The Best Episodes Directed by Colin Teague

Last of the Time Lords (3)

#1 - Last of the Time Lords (3)

Doctor Who (2005) Season 3 - Episode 13

Location: Earth, The Valiant Date: 2008, 2009 Enemies: The Toclafane, The Master One year has passed since the events of "The Sound of Drums." The Earth has been conquered and its population enslaved, the Doctor is the Master's prisoner, and the warships of a new Time Lord Empire rise from the ashes. The fate of the world is in Martha Jones' hands.

star 8.29
2604 votes
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The Sound of Drums (2)

#2 - The Sound of Drums (2)

Doctor Who (2005) Season 3 - Episode 12

Location: London Date: 2008 Enemies: The Master, the Toclafane Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister and his reign of terror begins – but that's only the start of his ambitions, as he announces mankind's first contact with an alien race, the Toclafane. An audacious plan spanning the whole of time and space begins to close around the Earth, in the penultimate episode of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who.

star 8.26
2686 votes
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The Delivery

#3 - The Delivery

Hustle Season 7 - Episode 6

Mickey and the team find themselves thrust into a daring, daylight heist to retrieve some stolen diamonds, which are buried beneath a busy police station.,Things look stacked against them when it turns out the jewels belong to a mafia boss who wants them back. Meanwhile, Albert is visited by a figure from his past who brings a shocking revelation.

star 8.11
476 votes
Long Live the King

#4 - Long Live the King

The White Queen Season 1 - Episode 8

After years of peace, an untimely death once again engulfs Elizabeth in a fight for the throne. Trapped in sanctuary and threatened by those closest to her, Elizabeth is forced into an alliance with Margaret Beaufort. Suspicion and doubt poison the court, turning friends into enemies and family members into murderers.

star 8.03
887 votes
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Poison and Malmsey Wine

#5 - Poison and Malmsey Wine

The White Queen Season 1 - Episode 7

George's anger at losing the Warwick inheritance and his failure to capture the crown resurfaces, with horrific consequences. As the court divides, George openly accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft and Edward of murder. This is treason, and Edward must condemn his own brother to death. Elizabeth finally has revenge on those who killed her father, but it does not bring her comfort.

star 7.99
836 votes
The Final Battle

#6 - The Final Battle

The White Queen Season 1 - Episode 10

Princess Elizabeth's engagement to Henry Tudor threatens to divide court loyalties. Richard knows he can no longer avoid the battle which will decide his fate as king. Margaret Beaufort does not know whose side her husband will support, and she fears for her son. As the final battle for the crown draws near, Elizabeth continues her plot to put her daughter on the throne regardless of the battle's outcome.

star 7.98
898 votes
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Family (2)

#7 - Family (2)

Silent Witness Season 21 - Episode 10

As the truth behind the McMorris family is revealed, the team is brought together by the conclusion of a shocking Christmas family tragedy. Reuniting with their respective families, Nikki finds her secret Santa gift is a visit from a loved one.

star 7.89
167 votes
The Fires of Pompeii

#8 - The Fires of Pompeii

Doctor Who (2005) Season 4 - Episode 2

Location: Pompeii Date: 23rd/24th August 79AD Enemies: Pyrovile The Doctor takes Donna back to Pompeii, on the day of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, and is faced with a great moral dilemma. Should they warn the residents of the impending disaster, or let history take its natural course?

star 7.85
2884 votes
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La Confessione Della Macchina

#9 - La Confessione Della Macchina

Da Vinci's Demons Season 3 - Episode 8

Nico and Zo turn to an old enemy to gain support for the Crusade; Leo is ambushed by the Labyrinth.

star 7.84
1349 votes
Episode 3

#10 - Episode 3

Being Human Season 2 - Episode 3

With Annie now invisible to humans again, she resolves to get Hugh reunited with his old girlfriend. George reluctantly agrees, but their plan backfires when George's attempt to be a terrible blind date manages to match up with all of the girl's interests. Meanwhile, Mitchell attempts to convince the local vampires to stop killing, and has to resort to ancient methods of torture in order to be taken seriously. He succeeds, but in doing so is involuntarily crowned the leader of the coven.

star 7.83
690 votes
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The Princes in the Tower

#11 - The Princes in the Tower

The White Queen Season 1 - Episode 9

The future of the princes in the Tower is in Richard's hands: they are a threat not only to Richard's reign but to Margaret Beaufort's hopes of seeing her son Henry Tudor on the throne. As Margaret plots the boys' removal, Anne is tormented by fears that she has unwittingly sealed the princes' fates. Elizabeth, in sanctuary, is horrified to realize she has made a pact with her enemies and turns to witchcraft to punish the guilty.

star 7.82
945 votes
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Episode 5

