The Best Episodes Directed by Nelson Mccormick

Oedipus Wrecked

#1 - Oedipus Wrecked

NYPD Blue Season 9 - Episode 20

It's the morning after and John and Rita scramble to get ready to leave for work as their pagers go off. Rita must have been gentle, because John isn't showing any signs of suffering from a groin injury. They both join the other detectives at the scene of a double homicide, with an additional victim at the hospital. Medavoy announces that his daughter is going to be getting married, he's going to meet the future bride and groom for dinner tomorrow evening. McDowell and Ortiz respond to a call about a middle-aged woman who's discovered carrying narcotics. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a suspect who was in one of the victim's appointment books. He comes on strong, until he hears about the murder. Ortiz and McDowell interview their middle-aged drug courier, but she denies knowledge about where the drugs came from. Then she has a realization and confesses to being the courier; but her story doesn't sit right with them but they give up pursuing it further. Katie Medavoy stops by

star 8.78
65 votes
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Things Fall Apart

#2 - Things Fall Apart

The West Wing Season 6 - Episode 21

Faced with a Democratic party in disarray in the face of the strongest Republican challenger they have ever had, Bartlet asks Leo to take charge of the potentially chaotic Democratic National Convention, while Santos considers a party-unifying vice-presidential offer from front-runner Russell. Meanwhile, the International Space Station is leaking oxygen and a rescue of the three astronauts will be difficult, and Bartlet catches Charlie leaving Zoey's bedroom after a nighttime visit.

star 8.39
675 votes
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#3 - Transition

The West Wing Season 7 - Episode 19

Former cast member Rob Lowe returns as a senior political official in this episode, which finds Bartlet and his staff making the transition as easy as possible for the president-elect, who discovers some unpleasant realities about his new job. Meanwhile, a stressed-out Josh realizes that he may need to take some time off after he reaches his breaking point.

star 8.16
756 votes
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The Truth and Other Lies

#4 - The Truth and Other Lies

Third Watch Season 5 - Episode 1

Although Dade encourages him to keep quiet, Bosco tells Swersky everything that transpired with Maritza, Noble, the death of Willie G, and the shootout in Noble's hotel room, and confesses that he killed Noble after Noble pulled out a gun, Faith was shot by Maritza, and that he grazed Maritza's head with a bullet to keep her from killing Faith; wracked with grief that his wife has a bullet next to her spine, Fred attacks Bosco and threatens to kill him when he discovers that Faith became injured while she was helping her partner out of yet another jam; a critically injured Lt. Johnson, in excruciating pain and with only hours to live, begs Jimmy and Doc to ease his suffering; overwhelmed at the sight of Lt. Johnson's wife lashing out in heartbreak and anger, and her husband's horrific suffering and imminent death, Doc sadly helps out his boss one last time; Swersky has Maritza arrested when she refuses to tell him what happened during the shootout; Bosco learns that Noble was working f

star 8.13
71 votes
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#5 - Firestarter

Third Watch Season 4 - Episode 7

When a fire breaks out in the supermarket where Bosco and his mother Rose are doing some late night shopping, Bosco rescues most of the shoppers but cannot save a young mother when she goes back inside to retrieve her purse. After Jimmy tells him that the fire was probably deliberately set, Bosco is convinced that he saw the arsonist in the crowd outside after the fire. Sgt. Cruz gets Bosco and Faith assigned to the Anti-Crime Unit for a few days so that they can track the guy down. At the scene of another supermarket fire the next night, Faith takes down license plate numbers, Cruz photographs the crowd and cars at the scene, and Bosco nabs the man he saw in the crowd the night before. The man turns out to be a fire buff, but Faith and Cruz's work bears fruit and they find their arsonist -- the son of Doug Maple, an NYFD arson investigator. A depressed Sully is still on leave, drinking too much, and sleeping on the couch at Ty's and Carlos' apartment; Doc connects with an attractive

star 8.12
97 votes
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Necessary Evil

#6 - Necessary Evil

The Closer Season 7 - Episode 11

The death of a high school principal who had been trying to raise test scores at his school to prevent it from being closed causes Brenda and Fritz to fight over who has control of the case because an already existing FBI investigation causes the cases to overlap.

star 8.11
490 votes
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Regreso del Infierno

#7 - Regreso del Infierno

Gang Related Season 1 - Episode 7

With Daniel held hostage and the clock ticking, Ryan engages in a dangerous heist to steal back the confiscated fishscale.

star 8.10
313 votes
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Speak of the Devil

#8 - Speak of the Devil

Marvel's Daredevil Season 1 - Episode 9

When Fisk gains the upper hand, the goal to destroy him becomes even more difficult, while Daredevil faces his own demons.

star 8.07
4987 votes
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The Woods

#9 - The Woods

Cold Case Season 2 - Episode 23

The discovery of nine human skulls leads Rush back to George Marks, the serial killer she was unable to incriminate months earlier, and who walked away a free man. As the detectives reinvestigate his mother's murder from 1972, George is forced to emerge from hiding to face Rush again. This time, their very lives are at stake in their final showdown.

star 8.06
476 votes
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Behind the Eyes

#10 - Behind the Eyes

Prison Break Season 5 - Episode 9

Dangerous threats keep Michael and Lincoln fighting to protect Sara and Mike; Poseidon's attempts to outsmart Michael and the rest of the gang lead them to the ultimate showdown.

star 8.04
4024 votes
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Behind The Eyes

#11 - Behind The Eyes

Prison Break Season 5 - Episode 9

Dangerous threats keep Michael and Lincoln fighting to protect Sara and Mike. Meanwhile, Poseidon continues to try and outsmart Michael and the rest of the gang, which leads them to the ultimate showdown, and not everyone makes it out alive.

star 8.04
4244 votes
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#12 - Broken

Third Watch Season 6 - Episode 8

Maritza calls on her own experience to persuade a rape victim to identify his attacker and sign a complaint after she collars the perp and gets a confession; Ty's prison visit to his father's killer has devastating consequences for both of them; Faith frantically searches for her son when Fred's girlfriend reports that he's missing; the former partners come to blows after Ty accuses Sully of being part of the cover up in the death of Ty's father; both Ty and Sasha deny telling I.A.B. about the knife when Maritza questions them; Sasha uncovers further details about the conspiracy to murder Ty's father and the ensuing cover up.

star 8.03
66 votes
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Heroic Measures

