The BEST episodes directed by Lee H. Katzin

The Traitor
25 votes

#1 - The Traitor

Mission: Impossible - Season 1 - Episode 27

An American intelligence officer, Hughes, has defected to the enemy with the only copy of an encoded top-secret message. The IMF must get to him, get him out, discredit him, and recover the message before the enemy can get a cryptographer, Belson, to work on the message. Rollin takes Belson's place, and sets it up so that Ambassador Brazneck, in charge of Hughes, believes that Dan is going to buy the papers from someone in the embassy. Rollin-as-Belson works with Hughes to decode the message, then drugs him. Willy gets special agent Tina Mera, a contortionist and acrobat, into the embassy through a fake air duct. She uses a fake bed covering to make Hughes "disappear", then break into the vault and get the real message. With Hughes out, Briggs picks up the fake message from someone pretending to be Hughes, who has "disappeared" from the embassy. Tina returns, plants money on Hughes, and removes the fake disappearing bed cover. Brazneck believes Hughes has betrayed him and Hughes flees

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Snowball in Hell
55 votes

#2 - Snowball in Hell

Mission: Impossible - Season 1 - Episode 21

A former prison guard, Sefra, has got hold of a supply of cesium 138, which explodes at temperatures above 70 degrees. Sefra plans to sell the sample and the formula from the closed-down prison base where he once worked. Rollin and Barney go in as a photographer and model respectively, and Sefra "learns" that Barney is a former prisoner returning for revenge. The team fakes a generator break down while Sefra beats Barney, and the cesium starts to heat up. Sefra has it taken to a nearby hospital refrigerator, where the IMF makes the switch. When Sefra discovers the missing jar, he forces Barney to show him the escape route which he supposedly used to escape. As Sefra makes his own escape, the IMF send the cesium sample toward him on a remote-controlled mini-tank, and it blows up, killing Sefra and making sure no one gets the formula or the sample.

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The Slave (2)
61 votes

#3 - The Slave (2)

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 6

Willy kidnaps Princess Amara, wife of the king's brother Fasar, who knows nothing of his brother's slave racket. They put Amara in the duplicate cell and then Rollin-as-Borca tells her she will be sold at the next auction. Jim delivers Cinnamon to Borca, and then they dress up a sedated Amara as Cinnamon, and Barney and Willy switch her for Cinnamon. Rollin, masquerading as an Interpol agent, convinces Fasar to go to a slave auction that Borca is holding. Disguised, the men watch as "Cinnamon" put up for auction. Fasar reveals himself and Amara's disguise is revealed. She tells her husband of the slave cells. Borca is killed and Fasar puts an end to slavery in Elkabar.

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The Photographer
60 votes

#4 - The Photographer

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 15

David Redding is a photographer and a spy working for the other side, who has supervised the infiltration of 150 agents into the U.S. The agents are apparently carrying some kind of biological plague, and only Redding knows the code. The IMF must get it from him. To do so, they set up Cinnamon as a former fashion model and scientist married to Jim who is working with a bacillus-suspension formula. This gives Redding a reason to accept the assignment - he tortures "Jim" who claims the U.S. is planning a nuclear strike. Redding and his assistant Morley plan to take refuge in Redding's bomb shelter and command center after sending a signal to his country (which is blocked by Barney), but Rollin and Willy arrest them. When the IMF fakes a nuclear attack Redding leads the others to the shelter, then "kills" Willy. He tries to send more coded messages (again, blocked by Barney), and Rollin witnesses Redding coding them. At the end he leaves as it is revealed that the IMF switched Redding and

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The Blow Sky High Raid
15 votes

#5 - The Blow Sky High Raid

The Rat Patrol - Season 1 - Episode 9

A very prized Germany radar station must be destroyed before a flight of bombers comes over. To do it, the Rat Patrol is given a new, special kind of explosives. Troy is apprehensive about carrying this dangerous cargo, which can explode with the slightest of bumps. Dietrich learns of the mission and tries to beat the Patrol to the area by utilizing an old Arabic legend of an unknown ""trigh"" (road) through the jebels (mountains). The Patrol is also in search of this trigh. But Moffitt gets them lost and Dietrich beats them there. Troy then manages to plant some explosives -- and bluffs Dietrich out of the radar station by telling him that he's willing to die himself rather than let the station do its work.

