

Koikimo - Season 1 - Episode 3

Ichika ends up slamming a volleyball into the face of her classmate, Tamaru Kai during gym class. She later goes to apologize to him when he's reading a book, but she realizes the book is connected to the anime that she loves, and Kai promises to lend her the series. That night Ryo meets up with Ichika at a convenience store so he can walk her home, and Kai also happens to be there. Ryo finds out that Kai is letting Ichika borrow some books. Kai tells Ichika that he'll see her tomorrow at school, but then Ryo calls him over.

Sato Solver
37 votes

#29 - Sato Solver

Needless - Season 1 - Episode 10

Adam looks back at the first time he met Sato and Solva. Some years ago whilst Adam and Seto were on an assignment for the Guild they encountered a young girl called Solva who is not what she first appears.

Even If You Should Die
429 votes

#30 - Even If You Should Die

The Seven Deadly Sins - Season 1 - Episode 5

Golgius appears and attempts to take Elizabeth and Meliodas' sword back to Liones. Whilst attempting to take the sword, Meliodas awakens, with no effect of the poison showing, proceeding to blast an aura that causes Golgius to make a hasty retreat. Meliodas and Elizabeth set off to Baste Dungeon afterwards, however, they are stopped by a confused Diane, who after hearing the sound of a bell, attacks the group. They try to run away from the berserk Diane, involving a pair of shepherds along the way, however Meliodas soon succumbs to the same bell, and begins to fight Diane. Meanwhile in Baste Dungeon, Ban is shown wandering around after having dealt with Jericho. It is not long before he is found by Jude of the Weird Fangs, who promptly stabs Ban in the chest.

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Las derrotas pasadas son acompañadas por señales de buena suerte
36 votes

#31 - Las derrotas pasadas son acompañadas por señales de buena suerte

Megalobox - Season 2 - Episode 10

The executives don't like Yukiko's decision to possibly end the company's partnership with ROSCO. Meanwhile, Joe and Sachio settle things once and for all.

Three Forces United
17 votes

#32 - Three Forces United

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 23

Meng Tian skillfully brings all three special forces together in his plan to eliminate Lun Hu, but will the shrewd assassin fall prey to his scheme?

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85 votes

#33 - Siblings

Gangsta. - Season 1 - Episode 9

A few of the Twilights inside the night club suddenly pull knives and start attacking those around them, forcing Marco and Galahad to take action. Mikhail joins the fray, collecting dogtags, as Worick begins connecting the dots.

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Archer of Beast Woods
59 votes

#34 - Archer of Beast Woods

The Faraway Paladin - Season 1 - Episode 6

After leaving the city of the dead, Will embarks on a journey into the unseen world. He walked through the woods for days, and the first person he met was a hunter and half-elf Menell. Even after parting from him, Will still has the joy of talking to people of his age. However, there was a revelation from Grace Feel that night--

A Flimsy Alliance
293 votes

#35 - A Flimsy Alliance

Dr. Stone - Season 1 - Episode 10

Senku and his kingdom of science successfully test the first lightbulb since the collapse. Meanwhile, Asagiri Gen, a spy from Tsukasa’s empire, is killed by an unknown attacker.

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King of Farmers
19 votes

#36 - King of Farmers

No-Rin - Season 1 - Episode 2

Kosaku shows new girl Ringo around the school and introduces her to childhood friend Minori Nakazawa, best friend Kei Kamatori, pet wallaby Wakadana and large breasted classmate Kocho Yoshida. During a welcome party Ringo seems oddly jealous of how close Minori is to Kosaku, at least until an unfortunate laundry room encounter turns into a "best panties" competition.

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Grim Reaper
67 votes

#37 - Grim Reaper

Golden Kamuy - Season 1 - Episode 4

Sugimoto visits an Ainu village where he learns about their ways and culture. The next day he leaves in secret, where he is captured by the 7th and tortured.

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Wondrous Medicine Production
58 votes

#38 - Wondrous Medicine Production

Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- - Season 1 - Episode 7

In order to save Rembrandt's wife and children from the cursed disease afflicting them, Makoto and Hazal get to work producing the wondrous medicine known as ambrosia. After administering the medicine, Makoto prays for their recovery and leaves Rembrandt's mansion. Tomoe and Mio meet up with Makoto after he completes the job. They're attacked by a group of strangers who have been following them since they left the inn...