#12 - Episode 5

Being Human Season 1 - Episode 5

Mitchell believes vampirism can save lives, and returns to the vampires. He finds recruits amongst the terminally ill that come to the hospital he works at, but the vampires aren't telling him their full plan for world conversion. Mitchell reverses himself when he meets an old girlfriend from the 60s, a dance teacher dying from cancer, who teaches him the true meaning of humanity. Annie finally faces Owen about her death and, with Mitchell and George, puts fear into his heart. The doorway comes for Annie and she says her goodbyes, just as Mitchell is stabbed with a stake by Herrick. George frantically dials for an ambulance as Annie must make a decision: cross over to the Afterlife or remain and help her friends.

star 7.77
948 votes
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Episode 2

#13 - Episode 2

Being Human Season 2 - Episode 2

When a bloodied man with suspicious-looking marks on his neck arrives at the hospital, Mitchell realizes that the vampire who helped him go clean has started to kill again. Lucy's curiosity and the vampire coroner's refusal to cover up the killing leads to Mitchell being forced to help his old mentor leave the country in order to preserve the vampires' anonymity. Nina, revulsed by George's complicity in the scheme, leaves the house, encountering Kemp in the process. And Annie finds that evil spirits are attempting to force her into crossing over, using Saul as their pawn.

star 7.76
802 votes
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Alis Volat Propiis

#14 - Alis Volat Propiis

Da Vinci's Demons Season 3 - Episode 7

A former nemesis returns to Florence and stands in opposition to Crusade efforts; Vanessa and Nico ponder their futures; Leo attempts to decipher the Turkish armor.

star 7.73
1275 votes
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#15 - Lia

Being Human Season 3 - Episode 1

If Mitchell is to rescue Annie from purgatory, then first he must face up to his haunting past. Meanwhile, George is arrested moments before the full moon.

star 7.68
809 votes
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Episode 6

#16 - Episode 6

Being Human Season 1 - Episode 6

George and Annie stay with Mitchell in the hospital, worried that he seems to be fading away. Although Mitchell almost dies, his old girlfriend sacrifices herself to save him, allowing him to drain her blood to heal himself. George finally gathers the courage to confront Herrick and defend his friends, but Herrick isn't playing by the rules. Herrick plans to kill George and Nina, and destroy the things keeping Annie Earth-bound, sending her into "nothingness". Mitchell will then have to face the vampire coven alone and be destroyed. Can George keep Nina safe? Can Annie harness her new poltergeist powers in time to defeat the vampires? Will Mitchell succeed in his plan to face Herrick once and for all? In the end, nothing goes as planned for any of them.

star 7.68
885 votes
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Episode 1

#17 - Episode 1

Being Human Season 2 - Episode 1

Having discovered the existence of supernatural creatures, two mysterious strangers Professor Jaggat and Kemp, begin to pursue the three housemates with the objective of eliminating them – by any means necessary. After a night out, George and Mitchell are challenged by two married vampires named Ivan and Daisy. They taunt the pair about Herrick’s murder, but Daisy has something else on her mind. George’s relationship with Nina becomes strained after she discovers she is a werewolf, as they seem to avoid the truth. Annie embraces her new-found confidence by applying for a job at the local pub. The wit and honesty of new doctor Lucy captures Mitchell’s attention.

star 7.66
814 votes
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Adam's Family

#18 - Adam's Family

Being Human Season 3 - Episode 2

Will our heroes be able to help teenage vampire Adam control his bloodlust before it's too late? Vampires Richard and Emma are not only set on making a man of him but have plans for Mitchell too.

star 7.56
851 votes
The Pack

#19 - The Pack

Being Human Season 3 - Episode 4

George and Nina search for other werewolves in their quest to find out if their unborn baby will survive the transformation. With the full moon approaching, Mitchell has cause to feel nervous.

star 7.50
651 votes

#20 - Meat

Torchwood Season 2 - Episode 4

When Rhys discovers the truth about Torchwood, he helps the gang to find the source of an unusual alien meat supply.

star 7.49
1176 votes
Family (1)

#21 - Family (1)

Silent Witness Season 21 - Episode 9

It is Christmas morning and Nikki is awaiting a call from Matt who is back in the States. Instead, she receives a call to say that the team is needed: a family has been massacred at an enormous property owned by Andy McMorris, the CEO of a haulage company. Greeted by SIO DI Gibbs, Nikki is first on the scene whilst Clarissa is connected to the action via screens and microphones back at the Lyell. Having left his father to celebrate Christmas without him, Jack is just arriving to join them when a gunshot suddenly rings out. With Gibbs lying on the floor with a life-threatening injury, the team realise that the shooter might still be on the grounds. Are they also in danger?

star 7.49
178 votes

#22 - Rome

Hooten & the Lady Season 1 - Episode 2

In Rome, Lady Alex helps Hooten search for the Sibylline Books but quickly ends up scaling the Sistine Chapel, battling an alligator and clashing with the mafia.

star 7.48
575 votes
The Fall of Railton FC

#23 - The Fall of Railton FC

Hustle Season 7 - Episode 5

When Ash finds out that the local football club where he grew up has gone bust and closed down, he suggests the Hustle gang should tackle the greed that has taken over the great game. Of course, the team stand to make loads of cash in the process! When Ash has an accident and develops a rare condition that means he can't lie, it looks like it won't just be the con that's over but Ash's days as a grifter as well. Can Mickey, Albert, Sean and Emma convince the seemingly untouchable Coleman to score an own goal, or will they be shown a red card?

