The Best Episodes Directed by Adam Davidson

Debbie Does Djakarta

#1 - Debbie Does Djakarta

The Agency Season 2 - Episode 13

Just how far will the CIA go to get what it wants? Gage and the team must try and stop an election in Indonesia which puts a terrorist supporter in the run for Pesident. James Graydon a former U.S. President wants to see the election go through nicely.

star 9.00
1 votes
Dan on the Run

#2 - Dan on the Run

The Good Guys (2010) Season 1 - Episode 13

After the ex-governor’s son, who was rescued by Dan and his former partner 25 years ago, is kidnapped by drug dealers, Dan is framed for the crime and forced into hiding. With Dan on the lam, Jack must find the real kidnappers and prove his partner’s innocence, while Dan, out of options, must turn to an old partner, the legendary Frank Savage for help

star 8.84
237 votes
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Starlet Fever

#3 - Starlet Fever

Shark Season 1 - Episode 14

When a popular 21-year-old actress is killed when her car is run off the road and crashes into a canyon below Mulholland Drive, an investigation reveals she and another Hollywood socialite had fought at a club before the crash. She also had ended a long-term and secret relationship with a man the same night. Meanwhile, Julie doesn't tell Sebastian about her attending a Hollywood party with Neal.

star 8.76
50 votes
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Zoey's Extraordinary Dad

#4 - Zoey's Extraordinary Dad

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 1 - Episode 12

After hearing an ominous song, Zoey does everything in her power to stop something bad from happening.

star 8.71
310 votes
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Digital Estate Planning

#5 - Digital Estate Planning

Community Season 3 - Episode 20

Pierce is summoned to Hawthorne Enterprises to discuss his inheritance with his deceased father's former right-hand man, Gilbert Lawson. The study group goes with him for moral support and must all pitch in to play the video game of their life on Pierce's behalf for the sake of his inheritance.

star 8.52
3750 votes
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All Alone

#6 - All Alone

Six Feet Under Season 5 - Episode 10

Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. 1965 - 2005 David makes arrangements for Nate's funeral with Ruth and Brenda. Keith makes a humiliating discovery. Brenda must answer a difficult question for Nate's daughter, Maya. Claire reminisces on the past.

star 8.43
638 votes
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Wayne's World 3: Killer Shark

#7 - Wayne's World 3: Killer Shark

Shark Season 2 - Episode 16

Stark's nemesis, Wayne Callison, has escaped prison with one mission in mind: revenge against Stark through any means necessary.

star 8.37
73 votes
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What Is New Orleans?

#8 - What Is New Orleans?

Treme Season 2 - Episode 9

Davis is upstaged by an up-and-coming rapper; Albert's attention to detail irks Delmond; Nelson makes the best of a frustrating situation; Toni questions murder witnesses; Colson moves to the homicide division; LaDonna faces a difficult choice; Annie experiences the good and bad of New Orleans; Antoine changes his tune on his teaching gig. Cowritten by George Pelecanos and David Simon.

star 8.30
394 votes
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Bar Fight

#9 - Bar Fight

Shark Season 2 - Episode 13

Stark faces a formal disbarment hearing, and while he awaits the verdict a back-room deal with the State Attorney's office may save him if he and his team can put away the people responsible for Sarah Belkin's 1996 murder.

star 8.25
106 votes
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Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

#10 - Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

Community Season 2 - Episode 9

When Dean Pelton starts checking class schedules, he discovers that Jeff has listed a class that doesn't exist. Abed and Troy build an elaborate blanket fort.

star 8.25
5086 votes
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#11 - Insurrection

Kings Season 1 - Episode 5

Silas leverages Port Prosperity during negotiations with Gath, testing David's loyalties. Elsewhere, Gilboa's citizens rebel against Silas' decision, causing Michelle to take action, and William tries to convince Jack to disobey his father.

star 8.24
99 votes
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#12 - M.I.A.

Flesh and Bone Season 1 - Episode 5

Claire and Kiira compete to become face of the ABC season. Mia worries that her eating disorder is doing real damage. Claire gets a better understanding of Sergei's interests.

star 8.11
310 votes
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Risk Management

#13 - Risk Management

Elementary Season 1 - Episode 22

Sherlock agrees to take a case from a man claiming to be Moriarty, hoping it will bring him closer to finding his nemesis. Meanwhile, Gregson encourages Joan to give up the dangerous line of work she has chosen and go back to being a sober companion.

star 8.10
4945 votes
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#14 - Sacrifice

The Following Season 2 - Episode 7

Ryan and the FBI's search for Lily Gray is redirected when Max is faced with a new threat; Joe, Mandy and Emma realize everything isn't what it seems at their new hideout.

star 8.08
2154 votes
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Curriculum Unavailable

#15 - Curriculum Unavailable

Community Season 3 - Episode 19

Abed becomes convinced that there is a conspiracy afoot and that Dean Pelton is an imposter. When Abed is apprehended sneaking around on campus, he is required to see a therapist, or risk being sent to jail.

