The Best Episodes Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

A Puzzle for One

#1 - A Puzzle for One

Mannix Season 6 - Episode 11

A colleague's murder leaves an open casebook.

star 8.50
6 votes
Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend

#2 - Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend

Knight Rider Season 2 - Episode 14

Michael heads for Mexico to trap a talent agent who's using beautiful models to smuggle diamonds into the U.S.

star 8.49
124 votes
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Mr. White Death

#3 - Mr. White Death

Magnum, P.I. Season 3 - Episode 9

Magnum, Rick and T.C. are at a wrestling match to try and collect some betting money owed to Rick, when they find themselves in a tight corner up against some heavies, but they are helped out of the tight spot by ageing, cheerful wrestler Earl. When their new acquaintance - a former boxing champion who now wrestles in down-and-out clubs - learns that Magnum is a Private Investigator, he asks him to find him son, whom he was forced to leave many years ago. Higgins finds that he indirectly knows Earl through an old war friend, and the pair strike up a friendship, but as Thomas searches for Earl's estranged son, it begins to seem that elements of Earl's story do not completely add up...

star 8.45
168 votes
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Sky Knight

#4 - Sky Knight

Knight Rider Season 4 - Episode 4

Bonnie's plane is hijacked and the passengers are held hostage by an ex-intelligence agent who wants money and "political" prisoners set free.

star 8.31
88 votes
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Andy's Vacation

#5 - Andy's Vacation

The Andy Griffith Show Season 4 - Episode 22

Andy decides to take a vacation in the mountains and leaves Barney to guard a prisoner the state police have brought in. Inevitably, the prisoner escapes Barney's grasp and flees into the mountains -- the very same mountains Andy is vacationing in.

star 8.21
64 votes
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Riddle Me Death

#6 - Riddle Me Death

Ironside Season 6 - Episode 7

A man dies in what appears to be an accident, but his estranged daughter is convinced that the story is not nearly so simple. A complex Japanese puzzle appears to be the only clue to the truth and the Chief struggles to solve it alone. Meanwhile the daughter of the murdered man has problems of her own; but these can only be solved by Ed's special touch.

star 8.17
6 votes
Eddie Quits School

#7 - Eddie Quits School

Leave It to Beaver Season 5 - Episode 23

Eddie quits school to work at the garage for $80 a week, but soon realizes that despite the new clothes and lifestyle, he misses his best friend and even school.

star 8.10
10 votes
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Lord of the Manor

#8 - Lord of the Manor

Falcon Crest Season 1 - Episode 8

When Angela takes Cole to Rome to attend an important wine-tasting competition, she is surprised to find that Douglas is there, and hopes to rekindle the memory of their honeymoon spent there years ago. Initially, romance flares between Angela and Douglas; however, Angela devastates Douglas when she refuses his proposal to re-marry. Meanwhile, Cole has been given a collection of mysterious letters, which belong to an Italian relative and which underscore the enduring bitterness between Angela and Jason. Angela leaves Lance in charge of Falcon Crest to test him with the family business, but Lance painfully discovers that he's not as shrewd as his grandmother. Chase learns in the end, however, that Lance is not just a spoiled rich kid, but is a very dangerous person as well.

star 8.00
10 votes
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Wrong Train to Brimstone

#9 - Wrong Train to Brimstone

Alias Smith and Jones Season 1 - Episode 4

Heyes and Curry gain passage on a train that is full of Bannerman detectives who are setting a trap for them and their gang

star 7.95
73 votes
Seldom Silent, Never Heard

#10 - Seldom Silent, Never Heard

Quincy, M.E. Season 6 - Episode 14

A young boy, Jeffrey, dies when he falls from a building, after being chased in there. After the autopsy a doctor turns up wanting to have the brain. Jeffrey had Tourette's Syndrome and the doctor wants to try and find out what causes it and how to cure it. This is the only way he can research it as the drug companies don't think they could make enough money to make it worth their while.

