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Last Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Network: Showcase (AU)

Fans of the iconic Prisoner series which pushed boundaries over three decades ago and still today boasts a loyal following worldwide, will remember Bea Smith as gutsy and fearless, ruling Wentworth Correctional Center with an iron fist. But who was Bea Smith before prison? How did a wife and mother from the suburbs become a top dog without rival? Wentworth is a dynamic, often confronting, drama series that begins with Bea’s early days in prison. Set in the present day, it is a modern adaptation of Prisoner contemporising legendary characters and their stories for today’s audience. This ten-part series takes the viewer inside to an uncompromising environment exploring the politics of women in a world without men, and how such a threatening experience both challenges and often changes those confined and working behind the razor wire.

Under Siege (2)

#1 - Under Siege (2)

Season 7 - Episode 10

The siege continues, and not everyone will make it out alive.

star 8.68
219 votes
Directors: Kevin Carlin
Writers: Pete McTighe
Seeing Red

#2 - Seeing Red

Season 4 - Episode 12

Bea awakes blissfully happy after a night with Allie but it is the eve of Ferguson's trial and the Freak has been relentless in putting the final touches to her scheme for freedom and exoneration. Liz becomes convinced of Sonia's innocence and then Don puts an offer to Liz which could change her life. Maxine is committed to the chemotherapy and her prison family rallies around her.

star 8.65
950 votes
Hell Bent

#3 - Hell Bent

Season 5 - Episode 12

Franky and Allie put their escape plan into action. Liz takes desperate measures to protect herself. Ferguson suspects she's living on borrowed time.

star 8.60
845 votes
Blood and Fire

#4 - Blood and Fire

Season 3 - Episode 12

Ferguson is losing control, and the walls are closing in. Fletch and Vera band together in an attempt to overthrow the Governor, while Bea discovers the final piece of the puzzle to help solve Harry's murder. Meanwhile, Franky is preparing for her release. But when Jess makes a sudden, drastic move, all plans are thrown out the window and the stage is set for a dramatic showdown.

star 8.47
475 votes
Directors: Steve Jodrell
Writers: Pete McTighe
Plan Bea

#5 - Plan Bea

Season 4 - Episode 8

As Bea and Allie take their illicit affair further, Bea finds herself uncharacteristically tentative and vulnerable. Neither is aware that Ferguson is tracking them carefully. Meanwhile, Maxine leaves the prison to undergo a double mastectomy leaving Boomer distraught.

star 8.42
909 votes
Writers: Michael Lucas
Under Siege (1)

#6 - Under Siege (1)

Season 7 - Episode 9

Marie enacts her plan to bust out of Wentworth, while Liz spirals into a psychotic meltdown.

star 8.39
237 votes
Directors: Kevin Carlin
Writers: John Ridley

#7 - Showdown

Season 6 - Episode 12

A shocked Vera finally discovers the identity of her stalker, who has one last ultimatum. Liz has a daunting favour to ask of Kaz.

star 8.38
288 votes
Into The Night

#8 - Into The Night

Season 2 - Episode 11

As Bea and Franky go to war for control of the prison, Bea puts her daring plan in motion. Meanwhile, Fletch is on a downward spiral of self-destructive behaviour as his final day at Wentworth looms.

star 8.24
435 votes
Fear Her

#9 - Fear Her

Season 2 - Episode 12

The extent of Bea’s plan is revealed as she makes the final moves to avenge Debbie’s death. Meanwhile Franky realises she is losing the support of the women and is forced to consider a deal.

star 8.24
409 votes
Coup De Grace

#10 - Coup De Grace

Season 5 - Episode 11

Ferguson delivers Vera her coup de grace, unleashing unforeseen consequences. Franky's escape plans are waylaid when Kaz persuades her to join forces to bring down the freak

star 8.20
836 votes

#11 - Checkmate

Season 1 - Episode 10

Vera and Matt sleep together but when Vera finds out the shocking truth - Matt and Meg were having an affair, she fell pregnant and had an abortion - Matt tells her to get out of his life. Determined to find out who killed Meg, Will makes a deal with Jacs, however he later discovers Meg's bracelet in Jacs' cell. After threatening to kill her, Will has Jacs charged with Meg's murder. Liz and Franky talk about what really happened the day of Meg's murder: Franky went to find Jacs, and grabbed a knife. When Meg grabbed her arm, Franky thought it was Jacs and stabbed her. Liz took her bracelet and put it in Jacs' cell. Bea discovers the truth behind Debbie's murder and confronts Jacs. After Jacs tries to condone it, Bea takes a pen and shoves it into Jacs' neck and pulls it out, killing her almost instantaneously. She then presses the duress button after Liz had told her to never touch it.

star 8.20
444 votes

#12 - Scars

Season 5 - Episode 1

Vera and Ferguson must deal with the fallout from the attack on Bea and Franky's past comes back to haunt her.