star 8.07
3633 votes
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Sucker Punch

#16 - Sucker Punch

Suits Season 2 - Episode 7

As the fallout continues to reverberate from the pending lawsuit against Pearson Hardman, Harvey turns to a former colleague, with whom he has a thorny past, for help in proving the firm's case.

star 8.06
5191 votes
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Clear Skies From Here on Out

#17 - Clear Skies From Here on Out

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 4

Zeek lands a commercial, while Camille ponders her own achievements; Crosby and Adam don't see eye-to-eye over a parenting issue; Drew's first date goes awry; Jabbar and Max clash; Sarah and Mark take things to the next level while Haddie and Alex grow apart.

star 8.04
425 votes
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The Invisible Woman

#18 - The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Man Season 2 - Episode 18

Darien is contacted by a Chinese ""invisible women"" who needs his help.

star 8.00
4 votes
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Testudo et Lepus (The Tortoise and the Hare)

#19 - Testudo et Lepus (The Tortoise and the Hare)

Rome Season 2 - Episode 4

Pullo races to find Vorenus with news of his family's fate. Servilia's plans to eliminate a rival exact a high price from her. Cicero is astonished when Octavian sends word that his victorious legions are coming home to Rome. In Rome, Timon finally grows weary of Atia's bidding.

star 7.98
1952 votes
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Please Give

#20 - Please Give

Kingdom (2014) Season 3 - Episode 5

Dom pushes boundaries at the gym; Christina takes charge of Kayla and the girls; Jay continues to struggle with Amy and work; Lisa gets Nate a fight on short notice; and Ryan takes a break from training.

star 7.98
326 votes
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Zoey's Extraordinary Mother

#21 - Zoey's Extraordinary Mother

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 1 - Episode 11

Zoey has to figure out a clever way to help her mother with an impossible decision. Max unexpectedly bonds with Leif. Mo hits a rough patch with Eddie.

star 7.95
271 votes
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Lines Crossed

#22 - Lines Crossed

I'm Dying Up Here Season 2 - Episode 10

Ralph and Adam's bad news comes with a silver lining.

star 7.94
70 votes
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#23 - Laboring

Friday Night Lights Season 4 - Episode 12

Tensions in town run high as the Panthers/Lions game approaches; Coach tells Luke he won't be playing; Tami attempts to placate her detractors; developments both good and bad shake up the Riggins boys; Vince teams up with Kennard to seek revenge.

star 7.93
672 votes
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Zoey's Extraordinary Neighbor

#24 - Zoey's Extraordinary Neighbor

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 1 - Episode 4

Zoey is forced to address her own faith and why she was given these powers as she attempts to help Mo feel comfortable expressing his true self. David creates a "big moment" for Mitch.

star 7.92
328 votes
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Strange Bedfellows

#25 - Strange Bedfellows

Big Love Season 4 - Episode 3

Bill, Nicki and Cara Lynn travel to Washington, D.C., where Bill tries to land an endorsement from Congressman Clark Paley while mending things with Nicki. Meanwhile, Margene's on-air triumph is tempered by a case of mistaken identity; Joey goes to extremes to safeguard a secret; and Barb and Sarah hit a young Native American woman with their car.

star 7.91
309 votes
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Comparative Religion

#26 - Comparative Religion

Community Season 1 - Episode 12

Shirley does the preparations for an upcoming holiday party. Jeff goes up against a school bully after being challenged to a fight.

star 7.89
4535 votes
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Brave New World

#27 - Brave New World

Masters of Sex Season 1 - Episode 6

In the aftermath of the miscarriage, Libby and Masters travel to Miami for some much needed rest and relaxation, but Masters is drawn back into his work by a sexually adventurous couple next door. Alone in the hospital, Virginia enlists Jane in an effort to debunk Freud’s theory that one kind of female orgasm is better than another. And Langham finds an unlikely cure for his sexual dysfunction in Margaret Scully.

star 7.89
1678 votes
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Eminent Domain

#28 - Eminent Domain

Hell on Wheels Season 3 - Episode 2

An unexpected roadblock forces Cullen to make a difficult choice as a reporter arrives in Hell on Wheels. Elam struggles with his new boss.

star 7.88
1115 votes
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Chapter 9: Deception

#29 - Chapter 9: Deception

Tell Me a Story (US) Season 1 - Episode 9

Hannah takes on Katrina's henchmen in her attempt to get Gabe to safety. Nick refuses to take no for an answer, seeing anyone in Kayla's life as a potential threat to their future happiness. Realizing he has an ally at the police department, Jordan tries to let go of his obsession for revenge.

star 7.88
263 votes
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Communication Studies

#30 - Communication Studies

Community Season 1 - Episode 16

Jeff attempts to reconcile his friendship with Britta after he makes a terrible mistake. Shirley and Annie want to pull a prank on Señor Chang.

star 7.88
4618 votes
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Father Knows Best

