The BEST episodes directed by Gilbert M. Shilton

Up in Flames
69 votes

#1 - Up in Flames

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 5 - Episode 13

Emily flies back from Paris to attend a seminar at La Jolla. She asks Brandon to meet her at the airport, claiming to have just a four-hour layover. She actually has a week until the beginning of her seminar, but Brandon breaks her heart by revealing that he is dating Kelly. When he sees her back to her hotel room, they share a passionate kiss. Steve and Griffin organize a holiday rave at an abandoned house. Valerie helps them out in the hopes of getting back in Steve's good graces. David and Clare accidentally post the notice about the event on a computer bulletin board for lesbians, who constitute most of the guests. The house has very poor wiring and continually blows fuses. Griffin uses too much electricity, and the house catches on fire. Ray rescues Steve and Valerie, who were fooling around in one of the bedrooms. Kelly and a girl named Allison are trapped in a downstairs bathroom with no means of escape. The fire fighters try to reach them as they are engulfed by flames. Music: 'I'm Gonna Get You' by Bizarre Inc., 'Every Day of the Week' by Jade, 'The Comfort of Strangers' by Jamie Walters, 'Incense and Peppermints' by Strawberry Alarm Clock, 'What Your Love Means to Me' by Hi-Five.

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The Hellgramite Method
62 votes

#2 - The Hellgramite Method

The Twilight Zone (1985) - Season 3 - Episode 7

An alcoholic goes through an extremely painful and potentially deadly cure for his drinking problem. He has to choose which is more important - the bottle or his life.

The Call
57 votes

#3 - The Call

The Twilight Zone (1985) - Season 3 - Episode 9

A lonely man accidentally phones the wrong number and finds an intriguing female to whom he grows attached. When she refuses to meet him, he investigates and finds the phone in a museum next to the statue of a woman.

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Phoenix Under Siege
201 votes

#4 - Phoenix Under Siege

MacGyver - Season 2 - Episode 11

While retrieving tickets for a hockey game at the Phoenix Foundation, MacGyver and his grandpa Harry get caught in the middle of a woman's plot to blow up the building using a bomb that she herself made. They try to escape, but are locked in. Now they must figure another way out before she activates the bomb.

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Vows of Silence
9 votes

#5 - Vows of Silence

Road to Avonlea - Season 3 - Episode 9

The new minister in town, gives a 'hell-fire-and-brimstone' sermon which convinces the children that the world is coming to an end. The adults have no idea that the children have taken the sermon so seriously. The children go to the lighthouse, prepared to confess their sins, and hope this will save the world. A lunar eclipse convinces them the end is nigh... and Felix's confession almost makes Felicity put an end to him.

The Furies
106 votes

#6 - The Furies

Xena: Warrior Princess - Season 3 - Episode 1

At Ares's request, Xena is judged by the Furies for not avenging the murder of her father and is punished by persecution and madness, leaving Gabrielle to try and solve the problem and reverse Xena's insanity.

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Italian Ice
211 votes

#7 - Italian Ice

Magnum, P.I. - Season 2 - Episode 16

After Magnum daringly rescues a beautiful young woman – the daughter of a friend of Robin’s – from a mobster’s villa in Sicily, the girl comes to stay on the Masters Estate. As a result of the rescue, the girl quickly develops a crush on Thomas, and her presence puts strain on his relationship with his new girlfriend, and at the same time, curious things begin to happen. Thomas assumes that the Italian mobsters whom the girl was in the clutches of, are behind the questionable occurrences – unaware that T.C. is innocently giving them tourist flights around the island – but the trouble is actually coming from another source...