star 7.47
466 votes
Episode 7

#24 - Episode 7

Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands Season 1 - Episode 7

The Wulfing Raiders unleash their wolves to terrorize Herot; Beowulf cannot prevent the capture of an important hostage; Rheda meets an old enemy, Jogan, to negotiate an exchange; Beowulf joins forces with Varr.

star 7.46
353 votes
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#25 - Sleeper

Torchwood Season 2 - Episode 2

When a burglary turns into a slaughter, Torchwood suspect alien involvement. Who is Beth, and can she be as innocent as she seems? But when the investigation escalates into a city-wide assault, Jack realises that the whole planet is in danger.

star 7.46
1418 votes
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Mr Hyde

#26 - Mr Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde Season 1 - Episode 2

Robert survives an attempt on his life, but is not sure how. He follows the advice given to him by Lily and Max, and goes looking for answers in his grandfather's house. His search leads him back to the East End, where he was attacked, and an unexpected encounter at the Empire Hall. Meanwhile, Ravi has to face both the colonial police and the undead to bring Robert urgent news from Ceylon.

star 7.38
252 votes
Episode 6

#27 - Episode 6

Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands Season 1 - Episode 6

Slean's intended bride arrives in Herot, but he has other things on his mind than marriage. He cannot forget the ideas his uncle has placed in his mind, and is torn between his loyalty to his mother in spite of the sacrifices she asks of him and his own ambition to seize power for himself.

star 7.38
382 votes
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The Harbinger

#28 - The Harbinger

Jekyll and Hyde Season 1 - Episode 1

The grandson of the infamous Dr Jekyll returns to London from Ceylon in the 1930s when he receives an inheritance. As he delves into his family's mysterious past, he does not realise he is being pursued by members of a secret society - while a ruthless spymaster intends to use him as bait for a trap.

star 7.37
394 votes
Greeks Bearing Gifts

#29 - Greeks Bearing Gifts

Torchwood Season 1 - Episode 7

Tosh meets an unusual woman, Mary, at a bar, who gives her a strange pendant. She is upset, yet amazed by what she now has - the ability to read people's minds. However, Tosh finds this terrible curse, that contains her friends darkest secrets, must be broken. So she asks for help from Mary, the only person who knows, but first, Tosh has to get her into Torchwood.

star 7.36
1590 votes
The Cutter

#30 - The Cutter

Jekyll and Hyde Season 1 - Episode 3

Robert becomes determined to rid himself of his alter ego, and as he falls in love with Lily, he resolves to keep Hyde a secret from her. In desperation, he takes some of the potions he finds in his grandfather's laboratory. Garson tells Robert that his grandmother may still be alive, and he sets off in search of her - but Captain Dance is also trying to track her down.

star 7.33
218 votes
The Amazon

#31 - The Amazon

Hooten & the Lady Season 1 - Episode 1

British Museum curator Lady Alex Lindo-Parker jets off to the Amazon in search of Victorian explorer Percy Fawcett's lost camp, but after encountering one or two minor mishaps, she is thrown together with maverick American adventurer Hooten. The pair stumble upon El Dorado - the fabled city of gold - but there are rival explorers lurking behind every tree to make sure that getting their hands on any treasure won't be an easy task.

star 7.27
722 votes

#32 - Kuji

Sinbad Season 1 - Episode 8

A depressed Anwar starts to have doubts about his position in the group, until he makes an huge find while doing a spot of treasure hunting on an island, he finds a young woman named Kuji, who claims to be a deity, in a box.

star 7.18
203 votes
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Ghost Machine

#33 - Ghost Machine

Torchwood Season 1 - Episode 3

Whilst chasing a man, Gwen retrieves an unusual machine that allows the user to see back into the past. It is considered dangerous, and no members of Torchwood are permitted to use it. But Owen has other plans, and witnesses a violent murder that took place over forty years ago. Using the information he gathered, Owen starts to track down the still-living murderer.

star 7.14
1925 votes
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Eye of the Tiger

#34 - Eye of the Tiger

Sinbad Season 1 - Episode 9

Following Kuji’s couldn’t-be-vaguer musing that he must prepare for a big journey, Sinbad is eager to find out exactly what the future holds. Handily, a stone exists that predicts just that. Not so handily, the mythic MacGuffin is hidden away in a deadly maze protected by a group of guardsman known asthe Order of the Stone and some poisonous darts.

star 6.96
174 votes
For Whom the Egg Shatters

#35 - For Whom the Egg Shatters

Sinbad Season 1 - Episode 10

Tiger is proving to be a worthy addition to the team. Not only does she have information on how to get to the Land of the Dead, but the bounty hunter has secured Sinbad and co a lucrative deal to transport a professor to her desired destination. Hand luggage is permitted and hers is a giant egg.

star 6.94
196 votes