#31 - Father Knows Best

Dexter Season 1 - Episode 9

Dexter receives notification that his biological father has recently passed away. Dexter is named as the sole heir of all his possessions including his house. Dexter goes for a weekend away with Rita, Deb, and Rudy.

star 7.88
5894 votes
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Crash Course

#32 - Crash Course

The Rookie Season 1 - Episode 2

Talia forces Nolan to confront his personal moral instincts in order to be a good cop after he encounters a kidnapping victim. Meanwhile, Lucy is temporarily placed with a new training officer who tests her patience, and Jackson must confront his failures head-on if he wants to be an officer.

star 7.85
1740 votes
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#33 - Uncool

Married Season 1 - Episode 4

An overdue orthodontist bill forces Russ and Lina to be uncool.

star 7.84
226 votes
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Bread and Circuses

#34 - Bread and Circuses

Hell on Wheels Season 1 - Episode 5

A bare-knuckle brouhaha between Elam and Cullen is spurred by Durant's latest attempt to deal with the railroad's financial crisis.

star 7.84
2495 votes
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Me Donkey Want Water

#35 - Me Donkey Want Water

Treme Season 3 - Episode 3

Janette, Aunt Mimi and Annie commit to new deals, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Toni may have found the killer she seeks, but Terry is still looking for his; L.P. meets his victim’s family; Antoine plays his bone in Texas; Sonny plays his music closer to home.

star 7.82
337 votes
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Glass Eye

#36 - Glass Eye

Kingdom (2014) Season 1 - Episode 2

Lisa lays out the reality of their finances while Alvey tries to convince her his plan for Ryan is the solution. Ryan adjusts to life in a halfway house. Jay professes his desire to fight again, but Alvey refuses to help until he sees more dedication.

star 7.82
545 votes
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A Little Hometown Love

#37 - A Little Hometown Love

Saving Grace Season 2 - Episode 3

The squad's evidence supervisor is found dead in a bathroom stall at the local cop hang-out; Ham's brother comes to visit before being deployed; Grace and Leon dream about each other.

star 7.82
45 votes
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The Science of Illusion

#38 - The Science of Illusion

Community Season 1 - Episode 20

Pierce strives to reach a new level of ascension in his Buddhist church. Britta secretly tries to shake her reputation as a buzzkill, resulting in a prank that goes horribly wrong.

star 7.82
4310 votes
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Perfect Record

#39 - Perfect Record

Friday Night Lights Season 5 - Episode 7

Rivalry week stirs up controversy. Vince is caught in the middle between Coach and Ornette. Billy takes Luke under his wing.

star 7.82
738 votes
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Zoey's Extraordinary Best Friend

#40 - Zoey's Extraordinary Best Friend

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 1 - Episode 2

Zoey tries to figure out how to control her new abilities while navigating her best friend's romantic feelings for her. A new medical victory for Mitch gives the family hope.

star 7.82
393 votes
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Patient Zero

#41 - Patient Zero

Intelligence (2014) Season 1 - Episode 6

Gabriel and the team go to Texas to help contain a deadly, quickly spreading virus and identify patient zero.

star 7.81
1933 votes
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New World In My View

#42 - New World In My View

True Blood Season 2 - Episode 10

Sookie, Bill and Jason return to a Bon Temps turned upside down by Maryann. Lured to Merlotte’s by Arlene, Sam and Andy find cold comfort in their refuge from a group of bloodthirsty revelers. Bill discovers that traditional vampire techniques don’t work on Maryann; Hoyt and Jessica try to keep a lid on Maxine’s madness; and Sookie tries to push through the darkness consuming Tara. With all hell breaking loose, Jason takes the bull by the horns to rescue Sam, at least for the moment.

star 7.78
4163 votes
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You Don't Need A Weatherman...

#43 - You Don't Need A Weatherman...

Bluff City Law Season 1 - Episode 2

Elijah and Sydney must put personal feelings aside to help a group of farmers in danger of losing everything to an insidious corporate scheme. Anthony and Jake team up to take on a seemingly lighthearted case about a stolen barbecue sauce recipe.

star 7.76
317 votes
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In the Wild

#44 - In the Wild

Wisdom of the Crowd Season 1 - Episode 2

A user of Sophe, the cutting-edge crowdsourcing platform, uploads new footage of Jeffrey Tanner's daughter, Mia, being strong-armed by an unknown man five months prior to her murder. Also, Tanner enlists Sophe to help with Cavanaugh's case of a missing teenager.

star 7.75
1038 votes
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Durant, Nebraska

#45 - Durant, Nebraska

Hell on Wheels Season 2 - Episode 2

Durant confronts a formidable threat to the rolling city, while a horrific crime leads Lily and Elam to join forces in order to attain justice.

star 7.75
2108 votes
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The Game

#46 - The Game

Hell on Wheels Season 3 - Episode 4

Cullen and Elam try to secure a new lumber source following a railroad accident; Durant tells Louise a secret about Cullen.

star 7.75
1724 votes
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Further West

