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Last Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Network: ABC (US)

MacGyver follows the adventures of the laid-back, extremely resourceful secret agent Angus MacGyver. He prefers non-violent conflict resolution whenever possible and refuses to carry or use a gun. MacGyver works as a problem solver for the Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles. Utilizing his education as a scientist and his experience as an operative in the Department of External Services (DXS), he is able to solve a range of problems usually with the help of his ever-present Swiss Army knife.

Jenny's Chance

#1 - Jenny's Chance

Season 5 - Episode 16

MacGyver, Dalton, and Thornton go undercover to expose a murderous money launderer.

star 9.20
5 votes
Directors: Michael Caffey
Writers: Rick Drew, John Sheppard
Two Times Trouble

#2 - Two Times Trouble

Season 5 - Episode 10

MacGyver tries to help an old friend who believes her jealous twin sister is trying to kill her.

star 8.48
54 votes
Directors: Michael Preece
Writers: Robert Sherman
Eye of Osiris

#3 - Eye of Osiris

Season 6 - Episode 14

Mac helps out on an archelogical dig for Alexander the Great's tomb. But the expedition seems to be followed by bad luck. Several incidents nearly causes a shut-down. Then Mac finds clues leading to Alex's tomb. Unfortunally, the accidents are not coincidental, and they meet a very vengeful man who traps them inside the grave...

star 8.42
43 votes
Directors: Mike Vejar
Writers: John Sheppard

#4 - Humanity

Season 6 - Episode 2

MacGyver and Thornton are left to the mercies of a Romanian agent still loyal to his deposed leader Ceausescu after a mission to obtain his secret files is sabotaged.

star 8.41
49 votes
Directors: Bill Gereghty
Writers: Lincoln Kibbee
Murderers' Sky

#5 - Murderers' Sky

Season 3 - Episode 20

When the head of a American-Chinese shipping company is attacked in his office by a killer, MacGyver and the man's grandson—who is heir to the company—must find out who was behind the attempt on his life.

star 8.37
65 votes
Directors: Mike Vejar
Writers: Herman Miller
Strictly Business

#6 - Strictly Business

Season 6 - Episode 19

After enlisting MacGyver's help in saving his sister (from a previous episode), Murdoc wants to come out of retirement, but his former employers at Homicide International request that he take out MacGyver as a demonstration of his sincere desire to rejoin them. Knowing that MacGyver is the only contract that he failed to execute, Murdocs agrees to "clear" his otherwise perfect record. MacGyver, returning home one night, finds Murdoc waiting for him at his dinner table- with dinner waiting. Murdoc sets MacGyver up for execution and forces MacGyver to admit defeat to him- or be killed via cyanide. After that, Murdoc warns MacGyver of his intention to kill him and then leaves. MacGyver knows the professional killer is not bluffing- and he knows he will use anybody and do anything to get to him...

star 8.37
44 votes
Directors: Mike Vejar
Writers: John Sheppard
High Control

#7 - High Control

Season 6 - Episode 15

Mac tries to help an acquaintance just out of prison stay on the straight and narrow despite the efforts of his old biker gang to blackmail him into rejoining them.

star 8.35
40 votes
Directors: Michael Caffey
Writers: Lincoln Kibbee
The Visitor

#8 - The Visitor

Season 6 - Episode 10

Mac uncovers an out-of-this-world scam when he investigates some mysterious indentations in a farmer's field.

star 8.34
47 votes
Directors: Bill Gereghty
Writers: Brad Radnitz
The Ten Percent Solution

#9 - The Ten Percent Solution

Season 5 - Episode 9

The Phoenix Foundation purchase of a Nazi art treasure leads Mac to a concentration camp survivor who claims family ownership of the painting and an `Aryan nation' group actively working to create their own country.

star 8.31
54 votes
Directors: Michael Preece
Writers: Tom Drake, Sally Drake
Lesson in Evil

#10 - Lesson in Evil

Season 6 - Episode 6

Dr. Zito returns to menace MacGyver and Murphy when he escapes after his latest sanity hearing, leaving a series of nasty clues designed to give Mac a crash course in evil.

star 8.28
49 votes
Directors: Bill Gereghty
Writers: John Sheppard
The Wall

#11 - The Wall

Season 6 - Episode 5

MacGyver helps reunite an East German girl with her grandfather in America, unaware that she's been recruited by two bitter former Stasi agents who believe the old man possesses a store of hidden gold.