Renowned Glory
49 votes

#39 - Renowned Glory

The Faraway Paladin - Season 1 - Episode 10

Will, who was to have an audience with the lord Ethelwald as a "Killing Wyvern," offers to gather private soldiers to eliminate the frequent damage caused by monsters. Ethel once shows an intimidating attitude to such an outlandish offer, but decides to identify Will and forgive it. Head to a bar where adventurers gather to find friends to fight with.

The Man Lian Po
18 votes

#40 - The Man Lian Po

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 14

Lian Po, once one of Zhao's Three Greats, is called to the battlefield again. The Fei Xin Force tries unconventional tactics to storm Jinliguan.

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Revenge at the Critical Moment
14 votes

#41 - Revenge at the Critical Moment

Baby Steps - Season 2 - Episode 7

The Kanagawa Prefectural begins as Eiichirō faces off against Araya's new underclassman Nishimura. Araya has told Nishimura all of Eiichirō's weaknesses from the year before, making Nishimura very confident in his chances of winning. To counter this knowledge Eiichirō debuts his new serve and wins easily 6-0. Eiichirō then goes to scout Miyagawa, knowing he will be his second round opponent, but he arrives just in time to see the final point as Miyagawa wins 6-1, giving neither the knowledge of each other's growth in the past year.

Odds and Ends
79 votes

#42 - Odds and Ends

Gangsta. - Season 1 - Episode 12

With Galahad at the Paulklee Colony, the Cristiano Family looks to Nicolas to protect Loretta. Joel confronts Marco about Constance's disappearance. Worick has suspicions about Ivan.

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My Answer
23 votes

#43 - My Answer

Koikimo - Season 1 - Episode 9

Kai and Ichika meet at the station on Saturday so that she can tell him her reply after he asked her out. Ryo coincidentally passes by and finds out the reason that Ichika seemed troubled lately is because Kai had asked her out. Meanwhile, Arie invites Ryo to dinner so that she can tell him how she feels. She brings up the fact that even if Ryo and Ichika did go out, their age gap might just make them both suffer, and then gently places her hand on his...

When You Surround an Army, Leave an Outlet Free
57 votes

#44 - When You Surround an Army, Leave an Outlet Free

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - Season 1 - Episode 12

After defeating the Dukes of Carmine and Vargas, Souma finally came to terms with Elfrieden’s civil war. It was then that, against all odds, he declared war on the principality of Amidonia to force Gaius to relinquish the city of Altomura. The final battle between Amidonia and Elfrieden will be fought in Van, the capital of the principality of Amidonia!

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6 votes

#45 - Agnishwattas

Needless - Season 1 - Episode 18

As Cruz hovers between life and death, Aruka and Saten try to destroy Blade and his comrades once and for all.

Keith Disappeared... Part 1
23 votes

#46 - Keith Disappeared... Part 1

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! - Season 2 - Episode 9

Catarina is feeling thrown off by her sudden awareness of Geordo, so when she's back at home during a break from school, she spends her time working her fields for a change of pace. When she's done, she heads to Keith's room to show him the vegetables she's grown... but Keith isn't there, and instead she finds a letter in his room saying that he's running away.

Proof of Rightness
160 votes

#47 - Proof of Rightness

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 51

After Captain Yami saved the Black Bulls in the Underwater Temple, Yami and Asta return the stone to the Wizard King and report what happened when suddenly a large enemy force arrives at one of the Clover border cities near the Diamond Kingdom... a Great Enemy has appeared, but the Golden Dawn Magical Knights Squad is rushing in.

Chiaki Hoshinomori and Account Hack
56 votes

#48 - Chiaki Hoshinomori and Account Hack

Gamers! - Season 1 - Episode 9

Having learned that, all along, Keita was the number-one fan of her games, as well as her best buddy in an MMO, Chiaki's feelings for him become more than just a little bit complicated.

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I thought we would do our best at the culture festival?
60 votes

#49 - I thought we would do our best at the culture festival?

And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? - Season 1 - Episode 10

The Net Game Club members find that they are obliged to take part in the upcoming school culture festival. However, they are at a loss as to what presentation to make, until Kyoh has an idea that coincides with Legendary Age's fall update.

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Well Fed, Well Regarded
72 votes

#50 - Well Fed, Well Regarded

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - Season 1 - Episode 5

Juna and Poncho close out their cooking show with their take on udon noodles. Marx steps down as prime minister, and as Hakuya fills the vacancy, he insists that Souma get some rest. Souma, Liscia, and Aisha take a tour of the castle town incognito.

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