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Unnecessary Roughness
84 votes

#8 - Unnecessary Roughness

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 7 - Episode 16

Donna believes she has solved the mystery of her stalker's identity when she sees Garrett Slan, the man who tried to rape her, at the university. Donna's friends insist that she is mistaken, as Slan is in prison. Donna is cheered by a ""girls' night out"" with Kelly and Clare, until someone tries to run over her outside the After Dark. While sorting through her parents' unopened mail, Donna finds a notice that Slan has been released from prison. Brandon and Tracy spend the weekend at her family's ranch. Tracy is distracted by her horse, which has taken ill; and the presence of Sam, an ex-boyfriend who once asked her to marry him. Tracy rejects Sam's advances and has sex with Brandon in the barn. Steve and Dick team up to market T-shirts for sale at the After Dark's Super Bowl party. Steve puts his sewing skills to use after he mistakenly orders shirts adorned with a picture of a soccer ball. Music: 'Knock on Wood' by Eddie Floyd, 'The Authority Song' by John Cougar Mellencamp.

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90 votes

#9 - Courting

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 6 - Episode 13

Joe rejects a plea bargain and decides to go to trial. Donna testifies that Ray was physically harming her, and Valerie corroborates this with her eyewitness account of the Palm Springs incident. The Associated Press picks up Brandon's story about the trial for nationwide syndication. Brandon tries to convince Ray to stop hurting Donna and reveal the truth about his fight with Joe. The prosecutor portrays Donna as a liar because she covered for Ray on her medical report. Ray feels guilty; he owns up to the abuse and clears Joe during his testimony. Donna agrees not to prosecute Ray if he remains in therapy. Ray thanks Brandon for setting him straight and decides to go out on tour. Donna's friend Lisa is selected as Rose Queen. Colin babysits for Erin while Kelly and David are at the trial, as Mel and Jackie have gone away for the weekend. Valerie tells Colin that Kelly spent the night with Brandon. Colin refuses to believe Kelly's denial, but their argument is interrupted when Erin falls into the bathtub. Colin revives her through CPR. Susan becomes angry after Brandon reveals that he felt tempted by Kelly.

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Disco Inferno
298 votes

#10 - Disco Inferno

Quantum Leap - Season 2 - Episode 2

April 1, 1976: As a stuntman, Sam is to save the life of his younger brother, while trying to convince the pair's obsessive father to let the younger son go his own way, even if it means going into country-western music, rather than following the family tradition of stunt work.

The Little Fish
92 votes

#11 - The Little Fish

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 4 - Episode 3

Jim and Cindy are shocked when Brenda returns from Minnesota. Brandon considers moving out because he can no longer use Brenda's bedroom as a rec room. Brenda announces that she is not interested in returning to college. Dylan grows tired of waiting to register and also chooses to forego college, much to Kelly's chagrin. Brenda and Dylan spend a relaxing day fishing, and elect to enroll in California University after all. Andrea tries out for the college paper and must review the Peach Pit. She catches Nat on a very bad day and writes a scathing review. Andrea decides to pass on the paper and enroll in pre-med courses. Josh Richland, editor of the Condor, asks Brandon to run for Student Senate for the Progressive party. David and Donna interview for the campus radio station, and he is furious when she lets their aircheck tape melt in the car. The station manager enjoys their banter and gives them the overnight show. Steve cheats on his math placement exam, but it nearly backfires. Music: 'Feel Like a Number' by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, 'Earth Angel' by the Penguins.

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The Things We Do for Love
59 votes

#12 - The Things We Do for Love

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 7 - Episode 8

Steve overhears Val discussing her pregnancy on the phone. She begs him to keep her secret, but he shares the news with Kelly. Kelly gives Valerie her full support and offers to drive her to the clinic. Val turns her down, claiming that Kenny will be by her side. Kelly runs into Kenny at a restaurant, and Valerie's conflicting stories prompt Kelly and Steve to suspect that she was never pregnant. David's grandfather leaves him $250,000 and a 1961 Thunderbird. Mel believes that David should keep the money in a trust, and threatens to contest the will. He later backs off, although he and his mother express concern about David's drinking. Steve learns that Clare and Dick are participating in crew. He begins rowing with a group of his frat brothers, and responds to Dick's taunts by challenging his squad to a race. Donna and Cliff become closer. During a day of hiking, he reveals that he is leaving for an out-of-state job. An uncomfortable Tracy decides to quit her TV job after Brandon nixes a relationship. She changes her mind because she is having a good time at the station. Music: 'Johhny Angel' by Shelley Fabares.