#47 - Further West

Hell on Wheels Season 4 - Episode 13

As the railroad prepares to leave Cheyenne behind in the Season 4 finale, Cullen returns to Fort Smith to retrieve his family.

star 7.75
1195 votes
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Heart Attack

#48 - Heart Attack

Bosch Season 2 - Episode 6

Heightened circumstances create an unlikely family reunion for Bosch. A surprising revelation forces Harry back to square one on his case. The FBI approaches Eleanor with an enticing deal. George Irving faces severe jeopardy.

star 7.74
1594 votes
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#49 - Exorcism

Big Love Season 5 - Episode 9

Alby gets Adaleen on his side against Bill and his family. Rhonda asks Ben to marry her which results in Ben & Heather breaking up. Bill faces the possibility of a 20 year sentence, as his family tries to cope. Cara Lynn breaks down after Nikki tells her that Mr. Ivy never loved her.

star 7.74
386 votes
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The 6th Grade Lock-In

#50 - The 6th Grade Lock-In

Bad Teacher Season 1 - Episode 5

Meredith gets jealous during the annual 6th grade student sleepover when she sees Joel flirts with another teacher.

star 7.74
85 votes
The Art of Discourse

#51 - The Art of Discourse

Community Season 1 - Episode 22

The group is divided after Pierce crosses a line with Shirley; Britta and Jeff face a group of young bullies and their mother.

star 7.73
4504 votes
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Recon By Fire

#52 - Recon By Fire

Shooter Season 1 - Episode 5

Bob Lee locates the bullet from the assassination, which leads him to a radical militia group and Isaac. Nadine is locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse with Payne.

star 7.72
4521 votes
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Amateur Night

#53 - Amateur Night

Deadwood Season 3 - Episode 9

As Deadwood is overrun by Hearst's men, Bullock issues contingency plans to Martha. Wu is caught in a Pinkerton stampede and delivers a cryptic message to Swearengen that is solved by the unlikeliest person. Barrett makes Merrick pay for embarrassing Hearst in The Pioneer while Morgan Earp calls out one of the "Pistoleros." As night falls, Langrishe mines Deadwood's talent pool with an amateur-night performance in front of his future theater, financed in part by a "loan" from Alma's bank.

star 7.71
1539 votes
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The Legacy

#54 - The Legacy

The Middle Season 2 - Episode 19

Mike punishes Axl by forbidding him from playing in the last basketball game of the season. Meanwhile, Brick begins wearing his cousins hand-me-downs, and Sue wins a trophy.

star 7.71
934 votes
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No Man's Land

#55 - No Man's Land

Grey's Anatomy Season 1 - Episode 4

While George is feeling a little less masculine because of the way Izzie and Meredith have been treating him (like a sister), Izzie is assigned to a patient about to loose all of his masculinity. Cristina, true to her competitive spirit, shows up early and assigns herself to an ill woman, who happens to have been Meredith's moms scrub nurse. Alex, meanwhile, is busying himself copying and pasting pictures of Izzie's racy magazine spread all over the interns' locker room. And while Meredith is trying to cope with her mother's Alzheimer's, Derek treats a patient who has managed to get nails stuck in his head.

star 7.71
1929 votes
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What's Goin' On Down There?

#56 - What's Goin' On Down There?

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 7

Sarah and Amber are both attracted to Amber's teacher, while Crosby tries to have a romantic moment with Valerie, but because he can't leave Jabbar alone too long the moment doesn't turn out that well. Meanwhile Julia thinks about doing pro bono work, but she's sure that her boss will not approve it. While Adam really needs a break from everyone.

star 7.71
653 votes
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Trade Secrets

#57 - Trade Secrets

Wisdom of the Crowd Season 1 - Episode 7

After Sophe users uncover recent security footage of a domestic terrorist missing for 20 years, they daringly track his every move, even as federal agents threaten to shut the platform down. Also, Tanner’s former company files an injunction against Sara forbidding her to work with Sophe or communicate with the staff.

star 7.70
652 votes
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#58 - Pilot

Wisdom of the Crowd Season 1 - Episode 1

Visionary tech innovator Jeffrey Tanner creates a cutting-edge crowdsourcing platform to solve his daughter’s murder, and revolutionize crime solving in the process.

star 7.70
1211 votes
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Orange Alert

#59 - Orange Alert

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 6

Zeek goes overboard with the Halloween celebration and gets upset when Haddie, Amber and Drew refuse to join in the fun. Meanwhile, Adam and Kristina are nervous about Max's new plans for the holiday. Sarah's relation with Gordon gets even more complicated when she confronts him about the kiss. Meanwhile, Julia struggles with women's rights when Sydney chooses a costume she doesn't approve of.

star 7.70
500 votes
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#60 - Abandoned

Lost Season 2 - Episode 6

Sawyer's wound becomes life threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way through the interior of the island with the tail section survivors.

star 7.69
3513 votes
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Ricky's Tacos