#13 - Heroic Measures

The Closer Season 2 - Episode 9

When a young boy blames himself for the death of his friend, Brenda must tread lightly to get to the bottom of the case. Complicating matters is the deceased child's mother, who offers up accusations of her own.

star 8.02
317 votes
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#14 - Detox

House Season 1 - Episode 11

House has to find out why a patient has internal bleedings after a car crash. In the meantime, he has a wager with Cuddy he can stay off the painkillers. Will his withdrawal symptoms eventually kill his patient?

star 8.01
2811 votes
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Road Block Duty

#15 - Road Block Duty

Over There Season 1 - Episode 2

The squad is assigned to roadblock duty and is forced to shoot two motorists who ignore their orders to stop. Meanwhile, Bo’s estranged, alcoholic father visits him in the hospital.

star 8.01
285 votes
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#16 - Underwater

SouthLAnd Season 4 - Episode 2

Things are gonna change with Joel Rucker as the new captain. Lydia and Ruben investigate a convenience store murder, and Lydia uses her typical compassionate charm to collect facts on her suspect from an unassuming grandmother. Meanwhile, John and Jessica get to test their physical abilities when they're attacked on the street. Elsewhere, Sammy and Ben ride with a mistake-prone officer, but Ben is the one making mistakes... mistakes that earn him some notoriety.

star 8.00
804 votes
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#17 - Omnivore

Criminal Minds Season 4 - Episode 18

Agent Hotchner revisits the first case he worked at the BAU when details come forth that one of the deadliest serial killers in New England's history has struck again after a 10-year hiatus.

star 7.99
1525 votes
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Family Ties (2)

#18 - Family Ties (2)

Third Watch Season 5 - Episode 17

Maritza goes all out on the hunt for Michael after Dade dies, as does Bosco, who's intent on finding his brother before Maritza does; Faith calls Maritza a liar in front of Swersky when Maritza claims that she saw Michael shoot Dade; Fred is still angry about Faith repartnering with Bosco, and refuses to discuss it; Breene revisits the house and urges the paramedics to talk to professionals or to each other to help deal with the stress of the shootout; looking to collect the reward for information leading to Dade's killer, Anthony tells Maritza where Michael can be found after she lies to him about her relationship with Bosco; Bosco finds Michael moments before Maritza, and his brother claims that he's innocent and that a drug dealer named Spider was Dade's murderer; Spider comes out with machine guns blazing when Maritza, Sully, Ty, Faith and Bosco attempt to arrest him, and a ferocious gun battle ensues; Maritza agrees to work with Michael as an informant after Bosco pleads for his

star 7.97
69 votes
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#19 - Gateway

Colony Season 1 - Episode 10

After a high-value hostage is kidnapped by the Resistance, the Los Angeles block is placed on lockdown.

star 7.94
3271 votes
The Art of the Deal

#20 - The Art of the Deal

Prison Break Season 3 - Episode 13

LJ and Whistler are exchanged, but more surprises abound. Meanwhile, T-Bag's scheming finally pays off.

star 7.94
1263 votes
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Day 8: 3:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M.

#21 - Day 8: 3:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M.

24 Season 8 - Episode 12

Nuclear fuel rods await transport into Manhattan, Jack pursues a lead to a hotel, Kayla is in danger, and a Southern probation officer wants information from Dana.

star 7.92
3536 votes
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Road Block

#22 - Road Block

The Closer Season 7 - Episode 14

The LAPD's Police Commissioner and his wife, Gail, may be in trouble when Brenda becomes determined to uncover a scandal one of them tried to cover up.

star 7.91
460 votes
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The Gang is Satirized and Doesn’t Like It

#23 - The Gang is Satirized and Doesn’t Like It

The Good Fight Season 4 - Episode 4

A former divorce client, Duncan Herz, seeks the firm’s help, claiming a buzzy new play running in Chicago is based on his divorce and shares specific details that unearth more than just his dirty laundry. Diane attempts to get to the heart of Memo 618 when a missing case leads her to the corporate overlords themselves, STR Laurie.

star 7.91
551 votes
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Useful Idiot

#24 - Useful Idiot

Homeland Season 7 - Episode 9

Carrie has problems at home. Saul and Wellington work on Paley.

star 7.91
3452 votes
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The Proffer

#25 - The Proffer

Vanished Season 1 - Episode 11

Agents Lucas, Mei and Tyner get ready for Sara's return after the demands are met. A tip with information about Kelton changes the direction of the investigation again.

star 7.88
69 votes
Damage Is Done

#26 - Damage Is Done

ER Season 8 - Episode 13

Eleanor Carter tends to a young leukemia patient, trying to make up for Bobby's death many years ago. Mark treats the victims of a letter bomb, and later treats his own daughter when Ella is rushed in after swallowing some of Rachel's Ecstasy. Abby treats a young girl who has been chauffering her drunken mother around. Abby also hides Joyce in her apartment while Brian searches for her and causes a ruckus. An allergic Gallant treats a blind man with a dog. Chen returns to the day shift, working with Weaver for the first time. Romano gives some of Weaver's duties to Lewis, making Kerry mad, until she meets a new friend on her way home.

star 7.88
224 votes
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#27 - Clockwork

Touch (2012) Season 2 - Episode 9

As Martin tracks down a man Jake led him to, he discovers that he was Dr. Teller's first patient and is now on death row.

star 7.87
960 votes
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Bad Blood

#28 - Bad Blood

Prison Break Season 2 - Episode 17

Michael Scofield and Sara Tancredi fail to get the tape from the Corona de Oro cigar club in Chicago, where security was at the ready, and turn to former warden Henry Pope, a club member, but he wants to call the police, so Michael draws his gun and hands it over to prove his veracity; Sarah convinces him to go in with her late fathers humidor key- he finds a computer memory stick. In Mexico, Fernando Sucre has car trouble and gets a ride- from an Ixtapa airport security employee, who sees his wanted-poster just after they parted at the airport, so he must run with his bride. T-bag and his forced-along family find his own house vandalized and looted except for the family bible, which arouses in him youth memories of his perverted father, and assures Suzy he wants their love and is happy to be infertile, her bloodline should take the Bagwells's place; when she refuses he locks them up, considers ax-murdering but just leaves them behind. FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone has tracked down Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin and his daughter, but lets them escape in a bus rather then shoot the kid; C-Note brings her to a doctor, worried about the kidney disease PKD, but won't allow inserting a catheter, rather turns himself in to Mahone, who is with his own boy in Colorado, and makes a deal to get him Schofield. Pope is out of the club, but is greeted at the entrance by Secret Service Special Agent William 'Bill' Kim, whom only Paul Kellerman, watching from a roof with Linc, knows at sight; Michael drives over Kim and gets away with Pope, Sarah and Linc, locking Kellerman out. When Michael tells the others he's prepared to honor his promise to Pope -which the others didn't know about- to turn himself in for his help, Henry hands him the stick and lets them go.