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The Betrayal
204 votes

#13 - The Betrayal

V - Season 1 - Episode 12

The Resistance kidnaps a Visitor doctor to tend to friendly alien Willie - but can the doctor be trusted? Robin discovers her new lover is an alien sent to impregnate her and create a second Starchild.

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Animal Frat
245 votes

#14 - Animal Frat

Quantum Leap - Season 2 - Episode 12

October 19, 1967: Trapped in the body of Knut Wileton, better known as "Wild Thing," the typical frat jock, Sam must win the confidence of an attractive campus radical before she bombs the college's chemistry building as a protest against the war in Vietnam.

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The Right Hand of God
561 votes

#15 - The Right Hand of God

Quantum Leap - Season 1 - Episode 4

October 24, 1974: Having leaped into Kid Cody, a boxer on the take, Sam has to win the championship to fund a new church for his new contract owners, a group of nuns. Sam must face the bookie who counts on him to take a dive in the final bout and, with the help of several trainers, streaking, and Al's appearance in the ring to guide his punches, Sam wins the bout and finances the chapel.

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The Americanization of Machiko
295 votes

#16 - The Americanization of Machiko

Quantum Leap - Season 2 - Episode 3

August 4, 1953: As a sailor returning from Japan, Sam brings a foreign wife to a small town. He then has to fight against the prejudice of both a scheming ex-girlfriend, as well as his mother, in order to gain acceptance of his new bride.

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Cuffs and Links
94 votes

#17 - Cuffs and Links

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 4 - Episode 24

Brenda calls Dylan from jail in the hopes of keeping her arrest a secret, but he is forced to tell her parents. Brenda's friends avoid her out of fear of being accessories after the fact, and Kelly acts especially bitchy because she is tired of Dylan coming to Brenda's rescue. Brenda faces felony charges, as her crime was a federal offense. An FBI agent who had gone undercover with the activists offers her immunity in exchange for her testimony. Kelly apologizes for shunning Brenda. Andrea gives Donna a healthy puppy (Rocky II) to take her mind off Rocky's death. Steve and his overbearing father, Rush, take on a baseball star and his dad in a father/son golf tournament. Steve catches his father cheating and forces him to complete the game honestly.

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Motel California
81 votes

#18 - Motel California

First Wave - Season 1 - Episode 11

Investigating a small California inn, Cade becomes one of the subjects of an alien experiment that makes the guests' dreams come alive so that they can no longer tell what is real and what is merely a beguiling illusion.

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Second Wave
83 votes

#19 - Second Wave

First Wave - Season 1 - Episode 17

Quatrain 34, Century 2. "A vision of destruction appears near the throne / And the struggle to reign supreme begins / An approaching storm unchecked / To test the mettle of all men." The Paranoid Times Web site is set up to warn people of imminent danger we face from the alien race that has infiltrated this planet. People are starting to take notice. One e-mail came from a Sheldon Lamott, who said he had pictures of a UFO floating above Columbia, Maryland, just 20 miles outside Washington, DC. I was skeptical the photos were legit & in my experience, spaceships weren't the Gua's style. But this seemed to relate to a quatrain Eddie found, so I checked it out. Met Sheldon and his wife Pauline at their suburban home. I figured out what the tension was between Sheldon and his wife when Sheldon showed me his UFO pix in the basement darkroom. There were other photos & not of UFOs, but of Pauline's tryst with their neighbour, Boyd Hackett.