star 8.18
1,165 votes
Directors: Mat King
Writers: John Ridley
The Edge

#13 - The Edge

Season 6 - Episode 7

When Sonia is refused a move into protection, she sets up a plan to discredit Kaz and invalidate her position as top dog. With Marie onside, the plan is underway - but may have terrible repercussions for Allie.

star 8.18
326 votes

#14 - Karen

Season 7 - Episode 4

Rita faces an impossible dilemma, while Kaz gets the better of Marie, and Vera learns the gender of her baby, casting doubt over her mothering skills.

star 8.18
244 votes
Directors: Jonathan Brough
Writers: Pete McTighe
Indelible Ink

#15 - Indelible Ink

Season 6 - Episode 11

Allie learns that Marie is getting surveillance photographs smuggled in that show the attack on her son, and Ruby panics.

star 8.18
307 votes
Bleed Out

#16 - Bleed Out

Season 6 - Episode 3

After being shot Franky seeks Bridget’s help, but the police net is tightening. Meanwhile Kaz faces her toughest challenge when she warns Hutch to stop fight club.

star 8.17
373 votes
The Governor's Pleasure

#17 - The Governor's Pleasure

Season 3 - Episode 1

When Bea is sentenced to life without parole for the killing of Brayden Holt, Ferguson makes it very clear - she owns Bea now. So when Bea uses her standing as Top Dog to hit back, Ferguson takes revenge - she slots Bea and releases Liz from Protection, exposing Liz to a brutal bashing from Boomer. But Ferguson has underestimated Bea, who starts a riot amongst the prisoners. With the prison in lock-down Ferguson has to turn to Bea to quell the riot. Wentworth isn't Ferguson's prison - it's Bea's. Battle lines are drawn.

star 8.17
469 votes
Directors: Kevin Carlin
Writers: Stuart Page
Shallow Grave

#18 - Shallow Grave

Season 6 - Episode 9

Rita is caught in a trap set by Marie and Drago, and must compromise Ray in order to maintain her cover, while Ruby questions Allie’s loyalty when she believes her to be spying for Marie.

star 8.17
334 votes
Lovers And Fighters

#19 - Lovers And Fighters

Season 6 - Episode 8

Kaz is released from the slot and the women realise she has profoundly changed, becoming Liz’s protector, Kaz also demonstrates a harder, tougher top doggedness.

star 8.16
324 votes
The Living and the Dead

#20 - The Living and the Dead

Season 3 - Episode 11

When Fletch follows Bea's instructions to use Jianna as a means to unsettle Ferguson, he unwittingly sets Vera up to take the fall. Vera, for her part, is consumed with a desire for revenge against Lucy for infecting her with Hep C. Meanwhile, Bea's manipulations of Fletch result in him finally recovering his memory and alerting Will, who is on the verge of being arrested for Harry's murder, to the truth behind Ferguson's manipulations. As the forces align against Ferguson, she begins to unravel, realising she is in a fight of her life, professionally and personally.

star 8.16
432 votes
Directors: Steve Jodrell
Writers: John Ridley
Eleventh Hour

#21 - Eleventh Hour

Season 4 - Episode 11

With Bea and Allie finally out as a couple, Kaz forms an alliance with Tina's Asian crew to help take Bea down. But when Jake smuggles a new batch of drugs into the prison for Tina, Bea gets wind of the stash and orders Tina to flush the gear. Tina refuses, citing Bea's weakening power-base, and her alliance with the RRH.

star 8.15
909 votes

#22 - Protection

Season 7 - Episode 8

Marie's efforts to have her conviction overturned backfire when her protector attempts to silence her permanently. Meanwhile, Liz summons the courage to meet with her estranged son.

star 8.14
197 votes
Directors: Fiona Banks
Writers: Max Conroy

#23 - Afterlife

Season 4 - Episode 9

Bea struggles to recover in the wake of her attack. Ferguson returns from the burns unit and is placed in a medical hold under the supervision of Jake. Maxine is back after surgery and finds herself in the crossfire of huge tension between Boomer, Liz and Sonia.

star 8.14
915 votes
The Bitch Is Back

#24 - The Bitch Is Back

Season 5 - Episode 2

Liz starts to regret her decision to testify against Sonia; Vera takes desperate measures to foil Ferguson's self-defence plea; Franky's trapped by her past.

star 8.12
1,082 votes
Directors: Mat King
Writers: Andrew Anastasios
A Higher Court

#25 - A Higher Court

Season 3 - Episode 10

Franky's parole hearing is brought forward. Under the pump and certain that Ferguson is planning to ambush her chances, Franky offends former lover Kim, who retaliates by planting drugs, in the form of heroin-filled balloons, in Franky's cell. Faced with an imminent cell toss, Franky has no option but to swallow the evidence. So Franky fronts the parole board, under-prepared, and with a gutful of heroin that may just kill her. But Ferguson has a surprise planned, and just when it seems parole might be possible. Meanwhile, Doreen faces an agonising choice. Does she keep her baby in prison with her? Or does she ask her sister to take care of Joshua, and get him out of Ferguson's reach for good?

star 8.11
454 votes
Writers: Stuart Page