The Best Episodes of Degrassi

Scream (1)

#1 - Scream (1) 9.60

Season 12 - Episode 19

Eli receives opposition to the play. Tristan realizes his on-stage kiss, will be his first with a guy. Becky thinks about Adam.

Scream (2)

#2 - Scream (2) 9.40

Season 12 - Episode 20

It is the opening night of the play, and Tristan can not be found. Clare plans her next meet with her former internship boss.

The Time of My Life (2)

#3 - The Time of My Life (2) 9.17

Season 12 - Episode 40

the seniors get ready for graduation.

The Time of My Life (1)

#4 - The Time of My Life (1) 9.10

Season 12 - Episode 39

the seniors celebrate their prom and Fiona is in a partying mood. Meanwhile, Marisol wants her dreams of romance to come true; and Eli seeks forgiveness.

Rusty Cage (2)

#5 - Rusty Cage (2) 8.80

Season 12 - Episode 14

Campbell continues to consider his hockey performance, and when he plays right wing, he becomes a hockey star. The attention overwhelms him, and he begins to consider self harm and leaving hockey, Campbell does both by jumping off a catwalk. K.C. realizes that his father is a bad influence on his mother, and when he shows up at their home drunk, K.C. and his mother decide to move to Vancouver. Drew teaches Fiona to be humble, and how to clean.

Closer to Free (1)

#6 - Closer to Free (1) 8.78

Season 12 - Episode 9

Jenna meets Becky, and she invites Jenna to her home, without mentioning the Christian group there to meet her. Becky pursues a relationship with Jenna, but it is Becky's attractive brother, Luke, that Jenna is most invested in. Clare receives advise from her mentor, but when she turns down Connor's, he publicly posts her comments on Twitter. Drew finds schoolwork difficult, with his concussion, but a job at the mall seems natural.

Never Ever (2)

#7 - Never Ever (2) 8.63

Season 12 - Episode 16

Imogen is over stressed, with losing her dog, Eli pressing to complete the set, and a relationship with Fiona, she decides to skip school to take care of her father. Imogen's father's health worsens, and Imogen finds out he has dementia, she then decides to let her mother be a part of their life, and returns to school. Jake admits he likes Katie, and the two start dating, Dallas trashes their garden. Becky feels bad for upstaging Adam's ticket sales, and retreats, finding out he has a heart, before finding out he is transgender.

Sabotage (1)

#8 - Sabotage (1) 8.60

Season 12 - Episode 17

Clare writes an article, to the chagrin of Dallas, and others at school. Tori, Tristan, and Dave enter a talent competition. Drew and Bianca's relationship.

Never Ever (1)

#9 - Never Ever (1) 8.56

Season 12 - Episode 15

Imogen designs an intricate and expensive set for the school play, and asks her mother, who she despises, for money. Fiona meets Imogen's father, who has problems remembering things, like driving over the family dog. Katie likes Jake, but is convinced it is not mutual, instead Dallas catches her eye. Becky tries to interfere with the play's ticket sales, by asking for donations to less fortunate.

Closer to Free (2)

#10 - Closer to Free (2) 8.50

Season 12 - Episode 10

Jenna is baptized, in hopes that is all it takes to be with Luke, but he remains uninterested. Becky hears about Jenna's true intentions, and after prayerful consideration, Jenna becomes a stronger Christian. Clare feels humiliated by the Tweets her classmates make about her, she begins trending in Toronto, but accepts the criticism, and overcomes it. Drew skips school to accept the job, and when his mother disapproves, he moves in with Fiona.

Here Comes Your Man (2)

#11 - Here Comes Your Man (2) 8.50

Season 6 - Episode 2

Emma can't get over Sean and Peter stands by helplessly watching his girlfriend fall for another guy. Peter and Sean want to know which of them she wants more, so they take to the streets for a race that ends with disasterous results. Meanwhile Ellie faces the harsh realities of dorm life and decides to do something about it.

Rusty Cage (1)

#12 - Rusty Cage (1) 8.44

Season 12 - Episode 13

Campbell feels he is letting his hockey team down, and decides to fake sick to miss a practice, and be with Maya. The team finds out he was singing karaoke, and Dallas makes him skate until he collapses. K.C.'s father is out of prison, and is showing that he has changed himself, getting a job, and flirting with K.C.'s mother again. Fiona's loft is a mess, both she and Drew blame each other.

Building a Mystery (1)

#13 - Building a Mystery (1) 8.37

Season 12 - Episode 21

Becky realizes she has feelings for Adam, and asks him to volunteer for student council with her. She worries what her parents will think, and decides to invite Adam over, without mentioning that he is transgendered. Eli struggles to write a story for his film class, and smokes marijuana after learning Jake has taken it up. Drew asks Bianca to not tell his mother that they are engaged, when they do tell her, she does not take it well, and the couple walk away.

Got Your Money (2)

#14 - Got Your Money (2) 8.33

Season 12 - Episode 6

In order to pay for his date with Tori, Zig steals money left in the open by Student Council. He has a change of heart, winning back Tori at the school dance. When Fiona paraded her relationship with Imogen around school, it scared Imogen, but Fiona learns that Imogen needs to be eased into this. The hockey team learns that Dave is playing a gay character in the upcoming play, and Dave reacts badly until Eli talks to him.

Building a Mystery (2)

#15 - Building a Mystery (2) 8.25

Season 12 - Episode 22

Becky tells her parents Adam is transgender, and they believe that they can change him. Becky struggles between a relationship with her family and God, and a future with Adam, choosing her parents. After coming off the high, Eli realizes that his film is terrible, and Clare helps him make a new film. Bianca talks to Drew's mother about their relationship, and Bianca thinks Drew's mother does not see her a right choice for Drew, Bianca decides they need to get married sooner.