#61 - Ricky's Tacos

Awake Season 1 - Episode 7

An unexpected tip leads Detective Britten to an empty warehouse that was tied to a case he was investigating prior to the accident. His curiosity causes concern for Captain Harper. Meanwhile, Hannah prepares for the move to Oregon. Bird and Britten investigate a mysterious suicide, while Detective Vega and Britten work on a 3 year-old homicide. Later, Dr. Lee gives Britten the key to solving one of his cases while Dr. Evans helps him make a decision about the move.

star 7.69
1254 votes
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Make Me Lose Control

#62 - Make Me Lose Control

Grey's Anatomy Season 2 - Episode 3

Cristina and Meredith try to figure out if Cristina should tell Burke that she's pregnant right before Cristina faces an emergency. Alex and Izzie get closer while Meredith's mother gets too close.

star 7.69
1645 votes
The Four Last Things

#63 - The Four Last Things

Bosch Season 3 - Episode 2

A suspected killer whom Bosch has pursued for several years turns up dead in an apparent suicide. Edgar discovers that Harry has a complicated history with the dead man. When the case is later ruled a homicide, Detective Jimmy Robertson develops troubling theories about the culprit.

star 7.68
1511 votes
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Moral Waiver

#64 - Moral Waiver

Lie to Me Season 1 - Episode 2

A commanding officer is charged with sexual assault and brought to Fort Meade to find out if the accusations are true. Meanwhile, the young star of a college basketball team is suspected of accepting bribe money in exchange for playing for the school. The Lightman Group is hired to determine whether or not the young star took money for his cooperation.

star 7.67
3375 votes
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Alpha Test

#65 - Alpha Test

Wisdom of the Crowd Season 1 - Episode 11

Tariq has a personal case for Sophe after his childhood friend is the target of a violent stalker. Also, Tanner desperately tries to locate a recently deported individual that a Sophe user identified as a key witness in Mia’s murder case.

star 7.67
551 votes
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Love Hurts

#66 - Love Hurts

The Following Season 1 - Episode 9

Ryan and Parker try to outwit their new leader; Joe demands information on Claire's location from Ryan; past followers return.

star 7.67
3641 votes
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All Talk

#67 - All Talk

Kingdom (2014) Season 3 - Episode 6

Ryan deals with the consequences of his actions while Nate helps Alvey with press for his fight. Dom gets closer to Ryan, and Jay and Mac look for a party. Nate takes on a tough opponent.

star 7.67
311 votes
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#68 - Sacrifice

Lie to Me Season 1 - Episode 13

After a terrorist bombing outside of Washington, DC, FBI Agent Ben Reynolds calls on The Lightman Group to help identify those responsible and prevent more attacks. The case takes a personal turn for one member of the team and begs the question of whether honesty is indeed the best policy. Zoe helps Lightman with the investigation and both are concerned about their daughter's safety.

star 7.66
2855 votes
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#69 - P911

Criminal Minds Season 2 - Episode 2

A young boy who had disappeared a year ago turns up for for sale by a child pornographer on an online auction. A former profiler who now heads the FBI's Innocent Images Unit asks Gideon and the BAU to help her save the boy's life.

star 7.66
1997 votes
Depraved Heart

#70 - Depraved Heart

Lie to Me Season 1 - Episode 8

Lightman becomes obsessed with his investigation of two young women who committed suicide. Meanwhile, the team tries to recover billions of dollars for investors who were bilked by a Ponzi scheme.

star 7.65
2941 votes
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I, Sandee or This Sex. Which Is. Not One.

#71 - I, Sandee or This Sex. Which Is. Not One.

Hung Season 3 - Episode 8

Tanya discovers that Charlie has skipped bail, and she asks Missy, the mother of Charlie's child, to help locate him. Lenore declares war on Tanya and the Wellness Center, and Sandee tries to position Jason to take Ray's spot. Ray faces concerns about his ability to satisfy women, particularly Jessica.

star 7.64
731 votes
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The Truth Hurts

#72 - The Truth Hurts

United States of Tara Season 2 - Episode 3

The family discovers the truth -- Tara’s alternate personalities are back. Buck’s actions have brought serious consequences that unleash a new side of Max. Neil finds out about Charmaine’s engagement. Marshall and Courtney begin to experiment as Kate grows closer to Lynda.

star 7.62
794 votes
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Tequila Sunrise

#73 - Tequila Sunrise

Entourage Season 7 - Episode 4

Turtle has a hard time trusting Alex; Drama gets off on the wrong foot with potential co-star John Stamos; Ari learns that Lizzie may be siphoning off some of his clients; Eric and Scott settle their differences.

star 7.61
2397 votes
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The Smog Cutter

#74 - The Smog Cutter

Bosch Season 3 - Episode 1

The ugly truth behind his mother's murder has left LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch as tense and restless as ever. A homeless veteran is murdered. Bosch works a high-profile trial involving a Hollywood director. The Veronica Allen proceeding nears resolution. Bosch keeps tabs on a longtime criminal who's eluded justice.

star 7.61
1617 votes
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Step Right Up