star 7.86
1373 votes
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Under the Skin

#29 - Under the Skin

Criminal Minds Season 15 - Episode 1

The BAU team investigates an UnSub with striking similarities to Rossi’s latest obsession, The Chameleon—a.k.a. Everett Lynch—who nearly killed him and then disappeared.

star 7.85
687 votes
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#30 - Leviathan

Touch (2012) Season 2 - Episode 13

Aster Corps gets closer to completing the number sequence; Martin and Trevor race to stop them and save Amelia and Jake.

star 7.84
900 votes
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Lover's Lane

#31 - Lover's Lane

Cold Case Season 1 - Episode 23

When DNA evidence reveals that a wrong man was convicted for killing 15-year-old Eve Kendall back in 1986, the team re-opens her case in an attempt to find the real killer.

star 7.84
454 votes
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Unfinished Business

#32 - Unfinished Business

Longmire Season 1 - Episode 10

In the first-season finale, a teen is murdered after being acquitted of raping a Cheyenne girl. Later, Walt is forced to finally confront his wife’s death.

star 7.84
987 votes
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Never Say Die

#33 - Never Say Die

SEAL Team Season 2 - Episode 2

Jason and Bravo Team travel to Saudi Arabia, where extremists take hold of an underground water source and threaten to release anthrax into the water supply. Also, Ray contemplates joining another team.

star 7.84
1278 votes
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#34 - Ogygia

Prison Break Season 5 - Episode 1

Seven years has passed and with everyone moved on with their lives, Michael is discovered to still be alive after his apparent death and has ended up in a Yemen prison. Lincoln gets a visit from a familiar face and learns the news about Michael and his whereabouts.

star 7.83
6632 votes
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The Company

#35 - The Company

Criminal Minds Season 7 - Episode 20

When Morgan's sister sees a woman who looks like their presumed-dead cousin, Cindi, it forces Morgan to confront a lie he told his family last year to provide closure and compels the BAU to reopen the case of her disappearance.

star 7.83
2013 votes
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My Heart Belongs to Daddy

#36 - My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Kidnapped Season 1 - Episode 6

Ellie's father Benjamin Rand steps in and takes over and he is willing to do anything to get his grandson back, but will it cost him his own life? Meanwhile Knapp and King keep searching into the Cain's past while Conrad is arrested.

star 7.83
137 votes
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Gyre (1)

#37 - Gyre (1)

Touch (2012) Season 1 - Episode 11

The Aster Corporation's interest in Jake increases as Martin and Abigail seek common ground in the custody battle for his son.

star 7.83
1691 votes
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#38 - Progeny

Prison Break Season 5 - Episode 8

Michael and Lincoln enlist the help of Sheba and C-Note to catch Poseidon when Sara and her son are threatened; Whip takes a separate mission; T-Bag reveals a secret.

star 7.82
4355 votes
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Help Wanted

#39 - Help Wanted

The Closer Season 6 - Episode 2

Capt. Raydor (special guest Mary McDonnell) accompanies Brenda on an investigation involving the disappearance of a nanny working for close friends of the mayor. Meanwhile, Raydor’s real purpose in taking part in the investigation could have big career implications for Brenda.

star 7.82
605 votes
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I Is for IRS

#40 - I Is for IRS

Evil Season 2 - Episode 11

The IRS taps the team to investigate the legitimacy of a new organization seeking religious status for tax exemption.

star 7.82
385 votes
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The Winds

#41 - The Winds

SouthLAnd Season 3 - Episode 5

When a rape victim hires a lawyer and refuses to talk with the two detectives unless her lawyer is present, Lydia and Josie want to know why. Meanwhile, John strikes up an unlikely friendship with a boy who returned home after a sleepover, only to discover his parents had packed up and moved during the night, abandoning him and leaving him to fend for himself, Later on, John begins to feel the stress over the prospect of testifying at his father's upcoming parole board hearing, but he doesn't realize his testifying will open up an emotional can of worms that he's not prepared for.

star 7.81
725 votes
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Great Firewall

#42 - Great Firewall

The Good Wife Season 2 - Episode 16

The law firm of Lockhart, Gardner and Bond sues a social networking site on behalf of a Chinese dissident. Eli gets a tip that he hopes will drive Childs out of the race. Will and Diane hope to wrestle the firm away from Derrick Bond once and for all.

star 7.78
2173 votes
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N Is for Night Terrors

#43 - N Is for Night Terrors

Evil Season 2 - Episode 1

The team is given the task of evaluating the likelihood of Leland being possessed, which if decided true, would require them to exorcise him.

star 7.78
611 votes
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Rebel Without a Pause

#44 - Rebel Without a Pause

Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 - Episode 6

A Revolutionary War re-enactment becomes the scene of a real killing when a soldier turns up dead. Maura's extensive knowledge of American history becomes important as she and Jane try to solve the case. And Maura's brilliant mother, Constance Isles, comes to Boston for an art exhibit.

star 7.77
1519 votes
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Three Monkeys

#45 - Three Monkeys

The Man in the High Castle Season 1 - Episode 6

Joe celebrates VA day at Smith's house. Juliana accepts a job working for Tagomi as she continues her search for answers. Smith invites an old friend to join the celebrations, with surprising results.

star 7.77
3969 votes
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The One with Lucca Becoming a Meme

#46 - The One with Lucca Becoming a Meme

The Good Fight Season 3 - Episode 4

Lucca's involvement in a viral "mothering while black" video sparks conversations at Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart that unearth racial biases and pay disparity at the firm. Liz joins Diane at a resistance group meeting but their next act -- to help swing votes in key states -- hits close to home when the group decides they need a celebrity influencer. Maia faces serious consequences at the firm thanks to Blum.

star 7.76
797 votes
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Blood Relations