star 8.28
46 votes
Directors: Michael Preece
Writers: Rick Drew
Cease Fire

#12 - Cease Fire

Season 5 - Episode 4

During some tough negotiations between two neighbouring states, one side plants a sniper in the vincinity. When Mac discovers the sniper, fights him, but loses the man, the accusations go out against Mac. Wounded, he is forced to run, and hide at a private girls' school, where one of the young ladies becomes his only hope to prevent further bloodshed. But the young girl has her own issues, and the assassination attemts won't stop until the targeted delegate is dead.

star 8.25
61 votes
Directors: Bill Gereghty
Writers: Chris Haddock

#13 - Obsessed

Season 7 - Episode 3

The ghost of his archenemy Murdoc leaves MacGyver sleepless and on edge just as he is about to supervise the security of the criminal trial of a deposed dictator, a task that could determine Pete's continued employment at The Phoenix Foundation.

star 8.24
54 votes
Directors: Bill Gereghty
Writers: John Sheppard
Hell Week

#14 - Hell Week

Season 3 - Episode 9

A desperate physics student goes off the deep end and boobytraps a college lab when he fails to win a science competition and to live up to his father's high expectations.

star 8.23
73 votes
Writers: Leonard Mlodinow, Scott Rubinstein
Black Rhino

#15 - Black Rhino

Season 5 - Episode 8

MacGyver takes off for Africa, where the youngest of the Colton brothers has decided to take on deadly rhino poachers single-handedly.

star 8.22
59 votes
Directors: Michael Caffey
Writers: Paul B. Margolis
The Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 2

#16 - The Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 2

Season 5 - Episode 2

MacGyver and an old friend dash around the world searching for the artifacts necessary to locate the Holy Grail, just one step ahead of a ruthless man on the same trail.

star 8.21
70 votes
Directors: Charlie Correll
Writers: Stephen Downing
The Challenge

#17 - The Challenge

Season 4 - Episode 12

An inner city youth club is threatened when a black resident is framed for auto theft by a neighborhood racist who'll stop at nothing to close the center—even murder.

star 8.21
61 votes
Directors: Dana Elcar
Writers: Chris Haddock
The Invisible Killer

#18 - The Invisible Killer

Season 4 - Episode 15

MacGyver heads up a trip with four other Phoenix Foundation employees into the wilderness as part of a stress reduction program. After discovering that a prison bus accident has freed several prisoners, the employees begin to question each other's behavior. MacGyver must now figure out which man, if any, is not to be trusted before it's too late.

star 8.20
55 votes
Directors: Dana Elcar
Writers: Chris Haddock
Deadly Dreams

#19 - Deadly Dreams

Season 4 - Episode 7

MacGyver gets involved in the search for an escaped serial killer. Soon he comes to the conclusion that the killer had help from another prisoner—an even more sinister man.

star 8.20
61 votes
Directors: Les Landau
Writers: Stephen Downing
Harry's Will

#20 - Harry's Will

Season 6 - Episode 7

When Mac tries to claim the station wagon left to him by his late Grandpa Harry, it starts a strange chase that leads him to an ex-con with a dream of running a restaurant, a soup kitchen in need of money, and a gang of crooks out for themselves.

star 8.19
48 votes
Directors: Bill Gereghty
Writers: Lincoln Kibbee
The Negotiator

#21 - The Negotiator

Season 3 - Episode 15

MacGyver becomes infatuated with a woman while conducting environmental-impact studies. However, what MacGyver does not know is that the woman was hired to "persuade" him to skip the studies—and if necessary, kill him.

star 8.18
66 votes
Directors: Charlie Correll
Writers: Calvin Clements, Jr.
The Stringer

#22 - The Stringer

Season 7 - Episode 13

While working with Chinese dissidents to expose illegal labor camps, MacGyver gets unexpected help from a young photojournalist who claims to be his son!

star 8.18
50 votes
Directors: Mike Vejar
Writers: John Sheppard
The Outsiders

#23 - The Outsiders

Season 4 - Episode 3

MacGyver helps an Amish family, who saved his life, from having their farm seized by the government.

star 8.18
56 votes
Directors: Mike Vejar
Writers: Michelle Poteet Lisanti
The Madonna

#24 - The Madonna

Season 5 - Episode 11

On Christmas Eve, MacGyver tries to help the priest of a poor church locate a stolen Madonna figure, help his friend Cynthia figure out how to keep the Challenger Club solvent and figure out a strange street woman who seems to have a miracle up her sleeve.

star 8.18
40 votes
Directors: Michael Caffey
Writers: Cathleen Young

#25 - Partners

Season 2 - Episode 18

MacGyver and Pete meet at a wrecking yard, both thinking that the other one arranged the meeting. Soon an unknown assailant captures them inside a big truck. Their only clue is an obituary for them and Jack Dalton.

star 8.17
78 votes
Directors: Cliff Bole
Writers: Mark Lisson, Bill Froehlich