49 votes

#6 - Shock

Mission: Impossible - Season 1 - Episode 25

Enemy operative Kiri has kidnapped U.S. envoy Carl Wilson and has an imposter, Gort, who is impersonating him to discredit a U.S. trade agreement. The team have to rescue Wilson and foil the impersonation before Kiri kills Wilson. Cinnamon impersonates Wilson's niece while Willy kidnaps Gort and Briggs-as-Wilson takes Gort's place, pretending to be Gort. The team put Gort in an asylum and give him electro-shock to scramble his memories, then claim he is is a delusional accountant. Under the threat of more electro-shock, Gort tells them the full details of his delusion: that he's to kill an American official and leave Wilson to take the blame. Barney and Willy replace the unconscious Wilson at the reception with a drugged Gort set to look like a suicide, then Briggs-as-Gort-as-Wilson takes a shot at the official. Briggs returns and reveals that "Wilson" is actually Gort, who was in Keri's employ.

The Astrologer
63 votes

#7 - The Astrologer

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 13

Nicholai Kurzon, despite being exiled from his home country of Veyska by a military junta, leads a popular rebellion. He has been captured by the country's head of security, Colonel Stahl, and has a microfilm that contains the leaders of the revolution. The IMF must rescue Kurzon. Cinnamon gets closer to Deputy Chancellor Grigov by pretending to be an astrologer who predicts danger for the Chancellor. Thanks to Rollin's impersonation the ruse succeeds. Barney and Rollin sneak onto the plane Stahl is using to fly Kurzon back to Veyska. Rollin cracks the safe holding the microfilm and replaces it with a fake listing implicating Grigov. Meanwhile, Cinnamon has used her predictions to turn Grigov and Stahl against each other. When Stahl consults the fake list, he arrests Grigov and his assistant, leaving Kurzon unprotected. The team grabs Kurzon and replaces him with an automated dummy, then fake an accident and "Kurzon" is blown out the airplane. When the plane lands Jim spirits Cinnamon

The Man Without a Face
1 votes

#8 - The Man Without a Face

McMillan and Wife - Season 3 - Episode 4

A colleague from military intelligence calls on Mac, and is murdered. First two-hour episode of the series.

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Promised Land
37 votes

#9 - Promised Land

Spenser: For Hire - Season 1 - Episode 1

Spenser is hired to find the runaway wife of a wealthy businessman. Based on a story by Spenser novelist Robert B. Parker.

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The Gun Runner Raid
10 votes

#10 - The Gun Runner Raid

The Rat Patrol - Season 1 - Episode 12

An Arab convoy, disguised as Americans, traps and captures the Rat Patrol. The convoy's leader is Ned Cunningham, an ex-Yank hero turned gunrunner. He sells now to the highest bidder, no matter which side. He feels that the Rat Patrol is costing him too much business and so is going to eliminate them. But he then decides he likes the Patrol and will take them into the deal if they will cooperate. In the end, though, his duplicitious behavior causes his own death.

The Life Against Death Raid
36 votes

#11 - The Life Against Death Raid

The Rat Patrol - Season 1 - Episode 2

During a desert battle, Hitchcock is badly wounded. Troy decides to risk taking him to a nearby German field hospital as their own hospital is too far away. Upon arriving at the hospital he and Moffitt nearly pull off the masquerade, except for a paranoid patient -- Captain Friedrich -- who tells everyone they are American spies. No one believes him but during the delay the doctor notices a tattoo on Hitch's arm from Ft. Benning, Ga. Troy forces him, at gunpoint, to finish the operation. They escape in a hail of gunfire after the surgery.

