The Best Episodes Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey

The Payoff

#1 - The Payoff

Hawaii Five-O Season 3 - Episode 13

McGarrett must apprehend two abductors who are on the run with the proceeds of their crime in order to protect the lives of their co-conspirators.

star 10.00
2 votes
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#2 - Jeannine

The Saint Season 3 - Episode 3

Simon becomes interested in an oriental diplomat's pearl necklace.

star 9.49
36 votes
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Out of Nowhere

#3 - Out of Nowhere

Jake and the Fatman Season 3 - Episode 7

Jake and the FBI go after Victor Potemkin, a suspected drug smuggler. But when they raid his house they find no drugs, but Jake finds someone he knows - a woman who disappeared overnight just as he was about to propose to her.

star 9.33
3 votes
The Russian Prisoner

#4 - The Russian Prisoner

The Saint Season 5 - Episode 3

A Russian Physicist wants to defect to the United States.

star 9.19
42 votes
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The Innocent

#5 - The Innocent

Mission: Impossible Season 5 - Episode 3

In the Middle East Willy and Barney infiltrate a chemical plant to gain access to Dehominant-B, a quick-acting lethal gas. Barney is exposed to Dehominant-A while trying to get to the computer and crippled - Willy escapes and Barney is captured. Barney is interrogated and only has four hours to live. The team find out that Dr. Jerry Carlin, a dropout, is the only other person with the skills to access the computer. When Carlin rejects the team's appeal for help, Jim and Paris frame Carlin's girlfriend and threaten to keep her in jail unless he helps them. Dana provides a distract and Paris takes the head scientist Vazan's place and have Barney first fake a confession implicating the technicians and then his own death - they get Barney to the autopsy room where Doug revives him in the nick of time. Jim and Carlin take the incriminated technicians' place and Carlin manages to ruin the Dehominant and erase the computer, then everyone escapes with Vazan.

star 9.10
98 votes
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A Night Full of Darkness

#6 - A Night Full of Darkness

Mannix Season 7 - Episode 17

A double set-up puts Lt. Malcolm behind bars.

star 9.00
3 votes
The Best Laid Schemes

#7 - The Best Laid Schemes

The Saint Season 6 - Episode 1

Simon investigates the drowning of sea captain.

star 8.98
42 votes
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The Elusive Ellshaw

#8 - The Elusive Ellshaw

The Saint Season 2 - Episode 5

Someone is trying to kill a shipping magnate.

star 8.46
46 votes
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The Bunker (2)

#9 - The Bunker (2)

Mission: Impossible Season 3 - Episode 20

With Cinnamon-as-Anna in place, she is taken to her "husband" and tells Dr. Rojak to be near an air vent. Jim as a security officer has placed a small remote-control flying disk in the bunker's air vent system and it holds a hypo. Barney steers it to Rojak's monitored cell and he uses the hypo to induce a heart attack. Jim summons Rollin (as a heart specialist) who advises surgery and instructs that "Anna" be at her husband's side. Ventlos the assassin plans to disrupt the operation by taking Rollin's place in disguise and the IMF quickly has to readjust when Ventlos tries to kill Rojak and destroy the installation.

star 8.38
63 votes
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I Witness

#10 - I Witness

Magnum, P.I. Season 4 - Episode 21

When the King Kamehameha Club is robbed late one evening by thieves wearing animal masks to conceal their identities, Lt. Tanaka becomes so frustrated by the inability of Higgins, Rick and T.C. to agree about what transpired that he enlists Thomas's help in getting their stories straight. Since the men tell widely divergent versions of the night's events designed to show themselves in the best possible light as the evening's hero, it takes Thomas quite some time and effort to uncover the inside man at the club who tipped off the robbers.

star 8.38
130 votes
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The Glass Cage

#11 - The Glass Cage

Mission: Impossible Season 3 - Episode 16

Anton Reisner, a reistance leader in a tyrannical country, has been imprisoned in the automated Trast Prison and is being tortured by Major Zelinko in order to get the names of the other resistance leaders. The IMF must get him out of the prison. Reisner is in a video-monitored escape-proof glass cubicle. Barney and Willy get themselves imprisoned when Cinnamon as head of the country's prison system arrives for an inspection. She distracts Zelinko long enough for Barney and Willy to escape, wreck the video system, and get to Reisner. But..they tell him to stay in the cell but act different, then get recaptured. Zelinko notes the discrepancy between the door counter and the written log and puts two and two together (incorrectly) with Reisner's odd behavior and assumes Reisner is an imposter. Zelinko and Gulka plot to keep the switch secret but Cinnamon arranges for Zelinko's underling Vasney to overhear it. She has Zelinko arrested and takes Barney, Willy, and the Reisner-as-the-imposte

star 8.35
60 votes
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Who's Who?