#47 - Blood Relations

ER Season 10 - Episode 15

An entire family suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning is brought to the ER. Claustrophobic Neela must spend a couple of hours in a hyperbaric chamber with the newborn baby. Carter misses Kem, who's been gone for a month now, so Jerry arranges a webcam chat for them. Alex finds out about Luka and Sam. Sam then suggests they take their relationship slower, Luka isn't too thrilled. Dr. Lawson asks Elizabeth out. Sandy's mom brings Weaver's son Henry in. Chen returns from China: her dad needs 24 hour nursing care and she's having trouble getting adjusted to that idea. Susan and Chuck visit her dad and tell him about the pregnancy.

star 7.76
193 votes
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Blind Spot

#48 - Blind Spot

Colony Season 1 - Episode 4

Will gains the respect of his colleagues; a Resistance attack brings the Bowmans together; Maddie finds a new job.

star 7.75
3565 votes
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Money for Nothing

#49 - Money for Nothing

Rizzoli & Isles Season 1 - Episode 5

The eldest brother in a Boston “Brahmin” family (direct descendents of passengers on the Mayflower) is found in the harbor dead after an apparent sailing accident. But Maura’s close connection with the family and Jane’s resentment over the wealth they display threaten to derail their investigation. Angela, meanwhile, tries her hand at selling a Polynesian health drink.

star 7.74
1483 votes
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Superheroes (1)

#50 - Superheroes (1)

Third Watch Season 3 - Episode 13

Bosco, still angry with Yokas for expressing concerns that got him forced into therapy, gets a new partner, Ross, who advises him what to tell the therapist so that the sessions can come to a speedy conclusion. Yokas is partnered up with Gusler, who is still overwhelmed and intimidated by the job. Tatiana's son Sergei is almost beaten to death by Russian mobsters who kill five of his friends. Yokas and Gusler get the call, and Yokas skillfully manages to get the cooperation of a neighbor who witnessed the murders and is willing to identify the perps. On the basis of his statement, they are able to obtain warrants and set off to make the arrests. When Sully finds out what has happened to Sergei and who is responsible, he is outraged, and sets off with Davis to make an arrest, without calling for the backup Davis thinks is necessary. The Russian mobsters have also killed several members of a rival gang in a drive-by. When Bosco and Ross arrive at the scene, Bosco sees a familiar drug de

star 7.74
73 votes
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Alone and Unafraid

#51 - Alone and Unafraid

The Last Ship Season 2 - Episode 7

While XO Slattery struggles to evade the sub in the water, Chandler and the land team infiltrate the Immune compound. Danny poses as one of Ned's workers and discovers that Niels, a.k.a. Patient Zero, is now working for the Ramseys. Meanwhile, Captain Chandler manages to encroach on Sean's inner circle, which includes an important government official, Jeffrey Michener. Has Michener been brainwashed by the Immune propaganda along with the rest of the camp? Or can he be an ally?

star 7.74
3610 votes
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She's Not There

#52 - She's Not There

CSI: NY Season 5 - Episode 14

A Russian tourist is found stabbed to death and the CSIs come face to face with the frightening realities of human trafficking. Solving this case becomes personal when it directly affects a prominent member of the NYPD

star 7.74
483 votes

#53 - Yoknapatawpha

Colony Season 1 - Episode 6

Will, Katie and Proxy Snyder are trapped in the Yonk by a Resistance operation, testing their allegiances.

star 7.73
3332 votes
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Truth Takes Time

#54 - Truth Takes Time

Alias Season 2 - Episode 18

Sydney faces off with her mother, while Emily must decide whether to side with her husband or betray him.

star 7.73
663 votes
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#55 - Discretion

SouthLAnd Season 3 - Episode 3

Ben has a confrontation with his mother’s rapist after the man is released from prison and is devastated when his mom reveals some information she's been keeping secret for years. Meanwhile, Lydia and Josie continue to bump heads, and Sammy deals with his wife’s betrayal.

star 7.72
748 votes
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#56 - Monday

The Good Wife Season 7 - Episode 14

Alicia has trouble adjusting when she returns to work at Lockhart, Agos & Lee with Lucca. Their first case, involving a secret new computer tablet, causes a rift within the firm.

star 7.72
1432 votes
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Boogie Dark

#57 - Boogie Dark

Flesh and Bone Season 1 - Episode 4

Claire tries to expunge Bryan from her New York City life, while foraying deeper into the strip club world. Mia struggles with her continued pain, and Ross feels Paul's insecurity.

star 7.70
306 votes
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The Road Not Taken

#58 - The Road Not Taken

Touch (2012) Season 1 - Episode 13

Martin's car mysteriously breaks down in the town where he first became a reporter. When he begins to suspect his mentor is involved in illegal activity there, he risks severing their friendship in order to find the truth.

star 7.70
850 votes
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The Coping Mechanism

#59 - The Coping Mechanism

Chance Season 2 - Episode 4

Chance and Hynes talk to someone from Winter’s past. D and Lorena get to know each other. Chance pushes Winter into a “limit experience” and begins to break him down. Winter makes a new friend at the unit.

star 7.69
469 votes
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Sangre Por Sangre

#60 - Sangre Por Sangre

Gang Related Season 1 - Episode 2

Ryan must track down rival gang members who shot Carlos, in order both to avoid a gang war and to cover up his own involvement in the shooting. Meanwhile, Ryan gets closer to Jessica, who is investigating another shooting, and finds himself genuinely falling for her.

star 7.67
513 votes
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The Roundup

#61 - The Roundup

The Rookie Season 1 - Episode 5

Nolan, the rookies and their training officers get involved in a competition that pits them against each other. Officer Lucy Chen notices Officer Tim Bradford is obsessed with winning at all costs.

star 7.67
1454 votes
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4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

#62 - 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

24: Legacy Season 1 - Episode 5

Carter and Grimes try to make a deal with the leader of a smuggling ring in order to find out the location of the terrorists. Amira and Khasan get a visit from an unexpected guest. Progress is made on the leak.

star 7.66
2856 votes
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#63 - Embedded

Over There Season 1 - Episode 5

When Smoke is implicated in the death of a civilian, his mother takes the news hard. An embedded reporter disappears after suggesting the death was an Iraqi setup. Also, Bo gets his new prosthetic leg.

star 7.66
208 votes
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Cold Blooded

#64 - Cold Blooded

Body of Proof Season 2 - Episode 14

When the owner of a family owned and operated Italian restaurant turns up dead in the freezer, Dr. Hunt and the team take a closer look into family matters. Meanwhile, Detective Dunlap must face his own haunted past.