#75 - Step Right Up

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 3

Amber enjoys her independence, while Sarah tries to maintain a connection to her daughter; Jasmine starts dating and wonders about her role in the family; Kristina frets over Crosby and Adam's new venture; Alex has good news; and Zeek counsels Drew on relationships.

star 7.61
489 votes
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The Big O

#76 - The Big O

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 6

Max gets a new behavioral aide that really works for him, while Drew gets beaten up by some jealous guy at the school. Meanwhile, Crosby is trying to tell his parents that he has a son.

star 7.61
682 votes
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Eternity How Long

#77 - Eternity How Long

TURN: Washington's Spies Season 1 - Episode 4

Abe and Richard grapple with orders to dig up gravestones; Ben and Caleb try to get their intelligence to General Washington.

star 7.60
631 votes
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Set Yourself on Fire

#78 - Set Yourself on Fire

Kingdom (2014) Season 1 - Episode 1

Alvey and Lisa are struggling to keep Navy Street afloat. Their best hope is Alvey's son Nate, an up and coming fighter. Jay, Alvey's other son, is on the outs with his father. When Lisa's ex and former MMA champ, Ryan, shows up, complications arise.

star 7.60
738 votes
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The Whole Beefalo

#79 - The Whole Beefalo

Hung Season 3 - Episode 10

The survival of Tanya and Ray's business depends on Charlie's whereabouts; Jessica is accused of negligence by Matt; and Lenore tries to get Sandee out of the picture for good.

star 7.59
676 votes
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#80 - Revelations

Low Winter Sun (2013) Season 1 - Episode 8

Frank testifies; Geddes and his family take a trip; Damon and Maya start their new lives.

star 7.58
212 votes
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Something to Talk About

#81 - Something to Talk About

Grey's Anatomy Season 2 - Episode 7

Cristina, Izzie and Meredith take care of Shane, a man who appears to be crazy and claims that he is pregnant. Shane's case induces a spreading fascination among the staff. George relates to a patient's husband.

star 7.58
1505 votes

#82 - Halloween

Suburgatory Season 1 - Episode 5

Tessa channels her inner "suburban girl" for a Halloween costume, but it ends up spooking her friends and everyone at school since she reminds them of a recently "departed" resident of Chatswin. And George is determined to prove to Halloween-hater Dallas that being scared can be fun, but gets a scare of his own when Steven Royce (guest star Jay Mohr), Dallas' husband, finally comes home from one of his many business trips.

star 7.58
1509 votes
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The Dog

#83 - The Dog

Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 - Episode 3

After they escape a riot, Travis, Liza and Chris seek refuge with the Salazars. Madison defends her home.

star 7.58
6247 votes
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The Bishop Revival

#84 - The Bishop Revival

Fringe Season 2 - Episode 14

When a specific group of guests at a wedding in Brookline, MA, suffocate from the inside out, the upsetting and disconcerting crime scene has the Fringe team investigating how the toxin was delivered and targeted. As evidence is taken into the lab, it’s discovered that the wedding ceremony was a testing ground for a weaponized science experiment. Adding to the intense lab investigation, Walter uncovers an alarming formula that reveals a link to a branch on the Bishop family tree. With the escalating threat of more deadly attacks and unexpected familial ties to the case, the Fringe team stops at nothing to prevent further catastrophic events.

star 7.57
7942 votes
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So Close, Yet So Far

#85 - So Close, Yet So Far

Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 - Episode 2

While Madison struggles to keep Nick from crippling withdrawal, Travis ventures out to find his son before the city of Los Angeles falls.

star 7.54
6637 votes
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What Fresh Hell?

#86 - What Fresh Hell?

Criminal Minds Season 1 - Episode 12

When a young girl is abducted in broad daylight from a playground in a seemingly safe neighborhood, the BAU team initially believes her father is responsible. When he is able to provide an alibi, the team is forced to look for clues where the girl lives to determine who is really responsible.

star 7.53
1952 votes
Sweet Sixteen

#87 - Sweet Sixteen

Suburgatory Season 1 - Episode 7

When Tessa tells Dallas that she wants a simple get together for her sixteenth birthday, Dallas convinces her to let Dalia plan the ultimate birthday extravaganza at the country club, complete with a live performance by her favorite band, specialty drinks and go-go cages. Meanwhile George throws his back out and Sheila Shay takes it upon herself to care for him, even though George is terrified of her.

star 7.49
1438 votes
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Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man

#88 - Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man

Monk Season 1 - Episode 9

Monk knows that a local furniture magnate threw his young mistress off the balcony of her 21st floor apartment. However, the man has a perfect alibi: he was across town running in a citywide marathon.

star 7.49
675 votes
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Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

#89 - Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Grey's Anatomy Season 2 - Episode 14

Meredith and Cristina lie to each other and themselves about their relationships with McDreamy and Burke, respectively. George is given a hard task to expel a discharged and defiant woman from the hospital. Alex learns his fate after re-taking his medical exams. At the same time Izzie is trying to stop Alex from making stupid decisions when a patient that doesn't speak English is lied to by her coach. George, Cristina, and Alex compete in a hot dog eating competition.