#12 - Who's Who?

The Avengers Season 5 - Episode 16

When one of the Floral Network of agents is found dead atop a pair of stilts, Steed and Emma's interest is piqued. That's the idea, because foreign agents Basil and Lola have a trap prepared for them: a machine that swaps their minds into the pair's bodies.

star 8.34
47 votes
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The Bride

#13 - The Bride

Mission: Impossible Season 6 - Episode 15

Joe Corvin, a Syndicate money handler, ships millions through Swiss banks and the IMF must put him out of business. Corvin uses a courier that the IMF set up - Corvin has him killed and needs a new courier. Casey steps in as his mail-order bride addicted to drugs by airline employee-smuggler Jim. Corvin and Jim become partners but when the IMF fake-tightenes up security, they need a new way. Casey fakes her death and Corvin ships the cash in her coffin. Barney steals the money and the coffin is dropped on the runway, revealing a fake corpse. Corvin is confronted by the Syndicate, and an alive Casey shows up with two tickets to Miami. The Syndicate let Casey go and dispose of Corvin, permanently.

star 8.33
51 votes
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The Bunker (1)

#14 - The Bunker (1)

Mission: Impossible Season 3 - Episode 19

Dr. Erich Rojak and his wife Anna are being held in an underground laboratory/bunker by a totalitarian enemy government. Another unfriendly government has sent an assassin, Ventlos, to kill Rojak. The IMF must rescue Rojak and his wife, destroy the test missile Rojak is working on, and stop Ventlos. The IMF infiltrate the base and Jim introduces a handstamp system, unaware that Ventlos has already replaced the bunker's security chief. Jim uses his system to expose security officer Cinnamon as a phony and she is imprisoned near Anna. Willy breaks in via the furnace and rescues Anna while Cinnamon takes her place...

star 8.26
61 votes
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Holmes is Where the Heart is

#15 - Holmes is Where the Heart is

Magnum, P.I. Season 4 - Episode 18

As he continues his memoirs, Higgins recalls the spring of 1976, when old friend from Sandhurst, David Worth, arrives in Honolulu to attend the funeral of a mutual friend. Insisting that his name is Stanley Sigerson, Sherlock Holmes's most frequently used alias, and that Higgins is Watson, Holmes's faithful friend, David firmly believes that their friend was murdered by none other than Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes's arch-nemesis. In the name of friendship, Higgins indulges David in his investigation, even though his suspicion that David is insane is borne out, and is shocked to discover that David's assertion that their friend was murdered was absolutely correct.

star 8.20
159 votes
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Who is Don Luis Higgins, and Why is He Doing These Terrible Things to Me?

#16 - Who is Don Luis Higgins, and Why is He Doing These Terrible Things to Me?

Magnum, P.I. Season 6 - Episode 19

Higgins is preparing for a prestigious chess tournament, and the arrival of an important visiting dignitary, the President of Costa Del Rosa, who will be attending it. There have been threats made on the President's life, and Magnum is asked to apprehend those responsible. But both Magnum and Higgins have even more to contend with when yet another of Higgins' illegitimate half-brothers, the flamboyant Don Luis Mongueo, the last of the royal line of Costa Del Rosa, makes an appearance on the scene. But with the plots to assassinate the President, Don Luis emerges as the prime suspect...