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Love is Blind
51 votes

#20 - Love is Blind

The Twilight Zone (1985) - Season 3 - Episode 27

In a bar, a very mysterious blind man plays the piano, and gives some very special advice to a jealous boyfriend.

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Love Hurts
93 votes

#21 - Love Hurts

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 5 - Episode 23

Lenny is released, as he has an alibi and the victim (an acquaintance) clears him. He confesses to David that he served time for sexual assault; he may have taken part in a rape while wandering the streets in a drunken stupor during his tour in the gulf. The outraged students try to run Lenny off campus, and Brandon agrees to help him transfer to another school. Valerie convinces Donna that David is to blame for Ray's departure. David and Donna get into a screaming match. Lenny reveals that Garrett Slan, a CU cafeteria worker, also spent time in a military prison. Brandon warns Clare that Garrett may be fixated on her, but he has moved on to Donna. Garrett breaks into the beach apartment, holds Donna at knifepoint, and tries to rape her. David interrupts as he comes over to apologize to Donna. She lets him know that something is amiss by calling him "Dave," and he bursts in and hits Garrett in the head with a baseball bat. Dylan decides to help Charley turn his screenplay into a motion picture. Dylan sees Andrea with Peter at the motel and offers to serve as her confidante. Tired of bickering with Jesse, Andrea plans to leave him for Peter. He informs her that he is not interested in a commitment. Cindy tries to help Jackie get a date. Sparks fly between Jackie and Mel when they run into each other at the Peach Pit. Music: 'S.O.S.' by Cathy Dennis, 'She Don't Use Jelly' performed by Flaming Lips, 'One Night In Heaven' by M People.

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Earthquake Weather
90 votes

#22 - Earthquake Weather

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 6 - Episode 9

Dylan asks Toni to marry him. Kelly is shaken by the news, and angers Dylan with her selfish reaction. She also bristles at David's new relationship with Valerie. Clare comes on strong to Steve. An earthquake rocks the major Los Angeles area, spooking Colin. Brandon and Susan, in Palm Springs for a newspaper conference, get trapped in an elevator with a pregnant woman. They must deliver her child. Donna advances to the finals of the Rose Court selections. She sees her mother in a photograph of the 1969 contestants, but Felice refuses to explain herself. Ray begins seeing a therapist and convinces Donna to come to one of his sessions. The doctor warns Donna to stay away from Ray. Marchette pretends to give Dylan and Toni his blessing, then takes out a hit on Dylan. Music: 'Shakin' All Over' by The Who.

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You Gotta Have Heart
93 votes

#23 - You Gotta Have Heart

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 5 - Episode 20

Finley pushes Kelly to end her relationship with Brandon, but she cannot go through with it. She later dumps him during a confrontation at Finley's new headquarters, and Brandon reluctantly turns to Dylan for help. Valerie uses her new windfall to move out of the Walsh house and into a luxurious hotel. She ignores Dylan's warnings about the loneliness associated with life at a hotel. Donna goes to bed with Ray but then cuts things off, leaving him very frustrated. Val pops the lighter in Ray's truck, draining the battery so that he has to seek a ride. She lures him back to her hotel room. Andrea becomes uncomfortable when she and Jesse run into Peter and his wife at the movies. Everyone pitches in as the After Dark hosts a telethon for pediatric heart patients. Steve struggles to fulfill his promise to get the R&B group Jade for the event. Music: 'Hold On' performed by Jamie Walters, 'Mind, Body & Soul' / 'Every Day of the Week' performed by Jade.

Prince of Darkness
270 votes

#24 - Prince of Darkness

Law & Order - Season 3 - Episode 8

Cerreta poses as a weapons dealer to help Stone build a case against a Columbian hit man, but the deal takes an unexpected turn, resulting in bloodshed.

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Captain Cold
163 votes

#25 - Captain Cold

The Flash - Season 1 - Episode 17

The Flash is targeted by a hit-man who uses cold based weaponry.

