The Best Episodes of The Avengers

Noon Doomsday

#1 - Noon Doomsday 9.00

Season 6 - Episode 10

Tara visits Steed in a special hospital following an injury to his leg. This is just the backdrop needed by Gerald Kafka, ex-head of Murder International, as he plans his revenge against Steed, who sent him to prison exactly seven years ago. At noon, Steed will die.

Directors: Peter Sykes
Who Was That Man I Saw You with?

#2 - Who Was That Man I Saw You with? 9.00

Season 6 - Episode 25

Tara has been employed to test the security on the top-secret war-room computer 'The Field Marshall'. But when a strange foreign man starts sending her flowers, Mother suspects that she's doing her job a bit too efficiently.

Directors: Don Chaffey

#3 - Get-A-Way 9.00

Season 6 - Episode 32

Two invincible foreign agents escape from the ultimate prison, a monastery run by the security services. They resume their mission, to kill one important person each. Steed and Tara set out to catch them, and to find out how they escaped, before their leader follows suit.

Directors: Don Sharpe
A Touch of Brimstone

#4 - A Touch of Brimstone 8.75

Season 4 - Episode 21

Silly tricks are being played on various VIPs in diplomatic situations. All the clues point to the beautifully wasted John Cleverly Cartney, but would even a rake like that stoop to murder by electrified opening ribbon? It's Peter Wyngarde and his Hellfire Club.

Directors: James Hill
Death at Bargain Prices

#5 - Death at Bargain Prices 8.67

Season 4 - Episode 4

When an agent is killed in the lift of Pinter's Department store, Steed and Emma get involved with King Kane, a tycoon who lives in a penthouse above the store. Why is Professor Popple, a missing atomic scientist, being held in the bargain basement?

Directors: Charles Crichton
The Master Minds

#6 - The Master Minds 8.63

Season 4 - Episode 6

A government official, dresssed as one of the Horse-guards, helps in a raid on secret files and is wounded. Recovering, he remembers nothing. Is his crime anything to do with his membership of Ransack, a club for those with high IQs? Emma can join, but Steed may have to cheat....

Directors: Peter Graham Scott
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station

#7 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station 8.62

Season 5 - Episode 13

When Lucas, an agent investigating something subversive, gets off his train at the wrong station he is murdered. Has the crime got anything to do with a mole at the admiralty, a train ticket and a fiendish plot to kill the Prime Minister? This episode's guest stars include Drewe Henley, who also played Red Leader in Star Wars: Episode IV.

Directors: John Kirsch
The Superlative Seven

#8 - The Superlative Seven 8.56

Season 5 - Episode 12

Steed is invited to a party, and finds himself trapped in a remote-controlled aircraft, with six fancy-dressed specialists in various combat styles, en route to a distant island. There, they are pitted against each other in a deadly test.

Directors: Sidney Hayers
A Surfeit of H2O

#9 - A Surfeit of H2O 8.56

Season 4 - Episode 8

A poacher drowns in a field during a freak storm, and Jonah, the village carpenter, starts building an ark. But Steed thinks it's all got more to do with the permanent cloud that hangs over Grannie Gregson's Glorious Grog factory.

Directors: Sidney Hayers
Man with Two Shadows

#10 - Man with Two Shadows 8.50

Season 3 - Episode 3

Agent Borowski has been brainwashed by the enemy, but between moments of multiple-personality disorder he tells Steed that three 'doubles' have been created. Steed tracks down one likely replacement to a holiday camp, but then discovers that he, himself, is about to be replaced.

Directors: Don Leaver
The Murder Market

#11 - The Murder Market 8.50

Season 4 - Episode 7

What could an outbreak of motiveless murders have to do with the activities of a marriage bureau called Togetherness Inc.? Well, think of Hitchcock's 'Strangers On A Train' and you'll be close. Steed and Emma seek their ideal partners....

Directors: Peter Graham Scott
Castle De'ath

#12 - Castle De'ath 8.46

Season 4 - Episode 5

Why have all the fish vanished from the Scottish coastline? Does it have anything to do with a dead frogman, found stretched as if on a rack? Steed and Emma think so, which is why they're guests of Ian, the 35th Laird of Clan De'ath, and in danger of being caught by the gillies.