star 7.66
1018 votes
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3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

#65 - 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

24: Legacy Season 1 - Episode 4

Grimes comes to Carter with information that might lead them to the terrorists. Nilaa is sequestered and questioned by Rebecca.

star 7.66
3023 votes
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Butch & Sundance

#66 - Butch & Sundance

SouthLAnd Season 2 - Episode 2

John and Ben are the first responders to a gruesome triple homicide in Hancock Park, where a mother is bludgeoned to death and her young daughters are found bound, gagged, raped and dead in their bedrooms. In investigating the case, Lydia and Rene realize they have two very different investigation styles. Meanwhile, Sammy continues to have problems with his wife and Ben confronts John about his increasing reliance on pain pills.

star 7.66
816 votes
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Perfect Storm

#67 - Perfect Storm

Touch (2012) Season 2 - Episode 4

Unforeseen developments force Martin to make a decision and form a deal; Lucy goes to the police with new information about Amelia's kidnapping; Avram sees Guillermo in New York.

star 7.65
887 votes
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Kimber Henry

#68 - Kimber Henry

Nip/Tuck Season 2 - Episode 10

A man visits with Sean and Christian in order to be given breasts because of the fact his wife lost a breast to cancer. They refuse the job at first, but Liz talks them into doing it. After a while, his wife is overwhelmed with them, and the man wants them taken out, which eventually happens. The wife seems to enjoy them too much, which causes her to question her sexuality. Kimber has turned to the porn business after impatience caused her to turn back on her acting aspirations. A Real Doll (used for sexual purposes) of Kimber has been made, but Kimber thinks the vagina is too generic, and wants the doctors to fix the doll. Christian blasts the job and tells Sean that it's a bad idea, but Sean wants to follow through because Kimber offered a lot of money, and the practice lost money when Sean and Christian were on the verge of splitting. When Sean takes the doll home to work on it, he gets lost in the moment and has full sex with the doll, which has suction features in the openings to give a full orgasm. Sean realizes how sad he is, but then Kimber shows up to unexpectedly pick up the doll, and ends up having sex with the real Kimber. Julia has moved into an apartment, and wants to pick up some items from the house to furnish the kitchen, and she also asks Sean if she can spend the weekend with Annie. Sean lets her, despite the fact that he is angry throughout the entire conversation. When Julia shows up the next morning to pick up the waffle iron, she runs into Kimber, who is going to make Sean coffee after their night together. Upset, Julia makes herself over and goes to a bar, where she meets a man she likes. She gets drunk, and winds up in his room where he wants her to use a sex toy on him. She refuses, but then man tries to force her to do it. She makes her way to the bathroom, where she finds a phone and calls Sean, hoping that he will come and get her. She tries to make up with him, but all he does is give her money for a cab and leaves.

star 7.65
392 votes
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#69 - Identity

SouthLAnd Season 4 - Episode 4

Jessica goes the extra mile to assist a homeless war vet obtain an ID so he can be admitted into a shelter . Meanwhile, Sammy is determined to save a dog after he accidentally shoots it in the leg. Elsewhere, Lydia struggles with a serious personal matter while she and Ruben investigate the murder of a man who sheltered and aided women in need.

star 7.64
811 votes
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Long Way Home

#70 - Long Way Home

The Good Wife Season 3 - Episode 17

Alicia must once again aid Colin when a sexual misconduct claim derails his attempt to win back control of his company. Cary is faced with a moral dilemma when Peter tasks him with enforcing office policies.

star 7.63
1815 votes
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The Conversation

#71 - The Conversation

Boss Season 2 - Episode 7

Kane's alternative treatment seems to have worked and he is back in control of his city. Now he must remedy his public perception, even if it means making an old friend collateral damage.

star 7.61
550 votes
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Z Is for Zombies

#72 - Z Is for Zombies

Evil Season 2 - Episode 5

Father Mulvehill asks the team for a confidential evaluation, as he fears that he might be the victim of diabolical oppression.

star 7.58
502 votes
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He Said, She Said

#73 - He Said, She Said

Third Watch Season 3 - Episode 5

During a sweep for prostitutes, Faith and Bosco tragically misjudge an sexual encounter between a young woman and a man in a car to be consensual; the situation spirals out of control when the girl later claims she was sexually assaulted while the cops laughed it off; Carlos considers a willing Ty as a potential roommate candidate.

star 7.58
74 votes
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#74 - Pilot

Body of Proof Season 1 - Episode 1

A female jogger is found floating in the Schuylkill River. Dr. Megan Hunt teams up with her partner, medical investigator and former cop Peter Dunlop, under the watchful eye of their boss, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kate Murphey, who is very aware of Megan’s gifted but polarizing work style. Megan’s colleagues, Dr. Ethan Gross and Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Curtis Brumfield, must find their own way to work alongside the new medical examiner. Megan’s investigation takes her out in the field where she meets old-school cop Detective Bud Morris, who is exasperated by Megan’s tenacity and bull-headedness. But his partner, Detective Samantha Baker, possesses a quiet respect for Megan’s input, even if Morris doesn’t. Meanwhile, as she’s is trying to solve the female jogger’s death, Megan has to solve a personal puzzle of her own -- what is the perfect present for her daughter’s 12th birthday?

star 7.56
1841 votes
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Day 8: 2:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.

#75 - Day 8: 2:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.

24 Season 8 - Episode 11

A mother wants to save her son, an estranged couple reconnects to look for their daughter, and Jack races against the clock to dissuade a suicide bomber.

star 7.56
3301 votes
Broken Home

#76 - Broken Home

Body of Proof Season 1 - Episode 9

Megan suspects foul play when a young philanthropic socialite dies; the investigation is interrupted by Kate's personal life.

star 7.55
1187 votes
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Night Lights

#77 - Night Lights

Criminal Minds Season 14 - Episode 11

The BAU team heads to Portland, Ore., to investigate a chilling abduction that may be linked to a local couple who were killed in their home a week earlier.

star 7.52
873 votes
The Abduction

#78 - The Abduction

Alias Season 2 - Episode 10

Jack meets Alliance counterintelligence head Ariana Kane, who is sent in to investigate Emily's disappearance and to discover who is trying to blackmail Sloane. Meanwhile, Marshall is sent on his first mission with Sydney as his partner. Vaughn schedules Will to take a CIA psych test. Francie gets suspicious over Sydney and Will's secretive behavior.

