The Best Episodes Directed by Steve Jodrell

Without My Pants

#1 - Without My Pants

Round the Twist Season 1 - Episode 12

Ben Byron died trying to save his drowning dog, Shovel. It's when the ghost of Shovel zaps Pete that the hilarious trouble begins. Pete can't say anything without finishing his sentence with 'without my pants' which causes him quite a bit of trouble.

star 8.97
36 votes
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Blood and Fire

#2 - Blood and Fire

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 12

Ferguson is losing control, and the walls are closing in. Fletch and Vera band together in an attempt to overthrow the Governor, while Bea discovers the final piece of the puzzle to help solve Harry's murder. Meanwhile, Franky is preparing for her release. But when Jess makes a sudden, drastic move, all plans are thrown out the window and the stage is set for a dramatic showdown.

star 8.57
542 votes
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Screw Lover

#3 - Screw Lover

Wentworth Season 4 - Episode 4

Ferguson, having found protection in Kaz s crew, cunningly blames Will for her brutal ganging, a move which only strengthens Kaz's support for her. When Bea defends Will, it backfires dramatically. She is painted as a screw-lover , and rapidly begins to lose the support of the women. The first ever conjugal visit takes place at the prison, and Boomer shamelessly attempts to impregnate herself to her deadbeat ex-boyfriend, Daz. Meanwhile, Maxine is diagnosed with breast cancer and can t bring herself to tell the other women.

star 8.17
981 votes
The Living and the Dead

#4 - The Living and the Dead

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 11

When Fletch follows Bea's instructions to use Jianna as a means to unsettle Ferguson, he unwittingly sets Vera up to take the fall. Vera, for her part, is consumed with a desire for revenge against Lucy for infecting her with Hep C. Meanwhile, Bea's manipulations of Fletch result in him finally recovering his memory and alerting Will, who is on the verge of being arrested for Harry's murder, to the truth behind Ferguson's manipulations. As the forces align against Ferguson, she begins to unravel, realising she is in a fight of her life, professionally and personally.

star 8.17
467 votes
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#5 - Prisoner

Wentworth Season 4 - Episode 3

Against Vera's wishes, Ferguson is released into general. The women are out for blood but Vera confines Ferguson to her cell for safety reasons. When Ferguson challenges Vera's decision, she's left bewildered and wondering whether Ferguson has a death-wish. As always, Ferguson has an endgame but will she live to accomplish it?

star 8.06
939 votes
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Copy Cat

#6 - Copy Cat

Round the Twist Season 2 - Episode 2

Mr. Gribble's political campaign includes a competition for a flying machine. So, with a magic copy hat, Linda mimics a seagull and flies high. But others want a go of the copy hat too...

star 8.00
35 votes
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Ties That Bind

#7 - Ties That Bind

City Homicide Season 4 - Episode 19

Three gunshots shatter the austere silence of the Magistrate’s court, killing a union standover man moments before he was to reveal his criminal accomplices. For Duncan, this case causes him to reach further back into his past than he ever dared venture. The victim’s lawyer, Grace Barlow, accuses his former union colleagues, all-too-aware of the fear tactics they’ve used in the past in their pursuit of equality. But when her innocence is challenged by an eye-witness’s accusation, the finger points back to her. Duncan’s blind belief in Grace’s innocence puzzles his colleagues, who assume his support relates to the colour of her skin. But for Duncan, there is a deeper connection that he must unearth.

star 7.97
33 votes
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#8 - Mercy

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 5

As Fletch readjusts to work life, Bea must forgo closely held morals as she engages in a secret plan to use Jodie Spiteri to bring down Ferguson. Bea agrees to a visit with Kaz Proctor to demand she and her group stop committing violence in her name. During what becomes an angry exchange, Bea is left with the shattering notion. Doreen agonises over the well-being of the baby but finds solace in an unlikely piece of advice from Jess. The stakes ramp up for Will when the media learn he is the prime suspect in the police investigation of Harry Smith's murder. Fletch seeing Jess for the first time since his return triggers a distressing emotional reaction that leads him to the wrenching conclusion.

star 7.90
529 votes
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#9 - Evidence

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 6

Ferguson is blindsided by Jodie's complaint to the ombudsman. Channing attempts damage control, but Jodie's accusations of brutality promise to be very damaging for the Governor. When Ferguson realises Bea is the driving force behind the complaint her revenge is swift and brutal, leaving Jodie isolated and without support during the hearing.

star 7.86
511 votes
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#10 - Atonement

City Homicide Season 4 - Episode 20

Allie investigates when a charity worker in line to inherit several million dollars is brutally murdered. Was his death an extortion attempt gone wrong, a jilted lover, or something from his secret past? As the team try to track the killer they’re dragged back to an horrific crime committed nearly a quarter of a century before. And though sentences were handed down back then, Allie and Rhys investigate the possibility that someone is now exacting their own justice. Emotional ties affect the team as Stanley makes a risky move to protect his daughter and Allie lets her admiration for a victim affect her judgement.

star 7.77
35 votes
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#11 - Playground

Satisfaction (2007) Season 2 - Episode 4

Haunted by her encounter with Martin, Tippi becomes involved with a sexually dysfunctional client, Zoron, who invites her away for the weekend. Tippi sees it as an opportunity for them both to forget their troubles; but the outcome couldn't be further from the truth. Chloe is relieved when Josh stops working at 232, while Lauren's ex-husband Phil threatens to tell their kids about her sex-work. Sean confesses to Mel he is now a sex-worker, leaving her furious with Nat.

star 7.60
99 votes
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#12 - Amy

Satisfaction (2007) Season 3 - Episode 1

Tough financial times threaten 232 and two new girls will upset the order of life in the brothel. There's Amy, an upstart uni student who'll do whatever it takes to keep the customers coming back; in doing so ruffling quite a few feathers. And Tess, a former high-powered PA who has a surprising motivation for becoming a working girl.

star 7.40
65 votes
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Trust Issues

#13 - Trust Issues

Packed to the Rafters Season 4 - Episode 14

Ben opens up to Emma about Melissa's death, and the cathartic experience enables him to finally get some closure.

star 7.28
36 votes
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What Do You Love

#14 - What Do You Love

Satisfaction (2007) Season 2 - Episode 3

Mel receives an untimely visit from her brother Sean, whose arrival in her life usually signals trouble. Tippi invites Sean to look around 232 and meeting Nat makes his head spin and he begins to consider a career change. Tippi has a frightening session with Martin whilst Lauren has a surprising encounter with her ex-husband's best friend Max. Trying to remain buoyant, Chloe prepares Bonnie for boarding school.

star 7.25
98 votes
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