Directors: James Hill
The Hidden Tiger

#13 - The Hidden Tiger 8.33

Season 5 - Episode 8

The mauling to death of several members of the committee of PURRR (the Philanthropic Union for the Rescue, Relief and Recuperation of Cats) exposes Steed and Emma to a diabolical scheme to take over the entire country.

Directors: Sidney Hayers
They Keep Killing Steed

#14 - They Keep Killing Steed 8.33

Season 6 - Episode 13

To infiltrate a peace conference, Arcos, a brilliant plastic surgeon, uses a new moulding technique to transform an agent into a duplicate Steed. But when the transformation proves to be unstable, Arcos decides they need the real Steed.

Directors: Robert Fuest
Death's Door

#15 - Death's Door 8.29

Season 5 - Episode 18

A European peace conference comes under the threat of sabotage when the British delegates begin to suffer from premonitions and nightmares. After Sir Andrew Boyd, who has witnessd his death in a dream, is killed, Steed and Emma must keep his replacement, Lord Melford, sane and alive.

Directors: Sidney Hayers
Dial a Deadly Number

#16 - Dial a Deadly Number 8.29

Season 4 - Episode 10

A series of sudden deaths in high finance leads Steed to dabble in shares while Emma investigates the makers of executive paging devices. Are companies being acquired through a simple and subtle form of murder?

Directors: Don Leaver

#17 - Epic 8.29

Season 5 - Episode 11

Three Hollywood veterans, led by an insane director, decide that Emma would be perfect for their latest movie, so they kidnap her and film some surreal and deadly footage.

Directors: James Hill
Mission: Highly Improbable

#18 - Mission: Highly Improbable 8.25

Season 5 - Episode 24

When Sir Gerald Bancroft and his Rolls-Royce vanish whilst being escorted at a military base, Steed is called upon to solve the puzzle. But before he can he experiences that old shrinking feeling.

Directors: Robert Day
The Cybernauts

#19 - The Cybernauts 8.22

Season 4 - Episode 3

A vastly strong, bullet-proof killer homes in on and destroys several electronics executives. Could it have something to do with Dr. Armstrong's automated work place? Or with the activities of a nearby karate school...

Directors: Sidney Hayers
Small Game for Big Hunters

#20 - Small Game for Big Hunters 8.22

Season 4 - Episode 16

When a man is found under Shirenzai, the trance-like Kalayan voodoo, in the heart of Hertfordshire, Steed finds himself amidst the horror of the last days of empire. Are bandits loose in the English countryside?

Directors: Gerry O'Hara
Something Nasty in the Nursery

#21 - Something Nasty in the Nursery 8.20

Season 5 - Episode 14

Secrets known only to a small group of trusted men have leaked, and the men are having strange dreams of their childhood, featuring their nannies and a bouncing ball. Emma checks out the toyshop, Steed explores a school for nannies.

Directors: James Hill
The Danger Makers

#22 - The Danger Makers 8.20

Season 4 - Episode 20

Several military figures have been killed in dangerous games of daring. Emma and Steed follow the trail to a secret society of military men with very dangerous aims.

Directors: Charles Crichton
Dead Man's Treasure

#23 - Dead Man's Treasure 8.20

Season 5 - Episode 20

The search for a small despatch box containing secret information hidden by a dying agent leads Steed and Emma into a race (quite literally) for the 'treasure'. In the process they must face foreign agents, new partners and a car simulator that electrifies its guests.

Directors: Sidney Hayers
Room without a View

#24 - Room without a View 8.14

Season 4 - Episode 15

A brilliant scientist reappears at the house of his wife. Has he escaped from notorious Manchurian prison camp Ni-San? And why have so many missing people stayed at the Chessman Hotel? Steed and Emma book in.

Directors: Roy Ward Baker
The House That Jack Built

#25 - The House That Jack Built 8.11

Season 4 - Episode 23

Emma inherits some property from her deceased Uncle Jack. The property is a very bizaarre house, and when Emma goes to inspect it, she finds herself trapped in a labyrinth of psychological torture.

Directors: Don Leaver