star 7.52
685 votes
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Unknown Trouble

#79 - Unknown Trouble

The Closer Season 7 - Episode 1

Brenda and the squad investigate the owner of a hip-hop record label when one of his rap artists and six innocent bystanders are gunned down. The case hits home for Gabriel who knows two of the victims from church. Meanwhile, Chief Delk is getting ready to announce the department’s new organizational chart just as Brenda becomes the target of a civil suit against the police department.

star 7.50
490 votes
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Full Circle

#80 - Full Circle

Lovecraft Country Season 1 - Episode 10

After uncovering the origins of the Book of Names, the gang heads back to Ardham to cast the ultimate spell.

star 7.48
1000 votes
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21 Guns

#81 - 21 Guns

ER Season 12 - Episode 22

It’s a seemingly ordinary day with the usual collection of patients. But soon, the day becomes anything but ordinary as two prisoners intent on escape come to the ER for treatment, along with a hidden conspirator. Luka discovers them and is injected with a paralytic and they force Sam to become a tool in their plan. Soon, gunshots ring out, a staff member’s life is in jeopardy. The medical staff rush to the aid of the injured and Abby collapses just outside a trauma room where Luka is tied to a gurney.

star 7.47
129 votes

#82 - Infamy

The Good Wife Season 1 - Episode 11

Alicia learns more about Peter's fall from grace and removal from office when she represents Glenn Child's wife in her divorce appeal. Will, Emily, and opposing counsel, get cozy during a death suit against a caustic TV commentator.

star 7.47
1895 votes
Public Enemy

#83 - Public Enemy

Criminal Minds Season 5 - Episode 15

A serial killer who targets random victims in highly visible places to create a sense of public fear is the subject of a BAU investigation.

star 7.47
2013 votes
Don't Fail

#84 - Don't Fail

The Good Wife Season 6 - Episode 21

When a former client calls Alicia after being charged with murder tied to a case from 2009, Alicia reviews the old case, prompting memories of her early days as a lawyer.

star 7.46
1087 votes
Sophia Lopez II

#85 - Sophia Lopez II

Nip/Tuck Season 1 - Episode 9

Sean and Jude's respective secrets are revealed, and Merril offers Christian an interesting trade: Kimber for a Lamborghini. Christian accepts, but Kimber discovers the truth and exacts a small revenge.

star 7.45
403 votes
The Storm Has Just Begun

#86 - The Storm Has Just Begun

Nashville (2012) Season 3 - Episode 19

The brightest stars of Nashville have gathered in support of Teddy’s music education initiative, “Note By Note,” where Juliette plans her return to the spotlight – and Layla finds herself thrust into it – alongside Jade St. John. At the gala, Rayna, Deacon, Maddie and Daphne get ready to take the stage and perform, but before they can, Deacon receives the call he’s been waiting for containing some life-changing news.

star 7.45
493 votes
Joel Gideon

#87 - Joel Gideon

Nip/Tuck Season 2 - Episode 5

After a car accident due to cell phone use, Sean winds up in the hospital. As a result of the accident, Sean develops a phobia of driving and other dangerous things, causing a dent in his career. He thanks the car company because their safety features saved his life. The car company, wanting a point of view from this doctor who has been in a car accident, offers Sean a new car if he agrees to inspect the cadavers they use as crash test dummies after crash tests. Sean tries to take more risks, causing Julia to become upset. Trying to take more risks, Sean decides to go shark diving, and drags Matt along with him. After realizing how much he cares for his son, Sean decides not to follow through. Christian is reminded that his son is no longer in his life, and he turns for comfort in Julia, who reveals to him that Wilber is not his only son.

star 7.45
441 votes
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Every Door Out...

#88 - Every Door Out...

The Man in the High Castle Season 4 - Episode 2

John Smith receives key intelligence from his officers at the Die Nebenwelt complex, while back at home he struggles with the changing dynamics of his family. Bell Mallory and the BCR join forces with Wyatt Price's rebels. Kido tries to bond with his estranged son. Childan makes a connection with his Japanese assistant. Juliana discovers an enemy in one world can be a friend in another.

star 7.44
850 votes
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Childhood Memories

#89 - Childhood Memories

Third Watch Season 3 - Episode 6

Bosco runs from the present and his past when he is wrongly suspected of murdering a sexual-assault suspect. As Faith tries to gather evidence to clear him, Bosco turns to his dysfunctional family, including his alcoholic mother, drug-addicted brother and estranged, abusive father. An emotionally rattled Kim virtually kidnaps Joey from Jimmy while Carlos actively solicits Ty to be his new roommate.

star 7.44
66 votes
The Chosen Few

#90 - The Chosen Few

Third Watch Season 4 - Episode 2

Bosco gets a temporary assignment working with a tough female sergeant; Fred is strangely calm in the face of the prospect of a triple bypass; Doc hears shocking news from Philadelphia; Sully learns more about Tatiana's past; Davis is forced to deal with his newfound fame.

star 7.43
72 votes
While My Guitar Gently Weeps

#91 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Aquarius Season 2 - Episode 8

Shafe, alone at the bloody Tate crime scene, is confronted by his own demons. As Manson searches for a missing Emma, he ends up on Hodiak's doorstep. Meanwhile, Ken Karn goes to new levels for international diplomacy.

star 7.43
340 votes
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The Stranger

#92 - The Stranger

Criminal Minds Season 6 - Episode 21

The BAU hunts a stalker in San Diego who is targeting college students. Meanwhile, the team comes under Strauss' scrutiny in the wake of the loss of Prentiss.

star 7.43
2572 votes
Event Horizon

#93 - Event Horizon

Touch (2012) Season 2 - Episode 1

While Martin tries to keep Jake safe from those who want to exploit his abilities, Jake is determined to find Amelia.

star 7.41
1197 votes
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Never Say Never to Always

#94 - Never Say Never to Always

Aquarius Season 1 - Episode 3

Drug dealer Art Gladner is found murdered, and the chief suspect is Shafe's snitch, Mike Vickery. Hodiak agrees to help Shafe exonerate Vickery. In exchange, Shafe takes rookie Charmain Tully undercover into the Manson Family to find out where Manson has Emma. They succeed, but not without consequences, especially for Charmain.

star 7.40
696 votes
Old Money

#95 - Old Money

The Closer Season 6 - Episode 11

One of Brenda's detectives is ambushed on the street, and the main clue to figuring out the motive behind the attack is a garbage bag containing more than $37,500. The investigation then turns into a race to clear the detective's name over allegations of witness tampering.