star 7.85
33 votes
The Legacy of Charlie O'Rourke

#11 - The Legacy of Charlie O'Rourke

Alias Smith and Jones Season 1 - Episode 15

A saloon entertainer and a special agent suspect that Heyes and Curry's interest in a condemned robber is the same as their own; a rumored fortune in stolen buried gold.

star 7.50
4 votes
The Good Skate

#12 - The Good Skate

That Girl Season 2 - Episode 2

Ann learns to roller-skate to get a part in a soft-drink commercial.

star 7.50
2 votes
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K.I.T.T. the Cat

#13 - K.I.T.T. the Cat

Knight Rider Season 2 - Episode 7

Michael tries to catch a Robin Hood-style cat burglar before an obsessed cop does.

star 7.41
117 votes
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The Night Killer

#14 - The Night Killer

Quincy, M.E. Season 6 - Episode 4

Mr. & Mrs. Estes have baby twins and with Bill Estes working all day Madeline is finding it harder and harder to look after the two boys. One night one of the twins dies suddenly in its sleep. All the medical and police personnel involved thinks that the baby died from SID (Sudden Infant Death) Syndrome, but a new, young and ambitious ME, Dr. Gauge, thinks that it was battered and calls in Lt. Monahan. Bill, remembering how his wife was getting angry with the workload of looking after both babies begins to think that she could have killed their son.

star 7.31
35 votes
A Fistful of Diamonds

#15 - A Fistful of Diamonds

Alias Smith and Jones Season 1 - Episode 8

After an embezzling banker / murderer sets up Curry and Heyes to take the fall for his crimes, the boys try to clear themselves by playing on his greed with a salted diamond field.

star 7.29
41 votes
Stop the Presses

#16 - Stop the Presses

The Incredible Hulk Season 2 - Episode 10

When David's picture is taken by a tabloid photographer, he must stop the photograph from being published.

star 7.28
41 votes
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Life and Death

#17 - Life and Death

The Incredible Hulk Season 1 - Episode 8

David helps a pregnant woman, and on their way to the hospital, they discover a plot to steal babies for DNA experimentation.

star 7.22
85 votes
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Jailbreak at Junction City

#18 - Jailbreak at Junction City

Alias Smith and Jones Season 2 - Episode 3

Curry and Heyes try to avoid a sheriff who is sure to recognize them.

star 7.19
37 votes
Blind Rage

#19 - Blind Rage

The Incredible Hulk Season 3 - Episode 2

An accident at a chemical warfare research station causes blindness for both David and a friend.

star 7.13
70 votes
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A Black Day for Mayberry

#20 - A Black Day for Mayberry

The Andy Griffith Show Season 4 - Episode 7

All of Mayberry turns out to welcome a truck carrying gold to Fort Knox as it passes through town. When Barney sneaks a closer look at the loot, he sees that there may not be as much to celebrate as everyone thought.

star 7.11
64 votes
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No Escape

#21 - No Escape

The Incredible Hulk Season 2 - Episode 19

When David is arrested for vagrancy, he is placed in a police van where he encounters a man who envisions himself as the deceased writer Ernest Hemmingway. But when a fight provokes David's transformation into the Hulk, our hero escapes, inadvertently freeing the mentally ill man in the process. David must help find the man before he hurts himself or someone else.

star 7.08
70 votes
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Bubba's Baby

#22 - Bubba's Baby

In the Heat of the Night Season 3 - Episode 16

Someone abandons a baby at Bubba's door.

star 7.08
13 votes
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The Man Who Murdered Himself

#23 - The Man Who Murdered Himself

Alias Smith and Jones Season 1 - Episode 10

While Curry drives a wagonload of dynamite across rugged country, Heyes hires on as a guide for two Englishmen searching for a tribe of giant redheaded Indians rumored to have lived in the area of Devil's Hole.

star 7.05
38 votes
Hearts of Stone

#24 - Hearts of Stone

Knight Rider Season 1 - Episode 14

Michael infiltrates a ring of gunrunners selling advanced-design rifles in Central America, "Corazon de Piedras".

