The BEST episodes written by Lois Peyser

The Western
57 votes

#1 - The Western

Mission: Impossible - Season 7 - Episode 21

Van Cleve and his partner, Royce, robbed a museum of pre-Colombian artifacts - Cleve apparently killed his partner and has the artwork hidden somewhere in the U.S. and the IMF must find it and bring him to justice. The IMF convince Cleve that he has the ability to see the future with some rigged incidents. Then they convince him that he'll die in an earthquake that will cause a dam nearby to burst - Cleve flees to the desert where he has the art hidden. The IMF follow him and manage to grab him and Royce, who faked his death and planned to kill Cleve and grab the artifacts.

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The Awful Truth
16 votes

#2 - The Awful Truth

My Favorite Martian - Season 1 - Episode 8

Tim talks Martin into temporarily giving him a Martian power. Martin decides to give him the power of levitation for a 24 hour period. When he thinks the power practically useless beyond performing mere parlor tricks, Tim asks for another, to him, more useful power: mind-reading. Martin grants him his wish, to be activated the next day and to last until midnight. Tim also uses this power for parlor tricks, which gets him into trouble. But he also wants to use it for an interview he has that afternoon with Councilman Jack Gramby. Tim wants to write a story about the Councilman's true political intentions. Tim is unable to read his mind because the Councilman is uncommitted in his political intentions, even to himself. So Tim writes a story on what he calls the mental ping-pong of the Councilman. The Councilman telephones Mr. Burns, Mr. Burns thinking that it is to sue the paper for libel. Distraught about probably losing his job, Tim goes into hiding for the rest of the day. However when Mr. Burns finds Tim just before midnight, he tells Tim that Gramby actually wanted to congratulate the paper. Reading the story made Gramby realize that he as a politician really did need to take a stand. Mr. Burns wants Tim to do such an exposé with all politicians at City Hall. Unfortunately Tim's mind-reading powers are just about to run out.

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Love and the Teddy Bear
1 votes

#3 - Love and the Teddy Bear

Love, American Style - Season 2 - Episode 49

Parents catch a couple sleeping.

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The Croaker
6 votes

#4 - The Croaker

My Three Sons - Season 1 - Episode 31

Malcolm, a frog that Chip has captured for a school project is the focus of all eyes in the Douglas home. Bub discerns a marked resemblance to his his Uncle Clancey in Malcolm's face. Further evaluation of its character becomes quite difficult when he leaps out of sight.

St. Gilligan and the Dragon
135 votes

#5 - St. Gilligan and the Dragon

Gilligan's Island - Season 1 - Episode 20

Angry because the men haven't kept their promise to build them private houses, the women decide to move to the other side of the island in protest. Gilligan and the Skipper dress as a monster, in an attempt to frighten the girls and cause them to come running back.

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Father of the Week
66 votes

#6 - Father of the Week

The Dick Van Dyke Show - Season 1 - Episode 22

Rob is invited to talk to Richie's class about what he does for a living. However, Richie hates the idea, thinking the other kids will be bored listening to his dad talk about comedy writing.

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Every Boy Does It Once
40 votes

#7 - Every Boy Does It Once

The Brady Bunch - Season 1 - Episode 10

After watching "Cinderella" on TV, Bobby becomes concerned about stepmothers—especially since Carol asks him to sweep out the fireplace. Soon after, feeling worthless, Bobby decides to run away.

The Chain of Command
31 votes

#8 - The Chain of Command

Gilligan's Island - Season 2 - Episode 11

The Skipper worries that something is going to happen to him, so he begins to train Gilligan to be a leader. The Skipper then disappears leaving Gilligan in charge, with predictable results!

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My Three Strikers
5 votes

#9 - My Three Strikers

My Three Sons - Season 1 - Episode 12

The Douglas boys call a family meeting at which they demand a raise in their allowances but Steve emphatically says 'No' because the family bills are mounting and they are leaving all of their chores to be done by Bub. A night of sharp words is followed by some bad dreams and an even brighter morning.

The Clunky Kid
2 votes

#10 - The Clunky Kid

My Three Sons - Season 3 - Episode 22

Chip is overcome with loneliness when Sudsy starts spending all of his time with a new boy in the neighborhood. The entire household rallies together and their efforts to compensate the youngster succeed almost too well.

A Touch of Larceny
3 votes

#11 - A Touch of Larceny

My Three Sons - Season 5 - Episode 8

Chip and Ernie get an interesting lesson in honesty, and dishonesty from the school bully, who volunteers an insight to the underbelly world of swiping school lunches. Chip becomes bewildered by the differing standards of honesty among those he knows and Steve must do his best to sort out the problem.

The Crush
7 votes

#12 - The Crush

My Three Sons - Season 2 - Episode 3

Mike has found a girl at college, Mary Beth. But when he brings her home to meet the family, she makes a beeline straight for Steve, who is trapped into tutoring her in trigonometry. This gives Mike a few jealous moments until all is resolved.

Love and the Phonies
0 votes

#13 - Love and the Phonies

Love, American Style - Season 1 - Episode 14

Conversation between a husband and wife who dress up (literally) for special occasions.

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