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Arms Race
15 votes

#26 - Arms Race

Blue Thunder - Season 1 - Episode 3

Aggie Mills, an former flame of Chaney's who he knew back in the Vietnam War, comes for help via the FBI to distort a much-growing drugs & gun smuggling ring, extending to more places than just Los Angeles. When the first operation is not a success, and turns out to be a smokescreen, Bubba and Ski are assigned to go undercover as truck mechanics, but they also accidentally discover that Aggie Mills is not all what she says she is, and happens to be associating with the man in-charge of the whole operation, Harold Longstreet. When Bubba and Ski are caught red-handed while placing a radar receiver on one of the trucks, in order for Chaney and Braddock to know where the drugs and the weapons are being ferried from, its a race against time for Chaney and Wonderlove to save their two crew members, and prevent Longstreet and Mills from getting away, unconvicted.

The Trial of Joshua Bridges
104 votes

#27 - The Trial of Joshua Bridges

First Wave - Season 2 - Episode 19

Joshua is put on trial, and must defend himself against charges that he is a human sympathizer and a traitor to the gua. - - - No quatrain this week. Eddie and I are sifting through the database, checking some out, following up leads but we haven't discovered anything solid enough to head in. But that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about the fight. Days like this I worry about the fight. If we don't keep making strides we could lose. Hate to say it but it's true. Try to push myself, harder, further, faster everyday – want to get some kind of momentum going. Times like these, I think a lot about the enemy. I think about Joshua. He says he's not on our side – he's just looking out for the best interests of the Gua – a true patriot. Don't really care, as long as it benefits us. Like the time I was on the run from the Feds in Montana and Joshua first helped me. I'd handed an alien a gun – she was posing as a forest ranger, was supposed to ""protect"" me from the FBI once they took me

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Don't Stop Believing
19 votes

#28 - Don't Stop Believing

Degrassi - Season 7 - Episode 22

Both Paige and Ellie receive news that will unexpectedly change Marco's world around.

11 votes

#29 - Flashback

Due South - Season 2 - Episode 18

Fraser has amnesia after being thrown from a speeding van driven by diamond thieves and forgets everything -- his name, his identity, and the license plate of the speeding van. Ray tries to prod Fraser's memory by recounting some of their times together.

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The Conversion
176 votes

#30 - The Conversion

V - Season 1 - Episode 10

Diana captures Ham Tyler, but a new superior arrives and his first order of business: a mind-control gambit aimed at turning Ham into a secret assassin.

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Pride and Joy
198 votes

#31 - Pride and Joy

Law & Order - Season 4 - Episode 6

A 17-year-old boy becomes the chief suspect in the murder of his father, raising questions of self-defense and abuse that the family does not want to face.

The Battle of Bel Air
292 votes

#32 - The Battle of Bel Air

The A-Team - Season 2 - Episode 15

The A-Team must rescue an employee of a security firm after she warns them about an ambush.

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Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out
86 votes

#33 - Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 6 - Episode 24

Valerie puts the club up as collateral to bail Colin out of jail. She also offers to spring for a high-priced attorney, as the public defender wants to plea bargain. Colin is terrified by the thought of spending time in prison. Kelly comes home from rehab and receives a surprise call from Colin. Donna is put off by the frequent phone calls from a lonely Tara. Tara runs away from the center. Kelly and Donna pick her up and give her refuge for the night. A medical student asks Kelly on a date. Clare and Susan resolve to reunite Nat and Joan, who have broken up because their relationship lacks its past magic. Clare, Susan, Brandon and Steve organize a romantic evening for the couple. They take them to many of the places that were special to them in 1971 and help them recapture their passion. Joe undergoes successful surgery and plans to return to football. Music: 'Time of the Season' by the Zombies (#3, 1969); 'At Last' by Etta James.

248 votes

#34 - Steel

The A-Team - Season 2 - Episode 11

The A-Team looks into sabotage at a construction site.