star 7.03
271 votes
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Up in Barney's Room

#25 - Up in Barney's Room

The Andy Griffith Show Season 4 - Episode 10

Barney has an argument with his landlady Mrs. Mendelbright and gets evicted. After moving into the courthouse and having no luck finding a new place, he decides to mend fences with Mrs. Mendelbright, only to find she has decided to sell the house and run away to get married.

star 7.03
66 votes
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The Angus Killer

#26 - The Angus Killer

The Virginian Season 9 - Episode 18

The Virginian arrives at Laura Duff's ranch to buy her Angus cattle, only to find that she has lost her head steer due to someone cutting her fence. While she suspects a hostile rancher who wants her land, her son insists that a friendly neighbor is responsible, not only for the cattle but also for the death of his father several months earlier.

star 7.00
1 votes
A Matter of Life and Death

#27 - A Matter of Life and Death

Ironside Season 8 - Episode 18

The husband of an old flame of the Chief's is killed by his secret lover in an accident in the park, and the lover is advised into silence by a lawyer. When a homeless man is arrested for the crime, Ironside becomes convinced of his innocence, but the truth is not what his old love wants to hear.

star 7.00
1 votes
King's Ransom

#28 - King's Ransom

In the Heat of the Night Season 3 - Episode 10

The F.B.I. tries to talk an ex-boxer into testifying against a mobster he once worked for, but the fighter sees the situation as an opportunity for blackmail.

star 7.00
11 votes
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Only Three to a Bed

#29 - Only Three to a Bed

Alias Smith and Jones Season 3 - Episode 12

The boys accept the offer of a vacation - but doesn't realize that the activities during this vacation involves catching and taming wild horses. They and their friend, Bronc, check into a boarding house near where the horses are, and meet some people whose coach has broken down. Among them is Beegee, a woman on the look-out for a husband, and who takes a good look at both Heyes and the Kid. And then there's the very religious man with a sister who has a crush on the Kid. But the boys must also battle wits with a ranch owner who thinks that the horses walk on his land. Prhaps the only solution is to shoot him to stop him from stealing ""their"" horses?

star 7.00
1 votes
Black, White and Read All Over

#30 - Black, White and Read All Over

That Girl Season 2 - Episode 3

When Donald can't get his novel published, Ann's father makes connections with a publisher.

star 7.00
1 votes
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A Deal is a Deal

#31 - A Deal is a Deal

The Andy Griffith Show Season 4 - Episode 26

When Opie and his friends are scammed into selling a useless skin ointment, Barney and Gomer try to help convince the company their product is more valuable than they think. When the scheme backfires, however, the whole gang learns a lesson in the art of the deal.

star 6.91
54 votes
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A Solitary Place

#32 - A Solitary Place

The Incredible Hulk Season 2 - Episode 13

David finds tranquility in the wilderness in Baja, Mexico. However, that is soon hindered by the arrival of a doctor running from a vengeful man whose daughter died under her care.

star 6.88
66 votes
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Sort of Looking For Gina

#33 - Sort of Looking For Gina

Misfits of Science Season 1 - Episode 5

Johnny's efforts to get a date with an attractive woman, Gina, go amiss when it turns out she's involved with crooks and the Misfits have to mastermind a bank robbery to help her out.

star 6.86
7 votes
Journey from San Juan

#34 - Journey from San Juan

Alias Smith and Jones Season 1 - Episode 13

Smith and Jones balance a Mexican bandit and pretty saloon owner while they gather a herd of wild cattle as a cover for other activities.

star 6.83
6 votes
Buy Out

#35 - Buy Out

Knight Rider Season 3 - Episode 15

To catch a saboteur, Michael volunteers to drive an armor- plated limousine during a company's missile-defense demonstration.

star 6.75
85 votes
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Deadly Arena

#36 - Deadly Arena

Quincy, M.E. Season 5 - Episode 21

Three deaths due to food poisoning are linked to a football stadium where a big championship game is due to take place. Quincy has three days to find the source before 90,000 spectators come to watch and are put in jeopardy.