The Kill or Be Killed Raid
25 votes

#12 - The Kill or Be Killed Raid

The Rat Patrol - Season 1 - Episode 4

Dietrich is presented with an old scrap of parchment which shows an ancient water source deep in the desert. Allied intelligence sends Moffitt to find the map before it can be translated; he must get it by masquerading as a German and Troy has orders to shoot him should he find the information (and destroy it) but then not be able to escape. Which is, of course, exactly what then happens. Troy must face the decision of killing his comrade -- and friend -- or finding someway to disobey the orders and rescue the mission.

The Family Secret
35 votes

#13 - The Family Secret

In the Heat of the Night - Season 2 - Episode 3

The murder of well respected man turns up a shocking secret about his family.

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Deadly Vision
55 votes

#14 - Deadly Vision

Walker, Texas Ranger - Season 2 - Episode 18

Using a psychic to help locate a kidnapped 8-year-old earns Trivette ridicule from his fellow rangers.

Target MacGyver
534 votes

#15 - Target MacGyver

MacGyver - Season 1 - Episode 10

After blowing away a nuclear facility under the control of an aggressive world leader, MacGyver returns home for some peace and quiet, only to find his boss waiting for him. He advises MacGyver that a contract is out on his life and he needs to skip town for awhile.

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The Gauntlet
545 votes

#16 - The Gauntlet

MacGyver - Season 1 - Episode 4

MacGyver attempts to get a reporter out of a Central American country with evidence linking a general to an illegal arms dealer. As MacGyver and Kate reach the border, it is clear escaping to Mexico will be no easy task, as the general and the arms dealer have every imaginable route severely guarded. There is no turning back. MacGyver must figure out how to get across the border, as his life, as well as Kate's, hangs in the balance.

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The Deadly Double Raid
14 votes

#17 - The Deadly Double Raid

The Rat Patrol - Season 1 - Episode 11

Moffitt and Tully allow themselves to be captured so that they can get information from Craig -- an American POW -- about Rommel's new battle plans. However, Marston, another POW, tells them that Craig died. Dr. Phillips -- the camp medic -- supposedly has some information about the plan, though. When the medic treats Moffitt's arm he puts the code name of the mission on the underside of the bandage : Operation Nachtigall. However, it soon becomes obvious that either Phillips or Marston is a traitor and it is up to the Patrol to figure out which, as they are both now giving the Patrol conflicting information.

The Blind Man's Bluff Raid
18 votes

#18 - The Blind Man's Bluff Raid

The Rat Patrol - Season 1 - Episode 7

During a skirmish with the Germans, Troy suffers a concussion from an explosion. He ends up alone and lost in the desert. By the time he is found he has a terrible case of sunblindness. Unknown to Troy, though, his ""rescue"" has been by a German unit that is pretending to be Americans so they can coax Troy to tell him where the rest of the Rat Patrol is. Dietrich is the engineer behind this ploy.In the end, recovering from the sunblindness in the nick of time, Troy escapes.

The Slave (1)
60 votes

#19 - The Slave (1)

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 5

In the country of Elkabar, King Ibn Borca is conducting a brisk slave business with the aid of supplier Karl de Groot. de Groot raids into neighboring countries. The IMF team must put the two men out of business. Barney lets himself be captured by de Groot, gets the info on a cell, then escapes with the info so they can create an exact duplicate of the cell. Jim "sells" Cinnamon to de Groot, then Willy retrieves her and captures de Groot. Jim then approaches de Groot's partner Jara and tells him he killed de Groot and that Jara has a new partner...

Thief of Budapest
572 votes

#20 - Thief of Budapest

MacGyver - Season 1 - Episode 3

MacGyver travels to Budapest to meet with a Russian double agent who is in possession of a watch containing information about other Russian spies. However, before MacGyver can take the watch, the agent is killed and the watch is stolen. Now MacGyver must work with the Gypsies to get it back.

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569 votes

#21 - Breakaway

Space: 1999 - Season 1 - Episode 1

Suspected radiation from nuclear waste containers threatens a deep space probe from Earth's space research center on the moon. It is a prologue to disaster and mankind's most fantastic adventure.