star 8.12
122 votes

#17 - Doomsday

Mission: Impossible Season 3 - Episode 17

Carl Vandaam, a bankrupt European tycoon, is masterminding the theft of plutonium to make a hydrogen bomb and sell to the highest bidder. To keep such a bomb from falling into the wrong hands the IMF must stop Vandaam. Jim and Cinnamon get close to Kura, one of the bidders, by offering to bankroll him in return for oil rights. Vandaam demonstrates the bomb's plutonium core but afterwards Barney manages to steal the plutonium and replace it with an empty cylinder. Vandaam's aide discovers the theft and seals the building while Vanddam bluffs it out hoping they catch the thief before the bidding is over. Kura wins the bidding unaware that Cinnamon has planted a device in his money. Cinnamon insists they see the plutonium again, Vandaam is forced to reveal the theft, and Kura wants a refund. Cinnamon destroys the money by remote control. Kura has Vandaam shot while the IMF escape and summon the authorities.

star 8.09
64 votes
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A Ticket to the Eclipse

#18 - A Ticket to the Eclipse

Mannix Season 4 - Episode 1

An acquaintance from Korean War days has a bone to pick.

star 8.08
10 votes
Flip Side

#19 - Flip Side

Mission: Impossible Season 5 - Episode 2

The IMF must break up a drug-smuggling ring - Bracken gets his drugs from Mexico compliments of Diego Maximillian, who gets his drugs legally from C.W. Cameron. The IMF must connect Cameron to Bracken. Jim plays a Syndicate man who orders the pills from Bracken, and Barney tracks the shipment and switches out the drugs. The team has Maximillian picked up in Mexico so that Bracken has to go directly to Cameron to buy the drugs - the IMF get everything on camera and turn them both over to the authorities.

star 8.03
84 votes
Empty Pages of a Dead Book

#20 - Empty Pages of a Dead Book

Kung Fu Season 2 - Episode 13

The son of a deceased Texas Ranger tries to honor his memory by going after criminals his father kept a journal on. He finds more trouble than he expected and Caine must defend him.

star 7.90
104 votes
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The Man from Marseilles

#21 - The Man from Marseilles

Magnum, P.I. Season 5 - Episode 20

An international French detective – the real-life model for a series of best-selling novels by Robin Masters – who is staying at the Estate, asks Thomas’ help in locating a missing heir he’s trying to track down. Everyone knows the distinguished Inspector from the many novels based on him, and is willing to help the famed detective in any way they can – especially the star-struck Carol – but things turn more dangerous when the investigation leads to one of the world’s biggest drug dealers...

star 7.83
99 votes
The Imprudent Politician

#22 - The Imprudent Politician

The Saint Season 3 - Episode 10

The wife of an indiscreet politician asks Simon for help.

star 7.82
34 votes
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The Return of Luther Gillis

#23 - The Return of Luther Gillis

Magnum, P.I. Season 4 - Episode 16

St. Louis-based Private Investigator Luther Gillis returns to Hawaii, accompanied by his secretary Blanche, to attend the annual Private Investigators convention, where Luther has been informed he will receive an award. But while Luther and Magnum attend the convention, Higgins and Blanche are kidnapped from the Estate, and the two P.I.s find themselves having to join forces once again...

star 7.80
128 votes
The ACM Kid

#24 - The ACM Kid

Scarecrow and Mrs. King Season 1 - Episode 5

A young Russian boy, whom is under Lee and Amanda's guard, is stealing computer codes from the government to pay for the freedom of his parents.

star 7.80
39 votes
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Dark So Early, Dark So Long

#25 - Dark So Early, Dark So Long

Mannix Season 5 - Episode 1

A blackmail victim is headed for prison.

star 7.58
10 votes
Way of the Stalking Horse

#26 - Way of the Stalking Horse

Magnum, P.I. Season 6 - Episode 17

Magnum is hired by meek insurance salesman Dan Wolf to locate his father, who he has not seen for thirty years. But unawares to Thomas, the client is actually an impostor hit-man who is using Thomas to help locate his victim, wealthy businessman Theo Wolf, whom he plans to kill to make a name for himself. In the hit, Magnum too is shot, bringing him close to death. Despite his wounds, Thomas becomes hell-bent on going after the hit-man to claim revenge for the dead man’s widowed wife and son – and for himself...

star 7.58
151 votes
The Passion of Chen Yi

#27 - The Passion of Chen Yi

Kung Fu Season 2 - Episode 19

Caine tries to visit an unjustly jailed Shaolin student, but keeps being turned away. He then commits a crime so he can be put in jail with him, hoping to clear up an old misunderstanding and help free the student.

star 7.56
73 votes
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Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?