star 7.40
517 votes
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#96 - Surrender

Third Watch Season 5 - Episode 6

Barbara is heartbroken when she discovers that her housekeeper was killed by the explosion; Sasha convinces Maritza to get a rape exam; Sully takes Barbara to his house to keep her safe; Maritza discovers that her rapist, Thomas Warner, has a history of sexually assaulting the workers at the clinic; undeterred by yet another attack on her life, this time by a sniper, Barbara insists on presiding at the preliminary hearing of Gary Barnes, the drug dealer who the police suspect is behind the attempts on her life; Faith visits a psychiatrist and unloads her anger at Bosco and Maritza; after Maritza testifies at the hearing, Barbara rules that Barnes can be held over for trial for the death of Lettie Cruz; when Sully sees Barnes signal a spectator in the court room, he and Ty follow him to a house where they see him join the man who delivered the bomb to Barbara's house; the perps, armed with a detonator, threaten to blow up the block with the explosives they claim are in the house and for

star 7.39
74 votes
The Sage

#97 - The Sage

Strange Angel Season 1 - Episode 4

Jack's expert witness testimony at a high profile trial thrusts the rocketry team into the spotlight and helps land them a coveted invitation to The Athenaeum. Meanwhile, Virgil drops off Patty, Susan's rebellious teenage sister, for a disruptive weekend stay, and Ernest's wife, Maggie, makes a surprise return. When Jack's evening at The Athenaeum doesn't go as planned, Jack seeks out Ernest to blow off some steam and ends up on a dark detour into the Los Angeles underbelly.

star 7.35
238 votes
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Man Of The Year

#98 - Man Of The Year

The Nine Season 1 - Episode 11

star 7.33
3 votes
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What Remains

#99 - What Remains

Terra Nova Season 1 - Episode 3

When Elisabeth, Jim, Malcolm and Taylor investigate radio silence at a nearby scientific outpost, they discover an outbreak of a mysterious virus causing memory loss, paranoia and eventually death. The group must work together to find a cure before they lose their sanity and all of Terra Nova is infected.

star 7.33
6117 votes
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White Guy, Dark Hair

#100 - White Guy, Dark Hair

ER Season 11 - Episode 7

Sam and Luka are moving in together. When a raped and badly beaten woman is brought into the ER, Sam wants to try a risky procedure to let the woman talk. The woman dies, however, and Luka covers for Sam. At Susan's one-month review, Weaver suggests that she be more of a leader. Lewis schedules a JCAHO emergency drill without telling the staff, creating chaos. Even after she gives birth, a young girl insists that she's not pregnant.

star 7.31
149 votes
Strike Three

#101 - Strike Three

The Closer Season 5 - Episode 7

A high-profile shoot-out has left two policemen and a teenage boy dead leads to numerous mysteries spinning around the case. Enter Force Investigation Division bigwig Sharon Raydor, who upends Brenda's investigation with her merciless snooping.

star 7.30
520 votes
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Two Gangs

#102 - Two Gangs

SouthLAnd Season 1 - Episode 5

It's a cop's worst nightmare. After a drunken car accident, Detective Salinger's gun is stolen by gangmembers in a dangerous neighborhood. When Gang Squad Detectives Nate Moretta and Sammy Bryant arrive on the scene to help out their boss, Moretta reluctantly agrees to assist Bryant in the search for the perpetrators and Salinger's weapon without calling it in. Launching an off-the-books manhunt to retrieve the weapon, they make a disturbing discovery -- that the gangs are no longer afraid of the police; a local gang is using assault weapons, bullet-proof vests and military tactics to become a powerful urban street army -- ready to declare war. Elsewhere, still preoccupied with her personal life, Detective Lydia Adams is caught off guard when a man exposes himself to her outside her home.

star 7.29
872 votes
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Letting Go

#103 - Letting Go

Body of Proof Season 1 - Episode 2

When a young, interracial couple is found shot and killed inside their car in Fairmont Park, Dr. Megan Hunt promises the grieving parents that their daughter’s killer will be found. Detectives Bud Morris and Samantha Baker are ready to chalk the case up to a murder-suicide, but Megan and her team find evidence on the bodies that sends the case in an entirely different and shocking direction. Meanwhile, Peter advises Megan not to push too hard when it comes to reconnecting with her daughter, Lacey.

star 7.28
1573 votes
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#104 - Mozambique

SouthLAnd Season 1 - Episode 2

When officers John Cooper, Ben Sherman and Chickie Brown rescue a baby girl found alone crawling across the middle of an LA intersection, the hunt for her mother begins. Detectives Lydia Adams and Russell Clarke examine the scene looking for clues, and soon Lydia finds herself affected by the search and must deal with some past issues -- taking a personal interest in reuniting the baby with its mother. Meanwhile, officers Sammy Bryant and Nate Moretta are unable to find the financial resources to put a juvenile key witness in police protection after an attempt on her life and must now convince the DA to place her in a student police program. And back at the station, everyone gathers for a retirement party for Dewey.

star 7.25
1154 votes
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In Confidence

#105 - In Confidence

Third Watch Season 4 - Episode 20

Kim is invited to a party by Noble. Noble is arrested through an undercover operation. He becomes an informant and helps Cruz and Bosco bust a Meth ring. Faith officially requests a new partner. Emily and Faith face off about Eric.

star 7.24
71 votes
Shari Noble

#106 - Shari Noble

Nip/Tuck Season 4 - Episode 4

After having a nipple bitten off by her dog, Shari Noble comes in to have it reconstructed before her husband returns from Iraq. Julia meets a breast-feeding expert. Christian and Liz hit a lesbian bar where Christian tries to attract one of the women there but she's attracted to Liz instead. Sean and Christian meet with a kidney specialist for one of their patients.

star 7.23
439 votes
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Brothers and Sisters (1)

#107 - Brothers and Sisters (1)

ER Season 8 - Episode 19

Susan receives a message from her niece on her answering machine, saying that Chloe's "sick." The call is traced to New York City, putting Susan on a plane. Officers Boscarelli and Yokas are assigned to chaperone Susan in the search for her sister. Chloe is found in "Urinetown," suffering a broken heart, but Little Suzie is not with her. Pratt hits on Chen several times throughout the day, and also performs an unauthorized procedure with Gallant on a dying man. Abby returns to her apartment, where Carter catches her drinking a beer. He confronts Luka about her relapse, and Abby herself later. She tells Carter not to worry about her. Romano signs Weaver up to meet with the Women's Health Coalition. Corday requests immediate time off from Romano to join Mark and Rachel in Hawaii. (Unleashed (2) aired on Third Watch, season 3, episode 19.)