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The Counterfeiter
60 votes

#22 - The Counterfeiter

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 20

Raymond Halder is the owner of a chain of clinics and runs a drug counterfeiting ring. Gant Pharamaceuticals released a drug that helps against primary vascular disease, but the drug is being withdrawn since Halder flooded the market with potentially fatal counterfeits. Gant plans to resissue the drug and the IMF must stop Halder from counterfeiting the new version. The IMF as Federal agents put pressure on Halder, but he escapes. Cinnamon pretends to be a Gant employee in charge of protecting against counterfeits. Gang bribes Rollin the Federal Agent to frame Cinnamon to force her to give him Gant's anticounterfeiting strategy. However, the team use an ultarsonic laser to make Halder think he is suffering from primary vascular disease, and he ends up at one of his own clinics where Barney-as-a-doctor prescribes one of Gant's counterfeits. Terrified for his life, Halder confesses so that he won't get a dose of his own medicine.

Cool Runnin'
268 votes

#23 - Cool Runnin'

Miami Vice - Season 1 - Episode 4

Crockett and Tubbs must enlist the help of an unreliable petty thief to bust a drug operation run by a trio of homicidal Jamaicans.

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Force Seven
12 votes

#24 - Force Seven

CHiPs - Season 5 - Episode 27

Lt. John LeGarre(Fred Dryer), and Officers Skip Nichols (Tom Reilly) and Cindy Davis (Donna Kei Benù) belong to a secret LAPD police unit dedicated to the preservation of human life through the use of martial arts.

The Night of the Flaming Ghost
44 votes

#25 - The Night of the Flaming Ghost

The Wild Wild West - Season 1 - Episode 18

Jim and Arte follow the trail of stolen kerosene and sulfur to Harper's ferry, where they find an 1870's version of abolitionist John Brown.

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The Play
51 votes

#26 - The Play

Mission: Impossible - Season 3 - Episode 9

Milos Kuro, minister of culture has been using propaganda to discredit his premier, Leon Vados. Vados is a progressive trying to negotiate a nonagression pact with the U.S. When in the U.S. Kuro witnesses a play written by Cinnamon that undermines Vados and the U.S. He arranges to have it staged in his country. But Cinnamon and Rollin leak the play's existence to Vados. Vados attends a rehersal and is seated beneath a special radar disk that creates a sound envelope so that Vados hears only the special dialogue the IMF has created that makes Vados out to look like a fool. Vados has Kuro arrested.

The Night of the Steel Assassin
44 votes

#27 - The Night of the Steel Assassin

The Wild Wild West - Season 1 - Episode 16

A series of mysterious deaths of military personnel bring Jim face to face with the indestructible Colonel "Iron Man" Torres. Crippled in an explosion that he blames on the other men of his company, Torres rebuilt himself as a 19th century cyborg and is seeking revenge on those he thinks wronged him.

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The Teeth of the Barracuda
16 votes

#28 - The Teeth of the Barracuda

The Mod Squad - Season 1 - Episode 1

The origin of the Mod Squad. Greer puts his newly-formed squad to work investigating a cop killing, which the evidence suggests was the work of young people. Uncredited cameos by Harrison Ford and Richard Pryor.

The Widow
113 votes

#29 - The Widow

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 1

Alex Cresnic and his partner Walters have bought out an entire nation's heroin crop and are smuggling it into Marseilles for a sale - the IMF needs to put them out of business. Barney and Jim fake an elevator crash and "blind" Walters. In the hospital, Rollins impersonates Cresnic's voice and gives Walters specific instructions. Meanwhile, Cresnic believes Walters to be dead and meets Walters' widow, played by Cinnamon. She blackmails Cresnic into taking her on as his new partner, and then leads him to a rival competitor, played by Rollin. Jim is the chemist in the set-up, and Cresnic "kills" Willy and takes Jim to work for him. Jim has a jacket that lets him switch Cresnic's heroin for powdered milk. Cresnic makes the sale but the IMF has put an opening in the bottom of his desk where he stores the money. Rollin breaks in and tells the buyers to check their merchandise, after setting up Walters to go to the basement and check the money. The buyers discover the heroin is fake, and they

Trumbo's World
509 votes

#30 - Trumbo's World

MacGyver - Season 1 - Episode 6

Deep in the Amazon jungle, a horde of killer ants is destroying everything in its path. MacGyver helps his entomologist friend and the plantation owner to battle the ants before the plantation is destroyed.