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Second Thunder
37 votes

#35 - Second Thunder

Blue Thunder - Season 1 - Episode 1

In this ""Pilot"" episode of the ABC half season spin-off of the original 1983 blockbuster smash hit under the same name starring Roy Scheider, Warren Oates and Malcolm McDowell, The Blue Thunder Unit take on a ruthless pilot who has been recently aerially assassinating police helicopter units over Los Angeles. In an attempt to settle an old long-lasting score with Frank Chaney, the pilot and leader of The Blue Thunder Unit, the crazed comedian who calls himself ""P.V.C."" contacts Chaney, Braddock and the rest of the team and warns Chaney personally that he is going to blow him out of the sky for what he did a year ago when he destroyed his aircraft with a 12-gauge shotgun during an unsuccessful drug bust while he was a police officer, plus to make sure that he succeeds in transporting a scheduled shipment of drugs over the Mexican border. Still continuing to wipe out airborne police units when very cannily evacuating the entire Astro-Division Building, and with the acknowledge of how the

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The Taxicab Wars
305 votes

#36 - The Taxicab Wars

The A-Team - Season 2 - Episode 7

A small cab company hires the A-Team to thwart the sabotage efforts of a larger company trying to run them out of business.

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Some Like It Red
40 votes

#37 - Some Like It Red

Due South - Season 2 - Episode 12

Fraser goes undercover as a woman at a girls' school after Ray's ex-girlfriend comes to him for help. Ray, meanwhile, worries that he turned his ex into a nun.

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97 votes

#38 - Homecoming

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 5 - Episode 6

Ferdinand Quintero, the president of Selanesia and a close friend of Clare's family, visits the campus to receive treatment for cancer. A student human rights group objects to his presence, and tells Brandon that Quintero has ordered the murders of thousands of citizens. After meeting a gardener who was tortured by the regime, Brandon agrees to serve Quintero with a subpeona. Steve, Kelly, Donna, Valerie, Griffin and Muntz plan to steal the mascot of rival Southern California University before the homecoming game. Donna does not show up, as she instead spends the day with Ray at his family pumpkin patch. Dylan fears that he and Valerie are becoming too close, so he cheats on her. Andrea meets a UCLA medical student at the laundromat. He believes that she is babysitting Hannah, and she doesn't tell him that she is married. Music: 'I Want Candy' by the Strangeloves (#11, 1965); 'My Light' by Big Mountain, 'Drive Me' by Jamie Walters, 'Willie and the Hand Jive' by Johnny Otis.

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The Fruit At the Bottom of the Bowl
49 votes

#39 - The Fruit At the Bottom of the Bowl

The Ray Bradbury Theater - Season 2 - Episode 1

A hasty murderer tries to wipe off the fingerprints that he left at the crime scene... and realizes the overwhelming nature of his task.

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89 votes

#40 - Windstruck

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 4 - Episode 14

Donna and David celebrate their second anniversary as a couple. She finally agrees to sleep with him, but their romantic evening is interrupted by a surprise visit from her parents. Donna dodges suspicion by admitting that David lives in the apartment. Felice is angry at the deception, but Dr. Martin encourages her to let Donna live her own life. Donna puts David on hold because she does not want to betray her parents' trust. The KEG house distances itself from Steve to avoid the penalties for hazing. Lucinda tells Brandon that someone tipped off campus security about Steve's break-in. Professor Randall accuses Brandon of sleeping with Lucinda and plans to take out his anger on Steve. He drops the charges after Brandon threatens to report him for giving D'Shawn undeserved grades. Kelly and Dylan get back together. Andrea and Jesse fall for each other. Dan angers Andrea with his racial slurs about Jesse. Music: 'Hey Jealousy' by Gin Blossoms, 'I Fought the Law' by The Bobby Fuller Four, 'Midnight Train to Georgia' by Gladys Knight and the Pips, 'For the Cool in You' by Babyface.