star 6.66
65 votes
Bargain Day

#37 - Bargain Day

The Andy Griffith Show Season 4 - Episode 24

Aunt Bee decides to buy 150 pounds of beef at a discount from a new butcher in town. She stores in in her "discount" freezer, which immediately breaks down. With her beef about to go bad, she learns that the only one in town with a freezer bug enough to save her beef is her original butcher.

star 6.54
56 votes
Nan Allen

#38 - Nan Allen

The Virginian Season 9 - Episode 14

Upon arriving for a business appointment with a friend, MacKenzie learns that the man was killed by the brother of Nan Allen, a young woman he was in the act of assaulting. He finds this hard to believe, but upon getting to know Nan, he takes a strong liking to her. When her brother Bobby is injured from an avalanche, MacKenzie brings both him and Nan to Shiloh while he recuperates. As he and Nan begin to fall in love, MacKenzie starts to wonder why more than one man in her past has died violently, and if Bobby's strangely possessive attitude has something to do with it.

star 6.50
2 votes
Shootout at Diablo Station

#39 - Shootout at Diablo Station

Alias Smith and Jones Season 2 - Episode 11

The passengers of a coach are taken hostage at Diablo Station by four cowboys. Not discussing their ultimate goal, they keep Heyes and the Kid and the others tied up, just waiting. Soon, the goal becomes very clear to Heyes. The leader wants to avenge his brother's death - upon sheriff Lom Trevors. Can Heyes and the Kid, or any of the other passengers warn Lom before he arrives?

star 6.12
33 votes
Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain

#40 - Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain

The Andy Griffith Show Season 4 - Episode 8

Opie finally gets a good grade in math, and Andy is so proud he tells everyone in town. But when Opie's teacher tells him she made a mistake and his grade is actually an F, he goes home to tell Andy the bad news, only to find Andy has bought him a shiny new bicycle.

star 6.12
57 votes
The Duo is Slumming

#41 - The Duo is Slumming

Batman Season 2 - Episode 32

The Puzzler continues with his plan to hijack Artemus Knab’s new airplane, the Retsoor, all the while leaving puzzles behind for Batman and Robin to ponder. He familiarizes himself with the jet’s designs, then prepares to fly his prize to a foreign country where he will hold it for ransom. But the Dynamic Duo have an easier time with his clues than he expected, resulting in a climactic confrontation at the airplane hanger.

star 6.11
83 votes
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Divorce, Mountain Style

#42 - Divorce, Mountain Style

The Andy Griffith Show Season 4 - Episode 25

Charlene Darling returns to Mayberry and announces that she has divorced her husband and now, according to folklore, must marry Andy. Desperate for a way out, Andy reads up on mountain folklore and finds a peculiar ritual that will void the marriage, if only he can get Barney to ride the horse.

star 6.02
58 votes
A Special Person

#43 - A Special Person

Ironside Season 6 - Episode 17

Whilst the Chief and Ed are at a party, the host is shot at by an unseen assailant, and Ironside wastes no time in settling himself down with the rest of the guests to try to work out who the would-be killer might be. The truth, he is sure, is in the garden somewhere; and all that he and Ed have to do is to find it before their opponent strikes again.

star 6.00
3 votes
The Puzzles Are Coming

#44 - The Puzzles Are Coming

Batman Season 2 - Episode 31

The Puzzler, a villain with a fondness for both Shakespeare and aviation, indicates he is after the fortunes of Artemus Knab. He convinces the billionaire to invest in his puzzle balloon business, but when the Dynamic Duo find that Knab seems too intelligent to fall for a phony scheme, they look deeper for the criminal’s true intentions. Their search leads them to Knab’s airplane monopoly, but unknown to them, the Puzzler has plans to halt their investigation – permanently.

star 5.89
110 votes
The Faces of Murder

#45 - The Faces of Murder

Mannix Season 6 - Episode 20

Conflicting confessions have to be sifted.

star 5.83
5 votes