A Catalogue of Sins
42 votes

#31 - A Catalogue of Sins

Mannix - Season 1 - Episode 11

Blackmail in the film industry.

The Last Chance Raid
6 votes

#32 - The Last Chance Raid

The Rat Patrol - Season 1 - Episode 20

The Patrol's radio is wrecked and Troy is unable to warn HQ of a large Nazi anti-tank outfit waiting in ambush. Troy knows that El Jebel has a huge radio broadcast unit and heads there. Troy, Moffitt and the others make their way into the radio room and prepare to broadcast their warning to the British. However, Captain Deitrich walks in on them and takes them prisoner. Troy and Moffitt manage to escape. They free Hitch and Pettigrew and get their message back to London. This prevents the Allies from losing a lot of tanks.

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Black Sun
221 votes

#33 - Black Sun

Space: 1999 - Season 1 - Episode 10

The moon base personnel find themselves on a collision course with an asteroid. However, the asteroid is deflected by a greater threat: an all-devouring black sun that will destroy Alpha unless things changes rapidly.

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One Eyed Jack
203 votes

#34 - One Eyed Jack

Miami Vice - Season 1 - Episode 7

Crockett attempts to help an old flame free herself from a racketeer, then is framed for taking bribes. Martin Castillo becomes the squad's new Lieutenant.

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93 votes

#35 - Automan

Automan - Season 1 - Episode 1

Walter Nebicher is a young police officer who wants desperately to get out on the streets and experience some action. Unfortunately, his superior Captain Boyd has assigned Nebicher to a desk job where he can utilize his skills as a computer expert. Still wanting to make a difference, Nebicher goes to work creating the ultimate crime-solving computer program. It turns out so well that the program actually takes on a life of it's own, by taking the holographic form of a man called Automan. Due to the large amount of power needed to exist outside of the computer, Automan can only exist at night, when the rest of the city's power useage is low. Together, he and Walter become one of television's most unusual crime fighting teams. They jump into their first case when Walter's friend Lt. Jack Curtis disappears while investigating the disappearances of several top scientists. Their investigation uncovers an international plot to kidnap the world's top scientific minds, who are then taken to a

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The Killing
59 votes

#36 - The Killing

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 22

Burt Gordon has set up a new version of Murder, Inc. for the Syndicate. The IMF need to get evidence of his actions. Jim and Cinnamon become Gordon's new neighbors, and their brother Rollin claims they are being haunted by the ghost of their long-dead sibling. Cinnamon seduces Gordon and wants him to kill her husband. A provoked Jim then attacks Gordon and is "killed" by Gordon's hitman, Connie and fake-disposed of in an incinerator. But then Jim's ghost comes back to haunt Gordon, "killing" Cinnamon. Gordon follows Jim's ghost-voice to his body and shoots it again...only to find out that the IMF disguised Connie as Jim. The police arrive and arrest Gordon for murder.

Stranded in Space
142 votes

#37 - Stranded in Space

Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 3 - Episode 5

Movie Plot: An astronaut lands on the planet Terra where he must fight the "Perfect Order." On the SOL: Tom makes some cookies and Crow has bad nightmares / Joel turns Servo into an arcade game / Joel becomes an evil overlord. In Deep 13: Dr. Forrester tries to promote Frank, but Frank couldn't care less. Original film made in 1973.

0 votes

#38 - Love

The Mod Squad - Season 1 - Episode 10

Pete's cousin Karen turns to kidnapping to gain her parents attention after they are distracted by the new baby.

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