#28 - Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 - Episode 12

Somebody laced Mrs. Fletcher's chowder and Amos' brutish brother-in-law was in for the long sleep.

star 7.47
147 votes
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Town Father

#29 - Town Father

Murder, She Wrote Season 6 - Episode 11

The town gets a shock when bachelor Mayor Sam is confronted on the speaker's platform by a young woman claiming he is the father of her five children. Julie Adams, Gloria De Haven, Kathryn Grayson and Ruth Roman return as gossips Eve, Phyllis, Idal and Loretta.

star 7.44
141 votes
Heart of Darkness

#30 - Heart of Darkness

Miami Vice Season 1 - Episode 3

Crockett and Tubbs are skeptical of rumors that an undercover FBI agent has betrayed an operation. Switek and Zito setup a burglary sting operation.

star 7.42
307 votes
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Jessica Behind Bars

#31 - Jessica Behind Bars

Murder, She Wrote Season 2 - Episode 9

Doing public service, Jessica becomes a hostage in a prison riot caused by anger in the handling of the doctor's murder.

star 7.42
161 votes
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A View of Nowhere

#32 - A View of Nowhere

Mannix Season 2 - Episode 11

On a helicopter trip, Mannix thinks he sees a murder being committed.

star 7.39
40 votes
The Sins of Castle Cove

#33 - The Sins of Castle Cove

Murder, She Wrote Season 5 - Episode 17

A red hot novel, written by a former Fletcher student, seems to expose the small town's secrets and inspires murder. Julie Adams, Gloria DeHaven, Kathryn Grayson and Ruth Roman appear again as the local gossips.

star 7.38
139 votes
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Old Habits Die Hard

#34 - Old Habits Die Hard

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 - Episode 4

A terminally ill nun seems to have committed suicide which would be an unacceptable sin.

star 7.32
154 votes
The Affair

#35 - The Affair

Matlock Season 1 - Episode 4

Matlock represents the a maid accused of killing her employer, at the request of the man's widow. The request is a little odd, but it seems Christina Ward wants people to know exactly what kind of man her husband was. Matlock is more than a little uncomfortable when it seems Charlene is developing a tendre for the woman's son Clark, an old college chum of Charlene's.

star 7.29
115 votes
Murder in the Electric Cathedral

#36 - Murder in the Electric Cathedral

Murder, She Wrote Season 2 - Episode 16

Jessica must find the murderer of her close friend whose will is in contention between family and a popular evangelist.

star 7.29
150 votes
The Smart Detective

#37 - The Smart Detective

The Saint Season 4 - Episode 4

Simon tests a security firm's claim that they are burglar proof.

star 7.28
43 votes
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Steal Me a Story

#38 - Steal Me a Story

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 - Episode 8

The special effects used by a TV producer are a real bomb.

star 7.28
115 votes
Capitol Offense

#39 - Capitol Offense

Murder, She Wrote Season 1 - Episode 11

Jessica is assigned to fill the empty seat of a deceased congressman for a brief period of time and finds a great deal of political game-playing in Washington.

star 7.27
152 votes
Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?

#40 - Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?

Murder, She Wrote Season 7 - Episode 18

A locked room mystery with the missing ventriloquist's dummy found with the Club owner's corpse.

star 7.25
102 votes
Something Borrowed, Someone Blue

#41 - Something Borrowed, Someone Blue

Murder, She Wrote Season 5 - Episode 9

Grady's wedding seems doomed when someone does in the persnickety housekeeper.

star 7.23
112 votes
Powder Keg

#42 - Powder Keg

Murder, She Wrote Season 2 - Episode 15

After their car breaks down after dinner with the governor, Jessica and her friend Ames Caufield find themselves in a small southern town just in time for local bad boy Ed Bonner to be found dead, and young Matt Burns, the son of a former student of Ames', ends up accused of the murder. At the behest of Linda Bonner, the victim's sister who happens to care deeply about the accused, Jessica takes a look into the murder, but hatred runs deep in this town and it's pure luck (and Andy Crane) that leads Jessica and Ames to the right answer.

star 7.23
151 votes
Corned Beef and Carnage

#43 - Corned Beef and Carnage

Murder, She Wrote Season 3 - Episode 5

An adman handling the account of a fast-food chain is murdered and Jessica smells something funny.