Visitors' Choice
320 votes

#41 - Visitors' Choice

V - Season 1 - Episode 6

The Resistance plots to attack a meeting of Visitor leaders whose conference is about the processing of Earth's inhabitants for food.

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Ray of Hope
87 votes

#42 - Ray of Hope

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 6 - Episode 30

Kelly agrees to help with the search for Colin when Brandon reveals that Nat could fall victim to the bail bondsman through his business ties to Valerie. Kelly gets in touch with Colin after obtaining his beeper number from Danny. She arranges a meeting and contacts the cops, but Colin realizes that something is amiss and sends Danny to the rendezvous. Donna balks when she and David are asked to produce a music video for Ray. Ray asks for a chance to prove that he has changed. Donna accepts the project after meeting Ray's fiancée, Wendy. Joe decides to quit football and take over as coach at his high school in Pennsylvania. He asks Donna to marry him. She turns him down because she fears that she would regret sacrificing her dreams. Clare is drawn toward Carl as they share memories of her mother. Mrs. Arnold believed that Carl would one day marry Clare and make her a princess. While Steve recuperates from his injury, he and Brandon sit around watching Vega$, The Love Boat, and other Spelling Productions shows. Music: 'You Send Me' by Brian Green, 'Strange Way' by Firefall, 'Reckless' performed by Jamie Walters.

Fright Knight
114 votes

#43 - Fright Knight

Knight Rider - Season 4 - Episode 20

Inexplicable accidents on a movie set are blamed on a legendary phantom haunting the studio.

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The Internment
59 votes

#44 - The Internment

Poltergeist: The Legacy - Season 3 - Episode 17

Kristin in her continuing quest to find her father enlists Rachel's help. Together the two visit a Sanatorium that leads them to Sommerville. Unknown to them is the fact Sommerville was once a Japanase American concentration camp and that one of its former prisoners is about to imprison them. Rachel and Kristin must work together to form an escape plan while Nick and Derek quickly work from the outside to save the rest of their team.

It's a Wonderful Death
4 votes

#45 - It's a Wonderful Death

The Crow: Stairway to Heaven - Season 1 - Episode 14

Awaiting his sentence, Draven mulls over the events that led him to a jail cell when the Skull Cowboy reappears, sending him back to the day of his and Shelly's murders. Trying to alter the tragic chain of events, Draven discovers that fate, and the origins of a Crow, are unalterable... After being judged guilty of Shelly's murder, Eric is languishing in jail awaiting his sentence. As he begins reliving the events that brought him so low, he starts to imagine how he could have prevented this nightmare. The Skull Cowboy (Kadeem Hardison) appears and, despite warning Draven to be ""careful what you wish for,"" allows Draven to go back in time to the day that he and Shelly died. Suddenly transported back to the Blackout and a band rehearsal, Draven blissfully reunites with Shelly, elatedly believing he can put everything right. The problem is that in changing one event everything else shifts. By traveling back to the time before he was a Crow, Draven has no special powers, and no relationsh

The Prodigy
60 votes

#46 - The Prodigy

Poltergeist: The Legacy - Season 3 - Episode 14

Kristin is reunited with her first love, world famous concert pianist, Eugene Kadar. The reunion is bittersweet as people that could influence Eugene's career begin mysteriously dying of heart attacks and his agent becomes even more controlling. Kristin chooses to ignore the problem and live her love with Eugene to the fullest until Eugene begins to spin out of control. Derek and Nick are to the rescue but Eugene may already be lost...can they save Kristin?

Debt of Honor
31 votes

#47 - Debt of Honor

Poltergeist: The Legacy - Season 3 - Episode 8

Nick attends a boyhood friend's military funeral and gets re-acquainted with another. After catching up and returning home Nick is called up a few days later when Joe, the deceased, begins paying John troubling visits. Nick, along with Kristin's help, must find out why his friend is out for revenge against John then its up to Nick to stop Joe before his soul is doomed forever.