star 7.49
1456 votes
The Booth Job

#90 - The Booth Job

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 5

Kristina asks Adam to go with her to an Asperger's support group; Gordon (William Baldwin) makes an unexpected decision after Sarah's performance at the shoe booth exceeds expectations; Camille and Zeek take ballroom dancing classes.

star 7.48
446 votes
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Wedding Videography

#91 - Wedding Videography

Community Season 6 - Episode 12

A surprise marriage proposal in Jeff’s law class reveals an unexpected connection between the bride and groom.

star 7.48
1796 votes
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Fight or Flight

#92 - Fight or Flight

Big Love Season 3 - Episode 7

Nicki's problems escalate at home and on the job; Alby's wife Glory reacts to her reduced stature at Juniper Creek by showing a secret document to Bill; Joey's plans to make Kathy his second wife could be derailed by Roman and Hollis Greene.

star 7.47
405 votes
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The Hunt

#93 - The Hunt

La Brea Season 1 - Episode 3

With the survivors' food supply dwindling, Eve and Ty venture into the forest on a risky hunting expedition. As an unlikely rescue mission comes to fruition, Gavin must put his faith -- and the fate of his family -- in the hands of an old friend.

star 7.46
327 votes
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In Absentia

#94 - In Absentia

Shark Season 2 - Episode 7

Sebastian and Danny travel to Mexico to attempt to retrieve a defendant who left the country to avoid being prosecuted for murdering his business partner/mistress.

star 7.45
76 votes
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#95 - Pilot

Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 - Episode 1

A highly dysfunctional blended family is forced together when they realize a reported virus is actually the onset of the undead apocalypse.

star 7.44
7471 votes
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You Becoming You

#96 - You Becoming You

United States of Tara Season 2 - Episode 4

Tara sets out to find a new therapist as Max struggles to come to terms with Buck’s affair. Marshall and Courtney take their relationship to the next level. Tara and Max disapprove of Kate’s friendship with Lynda. Charmaine tells the family some big news. A new alternate personality is born.

star 7.44
823 votes
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#97 - Gambit

Hell on Wheels Season 5 - Episode 11

Durant's plot to ransom himself takes an unexpected turn when Campbell arrives in town with the Cavalry to coordinate a rescue operation.

star 7.43
1431 votes
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We All Fall Down

#98 - We All Fall Down

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 2

The group seeks shelter with a survivalist family and Madison tries to uncover the family's true motives. Salazar works to discover Strand's intentions.

star 7.40
7004 votes
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Jury Tamperer

#99 - Jury Tamperer

Rake (US) Season 1 - Episode 6

When Keegan's newest client, Lucy Marks, is charged with jury tampering after sleeping with a juror in order to get information about her daughter's case, Keegan has to try and purposely lose the case in order to make the city look accountable for Lucy's daughter's wrongful conviction. But when new evidence surfaces on her daughter's case, Keegan starts to question Lucy's motives. Meanwhile Finn is still sleeping with his teacher against his parent's wishes and Keegan figures out a way to sabotage Mikki and David's blossoming relationship.

star 7.40
218 votes
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Time of My Life

#100 - Time of My Life

Wedding Band Season 1 - Episode 4

Rutherford is hired to plan an adult prom by her high school nemesis, Vanessa. Meanwhile, Tommy starts dating every guy’s fantasy girl, the one they call "The Snippeter" because her day job is picking the perfect 60-second snippet of every song for iTunes. And Stevie dates Violet, Rutherford’s florist who happens to have a special old-school sex move.

star 7.37
113 votes
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Blame It on the Rain Stick

#101 - Blame It on the Rain Stick

Suburgatory Season 3 - Episode 5

George is stunned by how much a court-mandated anger management program changes Noah; Tessa meets a cool band in the park.

star 7.36
632 votes
About a Vasectomy

#102 - About a Vasectomy

About a Boy Season 2 - Episode 1

Will returns to San Francisco to sort out his finances after a surprising royalty check. Andy reveals to him that his wife Laurie might be pregnant and he needs Will's help to find out. Meanwhile, Marcus' new "friends" don't sit well with Will and he attempts to convince Fiona that the kids are up to no good.

star 7.35
329 votes
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About a Bublé

#103 - About a Bublé

About a Boy Season 1 - Episode 6

With Fiona putting in extra hours at work, Marcus finally gets his own house key, but he quickly loses his mom's trust when Will has to rush him to the emergency room following an untimely incident with a knife. However, Marcus' misfortune has a silver lining for Will when he crosses paths with Dr. Samantha Lake, a beautiful and charming doctor who comes to Marcus' aid. Will is instantly smitten and stops at nothing in his attempts to win her over - even if it means bending the truth.

star 7.34
324 votes
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#104 - Monster

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 1

After fleeing a burning Los Angeles on Strand's yacht, tensions arise among the group. Strand remains mysterious. Our group encounters danger at sea.