Mother and Child Reunion (2)

#16 - Mother and Child Reunion (2) 8.23

Season 1 - Episode 2

Emma is at a hotel waiting for Jordan, an enviornmentalist whom she met on the internet. After waiting in the hotel lobby, his ""teacher"" greets Emma and invites her up to his hotel room, saying that the person Emma is supposed to meet should be coming soon. Emma soon discovers that the teacher is the boy she met on the Internet. She freaks out and attempts to leave, but he stops her so she scurries into the bathroom. The teacher tells Emma that he is leaving, but it is actually a trick. He has a video camera, and plans on taping himself raping Emma. Toby, J.T., and Manny dash to the reunion and tell Spike and Mr. Simpson about the whole situation and how Emma is in danger. They hurry to the hotel room and rescue Emma before anything extremely dangerous happens. In the end, though somewhat disturbed, Emma learns her lesson and the bond between her and Spike grows even closer.

Directors: Bruce McDonald
Walking on Broken Glass (2)

#17 - Walking on Broken Glass (2) 8.20

Season 12 - Episode 4

Drew tries to win back Bianca, by entering the academic wiz team, but his concussion symptoms are revealed. Drew explains his MMA past to his mother, and tackles a shoplifter at the mall, not helping his situation, but winning back Bianca. Eli and Becky continue to clash while casting Romeo and Juliet, when Becky labels Tristan as "confused", Eli changes the two leads to homosexual males. Tristan tells Campbell he was posing as Maya, causing Campbell to become angry at both of them.

Doll Parts (2)

#18 - Doll Parts (2) 8.17

Season 12 - Episode 24

Tori and Maya become enemies as they compete against each other in a beauty pageant, and after breaking up with her boyfriend, Maya and Tori's boyfriend Zig develop feelings for each other. Maya and Zig share a kiss, but after a talk with her sister, Maya realizes her wrong doing, and makes up with Cam and Tori. Adam's nose gets broken in volleyball practice, and his mother finds out, she decides it is time for Adam to see a doctor about getting a prescription fortestosterone. Marisol accuses Mo of taking street drugs, but finds out he is hiding hisdiabetes, the two argue, but make up.

Eye of the Beholder

#19 - Eye of the Beholder 8.11

Season 1 - Episode 4

Terri's uneasiness about the school dance and her feelings for Spinner are not aided by Paige as she has her own motives of getting Terri drunk. Toby and J.T. pass on the dance in favour of sneaking a glimpse of some net porn. Emma meets Sean at the dance.

Directors: Eleanore Lindo
Waterfalls (2)

#20 - Waterfalls (2) 8.11

Season 12 - Episode 12

Clare's mentor apologizes for the night before, and she only confides in Alli. He sexually harasses her again, but because he reported that she was in love with him, Clare has no proof, and she decides to suffer alone. K.C.'s mother and teacher are both interested in each other, but the night ends with the news that K.C.'s father will be released from prison early. Maya has another date with Campbell, but she starts to appear interested in him becuase he is an athlete, they talk, and share a kiss.

Basketball Diaries

#21 - Basketball Diaries 8.11

Season 1 - Episode 7

Hey, all you Panther fans, ready for some basketball action? This week at Degrassi CS - Our First Big Game! Who will make the cut and Coach Armstrong's ultimate team? Why's Jimmy B losing his cool? Off the court, Liberty's planning to take Ashley on one-on-one too.

Directors: Jim Allodi
Say It Ain't So (2)

#22 - Say It Ain't So (2) 8.00

Season 12 - Episode 8

Alli goes to a doctor for a pregnancy test, and decides if she is pregnant she will not stay with Dave to have a family. Dave breaks up with her, and not being pregnant, Alli decides she will be more committed to school, than Dave. Jake tries to construct a roof top garden, at Degrassi, with the help of Katie, rather than his father, he learns he still needs the help. Campbell snaps at Maya, on the day of a game, he becomes sick and emotional in the washroom, however he wins Maya back after the team wins.

Got Your Money (1)

#23 - Got Your Money (1) 8.00

Season 12 - Episode 5

As Tori and Zig's four month anniversary approaches, Tori pressures Zig for an extravagant event. However, Zig is poor and can only put on a show with the help of Maya. Dave has trouble becoming a gay Romeo, and Eli gives him the convincing he needs. Fiona returns to Degrassi, but Imogen is not as excited. Fiona joins student council.

Say It Ain't So (1)

#24 - Say It Ain't So (1) 8.00

Season 12 - Episode 7

Alli finds out that she can finish school a year early, and get an exclusive place at MIT. However she does not know if she is sick because she is nervous, or pregnant due to skipped birth control pills. Jake decides to forego college and work for his father, as a carpenter, but finds he must convince others he knows green carpentry. Rookie hockey player, Campbell, has trouble fitting in with the team, and does not like Dallas' encouragement to find a girlfriend.

Secrets and Lies

#25 - Secrets and Lies 7.92

Season 1 - Episode 8

Liberty admits she has an ultimate crush on J.T. He, on the other hand, tries to stay away from Liberty saying that he's gay. Later, when J.T. tells the truth to Liberty that he is not, it leads her to be heartbroken. Meanwhile, Ashley's divorced dad comes to town and explains her why he and Ashley's mom divorced in the first place. That is because he himslef is gay. Ashley makes a statement to her dad and Terri that she doesn't want to see his face again.

Directors: Bruce McDonald