star 7.22
246 votes

#108 - Westside

SouthLAnd Season 1 - Episode 6

Detectives Lydia Adams and Russell Clarke have their work cut out for them when jewelry thieves begin robbing Bel Air homes. Officer Ben Sherman discovers that he knows one of the home invasion victims and finds himself breaking police policy by becoming personally involved. Elsewhere, gang Detectives Sammy Bryant and Nate Moretta wait around an LA courthouse while Janilla prepares to testify in a gang-land trial. Concerned for her wellbeing, Bryant decides to takes Janilla to his home to assure she is safe.

star 7.20
826 votes
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Coming of Rage

#109 - Coming of Rage

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 4 - Episode 10

Grissom, Sara, and Warrick investigate the murder of a teenager found on a construction site. Nick and Catherine try to discover how a woman on her lawn was killed by a gunshot when no-one nearby had a gun.

star 7.15
751 votes
Run, Val, Run

#110 - Run, Val, Run

V.I.P. Season 3 - Episode 6

V.I.P. are hired to protect a dot com nerd and Tasha thinks that Val might screw things up so she sends her to protect another dot com nerd. It was just a ploy however so Michael Ellins, V.I.P's dot com nerd, could get to Val's dot com nerd and eliminate his competition.

star 7.00
1 votes
'Til Death Do We Part

#111 - 'Til Death Do We Part

CSI: NY Season 1 - Episode 15

The team's investigation into the death of Hannah Bloom, who died at her own wedding, is put on hold when her father refuses to allow them to perform an autopsy until after his daughter's body is blessed by a rabbi. Danny and Mac turn their attention to the woman who trained the doves who were supposed to be released, but cannot tie her directly to Bloom, who died from formaldehyde poisoning. Stella, Flack and Aiden investigate when a hand is found deep underground, and soon realise that the dead man, Rick Amadori, chewed off his own hand. It seems like a slam dunk when the son of a man Amadori killed three years earlier confesses to the crime, but things aren't as easy as they seem.

star 7.00
366 votes
Kingpin Rising

#112 - Kingpin Rising

Third Watch Season 6 - Episode 17

Cruz connects the dots that link Marcel Hollis to the murder of Darren Maddox, while Marcel begins to organize a street war against the 55th Precinct. Elsewhere, Yokas, Sully, and Bosco track a missing teen to a vampire cult.

star 6.57
70 votes

#113 - Five

Smith Season 1 - Episode 5

After 5 weeks of planning, the plan is set into motion. The team fakes a car accident inside a tunnel to trap the rmored truck en route to receive the gold. With a really small margin of error, the team has to complete their job before anyone realize that something is going on.

star 6.29
7 votes
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#114 - ExValibur

V.I.P. Season 3 - Episode 8

Johnny and Val go undercover to try and get a billionaire's daughter to leave the motorcycle gang she's in and go home to her father.

star 5.00
1 votes
Killing Kennedy

#115 - Killing Kennedy

National Geographic Documentaries Season 2013 - Episode 26

Based on Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard's best seller comes this shocking thriller starring Rob Lowe and Ginnifer Goodwin. As John F. Kennedy (Lowe) rises to become U.S. president, a former Marine grows disillusioned with America. When their paths ultimately cross, the course of history is changed forever as seen in this mesmerizing film about the assassination of JFK -- and its chilling aftermath.

star 0.00
0 votes
The Pious Thieves

#116 - The Pious Thieves

Hunters (2020) Season 1 - Episode 4

For the love of money is the root of all evil. A trail of signs did lead The Hunters unto a merchant’s lair, where unearthed remnants of the past echoed evils of the present. Millie’s compass delivered her to the House of Offerman, whereupon she encountered Jonah and put a charge unto him: "I beseech thee walk in truth!"

star 0.00
0 votes
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Shalom Motherf***er

#117 - Shalom Motherf***er

Hunters (2020) Season 1 - Episode 7

But lo! The date foretold by evil prophecy came upon them. The Hunters were tormented by wicked ghosts of times past as the day waned and Darkness prepared to strike. Millie forsaketh the means of justice to hasten the path toward judgment.

star 0.00
0 votes
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The Great Ole Nazi Cookout of '77

#118 - The Great Ole Nazi Cookout of '77

Hunters (2020) Season 1 - Episode 9

As a terrible plague loomed over the land and did portend to devour its people, The Hunters waged a great battle to prevent it. Upon the threshold of righteousness, Millie endured a loathsome betrayal and sought to deliver Jonah from vengeance and corruption.

star 0.00
0 votes
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Aqua Valva

#119 - Aqua Valva

V.I.P. Season 3 - Episode 19

While helping Don Franco with his boat racing team V.I.P. stumble upon plans to sell a downed Chinese spy satellite.

star 0.00
0 votes

#120 - Valzheimer's

V.I.P. Season 4 - Episode 6

An amnesia victim asks for Val's help but he can't remember why he needs it. As he slowly regains his memory he remembers having seen something he shouldn't have seen and that Nikki's life is in danger.

star 0.00
0 votes
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Val

#121 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Val

V.I.P. Season 4 - Episode 10

Johnny's return to action films marks the return of his old Tong enemies who wish to make good on their threat to kill him but when one of the Tong's daughter's is kidnapped he strikes a deal with Johnny to let him live if he can return his daughter alive. Along with V.I.P.'s help they return the daughter save and sound but the Tong lied and attempt to shoot Johnny but he fakes his death so they'll leave him alone believing he is dead.

star 0.00
0 votes
Saving Private Irons

#122 - Saving Private Irons

V.I.P. Season 4 - Episode 11

Nikki's old drill sergeant needs V.I.P.'s help when explosives are stolen. Quick and Johnny help Relic out on a case.

star 0.00
0 votes
Kiss the Val

#123 - Kiss the Val

V.I.P. Season 4 - Episode 17

Carl Merrick, the man who killed Nikki's father, is back after escaping from prison and this time he plans to destroy a space shuttle on its way back to earth after having fixed a satellite in space.

star 0.00
0 votes