star 7.33
7545 votes
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About a Poker Night

#105 - About a Poker Night

About a Boy Season 1 - Episode 7

Will throws a poker night for his friends, including Andy, Crosby, TJ and Richard, but the event is hijacked by Fiona, who has no problem making herself at home with the guys. Meanwhile, Marcus goes on his first sleepover, but has a hard time staying the night when he finds the others aren't as nice to him as he had hoped.

star 7.33
358 votes
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A Man, a Plan or Thank You, Jimmy Carter

#106 - A Man, a Plan or Thank You, Jimmy Carter

Hung Season 2 - Episode 5

Tanya finally gets Francis to agree to dinner with Ray and Lenore is continuing to be a pest as usual. Ray can tell that Mike is struggling to not continue with his life and tells that he needs to look at himself and tell himself that he is wonderful. Damon goes back to the Poetry Bar and embarrasses Darby after which he has a performance "enhancing" scone and sees Jessica and Ronnie naked. Ray has to choose whether to cancel on the big client or his son who needs him.

star 7.33
1703 votes
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Get Foley

#107 - Get Foley

Jake 2.0 Season 1 - Episode 14

Jake's nanites go on the fritz, leaving an amnesiac Jake working in a dive bar outside Philly as a fighter in a back-room blood sport. The NSA believes Jake has gone rogue, and issues a shoot-to-kill order. So Diane takes it upon herself to try and help him. But as Jake and Diane grow closer, Jake's boss Caeser lines up a bank job, and the NSA are closing in.

star 7.32
50 votes
Gangster Movies

#108 - Gangster Movies

Shark Season 2 - Episode 1

When Sebastian's witness is blown away by a car bomb, Jessica Devlin agrees to help and decides to recruit Deputy District Attorney Danny Reyes from the Organized Crime Unit to help in the investigation.

star 7.31
83 votes
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#109 - Prosperity

Kings Season 1 - Episode 3

As Queen Rose gets the mansion ready for the Gath military, King Silas and General Abner begin to plot against David Shepherd. However, when David is not at the peace treaty signing, the Gath leaders begin to question the ceremony. Meanwhile, William works to weaken the King's power; and Jack, angry about his parents' treatment, goes on a shopping spree.

star 7.31
186 votes
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About a Will-O-Ween

#110 - About a Will-O-Ween

About a Boy Season 2 - Episode 3

Despite not liking Halloween, Fiona attends Will's annual party. Will attempts to show Marcus the joys of Halloween.

star 7.29
313 votes
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How to Survive Your Roommate's Girlfriend

#111 - How to Survive Your Roommate's Girlfriend

Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life Season 1 - Episode 5

Cooper, Neal and Kelly step in when they think Barry and his new girlfriend's relationship is progressing too quickly, while Josh tries to outshine a coworker, but things take a dangerous turn.

star 7.26
92 votes
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Way Leads on to Way

#112 - Way Leads on to Way

Ordinary Joe Season 1 - Episode 1

After his college graduation, Joe Kimbreau is faced with a pivotal decision that steers his life down three drastically different paths.

star 7.26
90 votes
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Rock and a Hard Place

#113 - Rock and a Hard Place

Big Love Season 2 - Episode 4

Bill and Roman butt heads when Rhonda disappears from the compound. The prosecutor offers Joey a plea bargain in exchange for a confession. Meanwhile, Sarah takes an interest in a boy from her support group.

star 7.20
333 votes
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Under the Influence

#114 - Under the Influence

Law & Order Season 8 - Episode 11

After Briscoe and Curtis finally determine who was driving the car that killed three people, the legal prosecution stands in danger of becoming a kangaroo court when McCoy's feelings over Kincaid mesh with the political agenda of an ambitious judge anxious to make an example of the defendant.

star 7.20
183 votes
War of the Wagners

#115 - War of the Wagners

Splitting Up Together (US) Season 2 - Episode 4

Lena and Martin’s escalating battle for control of the house is put on hold when Milo announces he wants to go to a school for the gifted – to which they think he will not be accepted. Meanwhile, they both meet a contractor for the house, Vlad, but Lena undermines him and scares Vlad away. Things get uglier between Lena and Oliver after she introduces a new member to the family as payback for all the back-and-forth about the house. Elsewhere, Lena and Martin give conflicting advice to Mason on how to deal with his recent breakup.

star 7.18
115 votes
A Seat at the Table

#116 - A Seat at the Table

Big Love Season 5 - Episode 2

After revealing his polygamy to the world the newly elected Bill goes even further out on a limb by calling publicly for more polygamists to come into the open while Barb talks Nancy, her mother, into attending a mother-daughter symposium.

star 7.14
433 votes
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Climb Every Mountain Biker

#117 - Climb Every Mountain Biker

The Ex List Season 1 - Episode 2

Bella reunites with her ex, Jake, a former couch potato who plans strenuous activities for their dates to prove he isn't a slacker anymore; Cyrus invents a drinking game for the gang.

star 5.44
63 votes