star 7.23
154 votes
Time And Memories

#44 - Time And Memories

Hawaii Five-O Season 3 - Episode 4

When a lawyer is murdered, his wife becomes the top suspect and McGarrett investigates. However, matters are complicated by the fact that the woman had a relationship with McGarrett, and he jeopardises his job because of this.

star 7.22
9 votes
Night of the Owls, Day of the Doves

#45 - Night of the Owls, Day of the Doves

Kung Fu Season 2 - Episode 17

Caine must defend prostitutes that want to start a new life with land bequeathed to them, from cattlemen that want to seize it for themselves.

star 7.21
46 votes
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Paint Me a Murder

#46 - Paint Me a Murder

Murder, She Wrote Season 1 - Episode 15

The life of a famous artist is threatened on what would be otherwise an idyllic Mediterranean island.

star 7.21
241 votes
Birds of a Feather

#47 - Birds of a Feather

Murder, She Wrote Season 1 - Episode 3

Jessica heads to San Francisco for the wedding of her niece, Victoria Brandon, only to learn that Victoria is having second thoughts because she suspects that her fiancé, Howard, is having an affair. Although Jessica and Victoria are relieved to learn that Howard isn't cheating but rather dressing up as a woman to perform at a nightclub, the relief is short lived when Howard is arrested for murdering his boss, Al Drake, who had been refusing to pay him. The police are convinced that Drake was shot during Freddy York's act, which doesn't leave a lot of time, but Jessica is determined to prove Howard's innocence.

star 7.18
300 votes
The Fixer-Upper

#48 - The Fixer-Upper

Murder, She Wrote Season 6 - Episode 15

Jessica's niece, who is a real estate broker, arrives at the mansion and finds a body instead of a buyer.

star 7.17
133 votes
Sing a Song of Murder

#49 - Sing a Song of Murder

Murder, She Wrote Season 2 - Episode 5

When cousin Emma's life is threatened, she plays dead and Jessica is summoned to London as the heir to the estate.

star 7.15
215 votes
Pressure Point

#50 - Pressure Point

Mannix Season 2 - Episode 3

An injured client disappears.

star 7.15
47 votes
Murder -- According to Maggie

#51 - Murder -- According to Maggie

Murder, She Wrote Season 6 - Episode 17

The producer of a police drama investigates the murder of a programmer who differed with her.

star 7.14
104 votes
San Francisco International

#52 - San Francisco International

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 6 - Episode 14

Movie Plot: An airport manager winds up a pert of a scheme to rob a shipment of cash from a plane. On the SOL: Mike moderates a debate between Servo and Crow / Jan in the Pan is thrilled with Mike's Urkel imitation, so are the Mads, Pitch, and Santa Claus / Torgo ruins everyone's good time about Mike's Urkel. In Deep 13: The Mads impersonate construction workers / Dr. Forrester's ears become overgrown with hair. Original film made in 1970.

star 7.11
75 votes
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The Squawman

#53 - The Squawman

Kung Fu Season 2 - Episode 5

Caine helps a farmer who is married to an Indian woman. The townpeople have no respect for the farmer until he kills an outlaw's son and then they treat him as a hero.

star 7.08
117 votes
The Golden Frog

#54 - The Golden Frog

The Saint Season 3 - Episode 19

A father and daughter con artist team tries to con the Saint.

star 7.02
64 votes
Night Out of Time

#55 - Night Out of Time

Mannix Season 2 - Episode 10

A young heir wakes up bloodied and minus a grlfriend.

star 6.97
39 votes
End Game

#56 - End Game

Mannix Season 2 - Episode 19

A court-martialed soldier has plans for revenge.

star 6.93
13 votes
One for the Lady

#57 - One for the Lady

Mannix Season 4 - Episode 2

Mannix is up to his private investigator's license in trouble, when a surprising source offers help.

star 6.69
12 votes

#58 - Sunburst

Mannix Season 4 - Episode 9

Mannix stumbles into a mob plot at a highway cafe.

star 6.67
8 votes
Duet for Three

#59 - Duet for Three

Mannix Season 4 - Episode 13

After her husband commits suicide in Hong Kong, Ellen Gray finds she's being shadowed by a Vietnamese for reasons that neither she nor Mannix can fathom.

star 6.63
7 votes